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September 2018 | Volume XLIV Issue 4


Some Words From Your Editors! Hey PHHS Key Clubbers!

On the Cover Page:

Yours in Caring and Service, Wasay Noor and Chintan Bhavsar

Key Clubbers attending the first couple (mandatory) meetings of the year: Key Club beginning-of-year Info Meeting!

Within This Issue:


First Meetings of the Year!


Membership Requirements


Fall RTC’s recap!


Upcoming Opportunities!

Quote Of The Month “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” Sam Levenson

September 2018 ---- Volume XLIV Issue 4

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Starting out the year strong with our Informational Meetings!! Want to join Key Club?? Well, at Par Hills we make it easy and simple for everyone! With the first step being: attend a PHHS Key Club Info Meeting in September!!! Our 4 info meeting went GREAT this year with a turnout of more than 150 potential Key-Clubbers!!! President Alison along with Advisor Mrs. Sturm spoke about membership requirements, Fall Rally, Seasonal CSH cards, Food Drives and much more! Attending one of these meeting, however, is required for one to become a PHHS Key-Clubber. Due to this, if someone you know was not able to join Key Club this year, make sure they come next year and bring ALL their friends!! Other membership requirements on the next page….

One of the Key Club Advertisement Flyers (by yours truly) used

Key d n a r o , advis uctions d r a o B ntrod Club i urring! occ

MANY students here to learn what “Key Club” really is

September 2018 ---- Volume XLIV Issue 4

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Check Out This Year’s Membership Requirements!




One must have attended an informational meeting held annually in September One must be a consistent member and attend at least one general meeting a month until December One must acquire 12 hours also by the end of November as a tryout to become a full member of the PHHS Key Club

Regional Training Conferences!!!! ALL Attendees having the time of their lives, learning and making new friends!!!! R


Par High AND Par Hills Key Clubbers Meet at RTCs!!

During the month of September, three RTCs (Regional Training Conferences) took place: September 22nd at Millburn High School, September 23rd at Hackettstown High School, and September 30th at Central Regional High School. ALL BOARD MEMBERS attended at least one RTC! They were able to meet many Key-Clubbers from various other school, meet many divisional LTGs and even meet the District Board upfront and personal! With workshops, games, and FOOD, RTCs definitely made out board’s weekend! Be sure to attend a Spring RTC if you also want to have all that fun!!

SOME of our MANY Upcoming Service Opportunities!!!!

Key Club offers MANY service opportunities; those in a desperate need to fulfil their hearts and complete service hours will find Key Club as the happiest place on earth and those who need their 12 hours by end of November to become an official PHHS Key Clubber will find that there are many way to acquire them. Some include: our Yankee Candle sale, hanging up decorations, bringing in canned food and other items for drives, and even donating candy for Halloween and all of Key Club!!! Ask any board member for ways to gain hours if you truly are in need of more opportunities!

Yankee Candle Sale

Food Drives

Hang K.C. Decoarions

Donate Candy!!

Questions, Concerns, Comments, or Suggestions on anything Key Club? Don’t hesitate to Contact the PHHS Key Club Executive Board Now!

Some Key Reminders Keep an ear out for Halloween service opportunities!

An Amazing Fall Rally Recap Coming Soon!!!

Stay tuned for Food Drive Results!!

By, Parsippany Hills High School September 2018 Volume XLIV Issue 4

PHHS September 2018 Newsletter  

The Septmeber​ 2018 edition of the Parsippany Hills High School's "Key Notes"

PHHS September 2018 Newsletter  

The Septmeber​ 2018 edition of the Parsippany Hills High School's "Key Notes"