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Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry 2011 New Books and Selected Backlist






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International Perspectives on Forensic Mental Health Series Series Editors: Ronald Roesch and Stephen Hart Page 3

Psychiatry in Law / Law in Psychiatry Second Edition Ralph Slovenko Page 5

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Series Editors: Ronald Roesch and Stephen Hart The goal of this series is to improve the quality of health care services in forensic settings by providing a forum for discussing issues related to policy, administration, clinical practice, and research. The series will cover topics such as mental health law; the organization and administration of forensic services for people with mental disorder; the development, implementation and evaluation of treatment programs for mental disorder in civil and criminal justice settings; the assessment and management of violence risk, including risk of sexual violence and family violence; and staff selection, training, and development in forensic systems. Forthcoming!

Dangerous People Policy, Prediction and Practice Edited by Bernadette McSherry, Monash University, Victoria, Australia, and Patrick Keyzer, Bond University, Queensland, Australia This edited collection explores the advantages and disadvantages of current management schemes for high-risk offenders, such as sex offenders, terrorists, offenders with serious mental illnesses, and juvenile offenders. It is written for scholars in the field, as well as policy-makers and mental health professionals. Chapters examine a myriad of relevant issues, such as the practical issues that have arisen following the implementation of preventive detention/supervision schemes, the issues relating to assessing the risk of future harm in the management of high-risk offenders, and different programs/sentencing options for high-risk offenders with mental illnesses. Contents: Part I: Parameters. McSherry, Keyzer, ‘Dangerous’ People: An Overview. Sifris, An International Human Rights Perspective on Detention without Criminal Charge or Trial. Keyzer, What Are the Legitimate Parameters for the Preventive Detention of Serious Sex Offenders? Slobogin, Legal Limitations on the Scope of Preventive Detention. Part II: Policy. La Fond, Sexual Offender Commitment Laws in the USA: The Inevitable Failure of Misusing Civil Commitment to Prevent Further Sex Crimes. Petrila, Sexually Violent Predator Laws: Do They Mark a Return to the Bad Old Days of Mental Health? Janus, Sexual Violence, Gender Politics and Outsider Jurisprudence: Lessons Learned from the American Experience in Prevention. Freckelton, The Preventive Detention of Insanity Acquitees: A Case Study from Victoria. McSherry, The Preventive Detention of Suspected Terrorists: Better Safe Than Sorry? Part III: Prediction. Skeem, Peterson, Silver, Toward Research-informed Policy for High Risk Offenders with Severe Mental Illnesses. Johnstone, Empirical, Conceptual and Developmental Challenges Associated with Assessing Violence Risk in Youth. Cooke, Michie, Violence Risk Assessment: Challenging the Illusion

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international perspectives on forensic mental health series




International Perspectives on Forensic Mental Health Series

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of Certainty. Part IV: Practice. Thomson, The Role of Forensic Mental Health Services in Managing High Risk Offenders: Functioning or Failing? Quinn, Crichton, ‘Case Managing High Risk Offenders with Mental Disorders in Scotland.’ Fyfe, Gailey, The Scottish Approach to High Risk Offenders: Early Answers or Further Questions? Darjee, Russell, The Assessment and Sentencing of High Risk Offenders in Scotland: A Forensic Clinical Perspective. Logan, Managing High Risk Personality Disordered Offenders: Lessons Learned to Date. Part V: Conclusion. McSherry, Keyzer, ‘Dangerous’ People: The Road Ahead for Policy, Prediction and Practice. August 2011: 256pp. Hb: 978-0-415-88495-2: £46.99/$75.00

Series: International Perspectives on Forensic Mental Health

Handbook of Violence Risk Assessment Edited by Randy K. Otto, Florida Mental Health Institute, USA, and Kevin S. Douglas, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada “This Handbook is the ultimate ‘tool box’ for all clinicians, researchers and trainees involved in violence risk assessment. Each instrument’s review is authoritative, balanced, and comprehensive, yet concise. It is likely to be this topic’s best sourcebook for the next decade.” - Thomas Grisso, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

international perspectives on forensic mental health series

This Handbook comprised of original chapters serves as a resource for clinicians and researchers alike. Two introductory chapters cover general issues in violence risk assessment, while the remainder of the book offers a comprehensive discussion of specific risk assessment measures. 2009: 326pp. Hb: 978-0-415-96214-8: £50.00/$95.00

Series: International Perspectives on Forensic Mental Health

Also in the Series Learning Forensic Assessment Edited by Rebecca Jackson 2007: 632pp. Hb: 978-0-8058-5922-5: £90.00/$145.00 Pb: 978-0-8058-5923-2: £50.00/$79.95

Series: International Perspectives on Forensic Mental Health Examination copy available


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Psychiatry in Law / Law in Psychiatry

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Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry m me

Second Edition Ralph Slovenko, Wayne State University, Michigan, USA Psychiatry in Law/Law in Psychiatry, Second Edition, is a sweeping, up-to-date examination of the infiltration of psychiatry into law and the growing intervention of law into psychiatry. Unmatched in breadth and coverage, and thoroughly updated from the first edition, this comprehensive text and reference is an essential resource for psychiatry residents, law students, and practitioners alike. selected Contents: Psychiatry in Law. Part I: Expert Testimony. Part II: Evidentiary

Issues. Part III: Criminal Cases. Part IV: Sexual Deviation. Part V: Civil Cases. Law in Psychiatry. Part I: Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill. Part II: Psychiatric Malpractice. 2009: 618pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99491-0: £130.00/$205.00

New Edition!

Offenders, Deviants or Patients? Explorations in Clinical Criminology Fourth Edition Herschel Prins, Leicester and Loughborough University, UK Offenders, Deviants or Patients? provides a practical approach to understanding both the social context and treatment of mentally disordered offenders. Taking into account the current public concern, often heightened by media sensationalism, it addresses issues such as sex offending, homicide and other acts of serious bodily harm. This fourth edition comes after extensive new research by academics and professionals in the field and reflects recent changes in law, policy and practice, including: • new sex offending legislation • proposals to amend homicide legislation • a new mental health act. FREE SHIPPING! Postage and packing free for US, Canadian and UK online orders over $35/£20


Using new case examples, Herschel Prins examines the relationship between mental disorders and crime and looks at the ways in which it should be dealt with by the mental health care and criminal justice systems. Contents: Some Autobiographical Reminiscences. Non Responsibility/Responsibility and Partial Responsibility. By Diverse Routes. ‘Thick Coming Fancies’. A Failure to Register. Grievous and Other Bodily Harms. Thou Shall Not Commit Murder. Sex – Lawful and Unlawful. No Smoke Without Fire. ‘The Malady of Not Marking’. Envoi.

2010: 368pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46428-4: £65.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46429-1: £22.99/$39.95

Treating Personality Disorder Creating Robust Services for People with Complex Mental Health Needs Edited by Naomi Murphy, and Des McVey, both at Fens Unit, HMP Whitemoor, UK “Treating Personality Disorder is a welcome addition to the literature in this complex field... It deserves to be read carefully by frontline staff and policy makers alike.” - Eddie Kane, University of Nottingham, UK

This book considers personality disorders and how they are treated within the institutional context of prisons and hospitals and offers practical guidance on assessment, formulation and integrated treatment planning. Treating Personality Disorder offers contributions from professionals in psychiatry, nursing and psychology as well as prison officers and service managers. Areas of discussion include: delivering integrated treatment to people with personality disorders, issues and challenges for the clinical professional and the role of the psychiatrist in treating personality disorder. Treating Personality Disorder will provide a timely and valuable guide for all professionals involved in the treatment and management of serious personality disorders within an institutional framework. Contents: McVey, Murphy, Introduction. Murphy, McVey, The Difficulties that Staff

forensic psychology and psychiatry

Experience in Treating Individuals with Personality Disorder. Evans, Watson, Assessing Personality Disorder within a Formulation Framework. Saradjian, Murphy, McVey, Delivering Integrated Treatment to People with Personality Disorder. Murphy, McVey, Fundamental Treatment Strategies for Optimising Interventions with People with Personality Disorder. McVey, Saradjian, Organisational Challenges to Providing Services for Personality Disordered People. Murphy, Effective Transdisciplinary Teamworking. McVey, The Role of the Nurse in Treating People with Personality Disorder. Jones, The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Treating People with Personality Disorder. Fox, The Role of the Prison Officer (Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder in the Prison System). Hawes, The Role of the Psychiatrist in Treating Personality Disorder. Ramsden, Beyond Therapy – The Wider Role of the Psychologist in Treating Personality Disorder. Sneath, Issues and Challenges for the Clinical Professional. 2010: 320pp. Hb: 978-0-415-40480-8: £32.95/$55.95 6

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Sexual Offenders

forensic psychology and psychiatry

Personal Construct Theory and Deviant Sexual Behaviour James Horley, University of Alberta, Canada Sexual Offenders explores and develops personal construct theory in terms of forensic and social psychology, and examines the possibilities for sexual offender assessment and therapy. It describes a number of techniques used by the author and other clinicians as well as presenting new and more dynamic approaches to psychological assessment. 2008: 152pp. Hb: 978-1-58391-735-0: £35.00/$59.95

The Psychology of Female Violence Crimes Against the Body Second Edition Anna Motz, Thames Valley Forensic Services, UK Foreword by Estela Welldon This book explores the nature and causes of female violence from the perspectives of psychodynamic theory and forensic psychology. This fully updated and expanded second edition explores developments in research and services for violent women.

2008: 408pp. Hb: 978-0-415-40386-3: £65.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-40387-0: £20.95/$37.50


Handbook of Police Psychology Edited by Jack Kitaeff, University of Maryland, USA This new Handbook of approximately 30 chapters is intended to be a professional reference that includes a literature review and extensive reference list. The Handbook can serve as a textbook for graduates interested in police psychology. Other fields that will find this book interesting include: criminal justice, public service, clinical psychology, and organizational psychology. FREE SHIPPING! Postage and packing free for US, Canadian and UK online orders over $35/£20


Selected Contents: Kitaeff, Introduction and History of Police Psychology. Part I: General Practice. Part II: Pre-employment Psychological Screening. Part III: Training and Evaluation. Part IV: Police Procedure. Part V: Clinical Practice. Part VI: Treatment and Dysfunction.

February 2011: 592pp HB: 978-0-415-87766-4: £64.95/$95.00

Series: Applied Psychology

Protecting Children from Violence Evidence-Based Interventions Edited by James Michael Lampinen, University of Arkansas, USA, and Kathy Sexton-Radek, Elmhurst College, Illinois, USA

Providing an evidence-based understanding of the causes and consequences of violence against children, experts in the field examine the best practices used to help protect children from violence. Various types of violence are reviewed including physical and sexual abuse, (cyber-)bullying, human trafficking, online predators, abductions, and war. 2010: 392pp. Hb: 978-1-84872-840-0: £49.95/$75.00 Pb: 978-1-84872-841-7: £22.50/$34.95 Published by Psychology Press e-Examination copy available

Deception A Young Person’s Life Skill Rachel Taylor, University of Glamorgan, UK, and Lynsey Gozna, University of Lincoln, UK

forensic psychology and psychiatry

This book considers the role of deception during adolescence, and explores the factors which underpin adolescents’ choice to deceive, whether these deceptions will be successful, and the ways in which such lies could be detected. November 2010: 192pp. Hb: 978-1-84169-876-2: £39.95/$69.95

Series: Studies in Adolescent Development Published by Psychology Press e-Examination copy available 8

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forensic psychology and psychiatry


Illegal Leisure Revisited Changing Patterns of Alcohol and Drug Use in Adolescents and Young Adults Judith Aldridge, University of Manchester, UK, Fiona Measham, Lancaster University, UK, and Howard Parker, and Lisa Williams, both at University of Manchester, UK “The first edition of Illegal Leisure rightly achieved wideacclaim... This second edition continues the story. Illegal Leisure Revisited will be much welcomed by students, researchers and lecturers interested in the most important questions about drug use in contemporary Britain.” - Robert MacDonald, Teesside University, UK

This book updates the progress into adulthood of 14-year-olds who were tracked for the first edition, using qualitative interviews and self-report surveys. The new edition shows them moving into the world of work, relationships and parenthood. February 2011: 280pp. Hb: 978-0-415-49552-3: £45.00/$79.00 Pb: 978-0-415-49553-0: £21.95/$39.95

Series: Adolescence and Society e-Examination copy available

Also of Interest Loeber et al., Eds.: Violence and Serious Theft:

Development and Prediction from Childhood to Adulthood Hb: 978-0-8058-5222-6: 2008: 432pp. £60.00/$90.00 Victoroff/Kruglanski, Eds.: Psychology of Terrorism: Classic and Contemporary Insights Hb: 978-1-84169-464-1: 2009: 512pp. £60.00/$95.00 Pb: 978-1-84169-465-8: 2009: 512pp. £26.95/$44.95

Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology Published by Psychology Press

Examination copy available

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Ethical and Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals

in Forensic Settings Edited by Steven F. Bucky, and Joanne E. Callan, both at Alliant International University, San Diego, USA, and George Stricker, Argosy University, Washington D.C., USA “Full of practical information that certainly will be of value to psychologists and other mental health providers who in the context of their clinical practice become involved with the legal system. Well organized and written.” - Samuel T.

Gontkovsky and Shannon Calpin, PsycCRITIQUES

Ethical and Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals comprehensively focuses on the integration of ethical, legal, and clinical issues for practicing mental health professionals dealing with legal processes in forensic settings. 2009: 232pp. Hb: 978-0-7890-3816-6: £60.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-7890-3817-3: £19.50/$32.50 Examination copy available Forthcoming!

Scientific Foundations of Clinical Assessment Stephen N. Haynes, University of Hawaii, USA, Greg Smith, University of Kentucky, USA, and John Hunsley, University of Ottawa, Canada Scientific Foundations of Clinical Assessment is a user-friendly overview of the most important science-based principles and concepts of clinical assessment. It provides readers with a science-based framework for interpreting assessment research and making good assessment decisions, such as selecting the best instruments and measures, and interpreting the obtained assessment data. Written in a direct and highly readable fashion, this text is one every professional and graduate student needs. forensic psychology and psychiatry

Contents: Introduction to the Scientific Foundations of Clinical Assessment. Reliability. Validity. Applying Psychometric Evidence to Clinical Decisions. Clinical Utility and Decision-making. Understanding Patterns Among Measures Through Factor Analysis. The Conditional Nature of Psychometric Evidence. How to Evaluate Commonly Used Statistical Methods in Clinical Assessment Research. Using Multiple Sources of Data in Clinical Assessment.

March 2011: 287pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87650-6: £52.00/$94.00 Pb: 978-0-415-87651-3: £15.50/$27.95

Series: Foundations of Clinical Science and Practice e-Examination copy available 10

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forensic psychology and psychiatry


Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2 A Positive Psychology Approach Richard W. Levak, in private practice, California, USA, Liza Siegel, Mark Burnett Productions, California, USA, David S. Nichols, researcher and author, Oregon, USA, with Ronald A. Stolberg, in private practice, California, USA Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2 provides the clinician with empirically-based, practical information about how to convey the abundance of information in the MMPI-2 profile in a way that is collaborative, empathic, hopeful, and facilitates a therapeutic alliance. Discussion centers around ten scales and 31 common codetypes, addressing complaints, thoughts, emotions, traits and behaviors, therapists’ notes, feedback statements, treatment and self-help suggestions, and possible therapeutic pitfalls for each scale. April 2011: 406pp. Pb: 978-0-415-88491-4: £27.95/$49.95 e-Examination copy available

Backlist Book The Handbook of Forensic Rorschach Assessment Edited by Carl B. Gacono and Barton Evans, with Nancy Kaser-Boyd and Lynne A. Gacono Hb: 978-0-8058-5823-5: 2007: 648pp. £60.00/$90.00

Series: Personality and Clinical Psychology e-Examination Copy Available

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Willan Books – Now Published by Routledge

Psychological Therapy in Prisons and Other Settings Edited by Joel Harvey, Cambridgeshire Youth Offending Service, UK, and Kirsty Smedley, Affinity Healthcare, UK Foreword by Graham Towl

This book examines a range of therapeutic approaches used in prisons and other secure settings and explores the challenges in such work. The approaches include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive-analytic therapy (CAT), attachment-based psychodynamic psychotherapy and systemic psychotherapy. December 2010: 304pp. Hb: 978-1-84392-800-3: £55.00/$89.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-799-0: £25.00/$44.95

Criminal Psychology Francis Pakes, University of Portsmouth, UK, and Suzanne Pakes, Portsmouth Grammar School, UK This book provides an accessible introduction to the increasingly popular subject of criminal psychology. It explores the application of psychology to understanding the crime phenomenon, criminal behaviour, solving crimes, the court process and punishment rehabilitation.


2009: 184pp. Hb: 978-1-84392-328-2: £50.00/$84.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-364-0: £15.99/$27.50

New Edition!

Forensic Psychology Concepts, Debates and Practice Second Edition Edited by Joanna R. Adler, and Jacqueline M. Gray, both at Middlesex University, UK This book brings together academics, practitioners and experts in the field of forensic psychology to demonstrate the scope of the discipline and push its parameters. Its


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aim is to go beyond introductory texts to challenge perceptions, raise questions for research, and pose problems for practice. The editors hope to inspire and stimulate debate about how forensic psychology can aid the practice of justice. 2010: 612pp. Hb: 978-1-84392-930-7: £62.00/$89.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-414-2: £26.99/$51.95 Examination copy available

Forensic Psychology in Context Nordic and International Approaches Edited by P. A. Granhag, Gothenburg University, Sweden This book brings together the leading authorities in the field of forensic psychology in a Nordic context, discussing the central issues and concerns of the subject. 2010: 352pp. Hb: 978-1-84392-828-7: £55.00/$84.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-827-0: £24.99/$44.95 Examination copy available Fraser/Williams, Eds.: Handbook of Forensic Science Hb: 978-1-84392-312-1: 2009: 696pp. £89.00/$129.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-311-4: 2009: 696pp. £34.99/$59.95

Soothill et al., Eds.: Handbook of

Forensic Mental Health Hb: 978-1-84392-262-9: 2008: 672pp. £89.00/$129.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-261-2: 2008: 672pp. £34.99/$59.95

McMurran, et al.: Forensic Mental Health Hb: 978-1-84392-390-9: 2008: 240pp. £55.00/$74.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-389-3: 2008: 240pp. £17.99/$32.50 Series: Criminal Justice Examination copy available

Towl et al., Eds.: Dictionary of Forensic Psychology Hb: 978-1-84392-296-4: 2008: 256pp. £62.00/$89.95 Pb: 978-1-84392-295-7: 2008: 256pp. £22.99/$49.95

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Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry Journals from Routledge The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology

International Journal of Forensic Mental Health

Editor-in-Chief: Conor Duggan, University of Nottingham, UK Volume 22, 2011 • 6 issues per year

Editor: Stephen D. Hart, Simon Fraser University, USA

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

Volume 10, 2011 • 4 issues per year NOW 4 ISSUES PER YEAR

Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

Psychology, Crime & Law Official Journal of the European Association of Psychology and Law

Editor-in-Chief: Ian Freckelton, Monash University, Australia Volume 18, 2011 • 4 issues per year

Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice

The Official Journal of the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services


Included in Thomson Reuters SSCI Index Editors: Clive Hollin, University of Leicester, UK, Peter van Koppen, Netherlands Institute for the Study of Criminality and Law Enforcement (NSCR), The Netherlands and Brian H. Bornstein, University of Nebraska, USA Volume 17, 2011 • 8 issues per year

Editor: Bruce A. Arrigo, University of North Carolina, UK Volume 11, 2011 • 5 issues per year

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Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry 2011  

Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry 2011

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