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SELECTMEN’S BUDGET MEETINGS Minutes of 11/30/05 Selectmen:

Robert C. Flanders, Chairperson Frank Michel Peter Miller

Town Manager:

Carol M. Granfield

Administrative Assistant:

Wynette DeGroot

Director of Administrative Services

Brenda Vittner

Town Accountant

Carrie Compton

Call to Order: 12:00 p.m. Roll Call: Robert Flanders, Chairman, Peter Miller, Frank S. Michel, Carol Granfield, Brenda Vittner, Wynette DeGroot, Carrie Compton Carol M. Granfield introduced the Regional Agencies and explained funding of agencies this year. Peter discussed items and the budget year, which included a spike due to he Community Center coming on line. Frank Michel spoke to the taxation and the balancing act of which Meredith is not Meredith of 10 years ago. We are trying to think out of the box as well. Frank read a letter submitted by Miller Lovett in support of the agencies. Bob Flanders said we are trying to get a good sense of the budget and it is not an easy process. There were 2,100 people in Meredith 33 years ago and now we have 6,700. Miller Lovett spoke to the difficulties the Human Service Agencies face today with Peter Miller agreeing with dilemma, which ultimately comes back to the property taxes. The State actually refuses to pay for services, which fall back to the community. Rusty McLear made brief comments regarding the Greater Meredith Program and how much the organization gives back to the Community. Rene Rockwell commented on the services of CORE (Community Response Coalition for alternative activities for the High School and Middle School ages.) Pru Tylenda spoke to the resources of the Community Action Program (CAP) Brenda Vittner reiterated how much many of these agencies assist with the needs of the residents which in turn helps keep the General Assistance impact lowered in relation to the budget. Bob Kennelly spoke on behalf of the American Legion. Margaret Frankhauser appreciated the Town’s support. The Board of Selectmen thanked all agencies for attending the workshop. 1

Fire: This budget is also fairly straightforward with an increase due to the painting of the Meredith Center Station. Bob Flanders would like to review with the Fire Chief the possibility of reviewing the CIP amount for a new truck. The CIP recommended to fully fund the ladder truck. Bob would like to see if it could be pushed out a year. Flagged is the $100 this year for a ladder truck. Conservation Commission: This year one change in the Conservation budget is the addition of legal services to come out of their budget. Brenda Vittner indicated at the end of this year, finance will have to draw down from the expendable trust fund. Town Clerk: The increase this year is due to three elections and the costs related. The three are the March election, the September Primary election and the November General Election. Capital Projects: Cygnet Shores Pump Station – to be sent out again, Employee Benefit Trust to be reduced to in half. Flagged items are the Solid Waste Trailer and the ETF funded by water to change both water disinfection and Water System Improvement. The bathrooms at Waukewan are also flagged. Peter Miller made a motion to break and reconvene on December 3 at 8:00 am to continue with the budget discussion at 3:45 pm. Frank seconded the motion. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted: ______________________ Carol M. Granfield, Town Manager

________________________ Robert C. Flanders, Chairman

________________________ Wynette DeGroot, Administrative Assistant

_________________________ Frank S. Michel _________________________ Peter N. Miller



Robert Flanders, Chairman, Peter Miller, Frank S. Michel, Carol Granfield, Brenda Vittner, Wynette DeGroot, Carrie Compton Rusty McLear mad...