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One person making a difference by Mollie Oseni


hat do you do when you hear that over 66,000 children are being abducted across Central Africa to be child soldiers and sex slaves? And that hundreds of thousands of mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts are being killed to perpetrate these crimes? At best I stop to think about it, imagine the emotions and thoughts of these families that are being destroyed and maybe say a prayer or two for them. At our worst, I filter through it as one of the many displeasures experienced in life. I try my best to keep abreast of the facts to be able to hold a decent and wellrounded conversation. But I leave it at that; effectively numbing every channel of emotion. And it’s understandable, for how can one person change the world? What does it matter if I connect with their pain or hurt? I do not know these children or their families, they are thousands of miles away from me; plus I honestly can’t comprehend what they are going through. It makes the most sense to devote my emotions and attention to things going on in my life, especially as I can’t do anything to change their situation. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way; if that’s the case I apologise for not being caring enough and I promise I’ll try my best to be more like you - concerned about world peace, empathetic towards


What does it matter if I connect with their pain? I don’t know these children or their families, they are thousands of miles away. How can one person change the world? the cries and hurts of the broken world. I promise I will be more like the followers of Christ because I hear that is what they’ve been called to do, to love and care for those who are hurting, to feed and clothe their hunger and nakedness; to advocate and fight for their justice I hear it’s called. But if I am not alone in this plight, then I remember Paul saying something along the lines of ‘there being no condemnation for those who are in Christ’....and if that’s a bit too patronising, then I can look around and see individuals like you and I - with families, jobs and hobbies - who are doing their bit to make a difference. They boldly move from acquiring the facts to empathising with the hurts and pains of these afflicted ones; they look within themselves to their skills, talents and hobbies and pick out what they can use to further the cause of these ones. I say well done to the Jason Russells, Ben Keeseys and Chris Carver (of the NGO Invisible Children) and others out there who are taking a stand and doing their bit

to make a difference. It might be directing a video with over 75 million YouTube hits to raise awareness or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for a charity. It might be saying a few sincere prayers for these hurting ones, volunteering once a week or month, or even simply spreading the word by sharing a video or link. You inspire me to take a step, however little. You get me out of the bubble I’ve blown for my life; you cause me to reevaluate my desires and passions. You inspire me to start small and dream big, but most importantly you make a difference in the lives of these hurting ones. You bring their plight to the forefront of God and other people’s minds, reminding them that these ones matter. You remind me that however small my action is, it makes a difference and can transform a life! I’d love for you to join us as we start the series of highlighting these ones bold enough to take a step to make a difference in the world!

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