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2018 The opening of the first Music & Art School in Nepal was a determining factor for Love Tomorrow’s commitment to social responsibility. This project had a major positive impact within Tomorrowland’s organisation. Book of Belief chapter two was written by Love Tomorrow, as a sequel to 2016’s manifest and as a foundation for Tomorrowland’s long-term targets.



By now, waste was no

Many of Love Tomorrow’s

longer the sole priority.

projects have been

Other scopes such as

embedded within

water, energy, flora and

Tomorrowland, or have

fauna, health and social

gained an open source

responsibility gained

status for a broad


attention and position

application external to

of the

within Love Tomorrow and



Tomorrowland’s objectives.


Tomorrowland’s targets



Love Tomorrow’s five


core values of respect,


nature, innovation, health and responsibility each gained more meaning within Tomorrowland. Long-term targets to make a real difference on Tomorrowland’s environmental impact were yet to be established.

for 2025 have been set.

2020 and beyond Love Tomorrow ignites new partnerships, sows the seeds for community building & inspires with sustainability thought leaders on the first digital Tomorrowland festival.

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Love Tomorrow 2020  

Love Tomorrow 2020  

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