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The Man Jesus


Hannah Abu – aged 9 (Children of Destiny)

Jesus was born in a town called Bethlehem, even though he was not really an ordinary person. He was the son of God and he was sent to change the world. Jesus was born by a woman called Mary and her husband was called Joseph. Jesus was born in a stable and placed in a manger. He did not have to be born that way he could have been born in the most special place in the whole entire world that was so special. Jesus wanted to be like an ordinary person he did not want to be treated like the best person in the world. It is like when you give you will not take. He just wanted to help people for nothing in return except he wanted the people to love God. That is all that Jesus wanted from the people of the world for them to love God. Jesus came to the world on Christmas day. When Jesus was 12 years old he went with his parents to the temple which is a tradition that every year they go to the temple to pray. Then he stayed behind to ask the priests questions and they gave answers and they asked him how he knew so much. Jesus was in trouble because he stayed at the temple but his parents did not know he was there. His parents were very worried about him they asked people if they had seen their son. So after a few days they found Jesus in the temple and they asked him questions the priests heard the questions and said that he was no trouble and it was a pleasure to have him. After that he and his parents went home to rest feeling happy that they had found Jesus. Mary and Joseph still did not realise that Jesus felt more at home in the temple. When Jesus was an adult they teased him because he said he was the son of God. They said, “A carpenter’s son, the child of God you must be joking”. Then after a while he started to work miracles and they began to say he was marvellous. They also called him the son of David but not any of these things bothered Jesus because he knew they were not true. The more Jesus healed and taught people, the more they said he was great. But the high priests and the religious leaders did not like Jesus because he was getting more attention than them. So they began to get jealous. So the high priests and the religious leaders came up with ways to test Jesus. But they found Jesus knew the answer to every question they asked him so they started to think of new plans to get Jesus. Judas Iscariot was a crafty man and he made a deal with the high priests and the religious leader that he would find a way to find a way to betray Jesus. In return they traded him 30 silver coins in a bag. One day Jesus told two disciples to

go into the market place. When they go into the market place they were to find a man and follow him to his house. Then they were to ask him if he had any space in his house to have a special meal. Also they were to tell him they were friends of Jesus. Then the man said he had space in his attic for their dinner. They thanked the man and went back to Jesus. When Judas Iscariot heard their plans he went to the high priests and the religious leaders to confirm where to arrest Jesus even though Jesus did nothing wrong. They arrested him, whipped him, spat on him, called him names and pressed a crown of sharp thorns on his head. But apart from all the pain he was suffering, he knew he was doing the right thing. They took him to Pilot to be judged and Pilot heard all these testimonies about Jesus but found nothing wrong with him for he was personally a friend of Jesus. He tested Jesus many times but found nothing wrong. But the high priests and the religious leaders argued for all they were worth to kill Jesus. Then Pilot said, “I wash my hands off this man’s blood as I find nothing guilty to be charged for but you can go and kill him”. Then they made Jesus carry a heavy wooden cross on his back and made him carry it to the hill


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