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Friends of Duckworth, Today, the Atlantic is less a divide and increasingly a meeting point for books in our English speaking world. Together, Bloomsbury, Duckworth and Overlook have joined forces to seize greater possibilities to become one of the few medium-sized British houses functioning across the globe with our trade list having grown to over 600 titles. COSMOSAPIENS by John Hands has been our most recent standout title, an extraordinary book that examines almost every aspect known to science today, what we have yet to learn about the universe and our place in it. Chosen as the TLS Book of the Year and as The Telegraph Science Book of the Year, it is now being published all over the world and this list makes it available finally in paperback as well. But the beginning of the year produced another frisson, Judd Apatow’s SICK IN THE HEAD, a funny book by a very funny man. We are inordinately proud of THE ORNATRIX by Kate Howard, a debut novel set in 16th century Italy that will appeal to readers drawn in by a dark world of desire and jealousy. Nick Foster’s THE JOLLY ROGER SOCIAL CLUB tells a true story of desperation, drugs, and greed set in the Panama underworld. Watch out for it. British readers have always been involved in France... It is so close and also so far. Its language sets it apart and THE BONJOUR EFFECT tells us how to get closer. The authors are bestselling and they’ve done it again. And where would we be without the World Wars, the stuff of so much great storytelling? In THE FIRST NAZI, we learn about Erich Ludendorff, who did so much to bring Hitler onto the world stage. The book that bids fair to create a revolution in how women are treated medically is Dr. Marek Glezerman’s GENDER MEDICINE. The subject is of growing importance and this is a pioneering work by the world’s authority in this new field. It will be heavily backed and I’m sure every newspaper and magazine will give it the play it deserves. I must mention one book that can legitimately be called a literary rediscovery: POWERS OF DARKNESS, the lost version of DRACULA, never before translated into English and found, of all places, in Iceland. It is the tale we know but shorter, punchier, more erotic, and more suspenseful. It will cause a stir. The fall of Margaret Thatcher is the subject of THE SENECANS, a brilliant counterpoint to Roman history in the new book by Peter Stothard, former editor of The Times during the Thatcher period. Politics and statecraft are also taken up in Robert Lloyd George’s A MODERN PLUTARCH. Readers will remember his DAVID AND WINSTON, in which he first practiced his sense of comparative biographies. The title tells you all. Duckworth certainly doesn’t want to overlook a gifty item and we have found one in COOLING CUPS AND DAINTY DRINKS. A wonderful, retro facsimile of the first British cocktail recipe book. It’s perfect for Christmas and we might even try a few. There is much more, which you’ll find in this catalogue. Peter Mayer


July • Fiction


The passionate and elegantly dark tale of desire, obsession and deceit by a talented new author. Flavia was born with a birthmark covering her face, in the shape of a bird in flight. A dyer’s daughter, she grows up in a little house in the woods, far away from prying eyes. Ashamed of the mark, her mother makes Flavia hide her face behind a veil on the rare occasions she is allowed to be seen in public. But on the night before her younger sister’s wedding, Flavia does something drastic, something that will draw her into a much wider and stranger world than she could have imagined: the convent of Santa Giuliana, just outside the city walls. ISBN: 9780715650974 PRICE: £8.99 EXTENT: 360pp PUB DATE: 14 July 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction FORMAT: B format PB original TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650981

Kate Howard has lived in Italy for many years, but now lives in Brighton. She works at the University of Sussex. The Ornatrix is her first novel.

There she meets Ghostanza, a courtesan turned widow, whose white-lead painted face entrances Flavia, and whose beauty and cruelty are unmatched. Flavia becomes her ornatrix: her hairdresser and personal maid. But as white-lead paint rots the flesh below it, the bustling city, and Santa Giuliana, is rotting below the shimmer of wealth and privilege. And Flavia is drawn into a world of desire and jealousy that has devastating consequences. Set in sixteenth century Italy and rich in description and character, Kate Howard’s stunning debut novel is perfect for fans of Patrick Süskind’s Perfume, Kate Mosse’s The Taxidermist’s Daughter and Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist. Painted against a vivid historical landscape with themes and characters relevant today, it tackles issues of belonging, female identity and the perception of beauty and cannot fail to move.


July • Non-fiction

THE JOLLY ROGER SOCIAL CLUB A True Story of A Killer in Paradise Nick Foster

The extraordinary true crime story fuelled by greed, drink, drugs and money. In the remote Bocas del Toro, Panama, William Dathan Holbert—known as ‘Wild Bill’—is currently awaiting trial for the murder of five fellow American expats.

ISBN: 9780715651353 PRICE: £18.99 EXTENT: 288pp PUB DATE: 14 July 2016 CATEGORY: True Crime / Biography FORMAT: Royal HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651360

Nick Foster has worked in Latin America for a decade as a journalist and as an EU diplomat. He writes features for the Financial Times and the International New York Times amongst others, and is a film producer.

Wild Bill’s first victims were the Brown family, who lived on a remote island in the area’s Darklands. There, Holbert turned their home into drinking den called the ‘Jolly Roger Social Club’, using booze and drug fuelled parties to get to know the ex-pat community. With so many in Panama living under assumed names or desperate to leave their old lives behind, people really do sometimes just disappear, and Holbert used that to his advantage… Nick Foster has unique access to the story having interviewed Holbert in prison and thoroughly researched his life. The Jolly Roger Social Club is an eye-opening read, revealing Holbert to be an apathetic, selfish character, willing to kill to live in a lifestyle he had become accustomed to. Foster also weaves through the story of Panama—a gateway country which is in itself a paradox, a seeming paradise with a sinister underbelly. ‘A gripping, enervating read—sharply written, excellently observed and assiduously researched... What emerges is a fascinating portrait of an under-reported corner of the world that balances the best of crime writing and pavement-pounding reportage.’ Oliver Balch ‘If you’ve ever yearned to flee civilization for a tropical Caribbean hideaway, pick up Nick Foster’s frightening The Jolly Roger Social Club before you do.’ Bryan Burrough, author of Days of Rage and Public Enemies


July • Fiction


Big money fosters even greater greed in this explosive debut thriller, set in the corrupt financial underworld. Meet Jason Stafford, a former Wall Street hotshot who has made some bad moves and paid the price. After two years in prison, Jason is no longer welcome on Wall Street, but his financial crime expertise gains the attention of one firm that wants him to quietly look for irregularities in the books of one of their junior traders, whose body was just pulled from the Long Island Sound.

ISBN: 9780715651155 PRICE: £7.99 EXTENT: 344pp PUB DATE: 14 July 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction / Thriller FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715647080

Michael Sears was a Managing Director of two different Wall Street firms, where he worked in the bond market for twenty years and, earlier, in foreign exchange and derivatives.

Raising an autistic five-year-old alone, Stafford can’t refuse the lucrative offer. The job is supposed to last two weeks, but he’s soon faced with intimidation and threats, and suddenly people connected to the investigation are dying. Stafford must fight for his life—while struggling to save his son from a different kind of danger… Black Fridays is the first in an explosive new series, perfect for fans of Peter James, John Grisham and Lee Child. ‘An exciting and fascinating tale of big money and even bigger crime.’ Joseph Finder ‘One of the best books I’ve read this year.’ John Sandford ‘Black Fridays has it all: superb writing, a riveting plot, and a hero I’m still thinking about days afterward. A must read!’ Tess Gerritsen ‘Never has Wall Street been so interesting and so dangerous.’ Lisa Gardner


July • Non-fiction

THE BONJOUR EFFECT The Secret Codes of French Conversation Revealed

Julie Barlow & Jean-Benoît Nadeau The engaging, funny and extremely useful book on how to communicate with the French. Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau, bestselling authors of Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong, spent a decade travelling back and forth to Paris as well as living there. Yet one important lesson never seemed to sink in: how to communicate comfortably with the French, even when you speak their language. ISBN: 9780715651254 PRICE: £16.99 EXTENT: 320pp PUB DATE: 28 July 2016 CATEGORY: Travel & Language FORMAT: Demy HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651261

Julie Barlow & Jean-Benoît Nadeau are the award-winning authors of The Story of French, The Story of Spanish, and the bestselling Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t be Wrong.

In The Bonjour Effect, Julie and Jean-Benoît chronicle the lessons they learned after they returned to France to live, for a year, with their twin daughters. In a book as fizzy as a bottle of the finest French champagne, they explain the most important aspect of all: the French don’t communicate, they converse. To understand and speak French well, one must understand that French conversation runs on a set of rules that go to the heart of French culture. Julie and Jean-Benoît explain why, culturally and historically, conversation with the French is not about communicating or being nice. It’s about being interesting. After reading The Bonjour Effect, even readers with a modicum of French language ability will be able to hold their own the next time they step into a bistro on the Left Bank. ‘Whether you’re an expat in France, or simply dream of living there one day, The Bonjour Effect is a helpful resource to cracking the arcane cultural code. Engaging and often funny, filled with examples drawn from the authors’ experiences, this is a guide to the most essential of French arts: conversation.’ Ann Mah, author of Mastering the Art of French Eating


July • Non-fiction


Erich Ludendorff The Man Who Made Hitler Possible

Will Brownell & Denise Drace-Brownell with Alex Rovt The incredible true story of the World War I General who inspired Hitler’s rise to power.

ISBN: 9780715651049 PRICE: £20.00 EXTENT: 352pp PUB DATE: 28 July 2016 CATEGORY: Biography / WWI FORMAT: Royal HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651056

Will Brownell, Ph.D. is an expert in European military history and the author of So Close to Greatness, the biography of William C. Bullitt, the first US Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Denise Drace-Brownell is a technologist, inventor, and international business executive, educated at Columbia and Rutgers, as well as the Universities of Pennsylvania and Illinois.

General Erich Ludendorff was one of the most important military individuals of the last century, yet today, he is one of the least known. One of the top two German generals of World War I, Ludendorff dominated not only his superior— General Paul von Hindenburg—but also Germany’s head of state, Kaiser Wilhelm II. For years, Ludendorff was the military dictator of Germany. Ludendorff not only dictated all aspects of World War I, he refused all opportunities to make peace; he antagonised the Americans until they declared war; he sent Lenin into Russia to forge a revolution to shut down the Russian front; and then pushed for total military victory in 1918, in a rabid slaughter known as “The Ludendorff Offensive.” Shortly after Germany lost the War in 1918, Ludendorff created the murderous legend that Germany had lost this war only because Jews had conspired on the home front. He soon forged an alliance with Hitler, endorsed the Nazis, and wrote maniacally about how Germans needed a new world war to redeem the Fatherland. This savage man had staggering designs to build a gigantic state that would dwarf even the British Empire. Simply stated, he wanted the world. The First Nazi is a fascinating read, opening a whole new window on the World Wars and providing a chilling view into the mind of a man who had a profound impact on the 20th century. 8

July • Plays

EXHIBIT ‘A’ Neil LaBute

Neil LaBute’s latest controversial collection of short plays and monologues pushes the boundaries of art and the very nature of theatre. Neil LaBute has earned international acclaim for his provocative body of work for the stage. His bold vision is amply evident in this new collection of daring and stylishly realized short plays and monologues.

ISBN: 9780715650936 PRICE: £11.99 EXTENT: 192pp PUB DATE: 28 July 2016 CATEGORY: Play / Drama FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: UK / IRE

Neil LaBute’s plays include Bash, In a Forest, Dark and Deep, and Reasons to be Happy. His films include In the Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbors, The Shape of Things, Obsession, Some Velvet Morning, and Dirty Weekend. He is a 2013 recipient of a Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

In the title play, Exhibit ‘A’, an artist pushes the boundaries of his art to a previously untouched frontier, challenging the very definition of “art.” 10K explores the territory where fantasy and desire merge, as a man and woman share secrets while traversing a suburban jogging path. Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush is a tense confrontation between two men in a park. In Happy Hour, a guy and a gal meet cute in a bar. I’m Going To Stop Pretending (That I Didn’t Break Your Heart) lays bare a couple at the bitter end of a relationship, where devastation and loss for one is freedom and inevitability for the other. 16 Pounds is a bleak, near-future look at water scarcity; BFF is the stage adaptation of LaBute’s short film about three “friends”; Black Girls takes a white guy and a black girl through a wildly uncomfortable conversation; Some White Chick and The Unimaginable are two chillers written for Southwark Playhouse’s TERROR! Festival; and the monologue Totally is a young woman’s sex revenge confession like no other. ‘Neil LaBute does not trivialize darkness but treats it with proper awe.’ The New Yorker ‘Mr. LaBute is writing some of the freshest and most illuminating American dialogue to be heard anywhere these days.’ The New York Times


August • Fiction


What if the key to foretelling the future fell into the wrong hands? The new thriller by E.M. Davey is an action-packed, high-adrenaline adventure. Reporter Jake Wosley has seen things he never thought possible. After stumbling across secret documents showing Winston Churchill’s interest in the ancient Etruscan civilisation, his life changed forever. Now he lies in hiding in Thailand, trying to put the past behind him.

ISBN: 9780715651087 PRICE: £7.99 EXTENT: 352pp

When a letter arrives, featuring genuine quotes from Napoleon about fate and destiny, he has no idea who it’s from but knows he is no longer safe. And when Jenny, his former lover and confidant reaches out to him, in terrible danger, Jake has no choice but to come to her aid.

PUB DATE: 25 August 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction / Thriller FORMAT: B format PB original TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651094

E. M. Davey is a 32-year-old journalist at the BBC specialising in undercover investigative journalism. When not working he enjoys travelling to farflung and occasionally dangerous spots to research his fiction and just for the heck of it. Also by the author: Foretold by Thunder 9780715649930

Unearthing secrets many want to get their hands on, can Wosley evade Washington and MI6? And if he really has discovered the key to foretelling destiny, what happens if this knowledge falls into the wrong hands…? Following Foretold by Thunder, The Napoleon Complex journeys to Sierra Leone, Israel, Egypt, Austria, Tanzania and Burundi, and peers back into the smoky Westminster drawing rooms of leading Victorian statesmen. Ideal for fans of Dan Brown and Robert Harris, E.M. Davey takes the reader on a fastpaced and thrilling adventure. Praise for Foretold by Thunder: ‘A cracking good read… a thriller injected with inside nowse as well as well-placed heart-attack-inducing paranoia, appealing to all who like their adrenaline rushes fast, engrossing and, at times, bloody.’ Bookbag ‘Channelling fantasy, science and even the beliefs of an ancient Italian tribe in a Dan Brown-style action adventure.’ Islington Gazette


August • Non-fiction

A MATTER OF BREEDING A Biting History of Pedigree Dogs Michael Brandow

The provocative look at the ‘cult of pedigree’ and an eye-opening and entertaining social history of purebred dogs. Why would anyone want a bulldog with a snout so deformed it can hardly breathe? What’s so alluring about a retriever with a pedigree so hobbled by hip dysplasia that it can’t even play fetch? What force is so powerful that it can compel people to go against all rationality and morality when selecting a pet? Why, good old-fashioned snobbery! ISBN: 9780715651339 PRICE: £12.99 EXTENT: 288pp PUB DATE: 25 August 2016 CATEGORY: Animals & Society FORMAT: Demy trade PB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651346

Michael Brandow has a background in journalism, dog care, and community activism, making him a sought-after commentator on dog-related issues and has written for publications including ARTNews, The New York Times, Town & Country, the BARk, and Animal Fair.

In his social history A Matter of Breeding, Michael Brandow examines this peculiarly popular form of elitism. Equal parts amusing and horrifying, his biting critique shows what outrageous lengths humans have gone to, moulding dogs into almost unimaginable shapes and sizes to increase their own social status. This obsession has had farreaching consequences not only for our so-called best friend but also for us, as it preserves beliefs about racial purity and class that we’re no longer supposed to have. ‘If you’re considering welcoming a dog (or two) into your family, read Michael Brandow’s fascinating and eyeopening book… A dog is a living, loving creature, not an accessory item, and Brandow makes his case persuasively and with wit.’ Betsy Banks Saul, founder of ‘At once a keenly observed memoir of [Brandow’s] days as a New York City dog walker, a thoroughly researched history of purebred dogs, and an often biting social critique of people, their dogs, and the world they have made for each other.’ Mark Derr, author of How the Dog Became the Dog


August • Non-fiction


Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe John Hands

The book that transforms our understanding of what we are and where we came from. Cosmosapiens takes us on a quest to ascertain what science can reliably tell us about how and why we evolved from the origin of the universe and whether what we are makes us different from all other animals.

ISBN: 9780715651216 PRICE: £16.99 EXTENT: 704pp PUB DATE: 11 August 2016 CATEGORY: Popular Science / Cosmoslogy FORMAT: Royal PB inc. 67 b/w illus. TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650561

John Hands devoted more than ten years of his life to evaluating scientific theories about human evolution from the origin of the universe. He graduated in Chemistry from the University of London and tutored in both Physics and Management Studies for the Open University and was Royal Literary Fund Fellow at University College London. He lives in London.

John Hands’s extraordinarily ambitious quest is to bring together this scientific knowledge and evaluate without bias or preconception all the theories and evidence about the origin and evolution of matter, life, consciousness, and humankind. From examining theories such as the Big Bang, Darwin’s theory of evolution, dark matter and the selfish gene, John Hands challenges what we think we know, asking: are some theories of scientific dogma actually correct? This groundbreaking book is destined to become a classic of scientific thinking. ‘Lucid and intelligible to the non-specialists… This is a book of astonishing ambition and scope.’ Tim Crane, The Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year ‘An invaluable, encyclopedic achievement.’ A. N. Wilson, The Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year ‘John Hands… argues that mind and matter evolved in unison and, one day, human consciousness and the starfilled universe will be revealed as part of the same cosmic whole. Such ideas were lapped up by the 19th-century followers of Hegel and it is both shocking and invigorating to hear them stated again… in the context of a quantum universe.’ Nicholas Blincoe, The Telegraph Best Science Books of 2015


August • Fiction

SEPTIMANIA Jonathan Levi

A strange and magical picaresque romance by master storyteller, Jonathan Levi. On an idyllic spring day in 1978 in a church outside Cambridge, England, an organ tuner named Malory loses his virginity to Louiza, a dyslexic math genius. When she disappears, Malory follows her trail to Rome. The quest to find his love is sidetracked when he is declared the heir to the Kingdom of Septimania, given by Charlemagne to the Jews of 8th-century France. In the midst of a Rome reeling from the kidnappings and bombs of the Red Brigades, Malory is crowned King of the Jews, Holy Roman Emperor and possibly Caliph of all Islam. ISBN: 9780715650967 PRICE: £18.99 EXTENT: 336pp PUB DATE: 11 August 2016 CATEGORY: Literary Fiction FORMAT: Royal HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651230

Jonathan Levi is an American writer and producer, and author of A Guide for the Perplexed. His short stories and articles have also appeared in many magazines including Granta, Condé Nast Traveler, GQ, Terra Nova, The Nation, and The New York Times. Born in New York, he now lives in Rome.

Over the next fifty years, Malory’s search for Louiza leads to encounters with Pope John Paul II, a band of lost Romanians, a magical Bernini statue, Haroun al Rashid of Arabian Nights fame, a shadowy U.S. spy agency and one of the 9/11 bombers, an appleseed from the original Tree of Knowledge, and the secret history of Isaac Newton and his discovery of a Grand Unified Theory that explains everything. Septimania is the quest for love and knowledge, perfect for fans of Garcia Marquez, David Mitchell and Salman Rushdie. ‘Septimania is a masterpiece: a rule-bending, categorysmashing, delightful work of brilliance that combines history and longing and religion and timelessness with good old-fashioned story-telling.’ Bill Buford, author of Heat and Among the Thugs ‘Septimania is a love story, a kingdom, a novel of wild and rich imagination.’ A.B. Yehoshua, author of A Woman in Jerusalem ‘The musical prose combined with profound, complex ideas is masterful.’ Jennifer Clement, author of Prayers for the Stolen and The Widow Basquiat


August • Fiction


Greek Myths Reimagined John Spurling

The vibrant, gripping and often grisly retelling of Greek myths by the prize-winning author. The classical Greek intellectual tradition pervades nearly every aspect of our modern Western civilisation. Our logic and science, our philosophy, politics, literature, architecture, and art are all indebted to the ancient inhabitants of the small mountainous Mediterranean country.

ISBN: 9780715651124 PRICE: £8.99 EXTENT: 320pp PUB DATE: 11 August 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction / Myth & Legend FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650486

John Spurling won the 2015 Walter Scott Prize for his historical novel The Ten Thousand Things. Spurling is a reviewer and for twelve years was the art critic at the New Statesman. He lives in London and Arcadia, Greece, and is married to the biographer Hilary Spurling. Also by the author: The Ten Thousand Things 9780715638309

Taking as his starting point many of the famous tourist sites in the Peloponnese where the stories are set, John Spurling, winner of the 2015 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, freshly imagines key narratives from the Greek canon, including tales of the doomed house of Atreus; of the god Apollo; Theseus, scourge of the Minotaur; the Twelve Labors of Heracles; and Perseus, rescuer of Andromeda. Stories of murder, power, revenge, love, and traumatic family relationships are made new again for our time, while staying true to the spirit of the original myth, with wit and relish by a gifted author. ‘An excellent read that examines the intricacies of storytelling and the complexities of human nature.’ Helena Gumley-Mason, The Lady ‘Spurling is a first-rate storyteller and this collection should delight everyone from the scholar of Greek myths to one reading them for the first time.’ We Love This Book


September 窶「 Non-fiction


The Groundbreaking New Science of Sex-Related Diagnosis and Treatment Marek Glezerman Introduction by Amos Oz

The revolutionary call for reform, challenging dangerous assumptions that male and female patients can be effectively treated in the same way.

ISBN: 9780715651148 PRICE: ツ」20.00 EXTENT: 320pp PUB DATE: 22 September 2016 CATEGORY: Medicine / Popular Science FORMAT: Royal HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN

Over millions of years, male and female bodies developed crucial physiological differences to improve the chances for human survival. These differences have become culturally obsolete with the overturning of traditional gender roles. But they are nevertheless very real, and they go well beyond the obvious sexual and reproductive variances: men and women differ in terms of digestion, which affects the way medications are absorbed. Sensitivity to pain is dependent on gender. Even the symptoms of a heart attack manifest differently in a man than in a woman.

EBOOK: 9780715651414

Marek Glezerman, M.D. is the President of the International Society of Gender Medicine and Director of the Research Center of Gender Medicine at Rabin Medical Center in Israel. He is Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University and one of the most senior Obstetricians/Gynaecologists in Israel.

And yet the medical establishment largely treats male and female patients as though their needs are identical. In fact, medical research is still done predominately on men, and the results are then applied to the treatment of women. This is clearly problematic and calls for a paradigm shift窶付hat is the purpose of Gender Medicine.


September • Non-fiction


How Oscar Wilde Was Shaped by the Women He Knew Eleanor Fitzsimons

The fresh, revealing and entertaining account of Oscar Wilde, the most influential writer of his age, and the women who inspired him. Hailed as a gay icon and pioneer of individualism, Oscar Wilde’s insistence that ‘there should be no law for anybody’ made him a staunch defender of gender equality. Women were a source of inspiration shaping his life and career.

ISBN: 9780715651193 PRICE: £9.99 EXTENT: 320pp PUB DATE: 8 September 2016 CATEGORY: Literary Biography FORMAT: B format PB inc. 8 page colour plate section TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650318

Eleanor Fitzsimons is a researcher, writer, journalist and occasional broadcaster, specialising in historical and current feminist issues. Her work has been published in a range of newspapers and journals including The Sunday Times, Guardian and The Irish Times and she is a regular radio and television contributor.

Wilde’s Women is the first book to tell the story of his female friends and colleagues who not only traded witticisms with Wilde but gave him access to vital publicity and informed his social commentaries. Eleanor Fitzsimons reframes Wilde’s story and his legacy through the women in his life including such fascinating figures as Florence Balcombe, who left him for Bram Stoker, his inseparable friend, actress Lillie Langtry, and his tragic and witty niece Dolly who loved fast cars, cocaine and foreign women. Replete with fascinating detail and anecdotes, Wilde’s Women relates the untold story of how the writer played a vitally sympathetic role on behalf of many women and how they supported him in the midst of a changing Victorian society. ‘Engaging and sympathetic biography, which also illustrates extremely well the circles of artistic and literary women of the time.’ Independent on Sunday ‘Over a century on, Oscar Wilde continues to hypnotise us… Eleanor Fitzsimons is to be congratulated.’ Simon Callow, Guardian


September • Non-fiction


Daphne Park: Britain’s Cold War Spy Master Paddy Hayes

The fascinating and revealing biography of Daphne Park, Britain’s most celebrated female spy, highlighting the clandestine workings of the Secret Intelligence Service.

ISBN: 9780715651223 PRICE: £9.99 EXTENT: 336pp PUB DATE: 8 September 2016 CATEGORY: Biography FORMAT: B format PB inc. 8 page colour plate section TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650448

Paddy Hayes was educated in Dublin and at Harvard University. As the founder of an international research practice, he has been a close observer of the clandestine operations of secret intelligence services. His work took him behind the Iron Curtain to Moscow and to East Berlin and he brings this knowledge to his writing.

From living in a tin-roofed shack north of Dar-esSalaam to becoming Baroness Park of Monmouth, Daphne Park led a most unusual life—one that consisted of a lifelong love affair with the world of Britain’s secret services. In the 1970s she was appointed to the most senior operational rank of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) as one of its seven Area Controllers—an extraordinary achievement for a women working within this most male-dominated and secretive of organisations. Paddy Hayes recounts the fascinating story of the evolution of the SIS from World War II to the Cold War and beyond through the eyes of one of its outstanding and most unusual operatives. He provides the reader with one of the most intimate narratives yet of how the modern SIS actually went about its business whether in Moscow, Hanoi or the Congo. Queen of Spies, the first and only biography of Daphne Park, captures the paranoia and the real life ‘wilderness of mirrors’ aspect of intelligence work, finally unveiling all that it may be possible to know about the life of one of Britain’s most celebrated spies. ‘Richly entertaining biography... Queen of Spies fills a big gap.’ Guardian ‘In the secret services, Park stood out as a forceful personality and a woman in a man’s world… Paddy Hayes has done a very good job.’ The Telegraph ‘Dame Daphne’s charisma... is plain throughout.’ The Spectator


September • Non-fiction

STANDARD DEVIATIONS Flawed Assumptions, Tortured Data and Other Ways to Lie With Statistics Gary Smith

The lively deconstruction of statistical lies we so easily lap up and the damage they do, bringing into stark relief the fraud that surrounds us all. Did you know that having a messy room will make you racist? Or that human beings possess the ability to postpone death until after important ceremonial occasions? These ‘facts’ have been argued with a straight face by researchers and backed up with reams of data and convincing statistics. ISBN: 9780715651032 PRICE: £9.99 EXTENT: 304pp PUB DATE: 22 September 2016 CATEGORY: Probability & Statistics FORMAT: B format PB inc. 50 b/w illus. TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715649749

Gary Smith received his PhD in Economics from Yale University and taught there for seven years. He is the Fletcher Jones Professor of Economics at Pomona College in Claremont, California.

In Standard Deviations, economics professor Gary Smith walks us through the various tricks and traps that people use to back up their own crackpot theories. Today, data is so plentiful that researchers spend precious little time distinguishing between good, meaningful deductions and total rubbish. Drawing on breakthrough research in behavioural economics by luminaries like Daniel Kahneman and Dan Ariely, and taking to task some of the conclusions of Freakonomics, Standard Deviations exposes the science behind statistics and makes it easy to spot the fraud all around us. ‘A very entertaining book about a very serious problem. We deceive ourselves all the time with statistics, and it is time we wised up.’ Robert J. Shiller, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics ‘Demystifies some of the science behind the stats and illuminates some worrying frauds…. A must for anyone doing business in the new data-driven economy.’ The Times ‘It’s a refreshing take on the practice of bastardizing numbers.’ Huffington Post


October • Fiction


What price would you be willing to pay for fame? An utterly compulsive psychological thriller that cannot fail to move. Rosemary Paul used to be a celebrated singer, but now she is ageing and past her prime. Living an isolated life, her only companion is Carrie Markham, her live-in assistant who panders to Rosemary’s every need and looks up to her older mentor.

ISBN: 9780715651179 PRICE: £7.99 EXTENT: 272pp PUB DATE: 6 October 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction / Psychological Thriller FORMAT: B format PB original TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651186

B.I. Taylor is an award-winning author who lives in London. The author has written several plays for the theatre and has also written for television and radio.

When Rosemary hears news from London that one of her albums is getting an unexpected re-release the old hunger for fame and success is reignited, and with Carrie’s help she plans her big comeback to relaunch herself into the public stratosphere. But as preparations commence, long buried secrets begin to resurface and signs of strain show in Rosemary and Carrie’s relationship, until reaching a dramatic breaking-point... Slowly building its uneasy tension throughout until revealing its shocking twist, The Comeback is an eerie psychological thriller with strong female characters; ideal for fans of The Girl on the Train and The Ice Twins, it is perfect for book clubs, and will leave readers on the edge of their seats.


October • Non-fiction


The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses Bess Lovejoy

A marvellously macabre look at how some of the world’s favourite historical figures got even more interesting past their expiration dates… In the long run, we’re all dead. But for some of the most influential figures in history, death marked the start of a new adventure. The famous deceased have been stolen, burned, sold, pickled, frozen, stuffed, impersonated and even filed away in a lawyer’s office. Their fingers, teeth, toes, arms, legs, skulls, hearts, lungs and nether regions have embarked on voyages that criss-cross the globe and stretch the imagination. ISBN: 9780715651162 PRICE: £9.99 EXTENT: 352pp PUB DATE: 6 October 2016 CATEGORY: Humour / Gift / Sociology FORMAT: PB (235cm x 120cm) TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715649770

Bess Lovejoy is a writer, researcher and editor. She worked on the Schott ’s Almanac series for five years, and her writing has also appeared in The New York Times, Believer, and the Boston Globe. Visit her at

Counterfeiters tried to steal Lincoln’s corpse. Einstein’s brain went on a cross-country road trip. And after Lord Horatio Nelson perished at Trafalgar, his sailors submerged him in brandy— which they drank. From Mozart to Hitler, Rest in Pieces connects the lives of the famous dead to the hilarious and horrifying adventures of their corpses, and traces the evolution of cultural attitudes towards death. ‘Deliciously morbid and delightfully macabre, Rest in Pieces is required reading for those of us who intend, one day, to die.’ Ben Schott, author of Schotts Original Miscellany ‘A historically beguiling, stranger-than-fiction compendium.’ Elle ‘If really, we’re all sitting in the undertakers waiting room, then Rest in Pieces is the perfect easy read, preparation for the moment when the nurse steps out of the shadows and quietly calls your name.’ Simon Winchester, bestselling author of Skulls and The Professor and the Madman


October • Non-fiction


The Lost Version of Dracula

Bram Stoker & Valdimar Ásmundsson The first ever translation into English of a newly discovered Icelandic adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic gothic novel, Dracula.

ISBN: 9780715651278 PRICE: £20.00 EXTENT: 352pp PUB DATE: 20 October 2016 CATEGORY: Literary Studies FORMAT: Royal HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651285

Hans Corneel de Roos is an independent researcher specialising in French and British art of the second half of the 19th century. He is author of The Ultimate Dracula and numerous other articles on Dracula. He is a recipient of the Research Award of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula. He lives in Munich. Bram Stoker (1847-1912) was an Irish novelist and short story writer best known today for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula. Valdimar Ásmundsson (1852-1902) was the founder and editor of the Icelandic literary journal, Lady of the Mountains.

Powers of Darkness is an incredible literary discovery: In 1900, Icelandic publisher and writer Valdimar Ásmundsson set out to translate Bram Stoker’s world famous 1897 novel Dracula. Called Makt Myrkranna (literally, “Powers of Darkness”), this Icelandic edition included an original preface written by Stoker himself. Makt Myrkranna was published in Iceland in 1901 but remained undiscovered outside of the country until 1986, when Dracula scholarship was astonished by the discovery of Stoker’s preface to the book. However, no one looked beyond the preface and deeper into Ásmundsson’s story. In 2014, researcher Hans Corneel de Roos dove into the full text of Makt Myrkranna, only to discover that Ásmundsson hadn’t merely translated Dracula but had penned an entirely new version of the story, with all new characters and a totally reworked plot. The resulting narrative is one that is shorter, punchier, more erotic, and perhaps even more suspenseful than Stoker’s Dracula. Incredibly, Makt Myrkranna has never been translated or even read outside of Iceland until now. Powers of Darkness will amaze and entertain legions of fans of Gothic literature, horror, and vampire fiction. It contains a forward by Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew and author of the bestseller Dracula: The Un-dead, and easy-to-read story annotations that add fascinating insight into the differences between this work and Stoker’s original Dracula. 21

October • Fiction

BLOOD IN THE TIBER Annelise Freisenbruch

Discover the captivating new voice and a great new heroine of Roman historical fiction in this fast moving page-turner. The body of a Vestal Virgin is dragged out of the River Tiber. A senator bleeds to death in his bath.

ISBN: 9780715650998 PRICE: £18.99 EXTENT: 384pp PUB DATE: 20 October 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction / Historical Fiction FORMAT: Royal HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651001

Annelise Freisenbruch was born in Bermuda in 1977. She has a PhD in Classics from Newnham College, Cambridge, and is the author of the highly-acclaimed history of Rome’s empresses, The First Ladies of Rome. Blood in the Tiber is her first novel.

As the authorities turn a blind eye, Hortensia, daughter of the capital’s most celebrated orator, feels compelled to investigate a trail of murders that lead to the dark heart of Rome. Flying in the face of her husband’s and father’s attempts to protect her, rebelling against the constraints imposed upon her sex, she is drawn ever deeper into the corrupt underworld that lurks in the shadows cast by the city’s all-powerful elite. When fires begin to rage in the slums and more key witnesses are silenced, only one man can save Hortensia from becoming the next victim of a conspiracy to destroy the Republic: Lucrio, the damaged ex-gladiator to whom she already owes her life. But will the secrets of his own tragic past threaten to subsume them both? ‘This is a stunning novel that immerses us in the brutal world of the Roman Empire in the 1st century B.C. Annelise Freisenbruch is a gifted storyteller and tells a riveting tale. Highly recommended!’ Alison Weir ‘Annelise Freisenbruch’s Hortensia is a delight— passionate, articulate, fallible and, better still, inspired by a real woman.’ Ruth Downie, author of the bestselling Medicus series


October • Non-fiction


Four Men and Margaret Thatcher Peter Stothard

The latest, unique and inspiring book by Sir Peter Stothard, blending memoir, politics, and stoic philosophy.

ISBN: 9780715651377 PRICE: £20.00 EXTENT: 304pp PUB DATE: 6 October 2016 CATEGORY: Memoir / Politics FORMAT: Royal HB inc. 25 b/w photographs TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651384

Peter Stothard was Editor of The Times from 1992 to 2002, the period of its greatest commercial success for a century, and recently retired as Editor of the Times Literary Supplement. He was knighted for his services to newspapers in 2003. His books include On the Spartacus Road and Alexandria.

A year after the death of Margaret Thatcher, a young woman arrives to ask Peter Stothard, former Editor of The Times, some sharp questions about his memories of the Thatcher era. During her interview the offices from where he long observed British politics are being flattened by wrecking balls. Forgotten stories return. From the destruction of a collapsing newspaper plant emerge portraits of the Senecans, a Hollywood screen-writer who wrote her speeches, a socialite former socialist who comforted her with flattery, a comic political columnist whom she admired but rarely read and a multi-millionaire film-producer whom she consulted but never acknowledged. The Senecans took their name from their taste for the work of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a philosopher, courtier and acquirer of massive wealth from the age of the Emperor Nero. Blending memoir with ancient and modern politics in the manner of his acclaimed diaries, On the Spartacus Road and Alexandria, Stothard sheds a sideways light on recent history. In finally identifying his interviewer he also answers questions about his own literary and political journey. ‘Stothard puts his literary knowledge, journalistic skills and classical erudition to powerful use.’ Giles Foden ‘Haunting, erudite and beautifully written…it is proudly and defiantly, the very opposite of journalism: a fusion of memoir, history and travelogue’ Tom Holland, The Spectator ‘An intriguing book that is impossible to categorise: ancient history, travelogue, memoir and biography all at once… compelling.’ The Times


November • Non-fiction


Britain’s Master Map Maker and His Secrets Alan Ereira

Discover the incredible life of John Ogilby, shipwreck and Great Fire of London survivor, royal conspirator, map maker, and soldier, in the first ever biography of this forgotten British legend. John Ogilby’s life is an astonishing adventure which is so fantastic as to be unbelievable. And yet very little is known about the man himself and his legacy has faded into obscurity. Alan Ereira’s fascinating biography is about to change all that. ISBN: 9780715651100 PRICE: £20.00 EXTENT: 336pp PUB DATE: 17 November 2016 CATEGORY: Biography / British & Irish History FORMAT: Royal HB inc. 8 page colour plate section TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651117

Alan Ereira is an award-winning British author, historian and documentary filmmaker. He collaborated with Terry Jones on the documentary series Crusades (1995), Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives (2004) and Terry Jones’ Barbarians (2006), with whom he coauthored the companion books.

Ogilby created himself out of nothing three times: by the lottery ticket that allowed an 11-year-old urchin to buy an apprenticeship and dance at court; by the translation that turned a 48-year-old shipwrecked prisoner into a national poet; and by the swift mastery of surveying that turned a 65-year-old homeless victim of the Great Fire into the man who was paid to map London. Perhaps best known for creating the most celebrated road atlas of England and Wales, Britannia, what has remained unknown until now is that this apparently harmless book turned out to be a well-researched handbook for where to land a French army of conquest in accordance with the secret treaty between Charles II and Louis XIV. Alan Ereira reveals the hidden details of this incredible man for the first time. The Nine Lives of John Ogilby, which includes a selection of Britania maps, will shock, entertain and inform. ‘A spectacular book with a wide range of insights to the 17th century.’ Terry Jones


November • Non-fiction


Classic Cocktail and Punch Recipes for the Discerning Drinker William Terrington

The first ever British cocktail recipe book, published in 1869, presented in a stunning vintage-looking style, perfect for all drinks lovers. Calling all wine lovers, whisky connoisseurs, gin drinkers and cocktail mixologists! Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks is a must-have collection of vintage recipes to spice up your next drinks party. ISBN: 9780715651315 PRICE: £9.99 EXTENT: 208pp PUB DATE: 3 November 2016 CATEGORY: Cocktails & Spirits / Gift book FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651322

When pioneering bartender Jerry Thomas popularised cocktails across the United States, the UK was not to be undone, and William Terrington responded by publishing the first ever British book to collect cocktail recipes in 1869. His volume Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks presented recipes from Europe, the US and the UK, along with some of his own inventions (such as Gin Punch a la Terrington) as well as giving advice on wine choice and refrigeration, a dazzling new technology of the time. Terrington’s ‘cup’ recipes are mostly for what we would think of as punches, based on wine and sherry, mixed with herbs, fruit, spices, etc. perfect for parties and large gatherings. Recipes include Hot Spiced Ale, Whisky Sling, White Wine Julep, and Bannister’s Milk Punch and instructions on how to make syrups, bitters and non-alcoholic beverages. As well as discovering vintage recipes to try out, the book provides a fascinating snapshot into a bygone era—what was fashionable and cutting edge in the Victorian world of booze. It is a must-have for all 25

November • Fiction


Take an uncomfortable rollercoaster ride with a man desperate to tell the world a truth it probably won’t want to hear in this darkly humorous and witty debut novel. A nameless angel has been out of God’s favour since things went wrong with his last mission, 2,000 years ago. He has spent the last millennia watching the humanity he so loves fall into moral despair. Lately, he’s been watching Will, a businessman attempting to expose his company’s dark dealings to the Press. Will’s campaign is not going well. ISBN: 9780715651131 PRICE: £8.99 EXTENT: 252pp PUB DATE: 3 November 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650554

John Samuel is a former editor of travel and food titles and has written for national newspapers and magazines. He lives in Jersey with his wife and children.

In a moment of weakness and bravado, the angel decides to take over Will—“jumping in” as he did over two millennia ago when he took over the body of a guy named Jesus. What follows is a mortal struggle between good and evil, as cosmic forces fight to maintain the status quo. As Will begins to lose his grip on himself and his mission, the reader is forced to question whose reckoning this is: Are these the delusions of a man crushed by the hypocrisies of modern society? Or the actions of an angel desperate to right our wrongs? Powerfully written and fast-paced, What I Tell You in the Dark is an unsettling story of omnipotence, mayhem, capitalism, and corruption―a violent struggle between intentions and their consequences played out on a grand scale. ‘Dangerous, irreverent... Part fantasy, part gripping depiction of delusional madness, this is a very strong and assured new piece of fiction. Take the plunge.’ Vanity Fair ‘Intelligent, funny, and enjoyably disrespectful without veering into offensive, What I Tell You in the Dark is a dark comedy with surprisingly tense thrills thrown in.’ The Bookbag


November • Non-fiction


The Life and Murderous Career of Elizabeth Berry Bernard Taylor

The chilling true story of the disturbing life of Elizabeth Berry, murderer and first woman to be hanged at Liverpool’s Walton Prison.

ISBN: 9780715651209 PRICE: £9.99 EXTENT: 304pp PUB DATE: 17 November 2016 CATEGORY: True Crime / Biography FORMAT: B format PB incl. 14 b/w illus. TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650905

Bernard Taylor is a former winner of the Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger Award for his collaboration with Stephen Knight on Perfect Murder. He has written many suspense and supernatural novels including The Godsend, The Kindness of Strangers and Madeleine. Also by the author: Perfect Murder 9780715650738

In 1887, Elizabeth Berry, an attractive young nurse from the grim Oldham workhouse, found notoriety throughout the nation after the death of her daughter, perceived by many to be the cruellest of murders—performed with an ice-cold callousness that was almost beyond belief. There were many who protested her innocence in the affair, but there were also suspicions surrounding another death related to the nurse: that of her mother. Suddenly Elizabeth Berry’s dark story began appearing darker still. Was she in fact a coldblooded serial killer? In his new book, celebrated crime author, Bernard Taylor, investigates the disturbing life of a woman who lived during an era obsessed with the exploits of murderers and witnessing the emergence of forensic science. He takes a fresh look at the demise of Berry’s husband and two other young children, deaths that for a long time were considered to be of natural causes. For the first time we discover the true story behind this infamous case of the first woman to be hanged at Liverpool’s Walton Prison and one of the Victorian period’s most harrowing set of homicides.


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Comparisons of the Greatest Western Thinkers Robert Lloyd George A fascinating character analysis of some of the most recognisable historical figures, pitching lives and minds against each other, from Churchill vs Lincoln to Darwin vs Watson.

ISBN: 9780715651292 PRICE: £20.00 EXTENT: 352pp PUB DATE: 1 December 2016 CATEGORY: Biography FORMAT: Royal HB TERRITORY: WORLD exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651308

Robert Lloyd George is the author of several books, including David and Winston, a comparative look at Winston Churchill. He has written extensively on global economics, specifically on the relationship between the economies of the Eastern and Western world.

One of the most significant and enduring texts to have survived from Ancient Rome is Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, written by Plutarch in the first century AD. In the work, the man known as the ‘Father of Biography’ paired off the most notable and influential figures of the classical world, placing their lives and legacies next to each other, allowing the comparisons and juxtapositions to reveal new truths about famous men his readers already knew and revered. He compared Demosthenes with Cicero, Alexander the Great with Julius Caesar; the result was an intellectual masterpiece still referred to by historians today. In A Modern Plutarch, Robert Lloyd George applies this model of biography to many of the most recognisable figures, new and old, of American and British history. George compares select politicians, generals, scientists, and social and religious activists, drawing parallels between their lives and minds while revealing the traits that made them unique. Whether it’s Churchill placed next to Lincoln, Darwin compared to James Watson, or any of George’s other memorable pairings, A Modern Plutarch uses an ancient method of comparison to show us new features of many of the great thinkers in the Western world.






A collection of hilarious conversations with the biggest names in Hollywood by Judd Apatow, writer and director of Knocked Up.

A topical account of why the ‘flat white’ lifestyle of London’s young and creative professionals is powering the UK’s economy.

As the threat of war escalates in Berlin 1938, might clandestine love hold the key to an unlikely peace?

9780715650608 - HB - £18.99 Non-fiction / Comedy

9780715650653 - B-PB - £9.99 Popular Economics

9780715650332 - HB - £16.99 Historical Fiction


THE FALLEN Tarn Richardson


The American children’s classic depicting the amazing adventures of Freddy the inquisitive pig.

The thrilling sequel to The Damned sees dark forces at hand as an unholy war rages and nightmares roam.

A gripping race-againsttime thriller perfect for fans of Dan Brown and Robert Harris.

9780715650059 - HB - £9.99 Children’s Fiction

9780715650592 - TPB - £12.99 Fiction / Fantasy / Horror

9780715649930 - B-PB - £7.99 Fiction / Thriller





WORLD WAR Z Max Brooks

Alexander sets out to conquer the language he loves. But will it love him back?

Winner of the 2015 Walter Scott Prize, set during the turbulent final years of the Yuan Dynasty

Can humanity stop the zombie pandemic that is threatening to destroy civilisation itself...?

9780715649954 - B-PB - £9.99 Travel Writing

9780715649565 - B-PB - £9.99 Historical Fiction

9780715637036 - B-PB - £9.99 Fiction / Horror

LAYER CAKE J. J. Connolly

EFFIE Suzanne Fagence Cooper


From the glitz of the London club scene to the underbelly of its criminal world, a dark, twisted thriller ensues.

The scandalous true love story behind the major motion picture starring Dakota Fanning.

Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil examines the next step in the evolutionary process of the union of human and machine.

9780715633359 - B-PB - £7.99 Fiction / Thriller

9780715641446 - B-PB - £10.99 Biography

9780715635612 - TPB - £18.99 Popular Science



A True Story of Defiance During the American Civil War Victoria E. Bynum Traces the origins of the Jones County uprising from the American Revolution to the modern civil rights movement— now the focus of a major motion picture starring Matthew McConaughey. Film releasing June 2016. ISBN: 9780715650776 PRICE: £9.99 PUB DATE: 24 March 2016 CATEGORY: History

FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: World exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650783


The Life of the World’s Worst Opera Singer Darryl W. Bullock The biography of Florence Foster Jenkins, considered the world’s worst opera singer, soon to be portrayed by Meryl Streep in the forthcoming film. Film releasing May 2016. ‘Probably the most complete and absolute lack of talent ever publicly displayed in Manhattan.’ Life magazine ISBN: 9780715651063 PRICE: £7.99 PUB DATE: 14 April 2016 CATEGORY: Biography

FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: World exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715651070

GO WITH ME Castle Freeman

A young woman refuses to back down in the face of threats from a potentially lethal local villain. Now a movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles and Alexander Ludwig. Film releasing September 2016. ‘This unusual little gem of a book is part comic romp and part nailbiting thriller.’ Guardian ISBN: 9780715650455 PRICE: £7.99 PUB DATE: 11 August 2016 CATEGORY: Fiction / Thriller


FORMAT: B format PB TERRITORY: World exc. US / CAN EBOOK: 9780715650547


ARDIS & RUSSIAN INTEREST 978-07156-3910-8 978-07156-4401-0 978-07156-4377-8 978-07156-4983-1 978-08823-3826-2 978-14683-0154-0 978-07156-4163-7 978-07156-4374-7 978-08750-1091-4 978-08750-1106-6 978-07156-4917-6 978-07156-4730-1 978-07156-5001-1 978-14683-0156-4 978-07156-4729-5 978-08750-1049-6 978-07156-4150-7 978-07156-4918-3 978-07156-3622-0 978-14683-0155-7 978-14683-0153-3 978-14683-0157-1 978-07156-4578-9 978-15909-0506-8 978-07156-5002-8 978-07156-4770-7 978-08750-1176-9 978-08823-3755-6 978-15902-0507-5 978-07156-4986-2 978-14683-0151-9 978-07156-4580-2 978-08823-3180-5 978-14683-0152-6 978-08750-1061-8 978-07156-3903-0 978-07156-4073-9 978-15902-0900-4 978-15856-7743-6 978-07156-4738-7 978-07156-4922-0 978-15856-7819-8

2017 O Slavnikova hb £16.99 2017 O Slavnikova pb £9.99 Agent Dmitri E Draitser pb £9.99 Blockade Diary E. Kochina pb £7.99 Collected Narrative & Lyrical Poetry A Pushkin (trans W Arndt) pb £14.99 Crocodile, The F Dostoevsky (trans S D Cioran) pb £7.99 Daniel Stein, Interpreter L Ulitskaya hb £16.99 Daniel Stein, Interpreter L Ulitskaya pb £9.99 Envy Y Olesha (trans T S Berczynski) pb £9.99 Eugene Onegin A Pushkin (trans W Arndt) pb £9.99 Evening with Claire, An G Gazdanov pb £9.99 Glasnost H Goscilo & B Lindsey (eds) pb £19.99 Goatibex Constellation, The F Iskander pb £10.99 Golovlyov Family, The M E Saltykov (trans S D Cioran) pb £9.99 Hanz Kuechelgarten, Leaving the Theater & Other Works N Gogol (trans R Meyer) pb £14.99 Hero of Our Time, A M Lermontov (trans V Nabokov) pb £9.99 Inside Central Asia D Hiro pb £14.99 Invisible Book, The S Dovlatov pb £9.99 Literary Russia R Bartlett & A Benn hb £20.00 Lives in Transit: Recent Russian Women’s Writing H Goscilo (ed) pb £18.99 Mahogany & Other Stories B Pilnyak (trans V T Reck and M Green) pb £12.99 My Half Century A Akhmatova (trans R Meyer) pb £18.99 Naked Year, The B Pilnyak (trans A Tulloch) pb £10.99 Notes on the Cuff & Other Stories M Bulgakov (trans A Rice) pb £12.99 Ordinary Story, An I Goncharov pb £11.99 Petty Demon, The F Sologub (trans & intro S D Cioran) pb £16.99 Poems of the End M Tsvetaeva (trans N Kossman) pb £9.99 Poor Folk F Dostoevsky (trans R Dessaix) pb £9.99 Pushkin Threefold A Pushkin (trans W Arndt) pb £19.99 Rabbits and Boa Constrictors F. Iskander pb £7.99 Russian Romantic Prose: An Anthology C Proffer (ed) pb £14.99 Russian Symbolist Theater (ed & trans M Green) pb £16.99 Selected Poems A Akhmatova (trans W Arndt, R Kemball & C Proffer) pb £12.99 Selected Prose & Poetry M Kuzmin (ed & trans M Green) pb £14.99 Song of Igor’s Campaign, The (trans & foreword V Nabokov) pb £9.99 Stalin Epigram, The R Littell hb £16.99 Stalin Epigram, The R Littell pb £8.99 Theater as Life: Five Modern Plays N Evreinov (trans C Collins) pb £16.99 Today I Wrote Nothing D Kharms pb £11.99 Without a Dowry & Other Plays A Ostrovsky (trans & intro N Henley) pb £14.99 Word for Word L Lungina hb £18.99 Worlds Apart A Levitsky hb £25.00

ART / DESIGN / PHOTOGRAPHY / ILLUSTRATION 978-07156-3981-8 978-07156-3758-6 978-07156-3870-5 978-07156-3814-9 978-07156-3906-1 978-07156-3980-1 978-07156-4281-8 978-07156-3694-7 978-07156-3834-7 978-07156-4144-6 978-07156-4218-4 978-07156-5124-7 978-07156-4299-3 978-07156-3817-0 978-07156-4547-5 978-07156-4919-0 978-07156-3864-4 978-07156-3657-2 978-07156-4169-9 978-07156-4211-5 978-07156-4084-5 978-07156-4400-3 978-07156-4083-8 978-07156-4514-7

A Curator’s Quest W Rubin hb £65.00 Art is Work M Glaser pb £35.00 Artist’s Mother, The hb £14.99 Britain at Play W Heath Robinson hb £21.99 Britain at Play W Heath Robinson pb £14.99 British, The (Pont) G Laidler hb £20.00 Cuba: Contemporary Art pb £30.00 Contraptions W Heath Robinson hb £25.00 Drawing is Thinking M Glaser hb £30.00 Effie S F Cooper pb £10.99 Graphic Design M Glaser pb £30.00 Jheronimus G Schwartz hb £45.00 Apr-16 In Search of the Miraculous M Glaser hb £30.00 In the Footsteps of Abraham R Hardiman & H Speelman hb £45.00 Lost Carving, The D Esterly hb £16.99 Lost Carving, The D Esterly pb £8.99 Model Wife, The S F Cooper hb £25.00 Modigliani: A Life J Meyers pb £11.99 New York in the 70s, A Tannenbaum pb £18.99 On Design: the Magic Language of Things E Zeisel pb £16.99 Totalitarian Art I Golomstock hb £30.00 Shrine for Tibet, A Rhie, Thurman et al hb £40.00 University, The F Tejerina hb £40.00 What Shall I Wear? C McCardell hb £16.99


Stocklist 978-07156-4066-1 978-07156-4302-0

Young Michelangelo J T Spike hb £20.00 Young Michelangelo J T Spike pb £10.99

BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR 978-07156-5007-3 978-07156-4377-8 978-07156-5129-2 978-07156-4985-5 978-07156-3909-2 978-07156-4145-3 978-07156-4369-3 978-07156-3830-9 978-07156-4326-6 978-07156-4551-2 978-07156-3785-2 978-07156-4162-0 978-07156-3846-0 978-15856-7917-1 978-07156-4139-2 978-07156-4402-7 978-07156-5035-6 978-07156-3415-8 978-07156-5104-9 978-07156-5106-3 978-07156-4915-2 978-07156-5014-1 978-07156-3375-5 978-07156-4632-8 978-07156-3780-7 978-07156-3528-5 978-07156-4146-0 978-07156-4376-1 978-07156-4753-0 978-07156-4325-9 978-07156-3838-5 978-07156-5135-3 978-07156-3295-6 978-07156-4923-7 978-07156-3948-1 978-07156-4368-6 978-07156-5129-2 978-07156-3657-2 978-07156-5074-5 978-07156-4367-9 978-07156-3840-8 978-07156-5110-0 978-07156-5072-1 978-07156-4750-9 978-07156-4957-2 978-07156-3944-3 978-07156-4292-4 978-07156-5043-1 978-07156-5122-3 978-07156-3888-0 978-07156-5137-7 978-07156-4741-7 978-07156-3389-2 978-07156-3839-2 978-07156-4085-2 978-07156-3794-4 978-07156-4982-4 978-07156-4855-1 978-07156-3293-2 978-07156-3609-1 978-07156-4082-1 978-07156-4936-7 978-07156-5119-3 978-07156-4922-0 978-07156-3751-7

Abba Eban A Siniver hb £25.00 Agent Dmitri E Draitser pb £9.99 A Modern Plutarch R L George hb £20.00 Dec-16 Barefoot to Billionaire J Huntsman Snr hb £28.00 Between the Sheets L McDowell hb £16.99 Between the Sheets L MCDowell pb £9.99 Boxer’s Heart, A K Sekules pb £9.99 Buffett: The Biography R Lowenstein pb £10.99 China in Ten Words Y Hua hb £16.99 China in Ten Words Y Hua pb £8.99 Christian Dior: The Biography M F Pochna pb £16.99 Commandant, The R Hoess hb £10.00 Committed D Mathews pb £8.99 Descents of Memory M Krissdóttir hb £25.00 Eat Pray Love In Rome L Spaghetti pb £8.99 Essential Churchill, The hb £8.99 Estate Car Named Desire, An M Gurdon pb £10.99 May-16 Faulkner, William: An Illustrated Life M T Inge hb £12.99 First Nazi, The W Brownell, D Drace-Brownell & A Rovt hb £20.00 Jul-16 Florence Foster Jenkins pb £7.99 Apr-16 From Exile to Washington W M Blumenthal hb £20.00 Habit of Labor, The S Wertheimer hb £19.99 Hans Christian Anderson J Andersen pb £14.99 Henry Darger, Throw-Away Boy J Elledge hb £20.00 Hippie Hippie Shake R Neville pb £8.99 Hitler’s Piano Player P Conradi pb £8.99 Houdini & Conan Doyle C Sandford hb £20.00 Houdini & Conan Doyle C Sandford pb £9.99 How to Disappear Completely K Osgood hb £16.99 Iris: a Memoir J Bayley pb £9.99 James Family, The F O Matthiessen pb £14.99 Jolly Roger Social Club, The N Foster hb £18.99 Jul-16 Kafka, Franz: An Illustrated Life J Adler pb £9.99 Last Escaper, The P Tunstall pb £9.99 Making Toast R Rosenblatt hb £12.99 Marilyn Encyclopedia A Victor pb £20.00 Modern Plutarch, A R L George hb £20.00 Dec-16 Modigliani: A Life J Meyers pb £11.99 My First Hundred Years in Show Business ML Wilson hb £18.99 My Life in France J Child pb £8.99 New York in the 70s A Tannenbaum hb £30.00 Nine Lives of John Ogilby, The A. Ereira hb £20.00 Nov-16 Persian Carpet, The C A Edwards hb £60.00 Poisoner, The S Bates hb £16.99 Poisoner, The S Bates pb £8.99 Putting It On M Codron & A Strachan hb £25.00 Queen, The: A Brief Life of R Lacey hb £9.99 Queen of Spies P Hayes hb £20.00 Queen of Spies P Hayes pb £9.99 Sep-16 Return to the Little Kingdom M Moritz pb £8.99 Senecans, The P Stothard hb 20.00 Oct-16 Sex Versus Survival J Launer hb £20.00 Siegfried Sassoon: Soldier, Poet, Lover, Friend J Moorcroft Wilson hb £25.00 Sixth Sense, A M Oristaglio and A Dorozynski hb £18.99 Stalin’s Romeo Spy E Draitser hb £20.00 Thief at the End of the World, The J Jackson pb £9.99 Ticket to Childhood N N Anh hb £14.99 Tiger Woman B May pb £8.99 Virginia Woolf: An Illustrated Life M Caws pb £10.99 What If Our World Is Their Heaven? G Lee & E Sauter (eds) pb £8.99 Wilde’s Last Stand P Hoare pb £8.99 Wilde’s Women E Fitzsimons hb £20.00 Wilde’s Women E Fitzsimons pb £9.99 Aug-16 Word for Word L Lungina hb £18.99 X-Ray R Davies pb £9.99



CHILDREN’S 978-15856-7929-4 978-07156-4403-4 978-07156-5005-9 978-07156-5006-6 978-07156-4559-8 978-07156-4587-1 978-07156-3984-9

Beastly Feasts R Forbes & R Searle hb £12.99 Beast Friends Forever R Forbes & R Searle hb £12.99 Freddy the Detective WR Brooks pb £9.99 Apr-16 Freddy and the Dragon WR Brooks pb £9.99 Apr-16 Grandfather and the Wolves P O Enquist pb £8.99 Hug, The D Grossman hb £12.99 Let’s Have a Bite R Forbes & R Searle hb £12.99


978-07156-5062-2 978-07156-3841-5 978-07156-4924-4 978-07156-4283-2 978-07156-4297-9 978-07156-4529-1 978-071564-953-4 978-071565-065-3 978-07156-4404-1 978-07156-3792-0 978-07156-4150-7 978-07156-3583-4 978-07156-4581-9 978-07156-5063-9 978-07156-4140-8 978-07156-4382-2 978-07156-5087-5 978-07156-4519-2 978-07156-4916-9 978-07156-3322-9 978-07156-4370-9

Angela Merkel M Qvortrup hb £25.00 Sep-16 Appeal to Reason, An N Lawson pb £7.99 Bright Continent, The D Olopade pb £12.99 Epic Win For Anonymous C Stryker hb £14.99 Fighting Season G Lee hb £16.99 Fighting Season G Lee pb £8.99 Flat White Economy, The D McWilliams hb £16.99 Flat White Economy, The D McWilliams pb £9.99 Hacking the Future C Stryker hb £14.99 In Defence of America B Maddox pb £8.99 Inside Central Asia D Hiro pb £14.99 London Bombings, The N M Ahmed pb £9.99 Mayday S Cropsey hb £20.00 Order, Order! B Wright hb £16.99 Jun-16 Our Future Earth C Stager hb £18.99 Our Future Earth C Stager pb £10.99 Restless Continent M Wesley hb £17.99 Jun-16 War Within, The Y Elizur & L Malkin hb £20.00 Washington Journal E Drew hb £20.00 Who Killed Daniel Pearl? B-H Lévy pb £12.99 Why Leaders Lie J Mearsheimer pb £8.99


978-07156-4291-7 978-07156-4528-4 978-07156-4728-8 978-07156-4301-3 978-07156-4526-0 978-07156-5133-9 978-07156-4732-5 978-07156-4991-6 978-07156-4530-7 978-07156-4997-8 978-07156-5069-1

Demon Fish J Eilperin hb £18.99 Drinking Water J Salzman hb £18.99 Drinking Water J Salzman pb £9.99 How the Dog Became the Dog M Derr hb £18.99 How the Dog Became the Dog M Derr pb £8.99 Matter of Breeding, A M Brandow hb £12.99 Aug-16 Mythical Zoo, The B Sax hb £18.99 Of Orcas and Men D Niewert hb £19.99 Shark J Eilperin pb £9.99 Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? A Lawler hb £16.99 How the Chicken Crossed the World A Lawler pb £9.99 Jun-16


978-07156-3910-8 978-07156-4401-0 978-07156-4726-4 978-07156-4727-1 978-07156-3769-2 978-07156-4515-4 978-07156-6047-9 978-07156-5112-4 978-07156-4543-7 978-07156-4746-2 978-15856-7908-9 978-07156-3711-1 978-07156-4504-8 978-07156-4521-5 978-07156-5115-5 989-07156-5003-5 978-07156-4742-4 978-07156-4937-4 978-07156-5099-8 978-07156-4989-3 978-07156-5066-0 978-07156-4920-6 978-07156-4912-1

2017 O Slavnikova hb £16.99 2017 O Slavnikova pb £9.99 Act of Fear M Collins pb £8.99 Alvarez Journal, The R Burns pb £8.99 Angelica A Phillips pb £8.99 Any Day Now T Bisson pb £8.99 Arcadian Nights J Spurling hb £18.99 Arcadian Nights J Spurling pb £8.99 Aug-16 Beautiful Fools R C Spargo hb £16.99 Beautiful Fools R C Spargo pb £8.99 Belle de Jour J Kessel pb £8.99 Beta Male I Hollingshead pb £7.99 Better Angels, The C McCarry pb £7.99 Black Fridays M Sears tpb £12.99 Black Fridays M Sears pb £7.99 Jul-16 Black Knight in Red Square pb £8.99 Black Venus J MacManus hb £16.99 Black Venus J. MacManus pb £8.99 Blood in the Tiber A Freisenbruch hb £18.99 Oct-16 Boy Who KIlled Demons, The D Zeltserman pb £11.99 Boy Who Killed Demons, The D Zeltserman pb £8.99 Apr-16 Brother of Sleep R Schneider pb £8.99 Carolina Skeletons D Stout pb £8.99


Stocklist 978-07156-3765-4 978-07156-4507-9 978-07156-5020-2 978-07156-4293-1 978-07156-4633-5 978-07156-5117-9 978-07156-4911-4 978-07156-4300-6 978-07156-4954-1 978-07156-5068-4 978-07156-4634-2 978-07156-4163-7 978-07156-4374-7 978-07156-4962-6 978-07156-4963-3 978-07156-4296-2 978-07156-4549-9 978-07156-3613-8 978-07156-4087-6 978-07156-5052-3 978-07156-5039-4 978-07156-4586-4 978-07156-4739-4 978-07156-3399-1 978-07156-4767-7 978-07156-4945-6 978-07156-50592 978-07156-4364-8 978-07156-4627-4 978-07156-4574-1 978-07156-4993-0 978-07156-50714 978-07156-4157-6 978-07156-3400-4 978-07156-3648-0 978-07156-3835-4 978-07156-5045-5 978-07156-3897-2 978-07156-4098-2 978-07156-4399-0 978-07156-3762-3 978-07156-3299-4 978-07156-3760-9 978-07156-4751-6 978-07156-4584-0 978-07156-4988-6 978-07156-5070-7 978-07156-3894-1 978-07156-3133-1 978-07156-4737-0 978-07156-4289-4 978-07156-3335-9 978-07156-3539-1 978-07156-4567-3 978-07156-4371-6 978-07156-3891-0 978-07156-4159-0 978-07156-4097-5 978-07156-5033-2 978-07156-4736-3 978-07156-4990-9 978-07156-5067-7 978-07156-4745-5 978-07156-4509-3 978-07156-3805-7 978-07156-3983-2 978-07156-4576-5 978-07156-4723-3 978-07156-3379-3 978-07156-4569-7

Christopher’s Ghosts C McCarry pb £8.99 Christopher’s Ghosts C McCarry pb £7.99 City When it Rains, The T Cook pb £8.99 Closure, Limited M Brooks pb £5.99 Cold Red Sunrise, A S M Kaminsky pb £8.99 Comeback, The B I Taylor pb £7.99 Oct-16 Confidentially Yours C Williams pb £8.99 Curable Romantic, A J Skibell hb £16.99 Damned, The T Richardson hb £16.99 Damned, The T Richardson pb £8.99 May-16 Dancing Aztecs D E Westlake pb £8.99 Daniel Stein, Interpreter L Ulitskaya hb £16.99 Daniel Stein, Interpreter L Ulitskaya pb £9.99 Dead Calm C Williams pb £8.99 Death Sentence B Garfield pb £8.99 Dead Men R Pierce pb £8.99 Death Wish B Garfield pb £8.99 Debriefing, The R Littell hb £14.99 Deliverance From Evil F Hill pb £8.99 Devil in the Valley, The C Freeman hb £12.99 Discount C. Gray pb £11.99 Dove’s Necklace, The R. Alem hb £18.99 Jun-16 Dry Bones P Quinn hb £16.99 Egyptologist, The A Phillips pb £12.99 Facades, The E Lundgren hb £14.99 Facades, The E Lundgren pb £8.99 Fallen, The T Richardson pb £12.99 May-16 Fatal Debt, A J Gapper hb £16.99 Fatal Debt, A J Gapper pb £7.99 Forever Marriage, The A Bauer pb £7.99 Foretold by Thunder E.M. Davey pb £7.99 Forgiveness 4 You A Bauer pb £8.99 Jun-16 Garden of Reading, The M Slung (ed) pb £8.99 Girl From the Golden Horn, The K Said hb £12.99 Glastonbury Romance, A J C Powys pb £20.00 Go With Me C Freeman pb £8.99 Go With Me C Freeman pb £7.99 Aug-16 Gone Tomorrow P F Kluge pb £8.99 Gringos C Portis pb £8.99 Harlem Hellfighters M Brooks pb £12.99 Harm B Aldiss pb £7.99 Hash T Lindgren pb £8.99 Hour of the Cat P Quinn pb £7.99 I, Hogarth M Dean pb £8.99 Ice-Cold Heaven, The M Bonne hb £14.99 invisible Streets T Ball hb £16.99 Invisible Streets T Ball pb £8.99 Kapitoil T Wayne pb £8.99 Lantern Bearers, The R Frame pb £7.99 Last Supper, The C McCarry pb £7.99 Late Great Creature, The B Brower pb £8.99 Layer Cake J J Connolly pb £7.99 Legends R Littell pb £7.99 Love Song of Jonny Valentine, The T Wayne hb £14.99 Mabinogion Tetralogy pb £14.99 Maiden Castle J C Powys pb £16.99 Man Who Never Returned, The P Quinn pb £8.99 Masters of Atlantis C Portis pb £8.99 Midnight in Berlin J MacManus hb £16.99 Miernik Dossier, The C McCarry pb £7.99 Missing Reels F S Nehme hb £16.99 Missing Reels F S Nehme pb £8.99 Apr-16 Moments Captured R J Seidman pb £8.99 Monster D Zeltserman pb £7.99 Moon Pool, The A Merritt pb £7.99 Morning Star, The A Schwarz-Bart hb £14.99 Morning Star, The A Schwarz-Bart pb £7.99 Mortal Bonds M Sears pb £12.99 Mount Analogue R Daumal pb £9.99 Murder on the Lusitania C Allen pb £7.99


Stocklist 978-07156-4570-3 978-07156-4571-0 978-07156-5108-7 978-07156-4734-9 978-07156-4959-6 978-07156-3881-1 978-07156-3275-8 978-07156-4501-7 978-07156-3907-8 978-07156-4168-2 978-07156-4099-9 978-07156-4303-7 978-15856-7388-9 978-07156-4499-7 978-07156-3970-2 978-07156-5097-4 978-07156-3554-4 978-07156-4148-4 978-07156-3272-7 978-07156-3732-6 978-07156-3747-0 978-07156-4305-1 978-07156-3899-6 978-07156-4158-3 978-07156-4505-5 978-07156-3755-5 978-07156-4502-4 978-07156-4626-7 978-07156-5096-7 978-07156-4769-1 978-07156-4506-2 978-07156-3381-6 978-07156-4935-0 978-07156-5061-5 978-07156-3873-6 978-07156-3634-3 978-07156-3903-0 978-07156-4073-9 978-07156-4171-2 978-07156-4503-1 978-07156-4731-8 978-07156-4956-5 978-07156-4982-4 978-07156-3901-6 978-07156-4137-8 978-07156-4366-2 978-07156-3557-5 978-07156-3656-5 978-07156-3749-4 978-07156-3612-1 978-07156-4138-5 978-07156-4365-5 978-07156-3776-0 978-07156-4987-9 978-07156-5064-6 978-07156-3894-1 978-07156-5050-9 978-07156-5113-1 978-07156-4165-1 978-07156-4517-8 978-07156-3649-7 978-07156-3703-6 978-07156-4309-9 978-15856-7819-8 978-07156-4287-0 978-07156-4542-0 978-07156-4328-0 978-07156-4743-1 978-07156-3318-2 978-07156-4520-8

Murder on the Mauretania C Allen pb £7.99 Murder on the Minnesota C Allen pb £7.99 Napoleon Complex E M Davey pb £8.99 Aug-16 Nasty Piece of Work, A R Littell hb £14.99 Nasty Piece of Work, A R Littell pb £8.99 Night Following, The M Joss pb £8.99 Night of Serious Drinking, A R Daumal pb £9.99 Night of Triumph P Bradshaw hb £12.99 Noir R Coover hb £12.99 Noir R Coover pb £8.99 Norwood C Portis pb £8.99 Old Boys C McCarry pb £7.99 Once and Future Spy, The R Littell hb £16.99 Once, in Golders Green R Kriwaczek hb £12.99 On the Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer R Kriwaczek hb £16.99 Ornatrix, The K Howard pb £8.99 July-16 Owen Glendower J C Powys pb £14.99 Paris Correspondent, The A Cowell pb £8.99 Past Continuous Y Shabtai pb £9.99 Porius J C Powys hb £18.95 Prague A Phillips pb £8.99 Recorded Attacks M Brooks pb £10.99 Repeat After Me R Dewoskin pb £8.99 Rumi: The Fire of Love N Tajadod pb £8.99 Second Sight C McCarry pb £7.99 Secret Books of Paradys, The T Lee pb £16.99 Secret Lovers, The C McCarry pb £7.99 Seersucker Whipsaw, The R Thomas pb £8.99 Septimania J Levi hb £18.99 Aug-16 Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York G Parent pb £9.99 Shelley’s Heart C McCarry pb £7.99 Sisters, The R Littell hb £14.99 Sleep in Peace Tonight J MacManus hb £16.99 Sleep in Peace Tonight J MacManus pb £8.99 Song is You, The A Phillips pb £8.99 Speed / Kentucky Ham W Burroughs Jnr pb £9.99 Stalin Epigram, The R Littell hb £16.99 Stalin Epigram, The R Littell pb £8.99 Sunday Books, The M Peake & M Moorcock hb £18.99 Tears of Autumn, The C McCarry pb £7.99 Ten Thousand Things, The J Spurling hb £16.99 Ten Thousand Things, The J Spurling pb £9.99 Ticket to Childhood A Nguyen Nhat pb £7.99 Tin-Kin, The E Thom pb £8.99 Tragedy of Arthur, The A Phillips hb £16.99 Tragedy of Arthur, The A Phillips pb £8.99 Twenty Something I Hollingshead pb £9.99 Twenty Something I Hollingshead pb £7.99 Vicious Circle R Littell pb £7.99 Visting Professor, The R Littell hb £14.99 Viva La Madness JJ Connolly pb £12.99 Viva La Madness JJ Connolly pb £7.99 Voyage of the Short Serpent, The B du Boucheron pb £7.99 Waiting for the Electricity C Nichol hb £16.99 Waiting for the Electricity C Nichol pb £8.99 War on the Margins L Cone pb £8.99 What I Tell You in the Dark J Samuel pb £10.99 What I Tell You in the Dark J Samuel pb £8.99 Nov-16 What You See In The Dark M Munoz hb £14.99 What You See In The Dark M Munoz pb £7.99 Winged Pharaoh J Grant pb £9.99 World War Z M Brooks pb £9.99 World War Z (Film Tie-In) M Brooks pb £7.99 Worlds Apart A Levitsky hb £25.00 Yellow Emperor’s Cure, The K Basu hb £16.99 Yellow Emperor’s Cure, The K Basu pb £8.99 Young Philby R Littell hb £16.99 Young Philby R Littell pb £7.99 Zombie Survival Guide, The M Brooks pb £8.99 Zombie Survival Guide, The (New Edition) M Brooks pb £7.99



FOOD & DRINK 978-07156-5131-5 978-07156-3836-1 978-07156-4367-9 978-07156-3988-7


978-07156-3837-8 978-07156-3968-9 978-07156-4510-9 978-07156-4725-7 978-07156-4081-4 978-07156-4307-5 978-07156-4577-2 978-07156-4295-5 978-07156-4582-6 978-07156-4424-9 978-07156-3779-1 978-07156-4583-3 978-07156-5049-3 978-07156-5077-6 978-07156-3770-8 978-07156-3852-1 978-07156-4161-3 978-07156-4080-7 978-07156-4170-5 978-07156-4146-0 978-07156-4376-1 978-07156-4992-3 978-07156-3329-8 978-07156-4150-7 978-07156-4573-4 978-07156-5038-7 978-07156-3583-4 978-07156-3152-2 978-07156-4141-5 978-07156-3946-7 978-07156-4149-1 978-07156-3864-4 978-07156-4306-8 978-07156-5073-8 978-07156-3977-1 978-07156-3693-0 978-07156-4372-3 978-07156-4533-8 978-07156-3962-7 978-07156-3525-4 978-07156-3874-3 978-07156-4378-5 978-07156-4304-4 978-07156-3605-3 978-07156-3878-1 978-07156-3975-7 978-07156-5051-6 978-07156-5120-9 978-07156-3794-4 978-07156-4312-9 978-07156-3985-6 978-07156-4082-1 978-07156-3890-3

Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks pb £9.99 Nov-16 Ma Gastronomie F Point hb £25.00 My Life in France J Child pb £8.99 Why Italians Love To Talk About Food E Kostioukovitch pb £14.99 Ballad of Blind Tom, The D O’Connell hb £14.99 Baltic, The A Palmer pb £14.99 Before Galileo J Freely hb £18.99 Before Galileo J Freely pb £9.99 City of Ravens B Sax hb £12.99 Churchill’s Cold War P White hb £20.00 Churchill’s Cold War P White pb £12.99 Columbus & the Quest for Jerusalem C Delaney hb £20.00 Columbus & the Quest for Jerusalem C Delaney pb £9.99 Creation of the American Soul, The J M Barry hb £25.00 Dardanelles Disaster, The D Van Der Vat pb £10.99 Finding Arthur A Ardrey hb £20.00 Finding Arthur A Ardrey pb £12.99 Free State of Jones The V Bynum pb £9.99 Gospel and the Zodiac, The B Darlison pb £9.99 Greek Fire, Poison Arrows and Scorpion Bombs A Mayor pb £9.99 Greek War of Independence D Brewer pb £14.99 Haiti E Abbott hb £20.00 History of Marriage E Abbott hb £20.00 Houdini & Conan Doyle C Sandford hb £20.00 Houdini & Conan Doyle C Sandford pb £9.99 Idea of Europe, The G. Steiner hb £9.99 Inside Anne Frank’s House H Westra hb £30.00 Inside Central Asia D Hiro pb £14.99 Last Full Measure, The M Stephenson pb £20.00 Last Full Measure, The M Stephenson pb £12.99 Apr-16 London Bombings, The N M Ahmed pb £9.99 Manly and Muscular Diversions T Money pb £14.99 Marathon R Billows pb £10.99 Mistresses A Abbott hb £20.00 Mistresses A Abbott pb £10.99 Model Wife, The S F Cooper hb £25.00 North Africa B Rogerson pb £12.99 Perfect Murder B Taylor & S Knight pb £9.99 Apr-16 Piano Player in the Brothel, The J L Cebrián hb £14.99 Picking up the Reins N Moss hb £18.00 Prairie Fever P Pagnamenta hb £20.00 Prairie Fever P Pagnamenta pb £9.99 Revolution in Mind G Makari pb £12.00 Rising Up and Rising Down W T Vollmann pb £14.99 Scapegoat C Campbell hb £14.99 Scapegoat C Campbell pb £8.99 Sibyls J Guillermo hb £18.99 Sons of the Conquerors H Pope pb £9.99 Sugar E Abbott hb £20.00 Sugar E Abbott pb £10.99\ There Must Be Evil B Taylor tpb £11.99 There Must Be Evil B Taylor pb £9.99 Nov-16 Thief at the End of the World, The J Jackson pb £9.99 Turkey Unveiled N & H Pope pb £14.99 Uttermost Part of the Earth E Lucas Bridges hb £25.00 Wilde’s Last Stand P Hoare pb £8.99 Words That Ring Through Time T Golway hb £16.99


978-07156-4136-1 978-07156-5010-3 978-07156-3814-9 978-07156-3906-1 978-07156-3980-1 978-07156-3694-7 978-07156-4606-9 978-07156-4921-3

Atheist’s Bible, The J Konner (ed) hb £10.99 Book of English Folk Tales, The S Marshall hb £20.00 May-2016 Britain at Play W Heath Robinson hb £21.99 Britain at Play W Heath Robinson pb £14.99 British, The (Pont) G Laidler hb £20.00 Contraptions W Heath Robinson hb £25.00 Encyclopedia Paranoiaca H Beard & C Cerf hb £15.00 Encyclopedia Paranoiaca H Beard & C Cerf pb £9.99


Stocklist 978-07156-4984-8 978-07156-4152-1 978-07156-4848-3 978-07156-5116-2 978-07156-4151-4 978-07156-4913-8 978-07156-4958-9 978-07156-3443-1 978-07156-3595-7 978-07156-3533-9

Freud Verbatim hb £14.99 Great Sayings hb £15.00 Rest in Pieces B Lovejoy hb £15.00 Rest in Pieces B Lovejoy pb £9.99 Oct-16 Rules For Ageing R Rosenblatt hb £9.99 Still Reigning @Queen_Uk hb £12.99 Still Reigning @Queen_Uk pb £7.99 Week-End Book, The (ed F Meynell) hb £10.99 Week-End Book: A Sociable Anthology, The hb £10.99 Week-End Problems Book, The H Phillips hb £10.99

JEWISH INTEREST 978-07156-4162-0 978-07156-4300-6 978-07156-4163-7 978-07156-3817-0 978-07156-3329-8 978-07156-4166-8 978-07156-3983-2 978-07156-3972-6

Commandant, The R Hoess hb £10.00 Curable Romantic, A J Skibell hb £16.99 Daniel Stein, Interpreter L Ulitskaya hb £16.99 In the Footsteps of Abraham R Hardiman & H Speelman hb £45.00 Inside Anne Frank’s House H Westra hb £30.00 Modern Guide to Judaism, The S Boteach pb £7.99 Morning Star, The A Schwarz-Bart hb £14.99 War on the Margins L Cone pb £8.99


978-07156-2705-1 978-07156-3471-4 978-07156-3472-1 978-07156-3519-3 978-07156-3585-8 978-07156-4724-0 978-07156-4154-5 978-07156-3520-9 978-07156-3459-2 978-07156-4363-1 978-07156-3622-0 978-07156-3811-8 978-07156-3812-5 978-07156-3473-8 978-07156-3741-8 978-07156-3799-9 978-07156-4069-2 978-07156-3469-1 978-07156-3809-5 978-07156-3887-3 978-07156-3885-9 978-07156-3470-7 978-07156-3886-6 978-07156-3884-2 978-07156-3151-5 978-07156-3316-8 978-07156-5127-8 978-07156-3661-9 978-07156-3659-6 978-07156-4171-2 978-07156-3521-6 978-15856-7743-6 978-07156-3348-9 978-15856-7819-8

Best of Dorothy Parker, The D Parker pb £10.99 Bleak House (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Christmas Books (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 David Copperfield (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Edith Sitwell: Collected Poems E Sitwell pb £16.99 Escape Velocity C Portis pb £9.99 Genius of Dickens M Slater hb £9.99 Great Expectations/Hard Times (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Inside Bleak House J Sutherland pb £6.99 Legends of the Samurai H Sato pb £14.99 Literary Russia: A Guide R Bartlett & A Benn hb £20.00 Little Dorrit (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Martin Chuzzlewit (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Nicholas Nickleby (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Collected Plays of Edward Albee 1958-1965 E Albee pb £16.99 Collected Plays of Edward Albee 1966-1977 E Albee pb £16.99 Collected Plays of Edward Albee 1978-2008 E Albee pb £16.99 Nonesuch Dickens 6-volume Box Set (series 1) hb £150.00 Nonesuch Dickens 3-volume Box Set (series 2) hb £80.00 Nonesuch Dickens 3-volume Box Set (series 3) hb £80.00 Old Curiosity Shop, The (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Oliver Twist (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Our Mutual Friend (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Pickwick Papers, The (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £30.00 Poetic Gems W McGonagall pb £7.99 Power of Delight J Bayley pb £16.99 Powers of Darkness V Asmundsson & B Stoker hb £20.00 Oct-16 Shakespeare’s Sonnets by D West hb £25.00 Stephen King: Monsters Live in Ordinary People H Strengell pb £12.99 Sunday Books, The M Peake & M Moorcock hb £18.99 Tale of Two Cities, A (Nonesuch edition) C Dickens hb £20.00 Today I Wrote Nothing D Kharms pb £11.99 Uncollected Dorothy Parker (ed S Y Silverstein) pb £9.99 Worlds Apart A Levitsky hb £25.00

MIND, BODY & SPIRIT 978-07156-3770-8 978-07156-4572-7 978-07156-3971-9 978-07156-3651-0 978-07156-4591-8 978-07156-4941-1 978-07156-3649-7

Gospel and the Zodiac, The Reverend B Darlison pb £9.99 History of the Occult Tarot, A R Decker & M Dummett pb £16.99 Secret Universe of Names, The R Feinson pb £16.99 Speaking From the Heart J Grant hb £15.99 Whisperers J H Brennan hb £20.00 Whisperers J H Brennan pb £10.99 Winged Pharaoh J Grant pb £9.99


978-07156-4067-8 978-07156-4310-4 978-07156-4933-6

And the Show Went On A Riding hb £20.00 And the Show Went On A Riding pb £10.99 Annapurna S White pb £9.99


Stocklist 978-07156-4768-4 978-07156-4327-3 978-07156-4531-4 978-07156-3719-7 978-07156-3816-3 978-07156-4856-8 978-07156-4172-9 978-07156-5093-6 978-07156-5015-8 978-07156-3880-4 978-07156-5009-7 978-07156-4754-7 978-07156-4740-0 978-07156-6018-9 978-07156-3604-6 978-07156-3976-4 978-07156-4368-6 978-07156-4748-6 978-07156-4882-7 978-07156-6019-6 978-07156-3944-3 978-07156-4744-8 978-07156-3662-6 978-07156-5060-8 978-07156-4298-6 978-07156-4585-7 978-07156-2989-5 978-07156-4961-9 978-07156-4882-7 978-07156-3226-0 978-07156-4934-3 978-07156-4532-1 978-07156-5057-8 978-07156-5017-2

Art of Noir, The E Muller pb £19.99 Apocalypse on the Set B Taylor pb £16.99 Delicate Balance, A E Albee pb £9.99 Devil’s Guide to Hollywood, The J Eszterhas pb £8.99 Elvis Encyclopedia, The A Victor hb £40.00 Elvis Has Left the Building D Jones hb £16.99 Elvis in Vegas P Lichter hb £20.00 Exhibit ‘A’ N LaBute pb £9.99 Jul-16 Fetch Clay, Make Man W Power pb £9.99 Jul-16 Film Noir: Encyclopedia, The eds. A Silver, E Ward, J Ursini, R Porfirio hb £25.00 Guardsman, The F Molnár pb £9.99 Jul-16 Hedwig and the Angry Inch J C Mitchell pb £9.99 Iliad, An L Peterson & D O’Hare pb £9.99 I’m Gonna Pray For You So Hard H Feiffer pb £9.99 Incomplete History of the Art of Funerary Violin, An R Kriwaczek hb £14.99 Mahler’s Concerts K Martner hb £30.00 Marilyn Encyclopedia A Victor pb £20.00 Nikolai and the Others R Nelson pb £9.99 Other Place, The S White pb £9.99 Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney, A L Hnath pb £9.99 Putting It On M Codron & A Strachan hb £25.00 Really Really P D Colaizzo pb £9.99 Samurai Film, The A Silver pb £20.00 Sick in the Head J Apatow hb £17.99 Shock Value J Zinoman hb £18.99 Shock Value J Zinoman pb £12.99 Singers of the Century Vol 3 J Steane hb £30.00 Small Engine Repair J Pollono pb £9.99 Snow Geese, The S White pb £9.99 Theatregoer’s Guide to Shakespeare R T Fallon pb £18.00 Things We Said Today N LaBute pb £10.99 Three Plays by Edward Albee E Albee pb £9.99 Way We Get By, The N LaBute pb £9.99 Yoo-Hoo and Hank Williams G S Moss pb £9.99


978-07156-4136-1 978-07156-3531-5 978-07156-3770-8 978-07156-4166-8 978-15856-7818-1

Atheist’s Bible, The J Konner (ed) hb £10.99 Belief J Bakewell pb £10.99 Gospel and the Zodiac, The Reverend B Darlison pb £9.99 Modern Guide to Judaism, The S Boteach pb £7.99 Wooden Horse, The K Zeruneith hb £30.00

POPULAR SCIENCE 978-07156-3818-7 978-07156-4381-5 978-07156-3841-5 978-07156-3658-9 978-07156-4290-0 978-07156-4518-5 978-07156-4143-9 978-07156-4513-0 978-07156-5955-8 978-07156-5121-6 978-07156-3942-6 978-07156-3727-2 978-07156-3704-3 978-07156-4072-2 978-07156-5114-8 978-07156-4360-0 978-07156-4407-2 978-07156-4537-6 978-07156-4733-2 978-07156-3423-3 978-07156-3777-7 978-07156-4568-0 978-07156-4071-5 978-07156-4140-8 978-07156-4382-2 978-07156-3911-5 978-07156-4525-3

Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics, The J Kakalios pb £12.00 Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics, The J Kakalios pb £9.99 Appeal to Reason, An N Lawson pb £7.99 Before the Dawn N Wade pb £12.99 Build Your Own Time Machine B Clegg hb £14.99 Build Your Own Time Machine B Clegg pb £8.99 Calculus Diaries, The J Ouellette hb £12.99 Calculus Diaries, The J Ouellette pb £8.99 Cosmosapiens J Hands hb £30.00 Cosmosapiens J Hands pb £16.99 Aug-16 Denialism M Specter pb £12.00 Divided Mind, The J E Sarno hb £14.99 Edge of Physics, The A Ananthaswamy hb £16.99 Edge of Physics, The A Ananthaswamy pb £9.99 Gender Medecine Glezerman, Prof. M hb £20.00 Sep-16 Gravity B Clegg hb £14.99 Gravity B Clegg pb £9.99 How to Create a Mind R Kurzweil hb £20.00 How to Create a Mind R Kurzweil pb £12.99 Intelligent Person’s Guide to Genetics A Woolfson pb £8.99 Love + Sex with Robots David Levy pb £8.99 Mezzofanti’s Gift M Erard pb £12.99 Number Freak D Niederman pb £ 9.99 Our Future Earth C Stager hb £18.99 Our Future Earth C Stager pb £10.99 Physics of Superheroes, The J Kakalios pb £8.99 Piece of the Sun, A D Clery hb £25.00


Stocklist 978-07156-4294-8 978-07156-4588-8 978-07156-3979-5 978-07156-3962-7 978-07156-3561-2 978-07156-4914-5 978-07156-5103-2 978-07156-4548-2 978-07156-4747-9

Puzzler’s Dilemma, The D Niederman hb £14.99 Puzzler’s Dilemma, The D Niederman pb £8.99 Quantum Enigma B Rosenblum & F Kuttner pb £10.99 Revolution in Mind G Makari pb £12.00 Singularity is Near, The R Kurzweil pb £16.99 Standard Deviations G Smith pb £12.99 Standard Deviations G Smith pb £9.99 Sep-16 Very Short Tour of the Mind M Corballis hb £12.99 Very Short Tour of the Mind M Corballis pb £7.99


978-07156-4402-7 978-07156-4152-1 978-07156-2620-7 978-07156-2491-3 978-07156-2744-0 978-07156-2639-9 978-07156-2424-1 978-07156-2368-8 978-07156-2352-7 978-07156-2742-6 978-07156-2637-5 978-07156-2461-6 978-07156-2364-0 978-07156-2638-2 978-07156-2743-3 978-07156-2351-0 978-07156-2421-0 978-07156-2365-7 978-07156-2475-3 978-07156-2838-6 978-07156-2621-4 978-07156-2667-2 978-07156-2648-1 978-07156-2458-6 978-07156-2680-1 978-07156-2391-6 978-07156-2448-7 978-07156-2374-9 978-07156-2699-3 978-07156-2619-1 978-07156-2457-9 978-07156-2767-9 978-07156-2389-3

SOCIAL SCIENCE 978-07156-3803-3 978-07156-4501-7 978-07156-4735-6 978-07156-4308-2 978-07156-4522-2


978-07156-4369-3 978-07156-4527-7


978-07156-5125-4 978-07156-4142-2 978-07156-4068-5 978-07156-4139-2 978-07156-4306-8 978-07156-3702-9 978-07156-3767-8 978-07156-3985-6

Essential Churchill, The hb £8.99 Great Sayings hb £15.00 Sayings of Benjamin Franklin ed E Wright pb £6.99 Sayings of Bernard Shaw ed J Spence pb £6.99 Sayings of Charlotte Brontë ed T Winnifrith pb £6.99 Sayings of D.H. Lawrence ed S Martin pb £6.99 Sayings of Disraeli ed R Blake pb £6.99 Sayings of Dorothy Parker ed S T Brownlow pb £6.99 Sayings of Dr Johnson ed B O’Casey pb £6.99 Sayings of Evelyn Waugh ed D Gallagher pb £6.99 Sayings of James Joyce ed S Sheehan pb £6.99 Sayings of Jane Austen ed M Mckernan pb £6.99 Sayings of Jesus ed R Linzey pb £6.99 Sayings of John Keats ed J Peerless pb £6.99 Sayings of Lewis Carroll ed R Pearce pb £6.99 Sayings of Lord Byron ed S Martin pb £6.99 Sayings of Mark Twain ed J Munson pb £6.99 Sayings of Muhammad ed Robinson pb £6.99 Sayings of Nietzsche ed Martin pb £6.99 Sayings of Robert Burns ed R Pearce pb £6.99 Sayings of Rudyard Kipling ed A Rutherford pb £6.99 Sayings of Samuel Pepys ed R Ollard pb £6.99 Sayings of Scott Fitzgerald ed R Pearce pb £6.99 Sayings of Shakespeare ed A L Rowse pb £6.99 Sayings of Sir Walter Scott ed E Anderson pb £6.99 Sayings of Sydney Smith ed A Bell pb £6.99 Sayings of the Bible ed M Grant pb £6.99 Sayings of the Buddha ed G Parrinder pb £6.99 Sayings of Thomas Hardy ed R Pearce pb £6.99 Sayings of Virginia Woolf ed Luce Bonnerot pb £6.99 Sayings of W.B. Yeats ed J Spence pb £6.99 Sayings of William Wordsworth ed R Pearce pb £6.99 Sayings of Winston Churchill ed J Sutcliffe pb £6.99 Ceremonial Violence J Fast pb £8.99 Going Solo E Klinenberg hb £20.00 Going Solo E Klinenberg pb £8.99 People Will Talk J Whitfield hb £18.99 People Will Talk J Whitfield pb £8.99 Boxer’s Heart, A K Sekules pb £9.99 Secret Lives of Sports Fans, The E Simons hb £16.99 Bonjour Effect, The J Barlow & N Jean-Benoit hb £16.99 Jul-16 Cleopatra’s Wedding Present R Tewdwr Moss pb £8.99 Darwin Slept Here E Simons pb £8.99 Eat Pray Love In Rome L Spaghetti pb £8.99 North Africa B Rogerson pb £12.99 Traversa F Sandham hb £16.99 Traversa F Sandham pb £8.99 Uttermost Part of the Earth, The E Lucas Bridges hb £25.00


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Duckworth Autumn Catalogue 2016  
Duckworth Autumn Catalogue 2016