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Interserv EDV Ges.m.b.h. presents

webhotel Management System

For local and worldwide usability! The big BONUS for your Hotel!



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WEBHOtel Management System Presence in and for the Web world wide! THE Plus for Your Hotel! and INTERFACES to

and MiRA – Hotel Infotainment System Hotel e-Solutions by one Hand In order to perform successfully each day, enterprises of the hotel business need a technological infrastructure, which covers all requirements and which facilitates its working processes. An integrated platform, which seizes all processes in your property.

WEBHOTEL Management System is the right software therefore. Our company Interserv EDP Ltd is occupied for more than 20 years with software solutions for the hotel industry. Webhotel is now the most recently developed software solution inspired out of our experience from the past. Fulfilling customer's requests as well as the understanding for the hospitality business provided continuous customer increase from the beginning. Our Interface to international booking channels (like channelRUSH) enables the most up-todate way to automatically exchange availability and reservation data with these business sources. And Webhotel provides an real time interface to your best booking channel: Your own Website. Our Webservices Interface gives a simple and secure possibility to your Webdesigner, to offer online reservation and even more. We can provide outstanding medial Entertainment and Information “on demand” by

MiRA - Hotel Infotainment System Bringing TV, Video on demand, Internet, Phone, Web Services and more in digital form to the rooms and apartments. 3

WEBHotel Management System Is the most actual HOTELMANAGEMENT System, based on the long lasting experience with the PMS “sds-Hotel”. A constantly hard competition needs the RELIABLE COLLECTION, PROCESSING and EVALUATION OF ALL PROCESSES in the enterprise. WEBHotel Management System offers in addition the INTEGRATED PLATFORMS to you: simply, clearly, surely, saving extra works. WEBHotel Management System is an ECONOMICAL SYSTEM, which is in a SIMPLE manner linking all business entities of your house, holding real time information all the time updated, but nevertheless EASILY TO BE USED. Not only in the front Office and in the back Office, also supporting the ALL OVER ORGANISATION! What you can expect from NEWEST WEBHotel Management System: IT OFFERS: An EFFICIENT AND FLEXIBLE WORKING HELP, which facilitates the daily work for you with and supplies all necessary information. Thus you can offer BEST SERVICE TO YOUR GUESTS.

IT SOLVES DAILY ROUTINE TASKS: Helps with all tasks in Front Office and in the Back Office - to organize your enterprise more simply and more efficiently. WEBHotel Management System facilitates the routine tasks for you and your co-workers. Thues you and your coworkers have more time for your guests - from reservation until the departure. In addition there are extensive statistics, which can be adapted also easily to your needs IT SOLVES DAILY ROUTINE TASKS: IT SIMPLIFIES EXTENSIVE DAILY PAPER WORKS: And of course all processes of daily work. Additionally there is the advantage of having present at ANY TIME CURRENT AND FUTURE UTILIZATION OF PROPERTIES. You can observe directly, how the hotel status updates in real time with each reservation change. If you care for several houses you can watch also their status always updated. That is possible even on data input field level. IT GIVES ADVANTAGE IN COMPETITION: A POWERFUL AND CLEAR PRICE PLANNING, which is to be handled nevertheless easy, permits to specify the MOST COMPETITIVE SEASON PRICES and the times of high extent of utilization with suitable prices. The handling for reservation confirmation and inquiries is very easy. ONLINE – RESERVATION AT REAL TIME over Internet via your own web-site is integrated as well as automatic link to touristic reservation systems. The statistics make a clear allocation possible of frequent guests, company and travel agency guests. Likewise you have the possibility of the allocation to FREELY CONFIGURABLE MARKET SEGMENTS. 4

IT IS INEXPENSIVE AND HAS LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP: The central computers use LICENSE-FREE DATA BASES AND SYSTEM SOFTWARE, which use the hardware optimally, without losses regarding user friendliness. Thus the client computers are relieved by many time-consuming computations performed at the servers. THE REALISATION: WEBHotel Management System is a SCALABLE and MODULAR SOFTWARE and it can be adapted to any SIZE OF BUSINESS. The basic modules are running on ONE OR MORE CENTRAL SERVERS and thus they build the stable core for the surrounding functional modules. All data communication between server and workstations is done by a very EFFICIENT AND FLEXIBLE application oriented protocol (“SIMPRO”). MULTIPLE PROPERTIES MAY ACCESS THE SAME CENTRAL SERVER, even in case there situated in different locations. This makes it possible to OPTIMIZE COMMON TASKS in properties organizationally or economically linked together in a simple way. A big potential of costs saving never achieved up to now!


FUNDAMENTAL STRUCTURES SYSTEM-ORIENTED REALIZATION DATA BASES (PostgreSQL or MySQL) do not cause LICENSE COSTS, as well as the SERVER under the OPERATING SYSTEM LINUX. The engine, what we call the central part of our software running on the server, is developed in the programming language C++. THE GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE, developed in Java, runs on “arbitrary” workstations: Our client software can run on ANY LOCALLY INSTALLED OPERATING SYSTEM (Windows, Linux,…) where a JAVA Runtime is available. Yet the client software is “WINDOWS LOOK AND FEEL”, however without being dependent on mouse usage. SIMPRO - The “simple protocol” guarantees EFFICIENT AND FLEXIBLE COMMUNICATION between engines and Client Workstations, making efficient use also of low bandwidth. Up to date Online information regarding fundamental information by broadcasting mechanism guarantees high awareness paired with efficient use of resources. ALTHOUGH WEBHotel Management System is currently offered as a Hotel management software, it can be adopted easily for similar applications, e.g. Apartments, Yachts etc. due to its flexible Database Structure – we generate a new database structure and provide you a modified software tool at the same time.

VARIOUS CONFIGURATIONS POSSIBLE – A WIDE RANGE OF USABILITY Here we want to give a short overview showing the multiple features and usability’s of WEBHotel Management System using some typical examples: SINGLE USER System: Your Database Server is your Workstation. Can be a Laptop. DATABASE SERVER IN YOUR HOUSE Workstations are connected by local area network to the database server. ONE SINGLE DATABASE SERVER FOR MULTIPLE HOTELS: The work stations are connected by a suitable network with the common central server. The data however may be on separate servers for redundancy and a central computer take over the synchronisation for the desired data. Thus you have the current overview of all houses which can be administered! ASP-MODEL: Outsource your server to us: By suitable access, e.g. over a secured Internet tunnel connection, it can be accessed by your existing Workstations. DATA INTEGRITY / SECURITY No concerns regarding data security. Any mirrored server within your organization can be converted to a main database server in case of a catastrophic failure. So you do not need to worry about data loss. Of course communication between servers is secured by cryptographic procedures. Interfaces: We do custom-made adjustment for interfaces you want: Whether a special key Card system or a most modern telephone system - We can deliver the right interface software. Interfaces for EPOS (Cash), Webservices for online reservation, PABX, Keycard and many others are ready made.


SOFTWARE AS SIMPLY AS RECORD SHEETS! The software is arranged consciously into INDIVIDUAL MODULES (hotel, master data, cash, FIBU,…). Their MAIN MENUS (reservation, check in/check Out, cash,…) and the MENU OPTIONS (hotel status, reservation list, room rack,…) can be steered both by the mouse and thru the keyboard or by function keys.

AUTHORISATION A highly sophisticated concept of authorisation helps the administrator to configure user profiles in multiple layers. At the moment when a user logs into the system his profile already defines which modules, main menu points, which procedures he can use and which masks any can see. In case there are MULTIPLE HOUSES NETWORKED thru the system, at login time a user has to choose which property he will work with and which language he will use.


COUNTRIES AND LANGUAGES Pre-installed and ISO-STANDARDISED country names and shortcuts (ISO 3166) as well as currencies und and currency shortcuts (ISO4217) assure working according to standards. A "MUST" in a networked environment! Changes are centrally brought into the system and are always UP-TO-DATE. We provide multiple System languages. Languages for guest communication can be adopted by yourself, if you like to do this.

INTERFACES You want to offer and provide greatest possible comfort to your customers? We link to existing systems like for example PAY-TV or a TELEPHONE SYSTEM. We offer the adapted interfaces to you for highest possible integration. They want to offer multimedia luxury to your customers at a reasonable price? Ask us about MiRA - Hotel Infotainment System. WEBHotel Management System provides the right Interface to integrate this MiRA system! We also offer an EPOS (electronic Point of sale). We can also integrate your existing EPOS: ASK US FOR AN OFFER to integrate your existing Epos. Interfaces to existing FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING PROGRAMS like SDS FIBU or ISM FIBU are available e.g., we can integrate other software easily because our system is open. You may use the MERGER FUNCTIONS to generate serial letters or to link scanned documents as there are scans of travel documents. All Statistics Output can be stored in formatted files, giving access to a wide range of statistic tools including yield management software. And of course always remember our interfaces to the Internet Reservation Channels and the ability to run your own online and real time Internet reservation for your guests! 8


PRICE STRUCTURINGS THE PRICE STRUCTURING IS OPENLY HELD: You can assign both room/person prices after season or provide special firm prices with pertinent offers. They have a travel agency contract? Cut your prices to the needs exactly! Even a currency rebuild at the season borders is problem-free definable. (e.g. introduction of Euro)


POWERSERCH - THE BASIS OF PERFECT CUSTOMER RELATION: Administer your CONTACTS carefully - by an effective „POWERSEARCH“ all data are discoverable within shortest time FIND RIGHT CUSTOMER NAMES WITHOUT KNOWING THE SPELLING.

RESERVATION You may work graphically or using lists. The system provides many useful selections and hints for input. Graphically optimised report rounds off our offer. A SIMPLE ADMINISTRATION OF RESOURCES such as seminar areas, regarding the Wellness area (e.g. Massage), Fitness tools renting or administration of congresses is available.


ROOM RACK The ROOM RACK gives you immediately and always in a timely manner an overview about the extent of utilization of your property! And it is fully adjustable to your needs



DESCRIPTION OF THE INTERFACE TO The WEBHOTEL Management System wants to make the advantages still better usable with this interface to channelRUSH - services. In order to receive as much as possible reservations through the Internet, to avoid mistakes with automated reservations and to spend minimum organizational expenditure to update your multiple offerings. What is the advantage in using this Interface to channelRUSH: channelRUSH is a web based hotel channel management system for hotel revenue managers that allow them to maintain their hotel’s rate and availability distribution across numerous third-party sales sites simultaneously... channelRUSH provides a perfect Interface using WebPages, so one can maintain several channels (e.g.,,, Discover,, nethotels, inthotels etc. ) using one single WebPages. But still the reservations have to be entered in the PMS and availabilities have to be updated manually. And that’s what our interface is doing automatically by exchanging messages between channelRUSH and our WEBHOTEL Server. Save your time by updating all Channels together in one single step! Management of varying prices per room category (Weekend, Last Minute, etc.)! Specification of discounts and mark-ups per channel (minimize mistakes in pricing!) Open and close channels within minutes! Availabilities can be modified from any location having authorized access to the software! Extensive logging regarding all changes and even for reporting requests.

AND: Keep in mind – all the advantages of the 3rd party hotel channel manager “channelRUSH” can be multiplied when WEBHOTEL Management System is linked directly to channelRUSH by our Interface software. WEBHOTEL´s channelRUSH - interface settles the transmission of the data from the reservation part to channelRUSH as well as the consideration of the received reservations automatically, but alterable at any time! Your channel manager has to do only rather the control and the controlling of the system in interaction with the other reservations. Your personnel will have sufficient time to observe which of their channels for you are productive and the prices to adapt - better results with less expenditure!

WEBHOTEL Management System is product of I N TER SERV EDV Ges.M.B.H, Vienna is product of

in Orlando, Florida. 12

MiRA PRODUK DESCRIPTION MiRA is a fully digital TV-Management System, which (dependent on the used stage of development) offers any number of TV- and radio programs as well as Video (from DVD format), Digital Information, access to various services and interactive communication. MiRA supplies the desired information to each room at the guests desired time. Whether television, whether dvd MOVIE or other services: Your guests can consume your offer exactly at the time when he wants. MiRA is fully digital, but there is no need for a computer in the guest room. In some way it is comparable to the interactive digital services offered in the newest aeroplanes. MiRA is designed not only for hotels, but also for housing development or tract houses, hospitals, recreation homes and similar applications. MiRA can be integrated with WEBHOTEL Management System and you can thereby also build up your own digital Video store. Each guest can select and at the desired time start any MOVIE from your offer. The viewing person may even press like at a video recorder on tracing branch or play less interesting scenes by search function rapidly (if this component is installed). Safety device for children “Parental control” is of course available. WEBHOTEL can be used to book payable services to the guest account via MiRA. MiRA is independent from platforms and manufacturers. The integration is done into existing IP network environments and co-operates with components of various suppliers through standard interfaces. With MiRA you are on the right way in the digital age: Your guests will find not only a television at the room, but a entertainment and a communication central. There are no more adjustments of transmitters e.g. and everything stays, where it has to be: On the screen of the television. Each room gets a Set Top Box, which can remain however invisible and firmly installed. The guest uses either a remote access device or an infrared keyboard. If you liked, you can offer also a cable for its own laptop to the guest. But for the fast and simple access to E-Mail and Web actually also the television might be sufficient. The guiding Menu might look like this – by cursor and/or Program number


The channels can be selected by channel number and Station Logo or by Multiviewer. Web based applications can be selected by thumbnails. MiRA – the components: DVB Gate: Equipment for the standardization of the received television services (satellite, cable, terrestrial). Depending upon the source of the television receipt and the number of channels one or several of these devices are necessary. Possibly needed decodings are accomplished here. After the DVB Gate all information is available in form of an IP data stream.. MiRA - Server : The heart of the system - software and data base for the distribution and administration of contents (video, audio, pictures, data etc.) and services regarding information, communication and entertainment in digital data networks. The server stores the movies in digital form and controls among other things the DVB gate and the set Top boxes at the guest rooms. For the organization of menu guidance and the information contents there is additionally an application orientated site editor available (upon surcharge). We can accomplish the organization of your information pages gladly for you in case your personnel is not available to do so. The interface to WEBHOTEL Management System provides personalization (greetings etc.) and automatic booking of payable services. The mechanism of additional services, like SMS interface, access to special news services etc. or even self check out can be added at any time. Set-Top-Box: This box is controlled by the MiRA - Server and loaded with the actual software each time it is switched on. It represents the stable communication central in the guest room. The set Top box transfers picture and sound to the television set the guest uses the Set Top box through the remote access device and if necessary via an infrared computer keyboard. The Set Top Box is loaded by the server with the actual software version each time it is switched on, at the same time fully initialised and is thus completely maintenancefree. Network-Switch: An efficient switch in a star shaped network wiring (at least CAT-5) is the best warranty for optimal functioning of the system. The arrangement of the central system components is optimal in a 19-inch rack using a sufficiently dimensioned uninterruptible power supply. Tell us your wishes and requirements for a digital information -communication and Multimedia Entertainment system - we will gladly make an attractive offer for you: The satisfaction of your recurring guests will be the wages for it!



Interserv EDP Ltd. was created with the goal of supplying software and hardware for trading and services enterprises. Thus also a platform for Hardware acquisition has developed from different alliances with many IT and service partners. Interserv cooperates along with Hewlett Packard and to their products for many years.

You may buy also from us: SW Development / Tools SW and HW Services New equipment for IT / PC OEM goods for IT Refurbished goods for IT IT device repairs (on request) MiRA – Hotel Infotainment System

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