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organisation and you are being forced into an unwanted life”. Immediately, Joe fell into a deep sleep where he had a dream that he became a young Chinese girl who was deceived into going abroad to get a ‘great’ job where she would be well paid and have a decent career. Upon arrival in Russia, she was taken to a warehouse in a windowless van with several young women of the same age group. The warehouse was derelict with no visible lighting. As the doors of the van opened, a number of buff men led them into the warehouse. Joe and the other girls were given some snacks and then left to rest on some dirty-looking mattress with no sheets on. They were woken up in the early hours of the morning and redirected once again to the van which headed for their unknown destination. The drive was long, tiring, tightly packed and many of the girls were nauseous. Finally they got to their destination which had not been revealed to them and they saw that it was a brothel; the girls turned and ran but men came out of the brothel with guns and escorted them into the rooms. Joe woke up abruptly from the dream only to hear the ‘Voice’ again asking him how it felt to be the young girl in the dream. Instantly, Joe was redeemed and deeply sorry for his wrong-doings. He promised God to change his ways but asked for help to be able to escape. Later that morning, he called his father in to tell him of his experience with the ‘Voice’ and the dream he had. Unsurprisingly, his father was dumbfounded. He immediately told him to perish the thought of quitting or escaping as he was too deeply involved however Joe’s intentions were clear as he had made the decision that he was definitely leaving. Joe’s father pulled a gun out of his pocket and aimed it at his son’s head, “Listen to me son, you are not going anywhere unless you keep walking away and end up dead”. His voice was emotionless and his eyes were like steel. Joe was incredibly shocked that his own father did not understand his reason for backing out. Joe’s father made sure that he did not escape. He called some security guards in to take him away and gave them strict instructions to keep an eye on him and ensure he did not go anywhere. No one could understand what was going on but they followed the dad’s instructions. Joe was completely helpless and had fallen asleep on the bare ground only to be woken up by the most elegant being he had ever set his eyes on. The being took his hand and led him out of the guarded environment without anyone noticing because they were invisible to the guards. The next minute, Joe found himself alone in front of a Police building. He looked to both the right and left and saw passer-bys and a sign reading “California – 20 miles”. Joe realised that he had business contacts in California that could help him to hide but due to his encounter with God, he had gained integrity and honesty so he decided to hand himself in to the Police where he identified himself.


Joe was sentenced to twenty years in prison since he had been very co-operative with the Police to help bring down the organisation that he was once proud to have been the creator of. Joe found favour with the Prison officers at the camp in Arizona, due to God’s mighty hand upon him. After ten years, he was released on probation for good behaviour; his probation lasted two years and he followed the rules throughout and went about preaching the Gospel of Christ. Later on in his lifetime, he came face to face with his father. The difference between them now is that Joe himself was an FBI agent yet his father was standing in front of him bound up in shackles waiting to be sentenced.


Ten questions about people in the Bible. The first letters of the first nine answers spell the answer to #10 1. In a parable told by Jesus, who was it that helped a man who had been robbed and wounded. A Priest B Man from Nazareth C Levite D Samaritan 2. What was the name of the older brother of Moses? A Abel B Aaron C Reuben D Ramses 3. What was the name of Abraham’s son? A Isaac B Abel C Cain D Japhet 4. Who did God tell to build an ark? Answer: (One word) ____________________________________________________ 5. There was a disciple known as Doubting _______________________ A Bartholomew B Peter C Thomas D Thaddeus 6. Which one of the disciples denied knowing Jesus? A Peter B James C Thomas D Matthew 7. Who were the first two disciples of Jesus? A Andrew and Peter B Matthew and Mark C Judas and Paul D James and John 8. What was the city where Abraham lived? A Babylon B Ur C Jerusalem D Nazareth 9. Which Gospel writer was a doctor? A John B Matthew C Luke D Mark 10. The first letters of the answers to questions 1 to 9 spell the name of a man who was converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus. Originally named Saul, he is now known by this name. Write name in full (see hint) Answer: (Two words - 5 letters and four letters (title and first name)) ____________________________________________________ Answers: 1. Samaritan 2. Aaron 3. Isaac 4. Noah 5. Thomas 6. Peter 7. Andrew & Peter 8. Ur 9. Luke 10. Saint Paul

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