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Revise Psychology for GCSE Level

Revise Psychology for GCSE Level



By Diana Jackson-Dwyer & Craig Roberts September 2010: 246x189:128pp Pb: 978-1-84872-048-0: £9.99

By Diana Jackson-Dwyer & Craig Roberts September 2010: 246x189:136pp Pb: 978-1-84872-053-4: £9.99 “This is the most useful, user-friendly and helpful GCSE revision textbook ever! Every section is closely tailored to the specification, and is really clearly written. Easy to read and understand, what’s not to like ?” - Evie Bentley, West Sussex Advisor for Psychology, Adult and Community Learning

“An excellent resource for all teachers and students using the OCR specification for GCSE Psychology. Containing superb ‘tips’ and activities as a means of maximising the revision experience, and clear explanations of how exam questions should be approached by students, this book is an essential tool for increasing examination achievement.” - Elle Boag, Teacher of Psychology, Totton College Contents 1. Preparing for the GCSE Exam. 2. Biological Psychology: Sex and Gender. 3. Cognitive Psychology: Memory. 4. Developmental Psychology: Attachment. 5. Social Psychology: Obedience. 6. Individual Differences: Atypical Behaviour. 7. Biological Psychology: Criminal Behaviour. 8. Cognitive Psychology: Perception. 9. Developmental Psychology: Cognitive Development. 10. Social Psychology: Non-verbal Communication. 11. Individual Differences: The Self. 12.Research in Psychology.

Contents 1. Preparing for the GCSE Exam. 2. Memory. 3. Non-verbal Communication. 4. Development of Personality. 5. Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination. 6. Learning. 7. Social Influence. 8. Sex and Gender. 9. Aggression. 10. Research Methods.

These are the ideal companions for those revising for the OCR or AQA GCSE Psychology exams. They contain the full content of the course, in a condensed and summarised format, to aid revision. The books include page cross-references to Psychology for GCSE Level, 2nd Edition (2009, ISBN 978-1-84872-018-3) by Dwyer & Roberts, but can be used alongside any GCSE Psychology textbook. The content is clearly set out, providing expert guidance on how to study for the exam. Core studies are tabulated for ease of revision, with essential ‘need-to-know’ terms highlighted throughout. Diana Jackson-Dwyer is an experienced teacher and examiner of Psychology at many levels including GCSE, and has written several textbooks including Revision Guides for both AS and A-level.

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Revise Psychology for GCSE Level (OCR and AQA)