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stories @ jesus house scrumptious three course meal and it soon became obvious they were certainly having a great time away from their normal routine Mayor Jim O’Sullivan gave a short speech and expressed how pleased he and his wife were to be present. He commended the church for reaching out to the elderly, who are sometimes unfortunately forgotten, even by their own family members. A spokesperson from the Elders Forum at Stonebridge Park also gave a vote of thanks in acknowledgement of the contribution of the church towards its community. Additional highlights of the event included: • the beautiful 10 year-old Luena singing a melodious rendition of “What Child Is This” & “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” with her angelic voice; • the renowned Kinetica group, who had previously performed at both the Olympics and for Nelson Mandela, giving a spectacular performance of perfectly choreographed dance rou-

tines, in their carnival style outfits, colourful headgear and waistbands; • Pastor Susan’s special dance with one of the residents to “Happy Days”. This galvanized the guests as they went down memory lane and soon got them dancing; • a dancing competition amongst the residents. Two winners emerged and were presented with their gifts by the Mayor and Mayoress; and • a birthday cake for the residents whose birthdays fell in December. This proved to be a pleasant surprise for them as they jointly cut this special cake and took some photographs. The event ended on a soaring note as Pastor Susan led the closing prayers and gave the vote of thanks. Overall, it was unanimously agreed that this was the best Celebration of Life event yet. It was truly remarkable to see the elderly guests reliving their youths for those few, but meaningful, hours. Abiola Obileye


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