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Artists' Roles 

Leadership Teamworking (collaboration and community engagement)

Energising Cultures

Place and Criticality

Leadership e.g. Sans Faรงon's Watershed+, Calgary, Canada


Artists working on masterplans, charettes; with design teams & leading community engagement;

Place and Criticality e.g. VeloCity, Operational Plan, Glasgow

Place and Criticality Jeremy Deller's Sacrilege, Gi, (2012)

Place and Criticality e.g. Matt Baker & T.S.Beall's Nothing about us without us is for us Gi, (2012)

Contexts ď Ź

Artists work in rural places

ď Ź

Towns and the urban

Artists work in rural places e.g. Will Maclean's Cuimhneachain nan Gaisgeach, Outer Hebrides (1994-1997)

Artists work in rural places e.g. Deveron Arts, Aberdeenshire (1998 ongoing)

Artists work in rural places e.g. NVA, St Peter's Seminary, Kilmahew

Towns and the urban Glenrothes Town Artist programme

Towns and the urban Arts & Health projects in Glasgow

Complexity Artists and designers Curators and Project Managers Architects, Landscape Architects Commissioners Communities and inhabitants Engineers Politicians

Work in Progress

Scotland vs The USA - Chris Fremantle  

International Sculpture Conference Chicago 2012 Panel Scotland vs The USA: Who has agency in public art?