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2005 - 2010

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1ยบ semest er2006-Pr of :Mar t i nSchmi dt

Hous ef orRi char dSer r a

The pr oj ect i s l ocat ed i n t he cent er of t he ci t y wher e most of homel ess peopl e l i ve, and t he pr ogr am i s di vi ded i n 2 f unct i ons: gi vi ng wor k and shel t er t o homel ess peopl e and t o obt ai n f i nanci ng t hr ough a t our i st host al and under gr ound f ul l par ki ng i n t he same bui l di ng. The desi gn pr ocess f ol l ows ver y especi f i c r ul es based on t he pr evi ous anal ysi s of ar chi t ect ur e pr oj ect s l i ke Pet er Ei senmanʼ s House l l . The pr oj ect cl ass obj ect i ve was t o gi ve a new meani ng t o t he concept of “ copy” i n ar chi t ect ur e and t o put i ti n pr act i ce t hr ough a pr oj ect i n t he ci t y wi t h a pr ogr am based i n t he anal ysi s of t he si t e.

The project is located in the coastal area located on the limits of the urban area. The seashore walk has lots of views worthy of advantage, especially in the gazebo area. That is why the project adapts to the topography, giving priority to open spaces over the closed ones, ensuring the use of the landscape and the views.

For a better dialogue with the topography and the inmediate context, the project was conceived as a folding plaque that goes down the hillside, while respecting the natural terrain conditions. The spaces are set in the folds of the plate, forming the ceiling and floor, serving both functions at once.

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Vi vi endasdeMoni t or eoci ent Ă­ f i co Humedal esdelRĂ­ oCr uces,Val di vi a,Chi l e Sci ent i f i cmoni t or i nghousi ng,Cr ucesRi verwet l ands,Val di vi a,Chi l e

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Tubo transportador deai re

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Thepr oj ecti sl ocat edi nani mpor t antur bancont extofi nt er communalr el evance,consi st i ngofvar i ousar t i f i ci alandnat ur alf l ows wi t hdi f f er entspeedsandr yt hmsast her i ver ,t hepar k,t hehi ghwaysandt hei rconver gencei nt hePĂŠr ez-Zuj ovi cnode:t heendof Bi cent enar i oAvenue.Thepr oj ectai mst or ecovert hevi ewsoft her i veredget hr oughabui l di ngt hatcont ai nspr ogr amsdesi gned f orpedest r i ans;f l exi bl eandcompat i bl ewi t ht hepar k.Enhanci ngt hef l ow ofpasser sbybef or et her oundaboutt ocr eat eawel l st r uct ur edappr oacht hati ncl udesandbenef i t st hepedest r i an,whohasnoi nvol vementwhat soeveri nt her oundabout .

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Aveni daBi cent enar i o,Sant i ago,Chi l e

Li ceoPol i t ĂŠcni co ManuelMont t The Manuel Montt polytechnic highschool is located in Santiago, right in front of the National Stadium on a site that shares with two other highschools. Because of the lack of urban presence and an appealing architectonic design, the proposal seeks to give the institution a potent image that brings it to a competitive position compared to the other schools.

* Si t e

* Ci r cul at i on

* Pr ogr am

* Habi t abi l i t y

Bachelor D egree

The school's academic program is divided into 2 areas, which have totally different space requirements: The textiles production area, where workshops are organized in the production process order, from the manufacture of yarns and fabrics, to dyeing or printing the fabric until it’s final use to manufacture clothes. The commercial area, which requires conventional classrooms but flexible, so that they can turn into commercial shops managed by themselves, to sell the school uniforms and other kind of clothes that they make. This special characteristic is recognised by the project proposal, dividing the school program in two parts, which are brought together by the more public use program, located in the entrance of the site, giving a recognizable facade to the total complex.

2Âş semest er2008-Pr of :L.Pr at

Thevi r t ual i zat i onofmobi l i t y:

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I ti snocoi nci dencet hatt odaywel i vei nasoci et ywher ewewantever yt hi ngi nst ant l y.New i nf or mat i ont echnol ogi es al l ow ust oobt ai nmuchofwhatwewantt hr oughacl i ck,andt obeconnect edt ot hef l ow ofi nf or mat i onhasbecome t hef oundat i onoft hewayofl i f ei ncont empor ar yci t i es.Thi schange,i ti ssur el yaccept edandi sr ef l ect edi nphysi cal changesi nt heci t y,i npubl i cspace,equi pment ,r oads,andf i nal l yont hewaywel i vei ncont empor ar yur banspace. Thi spaperpr oposest hedebat eoverwhet heri ti spossi bl et oachi evet hevi r t ual i zat i onofmobi l i t yandt husr eal i ze t het echnol ogi calr evol ut i oni naf ai randaccessi bl ewayi nt heci t y,ori ft hi si sani sol at edphenomenont hatcanonl ybe donei nboundedspacesandwi t hi nt hecont extofexhi bi t i ons,wor l df ai r sandpavi l i ons.Fort hi spur pose,t hepr oj ect Mi l l aDi gi t al( Zar agoza,Spai n)i st akenasacasest udy,t oanal yzet hef act or st hatenabl et hedi gi t i zat i onoft heci t y, how t heyar ecar r i edoutandwhi chcoul dbeamor er ealappl i cat i onatl ar gescal e,f orexampl e,i nt heci t yofSant i ago. The Mi l l a Di gi t ali sa pr oj ectwi t hi nt he f r amewor k oft he Zar agoza Expo 2008 t hatai mst o cr eat et he publ i c space oft he t went y-f i r stcent ur y.Thi s pr oj ectdet er mi nes behavi or si nt hei ruser s,act i ng as a suppor tf ort he physi calel ement st o acqui r emeani ng and becompl ement ed bydi gi t alel ement s.Att hesamet i me,t hedemands byuser sofMi l l aDi gi t alt ot hebui l tenvi r onmentvar y,and al waysat t emptt o gener at eamor eper sonalspat i al i t y. Publ i c and pr i vat e space ar e combi ned wi t ht echnol ogy,and gi ve or i gi nt o a new way ofl i vi ng,i n whi ch mobi l i t y pl ays a det er mi nant r ol e. The concept of mobi l i t yi s def i ned as " mobi l e qual i t y" , wher e mobi l e st ands f or " bei ng abl et o move by i t sel f ,or capabl e of r ecei vi ng f or ei gn movement i mpul se" ( www. r ae. es) , so i tf ol l ows t hatmobi l i t yi mpl i es a di spl acementt hatoccur si n a gi ven space.Thi s space can be consi der ed publ i c or pr i vat e,atl ar ge or smal lscal e and i n an ur ban or ar chi t ect ur alcont ext .The f act or s necessar yt o achi eve vi r t ualmobi l i t yr ai sed i nt hi s essay ar e:cover age ( si gnal ) ,i nf r ast r uct ur e( physi caland i nt angi bl e,t o access t he vi r t ual space) , act i ve par t i ci pat i on of key communi t y per sonal i t i es, pol i t i cal wi l l and r esour ces. Thef i r stf act orneededt opr oducevi r t ualmobi l i t yi scover age.TheMi l epr oj ectpr ovi dest hedwel l i ngswi t haf i ber opt i cnet wor kwi t habandwi dt hof100mb,( mor et hant hr eet i mest heor di nar yhomesi nt heci t yofSant i ago) ,af i ber opt i cbackbonet o 10 gi gabi t spersecond and ami ni mum ser vi ceof50 megabi t spersecond perempl oyeei nt he ent er pr i sewor ki ngspaces.Thati s,t oachi eveaf astandef f i ci entconnect i on,bandwi dt hsar eneededt obehi ghert han nor mal ,si ncet hi sconst i t ut est he" vi r t uali nf r ast r uct ur e"f ort hedi gi t alci t yt owor k.Li nkedt ot hi s,ar et hephysi cal channel st hatal l ow t hef r eef l ow ofi nf or mat i on,mai nl yt hedi st r i but i onofcabl es.Thi si snotmi nor ,si ncei thasa si gni f i canti mpactonpubl i cspace,soi tshoul d bepl anned and ef f i ci ent l yr esol ved.Thecr eat i vi t yoft hear chi t ect s oft omor r ow coul dbecondi t i onedbyhow t ochannel60, 000met er sofcabl ef orpr i vat eandmuni ci palnet wor kst hat wi l ldoi tf orus,becausei ti st r uet hatt hedevel opmentofnew t echnol ogi espoi ntt ot hewi r el ess,butt heaut omat i on off unct i onsbyt henew t echnol ogi eswi t houtdoubtr el egat et hear chi t ectf unct i onst ot hebackgr ound.Suf f i cet o sayt haton t heMi l et her ear e5, 604 met er sofpi pest o pr i vat enet wor ks,mor et han 50, 000 met er sofcabl ewi t h di f f er entnumberoff i ber sf ort hemuni ci palnet wor kandmor et han200ant ennast hatcoverpubl i candpr i vat espace. Thesecondf act ort oachi evet hevi r t ual i zat i onofmobi l i t yandt husr eal i zet hedi gi t alr evol ut i oni nt heci t yi st ohave

t hephysi cali nf r ast r uct ur er equi r edt oaccesst hevi r t ualspace.Oncet hephysi calspacehast hei nt angi bl ei nf r ast r uct ur e, physi cali nf r ast r uct ur ei sr equi r ed t o accesst hi snew space.I nt hi scase,t heMi l epr oposesadi gi t al i zat i on f ocused on t he desi gn ofphysi calel ement sr at hert han,f orexampl e,a f l eetofcomput er sopen t ot he publ i c.The di gi t al el ement st hatmake up t he di gi t ali nf r ast r uct ur e oft he Mi l e don始 tf ul f i l lt he f unct i on t o be access por t al st ot he vi r t ualspace,si nce t hey have mor e connect i on wi t ht he aut omat i on orel ement s such as i nt el l i gentst r eetl i ght s, di gi t alst r eetf ur ni t ur esuch ascof f eet abl est hatdi spl ayi nf or mat i on aboutt hecont entoft hemenus,f acadest hat i ncor por at e di gi t aldi spl ay scr eens and ot her sl i ke sensi t i ve wat erscr eens t hati nt end t o" cust omi ze"t he publ i c space.Thi si swhyImake a di f f er ent i at i on and cl assi f yt el ecommuni cat i on t echnol ogi esappl i ed t o ar chi t ect ur ei n t wot ypes:t hoset hatdi r ect l yaf f ectur ban i nf r ast r uct ur eort hephysi calel ement sofbui l di ng desi gn,and t hoset hat af f ectt he userbehavi or sand hence i nt he ur ban i nf r ast r uct ur e.Imean,i nt er nat i onalwebsi t esl i ke Googl e Ear t h, ornat i onalonesl i ke Mapci t y woul d be an exampl e ofcondi t i oni ng t he userbehavi or ,whi ch movesdi f f er ent l yi n t he ci t yt hankst ot hese t ool s.The f actt hatan el ect r oni cdevi ce showsyou wher et her ei sspace f orpar ki ng,or t hatyou can buyorr eal i zeal mostanyact i vi t yi n avi r t ualway,i nvol vesachangei nt hewayofi nhabi t i ng t heci t y. However ,asal r eadynot ed,t hevi r t ualaccessi spossi bl eonl yt hr oughaphysi calconnect i on,whi chr equi r esf r om pi pes i nt heur banspacet or ealchangesi ni t 始 si nf r ast r uct ur esot hatuser scanaccesst heI nt er netr eal l yf r om " anywher e. "Of l i t t l euset ot heSant i agoMet r ost at i onshavewi f ii ft her ear enocomput er savai l abl eorapl acet osi ti fyouhaveyourown. The bui l tenvi r onmenthappens t of or m t he pl at f or m t o access t o a new space.I nt he case ofa bui l di ng and i t 始 si nt er i or , home aut omat i on t echnol ogy pr ovi des a mol dabl e space and adapt abl et o speci f i c user r equi r ement s,mi ni mi zi ng domest i c act i ons oft he l at t ert ot hei rhabi t at ,and i nt he case oft he publ i c domai n, i tgener at es a new ur ban t i ssue i n whi ch t he ser vi ces r el at et of l ows t hatwoul d be gi ven i n anot her l evel . I nt he f r amewor k of a wor l d Expo al lof t hi si sr el at i vel y easy,t he Mi l e pr oj ect has t he suppor t of t he Depar t mentofSci ence and Technol ogy oft he Ci t y ofZar agoza,Zar agoza Hi gh Speed Soci et y( whose member s i ncl ude t he Mi ni st r y of Devel opment ( GI F and RENFE) ,t he Gover nment of Ar agon and t he ci t y counci l of Zar agoza. I n addi t i on t o academi ci nst i t ut i ons l i ke MI T ( Massachuset t sI nst i t ut e of Technol ogy) , Uni ver si t y of Zar agoza, Zar agoza Ci t y of Knowl edge Foundat i on and t he Commi t t ee of Exper t s of t he Zar agoza Ci t y Counci l composed by exper t s on t he subj ect as Wi l l i am Mi t chel l , Manuel Cast el l s and Saski a Sassen. Butt ot aket hes ei s s uesonawi ders cal ewi t hi nt heci t ydomai n,t her ei sat hi r df act ort hatmus tbemet ,whi chhas t o do wi t ht heact i vepar t i ci pat i on ofkeys t akehol der si nt hecommuni t y.Thes eper s onal i t i esmayi ncl udecommuni t y or gani zat i ons ,NGOs ,s chool s ,t r ai ni ng i ns t i t ut i onsand ofcour s eci t i zens .Thet hi r df act orneces s ar yt ocons ol i dat et he vi r t ualmobi l i t y,i st hepol i t i calwi l loft heLocalGover nmentandt hecons equentci t i zenpar t i ci pat i on.Thecas eoft heI ndi an ci t yofBangal or ei sver ycl ear ,becaus ef r om t heeconomi cneces s i t y,emer gest hepol i t i calwi l lt hatt akest heci t yf r om t he r ur alpopul at i ont hati tus edt obe,t ot het echnol ogycent ert hati ti st oday.TheI nf or mat i onTechnol ogySecr et ar yoft he St at eofKar nat aka( I ndi a)s ai d:" Wehadenl i ght enedl eader s hi pi nt heear l yt went i et hcent ur y,whor eal i zedt hat ,becaus e wedi dnothavemanynat ur alr es our ces ,wemus ti nves ti neducat i on. "Andi twor ked.Whenpr ompt ededucat i on,t hi ss t at e wasoneoft hepoor es t .Today,oft he35s t at est hatmakeupI ndi a,Kar nat akai st hef our t hr i ches ti npercapi t ai ncome. But when t he i ni t i at i ve i s not gener at ed f r om an economi c necessi t y, we f i nd r ef er ences such as t he case of Di gi t al Ci t y Amst er dam ( 1992) , whi ch i s managed f r om a communi cat i on i ni t i at i ve bet ween t he counci land t he ci t i zens based on t he exchange oft extdocument s by modem.Thanks t oi t s success t oday i ti s managed by De Di gi t al e St ad, a nonpr of i t or gani zat i on. Ther ef or e, i ti s necessar yt o br oaden t he


t hat speci f i c communi t i es have t he necessar y condi t i ons f or t he r eal i zat i on oft he di gi t alr evol ut i on. Accor di ng t o a st udy by Chr i st i an Her nandez,a gr aduat ei n Geogr aphy f r om t he Uni ver si t y ofChi l e ( www. sal t andol abr echa. cl ) ,74% of househol ds i n Sant i ago have l andl i ne,54% have cel lphones,and t he 30% have comput er s.But onl y 16% have I nt er net access.Cases l i ke our ci t y,wher e onl y hi ghl y sel ect ed gr oups have access t o vi r t ual net wor ks, and even f ewer have i nt egr at ed syst ems i nt hei r own home,make Sant i ago a ci t yt hati sf arf r om bei ng di gi t al .However ,t he st eps t of ol l ow ar e cl ear . Accor di ng t o a paper wr i t t en by t he economi st Rober t o J i j ena I nf ant e, coor di nat or of t he economy and devel opment ar eas of t he I CPAM ( I ber oamer i can Cent er of Publ i c Af f ai r s and Management ) ,t he f i r st st eps t hat must be t aken t o gener at et he necessar y condi t i ons t o pr omot e owner shi p of I CT i n Sant i ago ar e:t or ecogni ze t he di gi t aldi vi de ment i oned,knowi ng what t o use I CT f or ,t o pr omot er egul at i ons t hat saf eguar d t he r i ght s of i ndi vi dual s, neut r al i zi ng t he i mpact of pr eexi st i ng soci al or der and t o f r ame I CTs i n a soci al hi st or y of t he devel opment of Chi l e. So, a f i r st st age must f ocus on t he appr opr i at i on of I CTs, and t hen begi n t o i mpl ement t he necessar yi nf r ast r uct ur es t hr oughout t he ci t y and not j ust i n i sol at ed pol es. The success of t he t echnol ogi cal i ni t i at i ve depends on t he suppor t of i nst i t ut i ons and f undi ng possi bi l i t i es, but al so soci al net wor ks, i nf or mat i on syst ems and t he necessar yi nf r ast r uct ur et o access t he vi r t ual space. I n addi t i on, as di scussed i n t he above exampl es, i s not t echnol ogy what det er mi nes t he soci al or gani zat i on, i t i s soci et y, t he user s t hemsel ves who adapt t echnol ogi cal advances t o new needs, and t hus modi f yt he exi st i ng ur ban space, whi ch can be adapt ed by connect i ng and r eor gani zi ng t he net wor k connect i ons wi t hout demol i shi ng t he physi cal st r uct ur es t o bui l d ot her s. The di gi t i zat i on ofci t i es can br i ng i mmense benef i t s,butci t i es such as Sant i ago ar ef arf r om t hat , unl esst hepol i t i calwi l lar i sest omanagewi sel yt her esour cesneededt oi mpl ementef f i ci enti nf r ast r uct ur e and t he qual i t y of si t es t hat make up t he vi r t ual space, t hus gener at i ng t he consi st ent ci t i zenʼ s par t i ci pat i on,whi ch i nt ur n wi l lencour age i nvest mentf r om var i oussect or s.Butwhi l e new devel opment s such asI CT ar e notest abl i shed ast he gl obal l yaccessi bl e vi r t ualspace,and i nvol ve al lci t i zensequal l y, t he r evol ut i on wi l loccur onl yi n cer t ai n ci t i es wi t ht he economi c power t o or gani ze Wor l d' s Fai r s.

REFERENCES Mi t chel l ,W.( 1995) .Ci t yofBi t s.Cambr i dge:TheMI TPr ess Mi t chel l ,W.( 1999) .E-Topi a.Cambr i dge:TheMI TPr ess Gar cí aVásquez,C.( 2004) .Ci t yPast r y.Bar cel ona:Gi l iGust avo Shel l er ,M.( 2006) .Mobi l eTechnol ogi esoft heCi t y.New Yor k:Rout l edge Mar t i n,R.( 2007) .Mul t i nat i onalCi t y.Bar cel ona:Act ar Al t ami r ano,M.( 2008) :" Si l i conVal l ey:el ement alandsi gni f i cantchangei nt hesoci et i esoft hei nf or mat i onori nf or mat i onal . " I n:ht t p: //epr i nt s. r cl i s. or g/ar chi ve/00013790/01/2008. Al t ami r ano-Mar t i nez. M. Si l i con.Val l ey. pdf J i j ena,R.( 2008) :" Di gi t alCi t i es.Fi ct i onandr eal i t yofaneed. "I n:ht t p: //cgaf i l es. 110mb. com/Semi nar i oDDHH/Ci udades% 20Di gi t al es. pdf

2º semest er2008-Pr of :Mar i oMar chant

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Cami l aAbbot t Resear chSemi nar 2009 Ther esear chsemi narcor r espondst oar esear chwor kt obedevel opedbasedonanyt opi cofper sonali nt er estt hathas t odowi t har chi t ect ur e,ofcour se.I tl ast sonesemest eranddoesnotr equi r et opr oposeaf i naldesi gnassoci at edwi t ht he r esear cht opi c.I nmycase,l at erIdevel opedmyf i nalcar eerpr oj ectbasedonai ssuecl osel yr el at edt ot her esear cht opi c, soIt ookt hewor kdoneandusedi tf ort hepr oposedt heor et i calf r amewor kofmypr oj ect ,andi t ʼ ssubsequentdesi gn. Themai n obj ect i veofmyr esear ch i st o poi ntoutt heact ualencount erbet ween ar chi t ect ur eand i nf or mat i on and communi cat i ont echnol ogi es,under st andi ngt her el at i onshi pbet weenur banspacesandi nf or mat i onnet wor kst hatcover t hem,det er mi ni ngt hei nf l uenceoft hi sphenomenoni nt het r adi t i onalpubl i cspace.I nor dert ot akeacr i t i calappr oacht o t heext entt hatI CTsshoul dbepar toft her econf i gur at i onofpubl i cspace,t or ef i net hef act or st hati nf l uencet hedesi gn oft henew pl acesoft heci t yoft heXXIcent ur y,i nwhi chpubl i cspaceandt echnol ogyar er el at ed.

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1º semest er2009-Pr of :Mar i oMar chant

Thepr ogr essofnew i nf or mat i onandcommuni cat i ont echnol ogi eshasgai nedgr oundi nt hel i f eoft hecont empor ar y i ndi vi dual .Tel ecommuni cat i on medi at ed t hr ough I nt er net ,t echnol ogi cali nf r ast r uct ur e and t he vast amount of devi cest o accesst henet wor khavet r ansf or med t hewaywel i ve,al l owi ng ust o devel op new and di ver saspect sof oursoci alandcul t ur all i vesonavi r t ualdi mensi on.Thei nst antaccesst oi nf or mat i onandt henew wayst oest abl i sh r el at i onshi ps,i nt egr at i on and communi cat i on;have changed subst ant i al l yt he soci albehavi or s oft he user s who have access t ot hese t echnol ogi es,changi ng t hei rways ofl i vi ng,whi ch di r ect l y af f ect st he ci t y uses,event ual l y causi ngani mpactont het r adi t i onalr el at i onshi p bet weent hecont empor ar yi nhabi t ant swi t ht hepl acet heyi nhabi t . Due t ot hi s phenomenon,t her ei s a need f orappr opr i at er esponses oft he ur ban envi r onment ,whi ch have al r eady begun t o mani f esti nt he mostdevel oped count r i es t hr ough changes i n publ i c space,because ofi t ʼ s democr at i c and f r eel y accessi bl et o al lst at us,bot h st r ong char act er i st i cs t hatconsol i dat ed i ti nt he pastas t he f i r stsuppor tf orsoci alr el at i ons.I t scur r entcr i si sand abandonmentbyci t i zensr eaf f i r mt heneed t or et hi nkpubl i c spaceʼ sr ol eandt henpr oposeachangei ni t sconf i gur at i ont hatmeet st henew demandsoft hecont empor ar yuser . Thi sr esear chi sf ocusedont hest udyofspacest hatar ebegi nni ngt oemer geandt obedemandedi nt hecont empor ar y ci t y,t hose t hati nt egr at et he i nf r ast r uct ur et hatsuppor t s and al l ows democr at i c access t o di gi t almedi a wi t ht he spacest hatal r eadyexi st .Thi sf or cesusasar chi t ect s,pl anner sanddesi gner sofur banspace,t obecomeawar eoft he dest abi l i zat i onbet weent hemor edynami cnat ur et hati nhabi t ant sar eadopt i ngandt heet er nalsedent ar yoft het r adi t i onal st r uct ur es,sot hatt hen wecanunder st and I CTsasanew ur ban act ori nt heci t yscheme,adesi gn f act ort hataf f ect s t hewaywel i vei nt heur ban envi r onment ,necessar yt o beconsi der ed,asi tcausesnew uses,pr ogr amsand spaces.

Resear chSemi nar

TheI nf l uenceofNew I nf or mat i onandCommuni cat i onTechnol ogi es i nt heAr chi t ect ur eofUr banPubl i cSpaces

WHATCHANGESHAVEOCCURRED I N THEDESI GN OFPUBLI CSPACEAND I N THE ACTI VI TI ESSUPPORTED BYI T,DUETO THEI NTRODUCTI ON OFI CTSI N THECI TY? Thi s quest i on seeks t o under st and t he mat er i al and spat i al mani f est at i on of t he encount er bet ween t echnol ogy and ar chi t ect ur e,put t i ng at r i sk t he cont i nui t y of t he publ i c space concept ,as we under st and i tso f ar ,and posi t i oni ng t hese t echnol ogi es as a det er mi nantf act ori nt he desi gn of t he pr ogr ammat i c and f or mal concept ual i zat i on of t he publ i c spaces f or t he t went y-f i r st cent ur y.

Pr of essi onalPr act i ceatt he Of f i ceofPr of essi onalPr act i ceRapaNui East erI sl andI nst i t ut e Facul t yofAr chi t ect ur eandPl anni ng Uni ver si daddeChi l e Team:Cami l aAbbot t ,Gi s el aFuenzal i da,J avi er aMéndez,Fr anci s coPi zar r o,J avi er aRamí r ez,Mar i oSal as ,Ger mánVal dés

The Uni ver si t y ofChi l e has deci ded t ot ake over a nat i onali ssue concer ni ng t he cur r entsi t uat i on i nt he t er r i t or y ofEast erI sl and ( Rapa Nui ) .An ecosyst em t hatdue t o var i ous f act or s has seen t hr eat ened i t s cul t ur e, envi r onmentand ar cheol ogy,bei ng necessar yr egul at i ng t hi s si t uat i on as soon as possi bl ei n or der t o boost t he devel opment of t he i sl and whi l e i t s her i t age, ecol ogi cal at t r i but es and l i vi ng cul t ur e ar e pr ot ect ed. I ti si nt hi s cont ext t hat t he Uni ver si t y of Chi l ei s host i ng t hi s si t uat i on.The I nst i t ut ef or East er I sl and, undert he Facul t yofAr chi t ect ur e and Ur bani sm oft he Uni ver si t yofChi l e,hasf i l ed wi t ht he muni ci pal i t yofI sl a de Pascua a col l abor at i on agr eementi n or dert of ace a numberofr eali ssues af f ect i ng t oday t hei rt er r i t or y. Fort hi s chal l enge,t he of f i ce t eam cr eat ed t he Of f i ce ofPr of essi onalPr act i ce Rapa Nui ,an i nt er di sci pl i nar y of f i ce conf or med by r epr esent at i ves of t he t hr ee school s pr esent i n our Facul t y ( Ar chi t ect ur e, Desi gn and Geogr aphy) , so we coul dt ake advant age of t he sui t abi l i t y and compet ence of st udent s and t eacher s, t o devel op t he document and pr oj ect s pr esent ed bel ow, f r om a br oad academi c and pr of essi onal angl e.

RAPANUI5I DEAS Si ncei t sannexat i ont ot het er r i t or yofChi l eRapaNuihassuf f er ednegl ect ,expl oi t at i onofr esour ces,andevent he ext er mi nat i onofi t spopul at i on,however ,hasal waysmanagedt oover comet hi ski ndofsi t uat i onst hankst ot hest r engt h ofi t speopl e. Thecont empor ar ychal l engef orRapaNuii st of i nd apl acei nt hegl obalcont extwhi l emai nt ai ni ng t hecul t ur al r i chnessoft heet hni cgr oupt hati nhabi t si tandt hevastar chaeol ogi calher i t ageoni t st er r i t or y.Tobal ancedevel opment andpr ot ect i on,t echnol ogyandcul t ur e,t our i sm andconser vat i on,al loft hesever ycompl exi ssuest obef acedbyt he i nhabi t ant soft hei sl andi nt hi scent ur y. RapaNui5I deas,cor r espondst oapubl i cat i onar t i cul at edbasedonf i vef undament ali deasorf i el dsofact i on,i ti s acompr ehensi vevi si ont hatt r i est obecont empor ar yandf or war d-l ooki ng,butatt hesamet i mei sdeepl yr espect f ul oft het r adi t i onandcor eval uesoft hei nhabi t ant sofRapaNui . Sust ai nabi l i t y,Pr oduct i on,Et hni ci t y,Ar chaeol ogyandTour i sm,ar et hef i vecor ner st onesonwhi cht oset t l easer i es of34concr et epr oposal sf ort hef ut ur edevel opmentoft hei sl and.Thepr oj ect sar edescr i bedi ndet ai lt hr oughaser i es ofi magesandar ebasedonacompl et et er r i t or yanal ysi s,per f or medwi t hcont empor ar yst r at egi esandmet hodol ogi es consi der i ngacompr ehensi vevi ew oft het er r i t or yandt hedi f f er entscal esandact or si nvol vedi ni t . nt hi spor t f ol i oonl yasmal lr epr esent at i vesampl eofal lt hewor kdonei nt heof f i cei sshown. *I

Pr of essi onalPr act i ce 2009-East erI sl andI nst i t ut e

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How shoul dbedesi gnedt hepubl i cspacesoft heXXIcent ur yi nt heci t yofSant i ago? , how exi st i ngst r uct ur escoul dbemodi f i edt oaccommodat et hesenew uses?

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I n summar y,i t ʼ san acent r i csyst em,non-hi er ar chi cal ,def i ned onl ybyaci r cul at i on ofst at es.A t ypeof st r uct ur et hatf avor st hevar i abi l i t yoverhi er ar chy,wi t houtbegi nni ngorendpr esenti ni t ʼ s" or der " ,onl yt he i nt er communi cat i on.

S a n t i a g o * Me d i a L a b Sant i ago,Chi l e La Ci sterna AUDI T ORI O( de mol i do) S upe r fic i eCons t r ui da : 409m2 Añodec ons t r uc c i ón: 1992 Núme r odepi s os : 1pi s o Ma t e r i a l i da d: Al ba ñi l e r í adel a dr i l l oye s t r uc t ur ame t á l i c a

Gr a nAv e ni daJ os éMi g ue l Ca r r e r a8925 9. 500m2 BI BL I OT E CA( e x i s t e nt e ) S upe r fic i ec ons t r ui da : 1. 059, 81m2 Añodec ons t r uc c i ón: 1983 Núme r odepi s os : 2pi s osys ubt e r r á ne o Ma t e r i a l i da d: Al ba ñi l e r í adel a dr i l l or e f or z a do

CAS ADEL ACUL T URA( e x i s t e nt e ) S upe r fic i ec ons t r ui da : 451m2 Añodec ons t r uc c i ón: 1915a1916 Núme r odepi s os : 1pi s o Ma t e r i a l i da d: Adobr eymur ope r i me t r a l dea l ba ñi l e r í ade l a dr i l l o

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The concept of Medi aLab ar i ses f r om t he need t o expl or et he i nf l uence and pot ent i al of t he emer gence oft echnol ogy i nt he l i f es ofcont empor ar yi nhabi t ant s.I tcan be def i ned ver y br oadl y as a space t o expl or et echnol ogy-r el at ed f i el ds, bei ng t he speci f i c appr oach pr i nt ed t oi t and t he obj ect i ves pr oposed,what r eal l y char act er i zes t hi s space and consol i dat es i t wi t hi nt he ci t y. n or der t o desi gn t he Sant i ago Medi aLab, goal s accor di ng t ot he ci t yʼ si nhabi t ant s needs ar e I pr oposed,cr eat i ng a space ofci t i zen par t i ci pat i on or i ent ed t ot he educat i onal ,cul t ur aland soci al devel opment .Thepr oj ecti ssetupt hr oughadesi gnt hatconst i t ut ear esponsi vephysi calenvi r onment , so t he same space can accommodat e di gi t almedi aI nt er netaccess and t r ai ni ng wor kshops dur i ng t he week, whi l e at weekends i t can be t he scenar i of or di gi t algami ng act i vi t i es i n communi t y, and even become an out door st heat er or ci nema atni ght .Al ways bei ng t he user st he ones t hat i nf l uence t hese changes i n publ i c space,cr eat i ng a dynami c and par t i ci pat or y ur ban envi r onment .

AVor onoi di a g r a mc a nbes e e na st her e s ul tofa l l l oc aonsa s s oc i a t e dwi t hE uc l i de a ns pa c ewi t hi t sc l os e s tme mbe roft hes e tofpoi nt sa c c or di ngt ot heE uc l i de a n di s t a nc e . T heVor onoi pol y g onc or r e s pondst ot hec l os e ds e twhos ebounda r ya r es e g me nt s , r a y sori nfini t el i ne s( Vor onoi a x e s ) . T hus , g i v e nas e tofnpoi nt si nt he pl a ne , t hepol y g onorVor onoi r e g i onV( pi )f ort hepoi ntpi i sde fine da s : V( pi )={ x : |pi x|< |pj x| , j ≠i } T heVor onoi di a g r a mi st hes e tofa l l t he s er e g i ons : V={ V( p1) , V( p2) , . . . , V( pn) } og e ne r a t et heVor onoi r e g i onsi nt hepr oj e c tfie l d, t hea ppr ox i ma t es qua r ef e e tr e qui r e df ore a c hpr og r a ma r ec ons i de r e d, a ndt he nc i r c l e sr e pr e s e ntt he mba s e don T r e l av ea r e a s . T he s ec e nt e r sbe c omet hec e nt r oi dsofVor onoi r e g i ons , whi c hg i v er i s et ot hefina l Vor onoi di a g r a mf r omwhi c ht obui l dt hepr oj e c tba s epl a n.


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T heGr a s s hoppe rpa r a me t r i cde s i g ns o wa r ec a ng e ne r a t eVor onoir e g i onsf r om a ne t wor kofpoi nt sg i v e nbyt heus e rt hr oug hade finiont ha ta l s ooffe r st he pos s i bi l i t yt omodi f yt he mi nr e a l met hr oug ht hema t he mac a lpa r a me t e r st ha t e s t a bl i s ht hel a wsoft ha tde finion.

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Academic Portfolio  

Architecture portfolio showing my work from 2005 to 2010.

Academic Portfolio  

Architecture portfolio showing my work from 2005 to 2010.