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y name is Benson Leung. I graduated out from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise with an Associations of the Arts in Graphic Design. From that school I learned from the best of the best from 3 time Grammy winning album designer to the Art Director of LA Fashion Magazine. I was a professional photographer who worked for Los Angeles Times and worked for National Geographic as a graphic designer laying out magazine spreads. I traveled to all parts of the world primary mostly as war photographer in the years of 2030 to 35. I retired from the war photography and became a landscape photographer in Australia working close to Peter Lik. Then I went back to Los Angeles to teach at my old High School as a teacher


in Graphic Design and Publication for four years and then started this publication. Everything that I’ve learned was mostly from a really influential teachers at FIDM. Most of this would be dedicated to them for sparking my interest in Graphic Design when I took their classes. Many thanks for helping me get through to where I am today in the past 30 years as a photographer in a graphic design major and I want to thank them even today if they are still out there. As a matter of fact, please enjoy the content that we have today in this first issue. We found many inspirational photographers that we’ve interviewed. Hopefully you enjoy the content.

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