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8. Most of the time, at the end of a prayer, we say one word. What is that word? America Ah-choo Amen Abracadabra 9. Jesus taught this prayer to the disciples, (whom later became known as Apostles). Jesus selected a certain number of men to be His followers. What is the known number of disciples (apostles)? 1,578 12 129 1

Answers 1. God 2. Yes 3. Name 4. We should be good every day, like God wants us to be 5. Basic things we need to live 6. Yes 7. All of these 8. Amen 9. 12 10. Testaments

10. The Christian Bible is divided into two parts. What are they called? (Hint: ‘old and new’) confessions creeds doctrines testaments

Divine Intervention Ayo Obileye (12years) Joshua Generation

There was a man; his name was Joe ‘The Stop Sign’

Edwards. This man was a twenty-three year old top criminal and was the leader on the ‘Top 10 Wanted’ FBI and CIA list in several countries due to his Human-Trafficking network. His criminal activities centred around Asia and Eastern Europe where they put mainly women on Cargo planes to be sent to Brothels for prostitution, (in most cases against their will). Joe was a very devilish person who did not care about anybody else but himself and just kept amassing wealth from his illegal activities without a second thought about how it affected others. He was the sort of person that when they heard was involved they agreed regardless of the consequences. Joe had no children or family apart from his father who was the deputy head of the ‘gang’ and shared the same traits as his son. Both the FBI and CIA had been keeping tabs on him for years but still had no concrete evidence that would stand in court to ‘bring him down’ which caused so much frustration for them because he ran a very secure organisation that could not be ‘hacked’ or intercepted. Every effort made was almost in vain, despite being close at times, still no substantial evidence could be gathered against ‘The Stop Sign’. On a chilly winter night, after celebrating a major ‘shipment’ that involved the largest number of women and goods smuggled into Russia, Joe went to bed quite drunk and exhausted. All of sudden, he woke up sweating and queasy. The bedroom windows flew open and in entered a gust of wind carrying a voice. The Voice spoke out and said “Joe, o’ Joe, Why do you do the evil things you do that are not of righteousness?” Joe almost jumped out of his skin as the voice was so clear yet there was no one in sight. After getting over the shock, he summoned up the courage to ask the voice, “Who are you and what do you want with me?” he said in a weak voice. The voice responded, “I am the Lord God Almighty; your maker”. Joe was startled even further, “My maker, I have never believed in God but how else can this be?” God replied, “This is truly me! I have been watching over you since you were born but now I have come to rescue you from a life of corruption and destruction. I will now show you what it feels like if you are on the receiving end of your


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