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Trav Bell The Bucket List Guy “The World’s Number 1 Bucket List Expert!”




Hi I’m Trav Bell - The Bucket List Guy.


Firstly, thanks for taking the time to download my Media Kit & read about what I do.

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TIME is exactly what I talk about to organisations. More importantly, I talk to them about the time that each of us has have left before we ‘Kick The Bucket’. could say that it’s a morbid approach to engaging people & motivating them to take action. But, I’m happy to report that it truly works! In the movie, ‘The Bucket List’, it portrayed 2 guys who were diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, it took this diagnosis for them to take action. I’m sure you’d agree that it shouldn’t be this way. Like you, I know people who’s time has been cut short. In my seminars I challenge people to learn from these examples & to engage in my “Life’s Way Too Short” philosophy. For me, an ‘active’ Bucket List gives you a purpose, a direction & constant motivation. The design of a personalized Bucket List & the resultant emotional connection with it will produce an increase in personal & team engagement. It will give your team their reason WHY. Personally, I’ve always had a Bucket List & it has been my life’s mission to continually add to it & cross things off it. In my seminars, I love sharing my crazy Bucket List stories for the purposes of inspiring others to take action on theirs. happen! Thank you for your interest in working together.

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Trav Bell The Bucket List Guy

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Has been self-employed for over 18 years Is currently writing a book called ‘The Bucket List Bible’ Is the Vice President of the National Speakers Association (Vic) Was the 1st to franchise Personal Training Studios in Australia New Level has motivated 10’s of 1000’s of clients New Level has done nearly 1 Million personal training sessions Grew New Level Personal Training into a chain of 21 studios Was called ‘The Bucket List Guy’ by a seminar attendee & it stuck Thinks he’s funny (many disagree) but Trav persists.... :) Is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Is a highly sought-after Personal Life Strategist Jumped out of a plane Put one of his companies into voluntary administration & survived Is a Business Coach to a select group of high level entrepreneurs Knows that when we know our WHY, the HOW works itself out Has been to a Eurovision Song Contest Final Co-authored the best-selling book ‘Millionaire Motivators’ Heavily invests in his own continual personal education Has presented to rooms of over 1000 people Is an Internationally recognized Performance Consultant Has been described as ‘infectiously motivating’ Confesses to audibly crying during the movie, The Notebook Has built a website from scratch as well as his own veggie patch Established & held position as Vice Chairman of a Community Bendigo Bank Branch Has been to Mt Everest (Advanced Base Camp) with his Dad Has completed an Ironman Triathlon in under 9.5 hours Is disappointed that people don’t have a written Bucket List Has built businesses from scratch and sold them for a businesses Saved someone’s life Is coached by the worlds best personal development teachers


ABOUT TRAV Trav Bell is passionate about motivating people to help them reach their true potential. Trav has always been fascinated with the difference that makes the difference in peoples lives and loves seeing people achieve things in their life that they never thought possible. He says that it’s not your circumstances or some hidden ‘secret’ that gets you the results that you want in life, it’s your mind-set and how you apply the tools that you learn. As a dedicated student of personal development, he has always taken action and put the theory into practice. Whether it be in his business or personal life or by using the tools he has learned to help other people with theirs. But Trav has also added his own unique, simple-to-understand philosophies so that audiences positively ‘Get It’. In his seminars he focuses on what honestly works and what doesn’t. And those that know Trav know that he loves to share what he knows. His seminars are fun, thought-provoking & life-changing. His no B.S., no-nonsense, ‘tough-love’ approach will help you leave with laser-like focus, a tool-belt full of how-to’s and be empowered to take immediate action. “To re-program your mind-set all you have to do is download a new updated version to replace the old version. Once downloaded, you will start to create & design the life that you truly want.” Trav Bell


RAVE REVIEWS “Trav talked to our staff about how a Bucket List connects with what they do everyday. Not only from a business point of view but also for them personally. As a result they now know how to switch-on, add more energy into their lives & make a difference for themselves & for the other people around them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trav. Trav is one of the best engagers of people, facilitators & communicators I’ve seen! He’s been very successful with a huge background in business. He’ll make a massive difference to your organisation.” James Nightingale General Manager Health Victoria University “I found Travis Bell to be an excellent speaker! The workshop he presented at the ARV (Aquatic & Recreation Victoria) Summit was excellent, to say the least. Travis is a complete and articulated speaker. He brings valuable information, fantastic communication skills and a good sense of humor. I would certainly recommend Travis to any seminar organizer.” Rocky Fitzpatrick Leisure Services Coordinator Brimbank City Council “We have had an absolutely amazing night. I told the girls that this guy Trav is a real down-to-earth person where we can relax and have fun...little did I know that we had the most fun we’ve had all year! Absolutely fantastic. He is unreal. The girls were rapt. We are now accountable to each other and we are also accountable to Trav.” Wendy Cusworth Founder

“It’s certainly opened up our guys’ eyes! We are very proactive in trying to ensure that our team have a lot of people skills developed into them and the Bucket List idea & concepts that Trav talks about certainly reinforces that. The People Value Proposition (as we call it) is where we invest time into staff so that their personal goals align with their business goals. You work to live, not the other way around. In terms of Trav’s energy and encouragement with the team, I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Troy Townley Co-Owner HTA Advisory


KEYNOTE PACKAGES People Are Dying At 40 & Being Buried At 80! Many people realise too late that they could have done way more with their time on earth. Most people don’t realise that they’re ‘sleepwalking’ through life, and there is so much more available to them. By following the 5-step Bucket List Writing Process™, you will ‘wakeup’, get enthusiastic and become consciously aware of how you choose to live the rest of your life. Audiences will learn: How to create and write a Bucket List and a Reverse Bucket List How to REALLY set goals in ALL AREAS of your life & how ‘toward motivation’ works How to live the rest of your life ‘on purpose’, rather than just exist!

Trav with Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin

Trav with Brad Sugars, CEO of ActionCOACH & author

Trav with Jeff Slayter, CEO of Jeff & Kane

Trav with Brad Sugars, CEO & author

Trav with Pat Mesiti, CEO & author

Trav with Dr Joanna Martin, CEO of Shift Enterprises & author

Trav with Brad Sugars, CEO of ActionCOACH & author

Is it “Live To Work” OR “Work To Live?” company objectives. Often, employees are disengaged, unmotivated and feel like it’s Ground Hog Day. By investing the time into identifying your team’s personal ‘WHY’, you’ll get immediate and sustained personal and business goal alignment. CAUTION:This process is powerful! Audiences will learn: How to identify and immediately action their personal ‘WHY’ and how it relates to work How to stay ‘toward motivated’ using The 5 Step Motivation Process™ How to sustain a ‘Work-Well-To-Live-Well’ organisational culture Trav with Adro Sarnelli, winner

Bucket List Strategies For The Uber Busy

of The New Me & author

Many people hold off until ‘someday’ to do what they really want to do in their lives. Between work, kids & the mortgage there is seemingly not enough ‘Me Time‘. ‘Someday’ never comes or just comes way too late in life! By following the 5-step Bucket List Writing Process™, extinguish any excuse standing in the way to start living a Bucket List lifestyle. The best part is being able to pay these messages forward immediately. Audiences will learn: Blueprint™ The 5 keys to simplifying life so that they can live their Bucket List How to create an executable holistic individual, organisational and family Bucket List

Trav with Ben Angel, CEO & author

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The Bucket List Guy Media Kit  
The Bucket List Guy Media Kit  

Trav Bell - The Bucket List Guy Media Kit