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The Harvard Science Review | Volume 23, No. 1

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Liquid Light

Nature’s Lean Green Machine

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By Katherine Xue

By Amanda Lu

Highlights of Harvard Science Exhbiits By Lucie Guo

GFP Imaging By Daniel Haldar

Quantum Dots By Sarah Shareef

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Antibody Optimization By Sana Raoof

Antioxidants: Not Heaven-Sent By Stefan Andrei Anghel

1 Harvard Science Review • spring 2010

The Harvard Science Review

3 news briefs Light and migraines Climate change and Copenhagen

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Surgery to Stem Cells: Possibilities of Cardiac Regeneration . . . Anirudh Penumaka Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

. . . Katrina Verbrugge

Lighting the Way

. . . Julia Ransohoff

36 faculty spotlight Federico Capasso . . . Helen Yang

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