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JOURNALS OF RELATED INTEREST Family Science: Global Perspectives on Research, Policy and Practice NEW FOR 2010 Family Science promotes the development of family science within Europe and around the globe by publishing original research, theoretical, methodological and review papers that address issues pertinent to the family.

Journal of Feminist Family Therapy Journal of Feminist Family Therapy is an important resource for both scholars and practitioners. The journal critiques family therapy concepts from a feminist perspective with careful attention to cultural, class, and racial differences.

Health Communication

Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives

Health Communication serves as an outlet for scholarly intercourse between medical and social sciences by seeking to improve the practical communication between caregivers and patients and between institutions and the public.

Health Marketing Quarterly Health Marketing Quarterly addresses important contemporary issues in the use of marketing by health care organizations like hospitals, individual practitioners, and public health care organizations.

Health Care for Women International Health Care for Women International is a critically acclaimed, international publication that provides a unique interdisciplinary approach to health care and related topics that concern women.

Journal of Health Communication presents the latest developments in the field of health communication, including research in social marketing, shared decision making, communication (from interpersonal to mass media), psychology, government, and health education in the United States and the world.

Social Marketing Quarterly Social Marketing Quarterly is a scholarly, internationally circulated journal that covers theoretical, research and practical issues confronting social marketers. As the only journal exclusively focused on social marketing issues, Social Marketing Quarterly targets social marketers and other public health, communication, marketing, and social science professionals.

Social Work in Health Care Social Work in Health Care is one of the most respected publications in health social work. This creative, lively journal brings you the most important articles on research, leadership, clinical practice, management, education, collaborative relationships, social health policy, and ethical issues from the most respected experts in the field.

Women & Health Women & Health contains information that is eminently useful to researchers, policy planners, and all providers of health care for women. The journal covers material involving the physical and psychological well-being of women, the sociocultural factors that lead to health problems, and issues of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment, the limitation of disability, and rehabilitation.

Women & Therapy Women & Therapy is the only professional journal that focuses entirely on the complex interrelationship between women and the therapeutic experience. Devoted to descriptive, theoretical, clinical, and empirical perspectives on the topic of women and therapy, the journal is intended for feminist practitioners as well as for individuals interested in the practice of feminist therapy.

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Sexuality & Sexual Health Journals from Routledge  

Sexuality & Sexual Health Journals from Routledge

Sexuality & Sexual Health Journals from Routledge  

Sexuality & Sexual Health Journals from Routledge