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Study Programme All learners who are between the ages of 16-24 are required to participate in an appropriate and related experience of work. This is defined as: Work Experience • The total planned hours for work experience should be included in the planned hours for non-qualification activity unless the work experience is an integrated part of the qualification, in which case it is recorded as qualification hours • Work Experience must be Planned, Timetabled, Organised, and/or supervised by the institution • Institutions, in dialogue with students, will identify and agree the most suitable type of work experience and work related activity • Where students have independently sourced part-time work or work experience, this activity will NOT form part of a study programme and will not be funded


The Process New College Nottingham has developed a unique process to ensure that the experience of work you undertake, either as a single activity or as part of a suite of opportunities, are relevant and will support the development of skills identified as important within the sector you wish to work. During this process you will be allocated an E3 Advisor, who along with personal tutors and your E3 Coach will work with you to ensure you are aware of your contribution at each and every step of your experience of work journey. In brief, the process (pictorial image overleaf) comprises of the following • • • • • • • •

Tutorial induction Completion of My Work Search programme Completion of Self Awareness Diagnostic Action Planning with Personal Mentor Production of a Video-CV Prepare for experience of work (including understanding Health and Safety req.) Participation in an appropriate experience of work (singular or multiple) Maintaining a record of activity (includes updating personal profiles) 4


Experience of Work Pathway Definition Each of the TEN Pathways will provide opportunity for multiple personal competency development, and it will be during the discussion with your E3 Advisor when you have agreed the action plan content for your specific personal competencies that you will determine the most suitable pathways for you. Please note that you can access more than one pathway and each pathway on more than one occasion.




Pathway Learning Company

Definition Participation, over a period of time, in an actual job role in a real commercial environment operating to commercial standards and industry norms. (Learning Company will include this type of engagement in enterprises not necessarily owned by the College) Work Placement Short term and limited introduction to work in a specific role, Internal/External sector or environment. Very much aligned to the determination of future suitability of job/sector/environment. Quite often multiple and varied work placements may be required 6  



5. 6.



Enterprise in the Participation within a multi-sector team of learners that are Curriculum working on an employer influenced/informed project/enterprise within the confines of their programme of study (but will often include include extra-curricula hours) Student Crew Participation in activity that is designed as not for profit, or (Volunteering) where social and/or moral intervention and outcome is derived. Often working in a team that is drawn from all sectors of the college community. The application of professional standards and result-orientated outcomes remain to the fore! Internship A fixed term engagement in a specific job role or sector, primarily associated with white-collar or professional careers. In-Company The engagement within an operational enterprise or company Innovation (usually external of the College) as part of a team looking at a focused and specific project outcome. Quite often task and finish activities requiring a multi-disciplined team Apprentice Registration onto a framework of qualifications linked to a specific sector and often job roles, and the employment (host or direct) within a company operating commercially. Mixed programme of attendance between College and Work. 7  


(Alumni) Mentoring

Focused engagement, primarily through dialogue, work shadowing, informal and formal sharing of information with a more experienced industry representative. 9. International and The participation in a job role / sector within a commercial Local Exchange context in a location that is not the norm for you or not usually accessible to you 10. Business Start This may also include a combination of the pathways (such as Up mentoring, work placement, exchange etc.) and is to be planned/accessed where exploration/development of an individuals personal competency to set up, establish and operate their own enterprise is required. This does not have to be reliant upon the development of an original idea/concept Page 14 provides the list of competencies that will be used to create you Personal Competency Profile Page 15 provides a matrix as to the suitability of each of the TEN pathways to support your development of them, however it should be accepted that personal competency development may be supported in all pathways in which the appropriate conditions have been set. The matrix is a guide only!


Your Personal Record This booklet allows you to maintain your own record of the planning, participation and outcomes from your experience of work journey This is your personal record and it is important that you maintain it, providing fullness of information and accuracy of detail. This information will be important in supporting you to secure positive progression (employment and/or further/higher study) beyond your engagement with New College Nottingham during this academic year. This booklet does provide opportunity to record multiple experiences of work activities as well as allowing you to record your competency development progress. You will need to collaborate effectively with all those that support your experience of work activity, including those working with and on behalf of the College and those who are employed and with whom you work within the organisation/s that provide you with the experiences of work. Please keep this record in a safe place and ensure that you have it with you at every experience of work planning session and placement.


9 Â

Your Details Your Full Name Your College ID Your Contact Number

Cluster Course Course Start Date

Academy Personal Tutor Planned End Date

College Attendance (Timetabled) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Start Time Start Time Start Time Start Time Start Time

End Time End Time End Time End Time End Time

Qualification Aims (2013/2014)


1. 2. Current/most recent 3. experiences of work 4. 5.

List 5 job roles that are of specific interest to you

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Do you have any restrictions (other than college attendance) on your availability for experiences of work? (specify)

Name and email of your E3 Advisor


Record of E3 Planning and Preparation Activity Activity




Tutorial Induction for E3

Include hours taken

Registration for E3 Commencement of MyWorkSearch Completion of MyWorkSearch

Include hours taken

Completion of Self Awareness Diagnostic

Include hours taken


Include hours taken

Meeting with E Coach Completion of Action Plan Completion of Video CV

Include hours taken

Include hours taken

Your Personal Details Published on E3 Website


Your Personal Competency Profile At your meeting with your E3 Coach, and after review of your documents generated within the planning and preparation phase of E3, you will produce a Personal Competency Profile. This will record the level at which you are currently evidencing Personal Competencies. Your Profile will record each Personal Competency at Levels 0-4 Level 0:

This Personal Competency is not evidenced or is not applicable

Level 1:

You could demonstrate this Personal Competency at this level in an environment /context where you are carrying out basic tasks with constant supervision

Level 2:

You could demonstrate this Personal Competency at this level in an environment/context where you are carrying our routine (role related) tasks with minimal or no supervision

Level 3:

You could demonstrate this Personal Competency at this level in an environment/context where you are carrying our complex tasks and have some supervisory responsibility

Level 4:

You could demonstrate this Personal Competency at this level in an environment/context in which you have management responsibilities


13 Â

Example of Personal Competency Personal Competency  Pro0ile   4  






Personal Competency Development Matrix (guidance only) Key Conditions will most be evident to support competency development

Conditions for competency development are unlikely to be evident and/or not easily created

Conditions for competency development may be evident and/or may be created


Personal Competencies

Learning Company Work Placement Enterprise Curriculum Student Crew Internship In-Company Innovation Apprentice Alumni Mentoring Exchange







Technical competency

Technical knowledge

Core skills (3Rs)

Day to day management

Managing a team

Working in a team

Working alone

Dealing with change

Problem solving

Decision making

Bringing in business

Market research

Productive relations

Approach to risk

Strategic thinking

Maximising opportunity

Approach to the world of work

Business Start Up

15 Â

Action Planning When you meet with your E3 Coach they will work with you to review all of the outputs from your completion of MyWorkSearch and Self Awareness processes. The review will also include the manner in which you engage and communicate through this process. Your input in this review and planning meeting will help your E3 Coach form an opinion on the current level of your Personal Competencies. The dialogue between you and your E3 Coach should also seek to accurately recognize the levels of Personal Competencies in those elements that are not specifically measured within the E3 process. i.e. if you are on a level 2 programme you are in all likelihood demonstrating Technical Competence and Technical Knowledge of at least Level 1, but probably not yet at Level 2. When you have completed your Personal Competency Profile with your E3 Coach, they will jointly develop with you an action plan that will identify those competencies that you need to further develop, and provide guidance on the type of experience of work opportunity that will best support your achievement of them. You may be provided with many opportunities in multiple experience of work situations. Each opportunity should be recorded. Â

16 Â



Meeting with E3 Advisor (Your First Personal Competency Profile) 4

Personal Competency  Pro0ile  






E3 Coach Signature


Your Signature


Personal Competency Profile Action Plan Your Name

Date Action Plan Agreed

To complete the action plan, have the following been accessed/reviewed/completed?



Comments / Observations

Curriculum Vitae generated through completion of MyWorkSearch Diagnostic Report from completion of Self Awareness Dialogue between Student and E3 Advisor Personal Competency Profile Other evidence presented by Student been considered

Arrangments for completion of Video CV agreed




Personal Competencies to be Addressed (identified from profile)

Specific Actions/Advice to Support Development

How Evidenced?

Date Evidenced

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Sectors/Job Roles in Which Experience of Work should be sought (where relevant)




Which of the Pathways will support achievement of the Personal Competency Profile Action Plan?



Not Suitable

Suggested Hours Per Week

Proposed Duration for Completion

Learning Company Work Placement (shorter/taster) Enterprise in the Curriculum Student Crew (Volunteering) Internship In-Company Innovation Apprentice

Refer to B2B Team

Alumni Mentoring International and Local Exchange Business Start Up

Date Date

E3 Coach Signature Your Signature 21



Experience of Work Application Record Your Full Name

E3 On-Line Profile CV Uploaded Diagnostic Uploaded Video CV Uploaded Personal Competency Profile Uploaded Action Plan Uploaded


Experience of Work Opportunities Applied For Interview Pathway Role Outcome & Action (Y/N)



Job Readiness Preparation Checklist Item


Start Date Employer Details (inc. Address) Named Contact in Company Experience of Work Pathway

Your Name Job Title (Student) Job Description Issued Hours of Work Confirmed Terms and Conditions Agreed Work Mentor Nominated Risk Assessment Completed PPE / Clothing / Tools available Transport Arrangements Planned (inc. public transport) All Details Logged on E3 Site




Record of Experience of Work Your Full Name Employer Job Role / EOW Activity

Total Hours Engaged Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Start Time Start Time Start Time Start Time Start Time

Week Commencing: End Time End Time End Time End Time End Time

Description of Work Carried Out


Feedback from Employer / Client / AN Other (specify)

Other Evidence Collected for OnLine Profile    


Post Experience of Work Review


Comments / Observations/ Actions

Was the role enjoyable? Do you have a better understanding of the sector in which you completed your experience of work? Has this experience of work opportunity helped you with future career choices? Which of the action points in your action plan has been progressed/achieved as a result of this experience of work? As a result of this experience, do you believe your Personal Competency Profile requires reviewing (if so, this needs to be communicated to your E3 Coach)

Are you seeking additional experiences of work (if so, this needs to be communicated to your E3 Coach)


From here, Section 2 onwards is repeated again for those who will require or expect multiple engagements This will include: A review of this initial (first) experience with an E3 Coach Review and update of Personal Competency Profile New Action Plan Additional Job Readiness Preparation Checklist Etc…


Eow work book updated pr 1 9 13  

Draft work book

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