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SELECTMEN’S WORKSHOP Minutes of 01/07/08 4:00 p.m. Selectmen:

Frank S. Michel, Chairman Peter F. Brothers, Vice Chairman Robert C. Flanders Miller C. Lovett Colette Worsman

Town Manager: Recording Clerk:

Carol M. Granfield Karin Landry

The Workshop was opened by Chair Frank Michel at 4:00 p.m. The Chair introduced the Selectmen and Town Manager Carol Granfield. The order of the meeting allows for dialogue among the Board, followed by public input at the discretion of the Chair. W 08-01

1st T Development (a) Road Waiver Request (b) Proposed Street Name

Chair Michel and Selectman Flanders recused themselves from the discussion because they have a business relationship with Mr. Jutton. Director of Administrative Services Brenda Vittner acted as Town Manager because Carol Granfield is an abutter to the applicant’s property. Community Development Director John Edgar set forth the road waiver request for the Board. 1st T Development, LLC proposes to subdivide 169 acres into 42, 2-3 bedroom single family, detached residential condominium units. The project is known as Ironwood Condominiums. The proposal is located on Pease Road in the Forestry/Rural District. The units will be clustered under the Special Exception provisions of the Zoning Ordinance. The subdivision received conditional approval on 9/25/07 after extensive public hearings, site inspections and staff input. Within the cluster, the applicant proposes two shared driveways, one serving 3 units, and one serving 5 units. Each drive is a 20’ wide paved surface. The drive serving 5 units is one-way. The applicant is seeking waivers to road standards that would permit the drives to function as private drives. The proposed configuration is in excess of the Town’s limitation on shared drives, which restricts more than two units per shared driveway. The proposed common drives were reviewed by the Fire Department and were found preferable to abutting, dead end drives. The Planning Board’s Consulting Engineer reviewed the plan and profile of the drives, and their intersection with the main road, and found them to be acceptable from an engineering/safety perspective. The driveways exceed the Planning Board’s regulation that limits shared drives to not more than two units, so waivers are required from Minimum Road Standards in order to treat the proposed loops as private drives.

Town of Meredith

Board of Selectmen

January 7, 2008

Director of Public Works Mike Faller is in support of granting the waiver. The design of the shared driveways is more like a roadway and will provide better emergency services access to the housing units. Similar waivers have been granted in the past. Selectman Worsman expressed concerns with five units being maintained by one driveway. A driveway serving three units is the most that has been approved in the past. She made it clear that her position on the Planning Board is entirely different than on the Board of Selectman. She looked at the matter from a Planning Board point of view, made a decision, and set it aside in order to review the merits coming before the Select Board. The Board agreed that there must be written documentation stipulating that the road will forever be maintained as a private road as part of the approval process and condominium association documents. Dialogue ensued regarding access by emergency vehicles if visitors are parked along both sides of the road, and the duty to residents to make sure there is sufficient room. Selectman Brothers is in favor of reviewing requests on a case by case basis. He chooses to rely on the combined judgment of Town professionals in making a decision. Mr. Jutton, of 1st T Corporation, told the Board that all roads and driveways will be maintained by the condominium association. He spoke in favor of reduced width roadways as a means of calming traffic. The conditional approval of the Planning Board requires approval by the Select Board of proposed road names. The Applicant requested that the primary subdivision road be named “Ironwood Circle”, and the loop driveway serving 5 units be named “Copperwood Way”. There were no objections to the proposed street names. W 08-02 Varied Items The Town Manager is requesting guidance from the Board on addressing various matters. Groundwater Proposal – The Town solicited a proposal from Garret & Emory to evaluate the option of groundwater. The Town Manager asked for the Board’s guidance on how to proceed. In view of the scope of the project, policy dictates that a Request for Proposal be made. Dialogue ensued regarding the timing of the formation of a committee to study the water system and future needs in conjunction with the groundwater study. The Board directed the Town Manager to work with water consultant Ray Korber and Water & Sewer Superintendent Bob Hill to craft a charge to bring before the Board. Part of the Charge of the committee will be to analyze how dollars are spent. Selectman Worsman is concerned with creating a capital project that is not needed at this time. She warned the Board to be careful about spending funds on a project that serves only 20% of the population. Selectman Lovett pointed out that expansion of the present plant will be costly, and the work of the committee has the possibility of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Town. ●

Shep Brown’s Bathroom/Parking Status – The Town Manager asked for guidance from the Board on adding bathrooms and additional parking at Shep Brown’s. A water/sewer line is in place in that location. Dialogue ensued regarding utilizing funds generated from parking at the location for bathrooms. The option still exists for the ●

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Town of Meredith

Board of Selectmen

January 7, 2008

Town to jointly expand parking with Shep Brown’s. The Board must consider the need for bathrooms at the Town Docks, and the completion of the Waukewan bathhouses. ●

Pending Workshops -

Antique Boat Show proposal for ice clusters: The Town has been asked if it is interested in sharing additional ice cluster costs to be utilized for docking in lieu of barges. Dialogue ensued regarding various factors to consider including cost, maintenance, liability, and hazards in navigation. The Chair directed the Town Manager to bring a written request from the Boat Show before the Board.


Naming of Leighton Mountain: There is a proposal to name the summit elevation west of Leavitt Mountain “Leighton Mountain”. The name has been approved at the county level. The Chair directed the Town Manager to schedule the matter for a workshop, and appropriate action at the Board meeting following the workshop.


Vendor Fees: Inspection costs have been added to the proposed vendor fee structure and the matter will be scheduled for an upcoming workshop.


Warrant Articles: A meeting will be scheduled to review the warrant articles. The Board will be provided with a draft of the articles.

Pending items for action at meetings: - Water line easement (also to be scheduled for a workshop to discuss pending issues) - Development agreements (Boynton Road workforce housing, senior housing) - Road waivers (Old Stage Road) - Leasing Commission – leasing over railroads for docks (also to be scheduled for workshop - high priority) - Public hearing on budget - Street name adoption

Dialogue ensued regarding the scheduling of a matter as an agenda item at a workshop and Board meeting on the same day, in an effort to be more efficient. Posting the matter on both agendas will keep the public abreast of what is happening. If the Board needs additional information on the matter before taking action, it will be rescheduled for a subsequent Board meeting. Selectman Worsman asked for an update on the Waukewan bathhouse. The Chair directed that the Board be provided with a memo including year to date expenses on the project. Selectman Worsman motioned to adjourn the meeting at 5:20 p.m. Seconded by Selectman Flanders. 5-0. All in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

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Town of Meredith

Board of Selectmen

January 7, 2008

Respectfully submitted,

Carol M. Granfield, Town Manager

Frank S. Michel, Chairman

Karin Landry, Recording Clerk

Peter F. Brothers, Vice Chairman

Robert C. Flanders

Miller C. Lovett

Colette Worsman

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SELECTMEN’S WORKSHOP Minutes of 01/07/08 4:00 p.m. W 08-01 1 st T Development (a) Road Waiver Request (b) Proposed Street Name Chair Michel...