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jor renewal of the changes included a ma r 400 years of ove se their mindset – to era in driver for ma The g”. kin “bondage thin He required His the change was God as the freedom He in children to worship Him oppression of the er und provided and not their Eg yptian taskmasters. the Israelites During the wilderness, a result of as s nge cha were subjected to nt from ere diff e wer ich wh their freedom caused s Thi . ypt their life of bondage in Eg are ich wh ce stan resi a lot of tension and es to com it en wh iety soc ay’s recurrent in tod nge arena. Moses managing people in a cha h a motley band wit found himself dealing usher them into to d trie of people as he setting, he sent the Promised Land. In one h contrasting wit out 12 spies who returned against the en tak be to reports. Action had e report, ativ neg a k bac t ugh 10 who bro ards the tow ple so the mindset of the peo e even om bec not uld Promised Land wo . was ady alre it n tha at more downbe be attributed Three types of mindsets can response to or n in terms of their reactio change: 1. 2. 3.

s associated Block – Resist the change ction dire or on visi with the new embrace nor st resi r ithe Ne – al Neutr ce the changes. No firm stan nges Support – Champion of cha

h regards to their As people are different wit ent is required to ssm views on issues, an asse s that need to rest inte of ge identify the ran in planning the be taken into consideration t generates the tha change process in a way ent is called ssm asse s Thi greatest support. is a technique Stakeholder Analysis which s or groups ual designed to identify individ as well as s, ces pro nge affected by the cha it. g cin uen infl of e those capabl ich stressed An example close to home wh eholders stak ing nag the importance of ma credit of ing ten tigh the by d was highlighte ago. rs yea of ple in the financial market a cou rly nea d cte affe y The reduction in liquidit on n “ma the from le sca bal everyone on a glo . ers” tow ry the ivo the street” to the “man in nts me ern gov the This meant that when

kets – everyone came out with the rescue pac the decisions in rest that had a key inte Government s, ker Ban ed; was contact Prime and Presidents, Legislators, ted duc con e wer ls Ministers. Opinion Pol ht mig y the ce stan resi of l to assess the leve in er ord ore to rest come up against in trying y. nom eco the te ula the market place and stim and n nio opi in nce This differe kes an effective perception is what ma hly important. hig communication strateg y to the changes ted rela n If the communicatio dise the whole is ineffective, it could jeopar communicated programme. When God was at that o wh , a vision to Nehemiah rer in the bea cup al roy a as time ser ving per Em or during household of the Persian tell a soul – not not Israel’s captivity, he did cials – until he offi or les nob the Jews, priests, what God had had assessed and confirmed said to him. r staying there I went to Jerusalem, and afte night with a few three days I set out during the what my God had others. I had not told anyone salem. Jeru for put in my heart to do finally he en wh Eventually them told y he onl communicated the vision, dling han w, kno to what they each needed ha wit ters por sup and s tral the blockers, neu y. teg different communication stra y can help or A communication strateg the following and s, ces pro hinder the change ed to ensure a issues should be address desired conclusion:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

ne your You must determine and defi nicate); mu com to om wh audience (to to Identify your drivers (why communicate); municate); The message (what to com ine your erm det to cial cru ally It is equ ); ate nic language (how to commu ) ate nic mu com Timing (when to

ividuality of your These factors take the ind uring that the ens audience into account, is received in iver del to message you choose . The importance a manner that is understood n strategy is atio of an effective communic d to be led nee ple peo t based on the fact tha current The . ted ula nip ma or ed and not forc t and Eas e ddl Mi situation in North Africa, we as fact this to sts of recent Nigeria atte ng ruli the of s icie pol the see resistance to ’. ship ator dict lying parties after years of ‘under e ssag me t righ the These controls will ensure n the hierarchy is being communicated dow e or reaction to to manage the varied respons the planned changes. re are riots in As I write this article, the eral populace gen the as ens Ath the streets of nges to prevent is resisting the proposed cha krupt. Is it safe ban the countr y from going not effective in are ers lead the to conclude that it be a case of a lack managing the process or could on the impact? ple of understanding by the peo of a change e anc ort imp Either way, the underestimated management plan cannot be steps: ing and we advocate the follow 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.

n; Review the Vision or Missio rs; ive Dr e ang Ch the fy nti Ide olders; Define the Key and Stakeh ntifying ide by ers old keh Map the Sta the Blockers, Neutrals and Supporters; e Define Strategy to manag ; ers old Stakeh unication Define an Effective Comm Strategy; g. Implementation and Trainin

d of the KUW Ade Ojomo is the Faculty Hea r with KUW ecto Dir a and Business School Consulting.



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