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riting promotes communication with the rest of the world. Writing allows people to express thoughts, opinions, needs, and ideas. Besides, writing represents one of the main ways to develop creative skills. With no doubt writing is not only important but also fun because it becomes something that is personally meaningful for children and for adults.


his issue of Walnuts invites you to enjoy writing samples of first, second, third, and fourth grade authors and to find in it wonderful experiences, amazing stories, complex thoughts, persuasive texts, kind messages to new friends, and incredible deep feelings.

Luz Elena Barragán English Department Coordinator

Special thanks to: Allison Crabb, María Fernanda Rojas, Luz M. Rodriguez, Catalina Rodríguez, Kavita Singh, Hanna Bishop, Nubia Diaz, Connie de Rodriguez, Martha Cristina La Rota, Luz Elena Barragán, Catalina Montenegro, Jessica Hernandez and Mónica López. Cover by Loraine Cavelier


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HtoikEnecenillo I

n November first I went to my hike in my bus. In the bus I talked a lot with Ele and Cami. After that I got to Encenillo Park. Next I eat my snack. I eat chips and peanuts. Then I went to begin the hike. After that I climbed the mountains. There I saw a cusumbo. When we are in the top of the mountain we saw a Colombian flag. Then we went down to a house and ate the lunch. After that I went to a cave of bats. I saw many bats but I was not scared. Later I went to my bus and changed my clothes to go to Bogota. Finally my father come to get me !!! by Juana Cardona




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Dear ox, Mr. F

ould brush I think you sh d think of your teeth an ck to the a plan. Go ba r DeSoto office of Docto CAUTION! and eat him. cause DocBe careful be intelligent. tor DeSoto is

Your Friend, n Nicolas Pinzo

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Dear Santa,

My name is M artin, I am 8 y ears old and I live in Bogo ta which is a very long way from the Nort h Pole. I hav e been good this year. I h ave listened to myteacher. Next year I a m going to w ork on participating more in Spanish class . ForChristmas I would like a Lego c ity. I left you some cookies and milk. I ho pe you like it!

Your Friend, Martin Gutier rez

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r e b o t c O y M Break

k I stayed in a re b r e b to c During the O y on Octoa d th ir b y m s Bogota. It wa ber 18th. y family. One m h it w s e m a I played g ose on Minnie n e th g in tt u p game was Mouse. ndity with my gra rc e iv D to t n e t to I also w es. Last I wen m a g d e y la p s ma and vo CafĂŠ. It wa o N d e ll a c t n a restaura delicious.


Laura Morale

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HtoikEnecenillo L

ast Friday, November 9 we went to Encenillo Park. First my class and I get into a Tech bus and all first graders talked very much. Then the bus arrived and we ate a snack.


ext we made groups. My group and I hiked a mountain and we saw the Colombian flag. Then we ate a sandwich, chips, an apple and juice. Later my group and I went into a bat cave and listened to some bats. Then we came back to the bus. Later we come to Bogota and my mother was waiting for me in Carulla. I was happy in the Hike!!!! by Jeronimo Camargo

A Day at the Zoo By Paulina Palacio


y brother, my mother, my father, and I went last year to the zoo in Bariloche, Argentina. First we went to see the crocodiles. A crocodile surprised me and I screamed! Next we went to see the birds. I touched a bird and

it almost bit me. Then we went to eat ice cream. My mother ate an ice cream cookie, my father ate a popsicle, and my brother and I ate a very big tutti-frutti ice cream. Finally we went to see the hippos, the sheep, the sharks, and the penguins. I felt very good in the zoo.


The Sunday By Pablo Linares


the Sundays my parents, my sister, my brother, and I go to the bike trail because we want to do sport. First we take the bikes and we leave the building. Next we go from my house to 100 Street. Then we go to mass in the bike. Finally we go to Crepes & Waffles to eat lunch and we go to our house. I feel very happy. I learn to stay balanced in the bike and I like it very much.

By Isabella Cucal贸n


vacation I went in an airplane to the Island of Providencia. First I went to the hotel that was named Morgan. It was big, it had a big pool. Then I went to the sea. It has seven colors: light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow, red, green, and black. Finally, I went to Bogot谩 in an airplane. I liked it so much because the sea has many colors. I learned that people in Providencia eat fish

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My First Roller Coaster


By Manuela Gomez

still remember my 1st roller coaster. It was named Jurassic Park. I went with my grandpa, my dad, my mom, my sister, and me, of course! It was in the June 2007 vacation. We went into the train and it went up slowly, but when it went down, it was really fast! Then my sister and I saw two dinosaurs fighting for a pack of popcorn! I saw a gigantic dinosaur. “Ahhhhh,” I shouted! I didn´t notice that it took a photo of personal narrative essays - 12

us. Then the train went to a cave full of dinosaurs. It went on and on to the end of the roller coaster. When we went out I said, “I was really scared!” Then I bought a jaw breaker and it was the most delicious thing of all, but bad news because I lost it. I was very scared because it was horrible, but I loved that roller coaster, of course! It was my first roller coaster. I learned that no matter what you do or what you have, it doesn´t matter if you don’t have anyone to share it with.

My Birthday

By Juan Pablo Gutierrez


remember my last birthday. I was with all my friends in my house on November 2nd. It was super! First, I went to Centro Chia to pick up Santiago Mendoza. Then we went to my house and we ate a little bit. Then we went out to play football. Next, Juan Nicolás came to my house and later Esteban (a kid of 2A) came too. Alejandro Moreno (a kid of 2B) and last Nicolás Valderrama (another kid of 2A) came. Then we ate pizza and I said, “ This pizza is delicious!” Then we played with Wii and PS2. In

Wii I played a game name Super Smash Brothers Brawl and PS2 I played a game named Grand Theft Auto. Later Santiago, a friend of one neighborhood that is Tejares de San Jose came. He came late because he was in the airport and the airport is really far from my house. Last, all my friends gave me my presents and then they went to their houses. I played more Wii and last I went to sleep. I felt very happy in my birthday and I learned that you have to be good to your friends as your friends are good to you.

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Birthday by Maria Jose Martinez


he birthday of my grandpa was amazing! It was November 19th in Coco´s. There was my family. My aunts, uncles, parents and myself, of course were there.


irst, we got to Coco´s and found a table to sit at. Then we saw the menu. My mom asked me, “What do you want to eat?” I told her, “Pasta.” We ordered the food that we wanted. We talked about my cousin Gabriela and when she was going to be born. We ate the food because we were hungry. After that we ordered the cake. We sang Happy Birthday and ate the cake. I didn´t want any more because I was full! I was sleepy so I told my mom, “I want to go to bed.” “Ok,” said my mom. “Let´s go,” I said to my grandpa.


y grandpa was very happy. So was I. I felt very good and happy. It was the best party that I have been to in Villavo.


Sister´s Birthday By: Pablo Galindo 2B


ne day my father said that we have to go to the hospital to visit my mother. Then we got into the car to get there.


hen we got into the hospital, there was my mother, and near her, there was a little bed. In the bed there was a little baby. Then I went in front of the bed and I said “ Hello, Laura I´m your big brother Pablo, the one who will take care of you”. Then my mother cried, because she was very happy to see me.


inally we got into the car and went to the house. I felt happy because I have a little sister.

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La SagraMdoraenoF2Bamilia by Alejandro

. I visited this rcelona´s most famous site La Sagrada Familia is Ba we lived in Spain. place with my mother when udi. The by the architect Antoine Ga ne sto of de ma h urc ch a It is he finished it. because Gaudi died before church is not finished yet, the most fare because I was in one of I felt excited when I was the mous places in the world.

My tarLoipzanoto Manaure by Emm

grandnaure with my mom and my Last June 2009, I went to Ma you “Do tel and my mother told me: mother. First we got to the ho tains? I said: “yes!!!”. want to go to the salt moun , I ran to untains, when I was there Next we went to the salt mo salt, then dive in the salt, I ate a lot of one of the mountains and I salt t felt, and I yelled, so all the sal the all t bu b, clim to d I trie entered into my mouth! the car, e salt inside and walked to Finally I took a bag put som salt”. d I told my mother: “I love the I felt so good and happy an

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A Magical Exhibition

by Pedro Benitez

One day in June I woke up , I ran up the stairs in my aunt´s house, I waited in the computer for someone to wake up. Later my sister , aunt, parents and I had a delicious breakfast. Then my sister, parents and I got ready to go to the Harry´s Potter exhibition. We said good bye to my aunt and go t into the car. It was a long way from my aunt´s house to the museum. When we were there, they were playing the music of harry Potter and the flying car was hanging from the roof. When we were going to the exhibition we saw the flags of the four houses: Griffindon, Slitherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. After 10 minutes of walking we entered a dark room, a ma n dressed in black gave us a kind of phone with which we could hear all about the exhibition. When we enter ed, the sorting hat placed my sister in Griffindor. First we say the clothes and the belongings of the character s. Next we saw the magic creatures and some objects they used in the movies. During the exhibition there were some activities, we could do, like winning points in quiditch and unhearting mandrakes. Finally we entered the be st gift shop ever known. There were lots of things of Harry Potter, the magic objects from the character s, etc. My sister bought a bag of bertie boots and I bo ught a chocolate frog. That experience was exciting!!!

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Calle 202 #56-50 Bogotá,Colombia December 15, 2010

Dear Pen Pal,

I´m Juan Daniel and I´m 9 years old. My birthday is in January 10th. I have a mother and a father and no brothers. I like dinosaurs and video games. Do you too? I want to know. My school is named Los Nogales and my teacher is Allison Crabb. I have so much classes like Spanish and English. I´m in 2nd grade. My classroom is very big and colorful. In Christmas we put a tree with lights. We always have gifts and we give presents. We celebrate Jesus´s birthday and always with songs. Your friend, Juan Daniel

Dear Pen Pal,

Hi, my name is Luisa Velez. I am 8 years old. My birthday is on De sister, brother, and I. All my recesses I play in the monkey bars w

The name of my school is Los Nogales. I am in 2nd grade. My tea has desks, has lockers, and a big slate. I have many classes like and many more classes.

I celebrate Christmas by doing a tree. I sing songs with my family a Your friend, Luisa

Dear Pen Pal,

Calle 202 #56-50 Bogotá,Colombia December 15, 2010

My name is Lorenzo Cuccaro. I´m nine and a half years old at this time. I was born on 20th of June in Italy. I have 5 members of my family that live with me. I´m interested in soccer and all of the sports. My school is called Colegio Los Nogales. I am in second grade with 23 students more. My teacher, Allison Crabb, is very fun. I am in 2C. I have many things to learn like Math, English, Science, P.E. , Spanish, Religion, and Music. In Christmas we give many gifts to others. We share food with people who need it. We put a big tree and play secret friend. I hope you are good. Bye! Your friend, Lorenzo

Calle 202 #56-50 Bogotá,Colombia December 15, 2010

ecember 21st. I live with my mom, dad, with my friends.

acher is Allison Crabb. My class is big, e English, Math, Science, P.E., Music,

and we eat and do more things. Bye.





Emilio, My


By Santiago Salazar

have helped my cousin in many ways. But, he has helped me, too.

My cousin’s name is Emilio. He is four years old and he lives in Medellin. He has taught me to have patience because he is very impulsive. When I’m doing something alone he comes and says, ¨Can we play?¨ I tell him to wait and then he asks me the same thing over and over again. He has taught me to not be glued to the seat watching TV. He taught me that because he wanted to spend more time with me. He told me to play outside with him, so I went. I had fun playing outside with him. I learned that it is better to be with your family than to watch TV. Now, Emilio and I like to go outside, play together, share with the family, and love each other. I’m very proud of my cousin for teaching me those things. It’s good to have someone that helps you; like your maid, your teachers, or your parents. Always count on them.

My Grandpa

and I

By Nicolas Gamboa Mejia


I was four years old my grandfather Mario was playing chess, I was interested in chess, so I asked him if he could show me how to play chess, “Of course”, he said. I also learned yoga from him all the mornings when I saw him. If I was sad, he was there to protect me and help me in anything. Always when I have homework and I do not know the answer he immediately comes to me and shows me how

to get the answer. My grandfather always gives me good suggestions to help me at school. When we go to his house, he has good snacks to give us energy. And if someone is bothering me he helps me. My favorite game is chess, so I don´t know what would I do without my grandfather. He always gives me good gifts and he is not only my friend, he is always part of my family.

Narrative Workshop - 21

The Super Field Trip By Federico Castro

p the very best field tri month ago, I went on It it. ve I couldn’t belie ever! It was so cool, was awesome. p for three nt on a school field tri we we o, ag h nt mo e On told us we 27th and our teacher r be to Oc s wa It g. days lon chipay. I was trip to a place called Ca were going on a field , ¨How much that and I was thinking so, so excited about d, we left Then, on November 3r ?¨ ve ha to ing go I fun am for the field trip. s and uny, we put up our tent ipa ch Ca to t go we d by When t. Later, we separate ea to nt we we en Th packed. s, and Guawere: Cafetos, Banano groups and the groups to the river In Guaduas, we went s. ua ad Gu in s wa I . duas and had r that, we went back te Af it. o int nt we and we to sleep. dinner. Then we went to start e pool and got fresh th to nt we we y da The next Later, we got nt to have breakfast. the day. Then we we ion and then to the banana plantat nt we d an ps ou gr r ou to the in We finished and went . ion at nt pla e ffe co was to the at, we rested until it th r te Af . ch lun ve ha cafeteria to noon. us. e Opepa staff had for th e fir mp ca a to nt Later, we we d went to sleep. We ate and had fun an The stations tions; there were six. The next day we did sta ol and tube. s, army crawl, line, po were: a test, Guadua and then r, we went to pack up te La n. fu all re we They came back to Bogotá. it! so much fun. I loved I loved going. It was


Narrative Essey - 22

My Mom l a i c e p S y r e V is By Gabriela de la


Her r me in my life. fo on rs pe l ia ec to play tenmom is a very sp to walk, to run, es lik e Sh a. ur rite food name is La aurants. Her favo st re in t ea to d e also , an ith tomatoe. Sh w nis, to watch T.V. se ee ch a el ar with mos because I do is pasta, lasagna is special for me e Sh s. d’ al on cD likes to eat in M ith her. many activities w g to the park, ith her are goin w e ar sh I es ti vi o and trainSome of the acti playing the pian e, ur ic an m ng yi pl e makes seeing movies, ap e is very funny, sh sh e us ca be l ia obis spec s me in all the pr lp he ing my dog. She e sh t, lo a e She hugs m turn bad me very happy. sad. She tries to am I n he w e m es hat I draw. lems, and consol , and she likes w es on od go to in moments stay home, n I am sick and I he w e us ca be e k all the rm She is helpful fo ecks my homewor ch so al e sh , m She e-crea ass on Tuesdays. cl she brings me ic is nn te e th to takes me e and in what afternoons, and I have to improv es ti vi ti ac t ha w me little always tells me in ery day, she buys Ev . gs in th t gh ri and we ing situations I’m do e to Block Buster m h it w es go e the ays, sh kend. We sit on ee w gifts and on Frid e th ng ri du ies to see ndies. rent and buy mov t popcorn and ca ea s, ie ov m e th ch sofa and we wat not live. She is hout her I would it w e us ca be r es me laugh I write about he because she mak e lif y m in on rs pe t her. an incomparable why a write abou is at Th . ile sm me and always makes


Narrative Essey - 23

My wonderful brothers

They are also good friends and brothers. They give me energy when I have a game or when they see me without energy. They always make me laugh because they are always happy. When I’m with them I have a lot of energy. I chose to write about my brothers because they are important people in my life. They are brothers that you could have never seen in your life. I like so much their way of behave because they are nice and take care of me. I love them and they love me. Narrative Workshop - 24

My Mom

By Nabih Estefan Diaz

They are special because when I am sad, they console me. One day I was sad because I fought with a friend and they gave me an advice to face the situation and solve it. They also help me when I don’t understand something. For example when we are talking about soccer and I don’t know a word, they explain it to me. My brothers also support me if they know that a decision is good for me.

My Friend Lorenzo Pombo

I have

wonderful brothers and their names are Juan José and Pablo. Their favorite things to do are: playing soccer, playing the drums in the band, playing PSP and PSP3, and being with friends, watching T.V., working on the computer, and listening to songs. I think we have many things in common because I also like to listen to music, play soccer, and be with my friends.

By Natalia Sarmiento

By Lina Buenahora

I have

a wonderful and interesting mother in my life. My mom’s name is Angela María Guarin. I love her name. I think that it is a wonderful name. My mom loves to dance Zumba and she taught me how to do dance. She likes to play tennis and golf and she also plays with me. I love playing with her. My mom helps me like in the bad and in the good situations like when I was 5. My mom gave me a bamboo and I hit myself. She got me and gave me a hug. She also gives me good advice like when I am bored and my mom gives me an idea about playing monopoly. One day, I didn’t know what to write and got a paper – cut. My mom took care of me because she gave me a kiss and a bandage. She also believes in me. For example when my brother said I hit him when he was my baby brother and my mom believed in me. She never screams at me when I break something. When I am sad my mom sings to me because she loves me. I love my mom because she is always there to help me. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is always helpful and caring it doesn’t matter if I do wrong or right things.


my friend to help me.

Have you ever broken something? I have, it was terrible! I broke three bones of my right foot. Luckily there was LP (Lorenzo Pombo)

I felt helpless because I knew I was not going to be able to do P.E. or sports, worst of all, while everybody was playing football in recess I was on my own. But I was wrong, my friend L. P (Lorenzo Pombo) did not play football, he was with me. He always said, “Don´t worry Na, I will help you.” He always helped me. He carried my lunch tray, played with me in recess, carried my bag to my bus, and passed me my crutches. He was and is a very good friend. I do not know what I would have done without him. (Lorenzo Pombo) is my best friend (that’s lucky). Now he is always with me. That’s funny because before I broke the three bones of my right foot he was not such a good friend, but now he is the best. Narrative Workshop - 25

My Sister Daniela

By Mariana Tamayo Montilla


Well, sometimes when I don’t understand something about my homework I say it to my sister and she always helps me. Have you ever needed to understand or do something? Well If you don´t need help one day you will need it and that day you will know how great and useful is t have a sister or other person to help you. Narrative Workshop Essey - 26 - 26

By Stefania Alvarez Galindo

My sister was always looking for me to see if there was danger where I was. Once I fell and got hurt on my knee and my hand was scratched. Then my sister saw it and she helped me calling a teacher. In that moment, I was feeling very worried about what happened.


The first day of school my sister consoled me telling me that she would help me doing some of the things that were necessary at school every day. When we arrived to school my sister taught me where to go and she left me in my class. That day I didn’t make friends because I was very shy, so my sister played with me during recess time and we had a very funny and good time.

My Great Father

Some of my friends told me that sometimes the school was boring and that you won´t make friends easily. On the contrary, my sister tried to convince me that the school was funny and that I was a very friendly person so that I would make friends very easily.

By Isabella Ochoa

worry. I will help you the first day of school”. That´s what my sister Daniela told me the first day of school because I was so nervous that I was shaking all the time.


best teacher in all the school is Carolina. I met Caro in First Grade. She helped me when I didn’t understand something and when I didn’t have friends.

When I was in first grade, I didn’t have friends. Caro knew that, so she asked some classmates if they can play with me. That action helped me to be with friends. When I didn’t understand something she took her free time to explain it to me with love. She also helped me a lot to be better in my HFW and she was with me when I needed her. Caro was a helpful person because she gave me a lot of advices for the next year, so I could improve in all my skills. She taught me how to make new friends and that really changed my life. Then my sister saw it and she helped me calling a teacher. In that moment, I was feeling very worried about what happened. Well, sometimes when I don’t understand something about my homework I say it to my sister and she always helps me. Have you ever needed to understand or do something? Well If you don´t need help one day you will need it and that day you will know how great and useful is t have a sister or other person to help you.


you ever had a person that helps you in many things? I have, it´s my father. My mother has helped me too, but my father is the one that has helped me the most. When I was not at school and I did not know how to ride a bike I was always upset because I saw my sister riding a bike. In other occasion, I was doing bad at school, and I always remember what my father said, “Calm down, you are going to be good at school. Don´t worry, I am going to help you”. During all the time learning to ride a bike, the time I was doing badly at school, or in many other things, I know my dad is going to help me always and for all the life. I don´t know what I will do without my dad. I will not learn anything and I will be sick. Narrative Narrative Workshop Essey - 27

My Best Friend of the School By Sofía Duran


hen I was little, I met a girl named María. I never thought she would be my best friend of the school. She was very special with me because she treated me very well. When we grew up, we were in the same school and we became best friends.


he was very special in the school because when I was sick she sent me a paper with the homework and she called me to ask me if I was getting better. She always tells me the truth and helps me when I’m in a problem. For example, one day I lost my tooth device and she went to Susanita’s place with me and lent me money to recover it; she congratulates me on my birthday and gives me a present.


e like the same colors like blue and fuchsia, and we like to paint. We also like the same food. Our favorite food is the pizza and the legs of crab with melting butter. Her favorite animals are the dolphin and the dog and my favorite animals are the lion and the dog.


decided to write about her because she is very nice, kind, and most of the time generous with me. She is a very helpful person because she teaches me what I don’t know and corrects me if I do something wrong. Narrative Essey - 28

My Mom By María Camila García


y mom is a very special person in my life. She has helped me in everything I have asked her for.

hen I was four years old I loved to look at pictures in books. So my mom started to show me the vowels and consonants and then I started to read books with three words per page.


hen I was five years old, I didn’t know how to ride a bike with two wheels. So she took off the two little wheels from the bike, and while I was driving she held the bike and started running. Then, she stopped holding the bike and I did it by myself.


hen I was six years old, I had my first tooth that was going to fall out. That day I told my mom that I wanted to pull my loose tooth. So she agreed with me and told me it would hurt me a little bit. Then, she went to take a string and she tied it to my tooth and then she pulled it out and that was my first tooth that fell out.


ater on, when I was eight years old, I really wanted to learn how to play chess. My mom started to teach me the principal movements of the bishop, tower, king, queen, horse and pawn. Then, I was able to play chess against her.

Finally, I may conclude that my mom has been the person who has helped me and taught me most of the things I know right now. Narrative Essey - 29






leep is something all people need including the kids. From my personal opinion, the kids need to sleep one or two more hours before going to school. There are many honest and sincerely opinions about that. They are mine. First of all, the kids of 4th grade are in a very critical stage of their life! Secondly, in the week of exams a kid will need more or less 4 hours to study in a day. They will sleep late knowing that next day they need to wake up at 5:30 a.m. My third reason is that when a kid needs to wake up very early in the morning, he

will lose special celebrations at night. For example, imagine that your father’s birthday is today and your family has planned to go to a restaurant to celebrate it. But what happened? Well, what you imagine, you can not go because the next day you need to wake up at 5:30. I repeat, sleep is something each person obligatorily needs not only for his or her well being but also for his her health. Please let the kids sleep 1

I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND ME NOW. or 2 hours more.

30 - persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 31

The LegendOF THE the Middle of the Park By Susana Torres


omewhere in a town, there is a park. The park is big and full of pink followers. Everybody loves to go to that park. There all the kids play and have fun. In the middle of the park there’s a big, old and silver statue of a dog. Everyone likes to climb and play around the statue. The thing that nobody knows is the mysterious legend of this statue. The legend said that centuries ago, a kind and clever black cat lived in a haunted village. Like 20 steps away from an evil witch. One day the little, clever cat named Starchy decided to explore the witch house. So he walked 20 steps but he didn’t see anything. He was ready to

back up when he heard a PUFF!!!!!!!! He looked back and saw an enormous house! He was so shocked that, for a moment, he almost fainted! The house was orange with blue framed windows, a light green door and from the chimney, purple smoke. Starchy couldn’t believe it!


e opened the door. It was really hard to open and it made a squirting sound. “Maybe it hasn’t been used in many years” thought Starchy. First, he went into a big place with an enormous pot in the center. Around there were tables full of messy ingredients spilled over the table. “It must be the kitchen” Starchy thought. Then he entered into a small space with a bed and a cage with a bat. He looked and looked over more places but finally got in a room where there were lots of books and liquids like poisons.


AFF!!!!!!!!!! A big cloud of purple dust appeared. Three seconds later a green face appeared. “Hello my little visitor”,the green face said.

Her voice tone was sweet but then………. “You’re not welcome here so for this you are going to pay”. She spelled “Make this animal the opposite so it will be scared of it“. Poor Starchy, it was converted into a dog. But the witch saw he could sill be happy, so she converted the dog into a statue. The witch laughed and laughed. Unfortunately, for the witch, some people heard the laughter and went to the house. As soon as they saw the statue, they killed the witch and destroyed the house but the statue couldn’t be removed or destroyed. So they left it there and converted the zone into a “Green Space”. But the statue was still there.


ears ago the green space got converted into a park where people go to play and have fun. Well, the statue is still there, but for the good of the cat-dog, some people say that at 12 of the night the statue gets alive and is still a cat. Then again at 5:00 in the morning it becomes a statue!

persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 33



am 35 years old and it’s difficult to write this story because nobody will believe me, but anyway I will tell it to you. It happened when I was 15 years old, and I was in a hiking trip with my 2 best friends, Lily and Harry. Lily was a thin girl that has long, wavy, blond hair. Her eyes were light brown (like a wolf) and she usually wore jeans, a t-shirt, a light sweater, and boots. Harry, on the other way, was a tall boy that had dark hair and eyes. He always was positive and usually used dark pants a t- short and a sweater, most of all he liked to read so he believed in every fantasy story. My name is Alexander but everybody calls me Alex. I’m in the middle size of my two friends and my hair is brown. My eyes are

blue (like the ocean), I like to wear dark pants, white shorts, any type of sweater and mountain shoes and I don’t believe in fiction (but this will change). One thing we three have in common was that we loved adventure and action.


his story begins when my friends and I went to a hiking trip to “Villa de leyva”. There we visited the caves “De La Fabrica”. My friends and I were talking and all agreed and said “This would be the most boring hiking trip in the world.” and then, Lily said “We are not small kids, we are teenagers!”. We agree with her. There was a long silence until I spoke again “Well, if we all know that, we should try to be excited and enjoy it”. When we started to walk forward the place, we tried very hard to enjoy it but it was only fun when someone fell or slided, but it only happened two times. When we got to the caves, we got separated in three different groups. Each group entered to the three caves. One of the caves had bats, another had inside wa-

persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 35

ter and the last one had nothing; but all of them, have in common that they were dark. When the three had already entered to the three caves and everybody was going to the bathroom (that was in the caves with the bats), we decided to explore the surroundings of the caves for a moment. When we were exploring, we looked at the sky and we saw two red eyes in a cloud. In a fast movement, I moved back but a big tree stopped me. Then, we three saw the large and wide tree that stopped me, and it was a not usual tree. The tree was tall, large and wide. It was wider than one and a half door. We were going back to ask if that tree was of the region when we heard a noise in the tree…One moment later we turned at the same time but the only-thing we saw was three men with swords. Then, all became black. I didn’t know if the men were there because I fainted, or if they were real.


hen I woke up, I saw that my two friends were trapped with me. If I tell about the place where we were trapped, or the persons that were guarding, is not much

what I could tell because it was dark but at least I could see my friends. When my friends woke up, we were taken through passages and aisles. When we got to a big hole, I discovered that we were in a stone castle, but I couldn’t understand why we were in a castle because many were destroyed because of wars and the others were used for tourism and had light. When I saw better, there was an old man with many wrinkles. There I could also see that all the guards had masks of animals as if they were in a carnival. When finally the old man talked, we knew his name. His name was Varengarst and his race was “The Varenga”. At that moment we thought he was cruel with people because the guards had masks but he told us how much he wanted to maintain peace in “Revenclaw”(the name of the town that divided the two kingdoms) and “Reganest” the kingdoms of his brother Rojan because he was cruel with people. Then I had the courage to talk and I said “Why are the guards using masks?” “Oh, they are using masks because it is a form to make difference between them and the people in the town”.

36 - persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy


fter that, we were totally convinced that he was a good man and we need to attack his fortress with red dragon catapults, brown lances, black swords, blue arcs and arrow, and to defend a black shield with a drawing of red dragon head. Finally, Varegarst explained to us that we kill everybody including Rojan and we are still alive, we will have a reward. When we heard what he said, I felt a chill but there was no way to get out of the castles. Then, I remember that we didn`t know where we were, but when I was going to speak, Harry spoke first and he said “Where are we?, well, I know we are in a castle but, where in the world”. I don’t understand but Varengarst understood and he replied “We are under the world, you know everything here is different. Different means that while the town on top of us is at day here is night because the floor absorbs the heat and light from the sun and then the stalactites absorbs the heat and light absorbed by the floor and that makes the day in here”. Next of that he said “You will have a long night you should sleep well” and he made a signal to a

guardian that now I know what that mean, that mean to get us to our rooms. When they woke us up, the soldiers were waiting for us. We started to walk and mean while the chief made a signal for all the ones who had torches to blow them out. We had reached the enemy’s fortress. When we arrived all turned upside down,

I thought that the enemy wasn’t expecting us, but when I saw they were all perfectly armed and with everything specially prepared. The moment that we looked at each other, the Rojan soldier fired their canons making us; we lose more than one fourth of our army. We reorganized fast, but when we were about to attack they were faster. They destroyed our catapults and start destroying all our army, but when they saw we three five man caught each one of

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- 37

us, and before we got anesthetized, I could see how they massacre our soldiers. When I woke up, we saw everybody was looking at us. When I was going to ask why everybody was looking at us, it sounded like if I was a white shark. I wanted to see to other way but I saw that Lily was a gray wolf so I thought that Harry might be something too. Effectively he was red eagle. When our powers were over, we were again humans and I asked “Why we are those animals?” Rojan answer “Every single person in the world has powers”, “but you are a long legend that had predicted a wise man and since that day you are the colors of the flag and the animals of the shield”. Then, Harry asked what the legend was?” when he asked he was so excited. Then Rojan answer and he said “one day three kids are going to be captured by Varengarst that same day they are going to fight at night the three kids will create an only kingdom” “Since that day our army had been waiting and finally we are with you”. Then, he told us the truth, that Varengarst was his evil brother that had betrayed

him and that’s why the kingdom was divided in two.


ojan trained us with our powers, but then I said “There is not water here” he answered, “Yes, it is. We are going to fight in the Restakl tableland with the longest river in the underworld”. While we trained there were more soldiers trained and canons, catapults, arcs and arrows, swords, lances, and ships. Finally, it was the day we were ready for the last fight. When we got there first, we organized better and when they arrived, all of us were prepared. The soldiers and we three, Lily (like a wolf with her herd, Harry (like an eagle with his herd), and I (like a shark with my herd). Then the sound of canons, the sound of rocks crashing in the ground, and shoutings, that was during 27 hours until the enemy soldiers were falling in the ground one by one. Finally Rojan shouted “ We win, we defeat them”. Next all of us, soldiers, sharks, wolfs, eagles, ships, catapults, and canons that were still alive or not destroyed went back to the fortress or castle to rest and eat.


hen I woke up I saw that my friends had al-

38 - persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

ready waken up and were eating breakfast. They were eating with Rojan. I got there and started eating. When I finished I asked “When are we going back to our homes?” “Oh” he said “I never thought that but if you want there is an old mythic animal that their poison in their front eye tooth can wash your brain if you want or concede you a wish”. “When can we go there?” Harry asked, and he answer, “If you want one day we can go, but I think it is already killed because I think my brother capture people and become of them, of the team”. That same day we got there and Rojan was right. His brother had been using the poison for a long time. That day was the last time we saw him and when we drank that, we woke up in our house. Since that day, we love all hiking trips and now I believe in fiction stories. But there is something I have to tell to you reader and the entire world


LOST WITH SHADOW By Silvia Ramírez


was so excited. It was the night of her birthday! Soon, she was going to be 11 years old. Ashley had brown long hair, chestnut colored eyes, white skin, small nose and mouth. Her dad had promised that they were going to Villa de Leyva to celebrate her birthday. Ashley’s dad was tall and he looked young. He had black hair and eyes like Ashley’s. Her little brother Harry had told her that this year’s present was going to be really special even though he was not supposed to tell her, but he couldn’t stand it. Harry had black hair and freckles on his cheeks. Ashley couldn’t sleep. She started to play with her cellphone. After a while, she fell asleep. The next morning, when she woke up, she saw her parents and her brothers around her bed. Her mom had a pale face and blue eyes. Zak, her older 40 - persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 41

brother was tall, thin and sometimes annoying. “Happy birthday!” they all said. Her father was carrying some sort of black fur. Ashley knew what it was. “A puppy!” she shouted as she took it from her dad’s arms. She also saw some stuff on the floor: a bag of food for puppies, a ball and a small pillow that had a black dog painted on the white leather. “How are you going to call him?” her mother asked. She looked as she was thinking of a good name for the puppy. “I know” announced Zak, “Rex!”.

“No”, said Ashley. “Max?” asked Harry “Well... I know!”, said Ashley, “His name is Shadow.” “Good name!” agreed her dad. “All the bags are in the car, Ashley”, Called her mom. “We are all waiting for you.”

“Oh, right! We are all going to Villa de Leyva. I forgot!” She left the puppy on her bed and took a shower, she dressed up and she took Shadow to the car along with all her stuff. She put Shadow on her lap and soon fell asleep. When they arrived to Villa de Leyva to stay for a month, it was time for lunch. They ate in a restaurant they found nearby in town. They went to the farm close to the wood. Ashley played with Shadow. She taught him a couple of tricks. Shadow learned to chase a ball and give it to Ashley. As the days passed, they learned from each other and had fun playing together. Shadow knew how to sit, stay, to roll over, to chase the ball, to follow Ashley, not to sit on the beds or on the sofas, to be obedient, and to be a good dog. Their vacation was almost over. Ashley wanted to explore Villa de Leyva’s desert. Her parents were still asleep. The only ones who were awake were Ashley and Harry. “ “Harry” said Ashley “tell Mom or Dad that I went to explore the desert with Shadow. Tell them not to worry.”

42 - persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

“OK” said Harry. Ashley left with Shadow behind her while Harry fell asleep. When they got to the desert they played with Shadow’s blue ball that Ashley brought along in a bag. She tossed it far away and Shadow went running after it. They played ball all day, running and laughing. While they were playing, Ashley’s parents were very worried about them. Harry forgot to tell his parents about Ashley’s trip to the desert. At 4:55PM Ashley looked at her watch. “Shadow, we need to get back home before dark!” they walked for about 10 minutes and couldn’t find their way back to town. It was getting dark. Ashley decided to stay in a cave that she had found. Soon, they fell asleep. Ashley’s parents were looking everywhere for them. “Harry,” said his mother “Do you know where your sister is?”

“Ashley!!” called her parents. Shadow heard them. He ran towards the familiar voices.

“Shadow!” shouted the worried mother. “Take us to Ashley!” commanded their dad. The dog took off running towards the cave leading the worried couple to their daughter. “Ashley!” cried her mother as soon as she got a sight of the girl, sleeping peacefully in a dark and cold cave. As soon as she heard the voice of her mom, she woke up. “Mom! Dad! I am so happy to see you!”

“She said that she would go to the desert.” He answered.

“We are happy to find you”, said her dad in a voice of relief. “let’s go home.” he suggested at last. So they did. Ashley followed her parents with Shadow close behind.

In a few minutes, their parents were in the desert looking for them.


persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 43

Phil Mickelson in Villa De Leyva By Gabriel Carrasquilla


ello, today I am going to tell you a very nice story. Last week I watched in the television that Phil Mickelson was coming to Villa De Leyva, and in the add his number of the cellphone was shown. I went running to tell my father because I have a house there. I was so excited because Phil is my favorite golf player and my favorite sport is golf. I called Phil and I invited him to my house. To my surprise, he answered and he ACCEPTED!!!!! I was so excited and I told him where my house was. The day we met was Friday 11, February-2010. My birthday was the next day so I planned a very good lunch to share with him.

Sharing an Experience

- 44


t was Thursday and I packed all my things and all my golf trophies. The next day Phil called me to ask if he had to carry his golf bag and I answered “Yes”. It was night and he called me almost crying, and he told me that he lost the airplane. I shouted “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” I can’t believe it, I was so sad, but he told me that he was going to come the next day.


t 6:30 A.M, I listened that Phil was already by the door and I opened the door and gave him a very but very big hug. He showed me all his golf trophies and his medals. At 2:00 P.M, we went to a golf field to play golf. Phil’s score was 65 strokes and my score was 87 strokes. At night we were very hungry so we went to eat at a pizza place called “Los Arcos”. The next day Phil was waiting for a hiking so I told him that a very nice trip was in a mountain, in a sacred place, and its name was “Iguaque”. We went there and

also to the Fossil Museum because the fossil shown there was the most representative treasure in Villa De Leyva. Phil asked me for more action so we went to karts, a horse ride, and to ride motorcycle.


e decided to go back to Bogotá at night because we all wanted to stay more. Phil asked me what to do and I proposed “Let’s play golf! He was so excited as I was. So, we went to improve our last scores. Phil did 64 strokes and he overcame 1stroke. I did 85 strokes and I overcame 2 strokes. When we finished, we all packed and Phil suggested staying some more time, but we couldn’t because I had school next day. When we got to Bogotá, we played with Phil until 9:00 P.M. Next day he was leaving to United States because 2 days later he had a tournament and he had to practice a lot. This is a story I will never forget. Bye.


persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 45

Roger Federer’s

ADVENTURE AT VILLA DE LEYVA By Felipe Bickenbach All stated when Roger Federer had the final game of the most important tennis tournament, “The Masters”. The final game was vs. Rafael Nadal. He is a muscular player, tall, and thin. Roger needed to win it so that he will gain his first place. But because of his hard training, Rafa was playing excellent, so that was a problem to Roger. But Roger’s coach told him that an easy way to win at Rafa was playing with the legendary Wilson BLX Golden racket that was hidden at the Villa de Leyva caves. These caves are localized at the top of a huge mountain. I think that was why no one has yet found it. But Roger’s great attitude and brave personality made him said, “I’ll be the first one to find it”. He decided to exercise and to go to the Villa de Leyva caves jogging.

When he got to the huge mountain he had to climb the mountain while it was raining! As soon as he got to the top of the huge mountain, one hour later, he started looking for holes to get into and when he found one he said “there I go” a he slided into it. He was walking with a flashlight on his hand from rock to rock. Suddenly, his flashlight turned off and a strange noise sounded. Rocks started falling, vampires escaped as quickly as they could, it was an earthquake! Roger got trapped near a pond of frogs. Roger felt dizzy but he could recover. Then he repaired his flashlight but he was hungry and sleepy. He shouted, “Why have I had a very bad luck, I had an opportunity but I’m full of bad luck?!”. He was lying

46 - persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

on the floor when a vampire that had survived to the earthquake asked him, “Do you call that bad luck, you have made the history record, you have won 33 important matches and you call that bad luck?” Roger stood up in a rapid jump. He answered “But who are you?……. Why and how are you saying that?” The vampire was quiet after he said “Just never give up.” he said while he disappeared. Roger thought that being trapped was an obstacle that he could use as a training to never give up in a match.

because he touched it. When he turned, he saw the Wilson BLX Gold racket! He had just forgotten that racket so he felt excited! There were some pure gold balls on the gold strings. After this, Roger whispered softly, “Hum…. I know what to do”. He started breaking rocks by playing tennis. Each time he felt more fresh air and sunshine. When Roger broke all the rocks he took his racket on his left hand and shouted, “I’M FREE!” His scream was so loud that you might have thought he had just won the final game.

Roger started trying to escape by any hole he could make by taking out rocks. Suddenly a strange thing happened, an orange and black snake called Mr. Jack appeared and bit Roger. Even though Roger hated those dirty and green creatures, he had just one chance. He took one of those frogs named Frogchild and threw it into one little hole that he made. Mr. Jack started looking at Frogchild and at Roger. He didn’t know who to chase. But there are no doubts; snakes love frogs so he went after it. Roger sighed and whispered, “That was close”.

He ran to the bottom of the mountain at his full speed. As soon as his private airplane arrived, he went to London because there was the final game. Next day, he got early to the match with his new racket. Rafa was there practicing. When the match started everyone was very excited because the game was very bitter. Because the masters had a rule that they can play all life until someone has advantage of two games, the game took 11 hours. At last Roger won the final and Nadal started to cry because he did a very big effort but Roger’s one was greater because no one would go to Villa de Leyva just for a racket. Roger was surprised and he thought he had just experienced an adventure that he’ll never forget.

Roger had made everything but he realized and said to himsel “I have not tried to dig”. When he started digging, he felt something

persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 47

Me in 20goyears By Simón Aran

dies in Writ. I have finished my stu 30 20 of ar ye e th in am the sea I am at the bottom of y. log Bio d an ry, sto ing, Hi than gold. l that is more valuable searching for a minera as a car. This ral can cost as much ne mi is th of m ra og kil A cted the the asteroid that impa m fro s me co e yb ma l minera ybe it is from the Atlan ma or rs au os din ct tin Earth and ex g magnet that This mineral is a stron tis, The Lost Empire. s Triangle. nish in the Bermuda´ va or h as cr s ne pla s uses make e imagine if someone us ca be et cr se a is is Anyway th use the World on for wars, this can ca this mineral as a weap lled 1066. This inue writing a book ca nt co to nt wa I III. r ilding Wa make an ecological bu to y ne mo me e giv ll book wi I will make a get marry next week. for my sister that will are in a sperents. Right now, they pa my d an r he r fo rty pa rive a day the Moon. They will ar in l te ho a ar ne e uis cial cr reality, I hope dding. Going back to before my sister´s we (or similar). my life will go like this


20 years later!!! By Laura Mejía

me on TV ss. People will watch tre ac an be to e lik would uld have a ry famous actress. I wo and I will become a ve n ru with it. I mornings I will go and e th all d an g, do tle lit organized. many rooms but very th wi e us ho big a ve not will ha my friends, but I would th wi es rti pa ny ma to I would go guards to help e to have some body get crazy. I would lik house with my would live in my big I . me d ar gu d an would me win Oscars. Besides, I uld wo I s. kid my d an husband d time with many needs. I will spen help people who have is my dream: I fun with them. This ve ha d an ly mi fa my exciting my family and have an th wi y pp ha ry ve be want to and excellent job!


48 - persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

k r o Y w e N n i t Los po By Isabel Ocam

w York for and I went to Ne ily m fa y m r, be the Emhe 9th of Decem n we arrived to he w y da y in ra a e EmChristmas! It was to the top of th up t go e W ll. really ta and walking. pire State. It was e kept walking, w n w do t go e w n ere really pire State. Whe brothers and I w y M . ks oc bl en king. elev d to keep on wal ha We walked ten or st ju e w at th s told us know what tired. My parent to me but I didn’t ed er sp hi w e nt ce e that we Jose Maria and Vi oser. They told m cl t go I so e, m to , let me they were saying I said, “Yes, sure l. te ho e th to come r path O, NO, NO, just “N could take anothe e, m ld to e d”. Vicent l they will tell mom and da there in the hote , er on so ve ri ar e 40th will to go. We took th with us and we d de ci de I ”. om closer our ro a of Mill, we got meet all of us in Se e th ed m na l w a hote inutes. Street and we sa arrive in a few m to g in go e er w e ! We and I realized w we were terrified d an d re te en e w corations. We When we arrived, had different de it e us ca be l te ho were lost. were in another l to be sure we te ho e th of e m corner e na t running to the got out to see th en w e W ”. ill M of ill” he See e hotel “Sea of M th The name was “T re he w an m a d we asked sitor”. of the street, an ow, I am just a vi kn t n’ do “I us ld to the was located. He had a card with I t le al w y m in ized that rents were At the end I real rived and our pa ar ly al fin e W l. te en; we where we had be address of our ho us d ke as d da y lly, we r us. M do it again. Fina there looking fo to t no us ld to and he get faster”. explained to him different path to a t ge ’t on “D We were learned a lesson t of new places. lo a w sa e w , st got lo D IT!!! Even though we ve to admit I LIKE ha I n. fu d ha e scared, but w


persuasive writing / realistic fiction story / fantasy

- 49

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