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Holiday Gift Guide


The Youngest Reader


Stanley’s Colors Written and illustrated by William Bee

Winter Babies Written by Kathryn O. Galbraith Illustrated by Adela Pons

Stanley and Little Woo are learning about colors and vehicles. There’s a red car, a yellow motorbike, and even a pink balloon!

BB: 978-1-56145-948-3 Ages 2–6

Spirited rhyming text and colorful graphic art reveal an energetic cast of babies having an action-packed day of play in the park on a cheerful winter day.

BB: 978-1-68263-067-9 Ages 2–6

Where is Baby?

Little Whale Written and illustrated by Jo Weaver

Written by Kathryn O. Galbraith Illustrated by John Butler

Little Whale and Gray Whale swim under midnight skies and through coral reefs as they migrate to the cool, rich waters of the North to feed until, at last, they are home.

HC: 978-1-68263-049-5 Ages 3–7

Adorable illustrations and a soothing text depict the many ways animal babies hide.

HC: 978-1-56145-707-6 Ages 2–5

Artwork by Adela Pons from Winter Babies

Holiday Gift Guide



The Fairy Tale Fanatic

Hansel & Gretel Written and illustrated by Bethan Woollvin

The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas Written by Tony Wilson Illustrated by Sue deGennaro

In this subversive and deliciously wicked retelling, Willow is a good witch, who only uses good magic—until she meets Hansel and Gretel.

HC: 978-1-68263-073-0 Ages 5–9

This modern remix of the beloved fairy tale delivers a freshly humorous take on one prince’s search for the just-right girl of his dreams.

HC: 978-1-56145-635-2 PB: 978-1-68263-051-8 Ages 4–8

The Boy Who Cried Ninja

Prairie Chicken Little

Written and illustrated by Alex Latimer

Written by Jackie Mims Hopkins Illustrated by Henry Cole

In this quirky twist, Tim’s outrageous excuses turn out to have an unexpected element of truth.

When Mary McBlinken the pairie chicken hears a rumblin’ and a grumblin’, she sets off to warn her friends.

Also available in Spanish HC: 978-1-56145-579-9 PB: 978-1-56145-774-8 Ages 4–8

HC: 978-1-56145-694-9 PB: 978-1-56145-834-9 Ages 4–8

La gallinita de la pradera

Holiday Gift Guide



The WinterHoliday Enthusiast

In the Snow Written by Elizabeth Spurr Illustrated by Manelle Oliphant Simple and evocative language and charming illustrations describe a girl’s experience on a snowy day as she makes a snowman, sleds, and has other winter fun!

The Santa Trap Written by Jonathan Emmett Illustrated by Poly Bernatene When Santa Claus refuses to give him anything but socks, Bradley vows to get revenge. If Santa won’t give him the gifts he wants, Bradley will just have to transforms his house into a trap.

BB: 978-1-56145-855-4 Ages 2–6

Little Rabbit’s Christmas Written and illustrated by Harry Horse Little Rabbit received the perfect Christmas present: a lovely red sled. But can he learn to share?

HC: 978-1-56145-670-3 Ages 6–10

Santa’s Last Present Written by Marie-Aude Murail & Elvire Murail Illustrated by Quentin Blake Julian thinks he’s getting too big to believe in Santa, but when he finds an extra present under the tree, he discovers that he may not be too old after all.

HC: 978-1-56145-419-8 PB: 978-1-56145-557-7 Ages 2–6

Also available:

Little Rabbit Doll HC: 978-1-56145-319-1 Ages 8–12

Doll only: 978-1-56145-452-5 7 inches tall

Holiday Gift Guide


Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells


The Daring Life of a Crusading Journalist Written by Philip Dray Illustrated by Stephen Alcorn

The Young Activist

With a deep belief in America’s promise of “freedom and justice for all,” young Ida defied society’s conventions and used her position as a journalist to speak against injustice and be a tireless crusader for civil rights.

Dangerous Jane Written by Suzanne Slade Illustrated by Alice Ratterree For twenty-five years, Jane Addams had helped people live in peace at Hull House. But when war broke out, she decided to take on the world and become a dangerous woman for the sake of peace.

HC: 978-1-56145-913-1 Ages 6–10

HC: 978-1-56145-417-4 Ages 10–14

Fault Lines in the Constitution The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws that Affect Us Today Written by Cynthia Levinson & Sanford Levinson The Levinsons take readers back to the creation of the US Constitution and discuss how contemporary problems were fi rst introduced—then they offer possible solutions.

Marching with Aunt Susan Susan B. Anthony and the Fight for Women’s Suffrage Written by Claire Rudolf Murphy Illustrated by Stacey Schuett

Stirred to action when Susan B. Anthony comes to town to help lead the campaign for women’s suffrage, Bessie joins the movement and discovers that small efforts can result in small changes—and maybe even big ones.

HC: 978-1-56145-593-5 PB: 978-1-56145-979-7 Ages 6–10

HC: 978-1-56145-945-2 Ages 10+

Also by Cynthia Levinson:

We’ve Got a Job The 1963 Birmingham Children’s March HC: 978-1-56145-627-7 PB: 978-1-56145-844-8 Ages 10–14

Holiday Gift Guide



The Future Engineer


Izzy Gizmo Written by Pip Jones Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

2979 Days to the Moon Written by Suzanne Slade Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

Izzy Gizmo’s inventions are marvelous, but often malfunction. When she finds a crow with a broken wing, she just has to help! Izzy tries again and again to build a new pair of wings, but nothing is working. Can Izzy overcome her failures? HC: 978-1-68263-021-1 Ages 4–8

HC: 978-1-68263-013-6 Ages 10+

Seven and a Half Tons of Steel Written by Janet Nolan Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

HC: 978-1-56145-912-4 Ages 6–10

In 1961, President Kennedy announced that the US would try to land a man on the Moon. During the 2979 days that followed his speech, 18 astronauts climbed into spaceships, eight rockets soared into space, and 400,000 people—engineers, technicians, scientists, mathematicians, and machinists—joined Project Apollo in hopes of making the dream a reality.

After September 11, 2001, a beam from the World Trade Center Towers was given to the US Navy. The beam was driven from New York to a foundry in Louisiana, where the seven and a half tons of steel, which had once been a beam in the World Trade Center, became a navy ship’s bow.

Uncharted Waters Written by Leslie Bulion

HC: 978-1-56145-365-8 PB: 978-1-56145-485-3 Ages 8–12

Instead of joining the swim team like he told his uncle, Jonah hangs around the local marina working on boat motors, hoping to buy his own motorboat one day. When budding marine biologist Sumi asks him to be her research assistant, he jumps at the chance to make some money. But soon he will have to face his greatest fears and give up his secrets forever.

Holiday Gift Guide


The Bookshop Girl Written by Sylvia Bishop Illustrated by Poly Bernatene


The Budding Bibliophile

Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything Written by Chelsea H. Rowe Illustrated by Frank Dormer No one seems to understand Ebenezer’s word collections, but his efforts are finally appreciated when he meets Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald doesn’t have a word collection—but he does have lots of ideas. Together, they can make stories.

HC: 978-1-68263-045-7 Ages 8–12

The Joneses have just won the Great Montgomery Book Emporium in a contest, and it’s every book lover’s dream! But the previous owner is hiding something that could destroy absolutely everything for the Joneses. Property Jones has a whopper of a secret too— and it might just be the key to saving her family and their bookshop from the clutches of a nasty villain.

The Cheshire Cheese Cat A Dickens of a Tale Written by Carmen Agra Deedy & Randall Wright Illustrated by Barry Moser

In this playful homage to Charles Dickens, unlikely allies learn the lessons of a great friendship.

HC: 978-1-56145-848-6 Ages 4–8

Miguel’s Brave Knight Young Cervantes and His Dream of Don Quixote Written by Margarita Engle Illustrated by Raúl Colón

This fictionalized fi rst-person biography in verse follows the early years of the child who grows up to pen Don Quixote, the fi rst modern novel.

Also available in Spanish

Miguel y su valiente caballero HC: 978-1-56145-856-1 Ages 8–12

HC: 978-1-56145-595-9 PB: 978-1-56145-810-3 Ages 8+

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