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“The Voyage” Our journey of being with Christ, living a life of Faith that keeps me on course with the Gospel. Working on this yearbook has certainly been a voyage! It was a great learning experience and every moment was memorable! We hope you enjoy this year’s yearbook! Molly




the world for CHRIST

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Table of Contents

Spiritual Life...................................................71 Letter from the President...................................3

Chapel Memories....................................72


Bible Conference....................................74

Honoring our Heritage, Advancing our Future...5

Missions Conference...............................75


Day of Prayer..........................................78


Team Thailand........................................79

December 2011 Graduates..............................14









Academic Departments...................................43


Academic Awards............................................44

Men’s Basketball.....................................91

Adult & Professional Studies...........................45

Women’s Basketball................................93


Cross Country........................................95

Flight Team/SAFECON.............................48

Men’s Soccer...........................................97

Biblical Studies................................................50

Women’s Soccer......................................99

Biological Science............................................51



Student Life..................................................103


Resident and Commuter Assistants.........104

Speech and Debate..........................................55

Hall Cup.................................................105


New Student Orientation.......................106


Heritage Days.........................................109


Student Senate........................................112

Liberal Studies.................................................60

Lip Sync.................................................114


Winter Banquet......................................116




Award Recipients....................................87

Junior / Senior Retreat............................119

Ministry Teams.........................................65


Broadway Nights......................................66

A Year in Review.....................................122

10 Years of Musical Theater......................67

The PERCH...........................................125

Spring Musical.........................................68

Alumnus of the Year......................................126


Thank You....................................................127 Autographs....................................................128


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Letter from the President As we ‘Ride the Wave’ on this past years “Voyage” my reflection is that it has been a great ride. This theme encompassed so many of our events from this past year. It permeated our chapels, community events, NSO, and other campus activities. I know that each of you will hold the year, days, minutes, hours through this past year in your memory. It is my hope that the pages of your yearbook will help to recall these special moments and the special people in the years to come. I have several memories that I will hold onto from this past year—the amazing Chapel’s led by our Spiritual Life Team with the new stage design; the inside-the-park homerun to open the inaugural baseball game on our campus field; and as Emmanuel says, the “legit” students and faculty that I have encountered in amazing conversations through the all the activities of our campus community. These are some of the things that will be drawn back to my mind as I turn the pages of this yearbook.   And as always I close my yearbook remarks with these words…Treasure your memories, but know that my prayer for all of you is that you will make a difference for Christ in the world and continue the tradition of service that SDC has taught us.   Serving Him,  

Paul Ague, Ph. D. President

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


San Diego Christian College was founded in 1970 as Christian Heritage College under the initial sponsorship of Scott Memorial Baptist Church (now Shadow Mountain Community Church). Desiring to “prepare Christian young people not only for relatively brief careers in this present world . . . but also for eternal service,” Drs. Tim LaHaye, Art Peters and Henry Morris sought to establish a new Christian liberal arts college, “based upon the full integrity and inerrancy of Scripture.” Drs. LaHaye, Peters and Morris believed, “the best education must be founded on the fact of God’s creation and developed within the framework of His revealed Word.”


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Advancing our Future campaign update: The city of Santee voted unanimously on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 to allow SDCC to purchase the buildings and begin the process of relocating. SDCC had been working with Santee city officials for over a year.

proposed property, Santee, CA

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Agnew, Robert Operations Manager

Ague, Paul President

Ague, Lorri Dean of Adult & Professional Studies

Baerg, Heather Enrollment Specialist

Baker, Shawna Head Athletic Trainer

Bando, Chris Athletic Director, Head Coach, Baseball

Barlow, Courtney Student LIfe Assistant

Bass, Wanda Faculty Secretary

Branch, Nanette Administrative Assistant, Music

Brizendine, Diana Program Manager, Adult & Professional Studies

Calderson, Carlos Head Coach, Soccer

Cardenas, Esther Call Center Representative, Admissions

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Carstensen, Lundie Dean of Planning and Assessment

Clark, Sarah Executive Assistant

Conner, Vic Director of Advancement

Cook, Tim Coach Men’s Basketball

Cosby, Dwayne Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

DelGiudice, Candice Assistant Director, Enrollment Manager, Admissions

Delosreyes, Vanessa Erollment Specialist

Demchak, Teresa Executive Assistant

DePreist, Jon V.P. Academic Affairs, V.P. Student Life

Dillon, Kelsey Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Dillon, Ryan Assistant Athletic Director, Donor Relations

Dinkns, Titus Manager of Flight Operations, Aviation

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Donahue, Rikki Bookstore

Edwards, Stephanie Operations Office Manager

Ferguson, Kyle SID/Athletic Admissions Counselor

Fisk, April Head Coach, Volleyball, Director of Student Life

Fisk, Mitch V.P. of Enrollment & Marketing

Graham, Amanda Manager of Alumni & Donor Relations

Hagemann, Lauren Erollment Specialist

Hemmen, Shellby Publications Coordinator, Graphic Designer

Hsu, Mona Operations LIbrarian

Hudson, Ken Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

James, Mary Director of Finance

Jenkins, Malia Director of Health Services

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Jenkins, Steve Director of Spiritual Life

Laing, Donald Assistant Coach, Men’s Soccer

Lyall, Teri Online Financial Aid Specialist, Adult & Professional Studies

Jensen, Robert Dean of Administration & Finance

Jerry, Irvin Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

Lamm, Dan Recruitment Specialist

Mandl, Kelcie Resident Life Coordinator

Jordan, Christy Credential Specialist

Ledford, John Assistant Athletic Trainer

Marriott, Danny Recruitment Specialist

Martin, Ruth Director of Library Services

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Mendez, Edgar Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

Miller, Heather Office Manager, Adult & Professional Studies

Neil, Erin Enrollment Specialist

Newell, Debbie Academic Advisor, Adult & Professional Studies

Oakes, Robyann Office Manager, Student Life

Owen, Matthew Systems Librarian

Parks, Susie Director of Enrollment Services

Pulchipher, Brad Resident Life Coordinator

Roberts, Christine Data Manager, Event Manager

Schneider, Rufus Head Coach, Cross Country

Thompson, Andrew Ministry Team Manager

Tomlin, Tiffany Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Trim, Colby Recruitment Specialist

Van Nortwick, Emily Admsissions

Yoder, Ken V.P. of Administration & Finance

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Baker, Shawna Kinesiology

Blackburn, Fred Biblical Studies

Branch, Stephen Music

Breslin, Denny Aviation

Calderson, Carl Business

Cunningham, Alisa Mathematics

DePreist, Jon History/Social Science

Gates, Lisa Communication

Haynes, Debbie English

Hillaker, David Biological Science

Hsu, Mona Library

Johnson, Mary Kinesiology

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

King, Kathy History/Social Science

Lightner, Bob Business

Lord, Peggy Liberal Studies

Martin, Ruth Library

Moulton, Brian Biblical Studies

Myers, Cheryl Liberal Studies

Owen, Matthew Library

Sarnowski, Joe English

Stanton, Elizabeth Psychology

Usita, Lem Biblical Studies

Whitten, Steve Biblical Studies

Wilson, Larry Music

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Dec 2011 Grads


Bando, Mike

Bradley, Brian

Crawford, Grace

Crosby, Rachel

Duffy, Katharine

Hall, Lauren

Hems, Hannah

Hernandez, Gus

Howard, Lauren

Jensen, Peter

Kaczor, David

Le, Sarah

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Lee, Courtney

Mason, Malia

Mathews, Amy

Penney, Aaron

Platero, Robert

Reyes, Elise

Shattuck, Hannah

St. John, Destiny

Talley, John

Waggoner, Hannah

Woodrow, Sams

Dec 2011 Grads

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Isaiah 40: 30-31

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those

hope in the LORD will renew


their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. 16

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Aguirre, Robert

Araujo, Daniel

Arena, Jonathon

Avalos, Melissa

Beillson, Ariel

Brakebill, Kellie

Brazynetz, Jessica

Brown, Joy

Byrd, Lizzie

Canty, Whitney

Carey, Krystle

Crotts, Johnathan

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Dally, Tarra

Darlington, Tyler

Del Bene, John

Dolton, Phillip

Dukes, Michael

Ehl, Michael

Estrada, Mark

Flores, Jacqueiline

Flores, Mireya

Freerksen, Kaley

Gilbert, Natalie

Gomes, Michelle

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Gonzales, John

Gonzalez, Michelle

Goodin, Julian

Graham, Adrienne

Guerrero, Francisco

Herndon, Brittani

Herrington, Lauren

Higgins, Jessica

Hogan, Sean

James, Brandon

Jensen, Rebekah

Johnson, Kristina

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Jones, Dylan

Joseph, Gregory

Killian, Elisa

Kinney, Joshua

Klant, Jesus

Knapp, Sandra

Laine, Kaitlen

Lasswell, Katie

Lawton, Ethan

Lipnick, Braedon

Lowry, Jacki

Marques-Necoechea, Dominic

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Martin, Paul

Martinez, Victor

Mayhugh, Kyle

McClurg, Alexandra

Meulemans, Kathleen

Meza, Priscilla

Moore, Jonathan

Musgrove, Marisa

Mylleville, Xavier

Neverkovec, Katelyn

Ninteman, Jeremiah

Norman, Priscilla

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Northcutt. Shon

Ogle, Katelyn

Onewyara, Emmanuel

Pascual, Christopher

Pasimio, Jared

Patterson, Brennan

Patterson, Keenan

Polvorosa, Beau

Quintanilla, Nicole

Razo, Francisco

Rekoski, Adam (Walter)

Rivas, Luis

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Robertson, Samantha

Roethler, Molly

Rossiter, Renee

Salomon, Andres

Sanders, Timothy

Seaberry, Calvin

Shadrick, Amanda

Silva, Bianca

Silvera, Joella

Sims, Jenna

Slagle, Justin

Snell, Logan

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Solis, Marco

Spiva, Shawna

Stewart, Marla

Sweeney, Sean

Thomas, Jasmin

Ugarte, Jovanna

Van Hofwegen, Ethan

Vargas, Emma

Villalobos, Melissa

Wahlgren, Jezere

Wilhelm, Jake

Wray, Sterling

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

JUNIORS Lamentations 3:21-23 Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope:

Because of the

LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Abad, Jordan

Allen, Rachel

Arvizu, Benjamin

Bailey, Tyler

Bando, Nicholas

Barimichael, Helen

Bechtol, Jacob

Bethke, Chelsea

Blackmon, Catherine

Blare, Jeremy

Bogan, Cedric

Brandhagen, Katrina

Brandon, Kwaminique

Bronson, Mariah

Bueno, Donald

Chung, Hsui-Nai (Ben)


Conlan, Sean

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Cooper, Christine

Cozzi, Chris (Alex)


Daniel, Brittany

Darlington, Jessica

Dawson, Kevin

Dollar, Erin

File, James

Foster, Gary

Fuston, Billy

Giannetto, Aaron

Harmening, Alexandra

Heerdt, Brock

Heinze, Ryan

Hylander, Nikki

James, Christy

Jiminez, Sabrina

Jones, Dawson

Kaleopa, Arlene

Lawton, Heather

Lewis, Juanita

Liddel, Thomas

Loftis, Raymond

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Manarte, Victor

Mann, Alex

Mason, Ashley

McDonald, Emilie

McEntee, Austin (Blaze)

Medici, Katarina

Mellado, Rebekah

Messmer, Kelsey

Mitchell, Nicholas

Nakasone, Chelsie

Nigrelli, Kenton

Oglesby, Brent

Park, Elise

Pettigrew, Jessica

Phillips-Robinson, Brittany

Picou, Justin

Powell, Madison

Prieto, Arturo

Ramirez, Ricardo

Raymo, Timothy


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Reber Christen

Riani, Arash

Rice, Stephanie

Riley, Cameron

Robertson, Rebecca

Robles, Adair

Ross, Samuel

Rowe, Allison

Sanborn, John

Stine, Zachary

Street, James

Torres, Liliana

Torres-Lopez, Vanessa

Velazquez Jr, Salvador

Vermillion, Cody

Way, Zachary

White, Mariam

Whitten, Aaron

Whitten, Andrew

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


SOPHoMORES 1 Chronicles 16:32-34 Let the sea resound, and all that is in it; let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them! Let the trees of the forest sing; let them sing for joy before the LORD, for he comes to judge the earth.



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Give thanks to the

, for he is good; his love endures forever.


Aguirre, Richard

Alcaraz, Laurie

Aldama, Roberto

Alvarez, Mike

Bando, Luke

Benke, Dylan

Boelk, Mariah

Boettner, Sadie

Borchard, Charles

Briggs, Malachi 2

Broberg, Shelby

Brown, Gordon

Buell, Michael

Calderon, Ruben

Castellanos, Jesus

Castellow, Rebekah

Castillo, Erik

Cavalier, Randi

Chambers, Calvin

Chrisco, Caitlyn

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Corona, Rocio

Coyle, Chad

Curson, Danielle

Davis, Rio

Davison, Alexa

Diaso, David

Downing, Joseph

Driessen, Elias

Ellwood, Garrett

Elm, Michael

Fernandez, Joshua

Flores, Victor

Garcia, Jacob

Gomez, Desarae

Guinn, Trish

Harder, Kayla

Harris, Monique

Hartwick, Kaisha

Hauser, Katherine

Henry, Stephen


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Hernandez, Leonard

Herrera, Elizabeth

Holder, Juliette

Hose, Mary

Howard, Autumn

Huizar, Mayra

Irigoyen, Freddy

Johnson, Alexander

Johnson, Dayna

Johnson, Lauralee

Johnson, Markeisha

Judge, Jackson

Kanagy, Miles

Keckler, Sarah

Klockmann, Naomi

Koers, James

Koprowski, Zachary

Lee, Chelsie

Lee, Lauren

Lopez, Irene

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Lowery, William

Lusardi, Jeff

Manning, Jessica

Martin, Aaron

Martin, Jacob

Martis, Ezechel

McBride, Patrick

McLagan, Garrison

Mellor, Thomas

Mendoza, Gustavo

Mertens, Cassidy

Miller, Hannah

Mitchell, Natassjia

Monzon, Fidias

Morales, Letcia

Morgan, Jordan

Nagui, Jackielou

Nowicki, Brooke

Orth, Elycia

Ortmann, Hanna

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Pauly, Josh

Porges, Sam

Quintero, Bianca

Redel, Evan

Reynoso, Kathlynn

Robles, Andrew

Robles, Eder

Rodriguez, Rafael

Rosa, Matthew

Ross, Benjamin

Rubino, Ryan

Salcido, Andy

Serven, Heather

Sewell, Chelsea

Shula, Chardonnay

Slocum, Micaiah

Spoelstra, Luke

Staffeldt, Breanna

Steele, Ashton

Stewart, Jermani

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Stewart, Marcus

Sullivan, Amanda

Trevino, Sarah

Valdivia, Juan

Valentin, Demitra

Vianna, Leandro

Walker, Aja

Wolf, Kyle

Yori, Kasandra

Zimmerman, Frank


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

FRESHMEN Psalm 116:1-2 I

love the LORD, for he heard my

voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Almeda, Tim

Austin, Brooks

Avila, Anthony

Baker, Jon

Beason, Jesse

Beatty, Melissa

Beltran, Mark-Anthony

Berryman, Robert

Bishop, Deborah

Bollman, Alexandraiah

Brandt, Kevin

Briggs, Cody

Carbonel, Anderian

Castro, Blandy

Ciubotaru, Cristian

Clayton, Erica

Closs, Alexander

Cordero, Jay

Dacasin, Rajed

Davis, Jennifer

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Dewey, Seth

Ebner, Jonathan

Edmiston, Desiree

Faulk, Brea

Flynn, George

Fontana, Emily

Freeman, Grant

Galarza, Travison

Gathman, Laura-Beth

Gonzales, Branden

Gonzalez, Zoar

Gorali, Riegel

Groe, Matt

Hardison, Andrew

Haskins, Jasmine

Hopkins, Victoria

Hygh, Matt

Jakubowski, Stephen

Jarosin, Ashley

Jarosin, Brandon

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Jasper, Elya

Jasso, Rio

Kanagy, Luke

Kelly, Gabi

Kessler, Sam

Klem, Terra

Lagace, Adelard (Todd)

Lawton, Seth

Lee, KC

Leih, John

Ley, Abby

Martinez, Robert

Martinez, Veronica

May, Matthew

McIntire, Matthew

McKenzie, Chantelle

McLagan, Raymond

Metzger, Nikolett

Michaelson, Lacey

Mitchell, Kenneth


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Musgrove, Terra

Navarro, Eveyln

Neal, Rebecca

Ouedraogo, Samuel

Paniagua, Laura

Perez, Tyler

Phillips, Lauren

Plouffe, Colen

Quick, David

Ramirez, Ariana

Ramirez, Rigoberto

Raue, Bryanna

Robinson, Aaron

Rodriguez, Samuel


Roth, Tyler

Ryniec, Elsbeth

Santos, Nicholas

Shannon, Monique

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Shipley, Zach

Singleton, Stephen

Slocum, Hossanah

Smith, Ruthanne

Solomona, Sirarotoga

Stewart, Dominque

Stokes, Chasmin

Sutton, Tedd

Svendsen, Joelle

Talley, Maggie

Teters, Rachel

Visnovsky, Mike

Wheeler, Carmen

White, Isaac

Whitmore, Lucas

Wiley, Lauren

Wilson, Emily

Woodbury, Jack

Zezueta, Genesis


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Academics Adult & Professional Studies Ague, Lorri Bechtle, Laila Blackburn, Linda Bonura, Sandy Brizendine, Diana Cano, Emily Dunn, Rick Fisk, Mitch Hayden, Julie Hazlebaker, Chato (online) Higgins, Deron Keckler, Maria Kennedy, Shawn Krause, Jennie (online) Krause, Matthew (online) Kusardy-Jensen, Priscilla Lambert, Julie Lisama, Robert Mallin, Barri (online) Meadows, Scott Mendoza, Kimberlee Miller, Heather Munro, Yovana Newell, Debbie Shamoo, Farah Smith, Koryn Sousa, Richard Speers, Michael Wilbourn, F Winne, Kathryn Aviation Breslin, Denny Dinkins, Titus Menacher, Mark Turok, Jack

Carstensen, Lundie Vice President for Academic Affairs

Biblical Studies


Blackburn, Fred Moulton, Brian Pulliam, John Usita, Lem Vik, Peter Whitten, Steve Rohm, Thomas Jenkins, Steve

Baker, Shawna Cunningham, Will DeBerg, Fred Eggleston, Kevin Johnson, Mary Woods, Antoine

biological Science Bones, Jeff Hanson, Mary Hoesch, Alicia Hoesch, William Hillaker, David Business Baerg, Heather Calderson, Carl James, Ronald Lightner, Bob Whitman, Sashi Communication Cangelosi, Josh Ferguson, Kyle Gates, Lisa Van Saun, Phillip Brooks, Kaitlin English Eastin, Schuyler Guidry, Virginia Haynes, Debbie Sarnowski, Joe History/Social Science DePriest, Jon Hilderman, Nalani King, Kathy

liberal studies Harrell, Stacey Lord, Peggy Myers, Cheryl Library Hsu, Mona Martin, Ruth Owen, Matthew Mathematics Cunningham, Alisa Willweber, Sara Music Allee, Fred Branch, Stephen Gates, James Martin, Caren Styler, Ruby Tellinghuison, Harvey Tolvo-Chan, Michelle Wilson, Larry Personal Development Fisk, April Psychology Felan, Marcial Lord, Barry Slover, Gretchen Stanton, Elizabeth Spanish Brown, Rhonda

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Academic Awards President’s Award Daniel Araujo and Emilie McDonald

Valedictorian Katharine Duffy

Heritage Award Jake Wilhelm and Grace Crawford

Junior Color Bearer Alaxendra Harmening

Th a n k Yo u

to ou r fa ithf ul an d ca ri ng Facu lt y!

The mission of San Diego Christian College is to engage Christians in an academic community that offers a liberal arts education, promotes an environment of scholarship, and fosters the examination of truth, preparing them to influence the world through Godly character within a framework of the authority and inerrancy of Scripture.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Adult & Professional Studies


The Adult & Professional Studies program at SDCC offers working adults the opportunity to complete their degree in a dynamic adult setting in the classroom or online. Find your purpose, pursue your passion!

• One class per week or online ff: APS Sta Brizendine, iana ewell, D ue, N ie b b g De Lorri A eri Lyall ,T r Miller Heathe

20 ians 3.


What APS Grads are saying: “It may be my name that is on the diploma, but we graduated as a family! Thank you for providing a way for moms to reach goals and dreams too!” - Amber

• Earn your college degree without putting your life on hold • Real life applications • Continuous enrollment

Degree Programs

San Diego Christian College Adult & Professional Studies offers three degree completion programs: Business Management, Christian Ministries and Human Development. You can also work toward your degree goal through our general education program. In addition to degree completion, SDCC offers an approved California teacher credential program. Balance the complex commitments of work, home, family, school, and leisure time by attending classes one night a week or online in convenient five week modules.

Business Management Christian Ministries Human Development

“I achieved one of my greatest goals, graduating from SDCC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at the age of 45. Was I nervous going back to school at such an advanced age? You bet I was. As an adult student in the APS program you learn relevant, real-world knowledge. Students literally take knowledge gained in class and put it to use the very next day in the workplace. It does not get any more relevant than that.” - Frank

Teacher Credential

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Aviation the skills necessary to attain a career in professional aviation while gaining a solid foundation in biblical knowledge... serve Christ--whether with a missionary aviation organization, through the military or commercial aviation.

This was a year of change and growth for our Aviation Department. It was our first full year with the missionary pilot loan forgiveness program which has helped increase the enrollment of missionary pilots to nearly 50%. Our largest freshman class ever swelled our department to over 40 aviation students. Our Flight Team competed at the NIFA Regional Championships at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott AZ and earned their fourth invitation in a row to the national collegiate flying championships at Kansas State University this May. Our most noticeable change is the purchase of Jean’s Flight Training by Eamonn and Deanne Powers Captain Denny Breslin which shall henceforth be known as “SDCC Aero”. This has been another Director of Aviation exciting year with great enthusiasm for the changes God has planned for our school. We are deeply committed to serving Him and the key to doing God’s will in aviation is having fun and doing it safely while expanding our borders and preparing for the future. In a comprehensive feature article about our flight program on the front page of the San Diego Union Tribune December 8, junior Jenna Sims summed up the essence of our focus: “...prayer and faith are part of every trip. That’s really the foundation for our whole program.” -Denny Breslin


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Hawks Flight Team

The Flight Team is our precision competition team and although we’re one of the smallest teams in the country, we’re very proud of our results. Last May we flew 5 airplanes 2200 miles to Columbus Ohio to compete in our 3rd national collegiate flying championships. The first 4 days were rained out but we were able to finish the competition and SDCC scored 22nd in the country out of 33 competitors. Almost as exciting as the trip to Ohio State University and the competition, was the long trip back around thunderstorms, rain showers and and strong, turbulent winds. Our pilots ended up diverting to 3 different airports on the flight from Branson MO to D/FW the night of the devastating Joplin MO tornado - a tribute to the excellent training and skillful decision-making skills exhibited by our national competitors. Another highlight was the tour of the American Airlines Flight Academy where each of our pilots was given the opportunity to fly the $30 million B-737 simulator for nearly an hour before heading home for San Diego. This year our pilots won their fourth bid to the national college flying championships by scoring high at regional championships in Prescott AZ at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University last fall. We’ll be sending our precision flight team to Kansas State University for competition starting May 14. We would like to thank all our donors and acknowledge the hard work our pilots did to earn the money required to pay for practice flights and competition.

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


SAFECON Bryanna Raue won the Outstanding Team Member award.

A group of SDCC aviators have a quick meeting.

Will Lowery takes a break to smile for the camera


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Jackson Judge and Chad Coyle refill after the Navigation Event.

Senior Jenna Sims wins Top Female Pilot Award!

John Crotts and Paul Martin display their awards after the NIFA Safecon Banquet.

The Hawks in Action!

Paul Martin and Sean Conlan ready for takeoff.

Kyle Mayhugh and Dylan Jones perform in the CRM event at Safecon.

Niner One Echo is put away after a tough day of competition.

Penguins Kayla Harder, Laura-Beth Gathman, and Rio Jasso experience the cold weather of Prescott, AZ

Hawks Precision Flight Team represents their awards dressed in their finest.

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Biblical Studies ...inspiration of the Word of God... ...human abilities cannot cope with life apart from the Holy Spirit’s Divine enabling... ...integrate the Bible into all areas of life.. ...the student who relies upon God’s help will be successful...

Blackburn, Fred Biblical Studies

Moulton, Brian Biblical Studies

Usita, Lem Biblical Studies

I like being a Biblical Studies major because I get college credit for doing what we are all called to do! - Sean Hogan 50

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Whitten, Steve Biblical Studies

Biological Science

Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:

Top Biology Graduates

Kaitlen Laine Katelyn Ogle Woodrow Sams


of scie their love . own for d n n k ie e fr ar r er r. Hillak an old, yet familia tt and D Mrs. Pra e they pose with Her


It gives me a deep understanding of God’s Wonderful creations - Krystle Carey

Sciences provides an education preparatory to

I like being a Bio major because I know it will eventually allow me to be a doctor and help people - Maggie Talley

graduate school and/or careers in science education or biology-related occupations.

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



l on, Car Calders ess Busin

It integrates Christian values into the business world. – Dayna Johnson

Founder Tim LaHaye an sophomore d Dayna Joh nson

...knowledge and skills rooted in integrity and ethics...dynamic, Christ-centered careers in business... Lightner, Bob Business

Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:

Outstanding Business Student Sarah Le

Business Capstone Team Award Michael Ehl Ethan Van Hofwegen


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Communication seeks to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication, the symbol systems by

“We are intentional every day about developing our students in all the important ways—

heart, mind and soul.” - Lisa Gates,

Department Chair which it functions, the environments in which it occurs, and its effects.



J ndon a r B r o ni

It teaches me how to listen, how to express myself both in writing and speaking and how to persuade people of the truth. I have no doubt that it will be invaluable to my future.- Lizzie Byrd

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:

Outstanding Achievements in Speech and Debate:

David Diaso

Jacob Bechtol

Outstanding Students in Communication:

Kathleen Muelemans Katie Duffy Samantha Robertson Elizabeth Byrd

Lambda Pi Eta, Psi Sigma National Communication Honor Society Inductees


Katie Duffy

Samantha Robertson

Adrienne Graham

Courtney Lee

Kathleen Muelemans

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Forensic Speech and Debate Team fo· ren· sic –adjective

1) pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and formal debate

In the News: February 2012

The SDCC Speech and Debate Team competed in one of the largest, most competitive collegiate debate tournaments in the country last weekend among some forty-plus universities: the Sunset Cliffs Classic at Point Loma Nazarene University. Below are some of SDCC’s awards and noteworthy accomplishments: Awards

Broberg/Grant Freeman both won their final rounds in the Junior Division after forsaking more traditional argumentation to run “performance” debates, in which the debaters perform, or act out, their advocacy to their audiences. Out of 30 possible points for only the most excellent speaking, Tarra earned 27.5 points, Zachary earned 28 points, and Shelby Broberg earned 29.5 points! More importantly, their creative argumentation became the talk of the competitors and judges! The topic was “America should reduce the deficit of trust between Wall Street and Main Street.”

Jacob Bechtol—Finalist / 5th Place in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking David Diaso—Finalist / 3rd Place in Novice After Dinner Speaking (Speech to Entertain) David Diaso—Finalist / 4th Place Congratulations to these students! in Novice Impromptu Speaking I applaud them for having the courage and endurance to Noteworthy Accomplishments voice their ideas at this grueling tournament of the mind, which In the final round of Impromptu ran over twelve hours on Saturday! Speaking, in which there are three judges, David received First Place Best Regards, and 25 points (a perfect score) Josh Cangelosi from one judge and a perfect 25 Director of Forensics points from a second judge as well. New SDCC teams Tarra Dally/ Zachary Stine and Shelby

id Diaso, Dav

Stine, Zachary

Tarra, Dally

Broberg, Shelby

Bechtol, Jacob

t Freeman, Gran

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



“If I could give anything to my

students it would be a

love of learning; it creates and sustains potential.” - Joe Sarnowski

Winning entry in poetry for the 2012 Dr. Paul Ague Writing Contest The End of Certainty by Danielle Curson The great ship looks small among the rocky crags. The sails appear beggars, the decks are lonely. The Navy-straight masts jut upward like bones Into the black well of the ocean’s passing deep. Cruel sweetness! Morbid love Acknowledgement To seduce the sodden planks! To lure them alone and un-make this ship of Completing EN 421 In your soft, deceitful hands! Michael Dukes Unless the builders build like your Maker, Their labors are in vain. Wood washed away by the strength of the smooth-speaking waters. She sleeps as if awake on wind: The chaises still lounge on deck, quiet and cold; Dining tables, nailed to the boards still remain Though the silverware has been pilfered by a watery thief. Unstolen is a lantern’s light, saved by glass. Gentle sea left the lone beam In a lantern hung inside, Marking where the darkness clouds into blue. Once a beacon in evening, now a fading flicker in the current. The lantern remains while the boards turn to grey. Then, light extinguished by the ocean’s sweet kiss; The ship waits steadfast while all other worlds list. 56

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


History/Social Science examines the structure, history, and management of human societies.

Nali Hilderman, Dr. DePriest, and Kathy King are the fascinating and dedicated staff of the History Department at SDCC

History is philosophy teaching by examples. ~Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:

Top Senior Elise Reyes Jake Wilhelm

Research Award Braedon Lipnick

e e ar t w e u Sinc g abo e r in talk RY, he l O HIST istorica h is a o of t pho iest! r DeP


Top Grade History 300

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Christen Reber


I love studying Kinesiology because it is so hands on! -Hannah Shattuck

the study of



Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Liberal Studies

Being a Liberal Studies major is a lot more than learning how to teach. In the Liberal Studies department, we become a family, learning to support one another as we take the CSETs, observe, and navigate the waters of teaching. We’re not just thinking locally or nationally, many will go on to be missionaries

Liberal Studies

prepares future teachers!

throughout the world. This is where we start. We’re going to be a part of many student’s lives in the future, and our professors work hard to make sure we understand and are ready not for only the Christian teaching world, but public schools. The Liberal Studies professors love their students and work hard to keep us on track- their love for teaching is contagious.

Congratulations to Award Recipient

Nicole Quintanilla

for Outstanding Future Teacher 60

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

~Molly Roethler


“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers,

a librarian can bring you back the right one.” – Neil Gaiman


I have travelled miles on Internet Have knocked on doors of thousands data entries Have reconnected hundreds of hidden links Searching for my beloved Info Yet as my midnight candles burning hot and high I was compelled to reach I was rescued at last by my Library Website My best grades and highest points Like a shining Knight dashed to my sight I was lost in the jungles of knowledge Loud and clear Trapped helplessly in millions of .coms Bright and kind It fulfilled my dream At last I found my beloved Info In my Library website.

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


“You want weapons? We’re in a library!

Books! The best

weapons in the world!” – The Doctor (Doctor Who)

And further, my son, be admonished by these: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

.......But what rewards await! - King James 2000 Bible

Cite your sources: Author’s last name, First and Second Initial. (Year). Article title. Journal title, volume, page numbers. Retrieved from [journal homepage URL] OR DOI Example: SDCC / SCS LIbrary. (2012). What a great year, 2011-2012, at SDCC! Your library loves you, 7, 12 - 24. [Retrieved from ]


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Music Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:

Outstanding Musical Theater Major and Amanda Graham Service Award Justin Slagle

Worship Leading Award Amy Mathews


n Wilso

en to v i g e r ents a l a t l other na e o n s r o e P fn lory o g e h t us for . Christ s u s e J than

I get to learn a language only a few other people know - Malachi Briggs

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


REcitals Mike Alvarez

Emilie McDonald

Amy Mathews


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Amanda Shadrick

Brennan Patterson

Jared Pasimio

Ministry Teams Re s w, l o f er Ov

a n d Di s c e r n ol ve

DISCERN ann, i Klockm , m o a N . illion Norman dy Verm o C Priscilla oss , n to gs, Ben R arring Lauren H wn, Malachi Brig Bro Gordon

Equipping, Training, and Developing Christ – Following Leaders at San Diego Christian College.


Nikko S an Sam Po tos, Dayna Joh rges, an d Paul M nson, artin

RESOLVE Brennan Patterson, Moniq ue Harris, Riegel Gorali, Mike Alvare z, Demi Valentin, Logan Snell (no t pictured)

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usic p

t of M

men epart

m pm pm pm

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m 7:30 p m 7:30 p

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... 7:3

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..... 7:3

ct. 13 ay, O & ct. 15 ay, O Saturd 0pm 7:3

:30 pm

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.... 7:3


:00 pm ...... 7 .......... ..... 7:00 pm .. m .......... ...... 7:00 p m .. .......... ....... 7:00 p m .. p .. 0 .. .. :0 .. 7 .. pm .......... .......... pm & 7:00 ...2:00 :30 pm ...... 7 l ........ ecita m 4:00 p .. .. .. .. ...... .......... 0 pm :3 7 .. ...... ert .... Conc :30 pm ...... 7 .......... .. .. .. .. l .... hape s pu C llege o r Cam Lowe Christian C Drive ld go n Die 00 Greenfie A 92019 21 jon, C El Ca



14 , Oct. Friday & Dessert :00 pm nce 7 on Aucti , Per forma pm n 6:00


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Celebrating 10 years of excellence in musical theater at SDCC! 2002 You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown 2003 Fiddler on the Roof 2004 The Sound of Music 2005 Beauty and the Beast 2006 Little Women 2007 A Year with Frog & Toad 2008 Cinderella 2009 The Mikado 2010 Snoopy!!! 2011 The Fantasticks 2012 Oklahoma!


Ride the Wave 2011-2012


10 years Celebrating ater at SDCC! in musical the

of excellence

merstein’ s

Rodgers and Ham

presented by ristian College San Diego Ch of Music Department


Spring 2012

, 29, March 22, 24 7 pm


March 31

2pm and 7pm


hapel 92019


The Musical for 2012 was Oklahoma! starring Mark Anthony Beltran, Desarae Gomez, Rachel Davies, Ariana Ramirez, Matt McIntyre, Justin Slagle, David Hillaker, Patrick Gates, Lindsey Davies, Amanda Graham, Jennifer Brown, Mike Alvarez, Donny Bueno, Hossannah Slocum, Reigel Gorali, Malachi Briggs, Andres Salomon, Josh Branch, Abigail Ley, Trish Guinn, Lizzy Byrd, Molly Quezado, Katie Quezado, and Heather Lawton

Oklahoma! was the first musical written by the team of Richard Rodgers, composer, and Oscar Hammerstein II, librettist. The musical is based on the Lynn Riggs’ play, Green Grow the Lilacs, set in Oklahoma Territory just after the turn of the 20th century. 68

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



I nee go w d to rite pap my er!

human behavi emotion or s, thought s and ac tions... stud y psych is to stu ology dy of G od’s crea tion

Stanton, Elizabeth


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

I love exploring the different areas of the human mind, the facets of personality, the motives behind behavioreverything! I’m a very social person, and learning how to better understand the people I interact with is a very exciting experience. – Trish Guinn

Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:

Global Servant Leader Award

Spirit ual Life

Whitney Canty

Adrienne Graham

Brittani Herndon

Kaitlen Laine

6 building blocks:

Aaron Penney


Katharine Duffy

Malia Mason

The Local Church Student Ministry Opportunities The Day of Prayer

Hannah Shattuck

The David Jeremiah Bible Conference

Destiny St. John

Missions Conference Lauren Hall

Lauren Howard

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




s e i r o m e M l hape

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Bible Conference

v id D r. D a

J e re m


ia h

of living


a life of Fa

rist, g with Ch ey of bein spel. Our journ urse with the Go co on us s that keep

CE N E R E F 011 E CON v id Dr. Da


ia h

BIBL OCTOBER 3, 4 & 5, 2 San Diego


ampus College C

ne d has do ers x, AZ an McWatt ved as in Phoeni ntains, ser grew up and cWatters vada Mou ps Ne m rra Ca Darin M n the Sie ristia work in Lake Ch He lives missions of Hume Institute. Director en ilderness and Nextg the Program of the Joshua W e Teaching der n is th un is fo e he esa. Dari is th where Costa M Beach, CA urch in ng those Ch pli in Long sci or di rb d an ROCKha uipping to his Pastor at about eq en married passionate He has be children; extremely act with. have four into cont and they ars ye he comes 15 non, for wife, Shan d Will. k, Lily an Jack, Han

g Darin


ve Sah t tee Da




d is datory an e is man irement for qu Attendanc re el le to e chap part of th ts. If you are unab u en h yo ALL stud esday, October 4t Tu pp A eals el attend on “Chapel ULE pus Chap plete the e and SCHED atters wer Cam must com ed on the websit ce. arin McW er 3 - Lo D ob d ct an O at ow en – Overfl Monday, Form “loc ior to the confer on One and pr neral Sessi it se Ge proces d submit 10:00am al will be by email if Center atters pe ip cW sh ap M or in W ur Yo ed and Dar er 4 tifi z ob no he ct nc O here be Sa Tuesday, o – Adam anted. T y, you will Session Tw ion is gr da General ur exempt credits on Tues ssion I yo Se 9:00 am ut ko s el ll Brea atter chap d two in McW Dining Ha 11:00 am will four ssions an se Lunch – z and Dar II he l nc on ra Sa pm ssi ne Se am 12:00 Breakout ree – Ad (two ge Session Th Courtyard 1:00 pm sessions). General ry Q– breakout LT Minist unity BB 2:00 pm 5:00 pm 6:30 pm

Comm with SA homeless Feed the

er 5 ay, Octob Wednesd 10:00 am





mpus Ch

/ Lower Ca

solve Four – Re

atters in McW and Dar

will . Topics anhood, spel In . . is The Go Womanhood / Mthe U sessions ic, w BREAKO this year’s breakout Le hip, Mus on explaining ho riety of ers ad a va e for ships, focus by ll em ion wi led th lat s e on Re ll be Th e and wi Life. Sessi m Sports, range fro d The Christian these areas of lif all an Culture n be lived out in rs. de Gospel ca community lea d school an

UTERS! COMMhick-fil-A


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

C r lunch FREE fo be served will

vilion in the Pa ers! mut for Com

s d cc . e


in t e r n at io Jan. n 25, 26 al outre , 27 2 0 12 ach f es t

iva l This fe stiv with sp al will featu Required re four eaker D gen R. breako for SDCC ut sessio CHUCK LA eral sessions WLESS ns with Students. , global Gener mission and al Ses aries! Shadow sions will b e locate Moun tain W d in th orship e Attend Center ance to the enti re confe m an rence is datory There ar e a tota .

mISSIONS Conference

l of six possibl attendi ng have e chapel credi ts. your ca rd stam In order to rec ped at s will on each ses eive ly be located sion. at sdcc. granted throug edu prior h th to the co e appeals for m nferenc e.

credit for

Exempt ion


NUA RY 2 Krochet 6! Kids Tecate · Urb Bible In ana st Jesus T itute M ribe · issions Salt · Opp. Service Learnin g

BRE AKO (“Taki UT ng THU the Gospel to…SESSIO ” 1 Cor NS RSD 11:00 AY, JAN . 9:19-23) A doze UA A M AN n brea kout se D 1:0 RY 26 globe sp ssions 0 eaking wi P th M Missio on a wi world na de

. ries fro range of m acro topics 1. The ss the that wi Startin ll impa g Poin 2. Hav ct your t: Bein ing the g Amaz Se ns ed itivity (Mark by Jesu of, and 5:21-3 s (M ar Being 4) 3. Balan a Nobod k 1-5) cing Pr y for, Je ivate D (Mark sus evotion 9:2-29 with Pu ) 4. Giv blic M ing It Al ission l Up to Gain It ABO Al l (M • Ger UT O ark 10 ald Lawt :17-31 UR SP ) on - N • Keith ative Am King CHU EAKER erican Institu CK L s Domin te in Yo ican Re AWL uth Im • Dr. C pu H pe bl ESS oward ic, Hai ratives huck La & Jane ti , M wl ex ess ha in man t Grobs ico, Mexic s served tein - Ra y di o the Lo • Shell ncho So Presiden fferent roles rd ie Bowm . He is rdo M t for G udo, an - St lobal Th th for th Domin udents eologica e Vice e Inte ican Re Intern rnationa l Adva • Erio pu in this at bl io nc ic, Nic l Miss nal, C n&M e positio He has aragua osta Ri missio ion Bo elodie n he he • Cor also serv , Fiji naries ca, Dielli ard; i Gerva lps to are well - Alba ed as D and Ev si - Indo ensure nia trained • Arne ean of angelis that nesia the Billy as they & m at So church go over Graham uthern • Tony Carolyn Halv es, auth seas. Se Sc ar m & so ho or inary, n - Ro May La ol of M ed six Lawles was th • Bill mania s comes sa iss books, va io th e ns & Tam lead Pa and m to us as the go my McK - Laos sto uch m • Alan spel wi one wh eever ore. D r of two th the & Sand o activ to do Utah r. lost an y Whi ely shar • Th the sam d enco te - Tu ailand es e. H urages rkey with co Team • Joy others llege stu e has a passi Hill-tr Le on ich ibes de for wo with hi tfuss nts so rking Sport be read m as he Q y to di uest visits SD alogue CC in Januar Come y!

s d cc

. e du San Die

go Ch



e  210 0


field Dri

ve  El Ca

jon, Ca


expect ing to hear fr your C om the hristian Lord an Inte wor and affe rnational Out ld view stretc d have hed. T reach Fe cts your he a confl chapel attend stival is requ ired ict you ance. Appea must If yo ls form located complete th u have e Chape on the SDCC l web sit e.


 (619) 201


Join us

du INsdcTEc.eRN 


y 25, 26

, 27, AL OU for our 31 st 2012 an TREAC H FEST nual IVAL


Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


oyag e “The V


aith life of F el. ving a hrist, li with the Gosp C h it w e n cours f being urney o at keeps me o Our jo th

1 0 2 . 2 4.1

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


“The first time I went to Thailand, I went seeing myself as Indiana Jones and doing something really cool and crazy. But I found a love for the people and that just changes your heart.” -Cameron Day (alum)

“They told me how to say ‘hi’ but the first day in the village was awkward. I walked by some kids and said ‘dablue,’ and they started laughing at me.” -Daniel Lamm (alum)

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


The Karen [Kuh-ren] are one of seven tribal groups from Burma (Myanmar) which is located in southeast Asia. The minority ethnic group

makes up about 7% of the population of Burma, and lives mostly in remote jungle areas and small villages. The sixty-three-year-long civil war that is taking place in Burma is officially the longest civil war in history. Since 1949, the Karen have been a target for government soldiers who persecute all minority ethnic groups, killing men, raping women, and destroying villages, forcing tribal people to leave their homes and flee into the jungle to hide.

The Karen people have little opportunity to go to school, receive medical care, or escape poverty. Recently, there has been a few organizations developed to help them with these needs, but the majority of Karen have yet to be reached by humanitarian agencies. Adrienne Graham wrote an auto-ethnographic study which examined cross-cultural interactions between Karen and American individuals in Thailand and through narrative proposed a nonverbal dialogic communication theory.

Below are just a few highlights of her paper: •

Over the course of two years, I have been able to spend three and a half months with the Karen, developing unique relationships with Karen villagers with whom I was unable to verbally communicate.

Further, no matter how much I describe events, feelings and situations, no amount of storytelling is going to do my experience in the village justice.

Nevertheless, I tell our story, the story of the Karen and I, because I want it to change the way people • view others who are not like them, I want it to change the way people live.


The small, twenty-four family village is only around half a mile wide, just large enough to perch atop the • foothill of the taller mountain that grew up like a tumor on the south side. Grandpas sit on their porches and smoke their pipes peacefully among themselves, and grandmas sit in groups and chew Bettlenut, a type of nut that makes their mouth turn red and their teeth fall out. Mothers openly nurse their tiny children, weave

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

ham ne Gra ACL n ie r d A 012 s) 011 - 2 2 e ibrarian h L t n is ia t Chris er! tion of ia c o rd winn s a s w (A A h c Resear colorful bags and clothing for their families or leave for the rice fields with a basket slung over their backs, and carrying dangerous looking machetes. Fathers smoke and talk quietly with each other, seeming very macho as they, too, head off for a long day’s work. Teenagers gather together and talk gaily, giggling at each other’s jokes; friends take walks while holding hands, people in general are in good spirits. It didn’t help that I slept in a large room that had no front wall, just the open porch attached to it, where Karen people who walked by could look inside and see me sleeping. I couldn’t remember how many times in the past week I just stopped what I was doing and all of a sudden became struck by how amazing it was to be with fun-loving Karen people out in the middle of the gorgeous jungles of Thailand. In one week, they had become so much more to me than friends: they had become my whole life.

a t c e e t Missions

“To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him� -John Piper

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


God grants VISION permission to visit “The


VISION XIX, Right to Left (the way Hebrew is read!): Ed Dickinson (SDCC Alumnus and Missionary with San Diego Hebrew Mission), Valerie White, Amanda Graham (Student Director), Nick Mitchell, Heather Lawton, Trisha Guinn, Luke Kanagy, Caleb Davies, Priscilla Norman, Mike Alvarez, Emilie McDonald, Lindsey Davies, Lizzy Byrd, Larry Wilson (Faculty Adviser). The background? Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth.

When the possibility arose for this year’s VISION Team to minister in Israel, our San Diego contact, Missionary Ed Dickinson, said, “You shouldn’t just pray about going to Israel; you need to ask God’s permission to visit ‘The Land.’” Our three-week journey May 11-June 4 took us to multiple regions in the central and northern parts of the country, allowing us to walk not only in the footsteps of our Savior Jesus Christ, but also in paths trod by Abraham, Joshua, David, Elijah, Peter, Paul, and so many more figures of both Old and New Testaments. Our primary focus in Israel, as divinely appointed, and planned by our knowledgeable hosts, was on street ministry—planting seeds of the Gospel through both performances of songs and dramas and distribution of Mike preached his first sermon on a rooftop in Tiberias, alternating between English and Spanish before an audience that included people from several South American countries. In addition, Bill Rogers interpreted the message into Hebrew. In addition to sharing her talents in singing, acting, and playing violin, Emilie boldly set the pace in stepping forward to share the Gospel through conversation when possible, supplemented by literature in a variety of languages.

Amanda has served faithfully as VISION’s Student Director for the past three years. ABOVE: She pauses just before stepping into the empty Garden Tomb.

After our program in this predominantly African immigrant neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Priscilla shared her smile and testimony with audience members.

The Tayelet (Promenade) along the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias proved to be an excellent location for VISION’s street presentations. The team performed 20-minute drama and music packages between fountain and light shows put on by the city several times nightly over the water, attracting many to stay and watch them. After each set, the team would pass out Gospel materials and engage people in conversation.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

The Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem, the part of the original wall of the Temple Mount closest to the original “Holy of Holies.”

Caesarea, where Peter came to heal Cornelius' servant, and where Paul was imprisoned until he appealed to Caesar and was sent off to Rome.

The synagogue in Capernaum, on the very site where Jesus often taught. Peter’s home was also here, as was James and John’s.


never be the same!


s VISION member Trisha Guinn, put it, “This trip definitely changed the way that I picture people and places when I read the Bible!

Instead of seeing some random desert in the middle of nowhere, I can see the images in my mind of all of the

Trisha Guinn

It’s hard to imagine a greater thrill than singing a song of the Lord aboard a traditional boat on the Sea of Galilee, the very sea where He calmed the storm and walked on the water!

places that we visited and plug them into the stories I read. I also learned a great deal about God, myself, and others on this trip….It

was an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything else!”

Mt. Carmel, where God sent fire from heaven in Elijah’s confrontation with the 850 priests of Baal.

The Jordan River, just below the Sea of Galilee, a possible site of Jesus’ baptism.

The Dead Sea, site of Sodom and Gomorrah, and where David later sought refuge from Saul.

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


SALT Ministries Lead By: Aaron Penney The teams of SALT go out into the streets of San Diego and the sands of Ocean Beach to share more than just a meal: the Love of Jesus Christ.

Beloved Bible studies Lead By: Mary Hose Aa place to surround yourself with other girls committed to the word of God. Find true encouragement, change, renewal and comfort. Going through life gets a little easier when there are people with you, looking after you and praying for you. Beloved encourages and equips women to reach for the call of Christ through an honest study of God’s word and how it impacts our lives now and in the future.

Forge Mens Ministry Lead By: Michael Buell A group of guys, committed to God, supporting each other and focusing on the Word.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Values To exemplify humility in victory and dignity in defeat. To demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play. To treat with respect all officials, coaches, players, and fans. To strive to model Christ by word and deed both on and off the playing field. To serve others with a humble heart.

San Diego Christian College Athletics


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Men’s Soccer All - GSAC ................................... Justin Picou

Men’s Soccer GSAC Scholar Athlete............... Emmanuel Onywera

Women’s Soccer All - GSAC.............................. Hannah Waggoner

Women’s Soccer Scholar Athlete..................... Katelyn Ogle

Cross Country GSAC Scholar Athlete............... Adrienne Graham

Cross Country GSAC Scholar Athlete............... Katelyn Neverkovec

Cross Country GSAC Scholar Athlete............... Jacki Lowry

Women’s Basketball All - GSAC........................ Brittany Daniel

Women’s Basketball NAIA All-American Honorable Mention..................... Brittany Daniel

NCCAA Player of the Week (2 times)............... Brittany Daniel

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Baseball Men’s Basketball Women’s Basketball Cross Country Men’s Soccer Women’s Soccer Volleyball


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Front Row: Robert Berryman, Zack Koprowski, George Flynn, Raymond McLagan, Matt Groe, K.C. Lee, Bobby Martinez, Jackson Woodbury, Jay Cordero, Billy Fuston, Josh Fernandez, Dawson Jones Middle Row: Jeremy Blare, Jeff Lusardi, Asst. Coach Mike Bando, Eli Driessen, Cedric Bogan, Tyler Bailey, Richard Aguirre, Robert Aguirre, Gary Foster, Matt Rosa, Andy Salcido, Victor Martinez, Sean Sweeney, Calvin Chambers, Luke Bando, Alex Mann, Adair Robles Back Row: Pitching Coach Doug Jones, Asst. Coach Brandon James, Asst. Coach China McCarney, James Street, Garrison McLagan, Chris Pascual, Brandon Gonzalez, Josh Pauly, Dylan Jones, Jordan Morgan, Nick Bando, Brock Heerdt, Blaze McEntee, Tyler Sanborn, Lucas Whitmore, Seth Dewey, Luis Rivas, Jesus Castellanos, Head Coach Chris Bando

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

M e n ’ s B a sk e t ball

Back Row: Ryan Rubino, Xavier Mylleville, Kwaminique Brandon, Garrett Ellwood, Kevin Dawson, Ben Chung, Tim Sanders, Johnnie Del Bene, Arash Riahi Front Row: Jacob Garcia, Rafael Rodriguez, Patrick McBride, Tony Cali, Keenan Patterson, Calvin Seaberry, Benji Arvizu, Arturo Prieto

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

w O M e n ’s B a sketball

Back Row: Coach Irvin Jerry, Manager Chasmin Stokes, Juanita Lewis, Heather Serven, Jermani Stewart, Irene Lopez, Coach Kelsey Dillon, Melissa Beatty, Brittany Daniel, Alexa Davison, Brittany Phillips-Robinson, Team Assistant Melissa Villalobos, Coach Ken Hudson Front Row: Arlene Kaleopa, Aja Walker, Jasmin Thomas, Natassjia Mitchell, Michelle Gonzalez, Chardonnay Shula, Rebekah Castellow, Sabrina Jimenez, Ashley Mason, Anderian Carbonel

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Hey did you know your sign is backwards?


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Back Row: Jeremiah Ninteman, Adrienne Graham, Katarina Medici, Jacki Lowry, Joella Silvera Front Row: Allison Rowe, Katelyn Neverkovec, Coach Rufus Schneider, Jacqueline Flores, Mayra Huizar

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Back Row: Head Coach Carlos Calderson, Alex Cozzi, Frank Zimmerman, Eder Robles, Ricardo Ramirez, Thomas Liddell, Adam Rekoski, Jordan Abad, Cameron Riley, Assistant Coach Donald Laing Middle Row: Freddy Irigoyen, Gus Mendoza, Fidias Monzon, Emmanuel Onywera, Tyler Perez, Leandro Vienna, Justin Picou Bottom Row: Victor Flores, Victor Manarte, Juan Valdivia, Salvador Velazquez, John Leih

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Back Row: Head Coach Carlos Calderson, Katelyn Ogle, Gabrielle Kelly, Kathlynn Reynoso, Zoar Gonzalez, Kelsey Messmer, Kelley Boes, Hannah Waggoner, Melissa Avalos, Emily Wilson, Assistant Coach Tiffany Tomlin Middle Row: Mireya Flores, Evelyn Navarro, Elya Jasper, Carmen Wheeler, Leticia Morales, Liliana Torres, Chelsie Lee, Chelsea Nakasone Front Row: Elycia Orth, Kellie Brakebill, Nicole Quintanilla, Ashley Jarosin, Rocio Corona, Chelsea Sewell

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Back Row: Asst Coach Courtney Barlow, Asst Coach Todd O’Malley, Head Coach April Fisk, Lauren Howard, Mariah Boelk Front Row: Lauren Phillips, Aja Walker, Terra Klem, Chelsea Bethke, Jessica Brazynetz, Stephanie Rice, Rachel Allen, Cassidy Mertens, Shelby Broberg

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Student Life

“As we ‘Ride the Wave’ on this past years “Voyage” my reflection is that it has been a great ride. This theme encompassed so many of our events from this past year. It permeated our chapels, community events, NSO, and other campus activities. I know that each of you will hold the year, days, minutes, hours through this past year in your memory.” - President Paul Ague

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


2011 and 2012 Resident Assistants

North and South North: Blaze McEntee


South: Jovanna Ugarte


Upper Center: Tyler Sanborn and Emmanuel Onywera

Lower West: Mireya Flores and Sadie Boettner

Commuter Assistants 104

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Upper East: Bekah Jensen Lower East: Sean Hogan


Lower Center: Evan Redel and Daniel Araujo

Upper West: Christy James and Stephanie Rice

Jonathan Moore

Kaitlen Laine

Hall Cup 2011


The Hall Cup is an ongoing competition between the residence halls and Commuters to see which hall is the best and it all comes to the top during a week long competition known as HALL OLYMPICS!

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



NSO begins

new studen


aug 19




ion an


d infor



dentlife A five day orientation- full of activities and fellowship! It’s a time to make new friends, friends that will last a lifetime and some even beyond! 106

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Spring Nso

Spring NSO is a small band of newcomers who are welcomed with open arms. Great leaders and staff prepare these new students for a semester of fun, faith, and oh yes, education!


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e


Heritage Days

Saturday, February 4

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Heritage Days: Art Show

This year’s art show was put

together by senior Marla Stewart. The pieces came from a number of SDCC students and alumni. 110

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Heritage Days: Block Party

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Student Senate

Executive Cabinet


Jon Arena, Jake Wilhelm, Ethan Van Hofwegen, Daniel Araujo, John Gonzales, Katelyn Nevekovec, Jacki Lowry, Naomi Klockmann, Sandra Knapp, Alex Harmening

Senate is a student led organization dedicated to serving their fellow students, living for Christ, and bring the aspect of community to live within the student body. They put on activities such as: Lip Sync, MVA’s, Junior-Senior Retreat, MORP, Winter Banquet, and other activities throughout the year. They publish the Toilet Paper and H Magazine. They provide the decor in the lounges. Above all, they have hearts for living for God, and serving their fellow schoolmates.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Cabinets Activities






Chaplain Cabinet

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Lip Sync

Top Left: Christy James, John Talley, Johnny Moore, Jared Pasimio, and Kasandra Yori celebrate 1st place! Top Right: Juliette Holder and Rebekah Mellado enjoy Lip Sync 2011 Botttom Left; Volleyball girls are ready to rock Bottom Right: Jovanna Ugarte, Mark Estrada and Shawna Spiva start their performance 114

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

You know you’re a 90’s Kid when....

Sing It Move it

Get your groove on Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Culy Warehouse

Above: Tyler Roth and Stephanie Rice claim their friendship Right: Best Friends Jon Arena and Shawna Spiva show off their pearly whites

Above Left: Jovanna Ugarte and Michaell Buell Right: Grace Crawford and Ben Ross 116

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Above: Bekah Mellado, Naomi Klockmann, Mireya Flores, Nikolette Metzger, Abigail Ley, and Chantelle McKenzie take sides on the Justin Beiber debate

Banquet 2011

Culy Warehouse Left: Sean Hogan shows his excitement over Hannah Shattuck accepting his marriage proposal the night before!

Left: Zach Way and Hanna Ortmann look stunning in their formal wear. Above: Tim Almeda, Sam Porges, and Nikko Santos looking dapper in banquet outfits.

Banquet 2011

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Intramurals Director of Intramurals Jon Arena Sports are a great way to meet new people, stay in shape, and have fun. Many students played sports in high school but aren’t on college teams, and others never had the opportunity in high school. Intramural sports gives the opportunity to be competitive with fellow students. It is a great way for all to be involved. 2010-2011 Intramurals Ultimate Frisbee | Basketball | Volleyball 118

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

One of the more popular rides: Space Mountain!

Jared Pasimio walks to the next destination on his list James Street

proposes to Princess Jasmine

Junior Senior Retreat DISNEYLAND Left: Ethan Lawton is afraid of Thunder Mountain Right: Jon Gonzales decides to take a risk and pets the leopard in Tarzan’s treehouse.

The Happiest Place on Earth Ride the Wave 2011-2012


Junior Senior Retreat DISNEYLAND

Jared Pasimio is amazed at the sites on the Jungle Cruise

Krystle Carey, Jeremiah Ninteman, Donny Bueno, Molly Roethler, James Street, and Aaron Whitten on the Winnie the Pooh Ride

Jon Arena and Mike Alvarez get a little goofy in Toon Town! Katelyn Neverkovec and Aaron Penney battle it out for the highest score

Jon Arena enjoys a light snack before jumping on another ride. 120

Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Andres Salomon, Jon Gonzales, and Paul Martin enjoy their cruise through the Disney Jungle.


Ride the Wave 2011-2012


A Year in Review


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

A Year in Review

Ride the Wave 2011-2012


A Year in Review


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Greg Mizel, class of 1988, has been selected to be the 2012 Alumnus of the Year. Currently, Greg serves as principal at Del Norte High School in the Poway Unified School District. Greg graduated from San Diego Christian College with a BA in English and holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from National University. Since his graduation, Greg has worked as teacher, coach, department chair, and principal in the Rancho Santa Fe and Poway Unified School Districts. He also has served as an adjunct professor for National University. Greg became principal of Del Norte High when it opened in 2008. He partners with staff, students, and parents to develop a respectful and engaging learning environment. ks, Class of 1991 Combining a personalized SusiemnPar Alu i Director approach to education and a challenging rigorous curriculum, Greg’s desire is to prepare students at DNHS for success in postsecondary education and in the world of tomorrow.


Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

From our first graduating class in 1973 to the class of 2012, the world has been impacted by our more than 8,000 alums. Throughout SDCC’s history, our commitment to impacting the world for Christ has been fulfilled on a daily basis through alumni involvement. I can’t wait to hear how God is using you to make a difference. Stay in touch on our official alumni group on FACEBOOK! “San Diego Christian/ Christian Heritage College Alumni”. I look forward with excitement and anticipation to the future impact of the SDCC community.

Thank you to our friends, without your support this yearbook could not have been produced.

Yearbook Crew

Advisor: Shellby Hemmen Editor: Molly Roethler, Desarae Gomez Layout and Edits: Molly Roethler, Desarae Gomez, Shellby Hemmen Photography Contributors: Molly Roethler, Desarae Gomez, Braedon Lipnick, Elise Reyes, Jacob Bechtol, Kenny Mitchell, Rebecca Robertson, Laura Paniagua , SDCC community and Facebook friends Writing: Student Body, SDCC staff, faculty, and alumni

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.� Joshua 1:9

Ride the Wave 2011-2012




Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

Ride the Wave 2011-2012



Sa n D i eg o C hr is t i a n Co l l e g e

San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2011 - 2012  
San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2011 - 2012  

San Diego Christian College Yearbook 2011 - 2012