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Doctors challenged on high fees


f you feel even more ill after receiving a hefty doctor’s bill for an amount you had not been given written warning to expect, then you can report your medical practitioner to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). That’s according to the new “guideline tariffs” for medical practitioners announced last week by the HPCSA which aim to protect the public, guide healthcare practitioners on the rendering of their accounts and help the HPCSA adjudicate on claims of overcharging. Pietermaritzburg resident, Annie Anderson, said that her daughter fell ill almost four years ago and is still paying her medical bills today. “My daughter was sick and I took her to the doctor. The doctor was not entirely sure what was wrong so she ran a few tests. Still,

she could not diagnose my daughter’s illness and before we knew it she was undergoing test after test after test. We were not told, even once, of the cost of the tests,” said Anderson. According to Anderson, her daughter’s medical bill amounted to thousands of rands, which she is still paying off. She added that her daughter confronted the doctor and was told that she could pay towards the bill monthly, but had to complete paying the entire amount sooner or later. Specialist physician AYD Moosa who practises both in Pietermaritzburg and Durban welcomed the new regulations saying they were “long overdue”. “It’s about time legislation on private tariffs was put into place. Since the ethical guidelines were repealed in 2007 due to the Competition Act, there have been no controls with the end result

being that some doctors charged patients excessively high rates. It makes sense as well that private medical practitioners are regulated in terms of their fee structures. Private hospitals are regulated, the price of drugs is regulated, so it makes sense that the regulatory body, the HPCSA, has now released the new tariff structures,” said Dr Moosa. He said the obligation on doctors to obtain written consent when they charge fees in excess of the tariff guidelines will go a long way in restricting medical inflation. “Let’s face it, there are specialists who are charging in excess of 700%, particularly in anaesthetics and gynaecology. The fees have gone crazy. The new guidelines and the need for written consent is good for the patients, good for the economy and is good at keeping down medical inflation,”

‘Open-tap’ gang brings terror to once-quiet suburb


esidents of Gladiola and years and there has been the occa“My neighbour said she saw Helga roads in Norththree men in my yard. She called sional break-in, but nothing this dale have been on high the police immediately. The police bad. The criminals have become alert since June this year after a arrived but said they couldn’t find so brave that it is scary to think spate of burglaries which have dis- what they could do if they get anything,” said Henri. turbed the peace in this once-quiet hold of us inside our homes,” said According to Henri, a few neighbourhood. hours later she heard sounds in Henri. Residents say the attacks are her neighbour’s yard. However, According to Henri, on two undertaken by what they believe is separate occasions, people entered no one inspected the yard as they a gang-operated syndicate of robwere afraid the robbers might her yard and opened the tap closbers who have adopted a modus attack. The next morning her est to her bedroom window. “Due operandi which involves the open- to my husband working the nightneighbour discovered that her outing of outside taps in order to side wooden house and car had shift, it is just my girls and me at encourage residents to come out been broken into. home. I cannot chance going outof their houses to inspect their Henri said with the recent side to close the tap,” said Henri. properties. resumption of the gang’s activShe said that on one occasion According to residents, they ities, the situation has become at around 3 am, the robbers were have warned their neighbours, brazen enough to knock on her almost unbearable. During the last family and friends not to attend incident, two of her Mercedes’ bedroom window. Henri said she to sounds of running water in the immediately called her neighbours tyres were stolen, petrol was middle of the night, as the robbers to check her yard from their windrained from the car and spanners may attack. and other tools were stolen from dows. Kribashinee Henri of Helga Road said the first time she experienced the “opentap” strategy was almost two months ago and has now been forced to install security cameras in her I Will Pay Top Dollar for Any New Model yard. Henri said Exotic or Sports Car, SUV, Bakkie or 4x4 the gang plans their attacks for If You’re Serious About Selling - Give Me a Call the early hours Attention Dealers: I Will Pay You That Few Grand Extra of the morning, to Close Your Deal on Your Trade-Ins between 2.30 am and 5 am, when it We Also Have a Huge Selection of Cars in Stock from Small to Big is dark and diffiVisit Our Website - cult to inspect the yard. Contact Ash on “I am tired of living in fear. I Dealers in Superfine Exotic and Sports Cars 083 786 3377 have been living in 550 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg the area for eight


concluded Dr Moosa. Another city doctor, who chose to remain anonymous said while the new rules do promote consumer activism among medical patients, many private professional and even medical companies will continue to charge excessive fees. “It’s a fact that many professionals will continue charging these excessive fees as they adopt a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. It doesn’t help that some specialists and surgeons are also known to insist on directing patients to use certain colleagues or specialist firms particularly in anaesthesiology and these have a reputation for charging enormously excessive rates. So basically it comes down to whether patients will now start shopping around when it comes to these referrals,” said the local doctor. These views were echoed by Dr Ntombizodwa-Seme who said

while the move may have good intentions it will put doctors in a difficult spot as it is difficult to determine the nature of a patient’s illness and the costs attached to it before the consultation. “For instance, you have a patient who comes in and has a headache, only to find you need to carry out tests to determine the cause and extent of the problem. This is when you venture into the unknown,” said Dr NtombizodwaSeme. She said she will be better placed to comment on the new guidelines once she had studied them in detail. Whilst the move has been welcomed by consumers, some in the medical fraternity has expressed its dismay. The South African Medical Association has insisted that the tariffs would be detrimental to patients as they underestimated the costs of procedures.

the yard. She said she strongly believes it is a gang that is operating in Pietermaritzburg as her par-

ents living in Heather Road have experienced the same “open-tap” phenomenon.




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SCOTTSVILLE (PMB) & DBN CALL: 071 048 2795/033 818 9249


Temple spat: pundit goes to the CCMA T

he Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) will now decide the fate of Pundit Ravindra Joshi of the Radha Krishna Mandir in Royston Road after his services were terminated late last month by the Gujurathi Vedic Society. He was also ordered to evict his residence at the temple . Joshi is demanding R260 000.00 from the Gujurathi Vedic Society saying his dismissal was unfair and his demand was in compensation for lost earnings and benefits. Pundit Joshi has been at loggerheads with the executive committee of the Gujurathi Vedic Society since earlier this year when around 160 letters were sent out addressed to members of the city’s Gujurathi community in which it was alleged that Joshi was “financially exploiting the Hindi community” and that it intended to terminate his services. The letter was subsequently retracted.

Joshi’s lawyer Naren Sangham responded to the letter sending the Gujurathi Vedic Society a rebuke warning them that their course of action contravened the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Labour Relations Act and the Prevention of Illegal Evictions Act. Subsequently the society wrote to Joshi stating that they had withdrawn all charges against the embattled pundit on the basis that the society did not have the funds to pursue the matter legally nor did the society wish to engage further in a matter which proved damaging to the society’s standing and financial status. “Due to financial constraints the society is no longer in a position to fund any further workplace proceedings against you (and) the society is of the opinion that the continuation of such proceedings is going to lead to further adverse publicity which the society cannot afford, as this has already negatively impacted on the financial status of the society,” said the let-

ter. The Executive Committee of the Gujurathi Vedic Society released a brief statement yesterday afternoon. “The committee at this stage will not comment on any of the issues as the matter is before the CCMA . However, we wish to assure the Indian communities both in Pietermaritzburg and Dur-


enclose within this, a copy of the ban that in due course we will letter submitted to the SAPS,” said release details of all that has tranthe society in their statement. spired in the last two years. We have also submitted an official letter to the South African Police Service (SAPS). We will shortly be issuing a letter to the com“ He made my enemies come & munity outlining the confess what they’d done to me” pending actions we Vaneshree (44) – Northdale I ¿rst heard about Mr Omar on a community are taking and we will


radio talk show. I took his number down and booked an appointment. He charged me a nominal fee to read my fortune. I was shocked when he told me my name and my husband’s name. Mr Omar saw that my husband and I were always ¿ghting. He mentioned that my husband was involved with another woman which I couldn’t believe. He then showed me another woman in a mirror and I was shocked!!! I had lived for 20 years with unhappiness in my marriage until now. Due to Mr Omar’s intervention the other woman separated with my husband and later both confessed to me. Today we are happy with respect & not ¿ghting since Mr Omar brought him back to me. I recommend him to others who are suffering and regard him as my guide. My husband has been to him and his business has improved.

Above: Pundit Ravindra Joshi and wife Bhavna of the Radha Krishna Mandir in Royston Road


PHONE 0736985966

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Beatles Bobbing Dolls


Northdale woman recently discovered that her 1960s Beatles Bobbing Head Dolls, which she bought 44 years ago, could be worth more than R500 000 each.

Public Eye August 17, 2012 - Page 6

Tharawathie Devi Sinanin (66) wasn’t much of a Beatles fan but she bought the dolls at a price of R300 simply because she fancied them. Little did she know that what she purchased for R300 then could now be worth a lot more. Her set consists of four dolls – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr – with each of the band member’s decal signatures at the bottom of the doll. Sinanin was offered R15 000 for the dolls by an auctioneer 12 years ago. The auctioneer said that he would pay her R15 000 in cash, and said he Tharawathie Devi Sinanin with the Beatles dolls would insure the dolls, sell them and pay her the balance. sell the dolls on Gumtree at R500 000 per Sinanin refused the offer because she doll. After doing so, Chandulal received suspected that the dolls were worth more. an email from another Gumtree user stat“I have kept and looked after these dolls as ing that the dolls were worth much more if they were my children. They are of great than R500 000 each. Manisha said that sentimental value to me,” she said Sinanin. she has been trying to establish the going Sinanin recalls seeing another set of the rate through the Internet but has not been dolls on The Oprah Winfrey Show three successful. years ago but one of them seemed to have Anybody with information about the a problem and the people on the show were dolls’ value may contact Sinanin on looking for another set, said Sinanin. 033 387 2765 or 082 057 9587. On 26 July, 2012, Sinanin asked her daughter-in-law, Manisha Chandulal, to



Plumblink expands its footprint to Pietermaritzburg


lumblink is proud to announce the opening of a new store in Victoria Square, Pietermaritzburg. This is its sixth outlet in KwaZulu-Natal and brings the total number of branches countrywide to 36. Countrywide, Plumblink now offers a massive range of high quality plumbing, kitchen, bathroom and sanitary ware products. We work hand in hand with the country's top suppliers, to bring you unsurpassed quality and customer satisfaction. The majority of our products are from local suppliers and we also stock exclusive imported products from the largest factories around the world, to offer you more. We are a customer service orientated company, hence our slogan: “You can count on us". Plumblink boasts a growing base of over 5 000 loyal customers across all sectors, covering government, commercial, industrial, housing and DIY products with a level 7 BBBEE status.

To develop a loyal base of customers takes massive commitment in many areas but on product specifically, a huge amount of time, effort and expense has been invested in support of product research and range development. International relationships have also been built over many years with trendsetting manufacturers to keep abreast of the latest international trends in bathroom design. This ensures that Plumblink products are, besides being functional, well thoughtout and durable and that they fully comply with South African building industry standards. Plumblink also prides itself on its integrated IT system which facilitates significant advantages for its customers who have one account which is linked nationally to enable real-time stock access and purchases throughout the country. With the importance of energy and water saving in our present environment, Plumblink offers

The team of Plumblink, ready to assist with all your needs (L to R) Ian Feely - Branch Manager, Nagesh Moothura Counter Salesman, and Sihle Phungula - Shop Assistant.

an extensive range of water and energy saving products, from solar water heating systems and heat pumps to water saving taps, toilets and various other fittings. Plumblink's greatest asset is our staff, all of whom are trained to help, advise and have a working knowledge of the products we stock. At Plumblink, it is not only about customers and suppliers, but also about building lasting relationships. Plumblink

celebrated its centenary in 2011, an achievement made possible only by the valued support of our loyal customers, suppliers and solid staff, the very cornerstones of our existence. Our new Pietermaritzburg store opens with exciting specials on taps, kitchen and bathroom ware. We can help you with all your bathroom and plumbing requirements, from a tap washer to a complete bathroom suite. Our

team is here to help and we look forward to seeing you in our new air conditioned store, designed to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. To experience our superior service first hand, contact our branch manager, Ian Feely, and his team on 033 940 0832, or visit us at Shop 27, Victoria Square, 151 Victoria Road, Pietermaritzburg.

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Brace yourself for more extreme weather

rom one extreme to another. That seems to be the case for KwaZuluNatal weather which has been extremely cold and is now set to get extremely windy. While there has been talk of another cold front moving from the Western Cape inland, the South African Weather Service has calmed fears of cold weather for KZN. “We know that there is another cold front but we can assure people from KZN that temperatures will not plummet as

was the case last week,” forecaster Lucky Makhwezha told Public Eye yesterday. He said clear skies would continue until today before any change takes place. “We will have light rain on Friday but definitely nothing as heavy as last week’s rains or snow,” he said. Makhwezha said that unlike last week, the front would move off to the sea, thereby ensuring that heavy weather is limited to the Western and Eastern Cape. The forecaster warned, however, of windy and dry conditions from Thursday, which may lead to the start and spread of runaway fires. His warning comes a few days after 50 homes were destroyed in the KZN from runaway veld fires.


hat may have been a winter wonderland for many enjoying who enjoyed the sight of snow blanketed mountains last week; some residents of Pietermaritzburg were left huddling together in darkness trying to fight off the bitter cold. Public Eye was inundated with calls by residents who were left in darkness after the severe storm ripped through the city last Wednesday. Residents said they spent National Women’s Day last week in darkness as power went

Last week's snowfalls are unlikely to be repeated.

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Nomzamo Kunene receiving her prize from Lindani Shange

Public Eye August 17, 2012 - Page 12

Sindisiwe Mdladla receiving her prize from Lindani Shange

off earlier in the day and had not returned 24 hours later. A resident of Pelham who did not wish to be named said he believed that the power outages only occur in certain areas while "the more affluent areas such as Scottsville and Wembley" never experience a power outage. “You always notice that areas like Northdale, Copesville and now even Pelham experience load shedding. You will never see Scottsville and Wembley in darkness,” said the Pelham resident. According to the resident, the municipality responds with vague answers when asked about the power outages. “They (Msunduzi municipality) don’t know what to tell the complainants”, said the resident.

In the northern suburbs, a similar experience occurred when power went out from Tuesday, returning on Wednesday. A Northdale man, Denver Naidoo, said that last week’s cold weather had him under the covers more than usual resulting in most of his daily duties being postponed, including repairs on his two cars. “I had to buy additional supplies but it was not the result of the harsh weather; it was due to the blackout I was faced with on Tuesday morning which lasted up until the next morning. I had to buy candles, a gas stove and firewood so I could prepare water to bath and cook food,” he said. Denver said that he is fully prepared for the weather but he stressed the fact that his main concern is to be faced with another blackout during this type of weather. Msunduzi Municipality’s Disaster Management Unit conducted site visits to the affected areas.

Quik Serv competition winner


083 540 2971

Lucky Mdu Ngcobo being presented with the New Balance pair of trainers by Kirshen Naidu as part of the Quikserv shoes in store promotion.

letters to the editor


SMS service accounts cannot be the only option


ity residents were recently asked, by SMS, whether or not they would prefer to receive their municipal service accounts by SMS. In spite of many responding in the negative, they did in fact start to receive them by SMS, but also with the usual posted account. The Municipal Manager recently informed Council that it was the municipality’s intention to discontinue sending accounts by post as at the end of July. The Democratic Alliance pointed

out that many people who had rejected the ‘SMS’ accounts, required hard copies for their private records and tax purposes. While the DA believes that there is something to be gained by using an SMS system and saving postage, etc, people should be given the option of receiving their account by post or email. Management suggested that hard copies of accounts could be obtained by going to a kiosk at the municipality, but this will create congestion, incon-

venience and prove to be totally unsatisfactory. This system will by its very nature also lead to a further increase in unpaid accounts. The public should be given a choice of receiving their accounts either by SMS, email or post. This would incorporate the positives of all options. Councillor Rodger Ashe Democratic Alliance, Caucus Whip

Black and white - it’s about time we fixed it


’m Erwin Sukhai (16), aka Stunner from Pietermaritzburg, an upcoming recording artist of the coloured race or, as some people may call it, black race. And even though we just reached the 18th year of our country’s democracy, it stuns me to see just how racist we still are. As an artist on stage, I have quite an admiring fan base which consists mostly of “black” folk and I’m always asked the ques-

tion, “How can you hug them?” or, “How can you talk to them?” And my response is as follows: “Aren’t they the same as us? Are they not human beings? Don’t they feel pain just as we do?” These silly racial exploits have being carrying on for far too long and as the youth of the generation, myself and others should take a stand against such behaviour. When will the bullying stop? These are

some of the questions that run through my mind as I look at our future or at least what’s left of it. I wish we could see past colour and do righteous unto thee! Young teenagers out there, follow me on twitter: @ Stunner_SA and let’s put our minds together to help change the nation! We can’t change the world, but we can change the people! Erwin Sukhai, Pietermaritzburg

Terrorising innocent people cannot be tolerated


uslims and conscience driven absence of truth, equality and justice. rorism, violence, hatred and narrow-mindindividuals in South Africa The challenges ahead are enormous edness. are shocked at the manner in and it is therefore time for us all to stand Mohamed Saeed which Muhammed Fayaaz Kazi died foltogether to put out the flame of global terlowing an assault in Magaliesburg. North West Premier Thandi Modise and former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils have also condemned the assault. According to reports the perpetrators of this heinous crime allegedly made some racial slurs, made mockery of the deceased’s beard and called him a ‘terrorist’. Undoubtedly, some quarters of the mass media are responsible for widespread misinformation, if not ignorance, about Islam and related issues. Similarly, the recent shooting and killings at a Sikh temple in theUnited States of America also need to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Terrorising innocent people and shedding blood constiat tute a form of injustice that cannot be tolerated and accepted. Every conscience driven human being who values freedom of religion and human life should be unified against all those who terrorise innocent people, minority groups, and those who permit mass murder and destruction. Winners selected by random draws. Winners will be announced at draws or by telephone (if applicable). Earn tickets by playing Slot or Table games. The main problem Prizes can be claimed from the casino. Competition rules available at or at the Clubdesk. facing the world today TSOGO SUN PROUDLY SUPPORTS THE NATIONAL RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING PROGRAMME. WINNERS KNOW WHEN TO STOP. ONLY PERSONS OVER 18 ARE PERMITTED TO GAMBLE. NATIONAL PROBLEM GAMBLING COUNSELLING TOLL FREE HELPLINE 0800 006 008. is ignorance and the

25 AUGUST 2012


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Family confused as murder suspect is not known to them

Above: Kreason Naidoo (22), who was stabbed multiple times and left on the corner of Balhambra Way and Bangalore Road.


simple gold chain may have led to the multiple stabbing of a young Northdale man, found dead at the side of the road, after his drinking buddies accused him of stealing the item of jewellery at a local pub. Twenty-two-year-old Kreason Naidoo of Dasarath Road was discovered lying in a pool of his own blood at the corners of Bangalore and Balhambra roads in Newholmes in the early hours of Saturday i Hi b d tt d

“We were so confused when we received the call. We knew Kreason had gone out with friends that night and eventually met his cousins, but what we saw that morning was something we could never have imagined,” said Naidoo’s sister, Mona Munisamy. A 24-year-old man named Tyran Webster – allegedly among the drinkers in the pub on the fatal night – made his ¿rst appearance in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday in conti ith N id ’ d

Above: The mutilated body of Kreason Naidoo led to the brutal killing of her brother but the family is in search of justice and refuses to let the case lie stagnant. “He was the baby of the family, the youngest of 10 children, and was the most stylish person we knew. He was unique and special – from the way he walked to the way he dressed,” said a distraught Munisamy.


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Gift of the Givers Foundation

Waqful Wafiqin Foundation

”Best Among People are those who Benefit Mankind’’

Gift of the Givers Careline Being Abused? Someone‘s drug habit affecting you? Feeling lonely or depressed? Experiencing marital, relationship or teenage problems? Find parenting challenging? Coping with HIV/AIDS? Don‘t Delay! Call Gift of the Givers Careline, your free, caring, confidential counselling service. Face to Face appointments also arranged

Counselling hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm

GIFT OF THE GIVERS CARELINE CALL 0800 786 786 TOLL FREE! “Remember a problem shared is a problem halved!”




Giving during Ramadan

or nearly 10 years Muslim families in Pietermaritzburg have donated money to the Eid Feeding Scheme during the holy month of Ramadan, and this year was no exception. The money is used to prepare food and serve it to communities in and around the city every Sunday during the fasting month, culminating in a huge feast on the day of Eid. The money for the feeding

260 degs are cooked on the day scheme is collected and managed of Eid. by a committee. The food is distributed to Neither the members of the those in need at more than 100 committee nor sponsors of the point stations, including schools, scheme wish to be named as this children’s homes, old-age initiative is driven by the motto, homes, sub“Who gives is not important as urbs, blind those who receive”. and deaf sociBetween 50 and 60 degs (the eties, hospitals name of the pot in which the food is prepared) of mutton, chicken and prisons. and vegetarian biryani are cooked and served on a Above: More than weekly basis and more than 260 degs are cooked on the day of Eid. Right : The food is distributed to those in need at more than 100 point stations, including schools, children’s homes, old-age homes, suburbs, blind and deaf societies, hospitals and prisons.

Camp Rock SA is back with a blast


chool pupils from all over the city will have the “not-to-be-missed” opportunity of going on Camp Rock SA 2012. The camp started last year and was a huge hit, with children from all over ’Maritzburg packing their bags for a camping experience of a lifetime. Camp Rock SA 2012 is pulling out all the stops this year with entertainment and activities that are set to capture the hearts of children who love music and fun. Live bands will be playing all the loved tunes of Camp Rock accompanied by leadership and character-building activities, guest speakers, karaokes, the best food and loads of fun. Parents need not worry as food and security are both of the highest standards with girls and boys in separate sleeping facilities. Don’t miss out on this never-to-be-forgotten premier camp getaway which will be taking place in the third term school holiday in early October. For more information or to sign up, please call The Institute of Music at 033-391 2484 or 071 515 6060 or 076 633 1751.

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EIDMubarak A


Eid – A message from the spiritual heart

fter completing 30 days of fasting in the Islamic month Ramadan, I pray this message comes from the spiritual heart, the essence. Congratulations to Muslims in particular and all humanity who

have just experienced the blessed month of Ramadan. While we saw Hashim Amla and Chad Clos excel physically, many excelled spiritually. God says in the Holy Quran: “They ask you, [O Muhammad],

about the new moons. Say, ‘They are measurements of time for the people and for Hajj’...” (Qur'an, 2: 189) The sighting of the new moon with the human eye has historically been the way of determining the new month, despite the fact people have been quite capable of doing calculations for centuries. We're living in a time in which we have incredible technology to monitor the galaxy and the planets. At one time we thought there were only five planets. Now we're discovering there could be up to four billion planets, just in our own galaxy. The Prophet, peace be upon him, determined that the 29th day of Ramadan is when we go out to search for the 30th moon. He called it, "The day of doubt". This is because there's no certainty whether you will be able to sight the moon or not. According to the Naval Observatory website, it is not possible to sight a moon with certainty with the naked eye in the first 24 hours of the new month. This is exactly what the Prophet

is calling it. To eliminate it means there is absolutely no doubt and this still is not true. There is an uncertainty. To those Muslims who hold onto tradition, "Sumu ri ru' ya tihi, fast when you see the moon." Here, "Ru' ya tihi" is a sight. It has to be seen with the eyes. "Wa afturili ri ru' ya tihi", the fuqaha determined that a group should see it, but not everybody has to see it. And Muslims end the month with what is called "jam`uh ghafeer", which is a majority, a large number of people confirming the new moon. In respect of people who break their fast following their leadership and those who give fatwah, the accountability is on them – not everyone is responsible. I'm not saying anyone's fast is invalid, I'm just saying that I certainly feel more comfortable using my eye which connects me to God rather than depending on human technology. The month of Ramadan is a school to learn certain behavioural patterns to take for the rest of the


WISHING THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY WELL OVER EID The Body Part Specialists 431 Hoosen Haffejee Street Pietermaritzburg 3201

Public Eye August 17, 2012 - Page 22

Tel: 033 342 1808 Fax: 033 342 1745

year. So let us remind ourselves: The Lord of Ramadan is also the Lord of every month of the year – the Lord of Shawwal and Dhul Hijjah and Dhul Qa`da. Ramadan has ended, our behaviour needs to continue. In Ramadan, people get closer to Allah because of the nature of Ramadan. They don't backbite (although this is prohibited outside of Ramadan). We are extra vigilant in order to train ourselves. Imam Ghazali says if you can control yourself with food and sexuality, then you can control all other things more easily. These are two primary drives in the human being. The Eros drive, and the need for satiation, for food. In learning to discipline the soul, we get closer to Allah. Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith placed in An-Nawawi's collection, which indicates it primacy as one of the central ahadith in Islam: On Judgement Day, when continued to page23



A religion that calls for the fraternity of mankind you're moving forward there are stages where it becomes completely dark. And those who did not have prayer in this world, they don't have any light to see. So prayer is a light, it will guide you. This is the role of those who believe in God, of those who believe there's a Day of Judgement and that you're going to be taken to account. At the end of Ramadan we pay zakat-ul-fitr. Zakat-ul-fitr is a dedicated "sa'a" from each person, a portion that's given to those who need. It used to be a portion of grain but now, in the Hanafi madhab (school of thought) we pay money and distribute it to places that need it more than we do. We give zakat at the end of Ramadan because we have just spent a time learning about hunger, that there are many people who are hungry. One of the Muritanian poets

said, "I'm amazed at a religion that calls for the fraternity of mankind, and yet we see some dying from hunger and some from overeating, from satiety." He's amazed at this, asking well, how can a religion who takes care of the needy allow this? In conclusion, the central theme of the book of Allah is to believe in Allah and live righteously. What does this mean? When the Prophet, peace be upon him, was asked by a man for advice, he said "Qul aman tu billah thum-mustaqim – say, I believe in Allah and then be upright." And what is uprightness? All of the Qur'anic ethics can be summarised in one verse where Allah calls for us to come! Elevate yourself. When you ask someone "ta aala" it means to stand, to get up. Elevate yourselves! And I will tell you what God says you should and should not do in the Qur'an, chapter 17, verses 22-35: Don't associate partners

Wishing the Muslim community Eid Mubarak

with God. Show goodness to parents – filial piety. We're living in a time where parents are denigrated but you need to show filial piety. Allah says He will provide for you and for them! So, the usool (above the head) and the fur'ooa` (below), the roots and the branches, are like the parents and the children. Each one of us is a trunk and these are the roots to our trunk; our roots are our parents and our branches are our children. You need the whole tree to be holistic. You have to have a healthy whole tree, if you cut off the roots, you kill the trunk, and if you cut off the branches, there's no fruit. This is the tree of life. And this

is why we're here – because of our parents, and this is why we continue – through our children. This tree of life needs to be nurtured and that is what Allah is calling us to do, to nurture this tree. Don't go near fornication, do not go to theft and these other for-

bidden (haram) things that cause destruction to your societies. These are diseases of the heart, and diseases of society. Do not kill any soul that Allah has sanctified – Muslim, Christian, continued to page24

Wishing The Muslim Community A Happy Eid Mubarak

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continued from page22

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When you have unjust economies you have wars

our or cast. It doesn't matter! It's a soul and we cannot judge that soul. Allah will judge that soul. Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain Don't kill any soul! Allah is telling – it doesn't matter; it is a sanctiyou to do this in order to behave fied soul. Prophet Muhammad, rationally, to believe. peace be upon him, stood up for Don't go near the orphans' the funeral of a Jew. It's recorded wealth, don't touch it. And be in Sahih al-Bukhari, and it was just in your economics. That's the at a time when there was fricbasis of healthy society. Look at tion between the Jews and Musthe economic systems of other lims. The Prophet stood up and countries and look at ours. Peothe Sahaba said, "This is a Jewple were robbed of their houses. ish man," and the Prophet said, Banks committed daylight rob"wa laysat nafsa? – isn’t this a bery. It used to be that you went human soul?" He respected the in and robbed a bank but now soul, he stood out of respect for the banks are robbing the people! that soul going back to its Lord, This is how distorted it's become. irrespective of its creed or its colThe banks were bailed out with billions but Mr and Mrs B weren't bailed out; their house AGENCIES was taken. Allah says, Hardware, Building, don't consume one anothIndustrial and General Suppliers er's wealth with lies, Tel: 033 387 5970 • Fax: 033 387 5972 with vanities. Don't do •Cell: 084 583 0679 it. Allah says a balanced 507 Old Greytown Road, Raisethorpe, PMB 3201 economy is for commercial transactions where WISHING THE MUSLIM both sides are pleased COMMUNITY A HAPPY with it. Don't kill one continued from page23



another because when you have unjust economies you have wars. These are economic transgressions. You want to know about Afghanistan? Look at lithium, the trillion dollars of lithium that's in Afghanistan. You want to know why people are in Afghanistan? Because Afghanistan has the most important minerals needed for high-technology industry. This is the world we're living in, a world of greed. A world where politicians feed us lies, telling us is going to better society. Zbigniew Brzezinski said there is a political awakening, making it very difficult for politicians to do what they used to do. People now see the inequities and the exploitation. They read it in the newspapers. It's not like the old days where they could hide. Politicians need to step aside to let human beings live with dignity and justice. Really, just let them live. Because what they're doing is wrong, it's evil. People deserve better than this. Human beings are trying to raise their children with-

out having a fear that secret police will take their children away, or they will end up in an orange suit somewhere off Cuba. We were founded on principles of human dignity. Nefarious deeds that were done in the past, in the dark, we can't do anything about that, but when they become open, what responsibility do we have then? When we can see what's being done in broad daylight? Allah says, "We do not charge any soul except [with that within] its capacity. And when you testify, be just, even if it's against near relative" (Qur'an, 6:152), even if it's your community, your own Ummah. It doesn't matter what it is, if it's wrong we condemn that wrong. This is a high religion, a religion of ethics and community. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said a time will come when you will see darkness followed by darkness. `Ali (ra) asked, “What is the way out?” The Prophet replied:"Kitab Allah, book of God". The Qur'an has news of what went before us and what will come after. It is a judge and an

arbitrator between you. Whoever leaves the Qur'an, does it out of arrogance. Allah will break his back. And if you seek guidance in other books, you will be lead astray. The Prophet said to hold onto the strong rope of Allah, His Book, to make dhikr, the remembrance and learning the wisdoms of Allah, and this takes you to a straight path. Tongues will not be confusing if they quote the Qur'an, and he said you will not have diverse opinions if you follow the Qur'an. The ulema will never tire of it, and the pious will never grow bored or weary reciting it. This is the book of God that even when the jinn heard it they said we've heard a wondrous book that must have a guidance. If you judge by the Qur'an, you will be just, if you speak by the Qur'an, you will be truthful. If you act according to it, you will gain a reward, and if you call to it, you will be taken to a straight path. The Qur'an is a protection, a safety for whoever follows it. Not “petro dollar” hate translations but those by divinely-guided scholars. Irshad Soofi, inspired by a sermon delivered by his Mentor, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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Wishing all our Muslim

Wishing all our Muslim Clientsclients and Eid Mubarak Friends Eid Mubarak

Wishing all Muslims Eid Mubarak


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Takes The Oppurtunity To Wish The Muslim Community Eid Mubarak






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