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enses are a valuable piece of equipment that lasts a lifetime. No matter what lenses you get it from like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Sigma, etc. They are a valuable piece of asset when capturing the right shot in your buisness. Whether its using a lenses of 50 mm with a f/1.8 for portraits and 300 mm with f/4 for taking photos of birds within a distance on your trips to Africa’s wildest jungle. They are so valuable that for the past 30 or more years, these lenses have not changed and are always able to fit into DSLR cameras. Though it is always recommended when buying a DSLR camera it is best to get the best equipment. A lot of the products that are released by Canon and Nikon

that comes with both the camera’s body and the lenses are good enough. But if someone like yourself or in your family who wants to get into the photography buisness, the price of equipment will be a little bit more pricier then you would think you would need to pay for. For beginners, it is easy to identify the quality of the equipment by the rim of the lenses. Let’s take Canon for example. When you get the full package the lenses in the package are decent for those who are interested to just take photos with a DSLR camera just for fun. If you are serious into learning photography and getting into the industry it is usually recommended to get a lenses with a golden rim.

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