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An Overview of Anxiety Disorders Feelings of anxiety are a natural part of our fear response which we need to protect us from harm, both physical and psychological. Anxiety generally passes as quickly as the perceived threat, but for many people it is not something they are able to control. They can experience physical symptoms such as sudden onset of shaking, disturbed sleep, loss of concentration and a reluctance to engage with others to the extent that their ability to generally function in life is impaired. At this point, they are most likely suffering from an anxiety disorder which will only become more intense without professional intervention. Sometimes, this anxiety will manifest as a sense of impending disaster followed by a severe event characterised by chest pain, dizziness and shortness of breath. If the person has not experienced this before, they often think they are having a heart attack and will seek emergency medical attention. Feelings of Anxiety are Genuine and Real This anxiety Brisbane is not something to be ignored or diminished in any way by the family or friends of the sufferer. It is very real and needs to be treated seriously. This is important to the person, since their support network will have a crucial role in their management and recovery. Everyone involved must understand what is happening to the person, how it is caused and support the treatments. Anxiety can have many causes. It can be the result of a traumatic childhood experience coming to the surface in adulthood; it can be part of a larger problem called Post Traumatic Disorder, which is a delayed response to a traumatic event, or it may be partly genetic. It can also be associated with substance abuse. Whatever the cause, the key to treatment is having the person understand what is happening and why. When they realise that this is their body’s response and they are not the symptoms of a purely medical condition, this can be an enormous relief in itself. Many Effective Treatments Available

Treatments can include medication where necessary but often, a regime of relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques is very successful. This must be coupled with professional assistance in identifying the thoughts and beliefs that generate the feelings of anxiety in the first place. Most people do not understand the power of their thoughts and beliefs and the impact they can have on their overall health. The hardest part of getting assistance is for the person with an anxiety disorder to be proactive enough to seek it. They often feel embarrassed or ashamed and think that the experience of explaining their feelings to another person would be too difficult. Psychologists specialising in anxiety disorders are trained to understand this and encourage people with anxiety to simply make and keep that first appointment. Everything will be easier from that point on. Click here for more information.

An Overview of Anxiety Disorders  

A psychologist trained in anxiety disorders will assist a sufferer with techniques, including relaxation and cognitive therapies to overcome...

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