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EPOS-Excel Excel YESPAY Integrated Card Payment Solution We have teamed up with YESPAY International Limited to offer all users of the EPOS-Excel Excel EPOS system a cost effective and fully integrated method of accepting ccard payments over the counter. YESPAY’s payment service EMBOSS is an on on-line IP-based payment processing service that has been pre-accredited by major card acquirers in UK and is fully end to end certified to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level 1 as mandated by Visa and MasterCard MasterCard.

What are the benefits? The following table details the advantages of using the YESPAY integrated system versus a traditional standalone bank owned terminal.

Bank Owned Terminal

YESPAY Integrated System

YESPAY Integrated System Benefits

Standalone operation

Fully Integrated with EPOS-Excel

No miss-keying keying of transaction values

Deployment can take over 2 weeks

Setup within 55-10 days

Fast time to market

Bank connectivity PSTN dial-up leading to 30-45 second authorisation times

EMBOSS connectivity ADLS, GPRS, 3G

High-speed speed transaction authorisation ~3 seconds – increased sales efficiency

Overnight polling of transactions

Real Real-time transaction capture in EMBOSS

Automated transaction settlement overnight

Single standalone terminal

Variety of PIN Pads

Select suitable PIN Pad for your environment

One telephone line per terminal

One internet line with multiple terminals

Significant cost saving

Full terminal exchange leaving no payment facility during replacement

Simple PIN Pad swap out in case of failure

Continue to transact with manual keyed entry via EPOS

Referral transactions in case of PSTN failure

Off--line operation in case of Internet failure (floor limit transactions supported)

Continuity of sales within store

Basic x and z reports

Real Real-time web-based transaction reports

Detailed reports simplify transaction reconciliation

Limited support provided

7 day help desk

Support when required

Rental fees between £15-25 pounds per terminal plus telephone line rental per terminal

Low monthly bureau fees from £1 £15 EPOS per month

Significant cost reductions


What additional hardware do I need? Other than a basic broadband internet connection the only single piece of additional hardware you require to run the integrated payment solution is a small pin-pad unit. This device connects to your existing EPOS-Excel computer via the serial port or USB port (different connection options are available). The YESPAY system is currently compatible with the following pin-pad units:-

Verifone SC5000

Verifone Secura

Verifone Vx810 – Coming Soon

The SC5000’s user-friendly design includes large keys that minimize user input errors, and an easy-to-read display capable of handling graphical images such as merchant logos and various character sets.

The Secura PIN pad has a backlit graphical display for easy viewing, large tactile keys that are also backlit and an illuminated smart card entry slot. The Secura has a privacy shield for added security.

The Vx 810 offers retailers all they want in a PIN pad...and then some! It’s a whole new kind of PIN pad that’s fully loaded and future-proof. It’s highly reliable, remarkably modular and exceptionally user-friendly.

What additional software do I need? A small piece of software will be installed onto your existing EPOS-Excel computer. This software will start-up automatically whenever you start EPOS-Excel. The software will run in the background and for the most part you won’t even be aware that it’s there. This additional software is called the ‘YESPAY EasyV Terminal’ and provides the connection between EPOS-Excel and your connected pin-pad. The EasyV Terminal software is completely free and will be provided to you during the installation and set-up phase.

Do I need a merchant account? Yes. In order for YESPAY to process your card transactions you will need a merchant account in place with one of the acquiring banks. If you already have a bank owned terminal then you will already have this account setup. If not you will need to contact your bank and ask their advise as to the best way of going about this. Remember that you don’t always need to setup your merchant account with the same bank you use for your day-to-day banking. Most of the merchant service operators can link into any existing bank account so shop around to get the best deal.

I already have a bank owned terminal. Can I upgrade to the new system? Yes, in most cases your existing bank owned terminal can be returned to the bank (check contract notice periods). Your fixed term contract will cover your merchant account and NOT the terminal hardware. In some cases you may be able to run your bank owned terminal in tandem with the new system until such a time when you’re ready to return the bank terminal.

I want to purchase the system. What do I do next? The process is very straight forward. All you need to do is inform Business EPOS that you wish to add the card processing option to EPOS-Excel. We will then send you two forms by email. These forms will ask specific questions related to your installation requirements. Once completed you simply return these to us. We will check through them to make sure everything is in place and then send them on to YESPAY who will process your application. For further information or to apply for the card payment solution please contact us at 2

System Pricing The YESPAY EasyV Terminal system is very competitively priced. There are two different package options available each with their associated payment plans. Please note that all prices shown are for a single terminal installation.

Package Description

This package does not include any hardware. You will need to purchase your hardware from our website

Monthly service charges

The monthly service charge is dependent on card transaction volume. following table for details:Transaction Volume Per Month Up to 500 transactions Between 500 – 1250 transactions Between 1250 – 2500 transactions

See the

Charge (GBP exVAT) £15.35 £20.65 £31.25

Higher transaction volumes can be catered for. Please ask for pricing details. Initial setup charges

There is an initial setup charge of £42.50. Also you will be required to pay six months service charge upfront as a deposit. Assuming you sign up for the lowest transaction volume tier (up to 500 per month) this deposit will be 6 x £15.35 = £92.10

EPOS-Excel licence charge

All charges mentioned so far have been set by YESPAY and all of these payments will be made directly to YESPAY by Direct Debit. There is a small additional charge to upgrade your EPOS-Excel software licence to enable the Chip & PIN option. Please note that no VAT is currently charged on these licences. Current pricing for this option is as follows:Licence Type Monthly Licence Annual Licence Lifetime Licence

Package Example

Charge £5.95 / month £49.95 / year £124.95

Assuming that you were adding the card payment option to a single EPOS-Excel till running on an annual licence and you were expecting no more than 500 card transactions per month the payment breakdown would be as follows:Payment Pin-pad unit Initial setup charge Six month service charge deposit Ongoing service charge EPOS-Excel licence upgrade


Payment To Business EPOS YESPAY YESPAY

Charge See website £42.50 + VAT £92.10 + VAT


£15.35 + VAT / month £49.95 / year