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2016–2017 Annual Report to Donors July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017



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MISSI ON Princeton Theological Seminary prepares women and men to serve Jesus Christ as faithful and effective Christian leaders in ministries marked by FAITH, INTEGRITY, SCHOLARSHIP, COMPETENCE, COMPASSION, and JOY, equipping them to serve worldwide in congregations and the larger church, in classrooms and the academy, and in the public arena. Princeton Seminary is a professional and graduate school of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and stands within the Reformed tradition.


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On the Cover: This twilight photograph provides a glimpse into the office of L. Gordon Graham, Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts; Miller Chapel is across the quad. Inside Cover: The main staircase inside Stuart Hall is a familiar place for students between classes. Opened in 1878 as Princeton Theological Seminary’s primary lecture hall, the building was named for brothers Robert and Alexander Stuart, who donated funds for its construction.





F R OM THE P RE SI D E NT Dear Princeton Theological Seminary family, As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this year, it is an appropriate time to reflect on the heritage and the future of the Reformed tradition. The movement that began in Wittenberg in 1517 has spread around the world and taken shape in different contexts and cultures. One of the places it has taken root is Princeton, New Jersey. For more than two hundred years, Princeton Theological Seminary has been preparing leaders to serve the church and the world. The Reformed tradition continues to guide the shape of our community as a place that values rigorous scholarship as an expression of faith, uniting love of God and love of learning. Our Reformed heritage informs the ecumenism of the Seminary community, welcoming students, faculty, and staff from a wide diversity of denominations, traditions, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and languages. As the Reformed tradition affirms that the church exists wherever the Word is rightly proclaimed and the sacraments rightly administered, it is an inherently ecumenical movement, and we embrace this ecumenism as central to our life together. We also affirm that the Reformed tradition is a reforming tradition, and as we look toward the future, we pray for God’s guidance as we change and evolve in order to be faithful to our calling to serve the church of Jesus Christ in our own time and place. Your partnership enables us to continue this mission in a way that serves the needs of the students and the church of today. Because of your support, we can provide the increasingly rare experience of being a residential graduate school to shape the formation of leaders in the service of Jesus Christ for the academy, congregations, nonprofit agencies, and other forms of public service. Thank you for your gifts and your prayers. We are grateful for the partnership of our alumni and friends as we seek the flourishing of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Faithfully,

M. Craig Barnes President





F R OM THE B OA RD C H A I R Dear friends, As a graduate of the Seminary and a former dean of student affairs, I’ve had the occasion to serve students and the Seminary under three different presidents. Now, as the newly elected chair of the Board of Trustees, I’m honored to serve in this capacity alongside President Craig Barnes. He thinks strategically, has built an incredible team, and manages with seemingly boundless energy. It is a privilege to work alongside President Barnes to ensure the Seminary is well managed now and well into the future. When I attended the fall faculty meeting this past September, I was once again impressed with the world-class faculty at Princeton Seminary. Fifteen new faculty appointments in the past five years have brought new voices into the conversation from all over the world. This is part of what makes Princeton Seminary so remarkable. Bringing students and faculty together in this experience of learning and worship continues to produce graduates of outstanding capability and promise. Immersion in a diverse environment of worship, learning, and service makes such a difference in formation for leadership. Within the pages of this Annual Report you will find stories of faithfulness. Some stories can be quantified, like annual giving and scholarship grants. Others are difficult to capture because they involve changes in perspective that occurred as a result of time spent at the Farminary or through a field education experience. Your support of Princeton Seminary continues to make a difference in the lives of students, as well as in congregations, in classrooms, and in the public arena, where graduates serve around the world. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you for your interest and support for the Seminary. Princeton Seminary thrives today because of your partnership. We are grateful for your support. Faithfully,

Rev. Jeffrey V. O’Grady Princeton Theological Seminary Board Chair ANNUAL REPORT TO DONORS





A vital part of the learning that

by his wife and three children

feel ‘at home.’ When I walked onto

happens at Princeton Seminary

and is grateful that the “seminary

campus, they were there to help me

experience” was not just his, but his

move in, and that immediately put

entire family’s.

me at ease.”

takes place outside the classroom—in the dorms, on the quad, and in the dining hall. The

“I’ve been able to worship alongside

Mathews had a similar experience.

campus community is a place

my wife, and my children have been

where students live, worship, and

able to participate in activities within

showed me around, and invited me

the community,” he says. “It’s been

to join him for morning prayer. We

incredible to attend seminary with

became friends right away.”

learn from each other—broadening their perspectives and preparing for leadership.

“My deacon helped me move in,

my family walking alongside me.” Jamie Fiorino ’18 MDiv has a passion Programs are also in place to help

for community building and became

The residential community serves as

new students assimilate to campus

a deacon to give back.

another dimension of the curriculum,

life. In one-on-one relationships,

giving students a unique opportunity

students in the Anam Cara Program— “I have such fond memories from

to share theological insights and

named for the Celtic phrase that

my first year and I want to help

explore what they are learning in the

means spiritual friendship—serve as

my classmates have that same


mentors and help incoming students

experience,” says Fiorino. “I really

adjust to seminary. Intramural sports

enjoy helping first year students find

The community itself becomes a

such as flag football and basketball

their footing and flourish on campus.”

training ground for building the skill

bring students together outside

of loving others. As students launch

of the classroom, giving them an

Janice Smith Ammon, Bryant M.

into ministry, these stories go with

opportunity to meet new friends and

Kirkland Minister of the Chapel, says

them and shape the way they see God

escape the rigors of academic life.

there is a spiritual dimension to the

and serve in communities.

deacons’ work as well. “The role of For decades, the Deacon Program,

the deacons is to be spiritual friends,

Ryan Irmer ’16 MDiv/MA, pastor

a volunteer-based ministry of

supports, and guides for fellow

of Slackwood Presbyterian Church

hospitality, has played a critical


in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, says

role in creating community on

experiences in the community, in

campus. The student leaders serve

Victor Koon ’18 MA(TS) makes

the classroom, and through field

as welcoming faces for new students

checking in with residents a regular

education shaped him and prepared

by organizing gatherings—prayer

part of his day. He explains, “I joined

him to be a pastor.

groups, crockpot dinners, Bible

the Deacon Program because I want

studies, and holiday celebrations—

to be a resource for fellow students

throughout the year.

and help them adjust to seminary life.

“Sitting with my classmates at the apartments or in the dining hall

Taking time to pray for my friends

and talking about what we were

Like most students, Ruth Jeong ’20

here on campus as we navigate the

learning really reinforced what we

MDiv and Austin Mathews ’20 MDiv

rigorous academic terrain brings me

were being taught in the classroom,”

first met their deacons when they

great joy.”

he says. “Those moments were really

moved into their dorms.


“This is what we’re called to do by the “I didn’t know what to expect when

gospel,” Ammon says of the Deacon

When Edwin Arevalo ’18 MDiv

I first arrived at the Seminary,” says

Program. “We are called to love and

came to seminary, he was joined

Jeong. “But the deacons made me

care for one another.”




Zoë Garry ’19 MDiv invites the congregation at Chautauqua Institution to pray. The Abrahamic service was the culmination of her field education experience. Photo courtesy of The Chautauquan Daily, photographer Olivia Sun. 8|


Zoë Garry ’19 MDiv completed

didn’t feel equipped to represent God

and imagining “nontraditional”

her field education placement

in spaces where people were sick or

forms of ministry like working on a

dying or suffering from addiction.

sustainable farm, writing a religious

at Chautauqua Institution’s Abrahamic Program for Young

column for a magazine, or serving in “One of the biggest hurdles was to

an administrative role at a nonprofit

Adults, an interfaith community,

knock on a door for a patient visit

where her job requirement was

without knowing what was going to

to “be Christian.” She says her

be on the other side,” he says. “But it

Students choose from more

was amazing to see how God worked

than 600 sites—in rural, urban,

through me—to hear the things that

suburban, and metropolitan contexts.

came out of my mouth and to see the

Many students are also seeking

effects my words and presence had

international ministry opportunities

on patients and their families.”

at orphanages, seminaries, or in

faith has always been important to her, but she had never been in a community that required her to let her faith be the sole defining



factor of who she is.

Depending on the degree program, most students complete two field

Rebecca Gilmer ’18 MA(TS)

against another faith to take

education placements—one in a

completed her field education at the

ownership of your beliefs,” she says.

church and one in another place

Academy of Integrated Christian

of their choosing.

Studies in Aizawl, Mizoram in India,

“Sometimes you need to be pushed

where she taught theological English.

Garry says the experience confirmed her call to foster intentional

Matthew Enzler ’19 MDiv says the

She says the experience broadened

interfaith communities. Taking part

most rewarding part of his field

her understanding of people from

in weekly chats such as “Ask a Jew,

education experience at Titusville

India and affirmed her ability to

Christian, and Muslim Anything,”

United Methodist Church in

communicate across cultures.

answering personal questions

Titusville, New Jersey, is working

about her spiritual practices, and

with youth. The church hasn’t had

Designed to integrate academic

discussing interfaith relationships

a youth group for several years, but

learning with the practice of ministry,

were difficult at first, she says,

over the summer Enzler worked with

field education provides space in the

and required building trusting

his co-pastor to establish one.

curriculum for students to use their creativity to find a setting for their

relationships. “Some of them asked if they could The transformation students like

read Scripture during a service,

Garry experience during field

and we got them involved,” he says.

education allows them to deepen

“I really believe that the habits and

educational and vocational goals. The program is one of the Seminary’s hallmarks—giving students an

their understanding of God,

faith they foster now is critical. Being

opportunity to step out of their

clarify their vocation, and grow

able to walk alongside the youth and

comfort zones and into leadership

as practitioners.

minister to them directly is really

roles to test their calls. Year after


year, students consistently say field education is one of the most

Richard Anthony Anderson ’18 MDiv says when he began his clinical

In addition to traditional placements

pastoral education at Robert Wood

in congregations, students are

Johnson University Hospital, he

looking for God at work in the world

formative aspects of their experience.

Visit to read students’ reflections on their field education experiences.




Students at the Farminary harvest the day’s crop. Visit to view a photo gallery and view Shamar and Sustainability: A Farminary Photo Essay by Lindsay Clark ’18 MDiv.

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On a typical day at Princeton

pedagogical imagination and connect

In addition to addressing vocational

Seminary’s 21-acre Farminary,

the ecological with the theological.

questions and explanations about the

students can be seen clad in boots and overalls gently turning

texts, the farm also provides a forum Jacqueline Lapsley, associate pro-

for theological reflection on pressing

fessor of Old Testament, who taught

contemporary topics like sustain-

rich, dark compost with shovels.

Text and Terrain at the Farminary,

ability, water, climate change, food

Although this isn’t the traditional

says, “If students are doing the same

justice, environmental justice, racial

seminary classroom setting,

work in the classroom, they are more

justice, and food sovereignty.

this is where learning happens.

likely to have a romantic view of the Old Testament texts we are reading.

The 2017–18 academic year marks

But when they are working on the

the introduction of the Certificate

farm—their knees hurt, there’s dirt

in Theology, Ecology, and Faith

and includes a 60-foot by 40-foot

under their fingernails, and sweat is

Formation, which is open to all

garden plot and a barn that is used

dripping down their foreheads—it’s

master’s-level students. The program

as a space for classes and for

easier to relate to the texts as we talk

trains students to recognize the

about the land, creation, and our

connections between Judeo-Chris-

relationship to the land.”

tian theology and current ecological

Formerly a Christmas tree farm, the Farminary overlooks a pond

sharing meals.

The Farminary is a place where theological education is integrated with small-scale sustainable agriculture to train faith leaders who are conversant in the areas of ecology, sustainability, and food justice. It is designed to train students to challenge society’s 24–7 culture of productivity by following a different rhythm, one that is governed by the seasons and Sabbath. “The project’s main goal is to form leaders by cultivating agrarian sensibilities within them like paying attention to the seasons, understanding the interconnectedness of life and death, and becoming comfortable with failure,” says Nate Stucky, director of the Farminary Project. Students from across the country and around the world enroll at the Seminary specifically because they want to be involved with the Farminary. They are seeking a community of Christian faith where they can explore their


issues and how to respond to those The Farminary is a place where


students also grow as seminarians and leaders. “Students with different

Beyond the Seminary community,

stories, from different theological

the Farminary provides an opportu-

backgrounds, and from different

nity for community building. Mercer

walks of life come together at the

Street Friends brings spoiled produce

Farminary to understand their be-

from their food bank to the farm’s

liefs, themselves, and God in a deeper

compost pile—saving the organiza-

way,” says Pearl Quick ’20 MDiv/

tion money and putting food back

MACEF, student farm assistant.

into the ecological cycle.

“As students work together in the

During the summer, students from

gardens or share meals during class,

Shiloh Community Development

space opens up for humanizing con-

Corporation’s Junior Chef program

versations,” Stucky added. “There’s an

used the Farminary’s produce and

opportunity to process the content of

space to prepare a meal for commu-

the curriculum.”

nity members. This year also marked the third Just Food Conference at

Lapsley agrees. “The setting changes

the farm and the Farminary’s second

the relationship between faculty and

Community Supported Agriculture.

students,” she says. “The kind of conversations we have on the farm are

Looking to the future, Stucky

just different. Students have a lot of

envisions adding bees, livestock,

questions—both practical and voca-

and new courses to the curriculum.

tional. They want to know how what we are reading will relate to what they’ll be doing out in the world.” | 11


WHY JUSTICE MATTERS Pastor, author, and founder of a nonprofit, Eugene Cho ’95 MDiv received the 2017 Distinguished Alumnus Award for his entrepreneurial work as a renowned anti-poverty activist and social justice advocate.

“As we go about life we need to remember that Jesus was spot on with the Commandments: love God and love people,” says Cho, whose lecture was titled “The Whole Gospel.”

12 |


Cho, founder and lead pastor

Founding ODW is just one of the

He reflected on the premise behind

of Quest Church in Seattle,

ways Cho is living out the gospel

his book Overrated: Are We More

locally in Seattle, but also globally.

in Love with the Idea of Changing

Washington, says he has always acknowledged that he’s a self-

the World Than Actually Changing “We are called to acknowledge

the World? (David C. Cook, 2014)

starter and has an entrepreneurial

the humanity of each and every

and says his book is his confession

spirit. “I realized that church

person,” he says. “There is something

as a pastor. He acknowledged that

planting was one way I could be

powerful about looking the

he didn’t realize how much he and

brokenhearted, the marginalized,

his family would have to sacrifice to

and the suffering in the eyes and

start ODW.

faithful to my gifts,” he says.

In 2001, Quest began as a small group who met in Cho’s living room, but today it is a thriving multiethnic congregation that welcomes 1,000 community members for worship each Sunday.

saying, ‘I see you.’ When we forget the humanity of others, we end up reducing people into projects and

“We all love justice until there’s a personal cost,” he says.

God never intended people to be the church’s projects.”

In Overrated, he shows how it is possible to move from talk to action.

For three years, Cho and his family cut corners and made substantial

“In writing my book, I realized that

lifestyle changes to save $68,000, his

I was putting words to feelings that

yearly salary at the time, as startup

people really resonate with. I ask

funds for ODW. Reflecting on what

questions about our motivation

it was like for him and his family to

for doing justice that speaks to

downsize and simplify their lifestyle,

our integrity and is central to us

for the whole world.”

he says, “it became very deep and

as followers of Christ,” he says.

In addition to pastoring Quest

my kids not being able to play sports

Cho offers advice to others who are

or take piano lessons.”

interested in making a change in the

“I have a greater understanding of who God is because of the diverse body of Christ that surrounds me in language, culture, ethnicity, and gender,” he says. “It gives me a deeper glimpse into the whole gospel

Church, Cho is also the founder of One Day’s Wages (ODW), a nonprofit organization that works to alleviate extreme global poverty. “People matter and they shouldn’t be condemned because of where they live,” he says. “Part of believing in the

personal, especially when it came to

world: “Sometimes we are under the But looking back, Cho says those

impression that God has called us to

three years were only a microcosm of

do great things. But, what if God has

his life and he learned so much about

called us to do simple, mundane, or

his marriage, his faith, and who he is.

boring things? Will you still do those

“It was a good reminder that we live

things with love, faith, and joy?”

in a world of excess,” he says.

whole gospel is believing that God loves justice.”

Visit to see what’s on Eugene Cho’s reading list.


| 13

A L OOK BAC K AT R EU N ION 2017 Elizabeth Dias ’11 MDiv An acclaimed journalist, Elizabeth Dias, religion and politics correspondent at TIME Magazine, was awarded the first Alumni Association Executive Council Service Award for embodying the mission of the Seminary, creatively using her gifts, and seeking to expand the Kingdom of God through her particular vocation. Her cover stories include TIME’s 2013 Person of the Year, Pope Francis; “The Latino Reformation,” an investigation into growing Hispanic evangelical communities; “After Trayvon,” an exploration of race relations in the U.S.; and “Finding God in the Dark,” a profile of acclaimed preacher Barbara Brown Taylor. She regularly writes political and cultural features on American spirituality, covering subjects from the Supreme Court’s religious-liberty cases and Rick Warren’s all-church diet program to Hillary Clinton’s Each year reunion gives alumni an opportunity to reconnect

faith background, and she has interviewed the Dalai Lama.

with classmates, professors,

Dias has served in numerous

and each other. More than 100

leadership roles both in the

alumni returned to campus

Episcopal Church and in media

to commemorate the 500th

organizations, and is the editor

anniversary of the Reformation.

of What Did Jesus Ask? Christian Leaders Reflect on His Questions of Faith (TIME, 2015).

14 |


President M. Craig Barnes moderated a conversation with current and emeriti faculty members about the impact of the Reformation on the church and the academy. Pictured from left to right: President Barnes, Geddes W. Hanson, Elsie Anne McKee, Peter J. Paris, Karlfried Froehlich, and Kenneth G. Appold.

Jonathan L. Walton ’02 MDiv, ’06 PhD, Princeton Seminary Trustee In celebration of the 76th anniversary of the Seminary’s PhD program, Jonathan L. Walton, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals, Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, and professor of religion and society at Harvard Divinity School, gave a lecture titled, “Do This in Remembrance…: Whose Body is Worthy?” The lecture focused on racial tensions geared toward the African American and Latinx Communities in the United States. Walton encouraged participants to engage in these issues from a Christian perspective.


| 15

A L OOK BAC K AT R EU N ION 2017 William H. Willimon Keynote plenary speaker William H. Willimon, professor of the practice of Christian ministry, Duke Divinity School, is widely known for his prophetic leadership of the church and for his work equipping pastors for transformative leadership. He spoke about the essential qualities for thriving in pastoral leadership and said, “The most important quality in pastoral leadership is adaptability— be supple, creative, and responsive to changing contexts.”

INAUGURAL HERITAGE AWARD The Heritage Award recognizes the legacy of faithful Christian servants who came before us and unselfishly and steadfastly fulfilled their high calling in Jesus Christ. The new award was presented posthumously to Dr. Young Kyo Hahn ’37 BThM, ’38 ThM. After completing his studies at the Seminary, Hahn was able to return to Korea at the close of the Second World War. From 1948–1957 and again from 1961–64, he served as a professor and administrator at Yonsei University in Seoul. During that time, he was dean of the College of Theology, dean of the Graduate School, dean of the Pusan campus, and president of the Pusan Yonsei Vocational Junior College. After retiring from active ministry in Korea in 1964, he served as the director of the Christian Broadcasting Station in Pusan and then relocated to the United States. 16 |



engaged in two rounds of discussions,

Pennsylvania. “Being at the table

followed by a session where they

and talking with colleagues, brings

New this year, the World Café offered

identified themes and patterns based

you to a baseline of honesty. What

alumni an opportunity to engage in

on their conversations, which were

would the church look like if we had

small group discussions about the

captured graphically by a visual artist.

that honesty in ministry? Mediocrity is the new excellence and we need

joys and challenges of ministry in the 21st century.

“The best part of the World Café

to rise above it.”

was not only having conversations The format featured a highly

with cross sections of alumni, but

interactive, conversation-based

it was having conversations with

model of discussion and learning led

visualization, and also feeling safe

by an official World Café facilitator,

to talk about what is great and

Dr. Frances Baldwin, who presented

difficult about ministry,” recalls

questions to the participants about

Aisha Brooks-Lytle ’05 MDiv, pastor

the Reformation today. Alumni

at Wayne Presbyterian Church in

Other events included a Faculty Book Browse, Wine & Cheese in the Princeton Theological Seminary Library, and a picnic on the quad.


| 17


Why is it important for current

moment characterized by virulent

Associate Professor of Constructive

and future church leaders to study

racist, sexist, and xenophobic

Theology and African American

womanist and feminist theology?

rhetoric and policy.


Womanist and feminist theology remain central not only to exploring

What unique perspective do you

With research and teaching

the question of race and gender

bring to Princeton Seminary?

interests in constructive theology,

within theological construction,

I invite students to always remember

feminist studies, and global

but also to unearthing different

that thinking theologically is about

economics, Dr. Day uses a wide

and often marginalized theological

thinking at the margins of society.

range of methodological approaches

epistemologies and practices that

As a black woman who comes from

in her work.

are oriented toward justice, love, and

a Pentecostal tradition, I am hopeful


that my social location and identity will help students see the importance

How does your academic work speak to the contemporary world?

Conversations about racial, gender,

of diversity in the community and in

My work helps religious and political

and class justice need to be privileged

its dialogue about God.

leaders see how economic and

within the life of churches if

political injustices deeply affect

churches are to truly minister and

What is one thing you hope your

people of color around the world. It

be in solidarity with vulnerable and

students will take away from your

invites churches to see that the heart

oppressed populations. Womanist


of the gospel is responding to such

and feminist traditions remain

That theology is ultimately about

injustices with a liberating word

indispensable, inviting church

the work of fashioning beloved

of hope.

leaders to embody a prophetic

communities. To love God means to

critique of our current political

love your neighbor. Nothing more, nothing less.

18 |



Scholarship challenges us to grow

What do you enjoy most about the

Assistant Professor of Early Christian

in the knowledge and wisdom of

Seminary’s community?


God. Faith guides us to meet every

I value how caring community

challenge with hope and trust in God.

members are to one another and how there is a culture of appreciation. We

With interests in the diversity of

give thanks to God for one another.

Christian witness in text, image, and

What spiritual practice nurtures

material culture, Dr. Farag focuses

your faith?

her research on the early and late

I try to let “Lord have mercy” be

What is one thing you hope your

antiquity history of Christianity.

my mind’s utterance as often as

students will take away from your

possible during the day. God’s mercy


How does your academic work

can encourage us to become more

I hope my students will learn that

inform your faith, and how does

disciplined in our discipleship, and

humility is the key to seeking the

your faith inform your academic

also reminds us that we are human

truth in love and “speaking the truth


and dependent on God.

in love.”

I believe that faith and scholarship


mutually enrich one another.


| 19


What impact do you hope your

to strengthen individuals and

Associate Professor of Reformed

work will have?

communities of faith. Deep faith


I do my work because I feel a deep

strives for clarity and understanding

need to better understand God and

and does not draw from naïve beliefs

Dr. Reichel’s theological

God’s work in our world as well as a

or fundamentalist convictions.

interests include Christology,

longing for a more just and humane

scriptural hermeneutics, political

society. My research and teaching are

How will your classes prepare

theology, constructive theology,

expressions of this aspiration and of

students to be Christian leaders?

poststructuralist theory, and

my conviction to share it and pursue

I don’t know if we should strive for

the theology of Karl Barth. She

it within the community. If my work

“leadership” all of the time. After all,

considers Barth a great resource

is able to incite in others a similar

our initial calling is to be followers,

for post-modern theology that

joy for understanding and living a

not leaders—disciples, not masters.

points toward timeless truths and

justice-seeking life then I’ll consider

The best leaders are not those who

shared modern values.

my work fruitful.

want to lead, but those who have found out where to go and take

What unique take on Barth do you

What drew you to Princeton

others with them. We should focus

bring to the Princeton Seminary


more on asking what it means to


I am fascinated by Princeton

be “Christian,” to be Christ-followers,

I am particularly intrigued by his

Theological Seminary’s combined

and on asking how we are able

unapologetic focus on Jesus Christ,

commitment to both faith and

to articulate that and translate it

by his antisystematic coherence, and

scholarship. It is a modern example

into action in the different spaces

by his hypercritical (and, more than

of “Fides Quaerens Intellectum,” faith

we inhabit. We may become true

anything, self-critical) stance, and

seeking understanding. Rigorous

witnesses regardless of our qualities

his relentless way of beginning again

scholarship is more than intellectual

and opportunities of leadership.

and again with the beginning.

gymnastics. It is pursued in order


20 |



spheres of public life. Together with

apartheid. While at Princeton

Rimmer and Ruth deVries Professor

colleagues and students, I have been

Seminary, I intend to concentrate

of Reformed Theology and Public

active in public theology, and I have

on the role of the Reformed faith


been part of the work of the Beyers

in public life, given the diverse

Naudé Centre for Public Theology.

intellectual traditions within the

Dr. Smit is a leader in public theology

In the circles of public theology, but

Reformed tradition and the complex

in church life in South Africa and

also through the ecumenical church,

nature of our contemporary global

in the ecumenical world. He has

I have taken part in many projects


written extensively, in both English

addressing contemporary global

and Afrikaans, on the legacy of the

challenges for faith and for societies

How will your students be

Reformed tradition and its relevance

in general.

equipped to participate in the church’s public witness?

to contemporary theological, social, What is your area of study and

Equipping students for the church’s

what impact do you hope it will

public witness is indeed at the

How does your work in South

make on the church and society?

heart of my teaching. This includes

Africa speak to the current

I am a systematic theologian. Early

teaching students to understand

American context?

in my career, I taught ethics at the

contemporary public life in our

In South Africa, Reformed churches

University of the Western Cape. I

global world, to understand the

were deeply involved in many

was teaching during the years of

passion, power, and problems of the

political and church struggle against

Reformed tradition, and to recognize

and political questions.

the rich and diverse nature of witness in today’s world. What’s struck you most in your first few months at Princeton Seminary? Having taught in various university settings—at the University of the Western Cape, the Stellenbosch University, but also for semesters as a visiting professor at the Universities of Marburg and Heidelberg—I find Princeton Seminary’s residential community and strong sense of belonging to be new, supportive, and enriching. The residential community, daily worship, and spiritual life are unique to the Seminary and differ from my experiences at secular universities.

Visit for book recommendations from faculty and a video interview with Professor Keri L. Day.


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Students come from 16 countries, 44 states, 1 territory

6 degree programs 254 courses offered, 59 new courses introduced

11:1 student to faculty ratio 12+ languages spoken on campus

11 research centers and initiatives advance learning and scholarship

More than 14,000 cups of coffee served at the Brick CafĂŠ

students live on campus

10 books published by faculty (see p. 28)

182 students, faculty, and staff participated in Courageous Conversations on race, power, privilege, and stereotypes

50 students participated in international travel courses



52 Christian denominations

21 acres of farmland

135 worship services held in Miller Chapel, 62 led by students

51 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers

2 new international exchange agreements

84 students enrolled in 4 courses faculty are ordained ministers

100 volunteers annually 10 families received produce shares

Field Education 600+ field education sites around the world 7 countries 25 states and Washington DC 191 students participated 205 churches served 22 |


Visit to get a taste of student life.


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BY THE NU MB E RS Thank You for What Your Gifts Made Possible Income from our endowment, major gifts, and annual fund allow us to offer all students generous financial support and a world-class education. Every donation helps us prepare faithful Christian leaders. The incredible legacy inherited by Princeton Theological Seminary students is made possible by the seeds of generosity sowed since the Seminary’s founding in 1812. We are thankful for donors like you who continued this legacy by planting seeds this past year.

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Total gifts received during the fiscal year 2017 (includes restricted gifts, unrestricted gifts*, and endowed gifts)


2016–17 Annual Fund Gifts to the Annual Fund go directly into the Seminary’s operating budget to fund our current programs and provide money for important new initiatives. These critical unrestricted funds allow us to sustain our generous scholarship program, enrich our residential model of formation, meet unexpected challenges, and seize new opportunities. Every gift to this fund helps strengthen Princeton Seminary’s capacity to meet its highest priority needs.


1,811 donors

These gifts have come from 1,811 donors (compared to 1,651 donors the prior year)

$1,037,942 raised

The fiscal year 2017 Annual Fund raised ($68,524 more than last year)

| 27

FAC ULTY B O O K S Members of the faculty have written or edited the following books between June 2016 and October 2017: ERIC D. BARRETO, Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Associate Professor of New Testament with Matthew L. Skinner and Steve Walton eds.:, Reading Acts in the Discourses of Masculinity and Politics (Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2017). LISA M. BOWENS, Assistant Professor of New Testament An Apostle in Battle: Paul and Spiritual Warfare in 2 Corinthians 12:1–10 (Mohr Siebeck, 2017). JOHN R. BOWLIN, Robert L. Stuart Professor of Philosophy and Christian Ethics Tolerance Among the Virtues (Princeton University Press, 2016). HEATH DEWRELL, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

L. GORDON GRAHAM, Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts Philosophy, Art, and Religion: Understanding Faith and Creativity (Cambridge Studies in Religion, Philosophy, and Society) (Cambridge University Press, 2017). NANCY LAMMERS GROSS, Arthur Sarell Rudd Associate Professor of Speech Communication in Ministry Women’s Voices and the Practice of Preaching (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2017).

GORDON S. MIKOSKI, Associate Professor of Christian Education with Kathleen A. Cahalan and Edward Foley eds.:, Integrating Work in Theological Education (Pickwick Publications, 2017). MARK S. SMITH, Helena Professor of Old Testament Language and Exegesis Where the Gods Are: Spatial Dimensions of Anthropomorphism in the Biblical World (The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library) (Yale University Press, 2016).

GEORGE HUNSINGER, Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology

RICHARD FOX YOUNG, Elmer K. and Ethel R. Timby Associate Professor of the History of Religions

ed.: Karl Barth and Radical Politics, Second Edition (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2017).

ed.: Mirage: A Sri Lankan Dalit Novel (Kumaran Book House, 2016).

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel (Eisenbrauns, 2017).

28 |


Eric D. Barreto

Nancy Lammers Gross

Mark S. Smith Heath Dewrell

Lisa M. Bowens

George Hunsinger

L. Gordon Graham

Richard Fox Young

John R. Bowlin Gordon S. Mikoski


| 29

O UR FAC ULTY FACULTY 2017– 2018 M. Craig Barnes, PhD, LHD (Hon.) President and Professor of Pastoral Ministry (Presbyterian)

James Franklin Kay, PhD Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Joe R. Engle Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics (Presbyterian)

Afeosemime (Afe) Adogame, PhD Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Christianity and Society (Anglican)

Dale C. Allison Jr., PhD Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament (Presbyterian)

James Hamilton Charlesworth, PhD, LHD (Hon.) George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature (Methodist)

Keri L. Day, PhD Associate Professor of Constructive Theology and African American Religion (Pentecostal)

Kenda Creasy Dean, PhD Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture (Methodist)

James Clifford Deming, PhD

Kenneth Glenn Appold, PhD, Dr.theol.habil.

Associate Professor of Modern European Church History (Presbyterian)

James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History (Lutheran)

Heath Dewrell, PhD

Eric D. Barreto, PhD Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Associate Professor of New Testament (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship)

Raimundo César Barreto Jr., PhD

Assistant Professor of Old Testament (Episcopal)

Frederick William “Chip” Dobbs-Allsopp, PhD Professor of Old Testament (Presbyterian)

Nancy Janine Duff, PhD

Assistant Professor of World Christianity (American Baptist Churches USA)

Stephen Colwell Associate Professor of Christian Ethics (Presbyterian)

Carl Clifton Black II, PhD

Robert Craig Dykstra, PhD

Otto A. Piper Professor of Biblical Theology (Methodist)

Lisa M. Bowens, PhD Assistant Professor of New Testament (Pentecostal)

John Rennell Bowlin, PhD Robert L. Stuart Professor of Philosophy and Christian Ethics (Presbyterian)

Michael Allen Brothers, PhD

Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology (Presbyterian)

Mary K. Farag, PhD Assistant Professor of Early Christian Studies (Orthodox)

L. Gordon Graham, PhD, FRSE Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts (Episcopal)

Nancy Lammers Gross, PhD

Associate Professor of Speech Communication in Ministry (Presbyterian)

Arthur Sarell Rudd Associate Professor of Speech Communication in Ministry (Presbyterian)

Sally Ann Brown, PhD

Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger, PhD

Elizabeth M. Engle Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship, Director of the Joe R. Engle Institute of Preaching, and Chair and Director of Master’s Studies (Presbyterian)

30 |

Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology (Presbyterian)


George Hunsinger, PhD

George Lewis Parsenios, PhD

Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology (Presbyterian)

Associate Professor of New Testament (Greek Orthodox)

Brian Rainey, PhD William Stacy Johnson, PhD, JD, DD (Hon.)

Assistant Professor of Old Testament (Episcopal)

Arthur M. Adams Professor of Systematic Theology (Presbyterian)

Hanna Reichel, ThD Associate Professor of Reformed Theology (Lutheran)

Jacqueline Evangeline Lapsley, PhD Associate Professor of Old Testament, and Director of the Center for Theology, Women, and Gender (Presbyterian)

Paul Edward Rorem, PhD Benjamin B. Warfield Professor of Medieval Church History (Lutheran)

Cleophus James LaRue Jr., PhD, DD (Hon.) Francis Landey Patton Professor of Homiletics (National Baptist)

Dirk Jacobus Smit, Dr.Theol. PhD (Hon.) Rimmer and Ruth deVries Professor of Reformed Theology and Public Life (Reformed)

Bo Karen Lee, PhD Associate Professor of Spiritual Theology and Christian Formation (Presbyterian)

Mark Stratton Smith, PhD Helena Professor of Old Testament Language and Exegesis (Roman Catholic)

Gerald C. Liu, PhD Assistant Professor of Worship and Preaching (United Methodist)

Mark Lewis Taylor, PhD Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Theology and Culture (Presbyterian)

Bruce Lindley McCormack, PhD, Dr.Theol. (Hon.) Charles Hodge Professor of Systematic Theology, and Director of the Center for Barth Studies (Presbyterian)

Sonia E. Waters, PhD

Elsie Anne McKee, PhD

Richard Fox Young, PhD

Archibald Alexander Professor of Reformation Studies and the History of Worship (Presbyterian)

Elmer K. and Ethel R. Timby Associate Professor of the History of Religions (Presbyterian)

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology (Episcopal)

Gordon Stanley Mikoski, PhD Associate Professor of Christian Education, and Director of PhD Studies (Presbyterian)

Margarita A. Mooney, PhD Associate Professor of Congregational Studies (Roman Catholic)

Dennis Thorald Olson, PhD Charles T. Haley Professor of Old Testament Theology (Lutheran)

ADMINISTRATIVE FACULTY Chester Polk, DMin Director of Field Education (American Baptist)

Martin Tel, DMA C.F. Seabrook Director of Music (Reformed)

Richard Robert Osmer, PhD Ralph B. and Helen S. Ashenfelter Professor of Mission and Evangelism (Presbyterian)


| 31

O UR BOAR D BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2017–2018 Officers Jeffrey V. O’Grady

San Marino, California

Chair Leslie W. Braksick

Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Vice Chair Deborah A. McKinley

Craftsbury, Vermont

Secretary Darrell L. Armstrong

Trenton, New Jersey

Blair R. Monie

Dallas, Texas

Paul A. Branstad

Wickenburg, Arizona

Camille Cook Murray

Washington DC

Amy Woods Brinkley

Charlotte, North Carolina

Phebe Novakovic

Falls Church, Virginia

Mark J. DeVries

Nashville, Tennessee

Scott D. Renninger

Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Michael G. Fisch

New York, New York

William P. Robinson

Spokane, Washington

Nancy Oliver Gray

Roanoke, Virginia

Ruth Faith Santana-Grace

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Heather Sturt Haaga

La Cañada, California

Laird J. Stuart

Saugatuck, Michigan

Peter J.M. Henry

Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Mark P. Thomas

St. Louis, Missouri

Craig A. Huff

New York, New York

Robert S. Underhill

Bronxville, New York

Karen Jackson-Weaver

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Jonathan L. Walton

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Thomas R. Johnson

Sewickley, Pennsylvania

George B. Wirth

Atlanta, Georgia

Todd B. Jones

Nashville, Tennessee

Sung-Bihn Yim

Seoul, South Korea

Dennis M. Kass

Vero Beach, Florida

Alison McCord Zimmerman

Cincinnati, Ohio

Hana Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Don D. Lincoln

West Chester, Pennsylvania

32 |


OUR PART N E R S IN F I ELD E D UC AT I O N Princeton Seminary gratefully acknowledges the congregations, institutions, agencies, and individuals who provided field education opportunities and supervision for our students in 2016–2017.



Egypt Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

California Orange, St. Joseph Health San Francisco, UCSF Medical Center Stanford, Stanford Health Care

France The American Church in Paris Ghana Aggrey Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church India Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS)/Gilead Baptist Church Rwanda Mwana Ukundwa (AMU) Beloved Child Association Scotland Mannofield Parish Church South Korea Daejeon, Holy Maria Seoul Shin Yang Church Young Nak Presbyterian Church

Colorado Cherry Hills Village, St. Gabriel Episcopal Denver, Solomon Temple Missionary Baptist Church District of Columbia Bread for the World Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center Child Welfare League of America National Council of Churches National Immigration Forum United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries

Michigan Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Memorial Church Holland, Pillar Church Okemos, Presbyterian Church of Okemos Minnesota Minneapolis, Allina Health

Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Naples, NCH Healthcare System South Miami, Rhythm Church

North Carolina Chapel Hill, University Presbyterian Church Durham Duke University Hospital GCI Internship Salisbury, W.G. (Bill) Hefner VAMC Southern Pines, Brownson Memorial Church Spring Lake, Faith Link Inc. Wilmington, Trinity United Methodist Church

Georgia East Point, Impact Church

New Hampshire Alton, Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run

Hawaii Honolulu, Pacific Health Ministry

New Jersey Allentown Allentown Presbyterian Church First Baptist Church of Allentown Basking Ridge, Presbyterian Church of Basking Ridge Bernardsville, Bernardsville United Methodist Church Cherry Hill, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Cherry Hill Clinton Clinton Presbyterian Church Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women Cranbury, First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury Dayton, First Presbyterian Church at Dayton East Windsor, St. Paul Lutheran Church Edison, JFK Medical Center Elmwood Park, Hanaim Church Englewood, Hanmoory Church Ewing, Ewing Presbyterian Church Hamilton, Robert Wood Johnson, Hamilton Hamilton Square, First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square Highland Park, Reformed Church of Highland Park

Iowa Des Moines, Iowa Methodist Medical Center Illinois Chicago Lawndale Community Church/The House Covenant Church Trinity United Church of Christ Downers Grove, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital University Park, First Baptist Church of University Park Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana University Health Louisiana Shreveport First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport Shreveport Community Church Massachusetts Arlington, Highrock Covenant Church South Boston, Fourth Presbyterian Church


Maryland Baltimore Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center The Center

Hillsborough, Hillsborough Presbyterian Church Hopewell, Hopewell Presbyterian Church Kendall Park, Grace Presbyterian Church Kingston Kingston Presbyterian Church Kingston United Methodist Church Mosaic Ministry of the United Methodist Church Laurel Springs, St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church Lawrenceville Homefront Hope Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville Womanspace, Inc. Youth and Campus Ministry Metuchen, First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen Middletown, New Monmouth Baptist Church Moorestown, First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown New Brunswick Christ Church Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Egypt, Plumsted Presbyterian Church New Milford, Top Stone Church New Providence, Presbyterian Church at New Providence Newark, Metropolitan Baptist Church Oakland, The Education Depart. in the Presbyterian Church of New Jersey Pennington Capital Health Princeton Community Church Piscataway, Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute Plainfield, United Presbyterian Church of Plainfield Plainsboro First Presbyterian Church of Plainsboro Princeton Alliance Church Princeton HealthCare System Princeton Korean Presbyterian Church Princeton All Saints’ Church, Princeton Baptist Chaplaincy at Princeton University Christ Congregation First Baptist Church of Princeton Manna Christian Fellowship at Princeton University McCarter Theatre Center Nassau Presbyterian Church Novum Institute

| 33

Pace Center for Civic Engagement, Princeton University Princeton Baptist Church Princeton Church of Christ Princeton Meadow Church Princeton Presbyterians Princeton University Chapel Stone Hill Church The Christian Union Trinity Episcopal Church, Princeton United Methodist Chaplain’s Corp Young Life Princeton Princeton Junction First Presbyterian Church of Dutch Neck Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Ridgewood, West Side Presbyterian Church Short Hills, Christ Church Somerset, Praise Presbyterian Church Summit Overlook Medical Center Tennent, Old Tennent Presbyterian Church Titusville, Grace Presbyterian Church Trenton Arm In Arm (formerly the Crisis Ministry of Mercer County) Cadwalader-Asbury United Methodist Church Shiloh Baptist Church St. Bartholomew’s Lutheran Church Thomas Edison State University Watson School of Public Service Trinity Cathedral Turning Point UMC Union Baptist Church

34 |

UrbanPromise Trenton Westminster Presbyterian Church, Trenton Wenonah, Memorial Presbyterian Church of Wenonah West Trenton Ann Klein Forensic Center Trenton Psychiatric Hospital Westfield, The Presbyterian Church of Westfield Yardville, Garden State Youth Correctional Facility New York Brooklyn, VA New York Harbor Healthcare System Buffalo, Sisters of Charity Hospital Cooperstown, First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown Jamaica, Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York Mayfield, Mayfield Central Presbyterian Church New York City Academy for Christian Thought Broadway Presbyterian Church in NYC Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Judson Memorial Church Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Manhattan Church of Christ Mount Sinai Health System New York Presbyterian Hospital Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations The Brick Presbyterian Church

The Riverside Church Trinity Church Harlem Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital Ohio Columbus, Ohio Health Oklahoma Tulsa, Hillcrest Medical Center Oregon Portland, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Pennsylvania Forest Grove, Forest Grove Church Langhorne, St. Mary Medical Center New Hope, Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church Newtown, Newtown United Methodist Philadelphia Beacon Broad Street Ministry Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia Grace-Trinity United Church of Christ Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia Mount Airy Church of God in Christ Oxford Circle Mennonite Church Presbytery of Philadelphia St. Paul’s Baptist Church Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Solebury, Trinity Episcopal Church Wayne, The Common Place/Wayne Presbyterian Church

Willow Grove, St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church Wyncote, United Ghanaian Community Church Yardley, Woodside Presbyterian Church South Carolina Fort Jackson, Chaplain Basic Officer Leader Course Tennessee Cleveland, Westmore Church of God Cordova, Hope Presbyterian Church, Memphis Memphis, World Relief (Memphis Office) Nashville First Presbyterian Church of Nashville Thistle Farms Vanderbilt University Medical Center Texas Houston, Brentwood Baptist Church Lubbock, Covenant Health System Virginia Fairfax Station, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Lynchburg, Church of the Covenant Washington Puyallup, MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital Seattle Bethany Community Church Northminster Presbyterian Church Young Life Beyond Malibu Tacoma, Tacoma Life Center


THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the gifts listed in this 2016–2017 Annual Report. Please notify the Office of Advancement at 609.497.7756 or if you notice any discrepancies or have any questions. This publication reflects gifts made to Princeton Theological Seminary during the fiscal year July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

The Rev. Dr. Charles L. ’63 and

The Rev. Dr. David R. Aaronson ’51

Mrs. Doris L. Apperson

The Rev. Dr. George F. Abdo ’72

Commander Fred R. Archer Jr. ’84

The Rev. Joan L. Abell ’69

The Rev. Jeff M. Archer ’67

Prof. Ernest Winfield Bartow ’60

The Rev. Jon A. ’72 and Mrs. Black

The Rev. George F. Aberle ’61 and

Mr. Andrew T.L. Armstrong Jr. ’70

The Rev. Harvey A. Bartz ’64

The Rev. Dr. Dwight R. Blackstock ’71

The Rev. Darrell L. ’99 and

The Rev. Sara Chapman Batson ’95

The Rev. Guinn Blackwell-Eagleson ’83

Mrs. Melanie Armstrong

The Rev. Dr. Sidney F. Batts ’79

The Rev. James E. Blankespoor ’01

Miss Danna Abramov

Dr. James F. Armstrong ’54

The Rev. Edward W. Baugh ’94

The Rev. Dr. Wayne C. Blaser ’73

Mrs. Judith K. Acer

The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Armstrong ’58

The Rev. Dan J. ’96 and Mrs. Anne E.

Mr. Alan R. Blatecky ’72

The Rev. Dr. Ann Clay Adams ’82

The Rev. Roberta Ryan Arrowsmith ’91

Dr. Marilyn McCord Adams ’84+

The Rev. John Thomas Ash III ’62

The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Bayley ’73

The Rev. Bruce G. ’72 and Mrs. Boak

Dr. Robert M. Adams ’62

The Rev. Amy Barlak Aspey ’04

The Rev. Gerald L. Bell Jr. ’61

The Rev. Dr. Donald P. ’64 and

The Rev. Dawn Marie Adamy ’04

Mrs. Judith Attride

The Rev. Dr. Ashley J. Beavers ’80

Ms. Catherine Ahmad

The Rev. Dr. Christopher S. Atwood ’06

Mr. Charles M. ’68 and

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Boell

The Rev. Lloyd Stanley Alamsha

Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Atwood ’06

Mrs. Diane E. Beck

The Rev. Charles F. Bogar ’80

Mr. Fred L. Alessi

The Rev. Carol E. Atwood-Lyon ’71

The Rev. Julian Alexander Jr. ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Fritz A. Aude

Mrs. Katherine Alexander

The Rev. Donald C. Austin ’71

The Rev. Steven A. Becker ’84

Dr. Dean A. Boldon ’69

Ms. Cheryl S. Ali

The Rev. Dr. Larry R. Austin ’71

The Rev. Joicy R. Becker-Richards ’90

The Rev. Michael Edward Bongart ’92

The Rev. Dana L. Allen Walsh ’06

The Rev. Mary E. Austin ’94

Mrs. Shannon L. Allen ’00

Dr. James E. Aydelotte ’60

Ms. Meghan Alexander Beddingfield ’16

Mr. Nicholas P. Boolukos ’80

The Rev. James C. Alley ’96

Mr. Richard Hargrave Aylor ’15

The Rev. Helen M ’63 and

The Rev. Dennis Clinton Booth ’69

The Rev. Dr. Cynthia J. Alloway ’03

The Rev. Mary E.B. Baard ’83

Chaplain Sheryl Lynn Allston ’11

The Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Baard ’82

The Rev. Dianna Pohlman Bell ’73

The Rev. Dr. Randall B. Bosch ’80

Mr. Antonio Eduardo Alonso

The Rev. Dr. Jack W. Baca ’82

The Rev. Kenneth P. Bell ’79

Dr. Bruce O. Boston ’68

The Rev. Dr. Victor Aloyo Jr. ’89

Ms. Karen Sue Bachman ’16

Ms. Teri Bell

The Rev. Dr. Greg R. Bostrom ’83

The Rev. E. Terrence Alspaugh ’87

Mrs. Anna Lee Dooley Bachtell

Ms. Carol A. Belles

The Rev. Dr. Kathleen Susan Bostrom ’83

The Rev. Joseph F. Alutius Jr. ’76

Mr. Carlton M. Badger Jr. ’83

The Rev. William H. Bender ’54

The Rev. Bronwen W. Boswell ’86

The Rev. Virginia Alvarez ’02

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Bailey

Mr. Ronald G. Benham ’74

Mr. Kevin Wayne Boswell ’06

Dr. and Mrs. William J.C. Amend Jr.

Ms. Louanne Baily

The Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Benjamin ’60

Mr. Rawle Bowen

Mr. Gregory K. Ammon ’85

Mr. Mark J. Baker

The Rev. James B. Bennett ’93

The Rev. Dr. William L. Bowers ’70

The Rev. Janice S. Ammon ’90

The Rev. Dr. Thomas S. Baker ’69

Mr. Rowland F. Bennett ’73

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Bowlin

The Rev. Carl David Anderson ’67

Mr. José E. Balcells

Dr. Shane A. ’00 and Mrs. Corrie Berg

The Rev. Charles W. Bowman ’79

Dr. Clifford B. Anderson ’96

Mrs. Barbara B. Baldwin

Brother Robert C. Berger ’88

The Rev. David F. Bowman ’84

Ms. Elisabeth Evans Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. William Bandych

The Rev. John C. Berghorst ’78

Mr. David Boyce

Ms. Emmy Lou Anderson

Dr. Hwa-Ja P. Bang ’89

The Rev. Robert A. Beringer ’61

Mr. Richard Boyce

The Rev. Dr. Fred R. ’73 and

The Rev. Janet W. Banker ’82

The Rev. Renato D. Bernardes ’83

Mrs. Ruth S. Boyce

The Rev. Kevin James Barbour ’06

Mrs. Alisoun Davis Bertsch ’00 and Mr.

Ms. Jennifer Ellen Boyd ’10

Ms. Mary E. Martin The Rev. Lucille E. Abernathy ’84

Mrs. Questa Anderson The Rev. Dr. Gregory Martin

Mrs. Joyce W. Bardeen ’72

Mrs. Bartow


Ms. Amy Julia Truesdell Becker ’10 and Mr. Peter Becker

and Mr. Timothy Richards

Mr. Edward Beglin

David Bertsch

The Rev. Dr. Edward A. Black Jr. ’83 The Rev. Dr. James R. Black ’64

The Rev. Dr. John G. Blewitt ’78

Mrs. Boardman

Mr. and Mrs. John Bogle The Rev. Robert Karl Bohm ’66

Mrs. Marguerite C. Bronkema-Allen ’59

The Rev. Lindsay Borden ’07

Ms. Sherry F. Brabham ’76

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Bardeen ’72

The Rev. Dr. Larry L. Bethune ’78

The Rev. Ralph T. Brackbill ’80

Mrs. Holly Ann Anderson ’86

Dr. James Stanley Barlow ’50

The Rev. Dr. James Bibza ’85

The Rev. Jane Tanaskovic

Miss Janice I. Anderson ’65

Mr. Eric David Barnes ’10

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Bickel ’77

The Rev. Rosanna P. Anderson ’98

The Rev. Dr. M. Craig ’81 and Mrs.

Dr. Elizabeth G. Biggers ’66

The Rev. Mark S. Brainerd ’02

Anderson ’80

Dawne Barnes

Brady-Close ’99

Mrs. Richard A. Biggs+

Dr. Leslie W. and Mr. Matthew Braksick

The Rev. Dr. Jerry D. Andrews ’78

The Rev. Prentice H. Barnett ’53

The Rev. Dale E. Bilbrey ’69

The Rev. D. Calvert Brand ’68

The Rev. Robert J. Andrews ’78

The Rev. Dr. Alan N. Baroody ’77

Mr. Uwe E. Bilger ’98

The Rev. Richard C. Brand Jr. ’68

Ms. Elizabeth Angelucci

Dr. Eric D. Barreto ’04

The Rev. Dr. Bradley A. Binau ’82

Mr. Paul A. and Mrs. Christine

The Rev. Kent James Annan ’99

Dr. Raimundo César Barreto Jr. ’06

Ms. Ms. Ashley Anne Birk ’11

The Rev. Shelly Lynn Annan-Satran ’00

The Rev. Dr. Michelle J. Bartel ’90

Mrs. Sarah Ann Bixler ’16

The Rev. Mrs. Caroline C. Braskamp ’01


The Rev. Edwin W. Bartholomew ’71

Dr. Judith Kingston Bjorkman ’61

The Rev. James D. Brassard ’84

The Rev. Mary Beth Anton ’89 and Mr.

The Rev. Dr. John N. Bartholomew ’58

The Rev. Dr. Leonard B. Bjorkman ’59

The Rev. Dr. Paul Lowell Bremer ’74

The Rev. Bartholomew R. Barton ’66

Dr. Donald R. Black ’63

The Rev. Christa Rebecca Brewer ’08

Dr. James L. Andreson ’71

Jeffrey D. Hewett


† Deceased

W. Branstad

| 35

Prof. Richard E. Brewer ’57

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Alan Capps

The Rev. Melanie Hammond Clark ’84

The Rev. Dr. Charles A. Curtis ’73

Mrs. Ann Brindisi

The Rev. Mr. David L.H. Carlisle ’77

The Rev. Michel Desere Clark ’05

Dr. Winnifred Cutler and Thomas E.

Mrs. Amy Woods Brinkley and

The Rev. Jonathan T. Carlisle ’77

The Rev. Paul D. Clark ’57

The Rev. E. Luke Carlson ’51

The Rev. Patricia A.F. Clary ’78

Dr. Theodor Damian ’90

The Rev. Jonathan Mark Britt ’13

The Rev. Dr. John Crosbie Carr ’71

Mrs. Ellen Clark Clemot Esq. ’12

Mrs. Emma L. Dana

The Rev. Dr. David R. Brock ’00

The Rev. Dr. William D. Carr ’69

The Rev. Brian H. Cleworth ’52

The Rev. George E. Daniels ’65

The Rev. Ryan D. ’00 and

Dr. Jackson W. Carroll ’70

Mr. Stewart B. and Mrs. Cornelia Clifford

Mr. Jason Hurtado Daniels ’99

Dr. Mark Daniel Carroll

Mrs. Margaret H. Coats

Ms. Jennifer Hurtado Daniels ’99

The Rev. Voris G. Brookshire Jr. ’67

Mrs. Irene H. Carson

Mr. Richard Randolph Coble ’10 and Ms.

The Rev. Cress Darwin ’03

The Rev. Dr. Michael A. Brothers ’86

Mrs. Jenny Gragg Carson ’11 and

Mr. Robert Brinkley

Mrs. Kendra D. Brodin

Mr. Robert C. Brower ’71

Mr. Brian N. Carson

Lindsey Williford

Quay Esq.

Dr. Man Singh Das ’60

The Rev. Donald L. Collins ’81

The Rev. John Stephen Davey ’67

Ms. Cheryl J. Brown ’70

The Rev. Dr. W. Edmund Carver ’53

Dr. John Jeffrey Collins ’81

The Rev. Mark A. Davies ’71

The Rev. Christi Owen Brown ’08

The Rev. Charles B. Casper ’85

The Rev. Robert J. Collins ’67

Dr. María Teresa Dávila del Valle

The Rev. Dean R. ’00 and

Prof. Herbert W. Cassel ’63

The Rev. Mary Anne Collins-Stauffer ’80

The Rev. Dr. April Marie Davis

The Rev. Dr. Fred W. ’54 and Dr. Jo Anne

The Rev. Andrew Carlos Colón ’14

Mrs. Alba M. Brown Ms. Kelley Brown


Campbell ’04

Mr. Harry E. Colwell III ’49

The Rev. Dr. Gary L. Davis ’84

The Rev. James D. Brown ’67

The Rev. Kathryn L. Castle

Dr. David William Congdon ’08

The Rev. Gregory J. Davis ’80

The Rev. Marshall J. Brown ’77

The Rev. Abi S. Castro ’68

Mr. Mark A. Convoy ’78

Dr. Lumbé K. Davis

Chaplain R. Glenn ’68 and Mrs. Donna

The Rev. J.W. Cejka III ’82

Dr. Christopher Robert Conway ’05

Mr. William T. Davis ’72

Ms. Suzanne Vincent Ceppaluni

The Rev. Andrew E. Cooke ’04

Mr. Christopher E. and Mrs. Ellen Day

The Rev. Dr. Sally A. Brown ’80

Mrs. Hellen H. Cha-Kim ’93

Ms. Deborah Moy Cordonnier ’91

The Rev. Lisa Marie Day ’07

The Rev. Dr. Patricia L.

Ms. Janet I. Chamberlain

The Rev. Nancy Cormack-Hughes ’90

Mr. Conrad De Master ’67

Brown-Barnett ’82

The Rev. Dr. Lawrence A.

The Rev. James U. Cortelyou ’63

The Rev. Raymond J. De Vries ’94

The Rev. Kelby K. Cotton ’80

Dr. and Mrs. Rimmer de Vries

L. Brown

Dr. L. Lang Brownlee ’81

Chamberlain ’65

The Rev. J. Raymond Brubaker ’60

Ms. Caryl E. Chambers

Dr. Jackson Blake Couey ’02

Ms. Geraldine Kort Deac

The Rev. Henry (Harry) Munro

Dr. S. David Chambers Jr. ’45

The Rev. Dr. Laurance W. Coulter ’87

Dr. and Mrs. E. Fred Deal

The Rev. Patsy Chaney

The Rev. Erin Eileen Counihan ’14

The Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean ’97

The Rev. Dr. David R. Brumbaugh ’86

The Rev. Peter M. Chang ’81

Mrs. Ann S. Courtenay

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Jane Dean ’96

The Rev. Steven W. Brundage ’96

The Rev. Dr. Bruce A. Chapman ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Cousins

Dr. Neomi D. DeAnda

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Bryant

The Rev. Dr. William E. Chapman ’58

The Rev. Dr. Robert R. Covington Jr. ’91

Mr. and Mrs. Noble S. Deckard

Pastor Sylvia Christine Bull ’15

Prof. Ellen T. Charry-Moore

The Rev. Eloise A. Cowherd ’65

The Rev. Dr. Lindley G. DeGarmo ’08

The Rev. Richard D. Buller ’85

The Rev. Douglas Gillan Chase ’05

The Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Coye ’73

The Rev. Eugene P. ’60 and

The Rev. Dr. Daris S. Bultena ’90

Dr. Harriet R. Chase

The Rev. Charles Nelson Craig ’59

Mr. Timothy James Burge-Lape ’15

Mr. Kim-Tsong Chen ’71

The Rev. Richard M. Craig ’59

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Deitrick

Mrs. Elizabeth Bulger Burgess ’51

Dr. Kevin S.K. Cheng ’89

The Rev. Dr. Steven H. Craig ’88

The Rev. Peter R. Del Nagro ’78

Mrs. Genna M. D’Aleandro Burke

The Rev. Dr. James H. Chesnutt ’54

The Rev. Dr. William H. ’63 and

The Rev. Julio Delgado ’79

The Rev. Dr. Michael Patrick Burns ’83

The Rev. Howard F.M. ’61+ and Mrs.

Bruen Jr. ’62

Mr. Harold R. Burrows Jr.

Sondra L. Childers

Mrs. Craig

Mrs. Jacqueline A. Degitz

The Rev. Roberto Delgado ’57

The Rev. Robert L. Crall ’79

Dr. Teresa Delgado

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Ferguson Bush ’04

Mr. Warren D.+ and Mrs. Carol Chinn

Mrs. Kathleen J. Crane ’82

Ms. Elizabeth DeMauro

The Rev. Dr. Martin J.T. Buss ’54

Dr. Kai-Li Chiu ’08

Mrs. Barbara Sturgis Crawford ’51

Mrs. Christine Deming

Mrs. Nancy M. Buss ’56

The Rev. Moongil Cho ’00

The Rev. Marilyn J. Crawford ’80

Dr. James C. Deming

The Rev. Albert G. ’80 and Mrs. Butzer III

The Rev. Sarah Cho ’96

The Rev. Austin Crenshaw Shelley ’12

The Rev. David S. Dempsey ’77

The Rev. Zane K. Buxton ’89

The Rev. Kyewoon Choi ’90

The Rev. Dr. Robert H. Crilley ’59

The Rev. John Daniel Dennehy ’02

Mr. Brendan Scott Byers ’15

Mrs. LuNing Laura Choi ’04

Mrs. Virginia Ruffin Crilley ’59

The Rev. Dr. Gary O. ’72 and Mrs. Dennis

Mrs. Margaret McDaniel Byers

The Rev. Stephen Park Choi ’04

The Rev. Robert J. Cromwell ’83

The Rev. John D. Dennis ’62

The Rev. Ryan S. Byers ’02

Ms. Sunwoo Choi ’00

Mrs. Katherine G. Cronk ’68

Mrs. Nancy Schumacher Dennis ’65

The Rev Willem C. Bynagte ’81

Ms. Hye Jin Chon ’96

Dr. Donald A. Crosby ’56

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Dent ’66

The Rev. Dr. David W. Cabush ’94

Ms. Un Mi Elise Chong ’00

Mr. Joel R. Crosby ’71

The Rev. William H. Dent Jr. ’63

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Cahn ’59

The Rev. Dr. George E. Chorba III ’63

Dr. Jeff Crosno ’02

The Rev. Dr. David H. DeRemer ’79

The Rev. Lynn D. Cairns ’71

Dr. Chui-Shan Chow ’15 and

The Rev. Thomas Henry Cross ’87

The Rev. Paul E. Derrickson ’69

The Rev. Dr. John P. Crossley Jr. ’54

The Rev. Keith L. DeVries ’82

The Rev. Dr. Ronald A. Crouch ’74

The Rev. Mark James DeVries ’86

The Rev. Robert W. Crowther Jr. ’59

Mrs. Blanche H. Dezso-Gerard

The Rev. John A. Cairns Jr. ’64 The Rev. Dr. C. Samuel ’58 and Mrs. Calian

Mr. Joseph Lee The Rev. Dr. Virstan Choy ’74 and Ms. Marina Lew

Mrs. Janet I. Cameron

Mr. and Mrs. Arne C. Christensen

The Rev. Dr. Beverly J. Crute ’84

The Rev. Sarah Katharine Dickinson ’99

The Rev. Dr. Phillip G. Camp ’96

The Rev. C. Eric Christiansen ’96

Dr. Timothy Cuff

Ms. Dorothy C. Diem

The Rev. James William Campbell ’84

Ms. Jeanette Dori Christianson ’15

The Rev. Robert B. Culp ’75

The Rev. David W. Dietsche ’88

Mrs. Joan Walsh Campbell

Mrs. Margaret M. Christopher

The Rev. William Thomas

The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Dill ’72

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell

The Rev. John Eunsuk Chung ’99

The Rev. Richard D. Campbell ’79

Mrs. Elana Churchill

The Rev. James Michael Curenton ’83

The Rev. Dr. Larry Eugene Dixon ’73

The Rev. Dr. Samuel James Campbell ’64

The Rev. Dr. Floyd W. Churn Jr. ’68

The Rev. Charles L. Cureton III ’60

The Rev. Lois Montelius Dodge ’62

Dr. Twining F. and Mrs. Deanna

Mr. Andrew Dominic Ciferni

The Rev. Stephen L. Cureton ’91

The Rev. William H. Dodge ’62

The Rev. Dr. Pedro Cintron-Lamourt ’58

The Rev. Dr. Keith M. Curran ’81

Mrs. Rebecca G. Dodson ’93

Dr. George S. Cladis ’80

Dr. Thomas Christian Currie ’04

The Rev. Robert E. Dodson ’59

M. Campbell Mrs. Karen Capps

36 |

Cunningham ’62

The Rev. Nancy Guthrie Ditmars ’82


The Rev. George R. Doering Jr. ’65

The Rev. Dr. Abigail Rian Evans ’61

The Rev. Dr. Stephen P. Fritz ’89

The Rev. Dr. Sheila A. Gipson ’99

Chaplain James E. Doffin Jr. ’72

The Rev. Dr. David M. Evans ’72

The Rev. George F. Fry ’63

Professor Stephen Davey Glazier ’74

The Rev. Dr. David Donaldson ’05

The Rev. E. Lloyd Evans ’64

The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Ann Frykberg ’77

The Rev. John L. Glosser ’71

Mr. John H. and Mrs. Barbara Donelik

Mrs. Marilyn J. Evans

Ms. Marie Gerda Frykberg ’88

Dr. and Mrs. Hilario Molijón Gómez

Miss Mary H. Donelik

The Rev. Dr. N. Dean Evans ’75

The Rev. William J. Fuerstenau ’62

The Rev. Julio Gómez

The Rev. Nancy S. Donnelly ’95

Mrs. Rosemary Hall Evans

The Rev. Dr. Robert Rocco Fuggi Jr. ’15

Dr. Alex Raymond Gonzales

Ms. Michelle Doran-McBean ’00

Mrs. Margaret P. Everett

The Rev. Dr. Wallace T. Fukunaga ’64

Mr. and Mrs. Justo González

Ms. Arline M. Dorozynski

The Rev. Dr. William A. Evertsberg ’85

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Carl Faulkner ’91

The Rev. Raymond Nathan Eli González

The Rev. Heather Prince Doss ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Ewing

Mrs. Dorothy C. Fullam

Mrs. Marianne Gorman

The Rev. Dr. Charles J. ’54 and

The Rev. Augustus Scott Feather III ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Fulton

Dr. Michael J. Gorman ’82

Mrs. Katherine P. Felmeth

Mrs. Kathleen S. Fulton

Dr. Joan I. Gotwals

The Rev. Mary Catherine Jones

The Rev. Dr. Peter B. Funch ’65

The Rev. Matthew G. Gough ’03

Mrs. Sachi Shimomura Furuya ’53

The Rev. Dr. John David Grabner ’74

Nancy Dougherty The Rev. Dr. Barry H. Downing ’63 and Mrs. Eleanor G. Wright Downing

Fenner ’13

Mrs. Gloria R. Downing

Mr. Brent Alan Ferguson ’06

The Rev. Dr. Yasuo Carl Furuya ’59

The Rev. Kenneth E. Graham ’65

The Rev. Ellen H. Dozier ’70

The Rev. M. Dwight ’58 and

Mr. Kurt A. Gabbard

Mr. Ralph E. Graham III ’74

The Rev. George E. ’75 and

The Rev. Krystin S. Granberg ’94

The Rev. Dr. David R. Drain ’69

Mrs. Donna G. Ferguson

The Rev. Dr. Donovan Drake ’92

Ms. Elizabeth Winder Ferguson ’05

The Rev. Charles B. Dreyer ’60

Mrs. Jacky Ferguson

Ms. Jennifer A. Gage ’93

The Rev. Donna Hitner Gray ’73

The Rev. Pamela G. Driesell ’98 and Mr.

The Rev. Dr. Philip L. ’60 and Mrs. Norma

The Rev. Meghan Kathleen

The Rev. Douglas W. Gray ’45+

Joseph Loveland Esq.

D. Ferguson

Mrs. Molly G. Gaffga

Gage-Finn ’04

Mr. Carl C. Gray Jr. ’71

Mrs. Frances B. Gray+

Ms. Jo Driggers

The Rev. Dr. Whitworth Ferguson III ’99

The Rev. Cheryl D. Galan ’97

Ms. Leslie Gray

Sister Diane L. Driscoll ’79

Professor David Alexander Fergusson

Mr. Kenneth Shannon Gallagher ’73

Ms. Nancy Oliver Gray and

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Droppa

The Rev. Dr. David E. Fernández ’69

Mr. Angel J. Gallardo Villafan

The Rev. Keith W. Drury ’71

Mrs. Elizabeth Collins Ferrard ’69

Mrs. Allison Galloway

Mrs. Pattie Moore Gray ’47

The Rev. Dr. Arlo D. Duba ’55

The Rev. Dr. Henry J. Ferry ’63

The Rev. Dr. John T. ’66 and

Mr. Raymond L. Gray ’70

The Rev. Dr. Cheryl F. Dudley ’83

Mr. and Mrs. Steven San Filippo

The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Duffett ’81

The Rev. Julio Filomeno ’83

Mrs. Sarah Belk Gambrell

The Rev. Bridgett Arnice Green ’05

The Rev. Guy W. Dunham ’78

The Rev. Dr. William P. Findlay ’66

Dr. Aurelio A. García ’83

The Rev. Dr. M. Edwin Green III ’08

The Rev. Frank Gasque Dunn ’70

Mr. Robert W. Finertie LMFT ’60

The Rev. Dr. Francisco Oscar García-

Mr. Richard Greenburg

Dr. Rose Ellen Dunn

Mr. Michael G. and Mrs. Laura Fisch

The Rev. Dr. Roger Lee Dunnavan ’62

Ms. Faith Fish

Dr. Freda Ann Gardner

The Rev. Dr. Carol M. Gregg ’84

The Rev. Daniel Dupree ’83

Mrs. Clara Joe Minarik Fisher ’60

Ms. Victoria Mott Garey ’55

The Rev. Emily A. Griffin ’01

Prof. William T. Durr ’57

The Rev. Dr. Thomas E. Fisher ’58

The Rev. Dr. Frederick Gregory Garry ’93

The Rev. Dr. J. Scottie Griffin ’60

The Rev. Richard W. Dutton ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Fite Jr.

Ms. Donna J. Garzinsky Reiche ’87

Ms. Lynn Griswold

The Rev. Dr. Craig R. ’73 and Mrs.

Mrs. June S. Fitton

The Rev. Dr. Aaron E. Gast ’53

The Rev. Dr. Kent Ira Grof ’67

Dr. Mary Lee Fitzgerald ’61 and

Dr. Beverly Roberts Gaventa and

Mrs. Fredrika S. Groff ’66

Elizabeth A. Dykstra Dr. Dale Allan Dykstra ’72 The Very Rev. Ezhamalil Eapen ’72

Mr. J. Martin Comey The Rev. Amanda G. Fleishman Wilson

Mrs. Nancy Galloway Jr.

Treto ’62 and Ms. Bonnie Flake

Mr. William C. Gaventa

Mr. David Maxson

The Rev. Svea Blomquist Gray ’59

The Rev. Charles L. Greenwood ’57

The Rev. Richard L. Gronhovd ’61

The Rev. Matthew Roberts Gaventa ’12

Mr. Michael John Gross ’07

Dr. Heidi Gehman ’94

The Rev. Lance V. Grothe ’80

Mrs. Patricia Murphy Eastman

’02 and Mr. John Wilson

The Rev. Richard K. Eckley ’85

The Rev. Joan E. Fleming ’79

The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Gehring ’88

The Rev. Kenneth F. Gruebel ’72

The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Edmunds ’74

The Rev. Dr. Donald R. Fletcher ’43

The Rev. Dr. David P. Gellert ’67

The Rev. Maynard Grunstra ’69

The Rev. Dr. James Robert Edwards ’70

Ms. Angela R. Fochtman

The Rev. Dr. Jill Kimberly Hartwell

The Rev. Barry J. Gruver ’67

The Rev. Gabor Egeresi ’01

The Rev. Raymond J. Foley ’56

Mrs. Edna M. Egerton

Dr. Bruce D. Forbes ’77

The Rev. Dr. Timothy C. Geoffrion ’83

Ms. Corinna Y. Guerrero

Mrs. Amy Ehlin

The Rev. Kenneth H. Forbes ’84

Ms. Karen Nordhus George ’63

The Rev. Alan B. Guffey ’86

The Rev. Gunther R. Eisele ’64

The Rev. Mark Hollis Ford ’98

The Rev. Dr. Robert L. George ’63

Dr. Jeffrey G. Guild ’78

The Rev. Dr. Grafton T. Eliason ’90

Dr. Richard Q. Ford ’64

The Rev. Maureen Sumners Gerald ’06

The Rev. Gemechisa Guja ’02

Ms. Julie Ann Elliott

The Rev. William E. Foreman ’62

Mrs. Carol C. Gerdel

Mr. Benjamin Robert Gulker ’08

The Rev. Lynn Barger Elliott ’93

The Rev. Dr. Garnett E. Foster ’66

The Rev. Dr. Brewster H. Gere Jr. ’70

The Rev. Catherin Ann Gumpert ’00

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Elliott

Dr. James Jacob Foster ’06

Dr. Irene R. Getz ’70

The Rev. Carl A. Gundersen Jr. ’54

The Rev. Stewart E. Ellis ’67

The Rev. Dr. Stillman Allen Foster Jr. ’64

The Rev. Frederick P. Gibbs ’61

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Gustafson ’84

Mr. H. Glen Ellison ’52

The Rev. Dr. Sarah M. Foulger ’79

The Rev. John D. Gibbs ’77

Mrs. Heather Sturt Haaga and

The Rev. Merle E. Elrod ’53

The Rev. Denise Victoria Fournier ’97

Mr. C. Michael Gibson ’95

The Rev. Erica Yin-Ling Liu Elsdon ’04

The Rev. Terry E. Fouse ’62

The Rev. Gregory C. Gibson ’73

The Rev. Rachel Grace Hackenberg ’07

The Rev. Mark A. Elsdon ’04

The Rev. Donald Hardie Fox ’85

The Rev. Dr. M. Randall Gill ’77

The Rev. D. Paul ’57 and

The Rev. Dr. James G. Emerson Jr.

The Rev. Dr. E. Quinn Fox ’89

Mrs. Barbara Gillespie

Mr. John B. Emerson

Chaplain (Captain) James Alfred

Rev. George F. Gillette ’51

Mrs. Miriam M. Haddad

Francis III ’82

Geoffrion ’83

Dr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Guder

Mr. Paul G. Haaga

Mrs. Joanne Hackett

Mr. Gerald W. Gillette ’53

The Rev. Marilyn K. Hale ’96

The Rev. Daniel R. Erdman ’81

The Rev. Dr. Ronald G. Frase ’60

Mr. W. Woodrow Gilliland ’69

Mrs. Shirley A. Hale

Mr. Michael P. Erdman

The Rev. Dr. Harry A. Freebairn ’62

The Rev. Gaylord S. Gillis ’66

The Rev. Carlton Craig Hall ’66

Mr. Peter E.B. Erdman

Ms. Jeannine Marie Frenzel ’95

The Rev. John A. Gilmore ’65

Ms. Dana B. Hall ’15

The Rev. Joel Alan Esala ’08

Mr. Jason Samuel Frey ’13

Mr. John W. and Mrs. Linda Gilmore

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Warren Hall ’80

Ms. Gayle Etienne

Mr. R. Wayne Frey ’70

The Rev. Otha Gilyard ’74

The Rev. Melinda Lauren Hall ’10


† Deceased

The Rev. Mr. Jeffrey K. Erb ’77

| 37

Mr. Edwin F. Hallenbeck

The Rev. Karen Hernández

The Rev. Robert G. Hunsicker ’79

The Rev. Yong Hoon Kang ’94

The Rev. Dr. Alf E. ’90 and

The Rev. Charles A. Herrick ’67

The Rev. Chase S. Hunt ’61

Mrs. Kelly Beckham Kannwischer ’98

Mrs. Shari Halvorson

The Rev. Christine W. Herrin ’97

The Rev. Dr. Ramon Eugene Hunt ’76

The Rev. Dr. Richard R. Kannwischer ’98

Ms. Carolyn Herring ’95

The Rev. Walter C. Hunting ’67

Mr. F. Carter and Mrs. Joan Karins

The Rev. James R. Herrington ’66

The Rev. Dr. Edwin Gray ’81 and

The Rev. Dr. Job Harries Karkada ’86

The Rev. Rachel Elizabeth Hamburger ’92

Mrs. Hurley

The Rev. Ralph S. Hamburger ’58

The Rev. Dr. Gordon C. Hess ’67

The Rev. Dr. Dennis R. Hamilton ’80

Captain Richard C. Hettish ’56

The Rev. Blake Robert Hutson ’04

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Katen

Mr. J. Ray Hamilton

The Rev. Mira Ann Hewlett ’06

Dr. Alexander Yoon Hwang ’98

Mr. Richard A. Kauffman ’81

Mr. Robert Mansel Hammock ’98

Chaplain (Brig. General) David H.

The Rev. Dr. Tzu-Yang Hwang ’86

The Rev. Richard Stanley Kauffman ’63

The Rev. Shawn Hyska ’09

The Rev. Dr. M. Jacob Kaufman Jr. ’69

Mrs. Nancy L. Hampton

Hicks ’74

Mr. Dennis M. Kass

Ms. Dorothy Hanle

The Rev. James E. Hicks ’66

Ms. Esther Kwi Hyun ’97

Dr. Chi Young Kay ’70

The Rev. James M. Hanly ’63

Ms. Ann Hidalgo

The Rev. Dr. Christian T. Iosso ’79

The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Keefer ’82

Dr. Shauna Kay Hannan ’11

Dr. Jacqueline Michele Hidalgo

Dr. William M. Jaap ’76

The Rev. Dennis G. Keen ’77

Mr. Alexander Emil Hansen ’73

Dr. Theodore Hiebert ’76

Mrs. Rosanne Jacks

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Keiter

Dr. Bradley C. Hanson ’70

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Higuchi

Dr. J. Calvin K. Jackson ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kelemen

The Rev. Diana Drew Harbison ’82

The Rev. Dr. Austin Didier Hill ’09

The Rev. Dr. William N. Jackson ’67

The Rev Christina Jean Keller ’05

The Rev. Dr. Charles Bryant

The Rev. Mrs. Sara C.R. Hill ’09

Dr. Karen Yvette Jackson-Weaver ’06

Dr. James R. Kellett ’70

Hardwick ’99

The Rev. C. James Hinch ’62

and Mr. John Weaver Jr.

Ms. D. Robbin Kelley

The Rev. Patrick Joseph Hardy ’68

Mrs. Phyllis Mann Hinderliter

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Jamison

The Rev. Alick M. Kennedy ’58

The Rev. Douglas P. Harley ’91

Ms. Elinor Kirkland Hite ’66

The Rev. James E. Janke ’65

The Rev. Dr. Darren Michael

Miss Joyce Marilyn Harmony ’63

The Rev. Robert W. Hoag ’54

Mrs. Janith H. Janssen ’75

Mrs. Irene Telly Harris

The Rev. Michael J. Hodges ’92

The Rev. Kristen Rouner Jeide ’82

Dr. Earl William Kennedy ’68

The Rev. Dr. James Harold Harris Jr. ’69

The Rev. Dr. Miles H. Hodges ’89

The Rev. Dr. W. Harvey Jenkins Jr. ’64

Mrs. Elisabeth Robertson Kennedy ’99

Miss Mebane Harrison ’65

The Rev. Dr. R. David Hoffelt ’76

The Rev. Daniel Gordon Jewett ’59

Ms. Maria Kennedy

Dr. Roy A. Harrisville Jr. ’53

The Rev. Dr. Meredith Anne Holladay ’06

Mrs. June L. Jewett ’61

The Rev. Gregory J. Keosaian ’73

The Rev. Willard R. Harstine ’66

The Rev. Christian G. Holleck ’95

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Jewett ’56 and

The Rev. Patricia Budd Kepler ’58

The Rev. Dr. Brian T. Hartley ’83

The Rev. Tiffany L. Nicely Holleck ’96

The Rev. James R. Hartsoe ’61

The Rev. Dr. Jay M. Hollinsworth ’75

The Rev. Steven Y.S. Jhu ’91

The Rev. Keith Charles Kerber ’96

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hartung

The Rev. Ann Case Holt ’80

Mr. Anthony Johnson ’00

The Rev. James W. Kesler ’57

The Rev. C. William Hassler ’54

Mrs. Patricia Holvick

The Rev. Bertram G. Johnson ’96

The Rev. Anne West Kesner ’11

Mrs. Carol Janine Hastings ’08

The Rev. Cheryl M. Homsher 86

Mrs. Dorothy A. Johnson

The Rev. Stanley R. Kessler ’68

The Rev. Dr. Thomas John Hastings ’04

The Rev. Young Chul Hong ’87

The Rev. Dr. Earl S. Johnson Jr. ’67

The Rev. Samuel Y. Khalil ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Hathaway

The Rev. Dr. Robert P. Hoover ’64

Mr. F. Martin Johnson+

Mr. Nicholas Khuri

The Rev. Dr. Norman Hatter ’02

Ms. Julie Maria Hoplamazian ’06

The Rev. George B. Johnson ’61

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Grun Kibben ’86

The Rev. Jonathan Scott Hauerwas ’06

The Rev. Dr. David H. Hopper ’53

The Rev. Harold E. Johnson ’64

The Rev. Lewis Timothy Kidd ’86

The Rev. Donald C. Hawthorne ’51

The Rev. Barbara J.B. Hosmer ’76

The Rev. Dr. Thomas F. Johnson ’69

The Rev. Richard Lee Killmer ’68

Mrs. Elene Roussey Hawthorne ’51

The Rev. Bianca Robinson Howard ’05

Mr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Cathie Johnson

The Rev. Dr. Kara Elizabeth

The Rev. Dr. Lewis S. Hay ’55

Dr. Melanie Ann Howard ’15

Dr. Letitia M. Johnston ’87

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Dale Hay ’85

Mr. Richard F. Howden Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas M. ’63 and Mrs.

The Rev. David P. Haydu ’74

The Rev. Dr. William D. Howden ’77

Mrs. Diane Schmidt Hayes ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Howell

The Rev. Dr. Beverly Jean Jones ’82

The Rev. Don J. Hayes ’69

Rev. James H. Howell ’54

Ms. Brittany D. Jones

Dr. Gregory L. Hayes ’79

Mrs. Jeanette J. Howell

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Michael

Ms. Marian Rian Hays

The Rev. John Floyd Howell III ’12

Mrs. Judith W. Heagstedt

The Rev. Dr. Donald G. Howland ’60

The Rev. Dennis W. Jones ’90

The Rev. Young Kyong Kim ’89

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Faith Wells

The Rev. Margaret E. Howland ’58

The Rev. Dr. Peter Rhea Jones Sr. ’64

The Rev. Yung-Sun Esther Kim ’88

The Rev. Peter S. Hoyer ’74

The Rev. Robert H. Jones ’63

Dr. S T Kimbrough Jr. ’66

Mrs. Joan P. Heim

The Rev. Dr. William M. Hoyle ’82

The Rev. Stark G. Jones ’64

The Rev. Philip David King ’97

Ms. Elizabeth Margaret Hein ’06

The Rev. Dr. Ching-Fen Hsiao ’64

The Rev. Timothy K. Jones ’79

The Rev. Cynthia M. King-Guffey ’88

The Rev. Sara Kristina Hein ’10

Miss Eleanor G. Hubbs

The Rev. Dr. Todd B. ’79 and

The Rev. Louise L. Kingston ’77

Ms. Anne S. Heinbokel

The Rev. David J. Huegel ’88

Mr. Claude Heller

The Rev. John E. Huegel ’54

Mrs. Margaret E. Hellgren

Mr. Craig A. and Mrs. Tracey Huff

The Rev. Dr. Karen B. Helmeke ’84

The Rev. Dr. John A. ’65 and

Hebacker ’99

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Henderson Jr. ’88

Mrs. Anne Huffman Jr.

Mrs. Audrey Jackson Jewett

Johnston Jr.

Jones ’07

Mrs. Connie Jones The Rev. Kathryn Christine Jones Calone ’10

Kennedy ’99

The Rev. Thomas F. Kepler ’58

Kilpatrick MD ’04 Mr. Charles Sung Kim ’97 The Rev. Dr. Eun Joo Kim ’93 The Rev. Dr. Hana ’05 and Mrs. Yoon Kyung Kim Mr. Jinsoo Kim The Rev. Yong C. Kim ’98

The Rev. Dr. John L. Kipp ’64 Mrs. Lola Shiflet Kirkland Dr. Shane Kirkpatrick ’96

The Rev. Mr. David F. Judd ’83

The Rev. Richard Carl Klein Jr. ’80

The Rev. Raymond E. ’59 and

The Rev. Daniel A. Klement ’68

Mr. Craig W. Hendrix ’75

The Rev. Brian P. Hughes ’01

Dr. and Mrs. Scott H. Hendrix

Mr. David H. Hughes

Mrs. Lynda S. Juel

The Rev. Linda A. Knieriemen ’90

Mr. Kenneth Henke ’88

Mrs. Nancy Dodge Hughes

The Rev. Dr. Kurt G. Jung ’63

The Rev. Dr. Robert M. Knight ’88

The Rev. Kathryn P. Henry ’02

Dr. Robert F. Hull Jr. ’77

Mr. Ed Kaiel ’73

Dr. Calvin H. Knowlton ’84

Mr. Paul B. Henry ’69

The Rev. Winston R. Hull II ’71

Dr. Michael Kalafian ’59

The Rev. Dr. Burton A. Knudsen ’65

Dr. Peter James Henry ’96

The Rev. Dr. Sandra S. Hulse

The Rev. Dr. David C. Kaminsky ’62

Mrs. Barbara S. Koch ’77

Mr. Cullan Herald-Evans ’74

The Rev. Dr. James W. Hulsey ’76

Ms. Hanna Kang ’16

The Rev. John J. Koch ’74

The Rev. Mary Katharine Herbig ’13

Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Homan

The Rev. Dr. Jayoung Peter Kang ’95

The Rev. Keith Layne Koch ’79

38 |

Mrs. Mary Jane Judd Jr.

Mr. James Steven Klotz ’15


The Rev. Anne Eldridge Koehler ’02 The Rev. Emily Wharton Koehler ’95 Dr. Elisabeth K.J. Koenig ’76 The Rev. I. Henry Koh ’69 The Rev. Stephen C. Kolderup ’79 Dr. David Russell Komline ’08 Ms. Han-luen Kantzer Komline ’08 Mrs. Grace Koopmans The Rev. Dr. J. Thomas Kort ’73 The Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Kovacs ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Johannes R. Krahmer The Rev. Emily Kirsten Krause Corzine ’08 Mr. John E. Kresge Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kretzing Mrs. Alice M. Krull Dr. Roger A. Kvam ’57 The Rev. Dr. Sunhee Kwak ’65 The Rev. Larissa L. Kwong-Abazia ’07 The Rev. Stephen H. Kyriacou ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Kary R. LaFors The Rev. Robert E. Lakey ’52+ The Rev. Ralph E. Lamar III ’63

Surrounded by tools and work gloves, students in the Farminary classroom gather around the table for discussion and learning.

The Rev. Samuel P. Lamback Jr. ’76 Dr. John Lancaster ’69

The Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Lenocker ’78

The Rev. Dr. Berlinda A. Love ’92

Mr. Robert A. Manchen

Dr. Virginia Ware Landgraf ’03

The Rev. Alexander James Lenzo ’12

The Rev. Daniel H. Love ’95

Mrs. Emilie B. Manning

The Rev. Donald C. Landis ’70

Mrs. Carolyn V. Leon

The Rev. David E. ’94 and

The Rev. Dr. Gordon Bidwell

The Rev. Peter Carlson Lane ’03

The Rev. Charles R. Leonard ’78

Mrs. Eleanor Burke Lane ’63

The Rev. Gordon E. Letizia ’67

Mrs. Betty Meyers Lowe

Dr. and Mrs. Camille Maravalli M.D.

The Rev. Richard A. Lanford ’84

The Rev. Ann Ferrell Lewis ’84

The Rev. David B. Lowry ’54

The Rev. Mary L. Marcus ’77

Mrs. Gladys E. Lang

The Rev. Charles E. Lewis ’85

The Rev. Dr. Robert L. Lowry ’76

Dr. Amy Ellen Marga ’98

Mr. Harris E. Lang ’54

The Rev. Karen Burke Lewis ’98

Mrs. Suzanne Lu

The Rev. Donald A. Marks ’71

Ms. Kelly Taylor Langford ’05

Bishop Ernest S. Lyght ’70

Mrs. Jane A. Luchies

Mrs. Mary Ann Marks ’79

The Rev. Dr. Michael Dene Langford ’01

Ms. Penny Gayle Liles ’07

The Rev. Barbara B. Lucia ’84

Mr. Daniel Marrazzo

The Rev. Dr. James A. Langley ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Lincoln

The Rev. Donald M. Ludwig ’95

The Rev. Brian Leslie Marsh ’00

Dr. George E. Lankford III ’63

The Rev. Donald William ’80 and

Mr. Charles Lee Luff ’09

The Rev. Donna Marsh ’98

Mr. Paul A. Lutz ’55

The Rev. James M. Marsh ’61

Mr. Alfred C. Lindahl ’72

Mr. Michael Henry Lyle ’15

The Rev. Dr. Steven M. ’82 and

Mr. Glenn W. Lindberg

Mrs. Helen Copeland Lynde ’64

Mrs. Constance E. Lindenauer

The Rev. Kenneth J. Lynde ’65

The Rev. Bradley D.P. Martin ’84 Chaplain Bruce A. ’85 and

Dr. Winter V. Lantz ’61 Dr. Jacqueline E. Lapsley ’94 and Mr. Gregory A. Bezilla The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James N. Lapsley Jr.

Mrs. Linda Lincoln

Mrs. Mimi Lovelace

Mapes III ’87

Mrs. Marsh

The Rev. Ray I. ’67 and Mrs. Lindquist

The Rev. Dr. Carol Eichling Lytch ’80

Ms. Mary V. Larkin ’79

The Rev. Michael L. Lindvall ’74

The Rev. Dr. Stephens G Lytch ’78

The Rev. Lisa Larsen ’88

Dr. Bruno Mattos Linhares Jr. ’03

Mr. Alvon F. Macauley Jr.

Ms. Ellen L. Martin

The Rev. Dr. Robert Edward

The Rev. Richard J. Link ’78

The Rev. Dr. John A. MacDougall ’76

The Rev. Jon E. Martin ’94

Mr. Robert F. Lisi ’60

The Rev. Priscilla R. MacDougall ’76

The Rev. Mr. Leslie E. Martin ’00

The Rev. Barbara M. Laucks ’68

The Rev. Daniel William Little ’59

Mr. David M. and Mrs. Rosemary Mace

Mr. Luke S. Martin ’77

The Rev. C. Philip Laucks ’69

Dr. Gerald C. Liu

Mrs. M. Eileene Johnson MacFalls ’64

Mrs. May D. Martin

The Rev. Dr. James R. Laurie ’66

The Rev. Anthony Thomas Livolsi ’11

The Rev. Robert S. MacFarlane Jr. ’58

The Rev. Richard B. Martin ’59

Mr. Rayford William Law

The Rev. Lucia Kendall Lloyd ’93

The Rev. Barbara Anne Macfie ’98

The Rev. Stacy Lois Martin ’03

The Rev. Dr. Keith D. Lawrence ’88

The Rev. Nicole Elizabeth Lock ’07

The Rev. Robert W. MacGregor ’57

The Rev. Susanne E.C. Martin ’96

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lawrence Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Locke

The Rev. Dr. Iain S. MacLean ’85

Chaplain (Colonel) Joanne S.

The Rev. Michelina M. Laws ’95

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Loetscher

The Rev. Dr. Robert S. ’66 and

The Rev. Eileen Eagle LeCluyse ’14 and

Dr. James Samuel Logan ’05

Larson Jr. ’65

Mr. Joe LeCluyse

Mrs. MacLennan

Mrs. Judith M. Martin

Martindale ’88 Mr. Germán Martínez Jr.

Ms. Molly Kathryn Logan ’06

The Rev. Dr. John H. MacLeod ’48

The Rev. Terry O. Martinson ’72

The Rev. Megan Alyse Lecluyse ’12

The Rev. Robert Ira Long III ’59

The Rev. Dr. Donald Maddox ’69

The Rev. Dr. David Clyde Marx ’83

The Rev. Dr. Lonnie H. Lee ’73

Mr. Murray Lopdell-Lawrence and Mrs.

The Rev. Frederick Albert Magley ’48

The Rev. Dr. Conrad H. Massa ’54

Ms. Kalpana Maharjan-Shrestha ’14

Ms. Kelli Ann Masters ’85

The Rev. Paul Byungsoo Lee ’85

Nikki Li Hartliep-Lawrence

Drs. William K. and Hwain C. ’88 Lee

The Rev. Lisa Magaly López-Marcial

The Rev. Shanda M. Mahurin ’76

The Rev. John C. Mather ’63

The Rev. Young G. Lee ’94

The Rev. Dr. J. Raymond Lord ’61

The Rev. Leslie Allan Malakian ’71

The Rev. Stephen J. Mather ’74

The Rev. Dr. Paul A. Leggett ’71

The Rev. Anthony David Lorenz ’07

The Rev. Stephen Gessner Maling ’00

Dr. James T. Mathieu ’59

Mrs. Gloria J. Lehmann

The Rev. Dr. Donald Jay Losher ’77

Prof. Antonia S. Malone ’85

The Rev. Mr. Hugh James Matlack ’81

Mrs. Virginia H. Lemen

Mr. and Mrs. Jan Louisse

The Rev. John H. Maltby ’62

Mr. N. Ross Matthews

Ms. Jerilyn Lenko Consla


† Deceased

| 39

Mrs. Carol P. Matthews Dr. Christian W. ’65 and Mrs. Elaine Matthews Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Tracy Walsh Mehr-Muska ’03 The Rev. Pamela Elizabeth Meilands ’14

Mrs. Eileen Flower Moffett ’54

Ms. Shannon J. Nelson

Dr. R. Blair Moffett ’66

The Rev. Douglas R. Nettleton ’81

The Rev. Wendy Michelle

The Rev. Drew S. Nettinga ’73

Mohler-Seib ’12

The Rev. Dr. Lawrence E. Matthews ’82

The Rev. Clyde L. Mellinger Jr. ’51

Mrs. Nancy Matthews

The Rev. Merry Hope Meloy ’99

The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey J. Mohr ’73

Mr. Michael W. Neuroth ’02

Chaplain (Major) Thomas E.

Ms. Anne Marie Melrose ’47

Dr. Paul D. Molnar

The Rev. Dr. Benton M. Newcomer ’63

The Rev. Dr. J. Bruce ’51 and

Dr. Blair R. ’73 and Mrs. Cyndy Monie

The Rev. Rodney Lee Newman ’89

The Rev. Carolyn J. Montgomery ’76

The Rev. Emma Cathlyn Nickel ’10

Mattingly III ’75 The Rev. Timothy S. Maxa ’84

Mrs. Frani Melton

The Rev. Amber H. Neuroth ’02

The Rev. Jeffrey William Mays ’81

The Rev. Frederick J. Mendez ’86

The Rev. Dean R. Montgomery ’50

The Rev. Matthew Paul Nickel ’09

Ms. Melody Mazuk

The Rev. Leslie Therese Merlin ’76

Dr. Robert L. Montgomery ’55

Ms. Mary M. Nicol ’99

Mr. John F. McAloon

The Rev. Dr. Harland C. Merriam Jr. ’75

The Rev. Dr. Joseph Christopher

The Rev. Elizabeth Hudson Niehoff ’14

The Rev. David Hunter McAlpin Jr. ’61

Mr. John R. Merrick

The Rev. John S. McAnlis ’76

Mr. William Robinson Merriman ’97

The Rev. Charles D. Monts ’86

Mr. Wesley S.T. Niles ’01

Dr. G. Daniel McCall ’61

Ms. Stephanie Crayton Merryfield ’15

The Rev. Dr. Donn D. Moomaw ’57

Ms. Eleanor M. Nimmer ’84

The Rev. John S. McCall ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Mertz

The Rev. Erin Nicole Moore ’14

Mrs. Barbara G. Nisi

Mr. Noble McCartney Esq.

The Rev. John S. Metallides ’6

The Rev. Richard J. Moore ’70

The Rev. Thomas W. Nissley ’58

Captain Robert Poore

The Rev. Steven D. Metcalf ’82

Ms. Carie Stanley Stanley Morgan ’00

Pastor Kathryn Cooper Nix ’10

Miss Judith Metcher

Rev. Dr. John E. ’85 and Ellen K. Morgan

The Rev. John M. Noah ’68

Ms. Veronica M.A. McClendon

The Rev. William M. Meyer ’68

Mr. Richard Lee Morris ’14

Mr. Mark Douglas Norbeck ’86

The Rev. Douglas G. McClure ’81

Dr. Alan G. Meyers ’72

The Rev. James H. Morrison ’58+

The Rev. Santiago N. Norori ’14

The Rev. Brian K. McCollum ’10

The Rev. Elizabeth Miriam Michael ’08

The Rev. Jerres Jane P.M. Morrison ’84

The Rev. Dr. Robert S. ’79 and

Mr. James S. McConnel

Dr. Paul A. Mickey ’66

The Rev. R. George Morrison ’58

The Rev. Dr. James Walborn

The Rev. J. William Mickiewicz ’76

Dr. Robert W. Morrison ’69

Ms. Phebe Novakovic

The Rev. Dr. Daniel L. ’59 and

Mrs. Sarah V. Morrison ’58

Mr. James Leonard Nowin ’05

Mr. Jeremy Dale Morse ’92

The Rev. Mr. Osvaldo Daniel Nuesch ’93

McClanahan Jr. ’99

McCormack ’70 Mrs. Elizabeth K. McDermott ’80

Mrs. Migliore

Montovino ’05

Ms. Constance S. Ranee Niles

Mrs. Norris

The Rev. Richard Snyder McDermott ’79

Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Migliore

Prof. Benjamin F. Moss III ’62

Mrs. Carolyn Giroud Nygren ’61

The Rev. Rachel Marie McDonald ’15

Dr. Philip Victor Migliore

The Rev. Hibbert W. Moss Jr. ’53

The Rev. Dr. Richard E. Nygren ’60

Dr. John P. McDowell ’75

The Rev. Dr. Gordon Stanley Mikoski ’88

The Rev. Don John Mossa ’01 and Mrs.

The Rev. James D. O’Dell ’64

The Rev. Mark B. McFadden ’94

The Rev. Nancy Allison Mikoski ’89

The Rev. Maryann McFadden

The Rev. Dr. David E. Milam ’08

Mr. Kenneth L. Mott Esq. ’79

Mrs. Barbara B. Miles

The Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Mulder ’82

The Rev. Lauren J. McFeaters ’90

The Rev. Dr. O. Thomas Miles ’51

The Rev. Dr. David E. Mulford ’56

The Rev. Canon Dr. Dennis L. Okholm ’78

The Rev. Michael L. McGehee ’70

The Rev. Dr. Howard L. Milkman Jr. ’66

The Rev. Thomas J. Mullelly ’84

Dr. Shawn Oliver

The Rev. Kennedy M. McGowan ’89

The Rev. James Dean Millar ’01

The Rev. Dr. Donald C. Mullen MD ’91

The Rev. Simone M. Oliver ’15

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. McIlvain

The Rev. Victoria Lynne Millar ’01

The Rev. Judith Ann Muller ’73

Mrs. Anita N. Olsen

Mr. and Mrs. George McIlveen Jr.

Dr. Cara Rae Taylor Miller ’04 and Mr. G.

The Rev. Dr. Baron Anthony Mullis ’00

Mr. and Mrs. B. Tucker Olson

The Rev. Dr. Paul Eston Mundey ’08

Prof. Dennis T. and Mrs. Carol Olson

Meador ’95

Mr. Gordon Andrew McKay ’71

Matthew Miller

Elizabeth Bansfield-Mossa

Dr. Margaret H. Ogilvie The Rev. Jeffery V. ’88 and Mrs. Lynn O’Grady

The Rev. Michael J. McKay ’82

Mrs. Catherine Boand Miller

Prof. Paul E. Mundschenk ’69

The Rev. Kari Anne Olson ’15

Dr. Elsie Anne McKee ’82

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Miller

Ms. Mary L. Munn

The Rev. Philip Neil Olson ’84

Miss Mary M. McKemy ’68

Mrs. Hannah A.D. Miller ’87

The Rev. Dr. W. Bradley Munroe ’88

The Rev. Roderick D. Olson ’67

The Rev. Dr. Gerald P. McKenny ’82

The Rev. Dr. J. Scott Miller ’84

The Rev. George A. Munzing ’52

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Onstot ’79

The Rev. Dr. Joan Irminger McKenzie ’88

The Rev. Dr. Jonathan E. ’77 and

The Rev. Robert Clinton Murphy ’67

Dr. Elías Ortega-Aponte ’05

The Rev. Dr. Camille Cook Murray ’06

Mr. Eric Grant Osborne ’07

Mr. Daniel K. McKeon

Mrs. Miller

The Rev. Mary McKey ’96

The Rev. Joseph C. Miller Jr. ’87

The Rev. Lois T. Murray ’01

Mr. P. Wayne Osborne ’86

The Rev. Deborah Ann McKinley ’82 and

Mrs. Mary C. Miller

The Rev. James C. Murray ’62

Mrs. E. Louise Osbrink ’84

The Rev. Neale L. Miller ’79

Mrs. P. Dorothea Murray

Mrs. Nancy N. Ost

The Rev. Mrs. R. Elizabeth McLean ’91

The Rev. Dr. Patrick D. Miller

Mrs. Ann Leean Muyskens ’55

The Rev. Harvey J.C. Oster III ’70

The Rev. William Starr McLean II ’07

Dr. Robert A. Miller ’70

The Rev. Norman E. Myer ’65

The Rev. Dr. Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm ’86

Dr. Janice A. McLean-Farrell ’05

The Rev. Stephanie Miller ’94

Mr. Jason Wayne Myers ’16

The Rev. Harold E. Owens ’71

The Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle ’83

Dr. Theron A. Miller ’86

The Rev. Jeffrey I. Myers ’74

The Rev. John R. Owens ’71

The Rev. Annie Elizabeth McMillan

Ms. Kate Miller-Wallace

Ms. Margaret L. Myers ’65

The Rev. Thomas C. Oxtoby ’75

Prof. Frederick V. Mills Sr. ’58

The Rev. Amy Louise Na ’89

The Rev. Alison Ruth Paden ’14

Mrs. Mary Ann Crabtree McMillan

The Rev. Richard A. Mills ’59

The Rev. Dr. Kang-Yup Na ’89

The Rev. Randall R. Painter ’54

Mrs. Robert L. McNeil Jr.

The Rev. William J. Mills ’56

Mr. Ronnie A. Nagata ’69

The Rev. Earl F. Palmer ’56

The Rev. Ms. Laurie A. McNeill ’88

Mr. James C. Milne

Ms. Nancy Joanne Nalepa-Skibo ’14

The Rev. Ann R. Palmerton ’86

Mr. John R. McQuown

The Rev. Dr. Carrie Neff Mitchell ’02

The Rev. Dr. Larry Thomas Nallo ’92

The Rev. Dr. Peter J. and

The Rev. Dr. Paige Maxwell McRight ’71

Ms. Emily Elspeth Mitchell ’13

Mr. Richard E. Nathan ’69

Dr. Jocelyn McWhirter ’02

The Rev. Margaret Amiko Mitsuyasu ’11

Commissioner Philip D. Needham 67

The Rev. Shin-Hwa Park ’79

Mr. Peter A. McWilliams ’69

Ms. Elizabeth B. Mochel

The Rev. Dr. John M. Nelsen ’79

The Rev. Gayle B. Parker ’84

Dr. James Kirk Mead ’99

Ms. Martha D. Mochel

The Rev. Arthur W. Nelson ’56

The Rev. Thomas C. Parker ’84

Ms. Barbara J. Meccia

The Rev. Betsey Ann Moe ’03

Ms. Barbara E. Nelson ’66

Prof. Thomas D. Parker ’65

The Rev. James L. Mechem ’58

The Rev. Dr. David P. Moessner ’75

The Rev. Karen Ruth Nelson ’97

Mr. Roel Parsons

Dr. Paul H. Moessner ’76

Dr. Nancy J. Nelson ’05

The Rev. Franklin L. Partridge III ’63

The Rev. David Rich

Helms ’12

40 |

Mrs. Adrienne Paris


Ms. Liliana Patricia Pastas ’10

The Rev. Allan L. Purtill Jr. ’00

The Rev. Susan M. Roddey ’90

The Rev. Lenore Turner Scales ’11

Mrs. Molly Pau

Ms. Phoebe Lorraine Quaynor ’16

Mr. José Rodríguez

The Rev. Clarence V. Scarborough Jr. ’71

Mrs. Ruth G. Paul

Ms. Hannah Nielsen Quick ’16

The Rev. Dr. Nathaniel C. Roe ’50

Ms. Kathryn Brown Schafer ’99

Ms. Gloria B. Pendleton

The Rev. Dr. Roger P. Rabey ’82

Ms. Michelle Roemer-Schoen

The Rev. Dr. MacHenry George

Dr. George A. Pera ’55

Ms. Janet E. Rabin

The Rev. Michael J. Roffina ’78

Mrs. Kathleen P. Perelli

The Rev. Ronald Henry Radden ’81

The Rev. Dr. James E. Roghair ’68

Mr. Richard J. Schenck

The Rev. David Alan Perkins ’82

Mr. Timothy Mark Rainey II ’08

The Rev. George L. Rolling III ’73

The Rev. Dr. Audrey L. Schindler ’86

The Rev. Dr. Mary Carol Perrott ’04

The Rev. Richard J. Ramsey ’74

The Rev. Marvin L. Roloff ’61 and Mrs.

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Schipani ’81

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pershing

The Rev. Dr. Joseph Oscar Rand Jr. ’68

Ms. Rosemary K. Peters

Mrs. Sara M. Rand ’90

The Rev. Barbara Price Rolph ’84

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Hurd Schluter ’89

The Rev. Rodger L. Pettichord ’78

The Rev. Brent Allan Raska ’08

The Rev. Jennifer J. Rome ’00

The Rev. Dr. John A. Schmidt ’70

Mrs. Trudy Murin Pettichord ’78

The Rev. Erin Rebekah Raska ’09

The Rev. Dr. Rubén

The Rev. Gail B. Nicholas Schneider ’84

The Rev. Tyler Chapman Pettigrew ’10

The Rev. Dr. Charles Leo Rassieur ’63

Rosario-Rodríguez ’04

The Rev. Charles Randall Peyton ’72

The Rev. Dr. Richard Dennis Raum ’75

The Rev. Anne M. Ross ’02

The Rev. Roy Pfautch ’60

Mr. Albert Re

The Rev. Dr. Lyle E. Rossing ’66

The Rev. Paul E. Schrading ’66

The Rev. Christine Erway Phillips ’75

Ms. Jean MacDonald Rea ’79

The Rev. Sharan M. Knoell Rosso ’14

The Rev. Gary R. Schroeder ’74

The Rev. Douglas S. Phillips ’81

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shellabarger Rea

Mr. Michael Scott Rotolo Jr. ’16

The Rev. Dr. Frederick J. ’78 and Mrs.

The Rev. Robert J. Phillips ’75

The Rev. Dr. Clarence L. Reaser ’57

The Rev. Dayle Gillespie Rounds ’89 and

The Rev. Dr. Stephen C. Pierce ’72

The Rev. Max E. Reddick ’93

The Rev. Mrs. Jean Benefield Pinto ’80

The Rev. George L. Reed Jr. ’67

The Rev. Dr. Richard F. Rouquie Jr. ’76

Prof. Walter H. Schuman ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Pittman Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Philip J. Reed ’81

The Rev. Stephen Calder Row ’78

The Rev. Arthur B. Schute ’75

Dr. and Mrs. John Plonk

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Reiche

The Rev. Richard C. Rowe ’57

Prof. Donald Reid Schweitzer ’93

The Rev. Mark Alan Plunkett ’11

The Rev. Daniel W. Reid ’57

The Rev. Dr. Charles Howard Rowins ’87

Mr. Chad Ryan Schwickerath ’13

The Rev. Dr. Thomas S. Poetter ’88

The Rev. Jonathan H. Reinink ’14

Dr. Richard F. Rowley ’53

Dr. Dominic P. Scibilia ’79

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Poinsett

The Rev. Jana Rae Reister ’06

The Rev. Dr. Parimal Roy ’04

Ms. Marguerite Scotellaro

Mrs. Jackie Cottington Poling ’75

Mr. Scott D.and Mrs. Barbara Renninger

The Rev. Nathaniel Wade Royster ’09

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scotellaro

The Rev. John C. Poling ’74

The Rev. Dr. Miriam C. Resch ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Rubino

Mrs. Linda Tandy Scott ’75

The Rev. Dr. William A. Polkowski ’66

The Rev. Dr. James S. Rettig ’69

The Rev. Suzanne P.M. Rudiselle ’76

The Rev. Robert W. Scott Jr. ’75

Dr. Darren Mark Pollock ’04

Mr. Jerry C. Rettig ’71

The Rev. Craig W. ’68 and Mrs. Juleann

Dr. Andrew D. Scrimgeour ’71

Mr. Robert B. Pollsen ’80

The Rev. Dr. Robert C. Reynolds ’70

The Rev. George Robinson Pomeroy ’63

The Rev. Elsie Armstrong Rhodes ’91

Mrs. Wilma Thompson Rule

The Rev. Donald F. Sears ’54

The Rev. Edward O. Poole ’59

The Rev. Dr. Ronald B. Rice ’61

The Rev. Abigail Visco Rusert ’08

Mrs. Emra London Seawood

The Rev. Frank H. Poole ’66

The Rev. Vernon Jerome Rice ’68

The Rev. Thomas Melvin Rusert ’10

The Rev. Pamela Ann Hanson

The Rev. Sandra L. Porrey ’02

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Richards Jr.

The Rev. Jill R. Russell ’95

The Rev. Dr. Douglas Edward Portz ’83

The Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Richardson ’66

The Rev. Lana Elizabeth Russell ’03

Mrs. Gladys M. Seebald

The Rev. Lynn M. Portz ’81

The Rev. Florence Ridley ’78

The Rev. Robert M. Russell Jr. ’50+

The Rev. Dr. Allison Krahling Seed ’77

The Rev. Mr. Michael S. Poteet ’97

The Rev. Dr. Andrew R.

Dr. Halford R. Ryan ’69

Rienstra USAF Ret

Mr. Key Sun Ryang ’59

The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Seel ’48

Ms. Sara JiYun Jung Ryu ’99 and Mr.

The Rev. Michael R. Seely ’81

The Rev. Donald E. Potter ’76 The Rev. John F. ’71 and Mrs. Mary Potter

The Rev. Dr. Ronald A. Rienstra ’92 Mrs. Margaret P. Riesz

Shirley Sekas Roloff

Dr. Stephen Rounds

P. Rule

Hyun Kweon Ryu

Schafer ’99

The Rev. Alfred A. Schlorholtz ’53

The Rev. Nancy L. SchongallaBowman ’79

Joyce Elaine Schumacher Dr. James A. Schumacher ’59

Mrs. Mary Grant Searl ’84

Sebastian ’99

and Mr. Robert M. Seed

The Rev. Leland L. Seese Jr. ’88

The Rev. John W. Potter ’03

The Rev. Dr. Joyce Ann Rife ’82

Mrs. Donna J. Potts

The Rev. Dr. Randolph T. Riggs ’71

The Rev. Peter Poulos ’72

The Rev. Lee Duncan Riley ’02

The Rev. Allen R. Sager ’70

Mr. John L. Powell ’81

The Rev. Dr. Peter William Riola

The Rev. Dr. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld

The Rev. Dr. Peter R. Powell Jr. ’79

The Rev. Dr. Shane E. ’98 and Mrs.

Mr. Scott M. Saletta

Dr. Constance Leean Seraphine ’69

The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Sallquist ’93

The Rev. Alexander Clark Serna-

Mrs. Riley O’Brien Powell ’05

Jennifer Roberson

The Rev. Dr. William J. Sadler Sr. ’66 and Mrs. Susan Monroe

Mrs. Delphine M. Sefcik The Rev. Dr. Lawrence F. Selig ’61 Prof. Choon-Leong Seow ’80 and Mrs. Lai-King Leong

Dr. John R. Powers ’63

The Rev. Dr. F. Morgan Roberts ’53

Dr. Dennis M. Salmon ’72

The Rev. W.B. Powery

The Rev. Mary Putnam Roberts ’80

Dr. John M. Salmon ’59

The Rev. Dr. John L. Setzler ’72

Mrs. Carolyn D. Preische

The Rev. Newton M. Roberts ’53

Chaplain Kenneth Leroy Sampson ’96

The Rev. Dr. Donald W. Shaner ’64

The Rev. Dr. Carolyn Jo Pressler ’91

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Donald Roberts ’95

The Rev. Robert A. Sams ’97

The Rev. Carl D. Shankweiler ’73

The Rev. Davis B. Price ’72

The Rev. Dr. Stuart D. ’80 and

The Rev. Michael McCall Samson ’05

The Rev. James D. Shannon ’75

Dr. Leopoldo A. Sánchez

The Rev. Janet Beach Shannon ’76

Ms. Renn Joline Turner Sanderman ’05

The Rev. Dr. William Robert ’84 and

The Rev. Barbara J. Price-Martin ’86 The Rev. Joan W. Priest ’88 Ms. Nancy W. Priest

Mrs. Bonnie Robertson The Rev. Constance Wiegmann Robinson ’84

The Rev. Harold B. Sanderson Jr. ’74

Wallender ’16

Mrs. Sharman III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Priest

The Rev. Mr. David Scott Robinson ’78

The Rev. Jeremy Michael Sanderson ’06

Mr. Benjamin Andrew Shaw ’16

Mrs. Nancy E. Prince

The Rev. Harry R. Robinson ’57

The Rev. Sarah Jo Sarchet Butter ’91

The Rev. Cass L. Shaw ’80

The Rev. Robert C. Prior ’63

The Rev. Matthew T. Robinson ’89

The Rev. Ann Henley Saunders ’14

Dr. Joseph M. Shaw ’58

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. and

Ms. Rosalind S. Robinson

The Rev. Dr. James Savage

The Rev. Dr. Thomas C. Sheffield ’73

The Rev. Dr. William Edmond Whiddon

Ms. Laura D. Savenelli ’00

The Rev. Ricardo Wayne Sheppard ’15

The Rev. Anna Clock Saxo ’86

Mrs. Virginia B. Sheppard ’88

The Rev. Dr. Randall Lee Saxon ’73

Chaplain (Colonel) Barbara K. Sherer ’82

The Rev. Dr. Charles A. Sayre ’44

The Rev. Kathryn Elizabeth Shevel ’15

The Rev. Andrew Thompson Scales ’11

The Rev. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Shields ’86

Mrs. Ann L. Probert Mrs. Constance E. Proffitt Dr. Robert E. Puff Jr. ’85 The Rev. Dr. Bruce R. Pullen ’74

Robinson ’96 Dr. William P. ’75 and Mrs. Bonnie Robinson

The Rev. James Michael Pulsifer ’67

The Rev. O. Hunter Roddey ’90


† Deceased

| 41

The Rev. Paul Giok Bee Shih ’58

Dr. Carolyn W. Spanier-Ladwig ’83

The Rev. Jean Anne Swope ’72

Mrs. Jean Browne Turner ’50

Dr. G. Franklin Shirbroun ’73

The Rev. Dr. Aida D.B. Spencer ’73

The Rev. Susan Ann Sytsma Bratt ’06

The Rev. William M. Turner Jr. ’81

The Rev. Olin J. ’69 and Mrs. Dorothy V.

Dr. William D. Spencer ’72

The Rev. Dr. Szabolcs S. Nagy ’67

The Rev. Dr. John E. Turpin ’52

Mrs. Barbara Ann Spina

The Rev. Msgr. John B.

The Rev. Dr. Robert F. Tuttle ’61

Shockley Jr.

Szymanski V.G. ’78

Dr. Manoj Shrestha ’01

Mr. Matthew R. Spina

The Rev. Danielle Grubb Shroyer ’01

The Rev. Edwin H. Sprague ’62

The Rev. Dr. Wilfred E. Tabb III ’76

The Rev. Robert M. Undercuffler ’62

The Rev. Dr. Kerry R. Shull ’74 and Ms.

Prof. Kenneth A. Sprang Esq. ’74

The Rev. Toshio Takami ’68

Mr. Robert S. and Mrs. Sarah Underhill

The Rev. Dr. John R. Springer ’60

Miss Ruth Shok-Yiu Tang ’75

The Rev. John F. Underwood ’73

The Rev. Steven Bernon Shuster ’85

Mrs. Jean Stackhouse

Mr. Kevin Tannis

The Rev. Laurel A. Underwood ’96

The Rev. Dr. L. Holton Siegling Jr. ’98

The Rev. William R. Stackhouse ’49

The Rev. George Reeves Taylor ’72

Mr. James A. and Mrs. Candy Unruh

Ms. A. Martha Sievers

Dr. Richard Stanislaw

The Rev. Jean Ellen Taylor ’98

The Rev. John H. Valk ’60

Ms. Nicole E. Sigur

The Rev. Dr. Marshall P. Stanton ’61

The Rev. Alicia C. Taylor-Byers ’04

Ms. Bertha Anna van der Bent Hamel ’83

The Rev. Marion Nimick Silbert ’82

The Rev. Dr. Scott R.A. Starbuck ’88

Dr. Martin Tel

The Rev. Dr. David R. Van Dyke ’78

Mr. and Mrs. John Silver

The Rev. William C Starr ’60

The Rev. Taylor Ann Telford ’15

Mrs. Barbara M. Van Dyken

Mrs. Patricia Hawes Sime

The Rev. Dr. Stephen William Starzer ’81

Dr. Thomas R. Teply ’52

The Rev. Dr. Jack R. ’72 and

The Rev. Peter C.S. Sime ’84

The Rev. Dr. Clarence Roy Stauffer III ’05

The Rev. Dr. Thomas K. ’73 and

The Rev. Dr. David S. Simmons ’74

The Rev. Paul Speros Stavrakos ’69

Pastor Barbara Gail Simons ’05

The Rev. Kathryn Ward Stear ’82

The Rev. Richard G. Thayer ’82

The Rev. Melchior H. Van Hattem ’70

The Rev. Robert E. Simpson ’63

Mrs. Marcena Mead Steele ’65

The Rev. Dr. Barbara Therese ’87

Chaplain Angelina D. Van Hise ’93

The Rev. Gary F. Skinner ’62

The Rev. Timothy S. Stevens ’78

The Rev. Daniel C. Thomas Jr. ’75

The Rev. Vernon Larry Van Hise ’96

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Skinner

The Rev. Joan Attaway Stevens ’99

The Rev. Danny L. Thomas ’01

Chaplain Ronald N.H. Van Schenkhof ’70

Mr. Philip J. Skotte ’87

The Rev. Dr. John H. Stevens ’65

Dr. Judith Fey Thomas ’65

The Rev. Jennifer Marie Van Zandt ’06

Ms. Sabrina Ing Slater ’15

The Rev. Warren Alexander Stevens ’99

The Rev. Dr. Mark P. ’80 and

The Rev. Alison Kendall VanBuskirk ’15

The Rev. Dr. Ronald J. Sloan ’60+

Ms. Mary D. Stevenson ’15

The Rev. John W. Sloat ’57

The Rev. Dr. Jeanne McCarley

Beverly P. Stalnaker

The Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Small III ’71

Stevenson-Moessner ’75

Mrs. Tewell

Mrs. Holly Thomas The Rev. Dr. Michael O’Dell Thomas ’89

Ms. Karen Ulisse

Mrs. Sandra J. Van Ens The Rev. E. Nicholas Van Gombos ’79

The Rev. Elizabeth Anne Vander Haagen ’01

The Rev. Dr. M.K. Thomas ’60

The Rev. Calvin D. VanderMeyden ’73

The Rev. Susan C. Thomas ’80 and Mr.

The Rev. James F. VanDyke ’55

The Rev. Dr. Ruth Herron Smalt ’14

The Rev. Dr. Anne Whitaker Stewart ’08

Ms. Jasmine Leanne Smart ’15

The Rev. Marlin B. Stewart ’57

The Rev. John B. Smiley ’52

The Rev. Mr. Richard K. Stewart ’65

Mr. Timothy I. Thomas ’90

The Rev. Amy Scott Vaughn ’93

The Rev. Dr. Aland D. ’84 and

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Stewart

Captain Joseph J. Thompson ’59

The Rev. Dr. Andrew G. Vaughn ’91

Mrs. Cecil Stickle

The Rev. John W. Thomson III ’56

Mr. Paul E. and Mrs. Harriet Vawter Jr.

The Rev. Bruce C. Smith ’74

Ms. Mary Virginia Stieb-Hales ’57

Mrs. Virginia J. and

Dr. Angel Luis Velez Oyola

The Rev. Dr. David Charles Smith ’87

The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Stiers ’81

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Smith Sr.

The Rev. Dr. Donald M. Stine ’56+

Mrs. Virginia Thorne

Mr. Brenden M. Vickers

The Rev. Kent L. Smith ’70

Ms. Opal W. Stockwell

Mr. J. Bob Thornton ’61

Mr. Javier Viera

The Rev. Kellen Andrew Smith ’11

The Rev. Dr. Charles F. Stratton ’51+

The Rev. Dr. Douglas M. Thorpe ’84

The Rev. Henk S. Vigeveno ’52

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Smith ’69

Dr. Lawrence Merritt Stratton Jr. ’02

Mr. Robert D. Thurston-Lighty ’85

The Rev. Dr. Lawrence Charles ’09 and

Dr. Mark S. Smith and Ms. Elizabeth

The Rev. Dr. S. Brian Stratton ’84

The Rev. James E. Thyren ’78

The Rev. Dr. Richard R. Streeter ’58

Mr. Ryan D. Tilley J.D.

The Rev. Dr. John H. Visser ’55

The Rev. Phillip G. Smith ’75

The Rev. Dr. Henry B. Strock Jr. ’52

Mrs. Maureene Carole Timken

Mrs. Eugenia J. Vogel

The Rev. Dr. Robert B. Smith Jr. ’72

Mrs. Kathryn Jones Strohm

The Rev. Allen D. Timm ’76

Pastor Deborah M. Wagner ’84

Mr. Ronald Gordon Smith

The Rev. William H. Stryker ’56

Miss Nancy L. Tindall

The Rev. Dr. Walter Hermann

The Rev. Dr. Virginia B. Smith ’82

The Rev. Dr. Laird J. ’68 and Mrs.

The Rev. Dr. Rick D. Tindall ’78

Mrs. Judith I. Smith


The Rev. Dr. Wesley W. Smith II ’87

Virginia Stuart

Curt W. Kochner

Mr. Richard Thornburgh

Ms. Grace Vargas ’14

Dr. Thomas J. Venables ’70

Mrs. Lorraine R. Vilardo

Wagner ’88

The Rev. James W. Tinnemeyer Jr. ’01

The Rev. Dr. Alexander H. Wales ’73

The Rev. Michael A. ’84 and Mrs.

The Rev. Dr. David Glenn ’52 and Mrs.

The Rev. Joyce Wolfe Smothers ’04

Dr. Nathan T. Stucky ’15

Mr. William L. Snorf ’68

The Rev. Charles Richard Stults ’56

The Rev. Dr. John S. Snyder ’57

The Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Sullivan ’81

Mr. Gregory F. Todd

The Rev. Dr. Ruth Millier Snyder ’91

Dr. Douglass C. Sullivan-González ’82

Dr. Robert J. Tollefson ’54

The Rev. Dr. Chandra Shekar Soans ’90

The Rev. Peter A. Sulyok ’80

The Rev. Russell C. Tomlinson Jr. ’50

The Rev. Zachary Wade Walker ’07

Dr. Warren G. Soare ’74

The Rev. Edwin R. Sumner Jr. ’85

The Rev. Dr. George G. Toole ’63

Mr. David H. Wall ’80

The Rev. William Daniel Stoklosa ’13

The Rev. Renee Lawler Sundberg ’98

Dr. Iain R. and Mrs. Morag Torrance

Mrs. Betty Wallace

The Rev. Dr. Mark E. Solyst ’81

The Rev. Dr. Arthur E. Sundstrom ’72

Dr. Theresa L. Torres

Prof. Dewey D. Wallace Jr. ’60

The Rev. Dr. Philip W. Sommer ’70

The Rev. Dr. Deborah Hannay Sunoo ’91

Dr. Margaret Anne Gray Towne ’68

Mr. James E. Wallace Jr. ’74

The Rev. Gordon L. Sommers ’68

The Rev. Ken Kyung Sunoo ’92

The Rev. Vernon W. Towne ’67

Dr. Jeremy David Wallace ’06

The Rev. Dr. Angella M. Pak Son ’89

The Rev. Dr. Allan H. Swan ’54

Mr. Michael Jonathan Toy ’15

Ms. Mary Joanne Wallace ’85

The Rev. Dr. Timothy D. Son ’90

The Rev. Dr. Byron R. Swanson ’70

The Rev. Dr. Dale G. Tremper ’73

Ms. Marguerite Mudd Walter ’13

The Rev. Matthew H. Soper ’92

Ms. Mary Jane Swanson

Mr. Richard Trenner

Dr. Jonathan Lee Brian ’02 and

Dr. Philip J. Sorensen ’66

Dr. Willard M. Swartley ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Trimble

Mrs. Cecily Cline Walton

The Rev. Charles L. Sorg ’52

The Rev. James H. Swartz ’68

The Rev. Dr. Tom M. Trinidad ’96

The Rev. Larry K. Waltz ’77

The Rev. Dr. Paul Vincent Sorrentino ’05

Dr. Laura Christine Sweat Holmes ’05

Dr. James C. Troust ’66

The Rev. Dr. John Pearce Ward ’86

The Rev. Elizabeth Ann Reif Soto ’15

Ms. Judith Sweet

The Rev. Samson C. Tso ’06

The Rev. Dr. Patrick Joseph Ward ’88

The Rev. Frank Spada ’80

The Rev. Bruce H. Swenson ’61

The Rev. Joyce C. Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Kent F. Warner

The Rev. Dr. David M. Spahn ’70

The Rev. Dr. Donald D. Swift ’49

Mr. Thomas Reed Turnbull II ’87

The Rev. Donald C. Warren ’74

42 |

Paulette C. Toburen

Shirley A. Walker The Rev. Dr. Joseph Warren Walker III ’99


The Rev. John David Warren ’55 Ms. Allison Nicole Warren-Barbour ’05 The Rev. Ann Collins Wasson ’83 The Rev. Dr. Paul Gustav ’77 and Mrs. Watermulder Mrs. Ruth G. Watermulder Dr. Sonia E. Waters ’13 The Rev. W. Gale Watkins ’83 The Rev. Stuart C. Wattles ’76 Mr. Warren D. Watts The Rev. Charles Stewart Weaver ’66 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Weaver Jr. The Rev. James S. Weaver ’53 The Rev. Randolph L.C. Weber ’82 The Rev. Stephen J. ’87 and Mrs. Cynthia Weber The Rev. Dr. C. John Weborg ’70 Dr. Arthur D. Webster Jr. ’69 Mrs. Joan M. Webster The Rev. Dr. Hermann I. Weinlick ’62 The Rev. Anne L. Weirich ’98 Dr. Donald R. Weisbaker ’56 The Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Weisz ’65 The Rev. Laura Marie Welch ’05

Students in Professor Afe Adogame’s travel course, Towards Understanding Other Cultures, traveled to Ghana for twelve days. Read student reflections about this life-changing trip at

The Rev. Dr. James S. Welch ’65 Ms. Loretta D. Weldeman

Mrs. Elizabeth Furst Williamson

The Rev. Karol Lynn Van Wulfen ’97

The Rev. Kenneth A.B. Wells ’60

The Rev. Dr. John Mark Willingham ’86

Mr. Ralph M. Wyman

The Rev. Denise Condon Welsh ’11

The Rev. Andrew H. Willis Jr. ’71

The Rev. Elizabeth E. Wynne ’04

The Rev. Dr. David P. Welton ’87

The Rev. Karen Patricia Willis ’98

Dr. Jeremy J. Wynne ’04

The Rev. Rosemary Noga Welton ’01

Prof. David W. Wills ’66

The Rev. Raymond Wyppich ’64

The Rev. Walter L.C. Wenhold ’56

The Rev. Alfred W. Wilson Jr. ’62

The Rev. Dr. Steven Toshio

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. West

Mrs. Gail H. Wilson

The Rev. Judith Anne Westerhoff ’81

The Rev. Paul H. Wilson ’46

Mr. and Mrs. Koichi K. Yamasaki

Dr. Louise F. Westfall ’79

The Rev. Dr. Stephen M. Wilson ’82

The Rev. Dr. In Yang ’89

Mrs. Mary Downing Wheeler ’49

The Rev. Zachary O. Wilson ’00

The Rev. Dr. David V. ’54 and

The Rev. Myron L. Wheeler ’49

The Rev. Dr. Carlos E. Wilton ’82

The Rev. Dr. Robert Ellis Whitaker ’13

The Rev. Donald C. Winch ’86

The Rev. Kenneth B. Yerkes ’60

Mr. Adam Gilbert White

Mrs. Florence P. Winch ’86

The Rev. David Sang Chil Yi ’01

The Rev. Dr. Bruce R. White ’61

The Rev. Dr. George B. ’72 and Mrs.

The Rev. Dr. Sung Bihn ’94 and Mrs.

The Rev. Dr. John E. and Mrs. Alicia Jay White

Barbara Wirth

Yamaguchi ’88

Mrs. Grace C. Yeaworth

Minsook Yim

Mr. Matthew J. Witkowski Jr.

Chaplain Jeffrey Martin Young ’78

The Rev. Leon W. White ’63

Mr. Jeffrey P. Witten ’00

The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Young ’89

Mrs. Patricia Davies White ’62

The Rev. Jennifer Kates Witten ’00

Mrs. Setsuko Inoue Young

The Rev. Dr. Robert G. ’74 and Mrs.

Dr. David J. Woehr ’62 and Mrs. Betty

Mr. Travis B. and Mrs. Carol G. Young

Benedicte White The Rev. Dr. Ronald C. White Jr. ’64 The Rev. Dr. Peter Evans Whitelock ’89

Jane Hanyen Woehr The Rev. Dr. Deanna Kristin Ferree Womack ’15

The Rev. Francis A. Younkin ’55 and Mrs. Anita M. VerSteegh Younkin The Rev. Dr. Gary J. Ziccardi ’87

Mrs. Barbara Whitesides

The Rev. Kenneth B. Wonderland ’83

The Rev. James D. Whitlock ’63

The Rev. Susan Faye Wonderland ’83

Mr. William Robert Whitmore ’13

Pastor Daniel Hee Woo ’16

Father Thayyil M. Zachariah

The Rev. David T. Widmer ’94

Dr. H. Stanley Wood ’70

Ms. Jaime L. Zamparelli

Mrs. Vergene C. Wieman

Ms. Nancy W. Wood ’67

The Rev. Rosalind B. Ziccardi ’87

The Rev. Dr. Warren C. Wiggins ’67

The Rev. Terry D. Woodbury ’72

The Rev. George N. Zigich ’89

The Rev. Holly S. Wildhack ’87

The Rev. Andrew H. Woods ’68

Mrs. Alison McCord Zimmerman and

Mr. William A. Wildhack III ’85

The Rev. Dr. Peter Charles Wool

The Rev. Dr. Kenyon J. Wildrick ’58

The Rev. Elaine L. Woroby ’86

Dr. Gail Zimmerman

Dr. and Mrs. L. Charles Willard

Mr. Gregory L. Wortley ’88

The Rev. Jill Zook-Jones ’79

The Rev. Claire Ervin Williams ’84

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth A.

Ms. Lorelei Zupp

Mrs. Emma D. Williams

Mrs. Susan Zachariah

Mr. James M. Zimmerman

Wotherspoon ’70

The Rev. Harold G. Williams Jr. ’59

The Rev. Charles E. Wright ’78

The Rev. Stephen C. Williams ’80

Dr. Dana R. ’99 and Mrs. Judy Wright

The Rev. Walter Ernest Williams ’66

Mrs. Jane C. Wright

Mrs. Erma Polly Williams-Fischler ’60

Mr. Jeffrey M. Wright ’75


Dr. George K. ’59 and

| 43

GIFTS MADE IN HONOR OR MEMORY To the Annual Fund in Honor of: Ms. Catherine Ahmad The Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson ‘73 Mr. Jim Andrews The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Armstrong ’58 The Rev. Dr. M. Craig Barnes ’81 The Very Rev. Dr. G. Russell Barr ’00 Professor Georges Augustin Barrois ’42 The Rev. Jon A. Black ’72 The Rev. Rebecca E. Brenner ’86 The Rev. James Brown Mr. Jonathan “Jon” Wayne Burke Sid Bunch Monroe Bush Dr. Emile Caillet Mr. John Callaway Dr. Katie Cannon Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy The Rev. Dr. Lawrence A. Chamberlain ’65 The Rev. Dr. Andrew D. Chaney ’98 Dr. Ellen T. Charry-Moore Class of 1950 Class of 1992 Ms. Christina Ann Crosby The Rev. Megan Nicole Cullip ’13 The Rev. Deborah Kerr Davis ’79 Professor F.W. Dobbs-Allsopp ’87 Dr. Ira Brent Driggers ’98 Mr. Fred Fife The Rev. Diane Jamison Fitch ’93 Dr. Karlfried Froehlich Dr. Freda Ann Gardner Dr. Darrell L. Guder Ms. Carrie M. Hanson The Rev. Dr. Geddes W. Hanson ‘72 The Rev. Judith Hartung Hockenberry ’86 Ms. Melissa Haupt ’08 Ms. Julie Maria Hoplamazian ’06 The Rev. C. Nolan Huizenga ’06 Dr. Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger The Rev. Kimberly L. Hyatt ’96 Dr. J. Calvin K. Jackson ’53 Mr. Thomas R. Johnson Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa The Rev. Dr. James F. Kay Mr. Timothy J. Keller Mr. Frederick F. Lansil The Rev. Dr. Cleophus LaRue ’90 Mr. Murray E. Lopdell-Lawrence The Rev. Anthony David Lorenz ’07 The Rev. Dr. James A. Mays ’58 The Rev. Dr. George H. McConnel ’78 The Rev. Kennedy M. McGowan ’89 Mrs. Josephine L. Mendez The Rev. Dr. Gordon Stanley Mikoski ’88 Ms. Hannah Mills Ms. Taylor Mills ’17 Ms. Adeline Marie Fehribach Mittal The Rev. Dr. David S. Moessner The Rev. Dr. James Moorhead ’71 The Rev. Dr. Chae-Woon Na ’74 Ms. Constance S. Ranee Niles Mr. Richard A. Rabin The Rev. Kirianne Weaver Riehl ’01 The Rev. Dr. Katherine Doob Sakenfeld The Rev. Beth Michelle Scibienski Prof. Choon-Leong Seow ’80 Ms. Elizabeth Reichert Smith Mrs. Betsy N. Soans Mr. Ricardo Soto

44 |

The Rev. Edwin H. Sprague ’62 Wade Thompson Stauffer The Rev. Dr. Anne Whitaker Stewart ’08 Mr. Jack Stewart Summer Interns at First Presbyterian Church of Salem, Oregon The Rev. Samuel P. Warner ’89 The Rev. David G. Watermulder ’06 Mrs. Sarah E. Watermulder ’08 The Rev. Dr. Wayne R. Whitelock ’64 The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Young ’89 The Rev. Aaron Alexander Zubia ’12

To the Annual Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Marilyn L. Alamsha ’80 The Rev. Dr. Diogenes Allen The Rev. Thomas William Apperson ’65 The Rev. Dr. William C. Barger ’62 Dr. Elisabeth Schumacher Bauer The Rev. Dr. W.J. Beeners ’48 The Rev. Dr. J. Christiaan Beker The Rev. Dr. Samuel W. Blizzard ’39 The Rev. William Newman ’57 and Carolyn K. Boak The Rev. Arthur Victor Boand ’20 The Rev. Robert Benjamin Boell ’38 The Rev. William M. Boyce Jr. ’52 The Rev. C. Harold Brackbill ’50 The Rev. Dr. Donald W. Bracken ’56 and Family The Rev. Dr. Arthur M. Byers Jr. ’50 The Rev. Dr. J. Paul Cameron IV ’70 The Rev. Dr. Ernest T. Campbell ’48 The Rev. Dr. Donald Capps The Rev. George W. Carson ’47 The Rev. Dr. James A. Churchill ’72 The Rev. Dr. James Fulton Clark ’54 Ms. Elizabeth M. Cole The Rev. Daniel L. Consla ’72 The Rev. Dr. David L. Crawford ’47 The Rev. Albert G. Dezso ’46 The Rev. Kenneth W. Downing ’75 Ms. Margo M. Dudak The Rev. Frederick W. Evans ’05 The Rev. Frederick W. Evans Jr. ’47 Mrs. Joy Fisher Evans The Rev. Dr. Lewis M. Evans Jr. ’54 The Rev. Paul F. Everett ’64 The Rev. Dr. William H. Felmeth ’42 Ms. Melody Ferree The Rev. Walter A. Fitton ’54 Dr. Leo A. Forsberg ’70 The Rev. George P. Fulton Jr. ’44 The Rev. Dr. Philip W. Furst ’35 The Rev. Alfred J. Gerdel ’51 The Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Gillespie ’54 The Rev. Dr. Dale D. Gorman ’55 The Rev. Dr. Lincoln T. Griswold ’55 The Rev. Ernest E. Haddad ’54 The Rev. Dr. Alan J. Hagenbuch ’58 The Rev. Dr. Neil Quinn Hamilton ’51 The Rev. Ormond L. Hampton ’53 The Rev. Canon Dr. Howard J. Happ ’68 Rubén Rosario Hernández Mrs. Violet Hertrich Mrs. Elmer G. Homrighausen The Rev. William C. Howell ’52 The Rev. Richard C. Hughes ’61 Ms. Carolyn Lanham Irminger Dr. James S. Irvine The Rev. Dr. G. Robert Jacks ’59 The Rev. Dr. Donald H. Juel Dr. Richard L. Kasper Dr. Robert K. Kelley ’48 The Rev. Clyde J. Kennedy ’36 The Rev. Norman S. Kindt ’41 The Rev. Dr. Bryant M. Kirkland ’38 The Rev. G.S. ’53 and Mrs. Cheryl Knieriemen Jr. Ms. Patricia Ann Knudsen The Rev. Dr. Theodore Koopmans ’38 Dr. Bickford Lang ’48 Ms. Linda Lanier-Keasaian Dr. Martin E. Lehmann ’48 The Rev. Joseph J. Lemen ’50 The Rev. Dr. Richard H. Leon ’62 Mr. John Linen Mrs. Mary Linen The Rev. Dr. James E. Loder ’57

Mrs. Lefferts Loetscher Dr. C. Marshall Lowe ’55 The Rev. Dr. John E. Luchies ’39 Mr. John A. Mackay The Rev. James Marsh MacKellar ’55 Dr. Donald Macleod ’46 The Rev. Dr. Gary W. Martin ’65 Thayyil Geevarghese Mathai Dr. Ulrich W. Mauser The Rev. George S. Maxwell ’29 The Rev. Dr. James I. McCord The Rev. Dr. Bruce M. Metzger ’38 Mrs. Isobel Mackay Metzger The Rev. Wesley P. Miles ’55 The Rev. Charles C. Miller Jr. ’53 The Rev. Dr. Samuel H. Moffett ’42 Dr. Alan Preston Neely Mr. Harry Nelson The Rev. Wesley D. Niles ’66 Ms. Elaine Nowin The Rev. Leonard J. Osbrink ’45 The Rev. Dr. Warren W. Ost ’51 The Rev. William A. Patterson ’75 The Rev. Dr. George T. Peters ’40 Otto A. Piper The Rev. David D. Prince ’58 The Rev. Russell D. Proffitt ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Putnam Mrs. Anne M. Re The Rev. Elmer Ridley Dr. Muriel Osgood Roe ’50 Mr. Martin John Ruby III The Rev. David Eugene Rule ’53 Dr. Charles A. Ryerson III Ms. Peggy Schlorholtz The Rev. Robert L. Schmidt ’62 Mr. Scott Schuller ’06 The Rev. James L. Seawood ’73 Monsignor Donald Shea Mr. Gene P. Sickle The Rev. Dr. Donald R. Sime ’54 Mrs. Judith Allen Simpson Mrs. Lois J. Sorg The Rev. Dr. Max L. Stackhouse The Rev. Dr. Brenda J. Stiers ’90 Dr. Cullen I.K. Story ’64 The Rev. Scott L. Strohm ’84 The Rev. George Alexander Thomas ’64 The Rev. Dr. Elwyn E. Tilden Jr. ’39 Dr. Kenneth Timken ’52 Very Rev. Prof. Thomas F. Torrance The Rev. Dr. Ansley G. Van Dyke ’42 The Rev. George William Vogel Jr. ’51 Mr. Douglas E. Wallace Sr. Rev. R. Stanley Wallace ’55 The Rev. Dr. David B. Watermulder ’45 The Rev. David Williams Weaver ’31 The Rev. Dr. Charles S. Webster ’41 The Rev. Robert A. Wieman ’52 The Rev. Gwyned H. Williams ’73 The Rev. Dr. E. David Willis ’57 The Rev. Maurice Calvin Wright III ’93 Dr. Alexander K. Young ’54


To the Scholarship Fund in Honor of: Ms. Angela Chong The Rev. Dr. Charles Rush Jr. ’91 To the Scholarship Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Alexander T. Coyle ’30 The Rev. Paul H. Pittman III ’89 To the Princeton Seminary Archives in Memory of: The Rev. Thomas L. Thorne ’58 To the Hispanic Theological Initiative in Honor of: Esperanza Aloyo The Rev. Dr. Cristian De La Rosa The Rev. Dr. Matilde Moros ’05 Angel J. Gallardo Villafán To the Hispanic Theological Initiative in Memory of: Santiago and Manuela Alanís Dr. Virgilio P. Elizondo Dr. Alex García-Rivera To the Edler G. Hawkins Prize in Memory of: The Rev. Edler G. Hawkins To the Bicentennial Campaign in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Holst ’74 To the Bicentennial Campaign in Memory of: Mrs. Susan Hall Galloway ’66 The Rev. Dr. James I. McCord The Rev. John William Oerter ’43 To the Bryant M. Kirkland Minister of the Chapel Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Bryant M. Kirkland ’38 To the Bryant M. Kirkland Permanent Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Bryant M. Kirkland ’38 To the John S. and Mary B. Linen Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. John S. Linen Mrs. Mary B. Linen To the Richard H. Lackey Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. Richard H. Lackey Jr. To the Ansley G. and Jane R. Van Dyke Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Ansley G. Van Dyke ’42 Mrs. Jane R. Van Dyke To the Charles Delmar Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of: Mr. Roland H. Delmar To the International Students Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. George R. Wirth ’73


To the Salvatore and Clara Migliore Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Ms. Clara Migliore Mrs. Salvatore Migliore To the David Livingstone Crawford Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. David L. Crawford ’47 To the G. Robert Jacks Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. G. Robert Jacks ’59 To the J. Thomas Kort Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. John Thomas Kort ’73 Mr. Edwin Jones To the J. Thomas Kort Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mrs. Pauline D. Kort Mr. Walter W. Kort Mr. Norman J. Deac To the Henry James Sr. Prize Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Donald Capps To the 2014 Graduating Class Gift in Honor of: The Rev. Janice S. Ammon ’90 The Rev. Rosemary C. Mitchell ’77 Ms. Ava Grace Williams

To the Touring Choir Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Thomas Laurence Thorne ’58 To The Rev. Dr. Frederick E. Christian Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Frederick E. Christian ’34 To the John R. and Isabel Hyde Donelik Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. John R. Donelik Mrs. Isabel Hyde Donelik To the Center of Continuing Education in Memory of: Mr. William Jewett To the Geddes Hanson Lectureship in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. Geddes W. Hanson ’72 To the Buck Breland Memorial Medical Emergency Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. Osmond Philip Breland III To the Clement Duval Crane Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Clement Duval Crane To the James G. Emerson Jr. Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. John K. Sefcik ’53

To the Women in Ministry Program Initiatives in Memory of: Helmar Sakenfeld To the Princeton Theological Seminary Library Memorial Endowment Fund in Honor of: Prof. Dr. Ellen T. Charry-Moore The Rev. Dr. James H. Moorhead ’71 Dr. Kathleen E. McVey To the Princeton Theological Seminary Library Memorial Endowment Fund in Memory of: Dr. Charles A. Ryerson III Mr. Donald M. Vorp To the Lincoln and Clayton Griswold Scholarship for Clinical Pastoral Education in Memory of: Mrs. Jean Griswold To the P. Arthur Brindisi Student Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of: Mrs. Ann Brindisi To the P. Arthur Brindisi Student Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. P. Arthur Brindisi ’42 To the Frederick Buechner Prize for Writing in Honor of: The Frederick Buechner Center To The Rev. John H. Maltby Field Education Fund in Honor of: The Rev. John H. Maltby ’62

| 45

CONGREGATIONS, CHURCHES, AND CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS Gifts received from congregations, churches, and church organizations. Thank you for supporting the next generation of church leaders. SOUTH KOREA Myung Sung Presbyterian Church New Song Myung-Sung Community Church UNITED STATES ALABAMA Tuscaloosa First Presbyterian Church CALIFORNIA Anaheim Presbytery of Los Ranchos Burlingame First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame Chico Bidwell Memorial Presbyterian Church Danville Community Presbyterian Church Lafayette Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church Laguna Beach Laguna Presbyterian Church Mission Viejo Presbyterian Church of the Master Newport Beach St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Panorama City Synod of Southern California and Hawaii COLORADO Boulder First Presbyterian Church of Boulder Colorado Springs First Presbyterian Church Montrose Montrose Presbyterian Church Presbytery of Western Colorado CONNECTICUT Waterford Crossroads Presbyterian Church Westport Green’s Farms Church DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington Georgetown Presbyterian Church Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Synod of the ELCA National Presbyterian Church FLORIDA Hudson St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church Largo Anona United Methodist Church North Port Peace River Presbytery Orlando First Baptist Orlando St. Petersburg First Presbyterian Church GEORGIA Atlanta Central Presbyterian Church

46 |

First Presbyterian Church North Avenue Presbyterian Church Presbytery of Greater Atlanta Trinity Presbyterian Church Decatur Cooperative Baptist Fellowship ILLINOIS Kenilworth Kenilworth Union Church Libertyville First Presbyterian Church Naperville Knox Presbyterian Church Wilmette First Presbyterian Church INDIANA Boonville St. John’s United Church of Christ Indianapolis Second Presbyterian Church Jasper Lincolnland Association United Church of Christ Jeffersonville Committee on Theological Education IOWA Lenox United Presbyterian Church KANSAS Prairie Village Village Church LOUISIANA New Orleans St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church Shreveport First Presbyterian Church MARYLAND Gaithersburg Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Potomac Potomac Presbyterian Church MICHIGAN Bloomfield Hills Kirk in the Hills Byron Center Classis Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Classis Grand Rapids East Grosse Pointe Farms Grosse Pointe Memorial Church MINNESOTA Grand Rapids Community Presbyterian Church Northfield St. John’s Lutheran Church St. Paul Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area Synod of Lakes and Prairies MISSISSIPPI Greenville First Presbyterian Church MISSOURI St. Louis Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church

NEW JERSEY Berkeley Heights Westminster Presbyterian Church Burlington Providence Presbyterian Church Dunellen First Presbyterian Church Elizabeth Third-Westminster Presbyterian Church Fair Lawn Warren Point Presbyterian Church Haddon Heights West Jersey Presbytery Hamilton Square First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square Manasquan First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan Metuchen First Presbyterian Church Morristown Presbyterian Church in Morristown Mountainside New Jersey District of the Lutheran Church Piscataway Taiwanese American Fellowship Presbyterian Church Point Pleasant Beach Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church Princeton Christ Congregation Nassau Presbyterian Church Red Bank Pilgrim Baptist Church Somerdale First Presbyterian Church Summit Central Presbyterian Church Christ Church Trenton Diocese of New Jersey New Jersey Region of the American Baptist Church Shiloh Baptist Church St. Bartholomew Lutheran Church Westfield Presbyterian Church in Westfield Woodbridge First Presbyterian Church of Woodbridge Yardville United Presbyterian Church NEW YORK Flushing First Baptist Church of Flushing Loudonville Loudonville Presbyterian Church Mattituck Mattituck Presbyterian Church New Rochelle Korean Presbyterian Church of Westchester New York Church of St. Matthew & St. Timothy Church of the Master Mt. Olivet Baptist Church United Church Foundation United Methodist Women Orchard Park Orchard Park Presbyterian Church Speculator Deerfoot Lodge

NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte Covenant Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church Presbytery of Charlotte Raleigh White Memorial Presbyterian Church OHIO Akron Westminster Presbyterian Church Cleveland Wider Church Ministries Dayton Fairmont Presbyterian Church Delaware Liberty Presbyterian Church Troy First Presbyterian Church OKLAHOMA First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa PENNSYLVANIA Allentown First Presbyterian Church of Allentown Ambler First Presbyterian Church of Ambler Newtown Newtown Presbyterian Church Perkasie First Baptist Church Philadelphia Catalyst for Change Church Presbytery of Philadelphia State College State College Presbyterian Church Tyrone Presbytery of Huntingdon Valley Forge The United Methodist Church SOUTH CAROLINA Greenville Westminster Presbyterian Church TENNESSEE Nashville First Presbyterian Church General Board of Higher Education in Ministry TEXAS Beaumont Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Lubbock Covenant Presbyterian Church VIRGINIA Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg Harrisonburg First Presbyterian Church Portsmouth Presbytery of Eastern Virginia Richmond Synod of the Mid-Atlantic WASHINGTON Redmond Meadowbrook Church Sammamish Sammamish Presbyterian Church Vancouver Cascades Presbyterian Church Yakima Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church


FOUNDATIONS AND OTHER CORPORATIONS Abbott Laboratories Fund American Endowment Foundation Bank of America CF Foundation, Inc. Charles Delmar Foundation Christine and Paul Branstad Family Foundation Chu Investment Counsel Inc. Comey-Fitzgerald Family Foundation Commercial Cleaning Corporation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Frederick Buechner Center Grand Haven Area Community Foundation J.G. Nasile Painting Co. Inc. Jeffrey A. Fleisher Architect Lilly Endowment, Inc. Lyman Construction Co., Inc. M.L.E. Foundation, Inc. Moravian Ministries Foundation in America Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust Morkal Foundation Mount Olivet Foundation National Academy of Science Network for Good Opal Dancey Memorial Foundation Panwy Foundation Inc. PNC Bank Foundation Public Service Electric and Gas Company Regent Floor Covering & Carpet Roothbert Fund, Inc. Russell Investments Schwab Charitable Southwest Florida Community Foundation, Inc. Texas Presbyterian Foundation The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County The Prudential Foundation Tyler and Diane Miller Family Foundation UBS Donor Advised Fund Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program YourCause, Edison International Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia, Inc.

Byron Buck ’67 MDiv returned to campus for his 50th class reunion. He led the group that painted the very first “Great Rat” on the floor of Hodge Hall, an annual tradition that continues today. MATCHING GIFT CORPORATIONS


Bank of America Foundation IBM Corporation Lilly Endowment, Inc. PNC Bank Foundation Verizon Foundation

American Baptist Board of Education and Publication Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Cornerstone Fellowship Audubon, Pennsylvania Erwin T. Koch Charitable Trust Kansas City, Missouri Everyman’s Bible Class of Rutherford Trust Rutherford, New Jersey Franklin W. and Helen S. Bowen Charitable Trust Wilson, North Carolina Henry P. Bridges Ministers’ Trust Baltimore, Maryland Herbert B. Davison Trust Princeton, New Jersey Jimmie Ullery Charitable Trust Dallas, Texas Kenaitze Indian Tribe Kenai, Alaska Margaret D. Chubet Trust Princeton, New Jersey

The Symposium Ringoes, New Jersey United Way of Spokane County Spokane, Washington William A. and Eugenie H. Sullivan Trust Philadelphia, Pennsylvania BEQUESTS In gratitude for their lives, Princeton Seminary recognizes men and women who have joined the Church Triumphant. The following gifts have been received and special funds have been established in their memory. We honor their legacy of faithfulness and excellence as pastors, church leaders, and educators. Estate of Carol C. Cruikshank Estate of James Stuart Dickson Estate of Mary Duvall Eichelberger Estate of Ferd and Mary Ensinger Estate of Avis Hanson Estate of Nellie Holmes Estate of Genevieve K. Jacobs Estate of Stanley E. Niebruegge Estate of Robert Royal Estate of Ralph J. Stoudt Estate of William V. Waterman Jr.

Park River Lutheran Bible Camp Park River, North Dakota Pennswood Village Newton, Pennsylvania PMR Trenton, New Jersey The Griswold Charitable Trust Fund Ambler, Pennsylvania


| 47

Planned Giving at Princeton Theological Seminary: Planting with Purpose, Planting with Promise A profound “thank you” is due to the members of the Martha

Martha Banyar Le Roy was one

continue to benefit from her

of Princeton Seminary’s earliest

generosity and the legacy she seeded.

benefactors. More than two hundred

The Legacy Society has been named

years ago, in February 1816, it was

in honor of this remarkable early

announced that an anonymous donor


had endowed the first scholarships to be awarded at the Seminary. They

The Martha Banyar Le Roy Legacy

were to be provided to deserving

Society recognizes friends and


alumni who have made planned and

Banyar Le Roy Legacy Society.

life income gifts to the Seminary

The incredible legacy inherited

Three months later, the same person

through provisions in their wills

by today’s students started

endowed a second scholarship. In

and/or one of the life income

1818, Martha Banyar Le Roy was

arrangements offered through the

named in board minutes as the

planned giving program.

with seeds of generosity from past sowers. Their imagination

benefactor. Scholarships were to be a

and foresight sustain Princeton

legacy named after her husband and

When the Seminary becomes

Theological Seminary far into the

her father—the Le Roy and Banyar

aware that a person has made such

future through their planned and

Scholarships. When Martha died in

arrangements, he/she will be invited

1829, the principal of her generous

to become a member. If you have

gift came to the Seminary in full,

made such a provision and are not

endowing the two scholarships.

listed, call Murray Lopdell-Lawrence,

Today, two hundred years after the

director of planned giving at

award of these two first scholarships,


life income gifts.

Princeton Seminary students Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the gifts listed in this 2016–2017 Annual Report. Please notify the Office of Advancement at 609.497.7756 or if you notice any discrepancies or have any questions. This publication reflects gifts made to Princeton Theological Seminary during the fiscal year July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

48 |


T HE MA RT H A BA N YA R L E R OY L E G AC Y S O CIET Y If you would like to make a planned gift, or have made such a provision and are not listed below, call Murray Lopdell-Lawrence, director of planned giving, at 609.497.7978. CLASS OF 1942 Dr. James F. Moore CLASS OF 1943 The Rev. James Stuart Dickson† The Rev. Dr. Carl J.C. Wolf CLASS OF 1944 The Rev. Dr. Charles A. Sayre CLASS OF 1945 The Rev. Joseph T. Sefcik† CLASS OF 1949 The Rev. Dr. James G. Emerson Jr. The Rev. Dr. Charles S. MacKenzie Jr.† The Rev. William R. Stackhouse The Rev. Dr. Donald D. Swift CLASS OF 1950 The Rev. Dr. Nathaniel C. Roe CLASS OF 1951 The Rev. George F. Gillette The Rev. Dr. O. Thomas Miles CLASS OF 1952 The Rev. Richard G. Douse The Rev. Charles L. Sorg The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Stover The Rev. Henk S. Vigeveno CLASS OF 1953 The Rev. Dr. Richard J. Oman Dr. Ralph J. Stoudt Jr.† CLASS OF 1954 Dr. James F. Armstrong The Rev. Dr. Fred W. Cassell The Rev. Dr. John P. Crossley Jr. The Rev. David B. Lowry The Rev. Dr. Conrad H. Massa Mrs. Eileen Flower Moffett The Rev. R. Christy Morgan The Rev. Dr. E. John Roof† The Rev. Dr. Allan H. Swan The Rev. Dr. David V. Yeaworth CLASS OF 1955 The Rev. Dr. Arlo D. Duba The Rev. E. Lee Nelson Jr. The Rev. Dr. A. Don Robb III The Rev. Francis A. Younkin CLASS OF 1956 The Rev. Dr. C. Frederick Horbach The Rev. Dr. David E. Mulford The Rev. Paul G. Palmer The Rev. Dr. Jong Sung Rhee


CLASS OF 1957 The Rev. Dr. Robert J. Armstrong The Rev. Kayton R. Palmer The Rev. Harry R. Robinson Ms. Mary Virginia Stieb-Hales CLASS OF 1958 The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Armstrong The Rev. M. Dwight Ferguson The Rev. James L. Mechem The Rev. Paul Giok Bee Shih CLASS OF 1959 The Rev. Richard M. Craig Ms. Jane Frist The Rev. David C. Jamison The Rev. Richard B. Martin The Rev. Alfred Otto Siegel CLASS OF 1960 The Rev. Samuel Báez The Rev. Eugene P. Degitz The Rev. Dr. Philip L. Ferguson Mrs. Clara Joe Minarik Fisher The Rev. Dr. Richard E. Nygren The Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Roche CLASS OF 1961 Prof. Rolf W. Ahlers The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Bohl The Rev. Chase S. Hunt The Rev. George B. Johnson The Rev. Dr. Richard R. Johnson Mrs. Carolyn Giroud Nygren The Rev. Dr. Robert F. Tuttle CLASS OF 1962 The Rev. Dr. Roger Lee Dunnavan The Rev. Dr. Francisco Oscar GarcíaTreto The Rev. Robert M. Undercuffler The Rev. Alfred W. Wilson Jr. CLASS OF 1963 Miss Joyce Marilyn Harmony CLASS OF 1964 The Rev. Brent Washburn Fisher The Rev. Dr. Dean E. Foose Miss E. Ann Jackman The Rev. Dr. Wayne R. Whitelock CLASS OF 1965 The Rev. Dr. David L. Beck Dr. Christian W. Matthews Jr. The Rev. Jan J. Schilthuis The Rev. Dr. Richard LeRoy Spencer

CLASS OF 1966 The Rev. Dr. Clarence B. Ammons The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Dent The Rev. Dr. John T. Galloway Jr. Mrs. Fredrika S. Groff The Rev. Carlton Craig Hall Ms. Elinor Kirkland Hite CLASS OF 1967 The Rev. Elizabeth D. Beck The Rev. Dr. Kent Ira Groff The Rev. Dr. William Lester McClelland Mr. Ronald Roberts† CLASS OF 1968 Mr. Charles M. Beck II The Rev. James E. Clark The Rev. Barbara M. Laucks The Rev. Dr. Laird J. Stuart CLASS OF 1969 The Rev. C. Philip Laucks† The Rev. Dr. Donald Maddox The Rev. Vern E. McCarty Mr. Richard E. Nathan Dr. Arthur D. Webster Jr. CLASS OF 1970 The Rev. Elaine Peck Africa Mr. William L. Carlton The Rev. Vincent C. deLalla The Rev. Dr. Brewster H. Gere Jr. The Rev. James S. Lawton The Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Mullin The Rev. Dr. Robert C. Reynolds The Rev. Dr. John R. Tobian CLASS OF 1971 The Rev. Donald C. Austin The Rev. Dr. L. Richard Bradley Dr. L. Dudley Field III Mr. Carl C. Gray Jr. The Rev. James A. Lacy The Rev. Dr. Paige Maxwell McRight The Rev. Dr. Randolph T. Riggs The Rev. Clarence V. Scarborough Jr. The Rev. Ed Seeger Dr. James E. Tuckett The Rev. Dr. Gerald L. Tyer CLASS OF 1972 The Rev. Bruce G. Boak The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Dill The Rev. Dr. Marcia J. Graham The Rev. David H. Johnson The Rev. Jean Anne Swope The Rev. Dr. Jack R. Van Ens

CLASS OF 1973 The Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson The Rev. Dianna Pohlman Bell The Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Coye The Rev. Gregory C. Gibson The Rev. Donna Hitner Gray The Rev. Dr. J. Thomas Kort The Rev. Dr. Robert G. McCreight The Rev. Judith Ann Muller The Rev. Dr. Randall Lee Saxon CLASS OF 1975 The Rev. Charles F. Holm The Rev. Daniel C. Thomas Jr. CLASS OF 1976 The Rev. Dr. Brent J. Eelman The Rev. William A. Hartfelder Jr. The Rev. John S. McAnlis The Rev. Dr. Kari Turner McClellan The Rev. Carolyn J. Montgomery CLASS OF 1977 The Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Bickel The Rev. Gary L. Burdick The Rev. John D. Gibbs The Rev. Dr. M. Randall Gill The Rev. Mary L. Marcus The Rev. Dr. Denise LeFebvre Stringer CLASS OF 1978 The Rev. Patricia C. Alexander The Rev. William J. Alexander The Rev. Dr. Bruce A. Chapman Mr. Mark A. Convoy The Rev. Dr. George H. McConnel The Rev. Rodger L. Pettichord Mrs. Trudy Murin Pettichord Mr. Robin A. Rayner The Rev. Florence Ridley The Rev. Charles E. Wright CLASS OF 1979 The Rev. Dr. Philip M. Jones The Rev. Dr. Nigel J. Robb CLASS OF 1980 The Rev. Dr. Kathy J. Nelson The Rev. Mary Putnam Roberts The Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Roberts The Rev. Gary J. Watkins CLASS OF 1981 The Rev. Laszlo Muzsnai The Rev. Douglas R. Nettleton The Rev. Ronald Henry Radden CLASS OF 1982 The Rev. J.W. Cejka III The Rev. Dr. William M. Hoyle The Rev. Deborah Ann McKinley Chaplain (Colonel) Barbara K. Sherer

† Deceased

| 49

THE MA RTH A BA NYA R L E R OY L E G AC Y S O CI ET Y CLASS OF 1983 The Rev. Dr. Edward A. Black Jr. The Rev. Dr. Stuart D. Broberg Dr. Shin Chiba The Rev. Dr. David Clyde Marx CLASS OF 1984 The Rev. Deadra Bachorik Ashton The Rev. James D. Brassard The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Gustafson The Rev. Constance Wiegmann Robinson The Rev. Barbara Price Rolph Pastor Deborah M. Wagner CLASS OF 1985 The Rev. Dr. Deborah G.A. Brincivalli Mrs. Doris Becroft Havran Chaplain James Scott Hogue The Rev. Dr. James Bruere Miller CLASS OF 1986 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Crilley The Rev. Dr. Julie A. Johnson The Rev. Dr. Brian R. Paulson Dr. Fu-Ya Wu CLASS OF 1987 The Rev. Mark James DeVries The Rev. Dr. Guy D. Griffith Ms. Margaret G. Moles† The Rev. Nancy D. Lindell Sautter The Rev. Dr. Audrey L. Schindler The Rev. Dr. John Pearce Ward CLASS OF 1988 The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Henderson Jr. The Rev. Dr. Kasonga Wa Kasonga The Rev. Carl R. Lammers The Rev. Dr. Walter Hermann Wagner CLASS OF 1989 The Rev. Thomas C. Cramer The Rev. Dr. Nancy Hurd Schluter CLASS OF 1990 Mrs. Dolores Bedford Clarke† The Rev. Dr. Suzanne Watts Henderson The Rev. Linda A. Knieriemen The Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Kovacs The Rev. Dr. Cleophus J. LaRue Jr. CLASS OF 1991 The Rev. William Lee Kinney The Rev. Dr. Steven B. Miller

The Rev. Elsie Armstrong Rhodes The Rev. James W. Wheeler CLASS OF 1993 Dr. Ann I. Hoch The Rev. Peter J. Loughman The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Sallquist

CLASS OF 1994 Mrs. Kathleen Jean Loughman The Rev. Melissa Anne Rogers CLASS OF 1995 The Rev. Maryla Kay Meagher The Rev. James R. Wilken CLASS OF 1996 Mr. Justin Dan Sundberg CLASS OF 1997 The Rev. Gregory P. Alford Ms. Pamela L. Kling CLASS OF 1998 The Rev. Eric Paul Lemonholm The Rev. Donna Marsh The Rev. Renee Lawler Sundberg The Rev. Elizabeth Ann Terrill The Rev. Anne L. Weirich CLASS OF 1999 The Rev. Dr. Darrell L. Armstrong The Rev. Jane Tanaskovic Brady-Close The Rev. Dr. Whitworth Ferguson III The Rev. Dr. Charles Bryant Hardwick CLASS OF 2000 The Rev. Dr. Charles Sealy Thorp III CLASS OF 2002 The Rev. Dr. Carrie Neff Mitchell CLASS OF 2004 The Rev. Dr. Mary Carol Perrott LASS OF 2006 The Rev. Dr. Thomas Leet Harmon CLASS OF 2007 The Rev. Kelley Anne Angleberger NON-ALUMNI FRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Armstrong Mrs. C. Elaine Barger The Rev. Nancy N. Bickel

Mrs. Richard A. Biggs† Mrs. Amy Woods Brinkley Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell Mr. John H. Donelik Mrs. Edna M. Egerton Mrs. Joanne B. Erb Mrs. Rosemary Hall Evans Mrs. Donna G. Ferguson Mrs. Kathleen S. Fulton Mrs. Mary Beth Gibson Mrs. Barbara Gillespie Mrs. Jean Griswold† The Rev. Dr. Linda W. Gustafson Mrs. Heather Sturt Haaga Mrs. Miriam M. Haddad Mrs. Rose Marie Hinde Mrs. Dorothy A. Johnson Mr. F. Martin Johnson† Mr. Thomas R. Johnson Mrs. Dorothea A. Johnston The Rev. Dr. James F. Kay Mr. William Burke Kirkpatrick II Mr. John E. Kresge Mrs. Jane A. Luchies Ms. Anna Massa Mr. Noble McCartney Esq. Mrs. Mildred L. McClellan Mr. Daniel K. McKeon Mr. Kenneth N. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Millard Mrs. Miriam C. Overton Mrs. Constance E. Proffitt The Rev. Dr. Peter William Riola Mr. Thomas J. Rosser Ms. Carolyn Sener Rusk The Rev. Dr. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld Mrs. Gladys M. Seebald Mrs. Barbara L. Simons Mr. John D. Stewart† Mrs. Remer L. Strong Mr. Antonio Manuel Vidal Mr. Paul W. Whitney Mrs. Elizabeth Furst Williamson Mrs. Elizabeth R. Wilson Mrs. Jane C. Wright Mrs. Susan W. Wright Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Young Mrs. Alison McCord Zimmerman

Martha Banyar Le Roy

We would also like to express our grateful appreciation to nearly one hundred additional donors who have remembered Princeton Seminary in their estate plans, but wish to remain anonymous.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the gifts listed in this 2016–2017 Annual Report. Please notify the Office of Advancement at 609.497.7756 or if you notice any discrepancies or have any questions. This publication reflects gifts made to Princeton Theological Seminary during the fiscal year July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

50 |


ALUMNI ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS 2017–2018 Princeton Theological Seminary is grateful to the following alumni who contribute their time, energy, and talents by serving as members of the Alumni Association Executive Council. During 2016–2017, the following alumni served on the Alumni Association Executive Council:

Region 1: The Rev. Dr. R. Scott Herr ’87 MDiv (International)

Region 7: The Rev. Dr. Edwin Gray Hurley ’81 MDiv (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands)

Region 2: The Rev. Michael L. Lindvall ’74 MDiv (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont)

Region 8: The Rev. Dr. Dwight R. Blackstock ’71 MDiv (Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming)

Region 3: The Rev. Berlinda A. Love ’92 MDiv (Delaware and New Jersey)

Region 4: The Rev. Donna Marsh ’98 MDiv (Washington DC, Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania) Region 5: The Rev. Dr. Peter Henry ’96 MDiv, ’01 ThM, ’09 PhD (Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania) Region 6: The Rev. Bianca Robinson Howard ’05 ThM (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia)

Region 9: The Rev. Dr. April Marie Davis Campbell ’04 MDiv (Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin) Region 10: The Rev. Susan Ann Sytsma Bratt ’06 MDiv (New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas)

Region 11: The Rev. Dr. Christopher Lenocker ’78 ThM (Arizona, Hawaii, and Southern California)

Region 12: The Rev. Kendy Easley ’82 MA, ’87 MDiv (Alaska, Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa)

Moderator The Rev. Sarah Jo Sarchet Butter ’92 MDiv, Vice Moderator The Rev. Dr. Chip Hardwick ’99 MDiv, ’07 PhD,


| 51


The Class of 2017 poses in front of Miller Chapel. Named after Samuel Miller, the Seminary’s second professor, and built in 1834, Miller Chapel is the heart of worship life at the Seminary. Master of Divinity Brandon Lee Allen John Matthew Allison Andrea Leigh Arrington Jacalyn Cie Barnes James Elias Baylor Madeleine Stielstra Benishek Claire Purcell Berry Peter Randall Billings Genevieve Rose Bishop Tammy Jane Blose Julia Therese Boudrye Jonathan David Brewer Casey Chris Carbone William D. Carter III Alexander Junghyuk Chang Kaylena Dawn Charpentier Andrea Benson Chaumont Andrew James Cleveland John Paul Cooke Lauren Gracie Calvin Cooke Christina Ann Cosby Adam Michael Demetros Katherine-Louise Chimacoff Dickens Laura Jennifer Di Panfilo Benjamin Robert Dixon Robert Theodore Drake Anders Christofer Edstrom Alice Oluwatimileyin Fadiora Tanner Scott Fixari Darius Tremaine Fowlkes Rebecca Anne Francisco Robert Lord Galloway Virginia Margaret Goss Dana Lynn Gray Charles James Guth III Robert Andrew Hake Qadry Ahmad Harris Evan Michael Hierholzer Thomas E. Hong Thomas Lance Hurst Benjamin Antone Jacuk David Jefferson Jr. Brice Thomas Jenkins Madison Lee Johnston Leanne Victoria Ketcham Brian Kim Peter Yong Kim Taeksoo Kim Kyle Martin Kirchhoff 52 |

Donald Stanley Kirschner Kripanand Roy Komanapalli Enoch H. Kuo Eric Ferriday Lange Joseph Jiwoo Lim Jane Doty MacKenzie Hannah Elizabeth MacLean John Francis Maher III Jillian Roberts Marcantonio Graham Alan Marsh Gabrielle Marie Martone Claire Lucy Mather Stephen John McCloskey Devlin Riskedahl McGuire Alyssa Charis McKnight Katherine Elizabeth McShane Taylor Ann Mills Tracey Renee Mina Joel David Moody Hugh Bradford Morgan William Walter Murray Travis Robert Niles Kelsey Kay O’Brien Paul Stephen Olson Cameron Christopher Patterson Daniel Pérez Luis A. Quiñónes-Román Barnabas Preetam Ravindranath* Antwaun D’mario Richardson Hilary Grace Ritchie Chantya Maria Roberson Jacob Carl Rogers-Martin Charles Patrick Sadler II Katherine Hannah Scott Joshua Irwin Silver Samantha Machelle Slaubaugh Steven Allen Slaubaugh Mary Terese Slodden David Brandon Smith Ryan Sun Song Nathan Robert Stenberg Rachel Erin Stuart Kyle Mason Swann Erika Paige Tate Aron Michael Tillema Sara Nicole Tillema Marcus DeQuincey Tillery Leslie Grace Virnelson Kevin Michael Vollrath Connor Dominy Warme Walker Dunn Weatherly

Beatrix Anne Weil Joshua Patrick Wilder Ellen Nicole Williams Daryl Wayne Winston Zachary Carl Wooten Stephen Michael Wright Nicholas Spede Yancey Ju Young Yang

Jairus Lee Sirgedas Casey Lynn Smith Matthew Sean Smith Assiyah Aliyyah Spell Nicholas John White Ballah Yengbeh

Dual-Degree: Master of Arts/Master of Divinity

Drew Barton Armstrong Dina Sobhy Faried Bishay David Zachary Blackwell Dennis Jerry Carroll Angela Chwe Elinor Lillias Lockwood Dale Diandra Michelle Darby John Jason Dere Jacqueline Jenelle Fowler Nelson Robert Seney Gillette III Piero Alejandro Gorriti Corzo Nathanael Roy Johnson Eser Kim Younggeun Kim Jiyeon Lee Yuehmei Liang Bijan Mirtolooi Daniel Wee Jin Ng Talitha-Koumi Oluwafemi Victoria Holowink Parker Witthaya Phuttharaksa David Reissmann Za Uk Sang Matthew Aric Smith Jason David Weatherwax Marlin Lee Williams Astor Yelangueuzian

Allen Michael Armstrong LaThelma Christina Armstrong Todd S. Byers Michael Paul Cartledge Robert Stephens Cella Leigh Whitson DeVries Jasmin Elise Figueroa Kayla Beth Kelly Alicia Ann Maxwell Douglas Scott Pichard Amber Kay Slate Lynwood Clinton Spell Brian Campbell Yount Master of Arts (Christian Education and Formation) Deanna Lea Morgan Matthew Steven Nabinger Kelsey Elizabeth Rose Maria-Salome P. Smith Korena Melvena Stewart Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Kerri Lee Alexander Michael Austin Brown Rachel Marie Cheney Benjamin Joseph Green Holly Elizabeth Hayes Jeremy Qumane Henry Kingsley Iredia Itua Boye-Nelson Kiamu Heather Taylor Koenig Monika Meskyte Kenneth Oduor Ofula Kevin Lamar Peterman Matthew Aaron Quainoo Nicholas Ryan Scott-Blakely

Master of Theology

Doctor of Philosophy Rubén Javier Arjona Mejía Anthony Michael Bateza Melissa Dawn Haupt Cambria Janae Kaltwasser John Schendel Rose Daved Anthony Schmidt Ry Owen Siggelkow Catherine Elizabeth Williams *(received degree October 2016)


THANK YOU TO ALUMNI Gifts for the Annual Fund, scholarships, capital projects, endowments, and other special purposes have been made by the following alumni:

CLASS OF 1943 Active Members: 4 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $300 Donald R. Fletcher

Elene Roussey Hawthorne Clyde L. Mellinger Jr. J. Bruce Melton O. Thomas Miles Charles F. Stratton†

CLASS OF 1944 Active Members: 3 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $100 Charles A. Sayre

CLASS OF 1952 Active Members: 31 Donors: 11 Total Giving: $1,570 Brian H. Cleworth H. Glen Ellison Robert E. Lakey George A. Munzing John B. Smiley Charles L. Sorg Henry B. Strock Jr. Thomas R. Teply John E. Turpin Henk S. Vigeveno David Glenn Walker

CLASS OF 1945 Active Members: 6 Donors: 2 Total Giving: $238 S. David Chambers Jr. Douglas W. Gray† CLASS OF 1946 Active Members: 4 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $100 Paul H. Wilson CLASS OF 1947 Active Members: 8 Donors: 2 Total Giving: $63 Pattie Moore Gray Anne Marie Melrose CLASS OF 1948 Active Members: 13 Donors: 3 Total Giving: $425 John H. MacLeod Frederick Albert Magley Robert E. Seel CLASS OF 1949 Active Members: 20 Donors: 3 Total Giving: $250 Harry E. Colwell III William R. Stackhouse Donald D. Swift CLASS OF 1950 Active Members: 18 Donors: 6 Total Giving: $770 James Stanley Barlow Dean R. Montgomery Nathaniel C. Roe Robert M. Russell Jr.† Russell C. Tomlinson Jr. Jean Browne Turner CLASS OF 1951 Active Members: 30 Donors: 11 Total Giving: $2,005 David R. Aaronson Elizabeth Bulger Burgess E. Luke Carlson Barbara Sturgis Crawford George F. Gillette Donald C. Hawthorne

CLASS OF 1953 Active Members: 44 Donors: 17 Total Giving: $3,535 Julian Alexander Jr. Prentice H. Barnett W. Edmund Carver Merle E. Elrod Sachi Shimomura Furuya Aaron E. Gast Gerald W. Gillette Roy A. Harrisville Jr. David H. Hopper J. Calvin K. Jackson James A. Langley Hibbert W. Moss Jr. F. Morgan Roberts Newton M. Roberts Richard F. Rowley Alfred A. Schlorholtz James S. Weaver CLASS OF 1954 Active Members: 57 Donors: 21 Total Giving: $15,070 James F. Armstrong Conrad H. Massa Fred W. Cassell William H. Bender Martin J.T. Buss James H. Chesnutt John P. Crossley Jr. Charles J. Dougherty Carl A. Gundersen Jr. C. William Hassler Robert W. Hoag James H. Howell John E. Huegel Harris T. Lang David B. Lowry Eileen Flower Moffett Randall R. Painter Donald F. Sears Allan H. Swan Robert J. Tollefson David V. Yeaworth


CLASS OF 1955 Active Members: 62 Donors: 14 Total Giving: $5,328 Al T. Davies Wylene Young Davies Arlo D. Duba Victoria Mott Garey Lewis S. Hay Suzanne Arend Hewett Paul A. Lutz Robert L. Montgomery Ann Leean Muyskens George A. Pera James F. VanDyke John H. Visser John David Warren Francis A. Younkin CLASS OF 1956 Active Members: 69 Donors: 16 Total Giving: $4,253 Nancy M. Buss Donald A. Crosby Raymond J. Foley Richard C. Hettish J. Robert Hewett Robert W. Jewett William J. Mills David E. Mulford Arthur W. Nelson Earl F. Palmer Donald M. Stine† William H. Stryker Charles Richard Stults John W. Thomson III Donald R. Weisbaker Walter L.C. Wenhold CLASS OF 1957 Active Members: 69 Donors: 18 Total Giving: $2,420 Richard E. Brewer Paul D. Clark Roberto Delgado William T. Durr Charles L. Greenwood D. Paul Hackett James W. Kesler Roger A. Kvam Robert W. MacGregor Donn D. Moomaw Clarence L. Reaser Daniel W. Reid Harry R. Robinson Richard C. Rowe John W. Sloat John S. Snyder Marlin B. Stewart Mary Virginia Stieb-Hales CLASS OF 1958 Active Members: 81 Donors: 22 Total Giving: $53,381 Richard S. Armstrong John N. Bartholomew

† Deceased

C. Samuel Calian William E. Chapman Pedro Cintrón-Lamourt Thomas E. Fisher Ralph S. Hamburger Margaret E. Howland Alick M. Kennedy Patricia Budd Kepler Thomas F. Kepler Robert S. MacFarlane Jr. James L. Mechem Frederick V. Mills Sr. James H. Morrison† R. George Morrison Sarah V. Morrison Thomas W. Nissley Joseph M. Shaw Paul Giok Bee Shih Richard R. Streeter Kenyon J. Wildrick CLASS OF 1959 Active Members: 100 Donors: 28 Total Giving: $4,551 Leonard B. Bjorkman Marguerite C. Bronkema-Allen Robert W. Cahn Charles Nelson Craig Richard M. Craig Robert H. Crilley Virginia Ruffin Crilley Robert W. Crowther Jr. Robert E. Dodson Yasuo Carl Furuya Svea Blomquist Gray Daniel Gordon Jewett Raymond E. Judd Jr. Michael Kalafian Daniel William Little Robert Ira Long III Richard B. Martin James T. Mathieu Daniel L. Migliore Richard A. Mills Edward O. Poole Key Sun Ryang John M. Salmon James A. Schumacher Alfred Otto Siegel Joseph J. Thompson Harold G. Williams Jr. George K. Zachariah CLASS OF 1960 Active Members: 106 Donors: 26 Total Giving: $44,625 James E. Aydelotte Ernest Winfield Bartow Arthur L. Benjamin J. Raymond Brubaker Charles L. Cureton III Man Singh Das Eugene P. Degitz Charles B. Dreyer Philip L. Ferguson Robert W. Finertie Clara Joe Minarik Fisher

Ronald G. Frase J. Scottie Griffin Donald G. Howland Robert F. Lisi Richard E. Nygren Roy Pfautch Ronald J. Sloan† John R. Springer William C. Starr M.K. Thomas John H. Valk Dewey D. Wallace Jr. Kenneth A.B. Wells Erma Polly Williams-Fischler Kenneth B. Yerkes CLASS OF 1961 Active Members: 102 Donors: 28 Total Giving: $10,920 George F. Aberle Gerald L. Bell Jr. Robert A. Beringer Judith Kingston Bjorkman Howard F.M. Childers† Abigail Rian Evans Mary Lee Fitzgerald Frederick P. Gibbs Richard L. Gronhovd James R. Hartsoe Chase S. Hunt June L. Jewett George B. Johnson Winter V. Lantz J. Raymond Lord James M. Marsh David Hunter McAlpin Jr. G. Daniel McCall Carolyn Giroud Nygren Ronald B. Rice Marvin L. Roloff Lawrence F. Selig Lois Koch Siegel Marshall P. Stanton Bruce H. Swenson J. Bob Thornton Robert F. Tuttle Bruce R. White CLASS OF 1962 Active Members: 100 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $7,171 Robert M. Adams John Thomas Ash III Henry (Harry) Munro Bruen Jr. William Thomas Cunningham John D. Dennis Lois Montelius Dodge William H. Dodge Roger Lee Dunnavan William E. Foreman Terry E. Fouse Harry A. Freebairn William J. Fuerstenau Francisco Oscar García-Treto C. James Hinch David C. Kaminsky John H. Maltby

| 53

Benjamin F. Moss III James C. Murray Gary F. Skinner Edwin H. Sprague Robert M. Undercuffler Hermann I. Weinlick Patricia Davies White Alfred W. Wilson Jr. David J. Woehr

George Robinson Pomeroy John R. Powers Robert C. Prior Charles Leo Rassieur Walter H. Schuman Robert E. Simpson George G. Toole Leon W. White James D. Whitlock

CLASS OF 1963 Active Members: 128 Donors: 36 Total Giving: $13,415 Charles L. Bartow Helen M. Beglin Donald R. Black Herbert W. Cassel George E. Chorba III James U. Cortelyou William H. Craig William H. Dent Jr. Barry H. Downing Augustus Scott Feather Henry J. Ferry George F. Fry Karen Nordhus George Robert L. George James M. Hanly Joyce Marilyn Harmony Thomas M. Johnston Jr. Robert H. Jones Kurt G. Jung Richard Stanley Kauffman Ralph E. Lamar III Eleanor Burke Lane George E. Lankford III John C. Mather John S. McCall Benton M. Newcomer Franklin L. Partridge III

CLASS OF 1964 Active Members: 122 Donors: 24 Total Giving: $18,890 Harvey A. Bartz James R. Black Donald P. Boardman John A. Cairns Jr. Samuel James Campbell Gunther R. Eisele E. Lloyd Evans Richard Q. Ford Stillman Allen Foster Jr. Wallace T. Fukunaga Robert P. Hoover Ching-Fen Hsiao W. Harvey Jenkins Jr. Harold E. Johnson Peter Rhea Jones Sr. Stark G. Jones John L. Kipp Helen Copeland Lynde M. Eileene Johnson MacFalls John S. Metallides James D. O’Dell Donald W. Shaner Ronald C. White Jr. Raymond Wyppich

CLASS OF 1965 Active Members: 120 Donors: 26 Total Giving: $11,154 Janice I. Anderson David L. Beck Lawrence A. Chamberlain Eloise A. Cowherd George E. Daniels Nancy Schumacher Dennis George R. Doering Jr. Peter B. Funch John A. Gilmore Kenneth E. Graham Mebane Harrison John A. Huffman Jr. James E. Janke Burton A. Knudsen Robert Edward Larson Jr. Kenneth J. Lynde Christian W. Matthews Jr. Norman E. Myer Margaret L. Myers Thomas D. Parker Marcena Mead Steele John H. Stevens Richard K. Stewart Judith Fey Thomas Stephen R. Weisz James S. Welch CLASS OF 1966 Active Members: 119 Donors: 32 Total Giving: $15,764 Charles R. Barton Elizabeth G. Biggers Robert Karl Bohm Robert W. Dent William P. Findlay Garnett E. Foster

John T. Galloway Jr. Gaylord S. Gillis Fredrika S. Groff Carlton Craig Hall Willard R. Harstine James R. Herrington James E. Hicks Elinor Kirkland Hite S T Kimbrough Jr. James R. Laurie Robert S. Maclennan Paul A. Mickey Howard L. Milkman Jr. R. Blair Moffett Barbara E. Nelson William A. Polkowski Frank H. Poole Ronald W. Richardson Lyle E. Rossing William J. Sadler Sr. Paul E. Schrading Philip J. Sorensen James C. Troust Charles Stewart Weaver Walter Ernest Williams David W. Wills CLASS OF 1967 Active Members: 122 Donors: 29 Total Giving: $3,490 Carl David Anderson Jeff M. Archer Elizabeth D. Beck Voris G. Brookshire Jr. James D. Brown Robert J. Collins John Stephen Davey Conrad De Master Stewart E. Ellis David P. Gellert

Kent Ira Groff Barry J. Gruver Charles A. Herrick Gordon C. Hess Walter C. Hunting William N. Jackson Earl S. Johnson Jr. Gordon E. Letizia Ray I. Lindquist Robert Clinton Murphy Szabolcs S. Nagy Philip D. Needham Roderick D. Olson James Michael Pulsifer George L. Reed Jr. Delores F. Richardson Vernon W. Towne Warren C. Wiggins Nancy W. Wood CLASS OF 1968 Active Members: 144 Donors: 29 Total Giving: $15,717 Charles M. Beck II Bruce O. Boston D. Calvert Brand Richard C. Brand Jr. R. Glenn Brown Abi S. Castro Floyd W. Churn Jr. Katherine G. Cronk Patrick Joseph Hardy Earl William Kennedy Stanley R. Kessler Richard Lee Killmer Daniel A. Klement Barbara M. Laucks Mary M. McKemy William M. Meyer John M. Noah Joseph Oscar Rand Jr. Vernon Jerome Rice J.R. Richardson James E. Roghair Craig W. Rule William L. Snorf Gordon L. Sommers Laird J. Stuart James H. Swartz Toshio Takami Margaret Anne Gray Towne Andrew H. Woods CLASS OF 1969 Active Members: 148 Donors: 34 Total Giving: $4,820 Joan L. Abell Thomas S. Baker Dale E. Bilbrey Dean A. Boldon Dennis Clinton Booth William D. Carr Paul E. Derrickson David R. Drain Richard W. Dutton David E. Fernández Elizabeth Collins Ferrard W. Woodrow Gilliland Maynard Grunstra James Harold Harris Jr.

Members of the Class of 1967 celebrated their fiftieth anniversary at reunion 2017.

54 |

† Deceased


Don J. Hayes Paul B. Henry Thomas F. Johnson M. Jacob Kaufman Jr. I. Henry Koh John Lancaster C. Philip Laucks† Donald Maddox Peter A. McWilliams Robert W. Morrison Paul E. Mundschenk Ronnie A. Nagata Richard E. Nathan James S. Rettig Halford R. Ryan Constance Leean Seraphine Olin J. Shockley Jr. Kenneth W. Smith Paul Speros Stavrakos Arthur D. Webster Jr. CLASS OF 1970 Active Members: 154 Donors: 35 Total Giving: $6,425 Andrew T. L. Armstrong Jr. William L. Bowers Cheryl J. Brown Jackson W. Carroll Ellen H. Dozier Frank Gasque Dunn James Robert Edwards R. Wayne Frey Brewster H. Gere Jr. Irene R. Getz Raymond L. Gray Bradley C. Hanson Chi Young Kay James R. Kellett Donald C. Landis Ernest S. Lyght James Walborn McCormack Michael L. McGehee Robert A. Miller Richard J. Moore Harvey J.C. Oster III Robert C. Reynolds Allen R. Sager John A. Schmidt Kent L. Smith Philip W. Sommer David M. Spahn Byron R. Swanson Melchior H. Van Hattem Ronald N.H. Van Schenkhof Robert P. Vande Kappelle Sr. Thomas J. Venables C. John Weborg H. Stanley Wood Kenneth A. Wotherspoon CLASS OF 1971 Active Members: 161 Donors: 30 Total Giving: $9,405 James L. Andreson Carol E. Atwood-Lyon Donald C. Austin Larry R. Austin Edwin W. Bartholomew Dwight R. Blackstock Robert C. Brower Lynn D. Cairns John Crosbie Carr Kim-Tsong Chen Joel R. Crosby

Mark A. Davies Keith W. Drury John L. Glosser Carl C. Gray Jr. Winston R. Hull II Paul A. Leggett Leslie Allan Malakian Donald A. Marks Gordon Andrew McKay Paige Maxwell McRight Harold E. Owens John R. Owens John F. Potter Jerry C. Rettig Randolph T. Riggs Clarence V. Scarborough Jr. Andrew D. Scrimgeour Joseph D. Small III Andrew H. Willis Jr. CLASS OF 1972 Active Members: 150 Donors: 32 Total Giving: $7,540 George F. Abdo Joyce W. Bardeen Robert W. Bardeen Jon A. Black Alan R. Blatecky Bruce G. Boak William T. Davis Gary O. Dennis Gary A. Dill James E. Doffin Jr. Dale Allan Dykstra Ezhamalil Eapen David M. Evans Kenneth F. Gruebel Stephen H. Kyriacou Alfred C. Lindahl Terry O. Martinson Alan G. Meyers Charles Randall Peyton Stephen C. Pierce Peter Poulos Davis B. Price Dennis M. Salmon John L. Setzler Robert B. Smith Jr. William D. Spencer Arthur E. Sundstrom Jean Anne Swope George Reeves Taylor Jack R. Van Ens George B. Wirth Terry D. Woodbury CLASS OF 1973 Active Members: 174 Donors: 34 Total Giving: $28,758 Fred R. Anderson Robert G. Bayley Dianna Pohlman Bell Rowland F. Bennett Wayne C. Blaser Thomas R. Coye Charles A. Curtis Larry Eugene Dixon Craig R. Dykstra Kenneth Shannon Gallagher Donna Hitner Gray Alexander Emil Hansen Ed Kaiel Gregory J. Keosaian J. Thomas Kort


Lonnie H. Lee Jeffrey J. Mohr Blair R. Monie Judith Ann Muller Drew S. Nettinga George L. Rolling III Randall Lee Saxon Carl D. Shankweiler Thomas C. Sheffield G. Franklin Shirbroun Aida D.B. Spencer Willard M. Swartley Thomas K. Tewell Dale G. Tremper John F. Underwood Calvin D. VanderMeyden Alexander H. Wales J. David Wiseman Thayyil M. Zachariah CLASS OF 1974 Active Members: 167 Donors: 32 Total Giving: $3,508 Ronald G. Benham Paul Lowell Bremer Virstan Choy Ronald A. Crouch Robert A. Edmunds Otha Gilyard Stephen Davey Glazier Julio Gómez John David Grabner Ralph E. Graham III David P. Haydu Cullan Herald-Evans David H. Hicks Peter S. Hoyer Samuel Y. Khalil John J. Koch Michael L. Lindvall Stephen J. Mather Jeffrey I. Myers John C. Poling Bruce R. Pullen Richard J. Ramsey Harold B. Sanderson Jr. Gary R. Schroeder Kerry R. Shull David S. Simmons Bruce C. Smith

Warren G. Soare Kenneth A. Sprang James E. Wallace Jr. Donald C. Warren Robert G. White CLASS OF 1975 Active Members: 177 Donors: 27 Total Giving: $10,625 Robert B. Culp N. Dean Evans George E. Gaffga Craig W. Hendrix Jay M. Hollinsworth Janith H. Janssen Thomas E. Mattingly III John P. McDowell Harland C. Merriam Jr. David P. Moessner Thomas C. Oxtoby Christine Erway Phillips Robert J. Phillips Jackie Cottington Poling Richard Dennis Raum William P. Robinson Arthur B. Schute Linda Tandy Scott Robert W. Scott Jr. James D. Shannon Phillip G. Smith Jeanne McCarley StevensonMoessner Ruth Shok-Yiu Tang Daniel C. Thomas Jr. Susan E. Vande Kappelle Jeannene W. Wiseman Jeffrey M. Wright CLASS OF 1976 Active Members: 153 Donors: 29 Total Giving: $5,055 Joseph F. Alutius Jr. Sherry F. Brabham Christina L. Bruun-Horrigan Theodore Hiebert R. David Hoffelt R. Kevin Horrigan Barbara J.B. Hosmer James W. Hulsey

Ramon Eugene Hunt William M. Jaap Louise Upchurch Johnson Elisabeth K.J. Koenig Samuel P. Lamback Jr. Robert L. Lowry John A. MacDougall Priscilla R. MacDougall Shanda M. Mahurin John S. McAnlis Leslie Therese Merlin J. William Mickiewicz Paul H. Moessner Carolyn J. Montgomery Donald E. Potter Richard F. Rouquie Jr. Suzanne P.M. Rudiselle Janet Beach Shannon Wilfred E. Tabb III Allen D. Timm Stuart C. Wattles CLASS OF 1977 Active Members: 206 Donors: 23 Total Giving: $2,505 Alan N. Baroody Kenneth R. Bickel Marshall J. Brown David L.H. Carlisle Jonathan T. Carlisle David S. Dempsey Jeffrey K. Erb Bruce D. Forbes John D. Gibbs M. Randall Gill Hilario Molijón Gómez Jr. William D. Howden Robert F. Hull Jr. Dennis G. Keen Louise L. Kingston Barbara S. Koch Donald Jay Losher Mary L. Marcus Luke S. Martin Jonathan E. Miller Allison Krahling Seed Larry K. Waltz Paul Gustav Watermulder

| 55

CLASS OF 1978 Active Members: 190 Donors: 34 Total Giving: $5,130 Jerry D. Andrews Robert J. Andrews John C. Berghorst Larry L. Bethune John G. Blewitt Bruce A. Chapman Patricia A.F. Clary Mark A. Convoy Peter R. Del Nagro Guy W. Dunham Jeffrey G. Guild Diane Schmidt Hayes Christopher M. Lenocker Charles R. Leonard Richard J. Link Stephens G. Lytch Dennis L. Okholm Rodger L. Pettichord Trudy Murin Pettichord Miriam C. Resch Florence Ridley David Scott Robinson Michael J. Roffina Robert P. Roney Stephen Calder Row Frederick J. Schumacher Kate Skrebutenas Timothy S. Stevens John B. Szymanski James E. Thyren Rick D. Tindall David R. Van Dyke Charles E. Wright Jeffrey Martin Young

CLASS OF 1980 Active Members: 204 Donors: 34 Total Giving: $9,609 Gregory Martin Anderson Ashley J. Beavers Charles F. Bogar Nicholas P. Boolukos Randall B. Bosch Ralph T. Brackbill Sally A. Brown Albert G. Butzer III George S. Cladis Mary Anne Collins-Stauffer Kelby K. Cotton Marilyn J. Crawford Gregory J. Davis Lance V. Grothe Gregory Warren Hall Dennis R. Hamilton Ann Case Holt Richard Carl Klein Jr. Donald D. Lincoln Carol Eichling Lytch Elizabeth K. McDermott Jean Benefield Pinto Robert B. Pollsen Mary Putnam Roberts Stuart D. Robertson Paul E. Rorem Leong Seow Cass L. Shaw Frank Spada Peter A. Sulyok Mark P. Thomas Susan Carol Thomas David H. Wall Stephen C. Williams

CLASS OF 1979 Active Members: 231 Donors: 33 Total Giving: $16,334 Sidney F. Batts Kenneth P. Bell Charles W. Bowman Richard D. Campbell Robert L. Crall Julio Delgado David H. DeRemer Diane L. Driscoll Joan E. Fleming Sarah M. Foulger Gregory L. Hayes Robert G. Hunsicker Christian T. Iosso Timothy K. Jones Todd Benjamin Jones Keith Layne Koch Stephen C. Kolderup Mary V. Larkin Mary Ann Marks Richard Snyder McDermott Neale L. Miller Kenneth L. Mott John M. Nelsen Robert S. Norris Kenneth E. Onstot Shin-Hwa Park Peter R. Powell Jr. Jean MacDonald Rea Nancy L. Schongalla-Bowman Dominic P. Scibilia E. Nicholas Van Gombos Louise F. Westfall Jill Zook-Jones

CLASS OF 1981 Active Members: 202 Donors: 28 Total Giving: $16,710 M. Craig Barnes L. Lang Brownlee Willem C. Bynagte Peter M. Chang Donald L. Collins John Jeffrey Collins Keith M. Curran Robert G. Duffett Daniel R. Erdman Edwin Gray Hurley Richard A. Kauffman Hugh James Matlack Jeffrey William Mays Douglas G. McClure Douglas R. Nettleton Douglas S. Phillips Lynn M. Portz John L. Powell Ronald Henry Radden Philip J. Reed Daniel Schipani Michael R. Seely Mark E. Solyst Stephen William Starzer Thomas L. Stiers Thomas P. Sullivan William M. Turner Jr. Judith Anne Westerhoff

56 |

† Deceased

CLASS OF 1982 Active Members: 220 Donors: 38 Total Giving: $7,353 Ann Clay Adams Ronald W. Baard Jack W. Baca Janet W. Banker Bradley A. Binau Patricia L. Brown-Barnett J.W. Cejka III Kathleen J. Crane Keith L. DeVries Nancy Guthrie Ditmars James Alfred Francis III Michael J. Gorman Diana Drew Harbison William M. Hoyle Kristen Rouner Jeide Beverly Jean Jones Robert A. Keefer Steven M. Marsh Lawrence E. Matthews Michael J. McKay Elsie Anne McKee Gerald P. McKenny Deborah Ann McKinley Steven D. Metcalf Timothy J. Mulder David Alan Perkins Roger P. Rabey Joyce Ann Rife Barbara K. Sherer Marion Nimick Silbert Virginia B. Smith Rochelle A. Stackhouse Kathryn Ward Stear Douglass C. Sullivan-González Richard G. Thayer Randolph L.C. Weber Stephen M. Wilson Carlos E. Wilton CLASS OF 1983 Active Members: 230 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $3,425 Mary E.B. Baard Carlton M. Badger Jr. Renato D. Bernardes Edward A. Black Jr. Guinn Blackwell-Eagleson Greg R. Bostrom Kathleen Susan Bostrom Michael Patrick Burns Robert J. Cromwell James Michael Curenton Cheryl F. Dudley Daniel Dupree Julio Filomeno Aurelio A. García Brian T. Hartley David Clyde Marx Marvin A. McMickle Douglas Edward Portz Andrew R. Rienstra Carolyn W. Spanier-Ladwig Bertha Anna van der Bent Hamel Ann Collins Wasson W. Gale Watkins Jr. Kenneth B. Wonderland Susan Faye Wonderland

CLASS OF 1984 Active Members: 230 Donors: 39 Total Giving: $6,071 Lucille E. Abernathy Marilyn McCord Adams† Fred R. Archer Jr. Steven A. Becker David F. Bowman James D. Brassard James William Campbell Melanie Hammond Clark Beverly J. Crute Gary L. Davis Kenneth H. Forbes Carol M. Gregg Robert W. Gustafson Karen B. Helmeke Calvin H. Knowlton Richard A. Lanford Ann Ferrell Lewis Barbara B. Lucia Bradley D.P. Martin Timothy S. Maxa J. Scott Miller Jerres Jane P.M. Morrison Thomas J. Mullelly Eleanor M. Nimmer Philip Neil Olson Gayle B. Parker Thomas C. Parker Constance Wiegmann Robinson Barbara Price Rolph Gail B. Nicholas Schneider Mary Grant Searl William Robert Sharman III Peter C.S. Sime Aland D. Smith S. Brian Stratton Douglas M. Thorpe Michael A. Toburen Deborah M. Wagner Claire Ervin Williams CLASS OF 1985 Active Members: 204 Donors: 23 Total Giving: $3,860 Gregory K. Ammon James Bibza Richard D. Buller Charles B. Casper Catherine Cook Davis Richard K. Eckley William A. Evertsberg Donald Hardie Fox Stephen Dale Hay Paul Byungsoo Lee Charles E. Lewis Iain S. MacLean Antonia S. Malone Bruce A. Martin Kelli Ann Masters David E. Milam John Edward Morgan Robert E. Puff Jr. Steven Bernon Shuster Edwin R. Sumner Jr. Robert D. Thurston-Lighty Mary Joanne Wallace William A. Wildhack III

CLASS OF 1986 Active Members: 207 Donors: 28 Total Giving: $9,373 Holly Ann Anderson Bronwen W. Boswell Michael A. Brothers David R. Brumbaugh David A. Davis Mark James DeVries Alan B. Guffey Cheryl M. Homsher Tzu-Yang Hwang David F. Judd Job Harries Karkada Margaret Grun Kibben Lewis Timothy Kidd Frederick J. Mendez Theron A. Miller Charles D. Monts Mark Douglas Norbeck P. Wayne Osborne Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm Ann R. Palmerton Barbara J. Price-Martin Anna Clock Saxon Audrey L. Schindler Mary Elizabeth Shields John Mark Willingham Donald C. Winch Florence P. Winch Elaine L. Woroby CLASS OF 1987 Active Members: 215 Donors: 20 Total Giving: $2,391 E. Terrence Alspaugh Laurance W. Coulter Thomas Henry Cross Donna J. Garzinsky Reiche Young Chul Hong Letitia M. Johnston Gordon Bidwell Mapes III Hannah A.D. Miller Joseph C. Miller Jr. Charles Howard Rowins Philip J. Skotte David Charles Smith Wesley W. Smith II Barbara Therese Thomas Reed Turnbull II Stephen J. Weber David P. Welton Holly S. Wildhack Gary J. Ziccardi Rosalind B. Ziccardi CLASS OF 1988 Active Members: 213 Donors: 28 Total Giving: $21,836 Robert C. Berger Steven H. Craig David W. Dietsche Michael J. Gehring Robert W. Henderson Jr. Kenneth Henke David J. Huegel Yung-Sun Esther Kim Cynthia M. King-Guffey Robert M. Knight Lisa Larsen Keith D. Lawrence Hwain C. Lee Joanne S. Martindale


Joan Irminger McKenzie Laurie A. McNeill Gordon Stanley Mikoski W. Bradley Munroe Jeffrey V. O’Grady Thomas S. Poetter Joan W. Priest Leland L. Seese Jr. Virginia B. Sheppard Scott R.A. Starbuck Walter Hermann Wagner Patrick Joseph Ward Gregory L. Wortley Steven Toshio Yamaguchi CLASS OF 1989 Active Members: 175 Donors: 23 Total Giving: $6,227 Victor Aloyo Jr. Mary Beth Anton Hwa-Ja P. Bang Zane K. Buxton Kevin S.K. Cheng E. Quinn Fox Stephen P. Fritz Miles H. Hodges Young Kyong Kim Kennedy M. McGowan Nancy Allison Mikoski Amy Louise Na Kang-Yup Na Rodney Lee Newman Matthew T. Robinson Dayle Gillespie Rounds Nancy Hurd Schluter Angella M. Pak Son Michael O’Dell Thomas Peter Evans Whitelock In Yang Richard L. Young George N. Zigich CLASS OF 1990 Active Members: 208 Donors: 19 Total Giving: $4,735 Janice S. Ammon Michelle J. Bartel Joicy R. Becker-Richards Daris S. Bultena Kyewoon Choi Nancy Cormack-Hughes Theodor Damian Grafton T. Eliason Alf E. Halvorson Dennis W. Jones Linda A. Knieriemen Kenneth E. Kovacs Lauren J. McFeaters Sara M. Rand O. Hunter Roddey Susan M. Roddey Chandra Shekar Soans Timothy D. Son Timothy I. Thomas CLASS OF 1991 Active Members: 207 Donors: 15 Total Giving: $1,575 Roberta Ryan Arrowsmith Deborah Moy Cordonnier Robert R. Covington Jr. Stephen L. Cureton Gregory Carl Faulkner

Douglas P. Harley Steven Y.S. Jhu R. Elizabeth McLean Donald C. Mullen Carolyn Jo Pressler Elsie Armstrong Rhodes Sarah Jo Sarchet Butter Ruth Millier Snyder Deborah Hannay Sunoo Andrew G. Vaughn CLASS OF 1992 Active Members: 182 Donors: 12 Total Giving: $2,491 Michael Edward Bongart Kathryn L. Castle Donovan Drake Rachel Elizabeth Hamburger Michael J. Hodges Berlinda A. Love Jeremy Dale Morse Larry Thomas Nallo Ronald A. Rienstra Edward J. Santana-Grace Matthew H. Soper Ken Kyung Sunoo CLASS OF 1993 Active Members: 206 Donors: 15 Total Giving: $1,120 James B. Bennett Hellen H. Cha-Kim Rebecca G. Dodson Mark A. Douglas Lynn Barger Elliott Jennifer A. Gage Frederick Gregory Garry Eun Joo Kim Lucia Kendall Lloyd Osvaldo Daniel Nuesch Max E. Reddick Gary A. Sallquist Donald Reid Schweitzer Angelina D. Van Hise Amy Scott Vaughn CLASS OF 1994 Active Members: 192 Donors: 17 Total Giving: $4,938 Lindsay P. Armstrong Mary E. Austin Edward W. Baugh David W. Cabush Raymond J. De Vries Heidi Gehman Krystin S. Granberg Yong Hoon Kang Jacqueline E. Lapsley Young G. Lee David E. Lovelace Jon E. Martin Mark B. McFadden Stephanie Miller Ruth Faith Santana-Grace David T. Widmer Sung Bihn Yim CLASS OF 1995 Active Members: 211 Donors: 14 Total Giving: $1,545 Sara Chapman Batson Nancy S. Donnelly


Jeannine Marie Frenzel C. Michael Gibson Carolyn Herring Christian G. Holleck Jayoung Peter Kang Emily Wharton Koehler Michelina M. Laws Daniel H. Love Donald M. Ludwig Maryann McFadden Meador Timothy Donald Roberts Jill R. Russell CLASS OF 1996 Active Members: 217 Donors: 22 Total Giving: $4,190 James C. Alley Clifford B. Anderson Dan J. Baumgartner Steven W. Brundage Phillip G. Camp Sarah Cho Hye Jin Chon C. Eric Christiansen Rebecca Jane Dean Marilyn K. Hale Peter James Henry Tiffany L. Nicely Holleck Bertram G. Johnson Keith Charles Kerber Shane Kirkpatrick Susanne E.C. Martin Mary McKey William Edmond Whiddon Robinson Kenneth Leroy Sampson Tom M. Trinidad Laurel A. Underwood Vernon Larry Van Hise CLASS OF 1997 Active Members: 232 Donors: 12 Total Giving: $3,980 Kenda Creasy Dean Denise Victoria Fournier Cheryl D. Galan Christine W. Herrin Charles Sung Kim Philip David King Esther Kwi Hyun Lee William Robinson Merriman Karen Ruth Nelson Michael S. Poteet Robert A. Sams Karol Lynn Van Wulfen CLASS OF 1998 Active Members: 185 Donors: 19 Total Giving: $10,930 Rosanna P. Anderson Uwe E. Bilger Pamela Grice Driesell Mark Hollis Ford Robert Mansel Hammock Alexander Yoon Hwang Kelly Beckham Kannwischer Richard R. Kannwischer Yong C. Kim Karen Burke Lewis Barbara Anne Macfie Amy Ellen Marga Donna Marsh Shane E. Roberson

L. Holton Siegling Jr. Renee Lawler Sundberg Jean Ellen Taylor Anne L. Weirich Karen Patricia Willis CLASS OF 1999 Active Members: 191 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $4,395 Kent James Annan Darrell L. Armstrong Jane Tanaskovic Brady-Close John Eunsuk Chung Jason Hurtado Daniels Jennifer Hurtado Daniels Sarah Katharine Dickinson Whitworth Ferguson III Sheila A. Gipson Charles Bryant Hardwick Lisa Faith Wells Hebacker Sara JiYun Jung Ryu Darren Michael Kennedy Elisabeth Robertson Kennedy Robert Poore McClanahan Jr. James Kirk Mead Merry Hope Meloy Mary M. Nicol Kathryn Brown Schafer MacHenry George Schafer Pamela Ann Hanson Sebastian Joan Attaway Stevens Warren Alexander Stevens Joseph Warren Walker III Dana R. Wright CLASS OF 2000 Active Members: 225 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $9,335 Shannon L. Allen Shelly Lynn Annan-Satran Shane A. Berg Alisoun Davis Bertsch David R. Brock Ryan D. Brodin Dean R. Brown Moongil Cho Sunwoo Choi Un Mi Elise Chong Michelle Doran-McBean Peter Gavin Ferriby Catherin Ann Gumpert Anthony Johnson Stephen Gessner Maling Brian Leslie Marsh Leslie E. Martin Carie Stanley Morgan Baron Anthony Mullis Allan L. Purtill Jr. Jennifer J. Rome Laura D. Savenelli Zachary O. Wilson Jeffrey P. Witten Jennifer Kates Witten CLASS OF 2001 Active Members: 190 Donors: 18 Total Giving: $4,319 James E. Blankespoor Caroline C. Braskamp Gabor Egeresi Emily A. Griffin Brian P. Hughes Michael Dene Langford

James Dean Millar Victoria Lynne Millar Don John Mossa Lois T. Murray Wesley S.T. Niles Manoj Shrestha Danielle Grubb Shroyer Danny L. Thomas James W. Tinnemeyer Jr. Elizabeth Anne Vander Haagen Rosemary Noga Welton David Sang Chil Yi CLASS OF 2002 Active Members: 178 Donors: 21 Total Giving: $4,655 Virginia Alvarez Mark S. Brainerd Ryan S. Byers Jackson Blake Couey Jeff Crosno John Daniel Dennehy Amanda G. Fleishman Wilson Gemechisa Guja Norman Hatter Kathryn P. Henry Anne Eldridge Koehler Jocelyn McWhirter Carrie Neff Mitchell Amber H. Neuroth Michael W. Neuroth Sandra L. Porrey Lee Duncan Riley Anne M. Ross Lawrence Merritt Stratton Jr. Jonathan Lee Brian Walton Deirdre Greenwood White Richard Holbrook White CLASS OF 2003 Active Members: 189 Donors: 12 Total Giving: $10,710 Cynthia J. Alloway Cress Darwin Matthew G. Gough Virginia Ware Landgraf Peter Carlson Lane Bruno Mattos Linhares Jr. Stacy Lois Martin Tracy Walsh Mehr-Muska Betsey Ann Moe John W. Potter Lana Elizabeth Russell N. Anthony Sundermeier CLASS OF 2004 Active Members: 201 Donors: 27 Total Giving: $2,980 Dawn Marie Adamy Amy Barlak Aspey Eric D. Barreto Andrew Ferguson Bush LuNing Laura Choi Stephen Park Choi Andrew E. Cooke Thomas Christian Currie April Marie Davis Campbell Erica Yin-Ling Liu Elsdon Mark A. Elsdon Meghan Kathleen Gage-Finn Thomas John Hastings Blake Robert Hutson Kara Elizabeth Kilpatrick

| 57

Cara Rae Taylor Miller Mary Carol Perrott Darren Mark Pollock Rubén Rosario-Rodríguez Parimal Roy Joyce Wolfe Smothers Katie B. Sundermeier Alicia C. Taylor-Byers Karen Hagan Webster Travis Allen Webster Elizabeth E. Wynne Jeremy J. Wynne CLASS OF 2005 Active Members: 233 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $3,642 Douglas Gillan Chase Michel Desere Clark Christopher Robert Conway David Donaldson Elizabeth Winder Ferguson Bridgett Arnice Green Bianca Robinson Howard Christina Jean Keller Hana Kim Kelly Taylor Langford James Samuel Logan Janice A. McLean-Farrell Joseph Christopher Montovino Nancy J. Nelson James Leonard Nowin Elías Ortega-Aponte Riley O’Brien Powell Michael McCall Samson Renn Joline Turner Sanderman Barbara Gail Simons Paul Vincent Sorrentino

Clarence Roy Stauffer III Laura Christine Sweat Holmes Allison Nicole Warren-Barbour Laura Marie Welch CLASS OF 2006 Active Members: 204 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $4,688 Dana L. Allen Walsh Christopher S. Atwood Jennifer Lynn Atwood Kevin James Barbour Raimundo César Barreto Jr. Kevin Wayne Boswell Heather Prince Doss Brent Alan Ferguson James Jacob Foster Maureen Sumners Gerald Thomas Leet Harmon Jonathan Scott Hauerwas Elizabeth Margaret Hein Mira Ann Hewlett Meredith Anne Holladay Julie Maria Hoplamazian Karen Yvette Jackson-Weaver Molly Kathryn Logan Camille Cook Murray Jana Rae Reister Jeremy Michael Sanderson Susan Ann Sytsma Bratt Samson C. Tso Jennifer Marie Van Zandt Jeremy David Wallace

CLASS OF 2007 Active Members: 212 Donors: 13 Total Giving: $12,958 Kelley Anne Angleberger Lindsay Borden Lisa Marie Day Michael John Gross Rachel Grace Hackenberg Christopher Michael Jones Larissa L. Kwong-Abazia Penny Gayle Liles Nicole Elizabeth Lock Anthony David Lorenz William Starr McLean II Eric Grant Osborne Zachary Wade Walker

Abigail Visco Rusert Anne Whitaker Stewart

CLASS OF 2008 Active Members: 200 Donors: 18 Total Giving: $7,475 Christa Rebecca Brewer Christi Owen Brown Kai-Li Chiu David William Congdon Lindley G. DeGarmo Joel Alan Esala M. Edwin Green III Benjamin Robert Gulker Carol Janine Hastings David Russell Komline Han-luen Kantzer Komline Emily Kirsten Krause Corzine Elizabeth Miriam Michael Paul Eston Mundey Timothy Mark Rainey II Brent Allan Raska

CLASS OF 2010 Active Members: 201 Donors: 13 Total Giving: $1,988 Eric David Barnes Amy Julia Truesdell Becker Jennifer Ellen Boyd Richard Randolph Coble Melinda Lauren Hall Sara Kristina Hein Kathryn Christine Jones Calone Brian K. McCollum Emma Cathlyn Nickel Kathryn Cooper Nix Liliana Patricia Pastas Tyler Chapman Pettigrew Thomas Melvin Rusert

CLASS OF 2009 Active Members: 197 Donors: 10 Total Giving: $938 Caroline East Berardi Christopher Michael Berardi Austin Didier Hill Sara C.R. Hill Shawn Hyska Charles Lee Luff Matthew Paul Nickel Erin Rebekah Raska Nathaniel Wade Royster Lawrence Charles Vilardo

CLASS OF 2011 Active Members: 163 Donors: 13 Total Giving: $995 Sheryl Lynn Allston Ashley Anne Birk Jenny Gragg Carson Shauna Kay Hannan Anne West Kesner Anthony Thomas Livolsi Lisa Magaly López-Marcial Margaret Amiko Mitsuyasu Mark Alan Plunkett Andrew Thompson Scales Lenore Turner Scales Kellen Andrew Smith Denise Condon Welsh CLASS OF 2012 Active Members: 181 Donors: 9 Total Giving: $1,537 Ellen Clark Clemot Austin Crenshaw Shelley Matthew Roberts Gaventa Raymond Nathan Eli González John Floyd Howell III Megan Alyse Lecluyse Alexander James Lenzo Annie Elizabeth McMillan Helms Wendy Michelle Mohler-Seib

At reunion 2017, members of the Class of 2007 celebrated their tenth anniversary and members of the Class of 2012 celebrated their fifth anniversary. 58 |


CLASS OF 2013 Active Members: 165 Donors: 11 Total Giving: $12,900 Jonathan Mark Britt Mary Catherine Jones Fenner Jason Samuel Frey Mary Katharine Herbig Emily Elspeth Mitchell Chad Ryan Schwickerath William Daniel Stoklosa Marguerite Mudd Walter Sonia E Waters Robert Ellis Whitaker William Robert Whitmore

CLASS OF 2014 Active Members: 170 Donors: 16 Total Giving: $1,820 Andrew Carlos Colรณn Erin Eileen Counihan Sharan M. Knoell Rosso Eileen Eagle LeCluyse Kalpana Maharjan-Shrestha Pamela Elizabeth Meilands Erin Nicole Moore Richard Lee Morris Nancy Joanne Nalepa-Skibo Elizabeth Hudson Niehoff Santiago N. Norori Alison Ruth Paden Jonathan H. Reinink Ann Henley Saunders

Ruth Herron Smalt Grace Vargas CLASS OF 2015 Active Members: 182 Donors: 26 Total Giving: $2,831 Richard Hargrave Aylor Sylvia Christine Bull Timothy James Burge-Lape Brendan Scott Byers Chui-Shan Chow Jeanette Dori Christianson Robert Rocco Fuggi Jr. Dana B. Hall Melanie Ann Howard James Steven Klotz Michael Henry Lyle

Rachel Marie McDonald Stephanie Crayton Merryfield Simone M. Oliver Kari Anne Olson Ricardo Wayne Sheppard Kathryn Elizabeth Shevel Sabrina Ing Slater Jasmine Leanne Smart Elizabeth Ann Reif Soto Mary D. Stevenson Nathan T. Stucky Taylor Ann Telford Michael Jonathan Toy Alison Kendall VanBuskirk Deanna Kristin Ferree Womack

CLASS OF 2016 Active Members: 160 Donors: 11 Total Giving: $800 Karen Sue Bachman Meghan Alexander Beddingfield Sarah Ann Bixler Hanna Kang Jason Wayne Myers Phoebe Lorraine Quaynor Hannah Nielsen Quick Michael Scott Rotolo Jr. Alexander Clark SernaWallender Benjamin Andrew Shaw Daniel Hee Woo

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| 59

MES SAGE OF G RAT I T UD E Dear Princeton Theological Seminary family, It is my greatest privilege and responsibility as vice president for advancement to say thank you. These two simple words hardly capture the depth of gratitude for what you make possible for our students and for the churches and communities that they will serve. Throughout its history, Princeton Theological Seminary has been blessed by the support of its alumni and friends who have joined in partnership to advance the mission of educating leaders for the church. It is exciting to witness these partnerships develop in new generations, bringing together alumni, churches, friends, faculty, and students who are carrying on the legacy of all who have come before them. The mission of Princeton Seminary embraces a wide community that extends from campus to many parts of the world. Every person in the Princeton Seminary family is important to us, and we value your perspectives as we seek to understand the changing church. Together, we can advance the mission of the church in the world. Thank you for your partnership and your incredible support.

With gratitude,

Jaime Zamparelli Vice President for Advancement

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Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Pennsville, NJ Permit No. 90

Vice President for Advancement P.O. Box 821 Princeton, NJ 08542-0803

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2016-17 Annual Report - alpha