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First Grade: My Trip To ... Second Grade: Personal Narrative Essays Third Grade: Narrative Workshop Forth Grade: Sharing an Experience

Special thanks to: Luz Elena Barragán English Department Coordinator & Allison Crabb, María Fernanda Rojas, Luz M. Rodriguez, Catalina Rodríguez, Hanna Bishop, Kavita Singh, Nubia Diaz, Connie de Rodriguez, Martha Cristina La Rota Alba Lucía Paredes and her 3° grade art class

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My Family and I went to Miami Beach Written by Valentina Dรกvila


n December my family and I went to Miami. We went to the beach. We swim in the ocean. We saw a fish swiming. We went to the house and ate lunch. My father and I swam in the pool. My father and my brother went to play golf. We ate icecream. We played in a park, we had good time. We went to the house and we went to sleep. I was frightened because one spider was under my bed. The next day we ate breakfast. We went to the beach. I swam in the ocean. We saw a shark. We had a picnic. Then we went to the boat and saw dolphins and manatees. We had a very good time!

My trip to ...

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My trip to Egypt

Written by Alejandro Gamboa


y family and I went to Egypt. We saw a big castle and saw a king. My mother said “oh my goodness.� My mother fainted and we laughed. After that we ate a sandwich. Another day we went to the Nilo River and went fishing. I caught a big fish. Anotherday we went to the piramids and saw some mommies. Another day we went to the desert and we saw a scorpion, a snake and a tarantula. Finally we went to my house in Bogota. I was very happy in Egypt with my family.

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My Family and I went to Anapoima Written by SofĂ­a Fonseca


y family and I went to Anapoima in October during two days. We saw a frog and my sister got scared. My father saw a tucan fly. The next day I played tenis and my mom watched me play. My father

and I saw a bird. The The bird had many colors. My father got stung by a wosp. We ate fish. The next day we went back to my house in Bogota by car. The trip was very terrific. My family and Iwere very happy.

My trip to ...

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My Family´s Trip to Providencia Written by María Castro


ast vacation on a Saturday we went to the airport on a Saturday. We got into the airplain at 8:00 a.m. We arrived at 10:25 a.m. We went to the hotel. Next we went to the beach. Then we went back to the hotel. The next day we went to the beach and ate fish. We drank coca-

cola with the fish. Next we went to the hotel to sleep. The next day we went to the beach and we took a boat to go around the island. I was happy. The last day we packed. We went to the airport. We were in the airport of Bogota at 4:00 p.m. and in the house at 5:00 p.m. It was fun.

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My Trip to the South Pole

Written by Valentina Sandoval


and my family went to the South Pole in March for 5 days and 4 nights. We went fishing and I caught a gigantic fish. We went to see the penguins and I gave a fish to one penguin. We slept in an igloo and it was very warm. We went to eat fish and my father and I touched the fish. The next day we went to eat another food at night and I ate a delicious sandwich. Dani ate sushi. We went back to Bogota. I was very happy to see Oso (my dog). He was very happy to see me too!!!

When We Played

Golf With The Family By: MarĂ­a Tamayo


Weekend, my family and I went to Country Club’s golf course. We walked on the green grass of the fairway. On the rough were many tall trees and in some parts were birds. In the fairway there were starting tees.

Daniel Dueñas, Martín Gaviria y Felipe Godoy - 3°C

When we were ready, we took all the golf clubs and we started to play. We played scramble boys and girls. My little brother stayed in my house because he only was one year old, so only my six years old brother played. Scramble is that my mom and I hit the ball and choose the best ball and there my mom and I hit again and then we keep doing the same and my brother and father do the same thing.

“Oh, your ball is better” said my dad. At last, when we finished playing we went to pick up my little brother and went to the park. There we played in the slide and in many other parts of the park and then we went to eat lunch and dessert. I learned that it was good to play with the family because we can talk and laugh! personal narrative essays - 11

Move Into My New House By: Juan Felipe Casses


my move to my new house, I was with my mom, dad, brother and sister. I moved during the vacation at the morning. I went in car because I was living in Pasadena and it was so far from my new house. I went to my new house and I go out of my car and I was in the front of the door of my new house. When I was opening the door I said “My house, my new house.” I was so happy. Then some persons put all into the house. The next day I was like “Where I am,” but when I remember that I moved to my new house. I ate breakfast like all the days. I see television like all the days. Nothing changed except the NEW HOUSE that was the only thing that changed. It goes the house that I wanted. Then I bought more things like a dog, a trampoline, a sofa, and new beds. It were the second move that I had but for my sister it was the third move. IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF ALL MY LIFE. I was feeling so good because I was in a NEW HOUSE. I learned about how difficult is to do a nice house.

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Simón Arango y Juan Diego Sán chez - 3°A (Fragmento)

Helping Poor People By: Manuela Villegas

of the City bank I went n the Community Day dation. I went with my to Rafael Pombo’s foun she of my mother because sister and some friends e e were so excited to se couldn’t go with us. W went to the foundation. the poor kids who also ity u had to choose an activ During this day, first yo of theater. We did the act so my sister and I chose is is th , I had to say “Miau Mirringa Mirronga and or we had it ready, the po a pipiripao fest”. When s itie o were in other activ kids and the people wh on the play, the kids went came to see us. After e up on their faces like th ke ma t pu we d an ge sta k. going we all eat a snac cats of the play. Before t ce and a cookie. I didn’ It was a sandwich, a jui e th d ch. But the juice an like the sandwich so mu cookie were delicious.


ople working with poor pe This day I learn that felt so good because we is fun and important. I good time. I liked being made them have a very with them so much.

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p u g n i o G l e f f i E e th Tower

ayo By: Mariana Tam

h my ent to Paris wit w I on ti ca va ur o´clock. n my summer Eiffel Tower at fo e th to t en w e d to family. W so I was excite g bi ry ve as w The Eifel Tower climb it. er, b the Eiffel Tow im cl to s et ck ti e th we start First we bought very large. Then as w s et ck ti e red the line of th d my sister got ti an r he ot m y m d . When going upstairs an t to walk more” an w t n` do e e so they said “w l the city and w al w sa e w r oo ird fl ther we go to the th el Tower. My fa ff Ei e th of gs in yr er!” bought three ke at the Eiffel Tow e m ti nd co se y said “It is m is an e Eiffel Tower th at th d ne ar because I In this trip I le I felt surprised d an t, en um on is. important m the Eiffel Tower w ho d ne ar le so was in Paris. I al


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My Trip to Los Nevados By: Alejandra Vargas


ne weekend I went to the Parque Los Nevados with my parents friends and my family. We climbed the Nevado of Ruiz. I climbed it with my family, but my mother and I climbed to the nearest top of the nevado and it was very cold. Then when we came down from the nevado, we camped a little bit close to the hotel. We made our own food like milk and chocolate. The other day we went to Laguna Verde. There they told use a story and after that a man said, “We are at 4,500 meters over the ocean.� I felt very happy because I learned many things like to have the windows opened because we can get sick and my experience with nature was fine, beautiful and funny.

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n a morning my family and I went to Disney. I went to many parks and they were very good. In the parks we laughed many time and we went to many games. Then in the afternoon we and my cousin went to the Splash Mountain. I was scared of it and when we finished my cousin and I got very wet outside. We and my cousin went to

My trip to New York By: Alicia Trimmiño

the house of my aunt Amanda. She has two birds. The other day my cousin and I went to the pool many time. Then of many minutes I said, “Can we go to see a movie then?”And they said, “Yes!”And that was what we did. I feet good because we slept very late. We played in many parks. That was one of the best vacation of the world.


n October 5th my mother, my sister, my father and I went to New York for vacation. First we left the bags in the hotel. In the bags were the shoes and the clothes. We saw Build a Bear and I said to my mother, “Can you buy me a bear?” My mother said, “Yes,” so we went into the store. When we went into the store my mother bought me a wolf with his baby and clothes for the wolf. All that cost a lot of money. Then we went to the hotel and we went to our room. It was very big and we went to eat to an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious. I ate pasta and a bottle of water fell over because my sister and I were playing. I felt very happy sharing with my family. I learned that sharing with a person is a good action.

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My Teacher Juanita Gomez By: Ines Rueda


ave you ever felt happy with a teacher? I Had. I felt so happy when I was with Juanita Gomez in second grade in the class of English, Math and Science.

“You can improve that grade the next time.” That made everyone in her class happy and get home with a big smile.

She never had a frown in “Don’t worry I will help you her face, instead she always Ines” That was the sentence smiled, and that made me she said every time I didn’t courageous to ask her for understand one of her class all the help required, even topics. That really made for the dumb questions. me smile. She always saw positive things about you I feel happy that I had such and when you did a bad a wonderful teacher like thing she corrected it in a Juanita, my second grade teacher. calm soft voice. Every time we got a bad grade she didn’t say “bad, are you dumb or what? Instead she said

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Frances By: Isabel Ocampo

little you when you were a ed er th bo ne eo m so e av nto me! When I was in tra girl or boy. It happened me. l, one boy bothered gir tle lit a s wa I d sition an was there to help me. Frances, my teacher, lem. She boy to solve that prob Frances talked to that with don’t worry, I’ll talk l, be sa “I e, m ld to always you.” I thering you. I will help bo s op st he so y bo at th next to cited. She was always felt very happy and ex tter. me to make me feel be “Hey! Isriel” always told me, That boy called “Gab id, “no, why?”And he sa I d An y.” bo a e lik abel you u like, ing to tell everyone yo go am I re su h ea “Y , said top do.”So I always said, “S mmmm... I don’t know She ed to say to Frances. ed ne I y da e On .” at ing th ing me d said him to stop do w talked with Gabriel an om that day I knew ho Fr d. pe op st l ie br Ga that, so ns. When m that type of perso fro f el ys m nd fe de to and then tell first to my mother someone bothers me I to my teacher. ble. Now thered me were terri bo y bo e th ys da e Th I knew it is hard to de e. m er th bo le op pe very few what ances help I don’t know Fr t ou ith W lf. se ur yo fend teacher glad Frances was my I would’ve done. I am and friend.


Narrative Workshop - 20

n o s r e P l u f p l e H A a

By: Juanita Murci

you? I tell someone helped e av H ? m ar an en m with ave you ever brok hen I broke an ar w e, m to ed en ta is g happ lp me. Miariamci you, a worst thin he to e er th as Miriamcita w e saver. a slide. Luckily t she´s also my lif bu ol ho sc e th of the nurse about e. The game was m ga a g in do as w ´t hockey. I was that, I didn m le ob One day I was in pr e Th . ds and zigzag I was crossskating backwar ing it. And when do d te ar st I t Bu o much, I that. isted. It hurt to know how to do tw nd ha y m l al lt and ing a cone... I fe tell you. mmmmmm”, d “Willliiiiaaamm te ou sh d an or e flo Then I fell on th ey teacher. ck ho who was the rried anted that he ca w I if e m ld to Miriamcita nning and then William came ru me to the nurse. ok to he e Th t. it with m no because she did nd me. But I told hi ki as w e Sh . took my hand d up. Miriamcita de en put some ice in s se as cl n en afternoo ! Another day so much care. Th mom was there! y M r. ca y m to air, mcita gave t imagine! Miria me in a wheelch n´ do u yo , he ac and my head - then I woke up le I had the terrible hi w a r fo p ee ld me to sl me dolex and to ne. headache was go I felt that I e were running. W . nd ie fr a h it gs we was w ter all those thin Af The other day I r. te at m ´t dn dI . But it di I was walking an ss ce re twisted my feet nd co se r class it was company me get in class. Afte nd if she could ac ie fr y m ld to I Then started hurting. to the nurse. e are nurse. When w th to t en w e w et. Then ed it. Then she bended my fe Later she accept en th d an e ic e m put so rived Miriamcita . t care of my feet ge she told me to r forcan see it. Neve u Yo . es m ti e re me those th ll you mine is Miriamcita saved ho’s yours? I te W . on rs pe l fu help get you have a Miriamcita.


Narrative Workshop - 21

When I

Caught a


Narrative Workshop - 22

By: Gabriel Melo Giraldo


t the beginning of this year I caught flu, and I could not go to school for several days. In those days there was a person who worried about me, and helps me a lot. That person was my dad. In that moment I felt very sad. I didn’t have anyone to play with. I tried to stop coughing but I couldn’t. I was very worried about school, and I didn’t know what to do. I only watched television because I could not do anything else. When I was very sick my Dad came and helped me. He took me to the doctor that is Maria Clara Casas. She is so kind. Maria Clara asked me to take some specific pills and medicines but they tasted horrible. Anyway I had to take them. Then my father and I went to the supermarket to buy medicines, and my father didn’t have cash so he paid with Master Card of Ameri-

can Express (I don’t remember). Sometime later we went to the house and when I was about sleeping my father told me “you have to take the horrible pill”, so I ran out of my room to the bathroom for hiding. But my father found me and I took it. Then I went to bed and sat down because my father had to take the temperature, but he didn’t find the thermometer. My father and I searched that thermometer until he found it. Finally he took the temperature but the fever was the same. ¡I had fever! My father gave me another medicine that took my fever away. I was very lucky that I have a father that really cares about his son. I don’t know what I would do without him. He was so worried about me that he didn’t work all those days, when I was sick...

That’s why I love him so much.

Narrative Workshop - 23

My brother By:Laura Chamorro

My father Alberto By:Esteban Boada


ne day I fell off my donkey and I cracked my right foot. My father Alberto was there to help me. I felt very good because if he hadn’t helped me I will stay in the ground crying. On that day, I was trying to ride a donkey. I fell and hurt my right foot; my father saw it and he went right close to me. When I got back to see the donkey I had a bandage on my foot. I felt bad because I couldn’t do anything. “Don’t worry”, my father said. I will carry you. At my farm, he carried my diner. Whenever I ask him for help he helps me. He even helped me to put on my clothes. The day I cracked my foot was horrible. I thought that was the worst day of my life, but I found my father that is great helper. Without my father’s help I don’t know what I would’ve done. I’m glad he is my father. Narrative Workshop - 24

Living with my older brother can be hard. He always bothers me and gives bad nicknames like Laura, niña fea and stuff like that. When my mother tells me that I did something wrong he says “Yes Laura” But my mom gets mad at him. In the car he puts on metal songs like Metallica, Iron Maden, Nirvana, Linking Park and a lot more. Sometimes we fight very, but very much. I try to be sweet and not fight with him, but still he doesn´t treat me very well. He makes me faces and scares me and I don´t like that. But after all he is my brother and I like him the way he is (except he could stop bothering me.)

My mom

My maid Claudia

By: Margarita Salazar

By: Felipe Godoy


ne day, in my house I was doing homework. When I was doing homework I didn’t get it. My mom came and said, “Do I help you?” That’s why I love her because she is there to help me. On that day I felt better because I understood it. On day later, I had math homework and it was the same question. Then I started crying and I felt useless. My mom said I shouldn’t cry she said you can do it.” I continued crying and she held my hand and helped me. I never had problems with that question again. At school, when I was checking the homework got all of them right. I felt really proud of myself when I checked it. No one got none of them right and called me nerd. I got home crying and my mom asked me “what happened.” I said “they called me nerd” and she said “don’t worry I’ll help you.” I know she is the best because she is always encouraging me.


ave you ever had a helper in your life? Because I do. Is my maid Claudia Patricia. She loves me and at any time she helps me. She is a good person and I love her. She helps me in any situation: homework, constructing something, solving something that I can’t solve, she hugs me too. I am telling this because three days ago I was sick. She cooked food for me and took it to my bedroom. She played with me and gave me dolex. I would like that my brothers were like her, good and nice people.

The day I couldn’t do it I thought I was dumb. I thought I would get an I and people would call me dumb. It didn’t matter because found someone to help me. I knew I could do it with my mom’s help. I felt really lucky because she is my mom. Next time I have a problem my mom is always going to be there. Narrative Workshop - 25

My dog Max! By: Andrea Villegas


ax is my dog and he has always helped me! I’m happy because I have Max. He is very special for me. I have Max even before I was born! My grandma gave Max to my mom in my babyshower. Max has black fur. He has brown, bright eyes, more honey color than brown. He is tall; he gets until my waste and I´m not that tall I´m 1.22 tall. He barks so loud. He always hits people with his tail. He likes to play a lot.

cousin so that dog doesn´t bite him. Another time he helped my mom to find her watch. Once he found my brothers math homework. Besides, once he helped my sister with her painting, because she didn´t finish, she only drew a dog, so he put his feet on the paint and he put it all around the dog, and she could give it to her art teacher, and guess what... she get AH! That´s one of the reasons I love Max!

But Max has helped me too. Last year when I was in skatMax is so helpful, not only ing lessons and I don´t have to me to other people to. So money to buy something to that one time he helped my eat and Max took money and

Narrative Workshop - 26

he went to my academy and gave me the money. When I lost my agenda he found it! And also when I was 1 year old, and I was on the edge of the pool, I fell into the pool and I didn´t know how to swim, so he jumped into the pool and he put me on his back and nothing happened to me. Or when I was a little baby and I was in “La Calera”, there was a mountain and by accident my mother untie the stroller and he knew I was there so he started running until he caught me and he stopped the stroller with his mouth.

Then my mother came and I was saved! Max is a beautiful dog; he had been very helpful to all people. Every time I see him even he doesn´t understands me, I always say “Max thank you” or “Max you are the best dog of the entire world!” I say that because he is my best friend in the world and he is very helpful to me!

Max I love you!

Narrative Workshop - 27

My bad day, and my brother By:Alejandra Niño


ne day I jumped and I twisted my hand. Luckily all my friends were there to help me, but obviously my brother was there to help me too. Hi is so helpful. At that moment I felt bad and sad I couldn´t do a lot of things. My brother helped me with my back-pack. Then we went to the hospital, and my hand was broken Nooo! That was horrible. When the doctor put me the cast, I didn´t feel my hand. During the first days I didn´t get use to my cast, but finally, the cast was part of me. My brother started helping me with the homework. I dictated him the answers and he wrote them for me. Obviously he helped me to put my shoes. He helped me in everything. Nicolas is awesome and helpful. I Y my brother with my heart. He got very afraid about me. I think that my brother is the best one. He is so helpful and handsome. I love him too much. He is the Best!!!! Narrative Workshop - 28

Fourth grade

Narrative Workshop - 29

An Unforgettable Experience By: María Camila Oliveros


ast summer vacation my parents decided that we were going to Orlando. My brother and I got very happy. The next day we went to the airport to take the fly. After 3 hours of flying we arrived to Orlando. The first day, my family and I went to “Sea World”. Their we saw “Shamu”. “Shamu was a big whale. She was white with black spots. The second day we went to “Magic Kindom”. There we saw many characters. We saw “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, “Geppetto”, “Chip and Daisy”, “Micky Mouse”, “Daisy”, “Donald”, and many more. We also ride in many roller coasters. The third day we went to “Epcot”, and their we found a friend name Juan Jose, and her mother name Adriana. In “Epcot” we bought many candies, and we ride in roller coasters. The fourth day we went to a shop, because Adriana and my mom wanted

Sharing an Experience

- 30

to buy clothes for them and for our families. We enter to the shop at 10:00 a.m. “Hi, my name is Ashley. What do you offer? “Hi, we want to buy some clothes for our families and for us”, our moms said to Ashley. “Ok come this way, please.” Wow, this shop is huge!” I replied. It was like a paradise. It had many candies. It also had tones, and tones of clothe. There were also many backpacks of different colors, many shoes, and many curses of different colors and designs. Like the shop was very big, we didn’t found the candies, so we asked Ashley that if she could help us looking for the candies. Ashley told us that no because she was very busy attending our moms. Five minutes later we asked again Ashley, but she scold us, so we got very angry with her. Later Juanjo and I, decided that we were going to do some jokes to Ashley, because we were angry with

her and also because we were board. First we planed all the jokes that we were going to do to Ashley. The first joke that we did to Ashley, was that I scared her. While I was hiding, beside a wall, Juanjo was a destraing her. Then Juanjo did a countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0,”Boooooo!”, I screamed to Ashley. “Aaaaaaa!, O my God!”, Ashley told. “Jajajajaja”, Juanjo said. The second joke that we did to Ashley was that we were going to put the bar code of a backpack, into Ashley’s curse, so that when she will pass through the outlet it will whistle, and then the boss will fired Ashley. Two minutes later, we started our plan. While I was destraing Ashley, Juan Jose was taking the bar code, and then he put it in Ashley’s curse. Ten minutes later, when Ashley was passing through the outlet, the outlet whistle.”Jajajajajajaja”, Juanjo and I laughed.” “You, you did it”, Ashley told to us. After passing three hours and a half, our moms paid. At one said of the cash register it was a box with many papers of suggestions for the company. We took one paper of suggestions and we wrote there: “Our suggestion is that the company fired Ashley, because she scold us.” This day was the most funniest and wonderful day of my life.

Sharing an Experience - 31

EATING DUCK By: Valentina Losada

Sharing an Experience

- 32


i. My name is Valentina and I am going to tell you about one of those experiences in which I had no choice. It all began one Saturday afternoon. My family and I had just arrived to Paris. It was great; everything was so new and different… As my mother´s aunt is the ambassador’s wife, well, we stayed at the embassy. The embassy’s driver went to the airport to pick us up. It took about one hour and a half to get to the embassy. When we arrived, Mr. ambassador and Glorietas (Mrs. ambassador) were waiting for us with opened arms. That first night was awesome, we visited the Eiffel Tower! Well, being in Paris was something exceptional. One of those days that we were there, Mr. Ambassador said, “Please be here at 6 p.m., we will have a great dinner for you. Well, the whole family was at 6 p.m in the ambassador’s house. We accomplished our part of the deal (we arrived on time); but I really don´t think that he, Mr. Ambassador, did. The special dinner for us had a main dish - DUCK! I am one of those people that have very particular likes and dislikes. Definitively, I do not like DUCK!

My mother looked at me and I received a type of telepathic message. She said, “Well Vale, do your best, come on, be polite! She took a plate and she put some DUCK on it. I breathed very deeply; come on, I thought. We were all sitting in that huge table. I was sweating as if I had just played tennis! I really thought I was going to throw up. I don´t know why, but the picture of a man killing a duck came to my mind; poor DUCK!!! I thought, come on, and I have to eat it… Well, by that time everybody was in the middle of the meal. I decided to hurry up. I took the fork and pinched the piece of DUCK. The fork approached my mouth, I bit the DUCK. Yack!!! I thought. The desire to vomit was stronger than before. One after the other, the bites of DUCK came inside my mouth. After two bites I stopped like for 20 minutes. That made me feel better. By that time everybody had finished. They were looking at me very choppy. I wanted to be dead. Finally, after about 1 hour, I finished. Before and after that experience, I will never put a bite of DUCK inside my mouth again. I haven´t become vegetarian yet, but it won´t take long...

Sharing an Experience - 33

My Birthday in Argentina’s Snow By: Sofia Velásquez


n December 2004 I had a great birthday on a mountain with snow in Argentina. It all started on November 28th. My mother asked my father, “Where are we going on vacation this coming Christmas?”. My father answered, “ I don’t know. Let me think about.” Next day my father asked us to sit in the living room to tell us that we could go to Argentina. “With whom?”, I asked. “The four of us”, my father replied. The next day passed quickly because we were packing. Our cousins were going too so we met them at the airport. We all together flew to Argentina. When we arrived, I could feel the warmth of the summer. The hotel was huge, was big and tall. We were very tired and we went to bed. Next day I woke up and I realized that it was my birthday. After that, all my family woke up and shouted, “Today is your birthday, Sofi! … so what do you want to do?. I re-

Sharing an Experience

- 34

ally didn’t know. Then, a great idea came to my mind. “I want to meet the snow”, I shouted. “In summer?”, asked my mother. “Yes, I know a mountain here where we can see the snow”, I explained. At that moment, my dad rushed out of the room and he was back two minutes later. “I know where to go and cousins are going with us too. We got ready, rented a car, and drove to the mountain. When we got there, we rented some jackets and some snow shoes. When we started hiking, I heard my family whispering and one minute later they were singing “Happy birthday to you, clap, clap, clap, happy birthday dear Sofi, happy to you, clap, clap, clap. “Thank you”, I said. I laughed silently. Well, when we got to the top of the mountain, the temperature got colder and I could see that many rocks were covered with

snow. At one point of the mountain, I was very tired and I couldn’t breathe well. So, I said “Let’s stop on that rocky part”. “O.K”, they said. Next, I explained to them that I needed to go to the bathroom. My mother offered to go with me. When we were going I heard the rest of my family whispering and I asked, “Why are they whispering?” “I don’t know”, my mother replied. When we came back, I heard a loud cry, “SURPRISE”. Then, I saw a large snow man made with three snow balls. The snow man had jackets, scarves, gloves, a carrot as a nose, and a mouth made with little rocks. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” They shouted again. So, I thanked them for all those little details they had had with me in such a white mountain. It was about time to come back, so we took the cable cart which took us to the shelter. While we were leaving the place, I watched my snow man, and I felt proud and also glad because that day was my birthday and I had had a great day on an Argentine Mountain. When we arrived to the shelter, we gave the jackets and shoes back to the owner of the place and then we drove to the hotel. When we arrived to the hotel my mom said, “I am hungry”. The funniest part is that we all replied, “me too”. Therefore, we went to a restaurant to eat, and then we went back to the hotel to sleep. Although that was the best day of my trip to Argentina, I also enjoyed a lot the rest of it.

Sharing an Experience - 35

My first ballet presentation By: Sofía Navas

Last year on December 6 I had my first ballet presentation. Maria, Laura, Isabella, Paloma, Paula and I were going to dance. I was very excited. First at 10:00 a.m. we went to the theater to rehearse. When we finished practicing, Maria and I went to the beauty parlor. There my hair was combed and we got make up on our faces. When we were ready, we went to “El Corral”. I remember the place smelled delicious and it increased my hanger. I ate a hamburger, some french fries with soft sauces. Then, we went back to the theater. There we dressed up with our costumes and went upstairs to start dancing. “I’m very excited”, said Isabella. The presentation started and we were going to dance in 5 minutes. I screamed “the presentation is going to start in 5 minutes”. Laura said “I want to dance right now”. The presentation started. On stage, I felt the smell of smoke because a man was smoking simulating the clouds of the sky. It made me a little bit dizzy. When I finished dancing, the audience clapped and shouted and it sounded “clap, clap, clap” and “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, whoooooooooooooo, supeeeeeeer”. Every one went out of the theater and my family was waiting for me. They congratulated me and invited me to a special place to eat pizza. The pizza shop smelled to pizza obviously. The pizza was delicious. I was very happy and excited. My family was very proud of me. When we finished eating, I went home. I was very tired but pleased! I loved that experience and I want it to be repeated.

Nemo Movie By: Mariana Rodríguez

Six years ago when I was 4 years old, I was going with my parents to see Nemo, “The Movie”. I love fish, so I was very excited about that particular movie. We got to the mall and before entering the movie we bought soda nd popcorn. I was very happy. Mom said, “Look at that beautiful fish”. I said, “Yes, I love fish; Mom, I want one”. The movie went on and on. Suddenly, I started to feel sad because Merlin did not find Nemo. I asked, “Mom, is Merlin going to find Nemo?”. Mom said, “I don’t know. Maybe at the end. The movie is not over”. I began crying. And crying I said, “Mom, why doesn’t Merlin find Nemo?”. Mom explained, “ Don’t cry. Merlin will find Nemo. Don’t suffer because of that”. I insisted, “But, … Mom … where is Nemo? Poor Merlin”. People in the theater began to complain. People said, “Silence please, take that girl out of here”. My dad said, “She is only a baby, be patient, please. I am sorry.” Mom said, “Mari, please don’t cry”. They are going to throw us out. I did not stop crying and we had to go out. Well, tears kept rolling down on my cheeks but the worst thing is that I never knew if Merlin found Nemo.

Sharing an Experience - 37

Dashing Through the Snow

By: Pablo Bickenbach

The Flights

It was a wonderful day, I was very excited because I was going to go to the snow for the first time. It was on Easter Week 2009. That day we had many flights. The first flight was from Bogotá to Atlanta ( Georgia ). It was four hours long. We took a bus on El Dorado airport to the plane. The plane was from Delta Airlines. In the plane, I played Nintendo DS and a game that the plane computer had so the four hours didn’t seemed so long. When we arrived to the airport of Atlanta, we saw many Delta Airlines planes because the Atlanta airport is the headquarters of Delta Airlines. In the airport, we tried to go through immigration really fast because our next flight to New York was leaving soon. In the immigration line, we met a

Sharing an Experience

- 38

family that came from Frankfürt (Germany). I talked with them because I had learned a little bit of German. After we finished with immigration, we went running to the waiting room. There was a delay of three hours. “ Oh my gosh” we said, “ It can’t be!” That afternoon, we ate Chinese food; I bought a book that I finished reading being at the airport, and we played indoor games with my family. When it was finally the time to take the plane, we had a problem with the tickets. My father managed to solve the problem, thankfully! We took the plane to New York. I was so tired, I slept during the flight. In New York, we spent two days. Those days we traveled walking to many places in New York.

Meeting the Snow

The third day, we rented a car in Hertz to go to Vermont. On the way, I played a computer game I had always wanted that I bought. I was playing it in our PC. Far away, I could see trees without leaves because the winter season had passed a few months ago. Then, we arrived to some outlets. They were beautiful. They were rural white houses. The landscapes were beautiful too! There, we spent all day, on stores, we ate German sausages, and I bought another book. At night, we continued our trip. On the way, my father got a penalty by an unfair reason because the policeman said we were driving very fast, but the other cars were going faster! Then, we continued on our way and arrived to Stratton, the town in Vermont. On the parking lot of our hotel, my mother woke me up. As soon as I woke up, I went outside of the car looking for snow. There wasn’t many, but at least now I knew how snow was.

Sharing an Experience - 39

Learning to Ski

Next, we went to our hotel. Our room wasn’t a room, it was a whole apartment! When we were going to sleep, in our room there was a cabin and a big bed. I thought that the bed was for my parents. Felipe, my brother, quickly said “ I want this one! “ taking one bed of the cabin, then Gabriel taking the other one said “ I want this one!” I thought “ Oh No! Another bed on the floor again?!” Then, my mother said “ So Pablo will take this one!” pointing to the big bed. Happily, I said to my brothers “ On your face!” That night, I slept very well. Next morning, we ate breakfast in the town ´s coffee place. Then, we went to the head office of ski. There, we rented our skis and met our teacher, Rich. He taught us how to dash in the snow. Soon, he took us to a skiing track and quickly, we learned to brake. Soon, we were able to ski in curves. Later, with my dad and Rich, we took a lift to a green track. We started going down. I saw many snowboarders passing at my side at a rapid speed. I began to get scared so I couldn’t control myself. In no time, I was in the bottom of the

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- 40

track. I looked around, I couldn’t see my family. After about five minutes of waiting, my dad appeared and told me “ You went down very fast!” I got a little bit ashamed, but then it really didn’t affect me. Then, my brother and Rich appeared. That was the end of the first lesson. That afternoon, the tracks were closed so we had to stay in the hotel. First, we ate lunch in a . Then, we stayed in the hotel. That afternoon, there was also a snowstorm so we went outside to play snow war. We built a snowman and called it “Frosty”. At night, we went to the Seven Eleven market where we bought food for next day. Next morning, we ate breakfast in our apartment, then, we went to ski. Now, we had a partner called Nicholas. We got mad at Rich because sometimes, he ignored us and only payed attention to Nicholas. That morning, we skied on new tracks and learned to ski better. That afternoon, the tracks weren’t closed so we went skiing with my dad. He told us “Let’s go to the top of the mountain” I said ”Are you crazy?” Finally, he convinced us. We took two lifts. I would never forget one, I will remember it by it’s name, it is called “ Ursa Express.” After waiting a lot in the lifts, we arrived to the top of the mountain.

The Top of the Mountain

The top of the mountain was a rare place. There was always a snowstorm. It had pine trees. The pine trees’ leaves had ice on top of them and they looked like a fossil. I took one to remember the place. Thanksgodness, there was a green track from the top of the mountain and we went all way down through it. I fell many times, but the important thing is that finally I managed to get to the bottom. That night, we ate a delicious pizza on the outer parts of the town and another time, bought food at the Seven Eleven market. Next morning, we ate breakfast again at our apartment. This day was the last day, now, we didn’t had Nicholas; we had a girl whose name I don’t remember. We told Rich about our experience in the top of the mountain so we went with him like two times. On the last hours of our lessons, Rich took us down a blue track. I was amazed so I told my brother Felipe ” Hey! Felipe! We’re going down a blue track!” Almost at the bottom of the track, there was a passage that led to some ramps. I loved

jumping on them. That afternoon, we finally took my little brother Gabriel in the lifts. We tried to take him down a green track now he knows how to brake. He couldn’t do it and I had to look for my brother Felipe who had disappeared. I couldn’t find him anywhere so I went to look for my family. I couldn’t see them anywhere. At one time I fell and said “ Where is my family?” I went near the town to look for them. Going down, I liked to eat the snow that was falling from the sky. Finally I found my family, complete.

Back to New York

Then, we skied from the top of the mountain and jumped in the ramps many times. When we were about to go, my father and I went down from the top of the mountain alone. It was in honor of the trip. Finally, we went feeling very sad back to New York. Now, I have shared with you my memory of a great unique experience I have lived only once in my life.

Sharing an Experience - 41

A Day in the Airport By: Tomás Correa


ave you ever confused a stranger with a person that is very important for you? Well I did, I was in an airport of the USA. I was 6 years old and I was with my sister, who was 3 years old and with my mom, we were waiting for Claudia, my aunt. Suddenly, my sister started crying because she wanted a toy and after 10 minutes my mom decides to buy it, she went to buy it with my sister. I was alone sitting in an uncomfortable chair, waiting for my aunt. While I was sitting in that chair and my mom was still buying the toy, I saw through a window that an airplane´s door opened and a woman got out. I thought she was Claudia and I run the faster I could and when I finally was next to her, I took her hand. When I looked up, I realized that she wasn´t my aunt and let go her hand. After that, I went running away, very ashamed. Finally, I saw my real aunt and I went running toward her, but first, I checked she was my real aunt, and when I was sure she was, I hugged her. After this, I always check if the people I know are “really” that people. All that day I was very ashamed and sad, but now I always laugh when I hear that story. I will never forget that day.

Sharing an Experience

- 42

The Big Wave


t all started when my family and I went to the sea on summer vacation. At first, I thought that the sea was going to be the same as other places which I had visited, but my thoughts weren´t right. My family and I went to Biarritz, France. This place was full of palm trees and you could smell the delicious aromas from the sea. We entered it and saw people rolling, swimming and even dancing inside it, it was really cool to see something like that. When we were halfway entered, a lot of wind made the waves higher and bigger every time. I didn´t want to swim in these waves but… suddenly an enormous wave took my sister and

By: Daniela Tamayo

me far away from my dad, who was talking care of us! We had rolled and a salty and horrible substance that didn´t tasted good entered our mouths and noses. It was awful! I saw my sister coughing and trying to get water out of her mouth like me. She said to me “I almost drowned” and I told her the same thing. We went out and my mother was waiting for us with a bottle full of pure water to forget about the horrible taste of the salted water. Having this experience changed my thoughts about the sea. Now I know that you can always have fun in it, but it can be dangerous at the same time. Since that day, I am aware of big waves and have fun at the sea at the same time.

Sharing an Experience - 43

Unforgettable Experience By: María José Torres


ix years ago my father decided to go to Villavicencio, Meta in Colombia. I was happy because I was going to see my grandfather and my cousins. I got ready for going to Villavicencio. We were going to Villavicencio for a long time. I took my fish, it had to go because no one could give him the food so he could die. We got out of my house and we were on the car. Between Bogota and Villavicencio there are three hours so it was a long trip. I was sitting on the car with the fish box on my legs. We were talking and seeing the mountains through the windows. One hour later we stopped in a restaurant to eat lunch. We ate many things until we weren´t hungry. Next, we got again into the car. When we were on the middle of the road my father stops very quickly and… I couldn´t see

Sharing an Experience

- 44

what happen. I felt that I had pump with the chair in front of me and I felt the floor was all wet. When I opened my eyes I saw that the fish had fallen to the floor. In that moment I shouted to my father “stop”. In a moment my father stopped and moved the seat. My father took the fish and put it on the little water that was left on the fish box. Suddenly I saw that the fish survived and was safe. I felt really happy. At one store at the road we bought more water for the fish. Finally we got to Villavicencio and we told all the experience to our family. Now that this happen I really learn that when I am transporting my fish by car I had to get hard the fish box.

Scary Experience By: Juan Felipe Morales

I remember when I saw a terrible accident in the 7th Avenue last year. I was in my car with my mom, dad, and my little sister. We were listening a Camp Rock song in the radio when my mother told us that there was a problem in the street so we all were surprised to see five cars crashed in a row with injured people. My little sister begun to cry, and she started to shout “I´m very scared, I want to go home now!” Then my mother tried to calm my sister with a lollipop and a hug and she did it. Meanwhile my father stopped the car and went to help the people that had injuries and blood. Once my dad got out of the car I started to observe that there were three old men, five children, and a woman that were in different ambulances and with many doctors there to service the injured people quickly. Next my father entered to the car and told us the accident story. The story

was that there was a man that stopped the car a t the middle of the street and the man that was behind was distracted and didn´t stop the car and the two cars crashed and then three other cars were coming and also crashed and then the ambulances, the firefighters, and the policemen arrived the place and rescued the per-

sons in the accident. With this experience I felt scary and sorry for the people that were in the accident because they felt pain. This experience change and taught me that when I grow up I have to drive carefully if I don´t want to cause this type of accident with hurt people.

Sharing an Experience - 45

A Real Friendship By: Lina María De Herrera


hen I was 2 years old I met the most wonderful person in the whole world. I didn’t know that the person will become my best friend forever, that person is Nicolas Pulido. When I met him I didn’t have a very good memory so I can’t remember what was happening in that moment when I was at nursery school with Nicolas playing, eating, or sleeping. The years passed and passed. Nicolas and the other babies at the nursery school needed to go the next step, kindergarten. Then, after two years being there we started the school. When I was in pre-kinder my mother told me about an old friend I had in the nursery school and who was named Nicolas. At that time I was alone in the classroom with no friends, so I asked my mother if that Nicolas was in my grade. She said “no”. After she said that I was sad because in every recess I

Sharing an Experience

- 46

only ate and went to the park by myself. Next year everything was different. I was in the same group with Nicolas. We were together! When I first saw him I knew he was the famous Nicolas, my unforgettable friend. The first day I got closer and closer to him. I touched him on his back. He turned around and said to me, “Who are you?” And I said, “Didn’t your mother tell you? I am Lina, I am your best friend since we were little kids. He replied, ´´O.K. so do you want to be my friend again?” . There was a moment of silence, but then I answered: “SURE!” After that day Nicolas and I have been together sharing experiences, playing, and studying. The best award of the world is not money. The best prize is to have a friend that you can trust. Now I think that you know what a real friendship is!

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