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can already see that confused look you are wearing as you wonder what in the world a piece entitled @OttyWarmann could possibly be about. Well, stop raising your eyebrow like that and I’ll tell you. My editors have been brave enough to commission me to contribute a column on whatever I want! My hope is that it wasn’t because they were scarce on contributors, but rather because they felt I had some genuinely interesting ideas. I guess we’ll soon find out. So what will I write about? Any and everything! The topics will be conversation starters, high in calories of opinion, saturated by controversy, sprinkled with subjectivity and seasoned by the Word. What is a little different is that this column is somewhat interactive. After all, I can’t say all these things and leave no room for intelligent rebuttal. So therein lies the reason for the title. I figured that I would get with the times and become an honorary member of the so-called ‘social network’ by joining the Twitter revolution. Find me @OttyWarmann. Doing so will allow you, the reader, to banter with other readers (and indeed myself) about any of the topics discussed. Think of it as an online ‘great debaters’ style forum. You might even want to throw in your two-cents about what a future topic could be. So I’ll see you at the family dinner table, or your staff room at work. I may even see you in the foyer at church or in your life group icebreakers. But you; you can find me @ OttyWarmann. See you soon!


Blackberry revolution across Africa proves. There is little doubt that we are in the technological age where things begin with an ‘e’ or an ‘i’ instead of a capital letter. Acronyms for just about everything have replaced phrases and sentences. Disposable has since defeated classic. And time saving options are purchase preferences in our attempts to

The Social Network: Is True Fellowship Dead?

Who wouldn’t want to be reading their Bible on Kindle, recording X-Factor at home with their iPhone, then whipping out their iPad to satisfy their cravings for Facebook gist?


n the time it will take you to read this, something you own would have vibrated or made a quirky sound at least once, I’m sure. So what is it? Text? Tweet? E-mail? Facebook alert? Phone call? BB message? Whichever of these is the culprit is of small consequence. What I can assume is that whatever buzzed has convinced you that you stay connected, and also ensures you barely read a paragraph without being distracted (and fuels my wonderment that you might read this whole piece). Somehow the rulers of the day have masterfully fooled us into thinking that these incessant vibrations are what we need to stay ‘plugged in’. The term, ‘contemporary fellowship’ comes to mind, but I question the accuracy of this. They say it’s good to phone just beeped, excuse me please. Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, they say it’s good to talk, to stay connected and that a conversation is worth having. Such sentiment isn’t limited to the west as the burgeoning

salvage time that will only be filled by other ‘time saver’ creations. Sometimes I wonder if God shakes His head at us the same way we shake ours at those stubborn and ungrateful Israelites. Come on, we’ve all done it! You probably think I am some old dude always reminiscing about back in the day who is probably writing this out with an ink pen, but you would be mistaken. Though I do appreciate history and occasionally like to journey down memory lane, I would consider myself quite young, current and, dare I say it, cool. In no way do I despise the technicallysavvy age we live in. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be reading their Bible on Kindle, while simultaneously using their iPhone to ‘tell’ their home TV box to record X-Factor, then after reading a couple of chapters whip out their iPad to satisfy the cravings for Facebook gist? The person will then use voice activated Bluetooth to call a long lost friend while multi-tasking with a life-group chat on Blackberry Messenger. That’s all on the train

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Outflow March 2012  

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