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Pursue I Discover Maximise There’s more to the church’s slogan than a snappy catchphrase, as Head of Member Services, Tomi Ayodeji, highlights in the first of a series of profiles


t can be quite easy to get into the routine of passing through church week in week out without being able to measure the impact church has on you. There must be more to life than that. The people in the pages of the bible seem to have such vibrant lives and we must convince ourselves that this is possible for us also. Every church has a heartbeat, that special something that makes it alive. At the very core of our heart is the hope that, as you come through the double doors of the church, you will receive the inspiration to pursue hard after God, discover why He created you, and live out that purpose in love and action. In that vein we say we are in Pursuit of God, Discovering Purpose and Maximising Potential. Our hope is that as you read the experiences of members of the church over the next few editions, you will be encouraged to make these three phrases a reality in your life.

Outflow March 2012  

Outflow magazine March edition