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- by Heidi Lawton

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Animal Reiki - by Tanya Leiper
Social Media - are you following us?
Reiki, nature, colours, chakras &
crystals - by Lorraine Carroll
Reiki Meditation - by Alistair Elliott
Teaching Reiki at university - by Keith Beasley
Poem: Meditation - by Nikita Thakrar
Embracing the essence of spring in Japan
UKRF Merchandise
Nentatsu Ho - by Giancarlo Serra
Manifestation - by Andrew Kempleton
& crystals
Nature, colours

Dear Members,

This edition’s intro is by Urmi Raval:

It’s the season of renewal, rejuvenation, and rebirth—welcome to spring!

As the world awakens from its winter slumber, nature puts on a spectacular show of colours, scents, and sounds, inviting us to join in the celebration of life’s blossoming beauty.

Spring feels like a time where the pace can shift up a few gears but what has been happening behind the scenes at the UKRF has been a consistent bustle of activity including a wide range of online events for our members...and some that were shared with others too.

In this edition there are some deep dives into many aspects that we all live by as a worldwide Reiki community. The creativity and commitment amongst our members always shines so brightly.

We’re thrilled to present an interesting collection of content in this issue. All included to inspire, inform, and entertain.

Whether you’re seeking insights, tips, or simply a moment of relaxation, we’ve created this issue to cater to your interests and needs. From thought-provoking articles to captivating stories, from practical advice to creative endeavours, this edition is packed with engaging material to enrich your experience in the world of Reiki.

communicated. We are always amazed by the power of connection and kindness and we love to read our members’ articles - especially those who deserve a special mention as they contribute very regularly.

This includes the very lovely Qiki pair - Ruthie Moriarty and Alan Sanson who delight us in almost every issue with very interesting insights into the world of their own ‘Qiki Gong’ style of spiritual exercise. In this spring issue Ruthie and Alan explore the concept of being kind to others - a subject we are all familiar with as it relates to one of the Reiki precepts we have all learned.

The power of kindness lies in its ability to transform lives, uplift spirits, and create meaningful connections. It’s a force that knows no boundaries, transcending differences in age, background, or culture.

Ultimately, the power of connection lies in its ability to enrich our lives, strengthen our communities, and inspire us to create a more compassionate and interconnected world. By nurturing meaningful connections with others, we can unlock the full potential of our collective humanity.

The UKRF is consistently reviewing how we can continue to bring our members and wider Reiki community the most suitable information. In the process, working out the best ways to support, educate and looking at how these messages are

Take a look at the article on page 18 by Lorraine Carroll which explores the natural world including colours, aromatherapy, crystals and chakras. There is plenty of inspiration in this piece about how nature can provide much needed energy at this time of year. Adding any of these to our Reiki practice can be a powerful combination.

(Continued on page 4)

We are lucky enough to have other regular contributors to our quarterly Reiki World magazine, such as Alistair Elliott who talks about Reiki and meditation in this issue. See page 20 to read Alistair’s thoughts and tips on the mindfulness of breathing and the Reiki principles.

Animal Reiki accreditation has been an important part of our offerings for some years now and it remains a subject of focus within our team. Tanya Leiper gives an interesting insight into animal behaviour and how animals react to our presence on page 12.

Heidi Lawton shares her personal journey and how Reiki can be used to treat long term health conditions on page 8. This will most likely resonate with many of our members as it is often our own health conditions, or those of people close to us, that brings to discover Reiki in the first place,

Whatever brings you to Reiki, it will surely be for your greater good.

With love and light

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New for 2024!

Exciting news for all those new to Reiki...

The UK Reiki Federation (UKRF) is thrilled to announce a new initiative for 2024: a mentorship program led by Amit Sihra, our own Lineage Coordinator.

For those recently attuned, or perhaps returning to Reiki studies after a break, Amit Sihra offers his guidance and expertise through a series of monthly group guided meditations coupled with Q&A sessions. This opportunity is open to all – whether you’re already a member of the UKRF or not.

Amit Sihra, a London/Berkshire-based Reiki Master Practitioner, began his journey with Reiki in 2014. He’s a part of the UK Reiki Federation team, where his responsibilities include ensuring that Reiki lineages are valid and kept up to date. With his experience and understanding of Reiki, he is perfectly positioned to guide and mentor those new to this field.

Guided meditation & mentoring

Amit is running a monthly group guided meditation with Q&A and this is open to all: UKRF members and non-members.

Amit’s primary desire is to inspire and be inspired by everyone in the Reiki community. He believes in the transformative power of Reiki and meditation and wants to share this with as many people as possible. This program is a step towards realising that vision. By offering guidance and support, he hopes to help others discover the benefits of Reiki and meditation and integrate them into their lives for overall well-being and personal development.

Join the Journey:

Whether you’re just starting out on your Reiki journey or you’re looking to deepen your understanding and practice, the program offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow. Join our monthly group for an enriching and enlightening experience.

Let’s grow together in the journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual enlightenment.

Amit Sihra Lineage Coordinator

UKRF Member Benefits

As the largest professional Reiki organisation in the UK and Europe we are setting the highest standard for Reiki REIKI

Members’ benefits include:

FREE directory listing on the UKRF website

FREE events - online Reiki shares & webinars

Access to website resources, support in our Members’ Only section & use of UKRF logo

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You can see more about your membership benefits on our website

We are passionate about supporting you on every step of your Reiki journey

UKRF are available in many ways, including through our social media channels. You can interact with us through any of these platforms by using the details below. It’s a great way for us to stay in touch with our members and to continue to support you.





WORLD SETTING THE STANDARD FOR REIKI IN THE UK DISTANCE HEALING - THE PERFECT TOOL :Protectingyourbusiness Reiki Research Group Opportunity to join Boost your wellbeing

Distance Healing Group: Summer updates from Jo Fellows

Join our distance healing team to benefit others (and yourself too)

We’re constantly seeking new members to join our UKRF distance healing team, which currently has around 80 members - but the more, the merrier! Hiroshi Doi suggests that the potency of our healing is amplified by the square of the number of individuals ‘sending’ Reiki healing.

With our current 80 healers, that’s a staggering 6,400 times more powerful. Imagine the impact with even more members! Plus, our healing isn’t just directed to those who request it; we also extend it to one another.

As our distance healing team continues to expand, we eagerly welcome new members into our fold. With each additional healer, the strength of our collective healing grows, benefiting those in need even more profoundly.

If you know of any UKRF members who are interested in joining the team, please ask them to contact Distance Healing Co-ordinator Jo Fellows directly at

Distance Healing with the UK Reiki Federation

The UK Reiki Federation offer their Practitioner members the opportunity to become part of a large distance healing network...and we’re always looking for new team members!

Distance Healing Group

UKRF Reiki Practitioners give their time each week to send Reiki healing to anyone who makes a request from anywhere in the world. How the group works is that each week the volunteers receive a list of those people/animals/events that have requested healing and we all collectively send positive Reiki healing to everyone on the list, at a time that suits each one of us.

Would you like to join our team?

Email: for more information.


How Reiki is used to treat long term health conditions

Most clients/students look to Reiki to heal themselves or others that are close to them. But the real essence of Reiki for me, is True Self. The more I work with the system of Reiki, the deeper the connection to my purpose on earth is revealed and how I can be in loving service to others. Hence the Reiki precepts are a way of being that comes from within, and then emanates out into others.

We become Dai Komyo

Looking at long term health conditions:

The Reiki precepts can be beneficial as a starting point and a point of reference when some days can be particularly stressful and triggering. “Without the precepts the whole system would fall apart” International House Of Reiki.

For today only: Being present with what is arising. Accepting and making peace with the condition or pain. Pushing away is counter productive and only creates more tension, anxiety, and pain. Remember that it will pass, and by remaining present it offers an opportunity to be the observer.

Do not anger: Anger is part of being human and we all have moments when we can become angry with our conditions. But we can learn to bring back balance and observe the anger arising, becoming present and have a sense of no longer being a victim of the anger, letting go of reactive responses either physically or verbally, but seeing this emotion with loving eyes. If we are constantly in an angry state of being we not only cause suffering to ourselves but emanate outwards to those around us.

Do not worry: Many long-term conditions are auto-immune diseases. Worry causes stress at all levels within our being which can escalate an ongoing condition and lowers immunity. Being with the first precept ‘for today only’ can help to soften the worry by bringing us back into the present state of being. Each moment of life is Now. The past has been and gone, we cannot get it back and the future is tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. There is only pain and suffering when we worry.

Be humble: It may be hard at times to be humble when we are experiencing suffering. However, life is a gift and a privilege, there will always be an element of our life outside the suffering where we can have a direct sense of being humble. Giving thanks each morning for even the smallest gift in your life can propel you to becoming humbler and accepting of your condition. Gratitude journaling can be a great way to start.


Be honest in your work: We must be patient and stay the course when we work with the system of Reiki. It can be easy to give up and become disillusioned if the healing that we are searching for does not materialise. If we are to truly walk this path of self-discovery and healing, then we must also be truthfully dedicated and bring the precepts into all aspects of our lives. We must commit to our own self healing.

Be compassionate to yourself and others: When we allow ourselves to open our hearts with love and compassion, letting go of the mind’s constraints we create an open and receptive space for the healing to begin. We begin to connect deeply to nature, others and the boundless interconnection between all things and the universe. We must look to ourselves if we are to assist others.

Creating space, holding space, serving and being part of a community is at the heart of Reiki for myself as a practitioner a student and a teacher. Being part of the collective, offering support and healing for one another becomes a mutual exchange of energy, elevating one another for our highest and greatest good.

When holding space, one of the greatest gifts is listening, giving the opportunity for others to be heard and seen. Being present for others is a skill but many of us find this skill set the most difficult. When treating clients, I have organically evolved to work with some long-standing clients on a oneto-one basis, where 50% of the treatment is listening and mentoring and the other 50% is a healing Reiki treatment to embody the wisdom that has been shared. Many clients have experienced huge shifts in their openness at their hearts and letting go of past traumas, some multi-dimensional within their feminine lineage.

Case study: A particular client had been suffering with emotional turmoil over the death of her husband 8 years previously and could not move forward in her life with her new partner or her job. Working together in the way I described above enabled her place her house on the market and make important career decisions just three days later. She and her partner are now living very happily in Cornwall. This is testament to the beautiful energy of Reiki that runs through everything removing blockages, healing all levels. I have witnessed many miracles.

From my own personal journey with Reiki. I lost my life in 2007 after a major post-partum haemorrhage. After accepting my death as I rapidly went into organ failure, a sense of peace and surrender came over me. It was only after the initial shock of coming back to life that the PTSD and cardiovascular issues started to creep in. Not only was I incredibly physically weak but the emotional, mental trauma was even more debilitating. Certain memories plagued me and I went on to have multiple heath issues which are long-term, but I have made peace with my limitations and I’m grateful to still be here.

(Continued on page 10)


(Continued from page 9)

My first encounter with Reiki was Western Reiki Level 1 in 2012. Lying on the bed I was transported back to the hospital and suddenly, the memories and trauma was lifted out of my body. An outpouring of emotion and energy ensued. And that’s where my healing really began. It was only last year that the memory of making peace with my death came to me. Before this, my memories of that day were horrific. So, it’s an ongoing process, we are always peeling back the layers. Things present themselves to us when we least expect them, memories that we have locked away may come to the surface, to be processed or embodied. The more present we become the greater the healing and evolution of our spiritual path.

My work includes working with women to heal and to awaken, especially those who may have entered an early menopause, perhaps brought on by trauma. Reiki is a fantastic energetic system to aid all women through their second spring as well as supporting this time with healing herbs and physical exercises.

Our Vision Statement

The UKRF is committed to providing support to the Reiki Community by promoting the highest standards of Reiki at all levels through respect, positivity and compassion.

We aim to lead the way and to be innovators in Reiki education, Animal Reiki and research, for every step of your Reiki journey.

Our Values

Compassion: Supporting our members through their learning and practice





To be kind to others at all times

To always value our members

To always uphold the Reiki principles, UK Reiki Federation Constitution and Code of Ethics for all our members and the public

To promote self love and treat our members and each other with respect and dignity


Animal Reiki – A Gentle Healing Touch

We humans are quite predictable in that if we see something new that we would like to explore our first instinct is to touch it, or to wait and see what happens when somebody else touches it.

Think of the big red button with the notice that says ‘Do Not Press This Button!’ and we instinctively know that we want to explore what happens when we press that button.

And this, in a roundabout way, is my point since generally our first instinct when exploring something new is sight, and then we jump straight to touch.

Animals generally view things quite differently in that their other senses take precedence and touch comes a lot further down the order of things.

When exploring something new, animals will initially sense the energy around it while also looking, smelling and listening before deciding whether they want to approach and explore further.

I am sure that you have heard the saying about animals having us all sized up before they come to meet us.

If the animal is quiet or nervous they might be no less curious but just want to take a little bit more time to quietly make their assessments which might include approaching and backing away before approaching again.

So, this is useful to know when we meet new animals, allowing us to be more sensitive and understanding as well as just being a little bit more polite when we introduce ourselves.

Can you imagine how offended we would be if a complete stranger came up to us and started waving their hands about our heads or touching us uninvited. Or worse if we were seated and a stranger stood bending over us doing the same thing, consider how uncomfortable that would make us feel.

After a polite introduction some animals are happy to remain around us and invite hands on contact while others then find us of no interest, or just like their own people and their own space so won’t hang around after they have made their assessment of us.

Tanya & Jasper

It is also worth thinking about where we touch a new animal since as I have mentioned waving your hands around the head can sometimes seem a bit intimidating.

Also, if you have seen horses play, you will have seen them nibbling parts of each other’s faces as a sign that they are ready to play and they can then get quite boisterous invading each other’s space when playing together.

So, touching around some areas of the horse’s face may just send confusing or mixed messages about what we are looking for from them and often a nice scratch on the horse’s wither sends a much more straightforward message.

I love equine and animal Reiki because it is all about being led by, and accommodating the animals’ needs during their treatment session. Some animals are happy to have hands on contact during their session while others just want the time and space to relax and absorb the lovely, gentle, healing Reiki energy.

This is the unique beauty of Reiki since it is equally effective wherever we are in relation to our animal clients and it always feels like a privilege to be able to practice such a gentle and nonintrusive therapy.


Being Kind to Others

Interestingly, when we began developing this article, it provoked a fascinating discussion about what kindness is, what unkindness is and why does our Reiki principle even need to exist to remind us to be kind? Maybe because to be kind requires great awareness of others and of ourselves. The Cambridge English dictionary says: “the quality of being generous, helpful and caring about other people, or an act showing this quality”, which is all very well, yet we felt it didn’t fully define what it is to be kind.

We feel kindness is a multi-faceted quality involving listening, understanding, reacting appropriately, self control and gentleness, empathy and compassion. Often it is simply just being there for someone.

Take a moment to question yourself about what kindness means to you personally and what offering kindness to others is for you.

We kept noticing that Kindness to Others fell into one of three scenarios: rushing in (which can sometimes go very wrong); proactive and nonproactive.

Not taking time to Understand – Rushing in Ruthie was at a café with her son after his serious accident, which had left him wheelchairbound, although totally able to communicate. The waiter asked her if her son took milk in his tea. They wanted and thought they were being kind, yet they hadn’t taken a moment to understand. Making an incorrect, hurtful assumption, ending in the waiter feeling embarrassed and everyone upset. The opposite to what they had wanted to achieve.

The moral of this story is that, to be kind, never assume, you may misinterpret the person’s needs.


Compassion – Proactive

Ruthie was contacted by a friend early in the pandemic, who had tested positive and was terrified. Ruthie knew what would help and made up a small box of “goodies” (throat lozenges, magazines, a bottle of bubbly and chocolates) and drove to deliver it to her door. Just seeing eachother’s face from a “safe” distance and the box were enough. Her friend was smiling and delighted that Ruthie cared and was kind enough to do this for her.

Just Being There – Non-proactive

Alan used to run weekly Qiki Gong sessions at inpatient Psychiatric wards. What quickly became apparent was that people liked the opportunity to talk about their life experiences and feelings. Alan had no objective, no judging of how they got to be where they were. All he did was listen, offer Qiki Gong if appropriate and engage when they wanted. Staff feedback was how much kindness people felt. One patient said, “Thank you, you gave me time to be me again”.

Lighter Dimensions

Angels offer kindness. We may sense and look to our Guardian Angel who has no ego, no opinion, existing in a realm of only kindness and love. It’s an extremely gentle energy and feeling. We can never liken ourselves to these wonderful Beings, yet we can at the very least try to emulate them, allowing them to guide us to a new Way.

To give yourself time to play with these ways we offer you this Be Kind to Others Qiki Movie, knowing that an understanding smile can sometimes offer just the kindness someone needs.




(1) Being present with Awareness – Stand/sit with your hands on your sacral chakra, then let your arms hang loosely by your side. Externally this may be perceived as doing nothing, yet your focus is totally on offering kindness to Everything and tuning in to your Qiki and intuition.


(2) Active Offering - Settle your weight into your right leg. Place your right hand by your hip. Extend your right arm outwards in front of you, palm upwards, as you do this bend your left knee slightly and either touch your toes to the earth or release your left foot from the ground. Your feeling is of offering kindness unconditionally. Bring your left foot back and relax your arm. Repeat on your other side.

(3) Understanding – reflection – From your settled position, gently lower your arms to your sides. Open up with your palms facing upwards, in a gesture indicating you are listening and are here for that person. Hold that position for a while, feeling your kindness being offered and received.

It is amazing that being Kind to Others often needs no more than Just Being Present.

Take another moment to question yourself again about what offering kindness to others now feels like to you. Have your feelings or awareness changed?

We believe there is a Universal Pool of Kindness that can be added to and dipped into constantly. As you regularly practise kindness, thought is no longer required. Pure kindness comes from your heart, your soul, your higher self where there is no “I”. A deep feeling that in every second of every minute, Kindness Is You.

In Kindness to you

Ruthie Moriarty & Alan Sanson UKRF Members

“Nothing beats kindness,” said the horse. “It sits quietly beyond all things.”
C. Mackesy

Be Kind to Others Qiki Movie…..


Mackesy C. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. Ebury Publishing, 2019


UKRF on Social Media

Posting on our social media platforms is a great way for us to share our events and celebrations with our members. Here is a selection of the posts we have published since spring this year! D

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Reiki and the nature-based ways of yesteryear

Spring/Imbolc/Ostara is our first seasonal celebration since the long-gone memories of winter/yuletide as we welcome a new dawn.

As we embark in this new season, this is a time where the winter frost can be at its most biting as we look forward to the return of the light in the northern hemisphere. We see energy all around us with the amazing colours and vibrancy shooting up through the ground and blossoming out from the trees.

The wonderful connection of Reiki in a natural world has never been more apparent than now, and regularly healing our natural world with Reiki energy is effectively the single biggest gift we, as practitioners, can do. When we work in harmony with our world it works back in harmony with us.

To give you some inspiration, I have put together a Reiki ’Imbolc/Ostara celebrations‘ list that you might find useful with tips ‘n’ tasters to try to help make your own healing practices more effective.

*As with all information here, please always consult with a qualified therapist or practitioner before embarking on any new treatments, products or lifestyle changes.*

Chakra and Colour Therapy

When we see the first buds of spring we will feel naturally happy as it’s a sure sign of warmer, lighter days ahead and therefore will resonate with our heart chakra (Anahata) which governs our love, compassion and kindness, not only for us to give love, but for ourselves to receive love too.

A lot of the time this chakra (like all chakras) can be under or overactive and this can cause issues

physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Some ways that that you can help to balance this would be to aim to have a good diet with plenty of natural green foods, exercise to keep your physical heart healthy, and to practice breath/yoga/ meditation work and of course, Reiki, including using Reiki on your food.

Spending time with loved ones during the darker months can really help with anyone who suffers with Seasonal Affective Disorder, too. If you can try and get out as much as possible in green belt areas so soak in the hue as well can be beneficial to keeping your heart chakra balanced.

If you are more of a visual than a physical soul then simply changing your wardrobe items, decorating your home or workplace with a shade of green can help balance out the energies in your heart chakras by simply looking at green surroundings in your home if you are unable to get out.


Incorporating Reiki into your aromatherapy sessions is a wonderful feeling for both you and your clients. The energy we need outdoors from plants, flowers and trees can be sparse this time of Imbolc/Ostara. So we need to get the resources elsewhere such as aromatherapy to use inside of our homes. At this time of year a lot of people suffer with colds and flu symptoms etc and might need that little extra help to recover during the darker months.


*Always consult with a fully qualified professional aromatherapist before embarking on any new course of treatment as essential oils are incredibly potent and are nature’s medicine so these oils are to be used like every day medicines from your doctor so getting the right advice is absolute. They can also advise you on using the right products in case of allergies before use.*

Gorgeous oils to use at this time would be Pine, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Black Pepper. If you prefer a more gentle oil then Roman Chamomile is heavenly.

For extra ideas for those who suffer with seasonal viral infections at this time of year is to put sprigs of eucalyptus below your shower head so the steam of the hot water can help release the oils from the plant into aroma in the room.

If this might be too potent then you can use a decent oil/water burner, fill a small reservoir of water, add a couple of oil drops and carefully light a candle to infuse the room that way. The warmth of the Reiki energy with essential oils whilst in massage and /or a diffuser filling the room is amazing and so beneficial on so many levels.


The crystals for Imbolc/Ostara should reflect the heart and crown chakras. So it’s green and white/clear all the way. Here are some examples of semi-precious gemstones you could use:

Green aventurine, Jade, Peridot, Malachite, Green Fluorite, Apatite

Clear Quartz, Selenite, Moonstone, Opal, Howlite, Calcite and Diamond

Always consult a crystal expert who can advise the right crystal(s) for you as each of them have different properties. A crystal expert or practitioner can advise on the best way to handle them as some can be quite toxic if mishandled.

I personally would strongly advise against any white or clear ones in the bedroom as they can affect your sleep pattern, especially clear quartz. Leave it to areas of general living or healing treatment rooms only as these crystals are known as the master healers and can amplify your state of mind at that time. So do use with caution.

Important: Don’t forget to cleanse all crystals, and using Reiki energy to cleanse is so satisfying and beneficial to you and your crystals, and helps to establish a beautiful, strong connection to them.

Lorraine lives in Surrey, UK with her family and has over 30 years of spiritual experience in nature-based religion and natural magic, professional tarot, and is an oracle card reader, colour and crystal therapist, aromatherapist and angel healing consultant. She is also a Reiki master practitioner, author, and spiritual relationship science advisor.


Reiki Meditation

I find that daily meditation helps me deal better with life’s challenges. I wanted to share in this article the different elements of my current practice, in case any of them appeal to readers to incorporate into their practice.


I start each session with no particular outcome in mind, knowing that whether I feel better, worse or the same afterwards, this practice is nourishing to my body, mind and soul and the real benefits are incremental and felt over time.

I usually meditate in the early evening. At this time of year it is dark and I sit in front of a window with the curtains open so I feel a connection with the universe, intensified when the moon or stars are visible. I kneel on my meditation cushion, with just a small electric tea light in front of me as a symbol of hope, and ring my Tibetan bells three times before I begin, which immediately begin to quieten my nervous system.

Insight Timer

I use the free version of the wonderful Insight Timer app which allows me to set bells to chime at intervals, so in addition to my physical bells, I set bells on the app for the start, a third of the way through, two thirds through and then a closing bell.

Mindfulness of breathing

After I settle, I simply focus on my breath going in and out, being aware of my stomach rising and falling, until the bell marking a third of the way through.

Body scan

I then start at my head and mentally go down my body, bringing my attention to each part and relaxing it until the bell marking two thirds of the way through.

Reiki visualisation

I then imagine the gaps between each of my cells expanding. This is something I learnt from Brandon Bays and is a wonderful exercise that can be done at any time and it instantly releases tension. This immediately makes my body feel looser and more relaxed. I then visualise the cells moving further and further apart and as the gaps widen the intense pure white light inside becomes more and more revealed: the light that is hidden by our physical bodies but is there inside each of us, enclosed in our bodies. The cells continue moving further and further apart until they become dispersed in the atmosphere and the body is no longer there and all that is left is the white light which expands in its freedom.

I feel Reiki strengthening that light with each of my breaths, and mentally I draw the 4 Reiki symbols and say the mantra and kotodama* for each one 3 times.

* Kotodama or kototama refers to the Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names.


Reiki share

I send the light either to anyone in particular need at that time, or to the world, and sometimes use the phrases in the loving kindness meditation at my local Buddhist Centre:

May all beings be well

May all beings be happy

May all beings be peaceful

May all beings grow and make progress.

Reiki principles

Just before ending, to help give me a compass for negotiating the external world to which I am shortly to return, I repeat to myself the Reiki principles:

Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, be grateful

Just for today, be true to yourself

Just for today, be kind to others and yourself

For the first 2 principles, I visualise and feel the anger and worry dropping out of me. For the last three principles, I breathe in gratitude, authenticity and kindness, intensifying and expanding the light. I rest in the light, floating, until the cells of my body start reassembling around the light, encasing it, and my body assumes its shape again, knowing that all the time the light is still present.


After the final bell, to ease myself back into the present, I mentally count:


4… beyond the mid-point

5… beginning to adjust my body

6… preparing to open my eyes

7… slowing blinking my eyes open

And slowly and gently I come back.


As word of caution, bizarrely I cut the bridge of my nose one evening. I’d had a very active day and whilst meditating I fell asleep, despite being in a kneeling posture on my meditation cushion with an erect back, and I fell forward and hit my nose hard on the top of the radiator in front of me. Fortunately no serious damage was done but I now sit a bit further back from the window!


Teaching Reiki at University

In the early days of the UK Reiki Federation, way back in the late 1990s, I was one of the first Reiki Master Teachers to offer Reiki in Adult Education. I offered First Degree Reiki over 10 evening classes, or over a weekend, within the Local Education Authority’s Lifelong Learning program. Whilst very much Usui Reiki in form and content, the packaging of the courses had to be adapted for this rather different mode of presentation. In particular, it was made perfectly clear to me by those who ran these Lifelong Learning departments (these happened to be in Northamptonshire), that the Reiki courses I was offering could not be described as any form of medical training.

Far from seeing this as a problem, I took it as an excellent opportunity to describe Reiki perhaps more in keeping with the way it was taught in Usui’s time: for self-help, and for personal self-development. For self-healing, yes, and with the option of demonstrating how to give Reiki healing to friends, family and pets, but with the focus on helping individuals to relax, to tune into themselves, to become more whole and connected.

Whilst some holistic practitioners took my courses to add Reiki to their existing therapeutic portfolio, the majority took it for their own personal benefit: so that they could become more peaceful, and had a means of supporting their own personal journeys in life. Feedback consistently indicated that this was indeed the benefit my students were receiving from their Reiki I training.

Fast forward 25 years.

I have a full-time job as a Safety Officer at the University of Bristol. This very much covers mental health and wellbeing, as well as traditional Health and Safety activities. Over recent years my university, like many others, has acknowledged that the mental health of both staff and students is a really big issue. And so, at any opportunity, for example at University Wellbeing Festivals, I’ve been offering an Introduction to Reiki. After a few years doing this, with excellent feedback and very good encouragement from, for example our University’s Mental Health

Champion network, I realised that the time was now right to offer First Degree Reiki training. And the form and content that I had devised decades previously, for adult education, was ideally suited to the new audience!

And so I am now in the process of delivering my first Reiki I at uni, to staff colleagues and postgraduate students, over 10 lunchtime sessions. As I found in adult education more generally, the benefit of a ‘Reiki for personal growth’ focus, is that we can spend time talking about related experiences and generally encourage and enable each other to grow in nonacademic directions. The beauty and flexibility of Reiki is again at work.

Hopefully many of you are already bringing your Reiki into a university or college near you. If not, please do talk to the mental health and wellbeing teams (staff or student). You may well find they are crying out for therapists and workshop leaders who can offer something within their institution.


The benefits of this are not just for mental health and wellbeing. Helping academics and ‘professional services’ (as we call administrative and a technical staff) to ‘get out of their heads’ can really help those in a university setting to progress towards other strategic goals that they will almost certainly have.

The University of Bristol, for example, was the first in the UK to declare a climate emergency, and is working hard to improve its sustainability credentials. What can really help in this is for staff and students to be reminded how to reconnect to the natural world, to tune in and be present.

Likewise, Bristol has always been forefront with Black Lives Matter (or EDI - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: think the toppling of the Colston statue). There is nothing like Reiki, as we practitioners all know, to help us reconnect to ‘being human’ above all labels and discrimination. Within Higher Education, Reiki is nothing less than part of their decolonisation agenda.

Reiki, holistic practices and contemplative approaches are beginning to find their way into places of higher learning … and not before time!

Keith Beasley UKRF Member & Reiki Master Teacher

Poem: Meditation

I sit still as I watch, my thoughts pass by, Some fly past and others take time.

I am not getting involved in the play of my mind, I remain detached and stillness I find. Nothing remains, only my breath, I am with the core of my being, my inner depth.

I hear it sing and feel it vibrate, I connect with myself through a bond of faith. My thoughts and desires have now disappeared,

As I swim in the pool of emptiness, nothing is to be feared.

Nikita is a Reiki therapist, Yoga teacher, writer and speaker who is passionate about guiding people of all ages on a journey of self-discovery through mindful movement, meditation, and mindset. Nikita was recently shortlisted as ‘Yoga teacher of the year’ by Om Yoga Awards and is also author of the book ‘Meditation through Poetry’.

Nikita also writes articles about Reiki, yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing for various magazines.

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Embracing the Essence of Spring

Exploring Japanese Traditions and the Beauty of Sakura

As winter’s chill begins to fade away, Japan eagerly prepares to welcome the enchanting season of spring. With its arrival comes a myriad of cherished traditions that celebrate renewal, rebirth, and the beauty of nature. At the heart of these traditions lies the iconic symbol of spring in Japan – the sakura, or cherry blossom.

For centuries, the blooming of sakura trees has captivated the hearts of both locals and visitors alike, marking the beginning of hanami season.

Hanami, which translates to “flower viewing,” is a time-honored tradition where people gather with friends and family in parks, gardens, and along riverbanks to appreciate the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. From late March to early April, these delicate pink and white petals blanket the landscape, creating a breathtaking spectacle that inspires awe and reverence.

During hanami, it’s customary to enjoy a picnic beneath the blossoming trees, savoring traditional Japanese treats such as bento boxes filled with seasonal delights like onigiri (rice balls), tempura, and fresh fruits. As the soft petals flutter in the breeze, laughter and conversation fill the air, fostering a sense of camaraderie and joy among attendees. A truly beautiful experience for anyone lucky enough to be there at the right time of year!


花 (hana) means “flower.”

見 (mi) means “to see” or “viewing.”

Together, 花見 (hanami) translates directly to “flower viewing,” which perfectly encapsulates the traditional Japanese custom of appreciating cherry blossoms during the spring season.

As the petals of sakura gently fall and the warmth of spring envelops us, there’s a palpable sense of hope and renewal in the air...




We are pleased to offer our own range of UKRF branded clothing!

The full range is available to view on our website. All items bear the UK Reiki Federation logo to add professionalism to your therapy business. The t-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts are available in various colours and sizes. View the full selection of styles and colours, and place your order via our website: Shop online at

Reiki Fed branded clothing!

Nentatsu Ho – ‘the habit treatment’

Nentatsu Ho is sometimes referred to as a deprogramming technique. It is a method for transforming bad habits or inclinations & for ‘setting‘ positive intentions – such as focussing one’s energies towards a specific objective.

The process involves planting a thought, idea, or suggestion into the client’s subconscious. You can also use this technique to work on yourself.

The main difference between Nentatsu and another technique called Seiheiki is that the latter technique involves use of the shirushi (Reiki symbols) and Nentatsu does not.

• Close your eyes and focus your awareness on your seika tanden – an area deep inside your body mid-way between your navel and the top of your pubic bone.

• For a few moments, simply ‘be’ – silently and restfully ‘watching the breath’: loosely focusing on the natural rhythms of your breathing. There is no interference with the natural process –no seeking to consciously breathe – merely to be aware that you are breathing effortlessly.

• When you are ready, perform gassho and make a statement of intent (much as one does prior to starting hatsureiho) – something to the effect of: “Nentatsu begin“, or “I start Nentatsu now“.

• Cover the client’s occipital ridge (the protrusion where the skull meets the spine) with your dominant hand, letting Reiki flow.

• When you intuit it is time to move on to the next stage, leaving your dominant hand where it is, place your non-dominant hand on the client’s forehead (at hairline).

• Let Reiki flow, and at the same time (silently) repeat an appropriate suggestion or affirmation. (The nature of the issue to be worked on/intent to be set – and the precise wording of the suggestions/affirmations is something which should be decided upon in discussion with the client prior to treatment.)

Important: The suggestions/affirmations should always be worded in a positive sense.

Whatever the nature of the affirmations/suggestions you should mindfully state them, without judgement, and in an attitude of love, gratitude and compassion.

Continue this silent repetition for a few moments until you intuit it is time to stop, and end by performing gassho once more.

The effects of Nentatsuo Ho are cumulative in nature, and a series of treatments at frequent intervals is usually advised.


The Reiki Principles

The UK Reiki Federation prides itself on working to these principles and values.

The Reiki Principles

To bring the spiritual depth into everyday life, Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki, created a set of five principles (or precepts). They can be found on his memorial stone in the grounds of the Saihoji Temple in Tokyo. He called them...

‘The secret method of inviting good fortune. The marvellous medicine for all sickness.’
Just for today: Do not anger Do not worry

Be grateful

Work with diligence

Be kind to others

Every morning and every night sit in Gassho (palms placed together) and speak these words out loud in your heart - Mikao Usui



“You are all worthy; if you weren’t all worthy, believe me, you would not exist, because creation does not make mistakes. Thus, if you exist you belong; there is a reason why creation is not complete without you. Stop arguing with creation. Take it at its word; if you exist, you deserve to exist and if you deserve to exist you deserve to be who you are as fully as you possibly can. This is just simple logic”. Darryl Anka

I have heard many variations of the basic laws of manifestation, how to create and live the highest expression of yourself, but the following steps based on the work of Darryl Anka offer the clearest and most inspiring template I have come across. If creation really is incomplete without us, then surely we have some sort of moral responsibility to honour the gift of ‘us’ by being ‘us’ in the highest expression we can manifest? Here are the 7 steps:

Step 1 – Find your vision

Where is your joy? What could you embody that would bring you the most peace, happiness and fulfillment? What is the way of living that allows you to most fully express your true self? This could be within a job, but generally is a way of life rather than a career choice. It will need to be for the benefit of others in some way if it is to give you that tingle of validation from your soul, rather than the less fulfilling and less enduring satisfaction that comes from soothing the wounded ego. Our souls are only satisfied by some form of expression of love in service. In setting your vision, remember to make it a statement of intent rather than a route map. If you want to teach, set that simple goal as your vision, without expectation of grade, location, subject or timescales. Life could well have a mechanism to deliver your vision that is far beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

Step 2 – Give it your passion

Knowing what you want to do is important, but it is the raw desire you bring to your vision that provides the energy to bring it into life. An idea needs the driving force of a racing pulse and your burning passion.

Step 3 – Believe it can happen

If you are excited about your vision, but do not believe it is possible or that you deserve all the joy it represents, then it will not happen. You will create exactly what you expect to receive, as little or as much as you can embrace within your sense of self-worth and within your faith in your creative powers. Creation is absolutely precise; you will get what you envisage to the exact extent that you believe it to be possible, safe and deserved.

This is the area I focus on most in a kinesiology session; I look to find and release all the shadow beliefs that stop you allowing your vision to take form.


Step 4 – Acceptance

Now is the time to accept that your vision, supported by your passion and your positive beliefs, must come true. There is no other way; this creative journey is inevitable. Embrace it as such.

Step 5 – Intention

Having an exciting vision is important, but you must also have the willpower and focus to bring this into effect. You will need to make the conscious choice that this new way of being is to become your reality. This is not about passion or desire, this is about clarity of intent, the dedication that takes your vision beyond a wistful dream to the clear statement that ‘this is who I am’.

Step 6 – Action

With this all in place, it is time to behave and live your life as though this vision is already in place. Ground the first 5 points into action through your words, body language and behaviour. As Ghandi once said –“be the change you want to see in the world”. If you want to be an artist, then paint.

Step 7 – Allowance

Having set all of this in place, now let it go, utterly. Completely disconnect from any need for a specific outcome, let go of any expectation that it is either necessary or needed, that there is a right or wrong way for you to live your life. This is one of life’s many paradoxes, that to receive something you must let it go. This non-attachment greases the wheels of creation and allows you to effortlessly move from one plane of existence to another, from the life created by your old beliefs and perceived obligations, to one based on your new joyous vision.

When you put all this into place, you will create your new reality and life will reflect that back to you. The key point here is that you need to take the first step, you cannot expect to be receptive of support in life unless you lead the creative process. I have heard people say ‘it was not meant to be’, as if creation has a specific list of what you are allowed and not allowed to do or become. I believe that the real truth here is that life is continuously reflecting back to you everything you are projecting through your beliefs, upbringing, genetics, community values, faith system, education and self-worth. As you have this power of creation, you might as well use it consciously. Why follow false trails from these tired old programmes, often based on duty and guilt, when you can create a loving and joy-filled life based on genuine free choice?

With blessings

Read more about Andrew’s ‘heal your past’ concepts here:


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Reiki Shares (Virtual via Zoom)

The UKRF Reiki share gives members the opportunity to join together to simply give and receive Reiki to help nurture, heal and support themselves, as well as others. We have various hosts for these events and at different times of the day during the week - so hopefully there’s a suitable time for everyone.

Wellbeing Webinars (Virtual via Zoom)

We will hold regular live webinars to offer support during challenging times and allow members the opportunity to connect with others. The webinars guide members through techniques and tips to use in their daily life. Webinars to date have included: Managing worry, fear, anxiety and stress, Boosting confidence in yourself, Creating a positive culture around yourself. All webinars can be accessed on the members page and contribute towards CPD.

AGM (Virtual via Zoom)

The UK Reiki Federation Reiki AGM (and Reiki Awareness Week) are annual events designed to bring people together whilst providing a platform to learn, research & support individual wellbeing and all within the Reiki community. These events are FREE to members.


The UK Reiki Federation is happy to highlight courses offered by those Teacher members who have undergone the UKRF course verification process and achieved the status of an accredited course provider. Accredited courses comply with the National occupational standards (NOS) for Reiki and the UKRF considers such courses appropriate for training purposes. The directory includes courses which are suitable for Professional Practitioner training (NOS) and Practitioner training recorded as “Practitioner”. There are also courses which are suitable for CPD (Continuing & Professional Development), recorded as “CPD”.

“Professional Practitioner” courses have been checked against the National Occupational Standards for Reiki to ensure that all topics are included.

“CPD” courses (members only) are those which we feel would be beneficial to Reiki Practitioners.

Please also note that this list is not exhaustive and that our Teacher members all over the country also offer training courses and you may contact any of those Teachers.

On your mobile: Click the 3 lines, then scroll down to ‘Login’ to access the Members Area Username Password 0203 745 9746

Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner Course

Course Provider: Deborah Cordery (Rejuvenating Hands)

Leigh on Sea, Essex

Phone: 07989 318790

Reiki Professional Course

Course Provider: Simon Bailey

Shavington, Cheshire

Phone: 01270 260200


Reiki Practitioner Course (including Reiki 1 & 2)

Course Provider: Carolyn Roberts, Gaia School of Natural Health

Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Phone: 07932 063576

Reiki Practitioner Course

Course Provider: Andrea Amis

Barefoot Soul Holistic Academy

Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 4TA


Phone: 07525 469399

Reiki Professional Practitioner (including Level 1 & 2)

Course Provider: Sue Malcolm Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Phone: 07737 396948


Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner Course

Course Provider: Heidi Fawkes

Ripon/Bedale, North Yorkshire

Phone: 01677 988264

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Professional Practitioner Certificate Course

Course Provider:

Harshani Lori Curbishley-Brown

Islip Northamptonshire

Phone: 07941 841485


Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma incorporating Level 1 & 2

Course Provider: Michael Kaufmann

Location: Central London

Phone: 07801 284073

Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma

Course Provider: Clarity of Sight

Holistic Centre (Penelope Alterskye)

Milton Keynes

Phone: 07850 953811


Reiki Master Teacher (incl. Reiki 1 & 2)

Reiki Master Practitioner (incl. Reiki 1 & 2) Professional Reiki Practitioner

Course Provider: Anne-Marie Carratu

Banstead, Surrey

Phone: 01737 557944

Reiki Professional Practitioner

Course Provider: Julie Rennie

Craghead, Stanley, Co Durham

07990 753300

Reiki 2 Practitioner

Course Provider: Rebecca Nichol

Banbury, Oxfordshire

Phone: 07879 426624


Reiki Practitioner Diploma

Course Provider: Giancarlo Serra, Christchurch, Dorset BH23

Phone: 07786 497360


Reiki Practitioner Diploma

Course Provider: Ann Pigott

Stourbridge, West Midlands

Phone: 07929 634051

Professional Reiki Practitioner

Course Provider: Ann Singleton

Preston, Lancashire

Phone: 07906 351445


Professional Practitioner Diploma

Course Provider: Sue Walsh, Surrey

School of Reiki & Susan-Emma Complementary Therapy

Addlestone, Surrey

Phone: 07789 681775


Advanced Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma incl 1 and 2

Course Provider: Gwen Allison, Croydon

Tel: 07415 377535

Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma

Helen Cochrane - Alvechurch Reiki Alvechurch, Worcestershire B48

Phone: 07725013181


Reiki Professional Practitioner

Course Provider: Wendy Radford

Crowborough, East Sussex

Phone: 07921 837807

Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 Diploma Course

Provider: Yvette Haines Reiki Healing, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire

Phone: 07868 003175 / 07711 313101


Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma

Course Provider: Reiki Academy

London - Torsten Lange

London SW13 9HE

Phone: 07774 590211


Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma

Course Provider: Reiki Academy

London - Rupert Fawcett

London SW13 9HE

Phone: 07774 590211


Reiki Practitioner Course

Course Provider: Sarah Presley

Bristol, Wiltshire

Phone: 07590 621495


Reiki Practitioner (Usui Tibetan Reiki)

Course Provider: Christine Sutton

Solihull, West Midlands

Phone: 0121 246 9448 / 07790 069429


Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma

Course Provider: Amanda White

Usui Reiki Academy; Leatherhead, Surrey

Phone: 07498 646914


Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Professional Practitioner Course

Course Provider: Sarah Robinson, Reiki Balance, Ifold, Billingshurst, W Sussex

Phone: 07920 868100


Reiki Practitioner Professional Diploma

Course Provider: Ali Swift

Catherine De Barnes, Solihul, West Midlands B92

Phone: 07748 482019


Website: my-wellness-toolbox-reiki-therapy


I think we are all pleased that spring is approaching....I always love to see the first little sprouts making their way up through the soil, ready to bloom in a few weeks. I often wonder why it is that we enjoy flowers so much...I guess that’s our in-built, natural appreciation for nature.

Thank you to all those members who have submitted articles. We have some great insights in this spring issue, as we look forward to the warmer months we will be busy bringing you many, varied online events to keep us all together. Keep an eye out for our event emails.

Please send your interesting updates, articles and stories to us at together with your membership number, by email in a Word document. Articles always look better with accompanying pictures, so please include photographs and artwork as separate attachments to go with your articles if possible, and please ensure that you have permission to publish any photograph from everyone in it. All images must be high resolution (300+ dpi), and suitable for printing. All our members receive an e-magazine.

The copy deadline for the summer issue of REIKI WORLD is 1st May 2024.

In the meantime, enjoy the springing of the new season.

What have you been doing that our members would like to read about?

Editor of Reiki World / Marketing & Publications Coordinator


Staytunedtooursocial media channels for reminders of our online events!

Please note: Contributors to Reiki World magazine do not necessarily express the opinion of the UK Reiki Federation and the UK Reiki Federation accept no responsibility for views expressed. The UK Reiki Federation does not accept any responsibility for the independent advertisers or their services featured in this magazine. All content of Reiki World is © Copyright to UK Reiki Federation. Unless otherwise stated, the design and layout of this magazine and any material published (including text, graphics, logos, images) is the property of the UK Reiki Federation. We authorise users to copy articles from this magazine only for personal, non-commercial use, clearly acknowledging the source.

ISSN (printed): ISSN 2633-5115 ISSN (digital): ISSN 2633-5123

Spring REIKI


Would you like to advertise your courses, retreats, holiday accommodation, supplies, books, new age items etc. to like minded individuals?

Please send your adverts to


Eighth page (105 x 70mm)


Quarter page (portrait 140 x 105mm) £50

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Full page (portrait 285 x 210mm) £100

Full page back cover (when available) £125

Courses and retreats to be advertised by members only.


The new colourful UK Reiki Federation ‘Client/Patient’ leaflets and ‘Information for the Carers of Animal & Pet Clients’ leaflets are an ideal way to explain about Reiki to clients and to anyone who would benefit from receiving information about it. They are available for purchase by members. £1.50 each or:

25 leaflets …........£8.00

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Prices for ‘Client/Patient’ leaflets include postage and packing. Members may also request 25 copies of the UK Reiki Federation promotional leaflet free of charge, with a contribution of £1.50 for postage and packing if being requested without any other purchase. The UKRF information leaflets are popular with Teacher members who use them to advise their students about the UK Reiki Federation.


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