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Hi, I’m Ben, it’s not abbreviated, so just Ben. I’ve always been interested in Psychology, wondering how the brain works and the reason behind behaviour. Everyone’s different; analysing people shows the extent of this, and exposes the impact of life events and people’s reactions. I ran for the position of Secretary because I wanted to help PsychSoc members benefit, by organising study groups for revision help, and events that are both educational and fun. I’d most like to work towards a career in forensic psychology. Working at the heart of crime in a setting like a prison, and reforming criminals would be really rewarding. I also want to research the reasons for crime to help prevention. My hobbies include playing football and tennis, as well as a good Fifa tournament! I come from South East Kent, but decided to come to London to live University life to the full and experience all life has to offer.

I’m in my fourth year of Psychology and finding it pretty scary! I first got into Psychology when I was deciding on A Level subjects. The idea of learning about how other people think and being able to analyse myself appealed. Once I start Uni I soon realised there was a lot more to it than that. The work placements really helped me decide on future career aspirations. After a lot of changing my mind, I’m now thinking about a PhD and a career in research. I ran for treasurer of PsychSoc because I was keen to help behind the scenes as much as I could. I originally come from a village near Bournemouth so moving to Brunel was a big change but I’m enjoying Uni and hope to make the most of my final year!

I’m the web officer for PsychSoc. I am currently in my second year of Psychology. As well as being part of the PsychSoc committee, I am actively involved in many other societies - mainly film-oriented ones, and am also a committee member of two other. My interests in psychology greatly centre on the cognitive processes of individuals involving identity, such as that of the self and social identity. I’m also interested in the emotional effects on cognition. After graduating, I hope to enter medical school and eventually become a psychiatrist; so have high ambitions.

Feb 2012 PsychSoc Newsletter  
Feb 2012 PsychSoc Newsletter  

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