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2012 - 2013

To be rooted is to be connected, To be united, To be one with something else. One can be rooted in a community, a town, a family, even a school. To be rooted in something greater than you changes you and impacts you for the better. Being rooted at SDCC can influence your life for the good if you allow it. Most importantly, it can introduce you to something that will forever change your life.

Being rooted in Jesus Christ.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Table of Contents Spiritual Life .......................................... 71 Letter from the President....................... 3

Chapel......................................... 73

Honoring our Heritage,

Bible Conference ....................... 75

Advancing our Future ........................... 5

Int’l Outreach Festival................ 76

In Memory Of ......................................... 6

Costa Rica ................................... 77

Staff and Faculty ................................... 7

Thailand ....................................... 78

December 2012 Graduates ............... 12

Joplin............................................ .79

Seniors ................................................... 14

Juniors....... ............................................ 23

Vision ............................................ 81

Sophomores ......................................... 31

SALT/Forge.................................... 83

Freshmen .............................................. 38

Beloved ....................................... 84

Academic Departments .................... 45

Athletics................................................. 87

APS................................................ 47

Baseball ....................................... 89

Aviation........................................ 49

Men’s Basketball ......................... 91

Flight Team.................................. 51

Women’s Basketball ................... 93

Biblical Studies ............................ 53

Cross Country .............................. 95

Biological Science ...................... 54

Men’s Soccer.............................. 97

Business ........................................ 55

Women’s Soccer ........................ 99

Communication ......................... 56

Volleyball ................................... 101

Speech and Debate .................. 57

Student Life......................................... 103

English .......................................... 58

New Student Orientation.................. 108

History........................................... 59

Dedication and

Kinesiology.................................. 60

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony................ 112

Liberal Studies............................. 61

Heritage Days.................................... 113

Library .......................................... 62

Associated Student Body.................. 114

Music ............................................ 63

Artist Series Concert .......................... 119

Ministry Teams..................... 65

Intramurals.......................................... 121

Broadway Nights ................ 67

The Perch............................................ 128

Spring Musical..................... 69

Alumnus of the Year.......................... 129

Psychology................................... 70


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Rancho Sordo Mudo.................. 80


Letter from the President Each school year I enjoy reflecting back on all of God’s goodness. I have memories I will treasure and I can only imagine the special memories you have as well. A number of you will graduate and start a new journey, and others will be back to continue the journey. Either way, God placed you in this community for a divine purpose. I want to encourage you to seek Him in all things and I pray you remain rooted in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. My hope is you stay rooted in prayer, community, worship, missions, and Scripture. It has been a blessing to watch you grow academically and spiritually developing a heart for God. I have seen the love you have for one another through your prayers for each other, how you hold each other to a higher standard, the way you encourage each other and how you enjoy hanging out together. I just want you to know I take every opportunity to share with others how wonderful the students of SDCC are, and I am blessed to be your President!

Board of Trustees Dr. Robert Zinn, Chairman Dr. Robert Gallina, Vice Chairman Linda Murphy, Secretary Dr. Paul Ague, President, ex officio Debbie Beyer Matthew Krause Dr. Beverly LaHaye Gene Leslie Michael May Charles Morse Jim Parker Enrique Sanchez General Mark Shackelford Nathaniel Weeks Dr. Jon Campbell Shirley Peters

We too as a college are on a journey of new beginnings. I will hold close the memory of our Building Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in February. It was truly a historical moment (history in the making) as the college is moving to Santee in January 2014. SDCC has the opportunity to trust God in deeper ways we have not experienced before. He is going before us and we are confident He will continue to direct our path and provide the way. This opportunity allows us to expand as a college and further our mission of Truth, Purpose and Impact. I believe in you, and I send you off with a benediction the Apostle Paul wrote to the Colossians, “Having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude.” God Bless you. Rooted in Him,

Paul Ague, Ph. D. President

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


San Diego Christian College was founded in 1970 as Christian Heritage College by Dr. Tim LaHaye with the desire to “prepare Christian young people not only for relatively brief careers in this present world...but also for eternal service.�


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

On February 23, 2013, San Diego Christian College celebrated the acquisition of its new campus in Santee, CA with a Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The morning was full of excitement as students, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters, and friends were able to experience the vision of SDCC’s future. The event kicked off with a fly over from Aviation captain Denis Breslin and SDCC’s Flight Team followed by the ribbon cutting with remarks from SDCC’s founders, Drs. Tim and Beverly LaHaye and Shirley Peters, SDCC President Paul Ague, and Mayor Randy Voepel of Santee. During the ceremony, Dr. Ague said that he has come to believe “these things takes months, not days.” Those who had been a part of these plans were excited to hear the change from Dr. Ague’s previous refrain “these things take years, not months,” signaling a new era in the college’s history. Santee Mayor Randy Voepel, a friend of SDCC, was excited about the influx of Godly “human capital” that SDCC will bring to the city. Alumnus and morning emcee Matt Krause remarked that the day was “one small step for SDCC and one giant leap for Christian education.” SDCC hopes to carry Saturday’s excitement into the move scheduled for January, 2014. _______________________________ The Honoring our Heritage – Advancing our Future Campaign was launched in February 2011 as a part of the 40th Anniversary Celebration at SDCC. The campaign was publicly released after the Riverview complex became the potential future home of San Diego Christian College. To date, over 300 individuals have partnered with SDCC to help us reach this milestone. In February 2012 the Conditional Use Permit for San Diego Christian College was approved by the City of Santee and on May 4, 2012 the purchase of the new home of San Diego Christian College was finalized.

Founders Drs. Beverly & Tim LaHaye and Shirley Peters and President, Dr. Paul and Lorri Ague NEW SANTEE CAMPUS PROPERTY Phase 1 - Building Purchase Phase 2 - Interior Build Outs Phase 3 - Residence Halls Phase 4 - Athletic Center


The mission of San Diego Christian College is to engage Christians in an academic community that offers a liberal arts education, promotes an environment of scholarship, and fosters the examination of truth, preparing them to influence the world through Godly character within a framework of the authority and inerrancy of Scripture.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


In Memory of Shirley Peters, wife of Dr. Art Peters and co-founder of San Diego Christian College (SDCC), passed away on March 19th at the age of 86. Shirley was a vital member of the SDCC community since its foundation in 1970. She could always be found mentoring young women in the quad, coffee shop, or library. A prayer warrior, Shirley participated monthly with the Women of Heritage who served and supported the college in various ways from the very beginning. The college was honored recently at its ribbon cutting ceremony when Shirley dedicated the new campus in prayer. When asked about Shirley’s impact on the heritage of SDCC, President Ague commented, “SDCC has lost a phenomenal woman with the passing of Shirley Peters. She left her mark on our community and in the lives of our students. My wife Lorri and I will miss her dearly but we rejoice that she is with her Savior who she loved and served so faithfully. She was the embodiment of what we work so hard to show our students: servant leadership.”

Honoring a very special San Diego Christian College Co-Founder, Servant Leader, and Friend:

Shirley Peters


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

The Passing of a Pioneer: Dr. Duane T. Gish Dr. Duane T. Gish, a titan in the world of biblical Creationism, has passed away at the age of 91. He was integral in the development of San Diego Christian College in its early years. Dr. Gish, a Ph.D. holder from U.C. Berkley, was always relevant in his material, cutting edge with his evangelism, and dedicated in his relationship with Jesus.

San Diego Christian College would not be the same without the impact that Dr. Gish made in our institution. He was a defender of truth, while delivering it in a way that would hopefully show the love of Christ to any audience that was listening. Dr. Ague said, “ Dr. Gish will be missed, but may his legacy and testimony live on in the new generation of students attending San Diego Christian College.”

Staff and Faculty Let my teaching drop as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, As raindrops on the tender herb, And as showers on the grass. Deuteronomy 32:2

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Agnew, Robert Operations Manager

Ague, Lorri Dean of Adult & Professional Studies

Ague, Paul President

Baerg, Heather Director of Finance

Baker, Shawna Head Athletic Trainer

Bando, Chris Athletic Director, Head Coach, Baseball

Bass, Wanda Faculty Secretary

Blackburn, Fred Biblical Studies

Breslin, Denny Director of Aviation

Brizendine, Diana APS Admissions & Marketing Adjunct Professor

Brown, Ron Asst. Volleyball Coach

Buchanan, Kelly Executive Assistant

Calderson, Carl Business

Calderson, Carlos Men and Women’s Soccer Coach

Carstensen, Lundie Director of Assessment & Planning

Conner, Vic Director of Information and Technology Services

Cook, Tim Men’s Basketball Coach

Cosby, Dwayne Asst. Coach, Men’s Basketball

Cunningham, Alisa Mathematics

DelGiudice, Candice Assistant Director/ Enrollment Manager


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Demchak, Teresa Admin/HR Assistant

DePreist, Jon V.P. of Academic Affairs

Dillon, Kelsey Women’s Basketball Coach

Dillon, Ryan Asst. Athletic Director/ Donor Relations

Dinkns, Titus Aviation

Donahue, Rikki Bookstore Manager

Ferguson, Kyle SID/Athletic Admissions Counselor

Gates, Lisa Communication

Gonzales, John Recruitment Specialist

Graham, Amanda Manager of Alumni Relations

Grajeda, Ralph

Hagemann, Lauren Enrollment Specialist

Haynes, Debbie English

Hemmen, Shellby Publications Coordinator/ Graphic Designer

Hilderman, Nalani History/Social Science

Hillaker, David Biological Science

Hsu, Mona Library

James, Mary Director of Finance

Jenkins, Malia Nurse

Jenkins, Steve Director of Spiritual Life

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Jensen, Robert Dean of Administration & Finance

Jones, Doug Assistant Coach, Baseball

Jordan, Christy Credential Specialist

King, Kathy History/Social Science

Lamm, Dan Recruitment Specialist

Ledford, John Assistant Athletic Trainer

Lightner, Bob Business

Lisama, Robert Volleyball Coach

Lord, Peggy Education

Lusardi, Mike Baseball Operations

Maddox, David V.P. Student Services

Mandl, Kelcie Female Resident Life Coordinator

Marriott, Danny Strategic Communications Manager

Martin, Ruth Library

Mendez, Edgar Asst. Coach, Men’s Basketball

Miller, Heather APS Office Manager

Monroy, Vivian Enrollment Specialist

Moulton, Brian Biblical Studies

Myers, Cheryl Education

Neill, Erin Enrollment Specialist


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Newell, Debbie APS Academic Advisor

Norling, Stephanie Enrollment Specialist

Oakes, Robyann Office Manager

Owen, Matthew Systems Librarian

Parks, Susie Director of Enrollment Services

Pulcipher, Brad Director of Student Life

Rhoads, David APS Online Manager

Sarnowski, Joe English

Schneider, Rufus Cross Country Coach

Smallman, Glen Male Resident Life Coordinator

Stanton, Elizabeth Psychology

Thompson, Andrew Ministry Teams Manager

Usita, Lem Biblical Studies

Vermillion, Jennifer Recruitment Specialist

Westermann, Josh Asst. Coach, Men/ Women’s Soccer

Whitten, Steve Biblical Studies

Wilson, Larry Music

Roberts, Christine Data Manager/ Event Manager

Parker, Dale Asst. Coach, Women’s Basketball

Russell, Paul Music

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


December Grads 2012 Aguirre, Robert

Ehl, Michael

File, James

Gonzales, John

Gonzalez, Michelle

Hogan, Sean

Hylander, Nikki

Joseph, Gregory

Klant, Jesus

Knapp, Sandra

Musgrove, Marisa

Norman, Priscilla

Onywera, Emmanuel

Phillips-Robinson, Brittany

Reber, Christen


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Musgrove, Marisa

Norman, Priscilla

Onywera, Emmanuel

Phillips-Robinson, Brittany

Reber, Christen

Riahi, Arash

Salomon, Andres

Sanders, Timothy

Shadrick, Amanda

Silva, Bianca

Silvera, Joella

Strohl, Adam

Thomas, Jasmin

Van Hofwegen, Ethan

December Grads 2012 Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


SENIORS Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will

strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my

righteous right hand.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Abad, Jordan

Allen, Rachel

Araujo, Daniel

Arena, Jon

Avalos, Melissa

Bailey, Tyler

Bando, Nicholas

Bariamichael, Helen

Bechtol, Jacob

Beileson, Ariel

Blackmon, Catherine

Blare, Jeremy

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013




Boettner, Sadie

Bogan, Cedric

Borchard, Charles

Brandon, Kwaminique

Bueno, Donald

Byrd, Lizzie

Conlan, Sean

Cooper, Christine

Cozzi, Alex

Darlington, Jessica

Darlington, Tyler

Dawson, Kevin

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Dollar, Erin

Freerksen, Kaley

Fuston, Billy

Garcia, Jacob

Giannetto, Aaron

Guinn, Trisha

Harmening, Alexandra

Hawley, Clayton

Heerdt, Brock

Heinze, Ryan

Hinkle, Krystal

James, Christy

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Jones, Dawson

Jones, Dylan

Kaleopa, Arlene

Keefe, Kevin

Klockmann, Naomi

Lawton, Ethan

Lawton, Heather

Loftis, Raymond

Manarte, Victor

Mann, Alex

Martis, Ezechel

Mason, Ashley


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


McDonald, Emilie

McEntee, Blaze

Mellado, Rebeka

Messmer, Kelsey

Oglesby, Brent

Park, Elise


Perryman, James

Pettigrew, Jessica

Philips, Jeffrey

Prieto, Arturo

Ramirez, Ricardo

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Rekoski, Adam Walter

Rice, Stephanie

Riley, Cameron

Robertson, Rebecca

Robles, Adair

Ross, Samuel

Rowe, Allison

Sanborn, John

Serven, Heather

Sewell, Chelsea

Sherman, Mariah

Sims, Jenna


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Sochor, Philip

Stewart, Michael

Stine, Zachary

Street, James

Sullivan, Amanda

Sweeney, Sean

Torres, Liliana

Torres-Lopez, Vanessa

Velazquez, Salvador

Way, Zach

White, Mariam

Whitten, Aaron

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Whitten, Andrew


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Psalm 13:5 But I trust in your

unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Aguirre, Richard

Aldama, Roberto

Alvarez, Michael

Bando, Luke

Barroso, David

Baxter, Christina

Beale-Wirsing, Peter

Benke, Dylan

Berend, Matthew

Berryman, Robert

Boelk, Mariah

Briggs, Malachi

Broberg, Shelby

Buell, Michael

Burcombe, Dylan

Calderon, Ruben

Cardenas, Miriam

Castellow, Rebekah

Castillo, Erik

Chambers, Calvin


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Chrisco, Caitlyn

Clark, Heather

Clayton, Erica

Corona, Rocio

Coyle, Chad

Daniel, Brittany

Davis, Jennifer

Davis, Rios

Davison, Alexa

Diaso, David

Dickerson, Derek

Downing, Joseph

Eichhorst, Taylor

Ellwood, Garrett

Elm, Michael

Flores, Victor

Foley, Shannon

Frankfurth, Matthew

Gallegos, George

Garza, Alexander

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Garza, Cipriano

Gilson, Amy

Gonzales, Zoar

Gonzalez, Christopher

Gotta, Cade

Greene, Nicholas

Griffin, Tiffany

Harder, Kayla

Harris, Monique

Hart, Sydney

Hartwick, Kaisha

Heinen, Kathryn

Henry, Stephen

Hernandez, Leonard

Herrera, Tatiana

Holder, Juliette

Hose, Mary

Hoyt, Peter

Huizar, Mayra

Irigoyen, Freddy


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Jaramillo, Aaron

Johnson, Alex

Johnson, David

Johnson, Dayna

Johnson, LauraLee

Judge, Jackson

Keckler, Sarah

Koprowski, Zachary

Lee, Chelsie

Lee, Lauren

Leonardini, Amber

Ley, Abby

Lopez, Irene

Lowery, William

Lusardi, Jeff

Maxim, Kourtney

McBride, Patrick

McClelland, John

McFarland, Matthew

McLagan, Garrison

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Mendoza, Gustavo

Mertens, Cassidy

Metzger, Nikolett

Miller, Hannah

Monzon, Fidias

Morales, Leticia

Morgan, Jordan

Najera, Michelle

Nakasone, Chelsie

Nowicki, Brooke

Olmos-Crawley, Adam

Orth, Elycia

Ortmann, Hanna

Pagniello, Stephanie

Pauly, Josh

Pewtress, Colin

Porges, Sam

Powell, Madison

Quintero, Bianca

Raymo, Timothy


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Redel, Evan

Reynoso, Kathlynn

Robertson, Bryan J.

Robles, Andrew

Robles, Eder

Rodriguez, Raphael

Rosa, Matthew D.

Ross, Benjamin

Saharan, Mandeep S.

Schimpf, Erika

Serrato, Aida

Shula, Chardonnay

Slocum, Hossanah

Slocum, Micaiah

Smith, Ruthanne

Spoelstra, Luke

Staffeldt, Breanna

Stewart, Jermani

Stumbo, Brittani

Taylor, Trevor J.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013




Triana, Alyssa

Valdivia, Juan

Valentin, Demi

Vermillion, Cody

Walker, Aja

Williams, Teanna

Yori, Kasandra

Zimmermann, Frankie

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Vianna, Leandro

SOPHOMORES Psalm 28:7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Alcaraz, Laurie

Allison, Daniel

Almeda, Tim

Aquino, Joseph

Arellano, Daisy

Austel, Joshua

Beatty, Melissa

Beltran, Mark Anthony

Booth, Bryn

Brandt, Kevin

Bridgeforth, Joseph

Briggs, Cody

Bullocks, Kendra

Bunnell, Steven R

Carbonel, Anderian

Castro, Blandy

Castro, Sandra

Christerson, Wayne

Ciubotaru, Cristian

Closs, Alexander


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Cordero, Jay Paul

Corzine, Chandler

Coundoul, Papa

Dewey, Seth

Erickson, Chad

Faulk, Brea

Flynn, George

Fontana, Emily


Galarza, Travison

Gathman, Laura-Beth

Godinez, Sayra

Groe, Matthew

Haskins, Jasmine

Haug, Titus

Hernandez, Jesse

Hernandez, Kristina

Herrera, Elizabeth

Hinkle, Timothy

Hopkins, Victoria

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Howard, Tiffany

Hunter, Alexia

Jarosin, Ashley

Jarosin, Brandon

Jasper, Elya

Jasso, Rio

Jewett, Allison

Johnson, Christian

Kanagy, Luke

Keith, Neal

Kim, Jonathan

Klem, Terra

Koers, James

Lagace, Todd

Lathrop, Jenna

Lawton, Seth

Lee, KC

Leih, John

Madison, Casey

Manning, Jessica


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Martinez, Veronica

Matias, Anthony

May, Matt

McIntire, Matthew

Meyers, Brian

Moran, Levi

Morgen, Molly

Nava-Holstien, Allison

Norman, Lindsey

Padron, Emmanuel

Parada, Mario

Parker, Melissa

Phillips, Lauren

Ragasa, Emily

Ralph, Hunter

Ramirez, Ariana

Randall, Aysia

Raue, Bryanna

Rhodes, Christopher

Robinson, Aaron

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Rodriguez, Samuel

Ryniec, Elsbeth

Santos, Nicholas

Shipley, Zach

Simmons, Brian

Simpson, Ashley

Smith, Bethany

Solomona, Sira

Spence, Alana

Strachan, Caroline

Straley, Jacob

Sutton, Tedd

Taylor, Shahri

Teters, Rachel

Thompson, Derrick

Travis, Kenneth

Vargas, Lillian

Varney, Titus

Viera, Gilbert

Visnovsky, Mike


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Wagner, Zacary

Way, Zoei

White, Isaac

Wiley, Lauren

Wolf, Kyle

Woodbury, Jack

Wray, Bryan

Bayless. Franklin

Wilson, Emily

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


FRESHMEN Romans 5:2 Through him we have also obtained


faith into this grace


in which we stand, and we


in hope of

the glory of God.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Agabe, Kazim

Allen, Phil

Amaya, Rebecca

Bando, Angela

Barnett, Hannah

Barzangi, Kawa

Beatty, Conor

Beltz, Brandan

Bethea, Zachary

Boettner, Annie

Bolling, Deshun

Borrego, Monique

Brady, Victoria

Calvert, Katrina

Camacho, Jhoan

Camarillo, Karla

Cardenas, Deborah

Casseus, Ruthzar

Claustro, Mariana

Clement, Zachary

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Coffin, Jake

Combs, Geoffrey

Cook, Amy

Degraffenreed, Cody

De Los Santos, Alexandria

Denton-Harvie, Paige

Dewey, Shianna

Diaz Quevedo, Noeman

Doehrmann, Sierra

Dombrowski, Megan

Estrada, Aleka

Everette, Mariama

Flatley, Tyler

Fletcher, Matthew

Flores, Sergio

Foster, William

Gbeblewou, Seyram

Gogue, Jeffery

Gonzalez, Joseph

Gonzalez, Raymond


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Gutknecht, Juliana

Haskell, Bevan

Hawk, Austin

Hellein, Tyler

Hemmer, Gabriel

Hernandez, Amanda

Hogan, Christian

Hood, Sarah

Hughes, Evan

Hunter, Mark

Johnston, Ross

Jones, Jared

Kessler, Sam

Landerholm, Samuel

Lopez, William

Maddox, Rachel


Mannall, Ana

Massey, Amanda

Mauch, Brook

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



McBride, Kyle

McDonald, Ryan

McFarland, Monica

McMath, Jordyn

Mitchell, Kenneth

Navarette, Jellisa

Nieto, Jameson

Nunis, Oral

Ortiz, Treeana

Parks, Micah

Perkins, Joshua

Pilot, Kelvan

Pina, Dana

Plante, Spencer

Poort, Brice

Quinones, Abigail

Quisenberry, Joshua

Reese, Garret

Riggs, Jordan

Rivera, Jonah


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Robertson, Mitchel

Robinson, Paige

Robles, Anthony

Ruiz, Jazmine

Sanchez, Ashley

Sanchez, Daniella

Schmidt, Robert

Schulze, Julie

Shelton, Jessica

Skinner, Chase Blue

Stranak, Courtney

Talbert, Kenneth

Terranova, Alex

Thurerbach, Bradley

Trim, Ashley

Trujillo, Jennifer

Uy, Rachel

VanNortwick, Luke

Varela, Mitchell

Vazquez, Cesar

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013




Woodward, Marissa

Young, Mark

Psalms 1:3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth its fruit in its season; its leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Adult & Professional Studies

Ague, Lorri Bechtle, Laila Blackburn, Fred Brizendine, Diana Brooks, Kaitlin Bubb, Larry Cano, Emily Carlson, Beverly Duarte, Orlando Edelen, Thomas Ferguson, Lori Hayden, Julie Hazlebaker, Chato Higgins, Deron Hilderman, Nalani Hukill, Sharon Kennedy, Shawn Krause, Jennie Kusardy-Jensen, Priscilla Lambert, Julie Lisama, Robert Lord, Barry Mallin, Barri Marriott, Danny Meadows, Scott Mendoza, Kimberlee Miller, Heather Moulton, Brian Munro, Yovana Muckridge, John Nash, Paula Newell, Debbie Noble-Lindsay, Bethany Pulliam, John Rhoads, David Smith, Koryn Smith, Luther Snow, Banae Sousa, Richard Stanton, Elizabeth Starcher, Ron Usita, Lem Whitman, Sashi Whitten, Steve Winne, Kathryn

History/Social Science

Aviation Breslin, Denny Dinkins, Titus Geary, Jill Geary, Steve Johnson, Jerb Menacher, Mark Vaine, Joe

Blackburn, Fred Moulton, Brian Pulliam, John Usita, Lem Vik, Peter Whitten, Steve Rohm, Thomas Jenkins, Steve

Hayhurst, Sharon Baker, Shawna Cunningham, Will DeBerg, Fred Ledford, John Library

Mathematics Cunningham, Alisa Willweber, Sara Music

Baerg, Heather Calderson, Carl James, Ronald Lightner, Bob Mason, Duane Spence, Timothy

Allee, Fred d’Avignon, Janie DeLeon, Susan Gates, James Hendricks, Terry Moody, Sarah Russell, Paul Tellinghuison, Harvey Wilson, Larry


Personal Development



Hsu, Mona Martin, Ruth Owen, Matthew

Biblical Studies

DePriest, Jon Hilderman, Nalani King, Kathy

Kitsko, Marc

Cangelosi, Josh Ferguson, Kyle Gates, Lisa Van Saun, Phillip Brooks, Kaitlin

Psychology Felan, Marcial Lord, Barry Slover, Gretchen Stanton, Elizabeth

Education DeNure, Claudia DeNure, Richard Harrell, Stacey Lord, Peggy Myers, Cheryl

Science Hanson, Mary Hillaker, David Herro, Rana Laine, Kaitlen

English Guidry, Virginia Haynes, Debbie Mendoza, Kimberlee Sarnowski, Joe

Spanish Brown, Rhonda

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


At SDCC, a strong community thrives through fellowship and friendship. A huge part of this is fueled through faculty that teach and inspire students to seek God’s will for their lives in everything they do...

Academics 46

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

APS Staff: Debbie Newall, Diana Brizendine, Lorri Ague, Dean, Heather Miller

San Diego Christian College Adult Professional Studies (APS) program welcomes a diverse student population including many Veterans. Faculty members are not just educators—they are strongly committed to each student supporting the diversity and unique learning styles of the adult learner. San Diego Christian College (SDCC) takes genuine pleasure in highlighting this twenty-year veteran of the United States Air force in this article from the Christian Examiner as one of many highly motivated Veterans pursuing their college degrees.

SDCC student creates local learning center

The Christian Examiner, January 2013 Derrick Boykins’ leadership and organizational skills have proven highly valuable in his pursuit of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. During this past academic year, he took the vision of his pastor, Bishop George D. McKinney, and established the Simmons Technology Learning Center within St. Stephens Cathedral. Working in collaboration with Mr. Boykins, the church secured the computer equipment (free of charge) and designed a first-class facility for community use. The center serves to bridge the ‘digital divide’ felt by many without access to technology by providing free computer access and training classes for all ages. In addition, Mr. Boykins developed a partnership whereby lowincome residents are able to acquire a free desktop computer after completing the introductory computer literacy course at the Center. He is responsible for creating a model community center worth emulating for other COGIC churches in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. Mr. Boykins has consistently shown his passion and devotion toward earning a degree in Christian Ministry. He has maintained a 3.98 grade point average that has kept him on the Dean’s List for most of his enrollment at SDCC while inspiring many others in the community to pursue the completion of their college degrees in a setting that supports the integration of faith and learning. Derrick has seen how the APS program at SDCC has prepared him for professional and personal success. He is self-motivated and has demonstrated leadership qualities that are an example for his peers. San Diego Christian College is proud to have another Veteran completing their college degree in the Adult Professional Studies program. San Diego Christian College student Derrick Boykins established the Simmons Technology Learning Center within St. Stephens Cathedral.

Degree Programs: The Adult & Professional Studies program at SDCC offers working adults the opportunity to complete their degree in a dynamic adult setting in the classroom or online. San Diego Christian College Adult & Professional Studies offers three degree completion programs: Business Management, Christian Ministries and Human Development. You can also work toward your degree goal through our general education program. In addition to degree completion, SDCC offers an approved California teacher credential program. Balance the complex commitments of work, home, family, school, and leisure time by attending classes one night a week or online

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Thank You to DEDICATED APS Faculty Ague, Lorri Bechtle, Laila Blackburn, Fred Brizendine, Diana Brooks, Kaitlin Bubb, Larry Cano, Emily Carlson, Beverly Duarte, Orlando Edelen, Thomas Ferguson, Lori Hayden, Julie Hazlebaker, Chato Higgins, Deron Hilderman, Nalani Hukill, Sharon Kennedy, Shawn Krause, Jennie Kusardy-Jensen, Priscilla Lambert, Julie Lisama, Robert Lord, Barry Mallin, Barri Marriott, Danny Meadows, Scott Mendoza, Kimberlee Miller, Heather Moulton, Brian Munro, Yovana Muckridge, John Nash, Paula Newell, Debbie Noble-Lindsay, Bethany Pulliam, John Rhoads, David Smith, Koryn Smith, Luther Snow, Banae Sousa, Richard Stanton, Elizabeth Starcher, Ron Usita, Lem Whitman, Sashi Whitten, Steve Winne, Kathryn


Adult & Professional Studies Growing ONLINE! Welcome to online learning at San Diego Christian College. Each course is presented in a learning module using innovative online instructional strategies allowing students the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. EGREES


gree programs offers online de ge le ol C n al aid ia ist career. Financi San Diego Chr e in your adult nc va ad u yo for you as ify. those who qual is available for ore information. e: Click here for m Programs Includ ement Business Manag s rie ist in Christian M ent pm lo ve De Human

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now? K u o y d i D

(November 15, 2012)

San Diego Christian College launches a new Associate of Arts degree program in Bloomington, Minnesota.

This innovative Associate of Arts degree called the Rivendell Sanctuary Program is an advanced liberal arts program where students apply what they are learning IN-COMM™ --withIN COMMunity. Through this unique learning model, students will be challenged to apply their liberal arts learning to the way they live their lives. They will engage in regular discussions and dig deep into the original and classical texts, and they will study the fine arts in Rome, Florence, and Venice. Students will also engage with the essential Truth of a biblical worldview in every subject and receive the tools and insight needed for success in the classroom, the workplace, and life.



Aviation The 2012-2013 Flight Competition Season was a major success for the San Diego Christian College Flight Team. SDCC Hawks placed second in the Region II competition hosted by San Jose State University in Salinas CA in January. This is an unprecedented accomplishment for the team as it has struggled for years to bridge the gap with the current reigning national champion - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University -Prescott. With a talented team and the guidance of our amazing coaches, the team was able to achieve the highest standing in school history. As a result, SDCC earned its 5th bid in a row to the National Championships in May at The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. The Flight Team’s goal to show Christ in our personal relationships with our secular competitors at Regionals was recognized, with the team winning the Red Baron Sportsmanship Award. It was an honor for our team, as it was a testament to their positive Christian impact on the best collegiate aviators in the nation. Flight Team Leadership and Coaches would like to congratulate the following pilots for their exceptional performance in the Region II Competition. Congratulations to Jenna Sims for receiving the Top Female Pilot Award. Jenna was also awarded Top Female Safety Pilot for the second time. Congratulations to Kayla Harder, runner up for Top Female Pilot Award. Congratulations to Captain Dylan Jones for placing 2nd in Power Off Landings. Congratulations to Sean Conlan for placing 1st in the Message Drop Competition. Congratulations to Michael Elm for placing 2nd in the IFR Precision Flight Event. Congratulations to Blandy Castro for receiving the Outstanding Flight Team Member Award.

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Since the National competition takes place after the school year ends, SDCC Flight

Team accomplishments at nationals sometimes go unrecognized. Last May our team flew 5 airplanes 1500 miles to compete at Kansas State University in Salina KS. At our first championship at Parks College in St Louis in 2009, SDCC placed 24th in the country. In 2010 we placed 23rd at Indiana State. The next year we took 22nd at Ohio State. Our goal for 2012 was to break into the “teens”. So imagine our delight as SDCC Hawks left Kansas State last May having placed 18th among the top college teams in America! Congratulations to team Captain Kyle Mayhugh and the 2012 SDCC Hawks nationals team for the best finish ever! One of the benefits of Flight Team is taking advantage of some great opportunities for training. Two years ago each Flight Team member got to fly a $35-million dollar Boeing 737 simulator at the American Airlines Flight Academy in Dallas-Fort Worth on the way home from nationals. This year, Coach Titus Dinkins arranged for the team to undergo Laura Beth and Dylan in hypobaric chamber

High Altitude training at FAA headquarters in Oklahoma City. The team got a chance to experience the debilitating effects of hypoxia in the hypobaric altitude chamber, including explosive decompression training. SDCC Hawks work hard to raise funds for practice and competition. One of our fund-raising efforts resulted in a new Flight Team apparel line featuring a clever “Flight Support” logo designed by sophomore Kayla Harder.Flight Team was blessed with donations to purchase its very own airplane! Revered for its landing accuracy because of its size, maneuverability and manual flaps, we purchased a cute little red Cessna 150 affectionately known as “Juliet.” Juliet will cut our training cost in half and pilots flying Juliet in the regional competition had the best scores ever. Another first for Flight Team was a practice scrimmage with Embry-Riddle and San Jose State at Lake Havasu, Arizona. It was a competitive practice that gave our nationals-bound team good experience under the pressure of competition with strong winds, but with the opportunity to learn from our competitors. The fellowship between the ERAU Golden Eagles and SDCC Hawks Flight Team was unprecedented and our guys developed a deeper respect for their amazing program and made some new friends as well. The Hawks Flight Team will be heading to the National Championships at The Ohio State University during finals week in May. SDCC Hawks Flight Team would like to thank all of our generous supporters, whose financial support is critical to our success. We cannot thank you enough for all of your prayers and donations! 50

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

2012 -2013 rship Leade Flight Team Jones

ylan Captain – D m a Te t h ig Fl Sims ons – Jenna ti ra e p O rt o Supp etto Aaron Giann Operations – iam Lowery Training – Will hael Elm lations – Mic e R lic b u P d an Sponsorship

2012-2013 Competition Team Roster

Captain Dylan Jo nes, Jenna Sims, A aron Giannetto, W Michael Elm, Kevi illiam Lowery, n Brandt, Blandy Castro, Alexander Closs, Sean Conla Kayla Harder, Jack n, son Judge, Joshua Quisenberry, Bryanna Raue, M ike Visnovsky, Rya n Wagner, and Ke nny Travis.

Coaches and Mentors

Flight Team Advisor and Head Coach – Captain Denny Breslin Coach - Titus Dinkins Coach – Captain Jill Geary Coach – Col. Steve Geary CRM Coach – Captain Jeff Satterwhite Landing Coach – Commander Sean Brennan

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y definition NIFA competition is typically anti-social. But we have discovered that you can be fierce competitors while maintaining Christian fellowship. In the world of aviation, you encounter some level of pride. This pride does not mix with the notion of socializing or even helping other teams. It is has been my experience, these past 4 years, that our team has gone out of its way to befriend other teams, even going as far as helping teams with their events because of unforeseen mechanical problems with their aircraft. I have personally been thanked for our efforts, even being thanked specifically for our team exuding Christ at each competition. For our team, it isn't only about competing well, it is about being a light for Christ in a predominately secular industry. In a culture characterized by heavy drinking and partying, our team breaks the mold. We are human enough to relate to each team, but holy enough to show them that we are different. Our hope is that our example can break traditional Christian misconceptions, so Christ will touch their hearts� - Executive Officer Jenna Sims, Office of Support Operations.

Elm laments instrument pattern 18th in the Nation

Route to Salinas


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Biblical Studies As a Bible major, I get to study the Word of God to earn a degree that I will use for the rest of my life, no matter what my vocation is. I am looking forward to fulfill God’s call for me to the ministry after college, and I know that I will be able to use all of the biblical truth I have learned. My favorite thing about being a Bible major is that I get to study the Word of God in a more in-depth way than I would ever be able to on my own or in a church setting. Between the input from my professors and my fellow Bible majors, I have been able to gain different perspectives and become grounded in what I believe. -Stephanie P.

I came in thinking that my Bible classes were going to change me because of all the knowledge I would receive. Now don’t get me wrong, the classes have changed my life, but the biggest tool God has used (and is using) to shape me have been the professors and my fellow students. The friends I’ve made while attending school here have played a monumental role in the transforming of my mind and the shaping of my life. It’s also great to have professors that pray for me and genuinely care for my soul. I would choose SDCC all over again, simply because I have met life-long friends here. At SDCC, ...teachers are very intentional about ministering to us, praying for us, and encouraging us in our walks. They not only know the material they teach, but they live it out. I think all of the Bible majors would agree that God uses Professor Steve Whitten in huge ways on this campus. He actively prays for his students and is always willing to help us, both academically and spiritually. Another professor that has played a big role in my life is Professor John Pulliam. His focus on the gospel is unreal! He is such an example both to myself and others. The two classes I’ve had with him have had a profound impact on my life. I can confidently say that I love Jesus more because of that man. -Sam P., My Story

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Biological Science Having graduated with a degree in biological sciences from SDCC, I have realized that the department has prepared me to enter the career path of which I am passionate about. While more than fulfilling the pre-requisites for the graduate programs I am looking into, I have also come to greatly appreciate the care and relationships formed with the staff of the science department and school. As I look forward to pursuing my goals, I am proud to be an SDCC alumni of the department of science and appreciate the emphasis on tying the wonderful world of science with such a strong foundation on that of the Christian religion. -Kaitlen L. (Alum / Lab Instructor)

Being one of the few seniors to have been at SDCC my whole four years I’ve seen a lot change, especially in my beloved Bio major. From the fun filled teachings of Mrs. Pratt freshman year to the challenging but rich teachings of Ms. Herro, this major has grown tremendously. Prof. Hillaker heads up what I see as the best major that seeks to discover more of God’s artwork - His creation. It’s been a blessing to be a part of this major and while I envy the future Bio majors, I’m excited for their journey to the new campus. - Jon Arena 54

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When coming out to Southern California to look at numerous schools, I felt that God gave me clarity when stepping on the San Diego Christian College campus. I felt a sense of peace and excitement, telling me this is the place for me. My experience here has been life changing. God has really brought great friends my way, ones I plan to continue to connect with for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t change my college choice for the world! I have made such amazing friendships at this school; people on and off the baseball team. These relationships I have built here will last a lifetime. Knowing people that have the same outlook on life as you is encouraging. I have been a follower of Christ for a while now, but my faith was not challenged until I got here. I have grown so much as a person coming to this school and if you want to be challenged and build great relationships then SDCC may be the college for you too. - Jeff, Senior Business Major, My Story Being in the Business Department at SDCC has really stretched me as a student. Academically, I have learned the many aspects of business operation and what it takes to make a business successful. Our professors also go beyond the surface level of teaching, and they help us understand the motivation and reasoning behind the business decisions we will be making in the future. Being a Business major has also challenged me on a personal level. Professors in our department really care about our well-being; I have been encouraged and challenged by my professors both spiritually and intellectually. The combination of spiritual and academic teaching in the SDCC Business Department displays a true model of effective education. -Dayna Johnson

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Communication This major opened my eyes to the fact that language shapes our reality, the way we think, act, and behave. I discovered that by simply changing the words that are used, individuals have the power to break down stereotypes, heal the broken-hearted, and right social wrongs. It gave me confidence to speak in front of people, and made me believe that through my words, I have the power to affect the world for Christ. The Com. Department essentially helped me find my voice. –Lizzy Byrd, Sr

Above all else, my biggest fear in life is public speaking . . . so the obvious choice was to become a communication major. I have given countless presentations to all sorts of audiences and I am always just as terrified as the first time I ever spoke. One thing that Dr. Gates always reminds us is that public speaking is not about losing anxiety it is about learning to stomach anxiety. -David Diaso, Jr


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Forensics Team The Speech and Debate Team competed with over forty universities at Spring Champs, hosted by California State University, Long Beach. After competing more than twelve hours straight each day, David Diaso, Amanda Sullivan, and Jordan Riggs were probably a bit blurry-eyed Monday morning! Amanda Sullivan—2nd Place in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking: One of just a handful to advance to the final round in this event comprised of nearly thirty speakers, Amanda earned 2nd place overall after being ranked 1st by one judge and 2nd by another in the final round! David Diaso—Finalist in Junior Impromptu Speaking: In this enormous event with over fifty competitors, David managed to become one of just a handful to advance to the final round! David Diaso and Lizzy Byrd—PSCFA AllConference Academic Team Members: David and Lizzy were inducted into the prestigious Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association’s All-Conference Academic Team “for achievement as both a speaker and a scholar.” To qualify, students must be seasoned speech and debate competitors and maintain a 3.75 or higher GPA. Of course, David’s and Lizzy’s GPAs can’t get any higher! Maintaining such academic excellence while succeeding at the highest level of speech competition speaks volumes to both students’ capability and dedication.

Speech and debate

Noteworthy Achievements: Jordan Riggs, in his very first time competing in impromptu speaking, ranked 2nd place with a nearperfect 24 out of 25 points in one of his preliminary novice impromptu rounds. The SDCC Speech and Debate Team is thrilled to have such a promising new competitor join the team! Amanda Sullivan ranked 1st in two of her three preliminary novice extemporaneous rounds! David Diaso ranked 1st in two of his three preliminary junior impromptu rounds and second in the other. He earned a perfect score of 25 points in one round and 24 points in the other two rounds! -Josh Cangelosi Director of Forensics

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English Once upon a time, there was a wee little department. They studied Sophocles and Shakespeare, Emerson and Elliot, Wordsworth and Warren. They wrote papers and poems, and they read nearly every Norton Anthology of Literature in print. They called themselves English majors. Soon their tiny ranks began to swell. As they read and they wrote and then read some more, new faces joined their classes and learned their English major jokes, English major stories and English major quirks—such as the entire department’s vigilance for the words idealism and pragmatism. And so all the little English majors were happy as their members grew into a small but mighty clan of writers and readers. I’ve loved every minute of my time as an English major at SDCC. The faculty want you to learn and succeed and are readily accessible to help you process through Beowulf or Huckleberry Finn. Our Portfolio Development class offers a unique way to workshop our very own writing and enjoy the creative projects of other students. The department is also somewhat flexible to tailor to your particular interests in literature or as a writer and editor. God has blessed me incredibly in my experience as an English major. -Alexandra H, 58

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Growing up, English was my hardest subject and I absolutely hated it. I loved reading, but I disliked grammar and writing. I can remember in 3rd grade holding back tears while our teacher assigned an english assignment. Ha! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would want to do writing for a living. When I was 16 years old I decided I wanted to be an inspirational speaker and author for young women. The last two years have been the most challenging and most exciting years of my schooling career. I have learned a lot under my English professors but, if there’s one major lesson I’ve learned it’s that writing doesn’t just flow; writing is work. Like any other major, it takes practicing the material and applying it over and over to my writing for me to improve in my craft. Even though I have moments of frustrations and even moments of doubts I continue to press on and give my best effort. As cliché as it may sound, I believe God’s called me on this path and I want to continue to improve and give my best in all my work. -Veronica M.


During my first semester, I had Mrs. King for my World History course. For the first few weeks, I experienced extreme frustration. This professor was obviously not one to give away an easy “A”. This prompted me to listen, study, and work harder than ever before. After a while, I actually became interested in the information I was being taught. It was no longer a chore. Mrs. King's passion for History inspired my interest in a topic that, up till then, had never particularly interested me. I decided to emphasize in History. Mrs. King clearly loved her students and the subject she was teaching. She is one of the most dedicated and strong people I know. I am incredibly grateful for her influence on my scholastic, spiritual, and personal life. -Abby L., My Story

I first met Nali Hilderman in her American History class. Not the easiest class to take, but she makes you work for your grade, and I’m not particularly good at memorizing names and dates to begin with. But something that stood out to me was her prayers. Every time before class, she would pray, and her prayers were so personal and heartfelt that it really caught my attention. I loved listening to her talk to God. And so when I was looking for a mentor, I decided that I would ask her. The more I got to know her, I saw what an incredible woman of God she is. God has used her so much in the past year to speak into my life and give me direction when He is trying to teach me something. And more than just talking with her on a weekly basis, the way that she lives her life is such an incredible example for me to follow. She has such a beautiful heart and goes above and beyond what her job calls for. I know first-hand that God has used her in so many ways to touch the lives of the students here at SDCC. -Kayla H., My Story

Not as popular as most but... You might know you’re a history major when: 1. You can point out all of the historical inaccuracies in Disney’s Pocahontas. 2. You find yourself correcting your non-history professors. 3. You enjoy watching the History channel...daily. 4. You imagine yourself making commentaries on history. 5. Your personal library contains only history books. 6. At the end of your freshman year, you are already preoccupied with what your master’s thesis will be on. 7. You often imagine what it’s like to be in a particular era of time. 8.Various historical figures make your list of “most admired people”. 9.Your personal hero lived over 500 years ago. 10. You observe your favorite historical figures’ birthdays and death anniversaries. 11. Your day is made by a surprise in class essay. -Ray L.

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Jambo, for me, majoring in Sports Medicine was more of a calling. My mother fell and sprained her knee when she was pregnant with me and so I decided to study the physiological and anatomical aspects of the human body. This not only enabled me to understand how to administer various therapeutic modalities at various levels but also to impact other people's lives. They say that no matter how great the buildings are, the only thing that matters is the people that live within those buildings. I love SDCC because it not only gave me a good education but also a home, role models, mentors, and friends. It broke the walls that drew me away from Christ and replaced them with those that foster God’s Kingdom. I love my college and I couldn't be more proud to be an alumni of SDCC. May God bless our college. -Emmanuel O.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

I chose my major simply because of my fascination with the complexities of the human anatomy and how God intricately designed us in a way that would still reflect his awesomeness. I definitely have days of which I wonder if this major is the right one for me but then am reminded that this is where God wants me and genuinely find happiness in helping others from a medical aspect. -Lauralee J.

Liberal Studies The first day of school is never easy, even at the age of 20. New places, new faces, and new programs are a lot to navigate all at once, but after my first day in Ed200 with Peggy Lord and Linguistics with Cheryl Meyers, I knew I had found a place to call home. Over the past four semesters, I have not only gained great insight into the world of teaching but a network of professors who care deeply about my professional and personal success. But in between lectures and exams, the Education professors never let us aspiring professionals forget that at the heart of teaching is good old fashioned fun! While other students were copiously scribbling down mathematical notations from their lectures, I was busy learning pastel techniques and how to use puppet shows to teach phonics to children with special needs. Does anyone remember the Ed department chapel where we all had ice cream Sundaes for breakfast? Priceless. No matter the field I choose to pursue in my lifetime, I know that the professional training, life lessons, and treasured memories I take with me from SDCC have had a huge part in shaping me into the Christian professional I am today. -Mariah S. Liberal studies is a major that’s full of wonder. Student’s will wonder if they can finish all their papers on time and choose just one philosophy. Professors will wonder if their students are ever going to sign up for the CSET’s. Even the parents will wonder where the thousands of dollars are going, when students walk around with unicorn sock puppets and reading the classics like Curious George and Make Way for Ducklings. In the end, however, our biggest wonder is wondering if we will be able to teach the future generations as much as our professors have taught us. -Alexander J.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Library The Library is a place of research, studying, procrastination and naps; this is the place where I work and have come to enjoy. Most people see a librarian as someone who knows (or should know) “everything” and although I was homeschooled, I am still learning. One of the things I have learned is that most people have an “image” of who a Librarian is, likewise there seems to be an “image” of who a Christian is. We try so hard to fit into that image. Just like most people think librarians shelf limitless amount of books (which we do) and sit at the desk and do nothing, people tend to think that Christianity consists of “living right” and making sure other people “live right.” We should never conform ourselves according to what other people say we should be, but according to what Scripture says we should be. A librarian works in the Library and a Christian lives not for himself, but for Christ. The life of Christianity is not a matter of fixing ourselves, but becoming who we are-- that is, who we are in Christ. - Ethan L.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

2 Timothy 2:15 - Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

“It’s the job that’s never started that takes longest to finish.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Music Being in a part of the music department is one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences I've ever had. To get your degree you must be able to tell the difference between tones. If the professor plays a note and then a different one after... You must indicate the difference in frequency. How crazy is that? But in this program I have had to stretch my talents and my mind in ways I never expected. I've learned so much more about God's gift of music through this program and I am truly grateful. - Michael Alvarez

When asked why he wanted to be in the music program here at SDCC, Brad Thuerbach simply replied, “Because I want to be the next Beyonce.” Who doesn’t Brad?


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PSALM 33:3





My favorite memories have been with the worship teams. We all get to grow and share life together for a whole year. We get to know people on campus that we wouldn't have ever have had the opportunity to connect with if we weren't on the same worship team. I have so many great memories but there have been numerous occasions where I have ended up crying because our band was laughing so hard from something someone did. Whether joking and laughing on a drive to a church or during band practice, those are some of the memories I value the most. -Zach S., My Story

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


I have had the amazing opportunity to serve on the music teams for the past two years. It has been such a great experience and has made me grow both musically and spiritually. I have been pushed to learn new things and to expand my abilities musically. Spiritually, I have definitely grown in my walk with the Lord. I strongly suggest getting involved in activities or ministry teams at SDCC. - Monique, Jr


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Broadway Nights Disney Dreams

It’s always been a dream of mine to put three of my passions together, God, music and Disney. So, months ago, I started dreaming about this show. At the time, my dreams seemed too big. I dreamed of an enchanted forest with a cool bridge I could walk on. I dreamed of the perfect Disney songs that would somehow tell a story. I dreamed of Broadway performers coming and singing in the show. I dreamed that hundreds of people would come and leave inspired. I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed… But for a girl who has had little to no real experience with directing October and producing Thursday, 11, 7:00 pm  All Tickets $5 such a show, these dreams seemed impossible. Friday, For a girl who did12, not7:00 grow in October pmup Silent Auction & Dessert $15 the world of performing arts, these dreams October 13,who 7:00loves pm  $5 Students; $10 Adults seemed aSaturday, little scary. For a girl to hide behind the scenes, these dreams Tickets: Performing Office / At The Door seemed too vulnerable. I almost lost Arts sight (619)  of my dreams in the midst of201-8763 all the doubts 2100 Greenfield Drive El and Cajon, CA 92019  and fears. My choices were to give up settle for a show that was easier to plan, or keep moving forward. So in my weakness, I did the only thing that made sense…I gave up my dreams to the Lord and decided to keep working at it unless He stopped me. Ever since then, I’ve seen His favor in every way possible. He breathed life and purpose into this production the same way He breathed purpose into my life. I can honestly say this whole process has been a dream come true thanks to Him. - Priscilla Norman, Director

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

My experience with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat was a fun one! The cast was a hilarious group of people. It always seemed like there was at least one person giggling during rehearsal. Everyone was wonderful at helping each other get ready for show times. The cast became like a family and shared many memories that I will never forget. Although the one thing I do want to forget ...Wearing the silly cow heads that gave us girls quite some grief! During the disco song of the musical, we had to wear these ridiculous outfits. I had bell bottom pants that I constantly tripped on! All I could think was, “Don’t trip and fall down the pyramid and severely injure yourself!” By the grace of God, I never fell down the pyramid. Yet, I came close to it several times, and my prayer life increased during those moments! I have heard it said, "Music is the language of the heart." I think that it is through music that we grow closer together. Despite the fact that I'm not a music major (probably should have been), I have always enjoyed the music department and all who are in it. I amvery grateful I was able to play a part in this musical. I’m also grateful for the new friends I have because of it! -Heather L.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Psychology I love being a Psychology major because I love learning about the mind, the brain, our personalities, and our whole being. We are such an intricate creation, and I thoroughly enjoy learning about how God made us function. - Rebeka M.

I wanted to get my Psychology degree because I was inspired by my brother Paul. He really could have benefited by talking to a counselor as a child; so I decided I wanted to counsel kids to help them have a healthy & prosperous adulthood/future. Since high school, many individuals have confided much personal information with me. I realized that many a times the words that flowed out of my mouth (advice given) were not my own. I knew then that the Lord wanted to use me in the field; to serve. I want to be a Christian counselor & my goal is to learn different languages so I can reach many. - Laurie A.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Spiritual Life

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

l e p a h C Working in Spiritual Life the past three years has truly been a blessing. It has been so great seeing the ways in which we as a school, and students as individuals have grown while I've been at the college. I'm thankful I was able to play a small role in that development by helping with Spiritual Life. My hope and prayer, is that as the years of the college continue, the Spiritual Life Department on campus would continue to grow and find new ways to engage students; just as we sought to do. - Brent O.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


slide and glide or stay and thrive.


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Dr.DavidJeremiahBibleConference "Rooted in God's Word"

Main Speaker: Chris Brown

Chris Brown is one of the Senior Pastors at North Coast Church in Vista, California and one of the two Teaching Pastors. Along with being on the vision casting team,and providing directional leadership for the church, he also co-teaches a preaching course at Bethel Seminary. Chris loves bringing the Bible to life with his gifts as a communicator and storyteller, but most evident in his teaching is his passion for sharing a real and authentic journey with Jesus. Chris and his wife Amy have three children, two beautiful daughters, Sayla and Karis, and a crazy son named Barak. They plan as a family to stay involved in teaching, ministries, and fishing for as long as humanly possible. Worship: Evan Wickham Evan serves as a worship pastor at Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, CA. He also leads worship and speaks at churches, retreats, and conferences abroad. Evan and Sandy lead worship with the kind of closely intertwined vocal harmony that can only come through years of ministry together with Evan fronting the band on guitar and keyboards. Evan and Sandy reside in the surf community of Oceanside, CA with their three boys Gavin, Jadon, and Hendric.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


International OutreachFestival Breakout Sessions WOMEN IN A MAN’S WORLD Becky Mann - Thailand SDCC MISSIONS STEPPING UP AND STEPPING OUT (Thailand, Vision, Costa Rica, Laos, Tecate, Rancho Sordo Mudo) MISSIONS IN MY CITY Mingo Palacios ENHANCING YOUR CHURCH SUPPORT Mark Dalton FROM THE ATHLETIC FIELD TO THE MISSIONS FIELD SDCC Athletics GOING BEYOND CLOSED DOORS Special Guests

Speakers: Phil Payne and Luke Everett

Missions Symposiums with Krista Shirley & Becky Mann

TRUE LIFE… I’M A MISSIONARY Special Panel REACHING THE POWERFUL 1% Joe Hanford from Campus Crusade Pastor Nate from PROJECT 24 REACHING THE DEAF IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES Howard & Janet Grobstein 76

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

guest bandonder for W atching W

CostaRica Missons Trip When you go on a missions trip, you expect to be the one giving. After all you are coming from the US to help, but so often I found myself being the one receiving. In Costa Rica I met several young boys. They didn’t have much, but so often they had what counts. They knew how to love a complete stranger, how to let him experience what joy looks like. One little boy, Julian, was fascinated by my camera, and he wanted to help me take pictures. After I showed him which button to push, he was ready to go. With a smile bigger than a banana he proudly captured the ongoing soccer game. He especially wanted to take pictures of his friends, and after giving the camera back to me. He posed for me. Pure Vida, Jacob B. When I went to Costa Rica, I went seeing myself as a ranger that would be doing cool and crazy things in the rainforest. But I found a love for the people and the child we worked with and that just changes your heart. I enjoyed spreading the word of God to the little ones I worked with. Being there I felt my heart was being molded and I was being broken down to become humble. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning from them and being able to be myself. It was a trip of a life time that I don’t regret. -Mayra H.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


I can safely say that the Thailand trip was the most challenging and difficult experience I've ever had. The climate, weather, and living conditions were challenging, of course‌especially those bug bites! While I was there, I received news that my brother had passed away. This made the remainder of the trip rough, to say the least. That said, I would not exchange it for anything. God taught me so much throughout that short length of time. I learned how to live with peace, joy, and complete and utter dependence on Christ through the hardest of circumstances. I also saw God use the Christian community. Many individuals in the Thailand team were used by God to comfort not only me but my family. God used the short time there to teach me lifelong lessons, ones that I continue to remember now that I'm back in the United States. That is what makes me love San Diego Christian College. God has used the professors, staff members, students, and community here in amazing ways in my life. The College has profoundly and eternally affected my relationship with Christ. I can't wait to see what comes next for SDCC! -Abby L., My Story 78

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


The trip to Joplin was a week of unexpected blessings. I really learned how The Lord provides when we simply ask Him for His will in our life. The first day after orientation with Rebuild Joplin, we were sent to Home Sweet Homes for a work assignment. The man in charge had a family emergency and could not make it. So there we were, stranded in a parking lot ready to work without a place to do it. Our team decided to head back to the Rebuild Joplin office to see if they could get us an assignment. After all, we didn’t come all this way to just sit around. While driving, we all were praying that the Lord would place us where He needed us. Within minutes we received a call to work with a Methodist group on a house. They had been praying for a group of at least five people to work with them, and boom, we were a team of five ready to serve in whatever capacity was needed. It was such a perfect match up. We met a lady from the Methodist group and followed her to the house. The house we worked on that week was in Galena, Kansas. The family we were working for lost everything in the tornado two years ago and have not had a home to call their own since. Their story was deep and impacting, but I couldn’t see past how much I wanted to see this house finished so that the four kids could return to regular life. That week we worked hard and built amazing relationships with the family and the contractor. Amazingly enough they were all Christians so we got to share in the Lord’s joy and encourage them in their position. That week we also saw the Lord bring healing. One morning I woke up with a fever and deep body aches. That morning I prayed that the Lord would heal me so that I could return to work. Within twenty minutes I felt great, my attitude changed from frustrated to joyful, and my energy was increased greatly. There are so many things that happened that week, but most of all it was such a blessed experience to be a part of one family’s story of having a home again after having such a devastating disaster take place in their lives. No matter where we are, if our aim is to serve people for the glory of God, we can do anything through Him who enables us. (Matthew 20:28; Philippians 4:19)- Breanna S.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Ra nch o So rdo M ud o Being a part of the team that went to Rancho Sordo Mudo over Spring break was an awesome experience. It was amazing to see how the kids and our team communicated and interacted with each other. When we got there, we were split into 5 different groups. These groups included dry wall, shoveling rocks, painting, cooking in the kitchen, and helping in the classrooms. At first, it was difficult communicating with the deaf children so most of us wrote on paper in Spanish to communicate, but later we picked up on some Mexican Sign Language (MSL) allowing us to interact with the kids. While we were there, we got to play with the kids as well as a Golden Retriever named Mikey who soon became everyone’s best friend. Aside from working, we had free time which consisted of playing soccer games with the kids, hiking to Snoopy rock, finding insects, bonfires, and taking late night runs to the taco shop. We will never forget the huge rattlesnake that Titus Dinkins found on a hike, Helen driving the tracker while being instructed by a deaf man, Micah’s leg cramp, Elya’s phobia of insects and heights, Brent’s Hulk moment when he broke the barrel, Jenny getting tackled by Micah, Robyann’s self-defense session, bonfire chats, and “restless” nights. In the end, the trip was a huge blessing and a great opportunity for our group to share God’s love. - Elya J., Deborah C., Miriam C., and the rest of the crew


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Vision in South America

For the past twenty years,

the VISION team has spent the first few weeks of their summer vacation spreading the message of Jesus to foreign nations around the world. Every year for a period of about three to four weeks in May, VISION travels throughout another country singing songs in the language of the people they visit and performing pantomime dramas set to music. I have been blessed to participate in the past two trips as a member of VISION XIX and XX (which ministered to Israel and Brasil respectively), and this year I am privileged to travel with VISION XXI on yet another mission trip! In Brasil last year, the team endeavored to learn proper Portuguese pronunciation as we added several songs in the native language to our repertoire. We were able to present the love of God in various churches and ministry groups throughout the country, as well as in several public schools! Throughout this three-week trip, we were able (with the help of our wonderful Brasilian translators) to share Jesus with hundreds of schoolchildren, churchgoers, and townspeople through several different venues and performances.

Trish Guinn, Vision Member

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



en and erly wom ld e h it w ts gement. eno cha f encoura o rd Donny Bu o w friendly shares a

Zach sh

ares th e love childre of Christ with n in Bra some zil.

It was a wonderful growing experience for all of us as we learned to increase our dependence on God, lift each other up, be flexible, and become His hands and feet to a country which welcomed us with open arms. As summer quickly approaches, VISION XXI is looking forward with growing excitement to a new adventure in Spain! This year we have been preparing to share the good news through songs written in Spanish, along with a few English songs and both old and new dramas. We would love it if you would keep us in your prayers throughout our trip! Pray that the people will be receptive to hearing about Jesus, that we as a team will be able to perform to the best of our ability, that our leaders and hosts in Spain will be led by God as they prepare our venues and schedules, and that all involved would be immensely blessed. Thank you all! Have a wonderful summer!

Vision takes advantage of many venues toshare. This photo shows one elementary school where Vision performed this summer.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

SALTMinistries Lead By: Jack Woodbury SALT is the hands and feet ministry of the Kingdom of God. Through prayer I chose to move the journey from downtown San Diego to downtown El Cajon. I wanted to be in our own community because it allowed us to meet the same people, invite them to our churches, and be able to be part of their lives in a fuller manner due to the closeness. We are called to impact the world as Christians but it begins in our own community. That is the vision and purpose of our group. Every Thursday night we drive down to a lost, lonely, and broken environment and bring the message of hope that is in Jesus Christ. We have seen relationships form, relationships pass, and people come home to Christ for the first time in their lives. I pray that you would consider joining the hands and feet next year. To Him be the glory forever and ever.

ForgeMen’s Ministry

This men’s ministry on campus is “a group of guys, committed to God, supporting each other and focusing on the Word. “

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Beloved’s mission is to draw girls’ hearts towards the gospel that they may grow in their knowledge of and love for God and in their love for one another, to the glory and praise of God alone. Colossians 1:9-12 For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


rooted in Christ. 86

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Values To exemplify humility in victory and dignity in defeat. To demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play. To treat with respect all officials, coaches, players, and fans. To strive to model Christ by word and deed both on and off the playing field. To serve others with a humble heart.

Life as a HAWK Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Front Row: Asst Coach Sean Sweeney, Cipriano Garza, Chris Gonzales, Christian Johnson, Luke Bando, Zac Clement, Tyler Bailey, Alex Garza, KC Lee, Rich Aguirre, Asst Coach Robert Aguirre Middle Row: Asst Coach Jeff Phillips, Jesse Hernandez, Steven Bunnell, Jeremy Blare, John Patacsil, Gilbert Viera, Director of Baseball Operations Mike Lusardi, Billy Fuston, Jeff Lusardi. Peter Hoyt, Robert Berryman, Alex Mann, Chad Erickson, Seth Dewey, Asst. Coach Greg Joseph Associate Head Coach Ralph Grajeda, David Johnson, Garrison McLagan, Dylan Jones, George Flynn, Taylor Eichhorst, David Barroso, Gabriel Hemmer, Kelvan Pilot, Zach Kaprowski, Dawson Jones, Tyler Sanborn, Nick Greene, Brock Heerdt, Cade Gotta, Jordan Morgan, Pitching Coach Doug Jones

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


2 Samuel 23:12 But he took his stand in the midst ...and the LORD worked a great victory. 90

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

M e n ’ s B a sk etbal l

Front Row: Luke Spoelstra, Raphael Rodriguez, Derrick Thompson, Kwaminique Brandon, Jacob Garcia, Andy Saharan, Derek Dickerson, Patrick McBride Back Row: Sam Landerholm, Osario Camacho, Kevin Dawson, Kourtney Maxim, Garrett Ellwood, Peter Beale-Wirsing, Brian Simmons, Jacob Straley, Kelvan Pilot, Austin Hawk

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. 92

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

W o men’s B a sketbal l

Front Row: Arelene Kaleopa, Ashley Mason, Hannah Miller, Andi Carbonel, Teanna Williams, Aysia Randall, Chardonnay Shula, Paige Robinson, Back Row: Alexa Davison, Jermani Stewart, Irene Lopez, Asst. Coach Ken Hudson, Manager Lauralee Johnson, Head Coach Kelsey Dillon, Asst. Coach Dale Parker, Melissa Beatty, Heather Serven, Brittany Daniel

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Colossians 3:23-24 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. 94

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Mayra Huizar, Allison Rowe, Deborah Cardenas, Miriam Cardenas, Karla Camarillo, Bethany Smith

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize. 1 Corinthians 9:25-27


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Emmanuel Padron, Juan Valdivia, Salvador Velazquez, George Gallegos, Jonah Rivera, Anthony Robles, Victor Manarte Middle Row: Associate Head Coach Josh Westermann, Head Coach Carlos Calderson, Cameron Riley, Jordan Abad, Gus Mendoza, Ryan Hamby, Chandler Corzine, Moses Parada, Eduardo Medina, Frank Zimmerman, Alex Cozzi Back Row: Josh Perkins, Ricky Ramirez, Leandro Vienna, Freddie Iroygen, Brent Oglesby, Emmanual Onywera, Christian Hogan, Andrew Robles, Justin Picou, John Leih, Eder Robles, Victor Flores


Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Hebrews 12:11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a


of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Alyssa Triana, Rocio Corona, Sandra Castro, Emily Wilson, Brice Poort, Elena Marquez Middle Row: Head Coach Carlos Calderson, Asst Coach Nicole Shankula, Manager Leticia Morales, Ashley Jarosin, Elycia Orth, Chelsea Sewell, Kathryn Heinen, Brittany Stumbo, Chelsie Lee, Melissa Avalos, Chelsie Nakasone, Associate Head Coach Josh Westermann Back Row: Zoar Gonzalez, Kathlynn Reynoso, Elya Jasper, Amanda Massey, and Lillian Torres

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


1 Timothy 4:8 For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


1- Aja Walker, 16-Aleka Estrada, Bevan Haskell, 5-Brittany Robinson, 13-Cassidy Mertens, 11-Daniella Sanchez, 14-Jelisa Navarette, 8-Juliana Gutknecht, 6-Lauren Phillips, 7-Mariah Boelk, 15-Megan Dombrowski, 2-Rachel Allen, 18-Ruby Lopez, 12-Shelby Broberg, 9-Stephanie Rice, 10- Terra Klem

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Romans 5:3-4 Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;

perseverance, character; and character, hope. 102

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Student Life

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Student Life!


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


NewStudent Orientation



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e




Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Santee, February 2013


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Heritage Days H2013 eritage

Heritage Days 2013 ď‚ž February 22 & 23


Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


To the Students of San Diego Christian College, As I look back on the year, as cliché as it sounds, I’m shocked at how fast time has passed. Starting with the Leadership Retreat weeks before school even started to now only a few days before graduation, this year has been a wonderful year of growth and excitement for me. I’m thankful to God for the wide acceptance of the change in name from Student Senate to the Associated Student Body, or ASB, of SDCC. I’m quite pleased with the way the year has been and even more so for the direction that both SDCC and ASB are headed as well. But by no means is this by my actions alone. First, I would like to thank God Almighty, who is more than Good and more than Worthy, the Alpha and the Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has a great plan for ASB and SDCC and I’m more than grateful to Him for allowing me to play a small part in that. Second, I would like to thank you, SDCC students, for giving me the opportunity to serve you this year as ASB President. I hope that despite my many shortcomings, this year has been memorable for you in more good ways than bad. And thirdly, I would like to thank my executives this year. Without them, ASB would be nothing. Emily, you have been a great support to me this year as Vice President and I have appreciated your honesty and boldness greatly. Brandon, your efforts behind the scenes as Treasurer have been outstanding and without your hard work, ASB would cease to operate. David, you have done an incredible job with Athletics this year and leave large shoes to fill. Mike, you have been a pillar of faith in the Chaplain position and continue to set an example both on and off campus as a Godly man. 114

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Lauren, you have done a wonderful job in Activities and I think that this has been a year of THE best activities and outings that SDCC has ever seen. Kenny, while you had quite a lot on your plate this year as the photographer for the whole college, I’m thankful for your work and vision as Communications Director. And last but not least, Jon, my roommate, and the Intramurals Director, you have operated a year of Intramurals rather flawlessly in my opinion. The strong sense of community and culture at SDCC is largely due to your efforts at creating a place where students can come and compete against each other. Also, you have been much more than just the Intramurals Director, but also a trustworthy confidant and wise advisor this year and have also exhibited true Christ-like service to me, of which I am most thankful.Before I leave, I would like to encourage each of you one last time. San Diego Christian College is heading toward great heights, and now, more than ever, there is a chance for any individual student to make a great impact on the school. Beyond that, SDCC is a great place where God is working to develop individuals to lead and serve in the world outside of SDCC for His glory. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that both SDCC and God has provided me to serve as ASB President. I am looking forward to using my experience from this past year to impact the world for His Glory.Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be Glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3: 20- 21) Daniel Araujo, 2012 – 2013 ASB President

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Trick or Treat....


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Jason Castro

“I’ve heard it said that music is the language of the soul, I think it’s something God created for our souls to be able to rejoice in.” - Jason Castro

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013




Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Intramurals Director of Intramurals 2012-2013 Jon Arena

The past two years directing intramurals has been an absolute blast. I was a little afraid that I had bit off more than I could chew when Brian Johnson handed me the reigns! Yet God gave me the skills I needed to step into the role and to do it well. I love doing both the behindthe-scenes stuff (that makes everything run smoothly) as well as being able to tell people what to do every once in a while. I’m going to miss being able to contribute to the SDCC community in this way, but I’m stoked for what director Mitchell has in store for the future. I’m also just a wee bit excited to not have to worry about anything anymore, and just go out and play sports with my fellow Hawks!

Ultimate Frisbee Basketball Volleyball

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Double Chivalry I attend a small college where this mantra is readily adopted— modified to fit the century, of course. Here we assume, “Every available bachelor must be searching for a mate.” Literally. All of them. Or perhaps even more appropriate, “Every college boy saddled with student loans must be in want of a wife (provided she too can add her own debt to the relationship).” But seriously, or maybe unseriously, girls come to our little liberal arts school to study for their MRS degree. Don’t laugh. I too thought it was a joke until I arrived here. “Ring by spring, or your tuition refunded. That’s our guarantee.” Before they renamed the little college, students teased about attending Christian Marritage College, rather than Christian Heritage. One of the student life directors used to joke that on the first day of new student orientation, we should line up all the boys and all the girls so everyone can have a good gawk and check out the prospects because that is essentially what happens the first week of school anyways. There is an inherently awkward relationship between the two genders. Perhaps because of the assumption that every single man wants a spouse and, as Pride and Prejudice informs us, “However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighborhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.” But perhaps the awkwardness stems from a sort of gap we’ve created between the sexes. Maybe it’s just me, but often times, girls and guys don’t seem to know how to appropriately relate to one another in various social contexts. We either pretend a belief in the others' nonexistence, or the opposite occurs and we dance around giggling, “I think I like you and you might like me, so let us make utter fools out of ourselves.” P&P does seem primarily composed of the latter option where women and men relate to one another around the marriage question. But I believe beyond the marriage estate, there proves a healthy and necessary way for male and female to rely on each other. Femininity helps to define masculinity and masculinity aids in the characterization of femininity. So why does it prove so very awkward to embrace chivalry and lady-likeness? Is there a way to be fully woman or fully man while single?


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

I was sitting outside our school library a few weeks ago when I played witness to an adorable occurrence. As three incredibly cute freshmen girls walked towards the double doors, a boy on his way out of the building pushed open one of the doors. Simultaneously, a young man on his way in pulled open the other glass door. The threesome smiled to the right and to the left thanking the courteous gentlemen. One of the young ladies raised a fist in girlish delight and cried, “Yay! Double chivalry.” One of the men smiled, the other chuckled a bit, and I melted right there in my seat. For the most part, Darcy and Lizzy interact with each other on an interest/disinterest basis. But when they re-initiate their acquaintance while Elizabeth is visiting his home in Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle, something different happens. Elizabeth sits alone reading the news of Lydia’s elopement until Darcy surprises her with a call. The gentleman becomes distressed by the lady’s distress. He attempts to assist her and then leaves to essentially do battle for her sister. Questions about gender roles and distorted hierarchies have plagued me a bit this semester. But the idea of protecting one another and extending courteous or even courtly attention--regardless of any romantic attachment--helps to fill the gap in the question of men and women’s relationship with each other. Whether male or female, we are each human, so it seems that the two should work together. The Darcy's of the world can open doors for the Lizzy's, and the Lizzy's can smile, appreciate and encourage in return. Just this evening, another fascinating phenomenon happened on campus. One of the boys’ dorms staged a short evening of musical entertainment and service for any of the female students who wished to attend. Cute college girls replaced their finals week sweatpants and hoodies with dresses and heels. They were met in the hallway where two nicely groomed boys met each girl to escort her into the student lounge. Some girls writhed in discomfort at the attention while others gasped, “Awwwe” and soaked it all up. As they entered the lounge, a sign declared, “Welcome, Ladies.” And watching all this commotion, I cheered, “Yay for double chivalry!”

#SDCCSLEEPIES Student body president, Daniel Aruajo helped to begin the hashstag trend, SDCCSLEEPIES when he began tweeting pics of students fast asleep. While most were caught dozing in chapel, others were caught snoozing all over campus!

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

” . D O G O T S U T N I O P N S R E U E B R K “T C A L B FRED

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


This has been another wonderful, fun-filled year in the Perch. As I think of all of the seniors that are graduating this year, I realized how many of them have found a way to crawl into my heart. I have had three years to build relationships and I will miss them terribly. But as they leave, God is bringing more students to SDCC to serve and to love. I look forward to each day as I observe how God is working and blessing so many lives. My favorite part of my day is listening to all the laughing and how the faith of God is being shared amongst each other. SDCC has a very unique atmosphere where the love of God fills every square foot. The staff and I here in the Perch have a passion to help spread that love and to serve others as God would use us. I hope you all have a blessed summer and I will be looking forward to seeing those who are returning in the fall. -Rikki Donahue, Your campus “mom�


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Alumnus of the Year 2013 Alumnus of the Year, Matthew Krause, class of 2003. As a student at San Diego Christian College, Matt was one of the first recipients of the Presidential Scholarship and played basketball for the Hawks on the NAIA Final Four team in the Spring of 2001. Matt met his wife, Jennie while attending San Diego Christian College. They currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas with their three children -Jeremiah, Hannah, and James. After graduation, Matt attended Liberty University and interned for the Liberty Counsel, a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to “restoring the culture one case at a time by defending the sanctity of human life, the traditional family, and religious liberties.” Upon receiving his Juris Doctorate, he was offered an opportunity to open up a Texas branch of The Liberty Counsel. January, 2013, Matt began his first term in the Texas State House of Representatives, serving District 93. He currently works for The Liberty Counsel in Fort Worth, Texas and serves as an active member of the San Diego Christian College Board of Trustees.

Susie Parks, Class of 1991 Alumni Director

Matt spoke during SDCC’s Chapel on Friday, February 22, 2013 to help kick off the Heritage Days Homecoming festivities. He also addressed attendees at the historical Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Santee, CA campus. I can’t wait to hear how God is using you to make a difference. Stay in touch on our official alumni group on FACEBOOK! “San Diego Christian/Christian Heritage College Alumni”. I look forward with excitement and anticipation to the future impact of the SDCC community.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


Yearbook Staff Advising and Layouts: Shellby Hemmen, Elise Reyes Editor: Naomi Klockmann Photography Contributors: Kenny Mitchell, SDCC community and families, Facebook friends, & Amanda Graham Writing: Student Body, SDCC staff, faculty, & alumni Backgrounds: Microsoft clipart, etc.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Flying is something that has fascinated many people for years. I know that for me I dreamed of flying ever since I was very young. Here at SDCC, I have been able to do exactly that. I have had so many awesome experiences as an aviation major, on the ground and in the air. It is not easy, it is expensive, and it can be very stressful at times, but it is very rewarding. Being able to fly thousands of feet above the ground has given me a sense of the beauty of God’s creation. Every time I am up in the air I am reminded of how big and powerful our God is and how small we truly are. Learning to fly has to be one the greatest things I have ever done, and I am excited to continue learning more about it. “Dude Bro, let’s go, let’s go fly” - I am Rio Jasso, an aviation major and I approve this message.

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Steve Whitten, Fred Blackburn, and Steve Jenkins have made HUGE impacts on my life. For some of his classes, Professor Whitten requires weekly journal entries. He simply asks us to write down what God is doing in our lives. During these times, I was dealing with my father passing away, my mother being diagnosed with cancer, many relationship ups and downs, work struggles and many other trials. Every time I wrote a journal, the notes of encouragement I received back from Professor Whitten helped me get through some of the hardest times of my life. Fred Blackburn has challenged me to question the norm and really dive into my faith. He has a way of teaching that either melts your brain or gets your blood boiling. ...Steve Jenkins is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. ...He is constantly praying for me, he is always checking up on me, and through the trial of my mom’s cancer, he was one of my biggest supporters. My life has been drastically changed because of God using these three men and many others from SDCC to impact me. - Mike A., My Story

Rooted in Christ 2012-2013


San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2012 - 2013  
San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2012 - 2013  

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