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1. Payments for desired advertising space must be made to the Accounts Office on +44 (0)20 8438 8285 no later than the 20th of the month preceding the desired edition (e.g. by 20th of March for the April edition). A reference number will be allocated upon receipt of payment. Please include this reference when sending across your advert. Electronic copies of your advert must be sent to within two days of the payment in any of the following formats: PDF, JPEG or TIF. Failure to do so may result in non-publication of your advert. Adverts designed in Microsoft Word or Publisher will not be accepted. “Full” and “Quarter” page adverts should be designed and submitted in Portrait A4 format (297mm x 210mm), with 3mm bleed around edges, while “Half” page adverts should be in Landscape A5 format (210mm x 148.5mm, also with 3mm bleed). Designs should be done at a minimum of 250dpi. Submitting an advert with a Portrait orientation for a half page space, or a Landscape orientation for a full or quarter page, may result in non-publication of your advert. In the event that any of the publication’s designers would have to convert or redesign your advert in any of the accepted formats, an additional chargeis likely to result. The publishers reserve the right to refuse the publication of an advertisement without having to provide a reason, though we will endeavour to provide one where applicable. Where the set deadlines are not adhered to the publishers cannot guarantee publication in a particular edition. The publishers cannot accept liability for any loss arising from late appearance, non-publication or any mistake in the advertisement for any reason whatsoever (e.g. typographic errors). The publishers accept no responsibility for actions taken on the basis of any information contained in the advertisement. The publishers do not in any way endorse any advertisement published.

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