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& knif e fork

res t a u ra nt STARTERS ASSORTED SEASONAL PICKLES Comes with: dill 4 CRISPY SURF CLAMS Comes with: caper, pickle aioli 11 MARKET LETTUCE SALAD Comes with: olives, tangerines, walnut vinaigrette 11 POBLANO SOUP Comes with: crispy pork belly, grapes, crème fraiche 8

ENTREES BELLWETHER FAMS RICOTTAFRITTERS Comes with: saba, saffron honey 7 DASHI MARINATED YELLOWTAIL Comes with: avocado, hash brown, tonburi 15 LAMB NECK HASH Comes with: toasted quinoa, fried jidori egg 13 PAPPARDELLE PASTA Comes with: pork and beef rago, fried egg 11 7 OZ LAZY OX BURGER Comes with: cantal cheese, green peppercorn mustard 14

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student, design, art

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