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COMMUNITY SUPPORT In memory of Mr. William “Bill” Houlton given by: Colorado Permanente Medical Group Katharine Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Trygve Myhren Lynn Nelson Mr. and Mrs. James M. Woodward In memory of Wilson LeChat given by: Dr. Mary Ann Watson In memory of Mrs. Elaine C. Lenicheck given by: Ms. Kate Bermingham In memory of Mr. Galen Nelson given by: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy In memory of Mr. Robert “Bob” Wick given by: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Chenoweth Mrs. Patricia Redifer In memory of Mr. John M. Sommer given by: The Bailey Company Charles and Jerry Boutin Frederick and Mary Brower Merriline Crawford Mr. Bruce Evans Mr. and Mrs. Frank Isenhart Mr. and Mrs. William C. McGehee Ms. Gwendolyn A. Parker Dee Perry Van Gilder Insurance Corporation In memory of Mr. and Mrs. John and Marie Straub given by: Mr. Stephen D. Straub In memory of Mr. Albie Urban given by: Mr. and Mrs. David McGaw

In memory of Mr. Jack “John” Wyatt given by: Mr. Frank Y. Parce IN HONOR GIFTS The following gifts were made to the Colorado Symphony in honor of a family member, friend, or special occasion. These tributes hold an honored place with the Colorado Symphony, and we are pleased to recognize them. In honor of Mr. Michael Altenberg’s birthday given by: The Striker Foundation In honor of Bill and Jo Calhoun’s wedding anniversary given by: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Calhoun In honor of Ms. Courtney H. Bress given by: Mr. Doug Hershey and Ms. Bronwyn Bateman In honor of Dick and Sigrid Freese given by: Ms. Margaret Roath In honor of Frank Y. Parce given by: Mr. David Parce In honor of Fred and Margaret Hoeppner given by: Dr. and Mrs. David Flitter In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Gene H. Sobczak given by: Mr. Richard Replin In honor of Ms. Donna S. Gerich given by: Ms. Grace E. Johnston In honor of Lee and Margaret Tipton given by: Tipton Family Foundation


In honor of Mary Rossick Kern and Jerry Kern given by: Ms. Linda Dee In honor of the birth of Margo Allon Choen, daughter of Drs. Joel and Jodie Cohen given by: Mrs. Nancy Livingston In honor of CSO organist Ken Mervine given by: Ms. Sallie D. Suby-Long In honor of Deanna Leino given by: Mr. Frank Y. Parce In honor of Philip C. Heister, Master Electrican of the CSO given by: Mr. and Mrs. Eli Reshotko In honor of Ms. Eleanor Roberts given by: Mr. Frank Y. Parce In honor of Mrs. Lois and Dr. Gerald Rainer given by: Mr. Stephen A. Edmonds In honor of Mrs. Maryanne Harry’s birthday given by: Ms. Jeanne Maher MATCHING DONATIONS Thank you to those companies who match current and retired employee contributions to the Colorado Symphony and to our donors who apply for these matching gifts. Please check with your Human Resources department to see if your contribution can double through the generosity of your company. To contact the Colorado Symphony’s Development Department directly, please contact Jackson Stevens at 303.308.2475.

Soundings Magazine November 1-3, 2013  
Soundings Magazine November 1-3, 2013  

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