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SELECTMEN’S WORKSHOP Minutes of 09/15/08 4:00 p.m. Selectmen:

Peter F. Brothers, Chairman Miller C. Lovett, Vice Chairman Robert C. Flanders Charles G. Palm Colette Worsman

Town Manager: Recording Clerk:

Carol M. Granfield Karin Landry

Call to Order: Chairman Peter Brothers called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. He introduced the Board and the Town Manager. W 08-36

Certificate of Authorizing Resolution – Insurances

The Certificate of Authorizing Resolution for Insurances came before the Board at the September 8, 2008 Selectmen’s meeting. The Board tabled the matter and scheduled a workshop to address questions regarding the Certificate. John Steiner, Associate Executive Director for Member Services at the Local Government Center/Health Trust (LGC), briefly overviewed the Town’s property liability, workers’ compensation, health, and unemployment insurance programs. The program is very competitive with the private sector. If a municipality wishes to opt out of the program during the 3-year locked in period, the Trust would not prevent them from doing so. Mr. Steiner overviewed the Trust’s loss management program. Selectman Worsman expressed concerns regarding a provision that stipulates that the Town retains ultimate responsibility for payment to the Health Trust of its retiree’s coverage to the extent they are not otherwise paid by retirees. Mr. Steiner will pursue further information regarding the provision from the Trust. The Board agreed that the final version of the document should indicate that the Town shall participate in unemployment benefits operated by subsidiaries of LGC. The Name/Title of the entity authorized and directed to execute and deliver the document to the Health Trust shall be “Selectmen or Designees.” Mr. Steiner will provide the Board with the cost of the health insurance program. 08-38 New Hampshire Lakes Association – Project for Grant Funds – Lake Waukewan Jared Touche, President of the New Hampshire Lakes Association, asked the Board for conceptual approval of a project that will educate the public on the importance of Lake Waukewan’s water quality. The Town, partnering with New Hampshire Lakes Association, Inter-Lakes School District, DES, and a local University, will implement a demonstration project for the purpose of public education on the importance of Lake Waukewan’s water quality. The project will involve local students in a program facilitated by a teacher. The students will have the opportunity to identify and design projects that will allow for hands-on experience in math and science. The project will utilize $21,920 of funding that remains from the DES Watershed Approach Pilot Program, which was awarded in 2005. The funding must be spent by September

Town of Meredith

Board of Selectmen

September 15, 2008

30, 2009. The New Hampshire Lakes Association will be responsible for grant administration. There are no cash contributions being solicited from the Town. Any requests for services to be performed by the Town are not determined at this time. The Board was generally comfortable with the Town’s role as a partner in the project and gave their consensus to proceed. W08-37

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Emergency Watershed Program

Community Development Director John Edgar told the Board that the Town has become aware of a program through the Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) administered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), whereby assistance is available for private properties damaged by natural disasters. As a result of the recent flash flooding, private properties have been damaged in ways that represent ongoing threats to water quality without some form of remediation. A site visit was made to nine properties damaged by the flood, and two were identified as potentially eligible properties. Site No. 1 is damage that occurred when Neal Brook jumped its banks at its intersection with Westbury Road. As the flood water made its way back into the brook, it eroded an embankment. The bank sloughing that occurred could potentially undermine the road and be a source of sedimentation downstream. Site No. 2 is damage that occurred when an intermittent stream beyond the terminus of Wall Street was overwhelmed during the flood event, creating a significant scoured area and significant channel erosion and lake siltation. The fiscal impact to the Town is undeterminable at this time. As the process develops, the Town would need to determine whether to participate financially or not. A public benefit would need to be demonstrated in order to do so. There are no other known options for seeking low cost or no cost reconstruction aid for individual land owners. The Board supported sending the initial letter requesting financial assistance through the Program. Mr. Edgar will investigate whether engineering done in connection with the project will be available to the land owner if the grant money is later denied. The Board will address additional considerations and details at a later time. W 08-39

Energy Committee

A warrant article was passed at the 2007 Town Meeting asking the Board to consider the appointment of a voluntary energy committee. Bill Bayard presented and asked the Board to consider the appointment of an energy committee. He felt that the wise use of energy has environmental benefits and can result in savings to the Town. He noted that an energy committee can provide ideas to citizens, look at historic energy costs, analyze the Town facilities, and promote anti-idling campaigns. Mr. Bayard used the CIP and Water System Committees as examples of committees where individuals with interest and expertise have benefited the Town. The Board supported the establishment of an energy committee, and directed Mr. Bayard to work with Community Development Director John Edgar to develop a draft charge. The Board generally agreed that the committee should move forward as a subcommittee of the Planning Board.

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Town of Meredith W 08-40

Board of Selectmen

September 15, 2008

CIP Discussion

The Town Manager introduced the matter. Bill Bayard, on behalf of the CIP committee, solicited input from the Board to guide the committee in their upcoming deliberations. He asked for the Board’s input on the level that will be contributed to capital improvements, and the priority of projects. Dialogue ensued regarding various demands on the budget. The Board agreed that any cuts in the budget should not automatically be taken from the capital budget. John Edgar suggested that the committee come before the Board with their input on the priority of various projects at the time the Board addresses the CIP budget. Resident Jim Hughes applauded the proper use of administration and committees in reducing the length of Board meetings. ADJOURNMENT: Selectman Flanders motioned to move into a non-public meeting per RSA 91-A:3 II(c) at 6:50 p.m. Seconded by Selectman Worsman. Selectmen polled. 5-0. All in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

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Town of Meredith

Board of Selectmen

September 15, 2008

Respectfully submitted,

Carol M. Granfield, Town Manager

Peter F. Brothers, Chairman

Karin Landry, Recording Clerk

Miller C. Lovett, Vice Chairman

Robert C. Flanders

Charles G. Palm

Colette Worsman

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SELECTMEN’S WORKSHOP Minutes of 09/15/08 4:00 p.m  
SELECTMEN’S WORKSHOP Minutes of 09/15/08 4:00 p.m  

Selectmen: Peter F. Brothers, Chairman Miller C. Lovett, Vice Chairman Robert C. Flanders Charles G. Palm Colette Worsman W08-37 Natural Re...