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April 2010

Planning & Constructing the Budget One of the greatest challenges a school district cuts in positions, all programs were left intact. Not a faces is the structuring of a fiscally responsible budget. single program was cut, thus limiting the impact, if any, This challenge was more difficult this year as Governor on the students. In the face of this economic uncertainty Chris Christie cut direct aid to public school districts by and these staggering cuts, Shore Regional has furthered $820 million. The impact to Shore Regional is a 94.7% its obligation to be prudent in spending and fiscally or $744,303 reduction in state aid. The creation of responsible by creating a budget that represents a Shore Regional’s 2010-2011 budget was once again minimal increase to the towns that we serve. accomplished in accordance with New In light of the current economic Jersey Law A4. This law strictly limits “The impact to Shore constraints, the 2010-2011 budget the impact that a school tax levy has on Regional is a 94.7% or remains capable of achieving the taxpayers by capping at 4% the amount Board of Education’s desire to $744,303 reduction in a school is permitted to increase from effectively compete with neighboring the prior year’s tax levy. Shore state aid.” districts and that all of Shore’s Regional’s strict adherence to Law A4 students are well prepared for life allows the district to return $89,092 of beyond high school. excess surplus from the 2008-2009 school year to the We are proud of the many accomplishments that the taxpayers in the form of direct tax relief. students of Shore Regional have achieved. We assure Whereas in the past expense-focused budgeting you that despite the cuts in dollars, the learning will go entailed the compiling of expenditures and the creation on just as well as it always has. As our elected officials of a revenue-driven plan, the caps on Shore’s main and administrators explore alternative mechanisms for sources of revenue have brought about a philosophical funding, they always remain cognizant of the main focus shift that allows the district to distinctly define exactly of Shore Regional High School, the children. how much revenue it can expect. By keeping in mind The establishment of Shore Regional High School’s revenue caps that cannot be exceeded, the district is 2010-2011 budget came about through respectful able to efficiently budget for expenditures within the consideration for the overall impact on the taxpayer and constraints of available revenue. This methodology, the needs of Shore Regional’s students. The pages along with the drastic cut in state aid, forced the district herein of this newsletter present the budget in multiple to critically review curriculum requirements, enrollment graphs, charts and statistics for your review. trends, physical plant concerns, transportation issues, As always, you are encouraged to participate in the and projected staffing needs to conscientiously account budget vote on TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010. We thank for each dollar presented in the proposed budget. you for your continued support of Shore Regional. If During this year’s budget-planning process, you have any comments or questions, please visit Shore Shore Regional High School’s Board of Education and Regional’s website at or contact administration were faced with the daunting task of the Business Office at (732) 222-9300. cutting over $700,000 of staff positions. Despite these




GENERAL FUND REVENUES Local Property Taxes State Aid Surplus Tuition Transportation Miscellaneous

$14,224,171 51,063 89,092 30,000 226,450 38,100

(Interest, etc.)



Total Taxpayer Liability


Dollar Impact - Average Assessed Home


Monmouth Beach


1.2 ¢



9.8 ¢

Sea Bright


1.2 ¢

West Long Branch


1.5 ¢


Budget by Category

Per Pupil Cost Comparison

2010-2011 Budget Breakdown Salaries The SREA contract will be entering its first of 3 years. The new contract resulted in a 3.95% salary increase for each of the 3 years plus contributions towards medical benefits. This represents one of the lowest negotiated increases in Monmouth County. Employee Benefits As compared to prior years, the District expects a reasonable increase. This budget also includes state mandated contributions to the Public Employees Retirement System. Transportation This represents over forty in-house and contracted bus routes including special education bussing. Shared service initiatives with our sending districts have saved money in this area despite salaries and MCVTS bus routes. Tuition While we expect fewer out of district placements, private schools for the disabled tuition rates outpace public schools. Also, Monmouth County Vocational Technical Schools & Academies (HighTech, Allied Health, MAST, Comm. High & Bio Tech) pass along tuition costs in excess of $500,000. Supervision of Instruction, Textbooks, Supplies & Educational Media The District projects no new curriculum initiatives, however, all current programs will be maintained. The International Baccalaureate Program will begin year four at Shore Regional. Generally, this program provides our students with an advantage when competing for college placements.

Utilities & Communications Due to cooperative purchasing agreements for electricity, natural gas and telephone service the budget provides for a small increase in these areas. Co-Curricular and Athletics Maintains current programs and activities at the same level as the 2009-10 school year. Food Service The Board outsourced the food service operations and shares a Manager with the sending Districts which has reduced the costly Board contribution.

Questions & Answers Why are my taxes increasing when state aid was reduced by 94.7%? State Aid accounts for only 0.35% of Shore Regional’s total revenue. The revenue source that impacts your taxes, the “tax levy” is still increasing by the statutory 4%. This reduction in state aid puts a bigger burden on our local taxpayers. Why does the budget keep going up? As homeowners and businesses have seen their own operating expenses increase, so has the school district. However, we are unable to downsize the number of students or cut back necessary programs that provide the outstanding education that our students and community members have come to expect. Are there unnecessary expenditures in the budget? The administration strives to combine services with other districts whenever possible to heighten fiscal efficiencies. Utilization of joint insurance funds, procurement cooperatives, shared energy agreements and a regionalized transportation system all combine to increase the purchasing power of the District. 3

VOTER INFORMATION The following candidates seek election to the Board of Education: Town Vote for one (1): Monmouth Beach Vote for one (1): Oceanport Vote for one (1): West Long Branch




Mr. David Baker

3 yrs.


Mr. Frank Pingitore

3 yrs.


Mrs. Diane Merla

3 yrs.


BALLOT QUESTION/POLLING LOCATIONS Budget - YES/NO: RESOLVED, that there should be raised for the General Fund $14,224,171 for the ensuing school year (2010-2011). Allocated among the constituent municipalities as follows: Monmouth Beach Borough Oceanport Borough Sea Bright Borough West Long Branch Borough Total

West Long Branch Oceanport Sea Bright Monmouth Beach

District #1 Borough Chemical & Truck #1 Old Wharf House Borough Hall Borough Hall

3,537,922.44 3,765,420.19 1,869,897.76 5,050,930.61 14,224,171.00

District #2 Community Ctr. (downstairs)

District #3 Community Ctr. (upstairs)

District #4 Community Ctr. (upstairs)

District #5 Community Ctr. (downstairs)

Port-Au-Peck Fire House Borough Hall Borough Hall

Community Ctr.

Hook & Ladder Fire House

Port-Au-Peck Fire House

+ 1.2 cents + 9.8 cents + 1.2 cents + 1.5 cents District #6 Old First United Methodist Church

NON-PROFIT US POSTAGE PAID Permit #10 W. Long Branch, NJ 07764

Shore Regional Board of Education: Dr. Anthony Moro, President Mr. Tadeusz “Ted” Szczurek, V.P. Mr. David Baker Mrs. Nancy DeScenza Mrs. Beth Garrigal Mrs. Diane Merla Mr. Russell T. Olivadotti Mr. Ronald O’Neill Mr. Frank J. Pingitore Mr. Paul Rolleri

Monmouth Beach Oceanport Monmouth Beach Sea Bright West Long Branch West Long Branch West Long Branch West Long Branch Oceanport Oceanport


Mr. Leonard G. Schnappauf, Superintendent Mr. Dennis W. Kotch, CPA, Business Administrator/Board Secretary Vote Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Polls open from 4 pm – 9 pm 4

Shore Regional High School District Budget Newsletter  

Shore Regional High School District Budget Newsletter