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YOUR BUSINESS Let’s face it, the world revolves around technology and if you want to make it in this world, it’s time to ensure your company’s technology is up-to-speed. Here are the ten aspects to consider first, when you decide to update your company’s technology.





Most of us fear the idea of moving files and documents from old desktops to powerful, sleek and secure laptops, mainly due to the perceived risk of losing data. However, if your PC is older than 5 years, you risk losing it all in a breakdown.

Europe has been under attack by Ransomware such as Wannacry, that has pillaged schools, hospitals and other vulnerable institutions. The minimum requirements for dealing with threats, include:

If you’re worried about moving your files, you can now rest assured that they will be safe and sound, thanks to a number of easy-to-use downloadable services that take care of the heavy lifting to ensure your files, as well as some of your applications and programmes, are safely copied to the same locations on your new laptop. All you need is a decent broadband connection, as the services use web links. Here are some of the services you could try:

newest operating system

up-to-date security software

two-factor authentication for sensitive or passwordprotected information

Laplink’s PCMover (




Google Photos

Any information that you cannot afford to lose should be backed up on a daily basis. Use an online backup and recovery service, such as Keep It Safe or Iron Mountain to take care of the heavy lifting for your small business. is another user-friendly, affordable and effective solution for sole traders.


Laplink PCMover (from €23.95) can be used for all your files, while Dropbox and Onedrive are free online storage services. Use them on an ongoing basis to never lose anything again. Flickr and Google Photos provide almost unlimited storage for image files and videos.


According to Comreg, Ireland still has more than 3,000 active dialup Internet services and more than 100,000 active ISDN lines, most being legacy connections. While some of these connect devices to payment terminals, a great many are simply overlooked. Don’t pay for services you don’t use. Scrutinise your bills and close down any accounts or services you pay for but no longer use. By the same token, clear up unused email accounts and update online directories and social media accounts with current and correct information.


Manning Financial Autumn 2017  
Manning Financial Autumn 2017