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born of the spirit. In other words physical life is distinct from spiritual life. In his deliberations with the Samaritan woman Christ clarified that God is a spirit (see John 4). This is supported by the narrative in the opening chapter of John’s Gospel which clarifies that anyone who accepts Christ’s sacrifice is given the power to become a child of God – a spiritual child. The same chapter clarifies that in Christ is life and that, that life is the light of men. To cement the position Christ explained (see John 10:10) that He came into the world that we might have abundant life (spiritual life). In summary, whatever is born of God is spiritual but no one can be born of God without passing through the womb of spiritual life which is Christ. Easter is therefore a celebration of the resurrection from spiritual death to spiritual life. With an understanding of what Easter is really all about, it is a time for stocktaking, and an opportunity for sober reflection and self examination. Do we thinking about our lives in resurrection terms? Are we examining ourselves to identify spiritually dead mindsets or activities? For the Christian, the significance of Easter should go beyond the ceremonial pomp and pageantry and instead, be a time for reflection on our life journey.

What are we doing with the new life He gave us? Are we using that new life to pursue the great commission (see Mark 16) or are we pursuing a worldly agenda where the rewards are both received and depleted here on earth? What is dead in our lives that desperately need resurrection? Do we have visions that are laying dormant thanks to procrastination, fatigue or discouragement? Easter is an opportune season to bring them before Christ and seek His assistance in raising them back to life. Let’s not forget that Christ was not only raised to life by the Holy Spirit, but He was also seated at the right hand of God the Father far above every principality, dominion and power and given a name that is above all names in this world and the one to come. The bible makes clear that the church has also been raised together with Christ. This means that there can be no successful opposition to those desires, visions and plans that have been given to us by Him. To celebrate Easter in a religious fashion, merely going through the motions, will be another missed opportunity for us to step into the next level or phase of life that He has planned for us. Let Easter mean more than another annual celebration; let it be a season of reflection that results in the resurrection of dead things in or around us.

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