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Ten years of Outflow magazine With the revision of Outflow as a quarterly publication coinciding neatly with the anniversary of the introduction of the title in March 2002. ‘Lanre Iroche, who has been involved with the magazine from Issue 1, takes us on a trip down memory lane.


t will probably come as something of a surprise to you to find out that we stumbled on the fact that this edition coincided with the tenth anniversary of this publication completely by accident (or courtesy of an act of reluctant obedience, to give God the required credit for the part He played). We were preparing for our first meeting of the year as an editorial board - which also happened to be our first meeting as editors of the magazine in its new guise as a quarterly publication when it was impressed on me to traipse through past editions to help inform our discussions about the future, when I picked up my fairly pristine copy of the 6

first-ever edition of Outflow (pictured left). I was just about to drop it back in my ‘Outflow pile’, deeming it irrelevant for our purposes, when I caught sight of the date in the top right corner. I was rendered speechless, partly because, prior to the discovery, I had been engaged in conversation with the Holy Spirit about whether to delay my departure for the meeting to rifle through more copies of past editions when I felt I already had enough on me. The team shared my surprise and it was unanimous - to introduce this new phase of Outflow, we would take you, the readers, on a journey of Outflow past and present, while we introduce you to the future. Enjoy..

Outflow March 2012  

Outflow magazine March edition