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The Shoreline The Community Newsletter of Shore Regional High School


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An Important Message from the Superintendent The Time to Act is NOW.

In our day and age, there is no better measurement of a communityʼs quality than the health of its school system. For nearly half a century, Shore Regional High School has striven to provide the best education for all its students. This mission to educate students began shortly after the high school was constructed in 1961. Whereas our teachers, staff and administrators have continued to successfully bear the responsibility of educating our young people, the structural integrity of our schoolhouse has not remained nearly as capable.

PICTURE: The rusted-out bottom of the “F-Wing” additionʼs boiler.

With a heating and ventilation system that is original to the school, it is no surprise that last winter our children received their first exposure to the harsh reality of a deteriorating building. Taking a look at the images next to this column offers a scant glimpse of an incredibly dilapidated system. Seeing the rusted boilers, corroded pipes and shredded insulation in person makes even more of an impact. This is why I invite you to tour Shore Regional High School and see for yourself just how vital it is to ensure the safety and health of our children.

Every so often, the diverse members of a community must band together to guarantee their mutual success and survival. For the sake of our children, the values of our homes and the promise of a better future, I urge you to travel to your local polling station on Tuesday, September 30th between 3pm-9pm and take a step toward creating a better learning environment that we can all be proud of.

PICTURE: Blown-out and rusted metal paneling of the main boiler (left). PICTURE: Shredded and torn insulation around piping (right).

PICTURE: Corroded joints and rivets “holding” the heating system together.



The Shoreline

September 2008


Volume One


Special Edition

The Shoreline is published by the Shore Regional High School Office of Public Information. Leonard G. Schnappauf, Superintendent/Principal Dennis W. Kotch, Business Administrator

Andrew W. Ker, Director of Public Information

Leonard G. Schnappauf Superintendent and Principal

The Shore Regional High School District Board of Education 2008-2009

Ronald OʼNeill, President (West Long Branch) Anthony F. Moro, Jr., VP (Monmouth Beach) David Baker (Monmouth Beach) Joan Brearley (Sea Bright) Diane Merla (West Long Branch) Russell T. Olivadotti (West Long Branch) Frank J. Pingitore (Oceanport) Paul Rolleri (Oceanport) Tadeusz “Ted” Szczurek (Oceanport)

Author, Editor, Producer, The Shoreline

The Shore Regional High School District Educational Foundation Board Members Thomas Duffy Joseph Lagrotteria Mary Lynn Mango Valerie Manzo Edward Miller Patricia Pfleger Pauline Poyner James Ronan Donna Ruane Leonard Schnappauf


What it means for you, your community and our children. by Dennis Kotch, Business Administrator

Whether youʼre taking a tour of the boiler rooms, sitting in a sweltering classroom in early June or shivering in the hallways in mid-February there can be no doubt that the time has come to address the failing, inefficient heating system at Shore Regional. On Tuesday, September 30, 2008, we will be reaching out to you, the taxpayers with an energy/efficiency referendum to address three areas of great need: the heating and ventilating system, the lighting system and the electrical panel, all of which are original to the school. The current 47-year-old heating system has exceeded its life expectancy by more than two decades. After a year-long, exhaustive investigation of options for refurbishing the systems, it became apparent that a complete replacement of them was the only reasonable conclusion. Many of the makes, models and parts for the schoolʼs systems no longer exist. Thus, for the safety of our students and the well-being of the schoolhouse we seek to proceed with a fourpipe, ice storage, heating, ventilating and air conditioning system.

This type of system is extremely efficient, qualifies for a Smart Start Rebate ( The estimated cost of this project is $14,000,000. We will be applying to the State for aide for this project which will consist of a 40% contribution towards the debt service. The remaining 60% or $8,400,000 will be bonded over 30 years. The impact on the average assessed home in Monmouth Beach will be approximately $5.10 per month, in Oceanport approximately $4.70 per month, in Sea Bright approximately $5.50 per month and in West Long Branch approximately $5.60 per month. On Tuesday, September 30, please be sure to vote and make a crucial contribution to Shore Regional that will significantly enhance the learning environment for years to come.


✔All financial figures tabulated by ACACIA Financial Group and are available for public viewing.

✔If passed on September 30, monthly tax impacts would not begin until Summer, 2009.

✔As fixed costs, tax impacts are susceptible to going down upon bond refinancing.

✔If passed on September 30, construction can begin in April of 2009.



Throughout the days and weeks leading up to the September 30th vote, Mr. Kotch will be conducting tours of the facilities at Shore. See for yourself how much good one vote can do for our children by taking the opportunity to visit. For more information, please call (732) 222-9300 (ext. 208) or send an email to

Upcoming Tour Dates and Times

Monday, September 22, 6:00 pm Wednesday, September 24, 6:00 pm Saturday, September 27, 8:00 am

POSTAL PATRON Monmouth Park Highway 36 West Long Branch, NJ 07764

Shore Regional High School



the future of our Children is at Stake ➢ VITAL restorations are urgently needed. ➢ The HEALTH and comfort of our students are jeopardized.

➢ Further deterioration could adversely

affect YOUR home and communityʼs value.

On Tuesday, September 30th You CAN Make A Difference:


The Shoreline - Referendum Edition (September 2008)  

The Shoreline - Referendum Edition (September 2008)

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