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Good news for Kerala nurses? MPK Kutty Trichur: The statement by Kerala labour minister Shibu Baby John in Thiruvananthapuram on March 5 has strengthened hopes that suitable legislation will soon be undertaken to guarantee grant of minimum wages to nurses in the state. According to the minister, a committee headed by Dr Balaraman , former chairman of the state Human Rights Commission, is going into the issues faced by the nurses of the state . The government is expected to enact suitable legislation after receiving the committee report. All private hospitals are duty bound to implement the minimum scales fixed by the state. The government has also instructed private hospitals to make the payments to nurses through banks. The panel has already come across several irregularities in the appointment of nurses. In several hospitals untrained persons did

the work usually assigned to trained nurses. They even attended to those in the intensive care section putting at risk the lives of those patients. There were instances wherein the hospital authorities did not issue appointment orders to legally appointed and duly qualified candidates. Nursing students from other states are appointed as trainee nurses in some Kerala hospitals. They are paid stipends ranging from Rs 500 to 1000 rupees. In some, trainees are not paid at all. In other places, qualified nurses were required to do work usually done by cleaners and attendants. In some places there were not instructors to train nurses in such basic tasks as giving injections. The panel had inspected a few institutions about which complaints had been received. These moves have come late in the day for though the corporate

hospitals make huge profits turning their health services into commercial operations, the nurses had received a raw deal in other states. The current agitation should help set matters right. The big hospitals elsewhere accustomed to obtain cheap labour are bound to be displeased by the new awakening among the nurses and their demand for better wages. At the time of writing this report, nurses at Lakeshore Hospital are on strike again alleging breach of agreement arrived at with the management earlier and demanding reinstatement of suspended nursing staff. It is necessary that parliamentarians, other legislators, human rights activists and public spirited men and women of eminence should continue to exert pressure to the fair wages and privileges made ensure that nurses working available through legislation in outside Kerala are also extended the state.

Jesus not political but prophetic, Pope saysVatican City Mar 11, 2012 / 01:58 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Jesus was a prophetic voice but not a violent political revolutionary, Pope Benedict XVI said in Sunday comments on Christ’s expulsion of the animal sellers and money changers from the temple in Jerusalem.“It is impossible to interpret Jesus as a violent person. Violence is contrary to the Kingdom of God, it is a tool of the Antichrist. Violence never serves humanity, but dehumanizes,” said the Pope in his March 11 Angelus address at the Vatican.His remarks criticized the occasional interpretation of this episode in a political revolutionary sense that places Jesus in line with the Zealot movement.The Zealots were a Jewish political movement who were “zealous” for God’s law and “ready to use violence to enforce it,” the Pope explained. They were waiting for a Messiah who would liberate Israel from Roman rule. Jesus, however, “disappointed them in this” to the extent that “some disciples deserted him and even Judas Iscariot betrayed him.”Though Jesus was not being political he was being prophetic, said the Pope. The prophets “in the name of God, often denounced abuses, and they did sometimes with symbolic gestures.”The key to understanding the actions of Christ, the Pope said, is to listen

to Jesus’ words during the event: “Take these things and make not my Father’s house a market!”These words reminded the disciples of Psalm 69” “He devours Zeal for your house.This psalm is “a cry for help in a situation of extreme danger because of the hatred of enemies,” the Pope said. This is the same situation that Jesus will experience in his passion. It is “zeal for the Father and for his house” which therefore led Jesus to the cross.His zeal, though, is “the zeal of love that pays personally, not that of a person who wants to serve God through violence.” In fact the “sign” that Jesus gave as proof of his authority was his own death and resurrection when he said he would “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it.” This “temple” was his own body.“With Easter Jesus begins a new cult, the cult of love, and a new church which is Christ himself, the Risen Christ, by which every believer can worship God the Father ‘in spirit and truth’,” the Pope concluded.“Dear friends, the Holy Spirit has begun to build this new temple in the womb of the Virgin Mary. Through her intercession, we pray that every Christian becomes a stone of this spiritual house.” By David Kerr

Girl Forced to Leave Home in West Bengal On March 9 in Nutangram, West Bengal, a girl identified only as Rekha was beaten up and expelled form her home because of her faith in Christ. According to information reaching EFI, Rekha attended a regular worship service conducted at Al Hamdulillah hall which belongs to Khodaejamat Church and got healed by Jesus months ago. Since then, she regularly attends church services and her love for Jesus grew. As she returned from the worship service, her parents and other radicals beat her up mercilessly and threw her out from the house. Area Christians are giving her shelter. Kindly pray for her that her love for Jesus and knowledge about Him will grow more each day.

Believers' Church Celebrates Founder's Day The Believers Church, an evangelicalcharismatic-Episcopal church that is spread across 13 countries in Asia celebrated her Founder's Day on March 8 2012. The founder of this denomination is the Metropolitan bishop of Believers' Church, the Most Rev Dr K P Yohannan. Bishop Yohannan is unique in India's spiritual landscape because he is probably the only Episcopal Bishop who preaches the gospel to the masses. Bishop Yohannan was born on 8th March 1950 at Niranam to Kadappilaril Chacko Punnose and Aachiyamma. He later became a world renowned Church leader who led the lives of thousands into the ways of spirituality. As a young man, Bishop Yohannan closely watched the lives of thousands to realize the fact that there are multitudes that live in pain, disappointment, and discouragement. He desperately wanted God to give him an opportunity to help the people. Tears used to roll out of his eyes as he thought of those who suffered. His heart was heavy and burdened to do something for those who were in real need. At the age of 16, after hearing a sermon, he realized the need for committing himself to serve the people of North Indian villages who were going through extremely pathetic conditions. And that was a divine plan. For the next eight years, this young man traveled across North India involving himself in various social activities and charitable works. His hard efforts and

willingness to serve and work at any capacity under any circumstance soon made him a leader. Bishop Yohannan studied at Criswell Bible Institute (now Criswell College), Dallas, USA. This first international student of Criswell graduated with a BA in Biblical Studies. He was also conferred an honorary degree of divinity by Hindustan Bible College in Chennai, India Dr. K. P. Yohannan Metropolitan, who won the hearts of people through a radio broadcasting called “Aathmiya Yatra” has also authored more than 250 bestselling books. His way of writing was well appreciated by different well known authors and people. He won several awards such as Read more on page 16

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NEWS AND VIEWS March 16-30, 2012


Soni Sori’s Letters Reveal Torture in Chattisgarh Prisons Chhattisgarh, March 8, 2012: In a global show of solidarity marking the International Women’s Day, concerned citizens from around the world today released a video documentary based on letters written by imprisoned adivasi school teacher Soni Sori, currently held in the Central Jail in Raipur,

Chhattisgarh. The video is available for viewing and sharing at =UWnCrB1qwE4. Soni Sori was arrested in New Delhi on October 4, 2012 and accused of being a Maoist supporter. Despite her appeals to courts in New Delhi, she was

handed over to the Chhattisgarh police and taken to the state where she was beaten, sexually assaulted and given electric shocks by the police. Sori documented her torture in letters she wrote to her lawyer. “On Sunday October the 9th 2011, I bore the pain quietly, all by myself. Whom could I tell? There was no one on my side out there,” she wrote in her letter which was read in the video. A subsequent independent medical examination found two sizable stones lodged in her vagina and another in her rectum. Participants in this video project joined hands to draw attention to Sori’s case by reading from Sori’s letters on camera, supplementing the video with additional materials including photographs, news footage and Sori’s medical reports. As Sori said in one of her letters, she is only one

of dozens of women in her prison who say they have suffered torture and sexual assault in police custody. Sori’s lawyers have filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of India to transfer Sori to Delhi or another state where she would not be under the control of the Chhattisgarh police. Despite the severity of the torture, the hearing on the final decision on her appeal has been repeatedly delayed. Today marks the completion of five months since Sori was tortured. Amnesty International has termed Soni Sori a Prisoner of C o n s c i e n c e ( y/info/ASA20/047/2011/en) and demanded that she be freed immediately and the charges against her dropped. Human Rights Watch has appealed to the Prime

Minister to investigate Sori’s case ( /07/india-investigate-sexualassault-police-custody). Sori is in urgent need of medical treatment for the injuries that resulted from her torture. In another letter to her lawyer, she stated that the doctors in the Raipur jail have denied treatment, on grounds that she is a “Naxalite prisoner.” Protesting this, Sori went on an indefinite hunger strike. The video documentary also highlights the need to hold the responsible police officials accountable. Instead of investigating the police officials involved in Sori’s torture, Ankit Garg, the Superintendent of Police who ordered and oversaw the torture according to Sori, was given a national award for gallantry last January 26, the Indian Republic Day.

One in 10 high school boys in Kerala is an active homosexual:Study M a rc h 1 2 , 2 0 1 2 : D e c c a n Chronicle Kochi - A study conducted on teenagers in Kerala has brought forward disturbing results — homosexuality, sexual abuse, suicides, pornography, among others. One among 10 high school boys in Kerala is an active homosexual. One in six high school girls shows suicidal tendencies and one in 14 attempts it.These statistics were revealed in a study conducted by the members of the Adolescence Reproductive Sexual Health (ARSH) programme on 5638 high school students in Kerala.The study also revealed that one in five boys was an addict to substance abuse and one in four was addicted to porn videos.The ARSH programme, initiated by the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) with an aim to counsel high school children, conducted its study on 2712 boys and 2926 girls in 164 educational institutions.This was the first time that such a comprehensive study on teenage

problems was held on such a large sample in the state.Another shocking revelation was that boys were sexually exploited more than girls. The study shows that for every girl, 10 boys were approached by elders for sex. Similarly, for every girl, five boys are sexually abused by elders.The programme’s counsellors said that the trend of homosexuality, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies were shooting up drastically, and was evident among the students during counselling. “I’ve been dealing with teenage problems for over a decade. But the last two-three years have seen drastic change in students’ psychology,” said Dr Gracy Thomas, the medical officer who leads the ARSH programme.She said that improper sexual education during childhood and improper handling of teenage problems were the reasons behind the increasing trend of homosexuality. “They are not born

homosexual. But circumstances force them to engage in such activities. Adults continue to exploit young boys in return of favours, and teenagers often fall in these traps and are forced to satisfy elders’ needs,” said Dr Thomas.The students of a particular school recently confessed to the counsellors that they had engaged in homosexual activities with the owner of a local internet café, who in turn allowed them to watch porn clips in the shop. A few months ago, a railway ticket collector and his woman accomplice were arrested at Thoppumpady in Kochi on charges of forcing children to engage in unnatural sex after showing them porn movies.“Teenagers need guidance from parents, teachers and other professional counsellors. From our studies, it is evident that students who are involved in substance abuse and sexual activities show very poor scholastic performance (PSP), bed

wetting, suicidal tendency and abnormal behaviour in school,” Dr Thomas added. Dr C. J. John, a senior psychologist, cited curiosity as the major reason behind the increasing trend of homosexuality among teenage boys.“Our boys are being exposed to a lot of sex-related activities at an early age. This naturally makes them curious. As they don’t get a female partner to experience what they saw on the screens, they try it among their male friends. This could be the reason behind the rise in a homosexual trend in our society,” he said.Regarding the rising rate of suicidal tendencies, psychologists and counsellors point to family problems as the reason. Over 20 per cent boys and 17 per cent girls in the state are troubled with family issues, says the study. Boys are more capable of handling the situation at home while girls choose the option of suicide to get rid of the burden.“Today, suicide has a

prominent part in our society as it is considered as an option for problem solving. Teenagers consider it as a negative coping mechanism. We can’t blame them as they’ve witnessed several adult suicides as a way of problem solving,” said Dr John.Society’s competitive drift is also accounted to the rising number of suicidal tendencies. “ Te e n a g e r s a r e b e i n g exposed to severe stress. Their society works on an achievement-oriented system which provides them no other option but to choose the negative path,” Dr John added.Shocked with the statistics, the ARSH team is now set to request the NRHM about launching more counselling teams in the state. Currently, only one team of three members operates in the state and it has counselled 33,000 students in 200 institutions in 2011. Launching new teams will help the counsellors reach more students in the state in less time.

Rabbi couple asked to leave Govt unable to protect AD 1568 Synagogue & 46 Ernakulam Jews? Kochi, March 11: The shofar (Jewish trumpet) has fallen silent at the Pardesi Synagogue in Kerala’s Mattancherry, home to the oldest Jewish settlement in India. A few yards away from the shrine built in 1568, its sole rabbi, Shenor Zalman Bernstein, and his wife Yaffa Shendi Keing are busy packing bags. The couple, who were issued quit notices by the foreigner’s office in Ernakulam district in central Kerala, will leave India tomorrow after an honourable exit provided by the high court. The exit would leave Jews, numbering not more than 46,

in the district without a qualified priest to hold services like reading the Torah — the five books of Moses — or blowing the shofar on Jewish New Year’s day. Their departure will also cap months of innuendoes, which at one stage prompted Israeli diplomatic intervention, and a disclosure that suggests the couple are being asked to leave because the Indian security establishment does not want to risk a rerun of the 26/11 Chabad House attack in Mumbai in which Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife were killed. Rumours implying

that the couple in the southern state were Israeli secret agents were set to rest by a Kerala High Court ruling on Friday, though they lost the legal battle to stay on in India. “Having heard the parties, I’m of the opinion that justice would be met if petitioners 1 and 2 are allowed to leave the country voluntarily without attaching any stigma on them in respect of their activities in Kerala and without any endorsement in their passports regarding the orders passed against them, treating them as tourists leaving the country after visiting India,” Justice S. Siri

Jagan said. “If there are any difficulties for arranging tickets, they shall be given one more day’s time and in any event, they shall leave the country on or before 133-2012,” the court ruled. A deportation notice was issued on February 3 by collector P. I. Sheik Pareeth, who is also the civil authority under the Foreigner’s Act. The order echoed the view of the foreign registration officer and the deputy commissioner of police that Bernstein and his wife “violated visa conditions by organising activities related to their religious

life and belief under the organisation Habad in a synagogue in Mattancherry”. Their visas had no endorsement that they could perform such activities, the notice said and asked them to leave India within 15 days. The couple contested this in court, saying they had not violated any visa condition and that they had mentioned the religious service in the visa application. Their counsel, R. Lakshmi Narayan, pointed out that the report had even gone wrong on the Read more on page 4

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Gores Mallick brutally killed in Orissa March 10, 2012: A group of Hindu men killed a Catholic of the Ganjam district, in Orissa, accusing him of practicing “witchcraft”, the accusation is denied by the victim’s family. Goresa Mallick had converted to Catholicism five months before and had never practiced witchcraft. In the late evening of March 3, Goresa Mallick, about 50 years old, of the village of Salimagocha, had attended a meeting with 16 Hindu villagers nearby. After drinking together,

the group was returning home. On the way , the 16 men attacked Mallick, they cut his neck and then burned the body in the forest. The next day, the family found out what had happened, and reported to the police. According to investigators, who captured the alleged killers and are continuing the investigation, the reason of the crime is “witchcraft”. Mallick had a wife and three children who denied his involvement in esoteric practices.

Over 3 lakh families served by Caritas in Madhya Pradesh

March 7, 2012: Some 3.5 lakh families have benefited from the projects and programmes of Caritas India in Madhya Pradesh.According to Saju MK, the state head of Caritas India, the organisation has till date successfully completed around 360 schemes that helped the poor and disadvantaged achieve selfsufficiency."Some 3.5 lakh families have benefited through our programmes. We are working through 1130 self help groups, of which about 1172 persons are elected to the local bodies. 90% of these people are from women folks," Sabu said.Caritas is one of 40 NGOs run by the Catholic Church in Madhya Pradesh.Last Archbishop Concessao said week, Caritas held a celebration at that he has learnt from the local Pastoral Centre, Bhopal to mark its bishops that the diocese has in no 50th anniversary. The function was way misused the foreign contributions. “The Church always strictly follows the rules laid down by the government for the use of foreign contribution and the money is solely used for the welfare of the poor. The prelate said that the Church organizations all over the country are involved in “alleviating the pains and pangs of the poor and helping the government in what it should be actually doing,” he said. He appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and H o m e M i n i s t e r P. Chidambaram to make proper inquiries before taking such a “drastic step.”

Lift ban on Tuticorin accounts: Archbishop Concessao New Delhi, March 8, 2012: Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao of Delhi has asked the federal government to “immediately” lift the ban on the bank accounts of Tuticorin diocese and several other NGOs in Tamil Nadu. The recent ban is “gross injustice” to these organizations and “unfair” to the poor and oppressed who benefit from their work, the archbishop said in a statement yesterday. He said he supported the Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council’s demand for revoking the ban on Tuticorin diocese. The government has accused Tuticorin diocese of diverting funds it received from overseas for social service and other purposes to support the protest against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant.


attended by Minority Welfare Minister Ajay Vishnoi, Archbishop of Bhopal Dr Leo Cornelio, Bishop Gerald Almeida of Jabalpur and nearly 150 delegates of various development organisations.Minister Vishnoi congratulated Caritas India for completing 50 successful years of national service and lauded its life of dedication and service to the poor. Vi s h n o i n o t e d t h a t development needs of the poor were numerous and no single NGO could solve all the challenges single-handedly.“Development sector is like an ocean where every welfare agency makes its own contribution. Society benefits from these individual contributions,” he said.Archbishop Cornelio in his address said the country was in need of committed and motivated NGOs in view of the ever

increasing number of poor.He expressed his concern over the lack of sustained progress in reducing the number of poor despite the consistent industrial growth of India in the recent past. Cornelio had words of praise for Caritas and its partners for selflessly working in the interest of the poor and thus translating Christian values into social action.Caritas India works with over 300 partner organisations in all states across the country. Founded in 1962, the NGO has so far implemented 22,551 projects and spent over Rs. 1400 crores on various programmes related to disaster relief, community development and women empowerment. -John Malhotra

Nothing unusual in denying property to ungrateful children: SC Mar 14, 2012:Genuineness of a will cannot be disputed merely because the testator declined share in the family property to "ungrateful children", and had bequeathed it solely to one of the sons who looked after the aged parents till their death, the Supreme Court has ruled. A bench of justices GS Singhvi and SJ Mukhopadhaya set aside a judgement of the Madhya Pradesh High Court which disbelieved the veracity of a will executed by Harishankar to one of his son Mahesh Kumar to the exclusion of two other sons Vinod Kumar and Anand Kumar. "Therefore, there was nothing unnatural or unusual in the decision of Shri Harishankar to give his share in the joint family property to the appellant. Any person of ordinary prudence would have adopted the same course and would not have given anything to the ungrateful children from his/her share in the property," Justice Singhvi writing the judgement said. The bench said that in the present case the evidence clearly proved that Harishankar had

willed the property to Mahesh Kumar instead of the other two sons as the former along with his wife and kids had taken care of the aged parents till their death. Hence it felt that the high court had wrongly assumed that the Will was shrouded in suspicion owing to the exclusion of property to the other children by Harishankar which was executed on February 10, 1992. "The evidence produced by the parties unmistakably show that respondent No. 2 had separated from the family in 1965

after taking his share and respondent No.1 also got his share in the 2nd partition which took place in 1985. Neither of them bothered to look after the parents in their old age. "The attitude of respondent Nos. 1 and 2 left Shri Harishankar and his wife with no choice but to live with the appellant, who along with his wife and children took care of the old parents and looked after them during their illness," the apex court said. The apex court further said that it was neither mandatory that the will should be appended simultaneously by the witnesses, nor was it necessary that if a second will is prepared it must specify that the first one stood cancelled. "Another patent error committed by the learned single judge is that he decided the issue relating to validity of the will by assuming that both the attesting witnesses were required to append

their signatures simultaneously. "Section 63© of the 1925 Act (Transfer of Property) does not contain any such requirement and it is settled law that examination of one of the attesting witnesses is sufficient. "The absence of a categorical recital in will dated February 10, 1992 that the earlier will was cancelled is also not relevant because once the execution of the second one is held as duly proved, the earlier will automatically becomes redundant because the second will represents the last wish of the testator," the apex court said.

Pastor Arrested in Karnataka On March 4 in Ankola North Kanara District, Karnataka, state police arrested a pastor after alleged Hindu extremists barged into the worship meeting, beat up

the Christians accusing them of forceful conversion. According to information reaching EFI, Hindu extremists allegedly from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh barged into the Sunday worship service, alleging that Pastor K Manohar was involved in fraudulent and forceful conversion, beat him up and church members and took him and his wife to Ankola police station. The Christian couple were detained in the police station till evening. After the intervention of area Christain leaders, the pastor's wife, Lavanya was released without any charges. However, Pastor Manohar was charged under Sections 295- A of the Indian Penal Code for deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its beliefs and was sent to jail. He was released on bail the next day.


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TN Bishops’ Council condemn Central Government’s action March 10, 2012:The following is a statement issued by the President of the Tamilnadu Bishop's Council: We, the members of the Tamilnadu Bishops’ Council are shocked to hear that the UPA Government at the Centre headed by Congress Party sent an order on 9.2.2012 blocking the FCRA number given to “Tuticorin Diocesan Association” and froze its Bank Account; it is also making additional enquires on the “Tuticorin Multi-Purpose Social Service society.” Apart from that the Home Minister has told the media that the Home Department has directed the CBI and the Tamilnadu Government to register cases against the Diocese of Tuticorin. It is open secret that the Central Government is taking these actions against the Diocese of Tuticorin and other Christian NGOs, in the wake of the debate and dispute on the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. This Power Plant is located in a village where Christians form the majority. The people are agitating not because they are Christians but because this Plant is situated in their village. The Hindus and Muslims

who live in that village also are agitating. Recently 217 Hindu women marched to the local Pillaiyar Temple carrying pots of milk (Pal Kudam) to seek divine intervention to stop the project. They are not in any way connected with the Church. Hence, it is false to say that Christians alone are objecting to this project and they are against public interest and national development. At the same time the Church also cannot pressurize its people to give up their agitation, just because they are Christians. The problem has to be resolved by the Government

vis-à-vis the citizens. Having said that, we would like to state, that since the nuclear project has made the people insecure with regard to their life and livelihood, the Church is only extending its solidarity to them in their hour of anxiety! This is our only moral involvement with the people. If the Government is able to convince them and allay their fears the Church in no way will stand against any decision. We are certainly pained with the action of the Government which is trying to mislead the entire Country giving an impression that the Church is against the national and public interest, playing into the hands of foreign powers by simply stating that the “Tuticorin Diocesan Association” has “diverted” foreign funds without clearly stating who the funds are diverted to. It is sheer innuendo and slander. We strongly condemn these kinds of accusations and deny the allegations. We, Christians have always been law abiding citizens and have always worked for the development of the nation and the uplift of the poor, particularly in the field of education, social

... asked to leave

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word Chabad, referring to it as “Habad”. “The reference would have been to Chabad, an ideological movement within Judaism, whose members, as volunteers must assist all Jews around the world in their observance of Judaism,” Narayan submitted. In an interim order, the court asked the collector to hear out the couple. After the meeting on February 15, the collector “assured” the petitioners that they could continue in India till the expiry of their visa in April, Narayan told the court. In his report on February 21, Pareeth upheld the Israeli couple’s contention that their intention to visit India was for synagogue service but added that “the same has not been endorsed in the visa issued by the embassy”. Pareeth then not only stuck to his original stand but also cited an “intelligence report against them” to justify the deportation order. As the perplexed rabbi and his wife sought details of the “intelligence report”, state attorney P. Vijayaraghavan told the bench that their presence in Kochi (the commercial capital that falls in Ernakulam district) could jeopardise national security. The explanation given called into question the ability of the Indian State to protect people within its territory. The attorney said the presence of the couple could irk jihadi groups and there was a possibility of them being targeted. The intelligence brief was shown to the high court but never made public. Highly placed sources said the agencies were concerned about a Mumbai-style operation in the city if the Jewish couple continued to stay there. By then, Israel’s minister for public diplomacy and diaspora affairs, Yuli Yoel Edelstein, had taken up the matter with the Indian ambassador in Tel Aviv, Navtej Sarna.

Expressing shock, Edelstein wrote to Sarna: “To the best of my knowledge, Rabbi Bernstein has not broken any laws or violated any of the terms of his visa.… The Cochin Jewish Community in Israel is astounded over the treatment of the benevolent Rabbi in India. It is my understanding that he has helped the community with the traditional Torah reading during the Sabbath services and has conducted funeral services for three elderly Jewish men who passed away in Cochin since he has been there. These services would not have taken place had your embassy not generously granted the visa to Rabbi Bernstein.” According to the case papers, the couple had first come to Kerala in 2010 on a double entry visa on a request from the synagogue. They went back upon expiry of their permits but the synagogue took up the matter afresh. The rabbi and his wife returned to India on April 4, 2011, on a multiple-entry visa expiring on April 1, this year. The couple were not available for comment. “They do not want to get into any controversy,” Narayan said. The Jewish community in Ernakulam, whose ancestors came to Kerala fleeing persecution and built the Mattancherry synagogue in 1568 on land gifted by the then king, is aghast. The Synagogue warden Joseph Hallegua, the last surviving member with knowledge of the rituals, is 86 and ailing. The Kochi Jew Town, a tourist attraction, had around 250 families before 1948 when the state of Israel was formed. Less than 10 members of the community are left in the town now and about 46 in the whole of Ernakulam. “We are not a votebank and so there is no one to speak for us,” said Elias, an officebearer of the Association of Kerala Jews.

welfare, health, and so on for decades. All the political leaders, irrespective of party affiliation, have never ceased appreciating our work in these fields. The Church has enormously contributed to nation building and it is an undisputed history. We feel that the UPA Government is out to persecute a Community that has a proven record of service and we are sorry to say that it threatens our very existence as a minority community. The Tutiocrin Diocese has a track record of 90 years of service to the people. The “Tuticorin Diocesan Association” is not an organization of some individuals but a substantial representative organ of 4,50,000 Catholics of the Diocese of Tuticorin. Apart from its legal nature of a registered NGO, it stands on a different footing by socially representing a particular minority community. By no stretch of imagination, can anyone accuse the said Tuticorin Diocese of working against public interest or indeed against national interest. We request you to please see that due to an unjust action taken by the Central Government, the services rendered by 230

educational institutions under which 2100 teaching and nonteaching staff and 2,00,000 students benefit; by 3 hospitals and 18 dispensaries under which 300 villages and thousands of people benefit; by 13 Charity Institutions under which 1200 people benefit; the well-being of the children especially the orphans, the disabled, the oldaged, the mentally retarded, the abandoned infants have all received a fatal blow. The government’s unprecedented action has hit their day-today survival and sustenance. Does the government expect these children to die of hunger and starvation? Besides, the developmental, relief and rehabilitation services and the pastoral and religious services are at stake. In the electoral politics too we Christians have been supporting the secular parties for years but are pained to see the secular Congress party’s attitude towards those who have supported it. The action taken by the Central Government which is headed by the Congress Party is an attack on the minorities especially the Christian minority. Though Congress Party boasts Read more on page 16

March 16-30, 2012


Pastor Nadarkhani Twitter campaign crosses 1 mn followers March 9, 2012,The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has been at the forefront of Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani's court case, and the group's many endeavors, namely its "Tweet for Yo u c e f " c a m p a i g n a n d congressional petition, have seen substantial results.Those who sign up for the "Tweet for Youcef" campaign allow the ACLJ to use their Twitter accounts to post a daily Nadarkhani update, which includes the number of days Nadarkhani has been imprisoned, facts about his court case, and a link back to the ACLJ's Nadarkhani information page.Since the campaign began in mid-February, it has gained a substantial following, now reaching 1.1 million Twitter users per day in 89 percent of the world's nations.Of those nations, 35 are mostly Muslim populated or governed by some form of Shariah law -- including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, and Libya, the ACLJ told CP via an emailed statement."The ability for people all over the world to express their support for Pastor Youcef is remarkable. We're delighted that the 'Tweet for Youcef' campaign expanded so quickly reaching one million Twitter accounts daily -- truly an

important milestone," Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the ACLJ, told CP."But, we're not stopping there. The number now exceeds 1.1 million -- a vital tool in providing information, support for Pastor Youcef, and pressure on Iran to release him without delay," he added.Celebrity icons have pledged their support for Nadarkhani using the ACLJ's "Tweet for Youcef" campaign. On March 1, Matt Hasselbeck, NFL quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, tweeted his support for the Iranian pastor.Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, Actress Julie Benz, Michelle Malkin, Rep. Michele

Bachmann, and Ann Coulter have also tweeted their support for the ACLJ and Nadarkhani.Actress Patricia Heaton from "Everybody Loves Raymond" has signed up for the 'Tweet for Youcef' campaign, allowing the ACLJ to use her Twitter account to post Nadarkhani tweets, providing information on his imprisonment and how viewers can do more."We're grateful that a number of high-profile individuals -- including those in the business, media, sports and political worlds - want to help spread the word about Pastor Youcef's plight," Sekulow told CP."It's clear this social media campaign transcends

all boundaries -- geographic, political and ideological -- all joining together with one goal in mind: stand up for human rights and religious freedom and demand the release of Pastor Youcef immediately and unconditionally," Sekulow added.The ACLJ also successfully issued a petition to free Nadarkhani, gaining 189,000 signatures in just two weeks. The petition called on Congress to pass House Resolution 556, which condemned Iran for its human rights violations and demanded Nadarkhani's immediate release. The Resolution was passed March 1.This week, Jordan Sekulow traveled to Brazil to raise awareness for Nadarkhani's plight. There, he spoke with Brazil's Vice President Michel Temer, who promised the Brazilian government will continue to stand in solidarity with Nadarkhani.Although the ACLJ has confirmed that Nadarkhani was alive as of March 3, there has been no further information on the state of his execution order, which is believed to have been issued in late February.


Harold Camping repents of 'sinful' predictionNASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) Mar 9 2012 - Harold Camping, the radio preacher who wrongly predicted that Jesus would return May 21 of last year, has released a remorseful statement calling his prediction "sinful" and saying his critics were right in stating that no one knows the date of Christ's second coming.The statement by Camping and the "staff of Family Radio" was posted in early March at in 2010, Camping and his supporters bought billboards and radio spots around the world warning that Christ would return on May 21, 2011. Many of those ads even said the "Bible guarantees it," even though the New Testament teaches in Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32 that "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven. ...""We tremble before God as we humbly ask Him for forgiveness for making that sinful statement," the statement reads. "We are so thankful that God is so loving that He will forgive even this sin."In the weeks leading up to May 21, preachers and Bible scholars from a wide range of denominations -- including Southern Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian -- spoke out against Camping's prediction, fearful not only that he was leading Christians astray but that he was harming the name of Christ before a watching world by making a false prediction.


March 16-30, 2012


Jesus not political but prophetic, Pope saysVatican City M a r 11 , 2 0 1 2 / 0 1 : 5 8 p m (CNA/EWTN News): Jesus was a prophetic voice but not a violent political revolutionary, Pope Benedict XVI said in Sunday comments on Christ’s expulsion of the animal sellers and money changers from the temple in Jerusalem.“It is impossible to interpret Jesus as a violent person. Violence is contrary to the Kingdom of God, it is a tool of the Antichrist. Violence never serves humanity, but dehumanizes,” said the Pope in his March 11 Angelus address at the Vatican.His remarks criticized the occasional interpretation of this episode in a political revolutionary sense that places Jesus in line with the Zealot movement.The Zealots were a Jewish political movement who were “zealous” for God’s law and “ready to use violence to enforce it,” the Pope explained. They were waiting for a Messiah who would

liberate Israel from Roman rule. Jesus, however, “disappointed them in this” to the extent that “some disciples deserted him and even Judas Iscariot betrayed him.”Though Jesus was not being political he was being prophetic, said the Pope. The prophets “in the name of God, often denounced abuses, and they did sometimes with symbolic gestures.”The key to understanding the actions of Christ, the Pope said, is to listen to Jesus’ words during the event: “Take these things and make not my Father ’s house a market!”These words reminded the disciples of Psalm 69” “He devours Zeal for your house.This psalm is “a cry for help in a situation of extreme danger because of the hatred of enemies,” the Pope said. This is the same situation that Jesus will experience in his passion. It is “zeal for the Father and for his house” which

therefore led Jesus to the cross.His zeal, though, is “the zeal of love that pays personally, not that of a person who wants to serve God through violence.” In fact the “sign” that Jesus gave as proof of his authority was his own death and resurrection when he said he would “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it.” This “temple” was his own body.“With Easter Jesus begins a new cult, the cult of love, and a new church which is Christ himself, the Risen Christ, by which every believer can worship God the Father ‘in spirit and truth’,” the Pope concluded.“Dear friends, the Holy Spirit has begun to build this new temple in the womb of the Virgin Mary. Through her intercession, we pray that every Christian becomes a stone of this spiritual house.” By David Kerr

Did Nasa sack specialist over ‘intelligent design’? 13 Mar 2012 Los Angeles: Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has landed robotic explorers on the surface of Mars, sent probes to outer planets and operates a worldwide network of antennas that communicates with interplanetary spacecraft. Its latest mission is defending itself in a workplace lawsuit filed by a former computer specialist who claims he was demoted — and then let go — for promoting his views on intelligent design, the belief that a higher power must have had a hand in creation because life is too complex to have developed through evolution alone. David Coppedge, who worked as a “team lead” on the Cassini mission exploring Saturn and its many moons, alleges that he was discriminated against because he engaged his co-workers in conversations about intelligent design and handed out DVDs on the idea while at work. Coppedge lost his “team lead” title in 2009

and was let go last year after 15 years on the mission. Opening statements are expected to begin on Monday in

the Los Angeles Superior Court after two years of legal wrangling. “It’s part of a pattern. There is basically a war on anyone who dissents from Darwin and we’ve

seen that for several years,” said John West, associate director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Seattle-based Discovery Institute. The National Center for Science Education, which rejects intelligent design as thinly veiled creationism, is also watching the case. “It would be unfortunate if the court took what seems to be a fairly straightforward employment law case and allowed it to become this tangled mess of trying to adjudicate scientific matters,” said Josh Rosenau, NCSE’s programs and policy director. “It looks a pretty straightforward case. The mission was winding down and he was laid off.” Coppedge’s attorney, William Becker, says his client was singled out by his bosses as they perceived his belief in intelligent design to be religious. Coppedge had a reputation around JPL as an evangelical Christian. AP

Gender parity crucial to alleviating poverty March 9, 2012A new report from an international alliance of Christian aid agencies has pointed to the importance of gender equality in tackling poverty.The report from the ACT Alliance, published to mark International Women's Day today, says that men and women must work together to make gender equality a reality.It describes gender equality as central to meeting the needs of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people, including men.The report cites examples of women and men leading

innovative programmes in 13 countries that have enhanced the voice of women in workplaces, government and wider s o c i e t y. T h e s e i n c l u d e programmes focused on peacebuilding, women’s political participation, sexual health campaigns, and female-run micro-enterprises.The report draws attention to the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where an estimated 1,000 women are raped every day.The main perpetrators are soldiers, who are feared across the country

for their brutal unprovoked attacks on communities.ACT member Christian Aid and its partner, the Central African Baptist Community, are working with the army, judicial system and communities to train soldiers in civilian rights and bring an end to sexual violence.In addition to providing support to rape victims, the organisations are running reconciliation events to help soldiers feel more accountable to citizens.One woman found courage through the programme to press charges against her

Domino's Pizza Founder: If It Weren't for My Faith, I'd Be Hugh Hefner March 9, 2012|3:53 pm If it weren't for his faith, Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan said he'd be like Hugh Hefner right now, bathing in luxury after luxury.At least that's what he told JSerra Catholic High School students in San Juan Capistrano on Thursday during a private speaking engagement that was also open to the community.His message was simple: God had grounded him and made him realize there were far more important things in life than million-dollar cars, yachts, and sports teams, all of which he once owned and took pride in."The most important thing I [can] do is help people get to heaven," the pizza mogul said during the meeting, according to priorities were not always aligned, however, as they are now, especially when he began coming into large amounts of money with the success of his business – once a small, single pizza place in Ypsilanti, Mich., called DomiNick's Pizza.Having built the business from the ground up, the former U.S. Marine eventually became a millionaire after decades of struggle to pay off creditors and settle lawsuits over royalties, living minimally to reduce costs.When things began looking up during the 1980s, Monaghan "went a little overboard" and wholly embraced the materialistic lifestyle, indulging in fancy cars and yachts and buying things like his favorite baseball team – the Detroit Tigers.But he woke up to his superficial lifestyle and stopped his splurges when he read a chapter on pride in C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, which spoke about unhealthy goals and possessions – something he had plenty of.He realized he had become the kind of person he never wanted to be.Selling most of his big possessions, including his beloved team, Monaghan – who grew up in the Catholic orphanage – pledged to give away at least half of his possessions, signing Bill Gates' "Giving Pledge," and turned his focus to religious education and charity.He also sold 93 percent of his share in Domino's to Bain Capital, Inc. in 1998 and dedicated his time to the church and pro-life causes."I came into the world penniless and as a Catholic Christian, I know that I cannot take any of it with me, so it has long been my desire to use the material resources that I have been blessed with to help others in the most meaningful ways possible," he wrote in his pledge. "I would not be living out my faith if I did not use the abundant resources God has given me to help others."Convinced that the most important thing in the world was the eternal state of souls, the college dropout looked for ways to be effective in people's eternal lives."We Catholics have the cure for death," he shared with students as quoted by "Christ came to redeem us and help us get to heaven."The best thing that he could do for people then was to help share that truth with others through the means of education.Armed with new goals, Monaghan established several organizations and establishments like the Ave Maria Foundation, which focuses on Catholic education, media, community projects and charities, the Ave Maria School of Law, and the Ave Maria University, most of which are based in his hometown of Ann Arbor, Mich.He also founded the Thomas More Law Center, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to the restoration and defense of the religious freedom of Christians, family values, and the sanctity of human life. The law firm calls itself the "Christian response to the ACLU."Currently, he is working on a military themed hamburger delivery restaurant called Gyrene Burger, which has two locations in Florida. The new venture will support the Ave Maria foundation, providing scholarships for youth.Finding Monaghan's story inspirational, Eric Stroupe, JSerra Catholic High School's vice principal for curriculum and instruction, told, "He had the humility to realize that his pride was getting in the way of really being fulfilled as a human being. It's something the students needed to hear." By Eryn Sun , Christian Post Reporter attacker.“I feel proud of myself for speaking out about what he did to me, and I feel much more at ease, to know he is being punished,” she said.In Senegal, one programme is teaching young women safe sex and how to form healthy relationships. These women are then being released as mentors to girls in their neighbourhoods.In Mali, campaigns to get more women on the election trail have seen a 42% increase in the number of women candidates in some regions.The report concludes that real transformation occurs only

when all members of a community have the will to change.“Gender e q u a l i t y a n d w o m e n ’s empowerment are at the heart of ACT Alliance’s vision for a better and more just world,” said general secretary John Nduna.“While there has been progress on gender equality in some countries, women in many parts of the world suffer from violence, discrimination and underrepresentation in decision-making processes."

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One Body

Democracy or



n a day when the largest state in India looks forward to having its youngest chief minister, the national headlines are blackened by ugly coalition political drama. Mamata Banerjee's demand for the resignation of the Union Railway Minister, Mr. Dinesh Trivedi speakes volumes about the state of politics and governance in our country. After nine long years of populism, a minister for railways took a bold decision to hike fares in order to rescue a sinking railways. However, the chief of his party, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, has asked the Prime Minister for his head on a platter! The Union Government might once again bow to the pressures of its unruly coalition partner. Mr Trivedi has emerged as the star of the moment. He did the right thing in India's national interest fully knowing that he may have to sacrifice his post as Minister of Railways. In fact, he acted with the nation's interest in mind. With no particular benefit to his own region, he thought about modernising the railway and improving its safety. Thus, a minister from a regional party proved himself worthy of being a Union Minister of Railways than his populist predecessors who came from the so-called "national" parties. Minister after minister served their own interests and the interests of their respective regions. They did not dare to follow sound business principles. Thus, they postponed a much needed fare hike for nine years. But as any sensible person knows, populism is unsustainable in the long run. Mamata Banerjee who was Railway Minister a short while ago continued the populist agenda and pushed the Railways further into financial ill health. Both the Congress and the BJP are no different from Bengal's Didi. Therefore, they cannot honestly raise a voice of protest against Mamata's shrill cry from Kolkata. Will the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh now live up his words? The PM had praised the Rail Budget as a progressive and forward looking budget. If it was indeed a progressive budget, he should defend his minister against Mamata's merciless attack. Probably, this is another testing time for the PM who once successfully defended the IndoAmerican civil nuclear deal. He will be remembered for his bold steps than for his concessions to coalition partners. It is high time that people in India understood that there is nothing called a free lunch. If we use a service, we must be willing to pay for it. If we can't pay for a service, the problem is not with the service but with us who cannot afford it. Instead of blaming the "high" cost of a service or good, people who cannot afford it must look for alternatives. This rule has applied to air travel. There are plenty of people who desire to fly. And many a times, their need to fly is genuine and urgent. Just because they cannot afford an air ticket, will they demand government subsidy for air travel? It is also high time for this country to dump its Parliamentary democracy that has been hijacked by petty coalition squabbles and populism. We need a Presidential form of government that will be accountable to the people but at the same time will have boldness to take unpopular decisions without fearing that the government might fall at any time. In today's system, even the Prime Minister is scared to upset a small regional party. The government in power, for fear of losing majority, gets paralyzed into inaction or gets minimised to a ridiculous "common minimum programme!" The younger generation of this country surely desires a change. There is hope for change in Uttar Pradesh. Let there be hope for a healthy change in all states and at the Centre.

For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit. 1Cor. 12:13


umankind is in conflict and divided by language, caste, creed, colour, religion, etc. Unfortunately, men who are created in the image of God are separated for personal interests or dishonest gains. It is one mankind that God created. We are exceptional from other beings. The irony is while the segregation of other creatures is by their appearance man is separated along lines of religion or language. Peace talks by world leaders for reconciliation among these factions brought nothing but old hostilities. The conversation with a Samaritan woman narrated in Chapter 4 of the Gospel of John is an apt instance of how the Lord Jesus Christ crosses such boundaries. More than five centuries old discriminative and offensive attitude between Jews and the Samaritans was healed by the Son of God in a few minutes of interaction with a common woman of Samaria. Neither was it a high level summit. Kings and authorities did not debate in the presence of mediators. Stopping at a well near Samaria and asking for a drink from a Samaritan woman was quite unusual practice for a Jew. “Therefore the Samaritan woman said to Him, "How is it that You, being a Jew, ask me for a drink since I am a Samaritan woman?" (For Jews have no dealings with Samaritans.). John 4:9. The issue was that a Jew would not take even a glass of water from a Samaritan. On the contrary, Lord Jesus Christ being a Jew was ready to drink water from the hands of the Samaritan woman. But she was puzzled by his action. The inferiority complex is deeply rooted in many hearts that manifests discrimination. Many live in an attitude of protest, dwelling in the memories of oppression they had suffered although they attained the ‘transformation.’ Moreover, getting too complacent to labour, they add flavor to their protesting attitude. But the Peacemaker was not ready to leave a Samaritan village in that same condition. Their conversation took a turn from the drinking water to living water that the Messiah could give her. Indeed, she was longing for the Messiah because her next question was about true worship. She wanted to know which one was acceptable worship—the one they perform in the mount of Gerizim or the one done by Jews at Jerusalem. In His answer, Lord Jesus Christ replied : "But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." John 4:23-24. At this point she couldn’t stop herself. Leaving the pot behind, she went to the city and became a witness. There were Samaritans waiting for the Messiah who came after her to meet the Lord. There was neither an argument nor an altercation instead they insisted Him to stay with them in their city for a few days and He stayed with them for two days. Jesus Christ said: "I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd. John 10:16. The world may find it difficult to comprehend the idea of the world population becoming one body. It is impossible with men but possible with God. The Holy Spirit that is poured out into our hearts by Lord Jesus Christ transforms us to being one body. His mission behind coming to this world in order to die on a cross and to rise from the dead was to give us the Holy Spirit who moulds us into one body in Him. There is a day when this will be fulfilled - "a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and palm branches were in their hands; and they cry out with a loud voice, saying, "Salvation to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb." Rev 7:9-10. God bless you. M K Babu


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How to Avoid Peer Pressure A WikiHow article As a Christian 1. Find out exactly what you believe in. 2. Stand up for what you believe in. When you witness, not everybody will listen, and sometimes they might even laugh. That's okay because at least you are trying and God sees that. Don't let anyone or anything change your mind, and don't let them make you doubt your beliefs. However, do not force your religion upon others. Doing so will only attract enemies. 3. Read your Bible and pray every day. Reading scripture is a good way to become closer to God because it offers wisdom and is like the "How To" of being a Christian. Some people recommend a Teen Study Bible, which includes tips, advice, and practical interpretations of some verses. Others recommend a normal Bible, and to read the aforementioned Bible from cover to cover. Prayer and Bible study will bring you closer to God. 4. Be confident in your faith in Christ. You can do all things through Christ; he will strengthen you. 5. When praying or asking for help from the Lord, don't just casually pray. The Bible says we must, "Cry unto the Lord with all our might." If you don't want it that badly, stay on your knees until you do or meditate on it and think of whether you even truly want it. James 1:5 says, "If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally and upbradith not and it shall be given him." Use your name---"If I(your name) lack wisdom let me(your name) ask of God who gives to all men liberally, and does not reprove those who ask [yes, I paraphrased "upbraideth not", you can keep it if you wish], and it will be given to me." It's called claiming scripture in prayer, and when you say to God "You promised this, and I've done what You said I needed to to get it..." He gives-God never, ever, goes back on His promises. He said, "Ask and ye shall receive, knock and he will answer, seek him and you will find him." 6. Always have a prayer in your heart. This means to pray inside your head to God. This will be a very hard thing to do at the beginning, but when you get going it will be a HUGE blessing in your life. You will gain a MUCH closer relationship with God and will feel his love much more. 7. Doing what everyone else does might look fun, but if you know it' s wrong to do, try to have the strength to say no. God gave his only begotten son to die for us! When you do what's right, God will know because he knows the intent of your heart. 8. Be friends with other Christian people. If you are surrounded by ü Try to make friends who are also Christians or who are in your youth group. When you feel tempted, go to them and confide how you feel. They will support you, help you, and may even give you tips. ü Being a Christian is not always easy, but God can help you and he knows what you're going through. Living for God is worth the price in the end! ü Follow all the standards in this article even though it is very hard to do. If you only follow it partway God will only give you part of his blessings. ü Serve others. This is God's work. Helping others in good and honorable ways will help not only you, but your community and the people you're helping as well. You can assist a shelter, church group, community outreach, organizing bible study groups, reading to elderly, etc. This will help you realize other things you can do instead of being drawn into sin. ü Always speak with confidence! Any signs of weakness and the person pressuring will continue until they have won the battle! ü Be proud of what you have accomplished; many people can't get

others trying to do the right thing it will become much easier. There is strength in numbers. "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there shall I be." (Matthew 18:20) Luckily, the majority of the Western world is Christian, of various denominations. 9. Don't associate with people who swear all the time, drink/do drugs, have dirty minds, etc. It is literally next to impossible to resist the constant temptations of people who constantly sin if you're constantly hanging out with them. 10. Avoid situations that may cause you to give into peer pressure. For example, if someone asks you to smoke/drink think about what it will do to your body and think about whether God would approve of this. Think of your body as the temple of God. Say NO. Ask the Lord to continue to bless you with strength to resist temptations. 11. Have courage! Don't be spineless just to be cool.

Tips ü ü ü ü

ü ü ü

When you're unsure what to do, or need help, don't be afraid to go to a pastor, a youth group pastor/leader, Christian friends, or a trusted Christian adult for guidance.

enough courage to set a course for their own lives and stay on it, avoiding the pressures of others. Avoid big parties with a lot of people you don't know. Hang out with close friends. Do not be harsh when you speak, just be firm and soon your friends will begin to respect your decisions. The Walk-Away rule. Analyze your relationship with this person. If you know you cannot walk away from the relationship at any time, break it. That's right. Break it. Yes, it'll hurt, but walking away is the last line of defense against anyone. If you cannot do it, you've lost your last line of defense. The only reason why this would not apply is if you absolutely trust a person, and you know it isn't just hormones making you trust that person. Peer pressure is testing your will to refuse something you don't want to do. A true friend will take no for an answer and not try to make you do something you don't want to do. Don't be afraid to let your friends know that your beliefs and conscience come before anything else in your life. Know what you truly believe and stick by it.

March 16-30, 2012




38 He then fastened a ___ to every pair of tails (Judg 15:4-5) 39 if the ____ has faded and has not spread in the skin (Lev 13:6) 40 cold and ____, and summer and winter (Gen 8:22) 42 The former ___ have I made, O Theophilus (Acts 1:1) KJV 43 spoken by the Lord, and ____ confirmed unto us (Heb 2:3) 45 into your ___ and kneading troughs. (Ex 8:3) 46 a man of ___, and familiar with suffering (Isa 53:3) 47 sons of Gad: Zephon, Haggi, Shuni, Ezbon, ___ (Gen 46:16) 49 I have ____ thee in right paths (Prov 4:11) KJV 50 or birds are taken in a ___ (Eccl 9:12) 51 wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the ____ (John 13:5) 52 divided and given to the ___ and Persians (Dan 5:28) 54 the magicians tried to produce gnats by their secret ___ (Ex 8:18)

DOWN 1 The LORD who delivered me from the ___ of the lion (1 Sam 17:37) 2 with their tongues they have ____ deceit (Romans 3:13) 3 the God of Israel will be your ___ guard (Isa 52:12) 4 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God ____ unto him (Rev 1:1) 5 mocked him. Dressing him in 66 God, deityan ___ robe (Luke 23:11) Clues to the Crossword Puzzle 6 Because thou saidst, ____, against my sanctuary (Ezek 25:3) KJV 7 who sins breaks the law; in ___, sin is lawlessness (I Jn 3:4) ACROSS 8 but lips that speak knowledge are ___ ___ jewel (1,4) (Prov 20:15) 1 cleanse, purify (Deut 22:24) 9 the Lord of kings and a ___ of mysteries (Dan 2:47) 6 Bring my sons from ____ and my daughters (Isa 43:6) 10 Then said I, ___ Lord GOD! behold (Ezek 4:14) 10 Cain talked with ____ his brother (Gen 4:8) 11 The tower of ___ (Gen 11:9) 14 Having believed, you were marked in him with ___ ___ (1,4) (Eph 1:13) 12 and the hold of ___ fowl spirit (Rev 18:2) (KJV) 15 rabbit (Deut 14:7) (KJV) 13 a feast of fat things, a feast of wines on the ____ (Isaiah 25:6) 16 the poor ____ the gospel preached to them (Matt 11:5) 19 I mean not that other men be ___, and ye burdened (2 Cor 8:13) (KJV) 17 hatch cockatrice' eggs, and ___ the spider's web (Isaiah 59:5) 22 From the rising of the ____ unto the going down (Ps 113:3) 18 and stayed in ___ ___ in the rock (1,4) (Judg 15:8) 24 if a man shall ____ a pit, and not cover it, (Exodus 21:33) 20 and for the ____ that is in the land of Assyria. (Isaiah 7:18) 25 Arphaxad was the father of ___ (1 Chron 1:18) 21 complacent, who are like wine left on its ___ (Zeph 1:12) 27 and ___ every man his ass, and returned (Gen 44:13) KJV 23 the ___ shall tread out no wine in their presses (Isa 16:10) KJV 30 I will make thee ruler ____ many things (Matt 25:23) KJV 26 thou shalt take an ___, and thrust it through his ear (Deut 15:17) KJV 31 close to the ___ just above the waistband (Ex 39:20) 28 Benjamites chased them and ___ overran them (Judg 20:43) 32 appearing of the great God ___ our Saviour Jesus (Titus 2:13) 29 and cried, ____: Blessed is the King of Israel (John 12:13) 34 ___ the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7) 33 make bare the ____, uncover the thigh (Isaiah 47:2) 37 "No ___ sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment (Matt 9:16) 35 there is one ___ to the righteous, and to the wicked (Eccles 9:2)

55 all things, yea, the ____ things of God (1 Cor 2:10) 57 Their calls will ___ through the windows (Zeph 2:14) 58 ___ ___ or a sheep and its young (1,3) (Lev 22:28) 59 beast of burden (Psm.32:9) 62 foul weather to day: for the ____ is red and lowring. (Matt 16:3) 64 By faith they passed through the ____ sea (Heb 11:29) 66 God, deity

36 saw them with her eyes, she ___ upon them (Ezek 23:16) (KJV) 39 Tabitha, arise. And ___ opened her eyes (Acts 9:40) 41 ____ me, O LORD, in thy righteousness (Ps 5:8) 42 five, ___ ___ twenty days (3,2) (Num 11:19) 43 Many are the ___ of the wicked (Ps 32:10) 44 by his right hand, and by the ___ of his strength (Isaiah 62:8) 45 a man of understanding and knowledge maintains ___ (Prov 28:2) 46 no longer to call her ___; her name will be Sarah.(Gen 17:15) 47 But as the serpent beguiled ____ through his subtilty (2 Cor 11:3) 48 spoken in the ear in ___ shall be proclaimed upon (Luke 12:3) KJV 50 chose five smooth stones from the ___ (1 Sam 17:40) 53 Forsake ____ not, and she shall preserve thee (Prov 4:6) 54 Do not touch my ___ ones (Ps 105:15) 56 Gideon heard the ___ and its interpretation, (Judg 7:15) 60 Eat not of it ____, nor sodden at all with water (Exodus 12:9) 61 a scroll with writing on both ___and sealed (Rev 5:1) 63 This miraculous sign will ___ tomorrow (Ex 8:23) 65 Adam and Eve both ate from the ___ of good and evil (Gen 3:12-13) 67 Ask, and it shall be given you; ____, and ye shall find (Matt 7:7) 68 gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the ___ world (Matt 24:14) 69 Go, ___ everything you have and give to the poor (Mark 10:21) 70 sent me from Kadesh-barnea to ___ out the land (Josh 14:7) KJV 71 They ___ fields and planted vineyards (Ps 107:37)

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March 16-30, 2012



MATRIMONIAL PTA-ML/2012/01 Punjabi Gaba) Pentecostal Parents Invites proposals (Pentecostals Only) for their daughter, born again and baptized, 24 years 5' 5", Complexion wheatish, BA Economics + JBT & one year Diploma in com. Software. Contacts: 09416636175, 01275244018

BA studies. Also working in pharma company as an Office Administrator in Delhi drawing Rs. 15000/- p.m. Staying in government acco-mmodation in west Delhi. Only Delhiites preferred. Contact : Mr.Ivan Ismail ( father ) 91-9350875556

PTA-ML/2012/02 PROPOSALS invited from the parents of girls preferably teacher for a Keralite Protestant boy, 27 years, MBA, working in Delhi settled in Ghaziabad (UP) with family. Contact: Roji Christopher. Cell : 8800767155.

PTA-ML/2012/10 Matrimonial advertisement details given Below Marriage proposal invited for a Bornagain North Indian girl settled in Ghaziabad, 31 years, 5'4", working in media company ( Both parents no more). Contact # 9818675048 . Email:


P roposals are invited for PTA-ML/2012/11 Believer girl from U.P. 23 yrs 5'5'’ Graduate, fair, good looking, from lower middle class family, seek marriage alliance from employed/ ministry. Contact: Pr. Jomon- 9818860559 PTA-ML/2012/04 Pentecostal parents invite proposals for their daughter, born-again, 27 yrs, 5;3”, M.Sc. in Bio-technology, pursuing B.Ed. Pentecostal north Indian bornagain, God fearing spiritual boy preferred. Contact : 9812221389, 9541512909

Marraige proposal invited for a Punjabi pentecostal girl, 29 yrs, 154 cm, Fair complexion, Bsc, Bsc Nurse. Seeking suitable alliance from born again, God fearing, educated and settled in aboard. Contact: 09872647263

PTA-ML/2012/12 Marriage proposals invited for Suitable match for North Indian Protestant Christian girl, 28 yrs. B.A. ; B.Ed working as Teacher in a school at Delhi. Convent educated, Fair, 5ft 2 inches. Looking for a well settled, God fearing Christian boy EPTA-ML/2012/05 mail - North Indian Pentecostal Tel 0120-3994055 / 08057905002 Mother Invite Proposals for Her / 09311447557 son 33 yrs, 5'6' inch, Evangelists (also involved in Real-Estate Business) Settled in Faridabad PTA-ML/2012/13 (NCR) Prefer a Girl who love’s Jesus Punjabi (Mehta) Pentecostal and have burden for Ministry. parents invite proposals Contact:08595465225 (Pentecostals Only) for their daughter, born again and baptized, 28 yrs, 5 ' 4", PTA-ML/2012/06 Wanted groom born again Complexion - wheatish, B. com + baptized, Spirit filled pentecostal NTT + Accounting Diploma. girl born and brought up in Delhi. Working in convent school as an Age 26, tgt (English) Teacher. M.A. assistant accountant. (English) B.ed. Contact:844772664 Pursuing MBA. Contact: 09416636175, 01275 - 244018 PTA-ML/2012/07 North Indian Pentecostal Email : parents invite proposals for their son, 24 yrs, pastoring a church PTA-ML/2012/14 in Delhi. Girl involved ministry and Marriage proposal Seeking h a v e g r e a t c o m m i t m e n t i s alliance for Pastor’s daughter, Kerala born settled in Gujarat. preferred. B.Th, 23, 5’4’, worship leader. From Contact : 9818916878 parents of field missionaries or pastors working in North India. PTA-ML/2012/08 Contact: 09979979005 Email: Matrimonial advertisement details given Below Marriage proposal invited for a Bornagain North Indian girl settled in Ghaziabad, 31 years, 5'4", working in media company ( Both parents no more). Contact # 9818675048 .Email:

PTA-ML/2012/15 Marriage proposal for a 31 year old (6'3), (MA) Keralite boy living in New Delhi from parents of professionally qualified girls with a heart for the ministry. He is a Senior Trainer at an American institute. PTA-ML/2012/09 Protestant Christian pa-rents Involved in teaching & preaching invite proposals for their ministry. Prefer those brought up daughter, 30 yrs, 5'5", fair, pursuing outside Kerala. Contact:Contact: , Ph: Protestant girl 46,years,High school armed 09560179784, 0472-2896281 force,not working,Height 5"0" (152 cm) very fair PTA-ML/2012/16 Looking for a well settled,God Marriage proposals invited for fearing Christian man. Believer girl from U.P. 25 yrs 5'5'’ Email id Post-Graduate, fair, good looking, mobile no. 09910449180 from lower middle class family, seek marriage alliance from employed/ PTA-ML/2012/24 Proposals Invited for Born ministry. Again Christian girl -26 yrs BA Contact: Pr. Sudhir- 9213321012 Working as DBC (Domestic PTA-ML/2012/17 Breeding Checker) in health dept. Proposals are invited for our M.C.D. Complexion wheatish 5'’2'’ Daughter, Syrian Christian looking for a well settled, God Pentecostal, (27, 5ft 2 inches) fair, B.Com HONS, MBA from IIM fearing, Loving, and Caring Indore. Presently working as Christian Boy Delhiites preferred . Finance Director of an Engineering Please Contact: 09718496850 College and a group of Schools from well educated young men preferably PTA-ML/2012/25 from Delhi, or willing to relocate to K e r a l i t e p a r e n t s i n v i t e Delhi. Contact: 011-29552952, Proposals for their daughter. Born and brought up in New Delhi, Born 09810184281 again. DOB 11/07/1984 (28 yrs), Ornaments wearing. Height 5.1 PTA-ML/2012/18 MBA, working in Multi National Invited Marriage proposal for Company, Preferred professionally 27 old Keralite girl 27 yrs, 156 cm tall qualified match from North India. ,fair, slim, working in AIIMS as staff C o n t a c t n o . 0 7 5 0 8 680342 / nurse. Delhi working Kerala boy 09990282335 preferred.

PTA-ML/2012/25 Christian Pentecost working girl, PTA-ML/2012/19 BA, 24 years, 152cm, working invites Born Again South Indian Delhi p r o posals from Christian settled invites proposal for the pentecost/protestant working boys of missionary boy (33/174, UP parents settled in Delhi. Please Handsome, M.A.; M.Sc.; B.D.; contact: 9210489214 or ID: M.Th; PhD*), from the parents of South Indian educated girl, desiring to work in themission along with profession. Send the details to E-Mail: Mobile: 09717435775

PTA-ML/2012/20 Haryanvi Pentecostal parents invite proposals fo their son, 24 yrs, 5'8'’ pastoring a fast growing church in Panipat Haryana. Girl to be committed for the ministy. Contact:09467519320

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Christian Pentecost working girl, BA, 28 years, 156cm working in Delhi invites proposals from Christian Pentecost/protestant, UP working boys of parents settled in Delhi. Please contact: 9210489214 or ID: PTA-ML/2012/22 Christian Pentecost working girl, BA, 26 years, 156cm,working invites proposals from Christian pentecost/protestant working boys of UP parents settled in Dehi. Please contact: 9210489214 PTA-ML/2012/23 Marriage proposals invited for suitable match for North Indian

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March 16-30, 2012


Water Bodies around Delhi to be used for Fish Culture This is good news especially for Anglers: Delhi Government has in its Cabinet meeting held on 22 February 2012 taken a decision for developing water bodies situated on Gram Sabha

from fishing was patience. At times one has to sit for hours waiting to catch a fish or even to get a bite. Inspite of the dust and heat one still returned home fresh and looked forward to the

were many good places for fishing in and around Delhi. Naini Lake in Model town, Bhilaswa Jheel, Wazirabad River bed, Najafgarh, Sanpla Railways water tank, Hindon River, Okhla

next fishing venture. At that time Bengalis lived in large numbers at Timar Pur Government staff quarters. Some Christian families would be seen sitting at the banks of River Jamuna near Wazirabad barrage fishing whole day. During those days fishing was a very popular sport and there

barrage and Badkhal Lake were among them. Now these water bodies have either gone dry or been given on contract to fish traders, who take out the entire fish by using nets. There was a fisheries department at Khyber Pass which used to issue passes on payment for fishing at River Jamuna and other water bodies

land and other ponds in villages in and around Delhi to encourage Fish Culture in them. Fishing or Angling is a sport, as well as a hobby for many people, especially the Bengali Community. In the late sixties or 70's I used to go for fishing, m o s t l y a t Wa z i r a b a d o n Saturday and also on Sunday after the morning worship at St. James Church, Kashmere Gate, Delhi. Sometimes families also joined. At a place like Okhla fishing on Sunday and holidays wa s a fa m i ly p i c n i c to o . Sometimes fresh fish caught was fried then and there and had for lunch. Those were the good old days. One thing one learned

in Delhi. One Anglo Indian gentleman residing at Khyber Pass, Mr. Belleow was an ardent fisherman. At present times there is hardly any place remaining available for fishing in and around Delhi. Fishing rods, hooks and Nylon lines all are lying unused for decades. At one time Bhadkhal Lake was the most popular and main attraction for anglers as there were a good large number of fish of all varieties in the lake. Netting of fish was banned and unlawful at that time. In the seventies there was a Bengali IAS officer, Commissioner of the l o c a l S e l f - G ove r n m e n t o f Faridabad, who was very fond of fishing. He started a fishing competition at the Badkhal Lake. The competition became so popular in a short time that enthusiasts as far as from Agra, Meerut, Palwal, Delhi and Ghaziabad participated in the

Competition every year. On the day of the competition people in large number reached Badkhal Lake to witness the charm of this c o m p e t i t i o n . M r. S a m u e l Wilkinson Paul, his wife, Principal, Government College, Faridabad was once the winner of fishing competition at Bhadkal. Since Badkhal Lake had become very popular for fishing people started pouring in large number on Sundays & Holidays. Our few like-minded friends decided to go for fishing at Badkhal. Mode of transport was scooters. We used to assemble at Malka Ganj at Mr. Egbert Daniel's residence at around 5 a.m. On the way, at Jangpura, Mr. Arthur Caleb also joined us. We reached Badkhal in an hour around 6:45 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. We used to sit at a particular place on the stones.

March 16-30, 2012


My Mother's journey of faith God could not be everywhere so he created mothers, so runs a saying. My early childhood memories are about her tenderness and unspoken love; she was not in the habit of singing lullabies or chanting sweet nothings to tiny tots. Her shyness stood in the way of freely expressing her emotions. My mother was no different from other mothers with all failings and strengths . There was a timidity about her that was the result of being brought up in a male dominated atmosphere at home. She was reasonably good at studies and wanted to be a teacher.

that an average middle class family could expect those days. Her brothers were very protective and protective to an extent that allowed her little freedom to mingle with the outside world . Her father was a noted physician and being of a very generous temperament did not use his reputation to make money. H e was active in the field of folk arts and dance dramas. Through him , he became familiar not only with preparations of ayurvedic medicines but also with the Puranas … Mother was 17 when she got

Unfortunately , she was born at a time when educating a girl child was considered undesirable and against tradition.. As for her childhood and youth, her life was one of suppressed desires – suppressed by tradition, limited by a lack of awareness of her own rights as a woman and lacking a courage to assert herself. A domineering husband hardly felt the necessity to honour her wishes or aspirations, likes or dislikes. He was a hardworking farmer and it was her duty to obey all his commands and serve the household. In short she had no life of her own. This precisely has been the situation in at least some orthodox Nair household in olden times, though there are exceptions. Born as daughter of an Ayurvedic Vaidya in days when practicing indigenous medicine was not at all lucrative, she learned to do without the comforts of childhood

married to a man more than 20 years her senior. He was reasonably well to do being a land owning farmer with considerable landed property, Day and night he toiled maximizing the yield with the use of latest agricultural practices and keeping the labour force fully engaged. Agriculture was in his blood , he loved the soil, cared for his cattle and read articles on farming and kept himself abreast with the latest developments. Besides cooking food for the family, mother had to attend to the needs of farm labour, feed the cattle and be at the beck and call of her husband . There was hardly any social outing for her . I had not seen her going out with father to attend any social function. Her life was confined within the walls of the house. Though prosperous, he stressed on the family members the need to be

Two Ladies Ordered to Stop Prayer Meeting in Karnataka

frugal and simple. in their habits. He was very economical in spending which partly explained his wealth and his reputation of being miserly. But the hard earned and carefully built up prosperity was all shattered by a single judgement that was delivered in a division of property case before the civil courts. We were deprived of all the landed wealth including the house which went to a group consisting of father's nephews and nieces. Everyone who knew the facts felt shocked by the unfair verdict but then there was no escaping the injustice. We shifted to our mother's home around five km away and she bore the brunt of the catastrophe that had overtaken the family. The heart broken father ended his earthly sojourn in 1968. She was then around 52 years. The agony of the losses and the uncertainties of the future must have haunted her with three daughters to be given in marriage. But she bore it all without complaining or bitterness as was her nature. Not given to open expression of her emotions, one did not know what went on inside of her. It was in the late seventies that she shifted to Delhi to my home in Press Enclave. She would accompany us to the brethren assembly just out of curiosity. She was a good listener and enjoyed the songs and hymns sung at the meetings. Later when a weekly prayer meeting was started at our home, she played the role of a warm host .She would eagerly wait for those occasions. The messages and testimonies had an impact on her. There were other visitors too who provided evidences of their changed lives as a result of Christ working within them.… Then there was this neighbour , Mrs Thankamma James of Kunnamkulam, who was an epitome of faith. She was always there ready with help to anyone in need in her neighbourhood. Part of the help consisted in heartfelt prayers with tears,. In her conversations she would dwell on the lives of great Christian leaders and the privations they underwent for the sake of faith. Though she

MPK Kutty

had her share of burdens, she never lost sight of the fact that she is a citizen of heaven on a temporary sojourn here. Even during those fourteen years she was bedridden with Parkinsons and related complications, she bore it all bravely Whoever came to comfort her , got encouraged with her state of calmness and assurance in the midst of pain and helplessness. Though mother couldn't be a teacher she was a good learner and read newspapers and books with great seriousness. She would spend long hours with the Bible with the result that she could repeat several psalms by rot . Her prayer hours after the morning bath were long and one wondered at her patience. During prayers she would recite the hymns in her heart and will pray for everyone by name. She upheld her children and grand children , the pastors and other servants of the Lord daily in prayer. . So it came as no surprise as she requested Pastor Kanakaraj for day.She had listened to preachers at prayer and worship meetings explaining the need for baptism and what it implied .For me as well as others it was a surprise how she, Parukutty Amma with all her roots in tradition and epics, in her advanced years, took courage to openly declare her faith and take a stand unmindful of the disapproval of all her relatives. . She often said that she was more at peace at Delhi after all the losses of wealth and fortune she suffered because she had found Christ. She left a note of testimony where she talked of her concern for me, a sickly child, who even her brothers doubted would survive at all. She had not hoped that I would amount to anything, frail as I was then. And she ascribed to Christ all the changes she had seen in me. So had she testified before many who had asked a reason for her faith. The last few years she spent in her home in Palakkad were times of great endurance . Osteoporosis had limited her mobility .Her diabetes was under control and she would as long as she could , would not depend on others' help to attend to her daily routine. Those days there was no possibility of

Bangalore: At about 11 pm on March 3 , alleged Hindu extremists forcefully entered into a prayer meeting, crudely tackled the participants, accusing them of forceful conversion in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka. EFI correspondent reported that the extremists barged into the prayer meeting conducted by two ladies identified only as Parimala and Padmavathi from Mahima Prarthana Mandira and ordered them to stop the


any fellowship on a regular basis because her village did not have a Christian family. Whenever friends and believers from the town occasionally visited her, it was a time of great rejoicing for her. They in turn found inspiration in her deep faith and firm convictions. Throughout her struggle with sickness and weakness of old age, she remained steadfast looking to the author and finisher of her faith. On the early hours of March 12, 2011, she finished her course. . Her's was a quiet testimony of sufferings courageously borne. Hannah Varkey, grand daughter of Thankamma James recalls: “My clearest, unmediated recollection of Ammachi is during our brief visit to her place, last year. Seated next to her window, sunshine gently lightened the contours of that smiling-wrinkled face. What followed were tales of long long ago, talk of hardships, triumph, faith, of friends and family, of Delhi, of a long forgotten Rajpur Road. My mind wandered. I looked about that furnished room, the bed, her cupboard, and then, so many books sitting neatly in her corner.Yes, she was what we would call an 'avid reader', even when health and eyesight may have been getting the better of her. She kept her life aflutter with her daily routine. Old age was not about re tiring from the world but re-engaging with it in different ways. Reading kept her mind agile, her faith in God kept her firm; doubly alive. Her faith was active in that I saw that she lived amidst those who did not share her faith in Christ. It was about daily dependence upon God, living out a Christcentered life in one's own home. In that house, with rooms great, quaint and small, as my siblings and I were afforded a quick 'tour' of what was an 'olde' traditional Kerala home, I remember thinking that, that room facing the sun, with those books stacked neatly in a pile housed the real treasure: that Ammachi.I know now, how everyday Christian lives too can offer a forceful, vital apologetic.”

prayers immediately. They also started verbally abusing the Christians, accusing them of forceful conversion and filed a police complaint against them. The two ladies were forced to put down in writing that they would not visit houses and distribute tracts and conduct their night vigils in future. However, no FIR was registered against them.


March 16-30, 2012


Let's Reclaim God' Own Country from Sodomites Philip Eapen


he recently published study of the National Rural Health Mission’s Adolescence Reproductive Sexual Health (ARSH) programme on high school boys and girls in the state of Kerala is indeed alarming. A representative sample of 5638 students has given a new insight into the depths to which minor boys and girls in the fully literate State has plunged. It has brought to light the vulnerability of boys in Kerala when all the while people were thinking that only girls were targets of sexual abuse and exploitation. One out of ten high school boys in Kerala are leading active homosexual lives. These boys did not discover one fine morning that they had a homosexual tendency. Instead, they were introduced into the deviant lifestyle by adults who approached them with ulterior motives. These children were thus sodomized. Boys in Kerala encounter ten times more requests for sexual favours than girls of their age! Similarly, for every girl, five boys are sexually abused by elders. If a girl under 16 years of age is violated, the offender is accused of rape. High school boys too are under 16. Their “ consent” is not a legally valid consent. Those who sodomized them have committed rape. Yet, no one in Kerala is crying “Rape!”or is calling for an investigation into the matter. Is our legal definition of rape narrow enough to let these rapists off the hook? If so, we need an amendment. The impunity with which homosexuals in Kerala are getting away with deceit, blackmail, and rape is disgusting. They lure young boys into pornography and then into shameful acts. These boys in turn lure more of their friends into the nether world of stench and filth. Even public toilets in bus stations are getting converted into gay parlours! Until recently, that is before the controversial Delhi HC order

on decriminalization of homosexual behaviour between consenting adults, gay men in Kerala used to keep their male victims in their vice grip by blackmailing them. They used to threaten unwilling male partners of police action with the help of video clippings and photographs. It is all the more shocking to know that they are now preying upon minor boys who cannot raise a protest or even gather courage to seek help from parents or teachers.

this guy whom I think I like?” Lovers (a man and a woman in love) keep their relationship as a secret. They are not supported or guided by their families. This conservative society has made it easier for young people to become gay than to be honest and “straight.” Fighting against a natural and beautiful thing called heterosexual courtship, we push our younger generation into homosexuality! If a young man or woman

The rise in homosexuality in the state of Kerala shouldn’t surprise anyone. There may be several factors that have contributed to this. I would like to highlight one of these. A people who frown upon normal and healthy friendship between boys and girls or between young men and women will have to reap the results of their foolishness. Courtship is seen as a deviant behaviour. Falling in love with a person of the opposite gender is seen as a crime. Churches, with the help of a faulty Malayalam translation of 1 Timothy 5:6, condemn courtship between boys and girls. How many boys in their late teens can walk up to their father or mother and say, “ There's a girl I am interested in?” Or, how many girls in their late teens will dare to tell their mother, “ There's

cannot talk to each other without being misunderstood and branded as “ illicit lovers” ; if young adults are not encouraged to court each other with dignity towards marriage; if parents and elders deplore courtship in favour of “arranged”marriage, what else can one expect but a rise in homosexual behaviour? Even as elders zealously isolate teenage girls from boys and young women from young men, even as they prevent any potential courtship, they remain oblivious to what the boys (and girls for that matter) do among themselves behind closed doors. Hardly anyone suspects a group of boys/men who get together! Hardly anyone finds it odd if teenage girls walk with hands around each other's waist! This naivety has made Kerala a fertile ground for gays.

There is no point now in expressing 'shock' over rape and atrocities that gay men are committing in Kerala. (Heterosexual rape too is equally condemnable.) The people of the state should now wake up to the threat of homosexuality and do everything that is possible to restore the honour and prestige of heterosexual relationships. The beauty of committed heterosexual relationship is beautifully highlighted in the Song of Solomon in the Holy

in our parenting! Marriage is not something that should be “arranged”by third parties. We should encourage and train our young adult men and women to enter courtship with dignity and purity. I can imagine the reaction of Keralite Christians to my views. They might think that I am prescribing a 'poison' as a medicine to treat a disease. The Bible indeed talks about Abraham who “arranged”a marriage for Isaac. But the Bible also talks about Jacob who fell in love with Rachel. Courtship is not listed as a “ sin”in the Bible. Neither is it the hallmark of delinquents like Samson. The book of Ruth gives us a beautiful instance of a man who “ arranged” his own marriage! Most importantly, the Bible talks of the pristine relationship between Jesus Christ and his Bride, the Church. If we believe that the “ wedding of the Lamb”is yet to come, why is the Church then in a love-relationship with her Bridegroom even before the “ wedding” has taken place? There are churches here that do not let Bible. Christians in Kerala and even an “engaged”couple to sit their diaspora in distant lands together or talk to each other! should cease from ‘ spiritualizing’ Such is our foolishness and this book. They should face the hypocrisy. Why do we sing “ love wisdom of God in including an songs” to Jesus as we look forward entire poetic book on the beauty of committed heterosexual to a heavenly “wedding?” If courtship is sinful and abhorrent, relationship. Besides, the Church should then this too should be abhorrent! The Church should not come out of the era of child marriages. Even though we do not r e l e g a t e h e r G o d - g i v e n get children married, we aren't r e s p o n s i b i l i t y t o u p h o l d free from that mentality yet. We heterosexual love, courtship and assume that a young man or a marriage. As long as the Indian young woman are too young to church runs away from this find their own life partners. We responsibility, God will have to refer to them as “ boys” and “ girls.” continue using his other allies Young men and women who are movies and other media - to ready for marriage shouldn’ t be promote committed heterosexual love and marriage. Movie makers called “ boys” and “ girls.” They are need not be committed enough to young adults who are capable of promote purity along with love. finding their own life partners. If That's part of the Church's they aren’ t, it only proves a failure mandate.

March 16-30, 2012


Multitasking women, watch your health She multitasks, balancing the pressures of work, children and home. But the modern superwoman who manages to do it all ends up neglecting her health, too busy to focus on her diet or an exercise regimen. A busy lifestyle often leads to an erratic diet and international research indicates that women who are too busy to focus on their food intake are more likely to succumb to impulsive eating and spontaneous food purchasing. The result? Extra flab, laziness, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. According to health expert S w a t i S r i v a s t a v a , t o d a y ’s multitasking woman needs not just a balanced diet and exercise but also health supplements. “Today’s modern woman tries to maintain a fine balance between her personal and professional life; so a balanced diet and exercise are not enough as they require best health supplements to keep fit and

healthy,” Srivastava told IANS. “Generally women don’t take their health concerns very seriously. But the effects tend to show later in life when the body refuses to work tirelessly,” she added. It is especially important for women over 35 to take extra care of their health. “Women need a great deal of vitamins and minerals for their body, especially after the age of 35. Calcium D3, iron and multi-

vitamin capsules are the best health supplements. They not only provide the necessary vitamins to your body but also help to keep the skin and hair healthy,” said Simal Soin, an expert from salon-cumspa Three Graces. Mineral and vitamin levels need to be kept in check and instead of milk and sugar tea, it would be a great idea to sip on some healthy green tea, suggests Navin Taneja, director, National Skin Centre.




“Women above 40 must check their mineral and vitamin levels and then start the respective supplementation. Antioxidant requirement increases with age. So consider having green tea as a source of antioxidants,” said Taneja. Healthy food withstanding, water is a great solution too, according to Pallavi Shrivastav, a nutritionist with Evolve Medspa. “You can opt for salad with chicken, nuts, beans and veggies; you’ll get some great nutrients, including fibre and protein. “Also, women should cut off hunger with liquids. You may feel you are hungry, but you’ll feel fine if you just drink a bottle of water. Add lemon juice to your water if you’re bloating; it’s a diuretic and works wonders,” he said. Women must especially be wary of problems like osteoporosis and anaemia. “Anaemia is very common among Indian females. This results

in lack of concentration, lethargy and exhaustion. This is one reason why we feel exhausted at the end of the day. Correction of iron levels can make a considerable difference; so they should eat black raisins, almonds, lentils, spinach, etc,” said nutritionist Namita Nanal. “Also, women are at a greater risk than men of developing osteoporosis. Calcium absorption is inversely proportionate to age, especially after the age of 30. Milk is a rich source of calcium. “But skimmed milk or skimmed milk powder is better for overweight people. Other interesting options are low fat paneer sandwiches, ragi porridge and broccoli salad as these give a good amount of calcium,” she added. So eat healthy and stay fit! (Health.India)

Greatness of home cooked food v

There are many benefits of home cooked food that we all need to know and reinforce.

v Freshly cooked food is richer in nutrients, in antioxidants, vitamins and micro nutrients when compared to preserved (and packaged) food sold commercially. v Eating at home allows for variety. Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetable get consumed. These prevent cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and improves eyesight, vigour, longevity and immunity. v Healthy fresh home ground spices provide many health benefits. They could be very rich in anti-oxidants and other nutrients including omega-3-fatty acids. v We eat less salt and less preservatives when we eat fresh home cooked food v Fresh home cooked food could be bio-friendly. v Cooking fresh food at home promotes greater physical activity as we exercise different parts of our body during the various stages of preparing food. v Home cooked food is hygienic and free of preservatives. News from page 12 There was a tea stall on the banks of the lake who served us hot tea. We used to start with praying for the food and good day. We all used to carry some breakfast which we shared. The best time for fishing is September/ October, but day become very hot in these months. When sun rises we first erected umbrella, and also used caps to protect us from the sun's heat. Mr. Egbert Daniel's duty was to collect worms from the Ridge Area. Worms are the best bait for catching fish. Other baits we used were wheat flour balls either baked or boiled and pieces of goat liver. The fishing rods we carried were 10' to 14' long when assembled. Folded in two parts, it was easily carried on the scooters. The hooks used to catch fish were from Holland or Denmark and the thread

Water Bodies around Delhi... (line) was made in Japan. The fishing rods were made of fine quality Bengal bamboo. There was a shop at Gole Market dealing exclusively in fishing gear and also similar shops at Chitli Qabar, Jama Masjid. At that time there were plenty of fish in the Badkhal Lake that each and every one who laid their hooks got fish. One day we caught about 10 kg of fish, both 'Singhara' and 'Rohu' species. Later on the fish were taken out illegally by laying nets at night. Fish disappeared from the Badkhal Lake so people stopped going to Badkhal for fishing. Our group started going to Wazirabad Bund Road, Jamuna bank. There was plenty of fish there but they were clever enough to avoid being caught. Without touching the hook they

would eat the bait! It is sad to see that the water bodies at Badkhal and Suraj Kund have all dried up and it is now full of dense vegetation. In the seventies, Model Town was under construction and the Naini Lake was developed very early. Though the lake was not very deep but there were good number of fish. We often go for fishing at this lake. On Sunday we find many familiar faces sitting around the Naini Lake with their line and hooks in the water. Among many anglers, Mr. Peter Hira Lal was a regular visitor at this lake as he was re s i d i n g n e a rby i n D e l h i University. Often in the evening he would go fishing at Model Town Lake pedalling his cycle. So also in Mr. Badlu Singh, Church bearer of St. Stephen

Church, Fatehpuri, Delhi, was also seen fishing regularly at this lake. One Sunday our friends went to Wazirabad for fishing, we could not catch a single fish that whole day. So while returning home we went to Mulhaji Fish shop at Wazirabad Bridge to buy fish from him so that we could show at home what we 'caught!' Kiran /kumar (Lallu) elder son of Mr. Badlu Singh was expert in fishing, say professional. He used to remain day and night in a small tent at the banks of Jamuna (Wazirabad) fishing whole day and night with friends. They cook their food and bathe in the river water there. People used to go to them in the morning to purchase the fish so also Budhu Ram's men. Budhu Ram was a whole sale

dealer of fish at Bara Bazar, Kashmeri Gate. He had taken contracts of many water bodies in Haryana for catching the fish using nets. So friends, those were the days when Fishing was a sport to be enjoyed and cherished by one and all. But today fishing has now commercialised. Will those good old days ever come back? We still have happy memories of the bygone days when fishing was gentleman's sport. People of Delhi will welcome water bodies developed as picnic spots as per recent decision taken by the Cabinet Government of Delhi. ARNOLD JAMES Fo r m e r M e m b e r o f D e l h i Minorities Commission Board of Director, New Delhi YMCA



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Annual Conference Graduation service &

Editor News from page 4

TN Bishops’ Council condemn... itself of protecting the minorities and working for their development it now harasses the Christian minority and has begun to target its NGOs. When thousands of NGOs belonging to different religions and groups are functioning in the Country why we only have been targeted. Is it not a clear political vendetta and pressure tactics, a victimization that we never dreamt of in our wildest dreams from Congress led secular UPA Government. There is a process of vilification going on by some forces to project the Christian community as if it is anti-national working against public interest. This process has not only tarnished the image of the Christians but has greatly pained the Christian Community. Therefore we request the Hon’ble

Prime Minister of India to stop hara ss in g th e C hr is tia n m i no ri ty a nd withdraw the negative injunctions issued in lieu of the Tuticorin Diocese and grant appropriate relief to the Christian Community. We request also the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu to intervene in this matter with the Central Government and bring solace to the affected Christian Community as a mother would do to her children. + Most Rev. Dr. A.M. Chinnappa D.D., S.D.B. Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore, President of Tamilnadu Bishops’ Council

...Celebrates Founder's Day

News from page 1

the 'Best Broadcaster of the year' award, “William Cary” award and a special award from Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board for the his contributions to society. More than 200 of his books were translated into 24 Indian languages and many other International languages. “Oh my Lord, the things which break your heart, should also break my heart” is the prayer of Bishop Dr. K.P Yohannan, who empathizes for the poor. “Peace should begin with the individual. Families should achieve peace. There should be changes in human thinking and behavior. It is not the change of religion that today's world needs rather it is the change in the heart that is eminent. God is love. There should be no violence in God's name. People who love God should also love and help their own

brothers." Believers Church gives special attention to nation building and to communal harmony. Bishop Yohannan believes that one can demonstrate God's love only by loving people. “The Lord's love compels me” is the only answer he has for people who ask him why he does various services. The Metropolitan is a true servant of Jesus to his people. The borders created by caste, creed, religion or language do not impede his mission. He is a pragmatist with a million dreams intended to provide lasting solutions to human problems of injustice and despair. Because of this reason and his visionary leadership, the Church has launched major nation-building and relief projects bringing hope and healing to multitudes.

5-8 April, 2012 @ Delhi All those who attended the Real Challenge Leaders Arise training program during 2011 are eligible to attend this conference. Let us know your arrival time and train details at the earliest. Please contact for details : 997-115-3422, 989-985-3422, E-mail:,

United Church celebrates Church Anniversary New Delhi: The United Church (CNI) Sec-6, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, celebrated the Church Anniversary under the leadership of Rev. Baldev Sandhu, Presbyter in-charge and predecessor of Rev. Kamal Mall on Sunday 12th February 2012. The worship started at 9:00 am by Rev. Baldev Sandhu during which Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Wo m e n F e l l o w s h i p a n d M e n ’s Fellowship presented a song each. Thereafter the renowned Guest Pastor Mala, the Anointed Servant of God shared the Word of God followed by Holy Communion. After the worship a painting competition was organized by the Women Fellowship in the open lawn of the Church. There were different

categories for the Children; even seniors were also invited. In all 46 participated including the senior most member of the Church Mr. Sudhir Dass. This was followed by a delicious lunch for all present there cooked by Mr. Ajay Wilkinson, Member of M e n ’s F e l l o w s h i p a n d o t h e r s arranged by the Men’s Fellowship under the guidance of the Secretary of Men’s Fellowship Mr. S. H. Abraham. The lunch was served on the tables decently by Women Fellowship. Everybody enjoyed the celebration as well as food and appreciated the Secretary, Men’s Fellowship for taking care of the whole program.

PTA March 16-31 2012  

PTA March 16-31 2012

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