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The different phases of the magazine Outflow has gone through a number of design changes, some enjoying significantly more success that others. Here they all are, from left to right in all their glory, or lack of it...

the newsletter approach

the ill-fated ‘squiggle’

Outflow was presented as more a newsletter than magazine from March 2002 till April 2003. Though it looks a bit dated now, at the time I thought it was an exceptional piece of design, particularly with the metallic silver ‘flow’ in the top right corner. Even now I think it was a great start. But I would, no?

Ill-fated because this look, and masthead, lasted for only one edition - May 2003 - before being discarded and consigned firmly to memory. To be fair I was still cutting my teeth as both an editor and graphic designer at the time, and I’d thought it was pretty impressive. No-one else seemed to agree.

tHE FLUID HEADER IMpact header PART one This look was introduced in 2003 by long-time Outflow design collaborator Tolu ‘Imaginovation’ Shofule as a replacement for ‘illfated’, the cursive strokes of the masthead adding a classy touch to Tolu’s easily-recognisable combination of illustrations and 3D-rendering that marked this phase of Outflow covers, which are remembered fondly for their bold colour and creativity, and lasted through 2004.

impact header part two

...which saw the black text and matching strips, plus the standard white background disappear for good, to be replaced by the text alone. This new approach meant the masthead could be incorporated as a design feature on its own, with the colours modifiable to suit the concepts of the individual covers.

Introduced in January 2005 as we sought to take a different design direction, the blocky header text, flanked by two strips that housed the lines ‘The Jesus House magazine’ and our motto: ‘Bringing the mind of God to the hearts of His people’, enjoyed a run until mid-2006 in this guise, before a slight modification...

the present look

Outflow’s current masthead was introduced at the end of 2007 and has proved the longestlasting of them all, making it even to this transition period of the magazine. As Outflow is primarily your magazine, we welcome your thoughts and feedback on our content, from our features and reports, to our design approach. All comments should be sent via email to 11

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