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Page 38 - Mediumship, Fortune Telling & Guidance — Mark Hartshorn Page 41 - Channelling Message for 2017 from Jane Buttterworth Page 44 - Astrology — Terrie Celest Page 50 - Unleash your Soul Potential — Suzi Garrod Page 56 - Candle Magic Page 61 - Astrology Traits Back Cover - My Angel — Poem by Gina Stokes


Letter from the Editor ….. Welcome to Issue 3 of Psychic Link! Due to ever increasing publishing costs we have made the huge decision to continue with the magazine on-line only…. ……...this is actually very exciting!! This means that now once you have read it, you can share the link so other like minded people get the benefit of all our fabulous contributors!! Let’s go viral!!!!! This will be published on our Facebook site and our website but if anyone would like it emailed to them, please let me know by emailing us on We would also welcome anyone who has something they would like to contribute to the magazine to contact us at the email address below.

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Susan Pengelly I, like many others, have heard and seen people in spirit form all my life. I have never been scared. My reasoning was these were people, they have chosen to speak or show themselves to me therefore I must be able to help them in some way. That reasoning has never changed. The first

person I remember hearing was in the orchard of the house we lived in near Stratford upon Avon. I was almost ten years old and had climbed a whacking great tree for no other reason than my brothers told me I couldn’t. I got stuck, they legged it from the orchard and I was too far from the house for anyone to hear me shouting. Believe me I tried. The tree began to sway in the stiffening breeze of my mounting panic and I was hanging on for dear life when I heard an authoritative man’s voice. He told me to listen to him and then I would get down safely. That was enough for me, within, what felt like a moment or two I was on the ground, I looked around, no one there. Not a soul. It was at that moment I realised contact with spirit people does not come with a backing track of celestial music like it did in films. Since that time there have been hundreds and hundreds of encounters with people in spirit form, for that, in my opinion, is what they are, people. Just not in physical form that’s all. If the person seems angry, find out why and help them. If they seem sad, find out why and help them. It’s not

rocket science. In my experience that person has chosen to attract my attention because they know I can help them. That is good enough for me. Some years ago I was in a well-known supermarket that I didn’t usually shop in, I was just rounding the butter aisle when I saw a lady with fiery ginger hair, granted this is not unusual in a supermarket but this one was deceased. There am I trying to find the butter I wanted, this lady is pointing to a younger woman further up the aisle and wanting me to give a message to her. I sashayed casually past and into the next, thankfully empty aisle, where I, facing rows of baked beans began to have an inward chat with the spirit woman. Explaining that I was in a supermarket being first on the list. During our chat she told me all the things I’d asked for, her relationship to the lady, still in the butter aisle, (I checked) her message and I told her to make it good because I wasn’t stopping this complete stranger unless she gave me really good reason for doing so. 4

By this time, in order to gather all the message, I had strolled around the butter aisle for the second time. I thought I’m going to have to stop the customer on the third circuit, if only to allay or confirm her fears about me being a potential nut job. She had cast several nervous glances my way already. Ok here goes I said to my fiery ginger haired friend, stick with me. We’re going in… The customer eyed me warily. I didn’t blame her. I briefly explained what I do and said I had a message from her mum if she wanted me to continue, if not that was fine. She looked slightly

alarmed and warily said she wanted to hear. I described her mum, how she died, who was there at the time, the detail I expect spirit people to come up with if they want me to speak on their behalf. My fellow customer visibly relaxed and the rest of a highly charged personal message came out. She was delighted. Though not quite so delighted when her mum finished with the fact that she would find out on Friday that she was pregnant. She was horrified and said she hoped not. Mum chipped in with ‘she will want this one it’s a boy and she’s got all girls’. Her daughter lit up and confirmed that she had four girls. I gave her my number and asked her to let me know if she heard on the Friday. She phoned me the Saturday morning to tell me her mum was right she was pregnant. And she went on to have a little boy. In my experience, spirit people have a look around, notice a medium who looks as though they could successfully string three words together then aim us at the people they want us to speak to, Simple as that. Of all the many, many times I have been pushed to speak to someone they have never said they didn’t want to know. In my experience this is because the spirit person

doing all the pushing already knows their message won’t be rejected. They have always been right. Out of not being afraid to tackle anything, I have found stolen property and have worked with local authorities. My first police case, over twenty years ago, was an eye opener. Apparently I was a suspect for 24 hours. That was a bit of a surprise. Since then there have been many others that I will never talk about because although important that work is private and I have as much respect for deceased people as I do for the living. The last stolen goods I was asked to find was funny so I will share that one because the telling of it doesn’t impact on anyone emotionally. A mechanic friend Nick rang me and said “sue we’ve had a car stolen off the forecourt, any ideas?” I said yes it was a blue one.


Nick, “f*&%$*&^ hell, gets me every time”. I went on to describe an area of a village around 15 miles away, Nick knew where that was and drove out. The car was there. He towed it back and had their stolen car back on the forecourt within two hours. Priceless. He said he would have given anything to see the faces of the thieves when they saw it was gone and back on the forecourt. I don’t profess to be able to find everything or solve everything asked of me but I will give it a damn good go. That, I believe is the responsibility asked of us when we choose to work with our

mediumship. If a spirit person wants to help then we have a duty to listen. I started The English Psychic Company here in glorious North Devon, over ten years ago, our premises ‘The Peace House’ is in the middle of our leafy town center churchyard, because I was saddened at hearing from people who were feeling let down, hurt and disappointed with mediums they had visited. I felt for them. So much energy and hope is invested in a medium, the least you can do before you start to operate as one is get the experience to back up all you do and say. In my opinion, the proof of good mediumship is in the detail. Anyone can tell you your Nan is coming through and say’s you have a bad back and financial issues, who hasn’t? what a good medium will do is tell you that your Nan passed with cancer that started in her stomach, you were one of three sat with her when she died and were holding her left hand, you kissed her and wished her a safe journey and if you hadn’t been cavorting on the children’s trampoline last week your back would be fine and you have financial issues because you have a gambling problem she had warned you about enough times when she was alive. And no, that horse you have been thinking of betting on after the reading is not going to win.and please don’t pawn the ruby ring and your grandads watch she left you because she’ll know. Detail. The English Psychic Company evolved from my doing private readings to being asked if I will teach others. I now teach the development of mediumship to three classes a week. I also host Ghost walks In Barnstaple, Bideford, Torrington, Ilfracombe and Lynton, again talking about the real

people who lived and died on the streets we walk upon every day, their often tragic stories and their deaths, the ghosts who have been seen in various buildings, the antics of the ‘working girls’ of the time. The people I talk about were working class people who have no gravestone but I believe deserve to be remembered and I know they will know I’m talking about them. 6

We have even had several turn up to join us on Ghost walks which liven up the evenings no end and family members of on the walks have popped in to pass on messages. Wonderful stuff. We have evenings of Clairvoyance, ‘Four mediums and more’ in the upstairs room of a three hundred year old public house, The Ebberley Arms, in Barnstaple where five, six or seven of us will make sure every single person in the room has a message, a real, valid, message. Because we know people attend these kind of evenings hoping to hear from someone they love, that spirit person knows that and will be trying to get through, so I reasoned, if there are more mediums

working then we are able to get to everyone and no-one goes home disappointed. These evenings sell out fast because people enjoy themselves, are lifted and go home knowing that if their life is a little bleak at that time their nan who loved them even when they were a pain in the neck, still loves them and has given direction to pull themselves back on the right path. Lastly, but by no means least I am very privileged to be asked to sit with people who are dying. In one instance I had a call from someone who didn’t know me, their father was in the hospice and had asked to see a medium, would I go up? I went straight away. As I entered the room I saw a spirit woman stood at the end of his bed holding a glass of whisky. I asked, internally, who she was, she told me. I went to the head of the bed and spoke to John, he thanked me for coming and asked if I could see anyone in his room. I said yes John it’s your mum, she’s holding glass of whisky and saying ‘come on john, you’re holding up the party’ he smiled and gripping my hand he said ‘I’ve been seeing my mum for two days, she always had a glass of whisky. I needed you to come and tell me it was real and not the drugs’ John asked me to ask his mum when she was tak-

ing him, 6am tomorrow she replied. He said you tell her ‘I’m ready to go’ John passed peacefully at 6am the next day. In my experience all 40 odd years of it, someone we love comes for us when we pass, no matter what situation we are in or where in the world we are. And that is the greatest comfort of all. I am sure my sitting with people who are dying was prompted by my contact with a young man called Mark who had passed from this life, I was quietly reading when he popped in and wanted to tell me what it was like to die, he wanted to free people still here from the fear of dying. I got a paper and pen and wrote down his story, since then over 150 people gave their stories, some very funny, because each person’s personality comes shining through. Those accounts were published two years ago in my book ‘Satnav for your Soul’ available through Amazon.


I believe very much in the no faff and nonsense method, no room for ego driven people,

everyone in the classes, regardless of ability, is equally important. Wanting to learn, to be of help to others and commitment to their development are the only criteria I expect, that and the ability to laugh, support other class members and turn up on time. As a result the classes are very popular because people get results, they belong, they are valued and as a result their self-esteem grows exponentially. I host Psychic Suppers in restaurants here in North Devon where mediums I have taught give a personal, private reading to people who also have a two course meal. These evening are always a sell out and have been for years because I believe in teamwork. Students of mine come along to transcribe the readings so people go away with a copy of everything that has been said to them. Being a good medium is not about being famous but it is all about people. Bringing comfort to living and deceased people. As you have no doubt guessed I am a people person, whether that person is living or not. I believe in a common sense approach to everything and I love to see people grow in terms of their confidence and development and spirit people are no different.

They often just need to be listened to and helped to communicate and they know that my door is always open. After all, they have saved my life several times and my guide has physically manifested in my bedroom. That was another surprise. I had asked him to turn up sometime. I just wasn’t expecting him at 3am. Or the nun who walked into my bedroom at one of the darkest times in my life, sat on my bed, held my hands and told me what was going to happen. She was right. But that’s another story. So many adventures already and that’s what I want for my students, for my clients, for people who come on the Ghostwalks, to Clairvoyant nights, Psychic Suppers…an inner adventure. Life is not an endurance test and there is so much yet to learn,

to experience and to love about contact with those who love us and are willing us to be more awake in the world. Website The English Psychic Company is on facebook. 8

Exmoor Oracle Stones By Clare Hartgen, Lynton, Devon Hi! I'm Clare of Mystical Magical Exmoor based in Lynton & Lynmouth, twin villages on the coast of Exmoor. I created Mystical Magical Exmoor from my love of this truly inspirational area along with my spiritual and witchcraft beliefs so I was able offer my handcrafted gifts and other spiritual related items. I sell my items locally on a market stall, in my spare time. Also via my website, Facebook page and Etsy. As I do this alongside my regular job it is a very small operation which allows me to put my love and passion into it rather than making it my sole income. I am here now as I wanted to tell you about one particular item that I have created…..

Exmoor Oracle Stones Having used Tarot and Oracle cards as well as Rune Stones for many years I felt drawn to create my own set of Oracle Stones. To me this was a very natural progression. I’ve always favoured my Rune Stones over cards and so that is why I settled on using stones. I wanted to create a set that were tactile and natural, so I headed for the local beach to collect stones. I couldn’t believe it would take so long to select the right sized stones!! But, in the end, I collected enough to make a few initial sets and decided to do nothing to them but paint each one with their animal symbol, leaving them in their true natural form, blessed by the sea. Loving the wildlife that resides alongside me I chose 13 of them to create my ‘Exmoor Oracle Stones’. For the descriptions and meanings I used each animals’ spiritual meaning and their general way of life. The 13 I chose were the Stag, Hedgehog, Goat, Adder, Buzzard, Exmoor Pony, Squirrel, Fox, Bee, Hare, Badger, Salmon and Owl, each so very different but also all residents of Exmoor and the British Isles in general. Next I sat and decided on the symbols. I wanted them to be easy to recreate and also easy for the reader to identify. Now with all the areas covered the first sets were made. I tried them out myself and sent a few sets out to like-minded friends for them to use. The feedback I got from them was wonderful, they felt they were easy to read, gave great guidance and actually related well to the queries and questions that they had posed to them. 9

I am so proud of these ‘Exmoor Oracle Stones’ and am happy

to share them with you. Sets are just £13.95 made with local beach stone, collected, named and blessed by myself. They come with a satin style pouch with a stags head embroidered on and a leaflet to give the descriptions of each stone. More information on them can be found on my website, or on my Facebook page, just search Mystical Magical Exmoor. Each week I post an Oracle on the Facebook page using them, so do feel free to like the page and join in with my posts. I hope that others will enjoy using these and find, like myself, that these wonderful animals around us can help guide us along life’s path.

Oracle for the 1st quarter of 2017 I have selected The Squirrel as the guide for the 1st quarter of this year. He is playful, energetic, flirtatious a treasure hunter and entertainer. He represents communication, secrets and planning so tells you to savour the moment and save for a rainy day He teaches you that a little charm can take you a long way. He is full of subtle energies and messages. He stores his secrets and inner most feelings, yet with the swish of his tail he’ll let you have a glimpse of his innermost secrets. With this he tells you to wear your heart on your sleeve for everyone to see. He spreads the sunshine wherever he goes and knows how to save for a rainy day. Have fun with friends yet take some time out for yourself to sit up and overlook the situation in solitude. It might be time to look into your own provisions. For example: Is it time to consider a retirement plan? Are you adequately insured? Or even as simple as doing simple and preventative repairs around the house. 10

Do Animals Have Souls, Feelings and Past lives? By Maureen Rolls For years with my animal communication people have asked and believed that animals do not have souls or past lives or any feelings? Of course, they have souls and feelings just the same as humans albeit they do not mask their feelings just as human’s do, animals are more direct if they are hurt or upset they respond accordingly to let us know, usually with behaviour changes which is why animals with behavioural problems cannot be resolved by a vet, no amount of drugs will help them neither will going to training classes help the animal, they just want to be heard and understood and to have their humans also understand what is going on in their body or mind. As an Animal Communicator, I am as the owners says “Their Last Resort�, so no pressure then, especially when they are considering euthanasia of the animal in question. We must remember throughout all of this the animal has free will so they do

not need to listen to me or take my advice but most are just grateful that I am there to help them so they do listen and they ask me how I can help them, I have had a few that refused my help and that is fine they have free will, however it has only been three out of thousands of animals that have elected to do this. Most of the behavioural problems are because of abuse with previous owner, this is not unusual in Horses and dogs where they are trapped and unable to leave, cats however leave at the slightest sign of energy changing for the worse. Some animals have behavioural problems to alert the owners that they are not listening to them and that there is a health issue with their human that needs attention.


Past lives, just the same as humans most have had past lives and they come back to

experience certain things to evolve on their spiritual journey, horses that have experienced horrors of war have come back to experience the love and nurture of the kind humans, dogs that have been used for killing and fighting have come back to experience love and care, but again they bring lots of issues forward from their past lives that also show up as behavioural problems which starts when there is a trigger in their current life that sets of a sequence of events in their mind, some have come back to experience their past life events with their Soul Human. Lots of animals that I communicate with, are currently with their Soul human and they have been together at least once before, sometimes many times throughout thousands of years, it is also not unusual for the owners to say this is my Soul partner we have such a strong bond they are part of me, how true this is I have had a dogs take the illness of its owner on and was awaiting death, he told me that was why he was here it was his journey to do this and that he was awaiting death to take the suffering from his owner, and that they would be together again in another life, I spoke to the owner to relay this to

her and she had been suffering with Cancer which was in remission?? She understood this and asked me to tell him not to do this she would rather die first but he would not listen and did pass away a few weeks later. Animals in many instances are more highly evolved than we are as humans and of course they still obey their natural instinct which we have lost over the millenniums. Yes animals do have Souls and Feelings and has had past lives.

If you are interested in finding out what your animal is thinking or trying to tell you let me communicate with your animal all I need is their name and a photograph and your animal will tell me what they want you to know.

Contact me: 01822 890668 Love & Angel light to you all Maureen


FAIRIES, LEGENDS, MYTH AND MAGIC by Maria Mcgladdery The Song of the Snowdrop Fairy Deep sleeps the winter, Cold, wet and grey; Surely all the world is dead; Spring is far away. Wait! The world shall waken; It is not dead for lo, The fair maids of February stand in the snow! By Cicely Mary Barkerp

I believe in fairies do you? Since childhood I have known I had fairies at the bottom of my garden, and I respect them. I leave part of my garden to grow wild, its not a big garden but there is still room for fairies and nature to reside or visit. I have a small pond that I dug out by hand and planted with lilies, water lilies and oxygenating plant. it makes me smile. I Have frogs, toads and newts, residing there now. Last year, a wild bee colony adopted a space in the boulders around the pond as home. What a delight! Bluebells, clematis, honeysuckle amongst other plants all grow wild around it. I have a ‘’bird take away’’ hanging from branches in the trees, with every type of food available, a bird bath and water bowl with fresh water, and Buddleia growing for the nectar to help the bee’s and butterflies. Every autumn as I cut back the shrubs and tree’s, I lay down twigs in a pile to give a cosy home to bugs and ladybirds to rest over winter. I also lay plant pots upside down with twigs and stones around about for the frogs and hedgehogs to rest. 13

So where is Fairyland? It is very elusive. It is said it is just over the Horizon and sometimes just beneath our feet. But it seems to be geographical: Shifting from one place to another depending on where you are and who you speak to. In ancient times, The Welsh thought fairyland was north of their mountains, then later was said to be in the mists the mysterious rocky peninsular of Pembrokeshire, off St

David’s Island. The Irish thought fairyland was an island to the west of them in the Atlantic Ocean, known as Hy-Brasil or Hy Breasail, A phantom island cloaked in mist, except for one day every seven years when it became visible, but still could not be reached. The most known ‘’Faerie’’ from Ireland is the Leprechaun, from old Celtic legends around 1604, ‘’described as a very small old man who will reveal the location of a pot of gold if you can catch him.’’ In Scotland its the ‘’Brownies’’ They are benevolent goblins who are supposed to haunt old farmhouses in the hills. They were first reported in around 1510, ‘’Wee Brown men.’’ Sussex has the ‘’House Sprite’’ they call ‘’The Master Dobb’s’’ or ‘’The Dobbin’’ a term first used in early 1800’s. On The Isle of Man, You can visit Fairy bridge, a small bridge over the Santon Burn. The superstition is ‘’ To greet the fairies’’ as you approach the bridge, it is considered unlucky not to greet them, In around the 1950’’s it was the custom to advise visitors of the myth, that they should, on the journey south from Douglas, or north from the airport, to say ‘’Good Morning’’ to the fairies. Motorcycle racers and spectators to the annual TT and Manx Grand Prix races tend to take the ritual seriously, usually making a point of visiting the bridge before setting of for practice, and the races. Any mishap or crashes are usually attributed to the fairies displeasure or likewise lucky escapes. The west country has ‘’The Pixie 1630 AD Mainly thought of in Cornwall, early

references are to ‘’the Pixie Path’’ or ‘’Bewilderment’’ Literally meaning, a path on which one is led astray by Pixies, or ‘’Pixie Led’’ meaning, Lost.


What is a Fairy? To me a Fairy is a little person who abides at the bottom of my garden or in a hillock, under a very extraordinary tree stump, beside a stream where it just feels magic or mysterious. At a cross roads, under an old bridge, or wherever you feel the magic and mystery. According to Wikipedia also faerie, Fay, Fae, Fairfolk, Faery. Is a type of Mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as

metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Thomas Knightly recorded as saying, the word fairy derives from the Latin feta and is from the old French form. Faerie describing ‘’ enchantment’’ in old French ‘’fee’’ was a woman skilled in magic and who knew the power and virtue of words, stones, and herbs. Faie became modern English fay, Fairie became fairy, but with that spelling became now almost exclusively to one of the legendry people with the same meaning as ‘’fay’’. The word fairy was used to represent an elusion or enchantment, the land of the ‘’faes’’ collectively the inhabitants there of, or an individual such as Fairy Knight. Some of the most recent encounters with Fairies In 1962 a Somerset farmers wife told of how she lost her way on the Berkshire

Downs, and was put on the right track by a small man in green, who appeared suddenly at her elbow and as suddenly disappeared, A woman in Cornwall on holiday with her daughter, while out walking, came across a small green man with a pointed hat and pointed ears, They were so alarmed that they

ran for the ferry cold with terror!

Maria Mcgladdery


Why Some People Cannot be Healed by Des Hynes As a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, I am sometimes asked “can you heal me”, the truth is that I cannot heal. It is the person themselves who are responsible for the healing. The best way to explain how it works is, when I am giving energy healing, I am like a transistor radio which is switched on. The healing energy comes from the divine source which you can think of as the music coming from the radio station. The person receiving the healing feels the energy, similar to the person listening and hearing the music. Once I open myself to receive the healing energy I get out of the way and remind myself that I am only an instrument for the flow of the healing energy. At the end of a healing session I disconnect or switch off. As I have said it is the person who receives the healing that heals. Anyone can be healed but not everyone will be healed. There a many reasons why some people cannot be healed. It is best to look at the causes of illness, one of the most common causes of illness is stress. Anger + Worry = Stress which leads to illness. What we might think is trivial, can be a major issue to another person. Our basic needs are simple warmth, food, shelter and love. We all need to be loved. Everything else is a bonus, we can only drive one car and live in one house at a time. The abundance of material wealth is not a guarantee of health and happiness, there are a lot of sick and unhappy rich people as well as poor people in the world. There are some people who live for tomorrow, one chap I knew was saving all his money for the day he retired, he worked all the available overtime he could get, was always talking about

and looking forward to the day he would get his state pension to add to his generous service pension. Retire to a nice house in the country and travel the world for his holidays. (they say the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans) Unfortunately he died from a brain tumour that was brought on by work related stress when he had just turned sixty years of age. The lesson is to live in the present and not in the future and remember to “work to live and not live to work” Beside stress, our surroundings can have an effect on our health. Just like the person who lives

in a house that is damp and cold. When we go on holiday, we feel better, but when we return back to a damp, cold condition, we will again suffer from ill health. There is also what is known as Geopathic Stress (GS) which has been linked to cancer and other serious conditions. Living next to electrical cables, pylons combined with underground streams can increase the strength of the Geopathic Stress. 16

I know it is not always possible to move home, so we can reduce the effects by using crystals,

the most popular material I found for protection is Shungite which comes from Russia. Another hazard is EMF radiation which can be produced by electrical devices in our home, this can be reduced by the amount of time spent on our smart phones and iPads. When I walk around the city and see how many people are on their mobile phones it is frightening, this may be the reason why so many young people suffer from depression and anxiety. It is true that some people have heredity illnesses in their DNA, my own family suffers from heart problems, my father had a pace maker fitted, my sister had a triple heart by-pass and my

brother has had stents fitted. This was a wakeup call for me so now I go to the gym and exercise for an hour at least three times a week and am also careful what I eat. I also believe that meditation and energy healing can change a person’s DNA. Another reason why some people cannot be healed is the person who is in a toxic relationship. Once one relationship finishes, they keep been attracted to the same type of person who they know is going to make them unhappy, they will not get better until the break the cycle. There are also the people who have become attached to their illness, it gives them control over

others, (family, carers, doctor’s nurse’s). Just like the child who has a fuss made over them when they hurt their knee, they subconsciously enjoy the attention. We have to accept responsibility for our health. Recently I visited my daughter in hospital when she was giving birth to her twins, I was dismayed to see a heavily pregnant girl standing outside the maternity department smoking a cigarette. The same is with excessive eating and drinking. Our National Health Service is under stress and it is only logical that there will be a move to the holistic approach to healing methods. Today reiki is offered in some hospitals to

counter the side effects of chemotherapy which is used for cancer treatments. As healers it is sometimes hard to accept that there will be some people who cannot, or do not want to be healed. Also beware of the energy vampires who after telling you their problems for an hour will say that they feel better, but you feel drained. Sometimes as healers we start to think we have failed because someone we treated has died, it is

our ego that is hurt and there is no place for our ego in healing. All we can do, is remember we are only the instrument for healing, how people use our healing energy is their free will. 17

Experiences of a Medium The Spiritualist National Union say that the job of a Medium is to prove that life is eternal and whilst I don’t disagree with their philosophy I do feel that our remit goes so much further! Mediumship is quite often the key that opens the door to healing and so I would like to share with you some experiences. A few years ago I was taking a demonstration in Paignton when my first connection was of a gentleman who I knew had sexually abused his daughter, being relatively inexperienced at the time I was tempted to cut the link however I felt the need to carry on. I came to the lady and said ‘please do not be alarmed but i have your father here’ as you can imagine she went white as a sheet, I decided against giving any more information and just went straight to the message which was ‘from the bottom of his heart he is sorry’ and with that he had gone. The woman sobbed through the whole demonstration but came to me afterwards and said that for 30 years all she ever wanted was an apology and now she had it she could finally move on with her life. Recently I was asked to give a reading to a lady in Las Vegas who’s daughter had passed by taking a drugs overdose which was unusual as she had no history of drug abuse. Her daughter came through and after giving information that only her mother knew which included describing her Grandparents house in Florida she said what happened and that it was an accident, she took them after an argument and had also been drinking just expecting them to calm her down and that she had passed peacefully. The message was confirmation of Mum had already been told by the authorities but the important thing for Mum was that she hadn’t passed in pain and that she was now healing in Spirit. At another demonstration a ladies Grandmother came through to speak and after giving some detailed information of her life then per seeded to describe her Granddaughters living room including the stain on the carpet and the ripped settee, explaining which seat she liked to sit on and telling her that she didn’t approve of her choice of television! After the demonstration I was approached by the lady who explained that her Grandmother had lived in Ireland and would say that at some point she would visit but sadly she had passed before coming.


Her Granddaughter felt a sense of guilt that she didn’t make more effort to bring her over however the message had proved to her that Gran was alive and well and often came to visit and therefore releasing the guilt. I once had a private sitting with a young lady who due to being in an abusive relationship and had terminated a child. The lady who was one of the bravest souls I have met explained how she managed to get away from her husband and after several difficult years had remarried and has more children but she kept reliving the termination and had an overwhelming sense of guilt, before she explained her situation a young child had come through and said ‘don’t worry Mummy I’m happy here, everything is ok’. The woman was then able to move on and continue her healing process. There have been countless times where loved ones have come through and said sorry for their actions on the earth plane, I have also had family members come through and say ‘ I couldn’t tell them on the earth plane but please tell them how much I loved them’. There was once a lady who came through and said to recheck her pile of paperwork as the family have missed an account with £200 in it!! Another one where a gentlemen told how he had hidden money under the floor boards! One of loveliest messages was for a lady who had lost her grandfather and was soon to be married, her grandfather said that had loved her dress and not to worry as she will look

beautiful in it when she goes for her fitting on Friday, the gentlemen described her dress, the style and the colour and explained that she hadn’t tried it on yet but she had picked it. This was all confirmed by the lady having a sitting but the biggest surprised was when her grandfather explained that the reason her husband to be was resisting a honeymoon abroad was due to a fear of flying! This was something that she didn’t know but was confirmed later on that evening!!

When I was working in Spain recently I was asked how do I understand the different languages, they can’t all speak English!! The truth is that Spirit speaks the universal language of unconditional love, it doesn’t matter what nationality, race, religion or creed if they want to come through they will. 19

Sadly though we can never guarantee that a certain person will come through or what will be said fortunately I have never been given negative news neither would I want to. It is our job to try and uplift people and if a client leaves a medium feeling lower than before the visit then clearly we haven’t done our job. Hopefully we bring comfort to people in their

darkest hour and hope when all seems lost, approval from our loved ones in Spirit and sometimes forgiveness. I think the main thing people ask is ‘Are they ok? And are they happy? Do they approve of what I have done?’ The answer from Spirit is always the same ‘Do what is best for you on the Earth because if you are happy then so are we’.

Best wishes Ricky Telephone: 07960049114.


“Allow the power to flow through you. Don’t try to capture it. You wish only to borrow it.” ― G.G. Collins 20

New Year’s Positive Planting by Julie Harper We are in the mist of winter with Christmas now a distant memory once more. Now we are waiting in anticipation of the lighter days, the sight and feel of the sun which will come out in

its own time. Lambing season will come again, showing us that this is a time for new growth. How many times in our lifetime do we say spring is around the corner, we naturally feel sense and smell it in the air once again, coming with a renewed positivist feeling of life. Easter will come around again, the little children will get excited by the sight of the colourful boxes that the eggs come in and if they are lucky they will have parents who tell them the story of why we celebrate Easter, some parents will take children out for trips to the sea side or to the country, filling young lungs with fresh air and happiness. Then just like life, all the seasons will come around again. We will soon have some warm spring sunny days, which we will all enjoy, we must stop a moment and think about how much our world depends on the sun light, so all nature can be sustained. The sight of the sun lifts our moods and helps us to make plans and look

forward in a positive way. The warmer weather encourages us to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the rejuvenating energy of nature, taking our books out there or just to sit and meditate. Some of us are blessed to have family around us, some of us feel very alone even in the new year, but we are never alone as we are all connected to the one source, the power of spirit, of which we all came from and will all go back to. While we walk this earthly world together in the light of the sun and enjoy the new year, let’s think more about others every day, the little children of our world who (don’t get enough nourishment, love and support).


Think about those parents who have followed the same paths of their own parents, never looking for a different way to deal with family issues or relationship problems, some people find it very hard to reach out for help even in their darkest moments, just think if they had been taught good seeds of thought and deeds, their life might have turned out differently. When we come across those in need this could be the time for us to plant positive seeds to help them, it’s never too late to ask for help. There are those who cannot cope with this earthly life, either because of traumas

they have suffered in their younger lives, or through illness, abuse, be it mental, physical, and emotional or grief. As a result some are not able to sustain healthy relationships, (and most of all), some are not able to recognise the difference and are always searching for the right person or the right endeavourer to fill their lives, perhaps they might feel that something is missing. As a Spiritualist we feel we are enlightened, we believe that there is no death and

there is life after life. We also feel a great sense of peace with the knowledge that we come from the same energy source and that we are guided and cared for by the infinite spirits. The good positive seeds of life were planted in each and every one of us as children and awakened in us naturally as a child. While on our life path we can sometimes feel and act negatively until we realise that we have free will and that choices in life are ours to make and that we can live our lives the way we want to and most of all feel and be happy. We have already chosen our parents before we come to this earth; this is to learn lessons from them for our and their spiritual growth. There are many amongst us that live alone with no one to visit them or give them a kind word, what can we do and how do we help them, you might say there are too many to help. What about the homeless, do we judge them, and turn the other cheek, or put money in their bowls or maybe buy them a hot drink on a cold day. We are lucky to have the knowledge that we are all from the same light force, we are all spirit and as such are all connected. 22

We could say we are all brothers and sisters, if we took the time to trace our ancestry I often wonder who we are related to, are we related to the person down the street, or the person in your church or community who you dislike, just because you just don’t like the vibe you get from them, or the person living on the streets with no home or job, feeling like they have no hope of a better life, often turning to substance abuse to escape from their feelings of desperation or depression, not knowing that we are here to help them and that we are one. So for this new year be aware of planting bad seeds of doubt, fear and prejudice, let’s all plant good healthy seeds, stand back a little and watch them grow, be willing to help if needed, and watch the seeds bloom into lighter spiritual enlightened souls. Let’s try waking up each day and do just one kind deed for someone, can we spare an hour or two each week helping those who we know need support. I’m sure like me you all live a busy life, but think about sparing just a little time to help out, be willing and offer to help out, at your church, your clubs, your family, friends and your community, don’t think you’re not needed, you are, as the Tesco slogan says “every little helps” If we all did one kind and thought full random act of kindness or deed each day, it would make such a difference to our world. As a child I often heard the phrase God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform and until I became a spiritualist I didn’t really know what this phrase meant. I have taken this to be that, sometimes even in the smallest ways, and in our darkest moments acts of miracles happen to each and every one of us in our daily lives, it can be in a thought, deed, spoken word or an act of kindness we perform, it produces a spark of light, enabling the light of spirit to shine brighter in our world. As the winter starts to fade in the background, let’s think more about the spring. We will soon have longer warmer days when we can go out into the garden to sit or potter, perhaps like me, plant some seeds and watch them grow.


I am lucky to have a dear friend who is a wonderful gardener, we share plants and she gives me advice on planning, I don’t see a lot of her in the winter, as we both don’t like the cold weather, but she and I have an unspoken understanding that even if we haven’t seen each other for a long while, she can rely on me to still be there for her unconditionally. My dear friend Sheila Ward who is living with two different types of cancer, plants seeds and then stands back, and lets nature carry on, she doesn’t dig them up the next day to see if they are growing and knows they

are not totally dependent on her, she also knows how to create a respectful relationship with nature, as the gardener facilitates their expression. She plant’s at the right time, she knows she doesn’t create their beauty, she checks to see if they have enough water, as without enough water they would die, she is tolerant of change, she checks to see if the insects are eating them, she always plants more than she needs herself, some to give away and some extra for the little insects nature

has created. As a good gardener knows she must plant positive seeds and must allow for the forces of the universe to do their part. She knows she has to use patience and understanding for the seeds to germinate. So look forward to this year and think about spring and plant some positive seeds with patience and understanding, either in your garden, in your family or community and watch them grow. We can all help each other in some small way, light up some one’s life and watch their soul become brighter, from the love and help we give out. Spirit is with us always, let’s all embrace everyone living in this wonderful world of ours this New Year and always.

Clairvoyant Medium Julie Harper Plymouth


What Could Reiki Do For You? By Jane Edwards As I sat and contemplated this title, I

thought about writing all the obvious lists and possibilities that are out there to read in lots of places nowadays. It was interesting because I had the word ‘should’ in my head. I should be writing this and I should be writing that, and I started to make myself write what that voice was telling me I should be doing. Needless to say, the writing was so hard and I kept deleting my words

and trying to start over again and again. It wasn’t flowing because I wasn’t being true to myself; I wasn’t listening to my Spirit. I wasn’t being me. How many times have you done the same thing? Only to pursue what you think you should be doing because it’s expected of you or you think it is. And honestly, how does that normally work out for you? Does it flow? Do you end up with the feeling afterwards that somehow you’ve diluted the very essence of yourself because you’ve tried to please others? And then there’s that sinking feeling because you may have fulfilled someone else’s expectations but you realise it’s at a cost to your own. I took a break from writing, found a quiet space and gave myself Reiki. I have always found that Reiki helps me to connect or reconnect with myself. It has helped me get to know myself, and understand who I am. Now don’t get me wrong, Reiki doesn’t do all the work here, you have to be willing to be open and put some work in yourself, but the rewards are vast and come with such freedom. 25

So back to the connection; I have always seen the connection as a spotlight. Everyone has their own spotlight and when we are fully connected it is very beautiful. I see it as a beam of light coming from source which completely encases you (a bit like ‘beam me up Scotty!) It creates our own personal light to ourselves, to Reiki, our Guides, to Source, to love. When I am in it I feel strong, grounded, loved, grateful, protected, and positive. I feel the healing energy, and I am true to myself. Note I have said ‘when I am in it’. There are many times when I step out of my spotlight. Why? Because I am human. Life happens to us and around us all the time, it is normal and it is okay. If things didn’t happen to us, how would we learn, how would we grow? When I am

not connected to my Reiki light, I can be poorly, tired, anxious, depressed, fearful, totally depleted. It is at these times that I suddenly realise I’ve stepped out to the right or to the left; I have stepped out of my connection. There are always lessons here though, and I value these times as much as I do the light times. They bring precious learning, understanding and sharing, and I find when I step back into Reiki and my

spotlight, my connection becomes a little stronger each time. Reiki helped me find my spark, it helped me ignite the flame that I never realised was inside me, and I have watched over the past few years as it has helped many other people do the same. To see people grow as they learn Reiki, and blossom and for many turn their lives around is a complete joy. It is why I love this healing modality so much. Many people have gone on to choose different careers or life style choices which are perfect for them, whilst keeping Reiki with them to navigate their journeys. Others have gone on to teach and share Reiki, which is equally as beautiful. 26

I wrote the following poem at the very beginning of my Reiki journey. Reiki opened up my creative abilities and I found myself writing poetry as part of my healing. I found it very powerful, because these are my words and no-one else’s. I never intended for my poems to be shared. They are not master pieces however they are written from the heart. When stood in my spotlight one day I came to realise that when shared they have the possibility to touch or help someone. Even if it’s only one person, how incredible to help one person through the words that came to me on my healing journey. I realised it was no longer about me, so I got out of my own way once again (you’ll probably hear this many times from me, It takes a while sometimes!) and realised it was worth losing my ego/ fear for. After all what is fear but False Evidence Appearing Real.

Eureka I found myself today I had not realised I was lost, For years they’d chipped away

Until I’d gone, at any cost.

Although not quite completely There was a spark I’d fought to keep, That started smouldering inside me

This was mine, I hid it deep.


And then one day it surfaced My little spark became a flame, It felt so good, I started talking They would not silence me again.

My flame became a fire Which in turn became my voice, They’ve started listening to me now I can see I have a choice. To choose the life I want to live Free from torture, free from pain, Free from scorn, free from malice, Free from abuse, free from the shame.

Excitedly I make my choices The grey veil has been removed, This is where I start my life now I have nothing else to prove.

I lost myself along the way I found myself today.

Jane Edwards 28

So, a few questions for you to ponder;

Is it time for you to ignite your spark? Is it time to live your truth and walk your path? Why do you think you are reading this? What could Reiki do for you? Wherever you are and whatever you choose to do, this wonderful planet also needs your gift, it needs your light, don’t you think it’s your time to sparkle? Thank you for listening and taking the time to read. I wish you much love and peace on

your journey, Jane x Please feel free to contact me via the website, I look forward to connecting with anyone who chooses to x


Questions and Answers by Jane Butterworth Several people have sent in a similar question to this one, so in this issue I have written an extended reply to help everyone!

After a rather difficult year I want to feel much more in control of things in 2017 and would like your advice on how to use my psychic ability and power to create a better year ahead. Please could you help with this? from Julie M of South Petherton, Bernie Atlee of Cannington, Matthew

Porter of Crediton and Sally of Wadebridge Sometimes we need a difficult year to push us into making changes. These could be pretty obvious, such as moving away from a bad situation or at least seeking help and support from elsewhere, so that we are no longer struggling alone. In fact we should always strive to assess life (good or bad) by being honest with ourselves and deciding how things can be done better next time around - not just looking at what others have done for or against us but what we have done for or against them too. Of course that is easy to say and far more difficult to achieve. The first step towards this is to take personal responsibility for everything life has been throwing at us. This does not mean be a martyr, but to look for any personal lesson we can take from our experiences, otherwise it is like going into the future with blinkers on, unable to see the full picture and therefore putting oneself at risk of another poor judgement, twist or turn, or continuing a relationship pattern which is still hurting us. Then we are at risk of becoming a victim. In other words try to be wise and balanced in your approach, not just vengeful or bitter. It is a worthy challenge worth overcoming. Another practical consideration is to actually write down what you feel has gone wrong last year and how you would like to change it this year. Releasing your inner thoughts onto a page is both liberating mentally and emotionally, but also energetically and opens up your natural psychic senses to a better understanding of those difficult experiences you now wish to avoid. 30

Now read through these written notes and you may be surprised how insights begin to

open up as you view what has happened to you with a little less passion or emotion and a more steadied mindset. And write these down as they are easy to forget and can be a great comfort to read through later. Using your psychic ability is partly about utilising perception in order to attract and manifest a better life format, not using your power to overpower. Some people make the mistake of wanting to overpower people and situations in order to regain control over life and in all honesty it is easy to see why. When you are angry, frustrated or unhappy you

may consider lashing out to get your own back. But a spiritually developed person will want to use their ability to manifest and transform things lovingly, rather than consciously aiming to manifest what they want (or think they need) by deliberately forcing energy changes. If you force change energetically you are entering the realms of darker crafts and risk interfering with Karma and other lessons, both for yourself and other people. With the current world chaos energy you will simply add to this as well and of course will

pay a price for interfering for personal gain, even if you are inexperienced and don’t know what you are doing. It is a very fine line and a very important one to understand before attempting to change your life energetically using psychic means. It is your intent behind your desire for change that makes the difference, not just what you want to change. So, warnings over, the next step to encouraging positive change in your life is to declare what you wish to change and ask that it is allowed only if it is for the highest good of all concerned, for this change to manifest. This is particularly the case with relationships.

Energy changes you can work on can include Cutting the Ties That , as always, be careful what you wish for. See yourself travelling this open path and reaching your goal with ease and a real sense of comfort and joyous achievement. Note that your intentions need to be expressed in the positive. If you ask that you don’t do this and you don’t attract that next year you are expressing in a negative way and there is psychological evidence that your (powerful) mind reads this as asking that you do attract all these things! Psychic energy and your mind are intertwined don’t forget! Now you are also beginning to work with your Spirit Guides as they will be hearing your psychic pleas, even if you have not thought to address your Guides personally.


It is always wise to consciously include their energetic support as they can guide you to

make right decisions, choose your words of intent with care and help steer you away from your past mistakes, relationships or other experiences that your Higher Self feels are no longer serving you. The more you work with your Guides the more you will make decisions to change life energetically in a safe and positive way, in control, for all the right reasons. Please always remember to thank them too! Having established exactly what you would like to change to make your year ahead more comfortable, you can ‘set’ this intent using tools and create a small altar dedicated to

this. Your tools include personal objects that symbolically represent those positive changes you wish to manifest. Everyone has personal preferences on how to do this. My own tend to be a simple mixture of choosing a divination card to represent the energy of the change I would like to encourage into my life (again, not force) with a chosen crystal to either protect this transformation or bring Light to it. Bind or similar positive psychic healing practices, to begin to free up any damaging emotional ties that are holding back both sides of a dysfunctional relationship (whether at work or in your personal life). Going to a properly trained Healer can be a very supportive decision to help you further this aim in an energetically safe psychic environment. If the changes are not about personal relationships and (say) about attracting abundance or some other goal, then one simple way to use your psychic senses is to visualise a wide path of pure Light opening up from you to your intended goal. Notice if anything seems to be cluttering that path and imagine clearing it. See the path as open and clear, and see your goal also as clearly as you can, allowing yourself to feel really positive about

it and the difference it could make to your life. Again, ensure you include the psychic projection and intent that this goal should only manifest if it is for your highest good at this point in time, in accordance with Divine Will, and of course, if you only have one crystal which could do both, then choose a cleansed Clear Quartz, otherwise there are wonderful choices you could use, which are entirely personal. You could add gold/silver coins to help attract money, fresh plants/ flowers for vibrancy, good health and fresh energy (again some crystals are great for this too), photographs of yourself when everything was going well for you - looking relaxed, happy and positive, symbolic images such as Angels, Animal Totems, rainbows, photo of your ideal home etc, even the list you wrote earlier with the insights you made to represent the lessons learnt and are now moving on from in a wiser, more enlightened state of mind. 32

Adding something grounding/psychically protecting can be useful if you have been

under considerable stress as such experiences will throw the Aura, leaving it wide open and vulnerable. Once again certain crystals are excellent to assist this within you (e.g: Black Tourmaline, Malachite, Ruby and Garnet, to name but a few). Finally you can also consider echoing what you have on your altar by carrying similar items about your person as you go about your everyday life. Go to your altar regularly asking that it continues to exert its influence in a positive way until you feel life has been brought back into balance. One could devote an entire chapter in a book on this subject alone, but here I have tried to capture a few basics to inspire you all to go forward in a positive and more self-empowered way. Use your psychic senses to guide you and prevent you from wrong turnings and dark alleyways, that’s what they’re there for. Just take care not to use them to transform your life by force without regard for the greater picture and regard for everyone else who would be involved in the changes you wish to make. We still need our lessons and challenges, like it or not, as do others. It is how we make those changes that is important not what changes are made. It is how we use our power, particularly psychic power, how we go about manifesting and transforming life and how wisely we can proceed, discovering when it is right to push forward or, when it is better to hold back and patiently wait for a better time to change things. Good luck everybody and have a much more productive and happy new year!

Jane Butterworth, Spiritual Health Practitioner 01963 363049 33

Hello, we are the Arcturians Today we want to say congratulations to all who have "moved on up" in their spiritual life, their ascension. So many of you are really open to the ascension of the planet and yourselves and this is beautiful to us.

There are of course others who are afraid by what is happening on your world and these are living totally in fear. Many of these will stay in the 3rd dimension or lower 4th dimension and will live out their allotted time in this way. When they regenerate to another lifetime, they will move to another 3rd dimensional planet, where they may move on. They will not be able to return to earth/Gaia for this will be too high an energy for them. In the meantime those that choose to grow and evolve will help Gaia to ascend and to clear the negative energy upon her. We ask you to send out your light to the world. We also ask you to bring down the Diamond Light/Adamantine Light of God and spread this out to all on planet Gaia/ Earth. We know that you are capable of this and we salute you for your willingness to work on behalf of the planet and all upon her. We send much love and blessings to you, as we also send light to planet Gaia.

Channelled by Pamela Goodall 34

Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated at night with lantern displays and children carrying lanterns in a parade. The Chinese calendar is based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. The lunar cycle is about 29.5 days. In order to "catch up" with the solar calendar the Chinese insert an extra month once every few years (seven years out of a 19-year cycle). This is the same as adding an extra day on leap year. This is why, according to the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving. The celebration was traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honour of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors. The sacrifice to the ancestors, the most vital of all the rituals, united the living members with those who had passed away. Departed relatives are remembered with great respect because they were responsible for laying the foundations for the fortune and glory of the family. The presence of the ancestors is acknowledged on New Year's Eve with a dinner arranged for them at the family banquet table. The spirits of the ancestors, together with the living, celebrate the onset of the New Year as one great community. The communal feast called "surrounding the stove" or weilu. It symbolizes family unity and honours the past and present generations.


What a Year of the Rooster Is Every 12 years there is a Rooster year, beginning at Chinese New Year. A year of the Rooster always comes after a Monkey year and before a Dog year. Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

2017 Is a Fire Rooster Year — What ”Fire Rooster Year” Means In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is not just associated with an animal sign, but also one of five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth. Both the zodiac sign and the element shape the astrology of the year. For example, 2017 is a Fire Rooster year. Element-sign combinations recur every 60 years. The following famous fire Roosters will be 60 this zodiac year: Dawn French, Donny Osmond, Martin Luther King III, Stephen Fry, Hans Zimmer, Dolph Lundgren, and Jools Holland.

The Rooster's Personality: Observant, Hardworking... People born in a year of the Rooster are very observant. Hardworking, resourceful, courageous, and talented, Roosters are very confident in themselves.

Active, Amusing, and Popular Among a Crowd Roosters are always active, amusing, and popular within a crowd. Roosters are talkative, outspoken, frank, open, honest, and loyal individuals. They like to be the centre of attention and always appear attractive and beautiful. Roosters are happiest when they are surrounded by others, whether at a party or just a social gathering. They enjoy the spotlight and will exhibit their charm on any occasion. Roosters expect others to listen to them while they speak, and can become agitated if they don't. Vain and boastful, Roosters like to brag about themselves and their accomplishments. Their behaviour of continually seeking the unwavering attention of others annoys people around them at times. 36

Roosters are Healthy and Enjoy Sports People born in a year of the Rooster are typically healthy people. They are active and enjoy sports, such as hiking and swimming. Roosters don't get sick very often because they tend to fight illness well. Even when they do become ill, they feel better quickly. Roosters are a little sensitive, and they feel stressed and moody at times.

The Best Jobs and Careers for Roosters Roosters are more motivated than other animals in the Chinese zodiac, making their careers a priority in their lives. Roosters are hard working, multi-talented, and can deal with a variety of jobs. Good career choices for Roosters are newsreader, sales person, restaurant owner, hairdresser, public relations officer, farmer, athlete, teacher, waiter, journalist, travel writer, dentist, surgeon, soldier, fireman, security guard, and police officer.

Here are some of the world's most famous Roosters: 

Bob Marley (born 6 February 1945), a Wood Rooster

Jennifer Aniston (born February 11, 1969), an Earth Rooster

Jennifer Lopez (born July 24, 1969), an Earth Rooster

Britney Spears (born December 2, 1981), a Gold Rooster


Mediumship, Fortune Telling and Guidance By Mark Hartshorn There can sometimes be confusion around the difference between mediumship and fortune telling. I thought it might be useful to outline the differences here, so that when you go for a reading with someone, you know what to expect. Mediumship is basically communication with the spirit world. The Spiritualists National Union defines mediumship as “the transfer of information from the spirit of a deceased person via a medium to a recipient” A medium receives information from a loved one in the world of spirit and passes on information to you about the person who is communicating. The mediums job is to provide you with evidence that the person coming through is who they claim they are. Sometimes, you might need to do a little research amongst other family members to confirm the validity of the evidence given, but generally, you should know who the spirit communicator is. A good medium should be able to describe the personality of the spirit person, provide you with some information about the spirit person’s life and perhaps something of how they passed over. It is always worth bearing in mind that although there is often a great deal of love and support given from a spirit person during a reading, they haven’t become saints or all seeing all knowing gurus. They are often just the same as we remember them being when they were in the physical body on earth. That is not to say that they cannot develop and progress within the spirit world. Just as we on earth grow and change as we move through life, so the spirit people can too. With this in mind, it is worth considering when going for a reading if what you want is to hear from a loved one in the spirit world, to receive evidence of their survival, or if you

are looking for something else, as mediums are not necessarily fortune tellers or able to give messages from loved ones about what you should do or shouldn’t do in your life. I explain it like this. When your loved one was on earth, did you go to them and ask them what was going to be the outcome of your job change, new relationship or if you should move house. I imagine not. 38

Probably because you realised they didn’t know the answers any more than you do.

So it is in the spirit world. Loved ones are not necessarily any wiser or more knowledgeable about the future than they were before passing. If what you require from a reading is to know what is going to happen to you in the future, then this is actually quite a difficult thing to deliver. Although it is possible for some readers to predict the future, it is a little more complicated than simply passing on predications that can then be waited for. Let’s think of a situation where you might begin to think of changing your job. You become aware of being dissatisfied in some

way with your current job. You start to think of the possibilities of what you could do instead, how you might move forward and how it might work out. Perhaps you day dream and begin fantasising about the many different possibilities open to you. In addition, you may have fears, worries or doubts about moving on. All of these thoughts and feelings are held within your auric field and a good psychic will be able to pick up on them. The reader may then tell you about all the different possibilities you have been thinking of and also the doubts you may have about moving on with your work. I personally wonder about the usefulness of fortune telling as you wouldn’t know if what was said by the reader is true or not, until it has happened. Although of course, some comfort may be experienced in the waiting period. The readings I offer are intended to help you find your own way. I am passionate about empowering people to find their own answers, guidance and direction. Simply because doing this is more likely to help. I believe that everyone has the answers to their own problems within them and I see my job when doing a reading form someone as being to help them find their own answers and direction. So, in a reading with me (which by the way, I like to call spiritual guidance rather than readings) I will pass on information about your life, past and present and the choices, directions and learning opportunities that are open for you in the coming year. I like to highlight trends or patterns that you may be repeating or lessons that seem to keep reoccurring in your life. I usually find that someone from the spirit world calls in during the session too and pass on information from them. I often find that the spirit communicator has a message for the recipient that links with where they are in life and about what is happening for them at a particular time.


I always avoid direct predictions of future events, for I cannot be sure that I am not just

picking up on the thoughts and feelings held in the auric field and so would not want to mislead my client by telling them to get a particular job which is not right for them, simply because it is something they had fleetingly thought about. Instead I often get a sense of the person I am reading for and help them to see their choices and look at what might stop them from taking advantage of the options open to them. For me, the best readings or spiritual guidance sessions I hold for clients are those that are interactive, that is to say when the client joins in the process and asks questions and

where we work together to explore the different options and choices that are being considered. I hope and believe that in offering spiritual guidance to my clients, they become empowered to follow the path that is truly right for them and that our time together helps then to be clearer about the situations that concern or worry them. If I had a pound for every time a client says “you have told me exactly what I knew deep down inside� I would be a very rich man. For me, a spiritual guidance session is just that. Time spent

looking at life from a spiritual view point, which helps to uncover unconscious influences and blocks as well as latent talents and abilities that could be exploited. So, before going for a reading, it may be worth taking time to be sure that you know what it is you want and which kind of reader is most likely to be able to meet that need.


Channelled Message for the Year 2017 “The Personal Responsibility of Reaching Maturity on Your Spiritual & Psychic Path” Dear Reader, After a strange and confusing string of events happening both personally to everyone and being mirrored in the wider world across the globe, the arrival of 2017 may seem a welcome relief.

However there are many more challenges yet to come, still to manifest, needing to unfold. This means a stricter need to govern your personal energy fields, keeping up your psychic strength and actively practising self-healing and meditation techniques to strengthen the Aura, its psychic defences and your ability to cope with the increased pressure from the stresses which will surround you and your friends. The personal responsibility of reaching maturity on your spiritual and psychic path has never been more important. We make no apologies for writing these firm words. We have sent similar messages over many years only to watch from afar as good people listen, claim to understand, and then do not convert their personal promises towards self-improvement into an on-going (and now essential) practice to protect themselves. There is a chaos energy on a global level, eating into every part of your lives, itching like a sore to spread its discomfort, with a sole aim to distract you from your central paths of spiritual development (which include helping you find new and sometimes exciting ways to overcome the darker forces of such distraction) and instead getting slowly swallowed up by these forces, until you are too overpowered to extricate yourself from their sticky, cobweb ties. We see all this in energetic terms. We see all of you as patterns of energy being contained within your physical bodies. We then see the distortions and the shadows building as you not only cope with your own energy exchanges and reactions to life events but also exchanging with everyone else around you! It’s all a bit of a mess to be honest with you and it is a serious growing concern of ours as we observe the energy healing crisis that humans are heading towards. There are those who have no idea of what we speak. For them, we do our utmost to Guide and direct them. You can imagine how difficult this is when they are psychically closed or injured

from this or past lives. There are others who should know better. They have heard the ‘call’ and have opened their psychic senses, some with great relish and enjoyment which has been a joy to observe. Unfortunately many feel great enthusiasm but are still being lazy about their spiritual and psychic practices and wonder why their lives are feeling empty or disillusioned, despite having embraced this reopening. 41

The spiritual pathways available to bring about extended psychic awareness are easily found and

easily practised but not, we observe, easily followed through and maintained. Going on an annual retreat or workshop, or having an occasional spiritual healing of some sort, simply will not provide the strong fixative that is now needed to restore a person’s energy field. This is because the dynamics on and in the Earth have been changed. The planetary energy fields have been undergoing a particular transformation over the past ten years and human energy fields need to adapt rapidly to stay safe, anchored and comfortable. The teachings to cope with this have all been available for very much longer, in order to allow the required adaptation to these new frequencies. Without a concerted effort to use self-healing and balancing techniques (all freely available if anyone enquires), human energy fields are going to become badly distorted and human physical and mental health is going to deteriorate because the illness will have a psychic base not a physical one. Current medical understanding is not going to be able to treat an illness that is psychic. It is a different medicine. This is not a new set of illnesses that will develop in the future. They have already begun to manifest. People are already beginning to break down. Mental illness is appearing out of nowhere “there is no reason for the mental breakdown”; physical illness is happening suddenly without warning “one minute this person was fit, then the next, a sudden sharp decline” and so on. Many passings also have been occurring, some because they did not wish to become contaminated by the energy chaos we have described, and others because they would not be strong enough to cope with the changes and it is not for their highest good to remain. However, the so-called Age of Aquarius has opened and it is a transition time for all life forms, from a single-cell amoeba to an ancient forest, the consciousness within a rock, an Elemental spirit being, to the animal kingdoms and of course the Human races. All life forms are guided by higher forces and that guidance is given according to their ability to hear and understand our messages.

No-one is left to cope alone, even if they refuse to listen! But those of you who have endeavoured to open your psychic and spiritual senses have a greater part to play in this evolving cycle of Earth’s development. Your knowledge is invaluable to gently and lovingly help others adapt to this new energy construct. You can do this by teaching, writing or working as an energy healing practitioner, or just by example in everyday life, but always by ensuring your energy fields are kept clean, adjusted and realigned to the new frequencies, so that everyone who is close to you will benefit. Everyone you touch in whatever way, can be affected and helped by your own progression and psychic cleanliness and transformed fields. Do not underestimate your seemingly small influence. You are the pioneers to help this change but pioneers have to work hard and you will have agreed to do this at some level long before you were born. You have a psychic responsibility as well as a spiritual one. This is a very exciting time for all of you incarnate right now on Earth. Embrace this sense of excitement and use it as a positive force to help others and at the same time to help yourself progress as well! 42

We are not talking about living in mountain retreats, meditating all day or telling everyone you

love them. We are talking about being Human, being responsible, globally responsible too, carrying on working in your chosen fields but making a difference to everyone’s lives not just your own, and most of all, becoming fully engaged in all that this planet of yours has to offer in providing life experience in a physical world with its very strong etheric counterpart. In this respect you are all connected and by opening up your awareness of this so you will strengthen your ability to maintain these connections. These connections are of course not limited to your planet but to all the realms of Spirit, here and in other dimensions you cannot perceive or ever know about. How you behave ultimately affects everything and everyone else. We are all connected. We all need each other. As one heals, so will another. Equally, as one descends into chaos, so will another. There really is very little option as to which direction you choose to follow if your world is to improve and future generations are to be born. So our central plea is to ask that all of you, already open to spiritual awareness and practice, see the year of 2017 as one of ‘reaching maturity’. Let the new year be your turning point from the play-school of easy-going spiritual learning to taking your personal progression seriously from now on, on a daily basis, in order to help the world progress together. Such personal responsibility has never been so important. We are always with you, every step of the way, but

as you are our link with your Earthly dimension, we need your help too. ____________________ Channelled by Jane Butterworth from her Angelic Collective Guides. Jane is a Spiritual Health Practitioner who practises a deep and profound form of spiritual healing called Soul Rescue Healing which embraces many disciplines of energy healing, including Crystal, Sound, Spirit Release, Past Life and Ancestral healing. She is Secretary to the national, newly formed Soul Rescue Society and works near Sherborne, Dorset and Central London. She also sees clients for Spiritual Guidance Readings and heads a Spirit and Land Clearing team called Spiritus Exit. Please see her website for further details: 01963 363049


I am an intuitive astrologer working from a

spiritual and karmic perspective. Using a person’s birth chart I am able to access current life and karmic knowledge and aim to empower people by helping them access their own inner wisdom and knowledge, thereby gaining a better understanding of them self and their life. Peeling off surface layers to reveal the deeper and spiritual meaning

behind circumstances and events, I guide them on their spiritual journey, so that they can fulfil their Soul potential. I am a qualified crystal therapist, Reiki master and NLP practitioner and combine my skills to give consultations and personal development workshops. Based in Devon, I connect with clients around the globe. As well as contributing to The Psychic Link, I write monthly astrology insights for Judy Hall's newsletters. Terrie Celest

07962 181222

The Astrology of January, February and March 2017 A Happy New Year to you all! What does 2017 have in store for us astrologically? Well, it’s a bit like a famous quote about football, a game of two halves. The first half of the year is where we need to continue the work we started last year. There are continued challenges and opportunities too for growth, and it might feel like we are trying to pedal uphill. This is when we need to dig deep into our inner strength and determination and keep going and is a preparation time for the second half of the year, when we reach the top of the hill and can mainly freewheel down the other side, although we need to watch out for potholes and make sure we are going in the direction we want. Jupiter in Libra is continuing to prompt us to find balance and seek justice in the area of our chart in which it falls. Jupiter is central to this years’ astrology, as it repeats challenging aspects to revolutionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto, before it changes signs, entering watery and deeply emotional Scorpio in October. Jupiter acts as a magnifying glass, enlarging anything we see through its lens, so we will continue to experience highs and lows as these aspects trigger areas of our lives. Saturn’s continuing visit to Sagittarius also brings contrasts, depending where it is and what it is triggering in our own charts. 44

It is challenging us to remain optimistic, to have faith and trust when we are in one of

those lows. Good for learning anything “spiritual�, it has some supportive aspects at times, that help to give some structure and to calm down the Jupiter energy, curbing excess and bringing about new rules and structure. Remaining in Jupiter’s home sign of Sagittarius for most of the year, it enters its own sign of Capricorn on 20th December. Uranus, and Pluto remain in Aries and Capricorn respectively. They continue to highlight, both personally and globally, fast advances in technology, breaking away from restrictions and control, letting go of the past and bringing the wider world into our everyday lives.

Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, continues to provide the undercurrent to our lives as the most over-looked but quietly, the most influential planet in the skies right now. Its innate, nebulous nature, means it is not noticed as much as the more direct and action-oriented planets. Working on an unconscious level, it is both fuelling idealism and fanaticism, dissolving boundaries and promoting compassion and understanding and raising our spiritual aspirations and vibrations. Watch out for potent eclipses in February and particularly August this year. Saturn also

has three major dates that are full of potential, March 8th, May 4th and November 25th, when it crosses the Galactic Centre.

January 2017

As the New year begins, Mercury is the only retrograde in the chart, briefly returning to Sagittarius for a few days before going direct on 8th. We then have 4 weeks with all planets direct, bringing a time when we can move forward, as much as a handful of planets in Pisces will allow. It is a very creative time, although potentially a bit too flexible, with an emphasis on Mutable planets and no planets in Fixed signs, meaning that things will feel changeable and lacking stability. 45

The Sun’s change into the Fixed sign of Aquarius on 19th January will add more direction and mental discipline, but Mercury won’t be out of its shadow until 29th. Jupiter and Saturn are still closely sextiling, although separating, Uranus and Pluto are still squaring and Jupiter is also separating from its opposition to Uranus, making a difficult T-square (Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto). Chiron adds to the mix with a sextile to Pluto. The Full Moon in Capricorn on 12th, highlights the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. There are also a lot of aspects to Chiron, and a lot of idealism, making it an emotional time, that can ultimately help to clear and heal old hurts. As I mention in my Full Moon insights (available on my website), , this can mean that if things are going well, they could go very well, but if you are struggling, it might make you feel worse before you can find the breakthrough. January’s New Moon in Aquarius on 28th, at just past midnight (GMT), has restless energies, brought about by our perceived limitations and restrictions. Once the light grows with the New Moon we can see that these were just part of our own imagination and self-deception, as the only thing that limits us is our mind. Mars entering its home of Aries the day after, is a signal to dust off our running shoes, although we may only be jogging for a few weeks.

February 2017

Throughout February we will need to work hard at expressing the positive, logical,

Intelligent and humanitarian side of Aquarius, as its maverick side will be easily dominant, as it accentuates differences. Jupiter is slowing to go retrograde on 6 th, which often brings a flurry of activity, albeit short-lived. The retrograde takes it away from its sextile with Saturn but towards its second opposition with Uranus. 46

Over the next four months we have to rely on our own resources and this will, at times, be tested. Mercury is powering its way through the zodiac and changes signs twice this month, starting in Capricorn, entering Aquarius on 7th and then progressing to Pisces on 25th. We will feel that the pace of life is quickening as the days are lengthening, and leading to the Spring Equinox.There are a pair of eclipses in February which start with the Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse on 11th, with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo and some tricky karmic aspects but also huge opportunities. There is a tremendous flow that we can tap into and we are being encouraged to let go of ego and

to see the bigger, more humanitarian picture. This mix of signs usually highlights a head/heart dilemma, and with the Moon eclipsed, the head is going to be dominant, making it difficult to access our feelings for a while, whilst the emphasis is also on the present. The Sun enters Pisces on 18th, and immediately highlights old karmic energies, and brings a more creative, but potentially nebulous month. Increased compassion is accessible, but we could lack clarity and fall into victim/rescuer patterns. On 26th, we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces, which conjuncts Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, but there is enormous energy from Mars in its own sign of Aries, activating the Jupiter and Uranus opposition which is almost exact, and their T-square with Pluto. Hang onto your hats with this one, and get the fire extinguishers ready as there are explosive, but transformative potentials!

March 2017

March starts with contrasting energies of Fire and Water. Fire can heat Water, making it boil or creating steam, and Water can put out the Fire. 47

This Fire is action-orientated, and the Water is spiritual, creative or idealistic. Which

will win, might depend on how they are affecting your personal chart. If the Fire isn’t expressed, and we aren’t able to take action, frustration and anger will manifest. Water is a much softer, more unconscious energy but has a relentless quality about it, that can erode rock over time. In addition, Mars and Venus, representing the archetypal male and female energies, are in Mar’s own sign of Aries, very dynamic and action oriented. This is a month of trying to find inner peace and balance amidst great contrasts and growing frustrations.

On 4th Venus goes retrograde. This is a vital point and time of re-evaluation in relationships, including anyone you have a close partnership to, such as business partners, close friends, and can even include bank managers, doctors, dentists etc. Is there an imbalance, are they still worth our effort? Are we giving much more than we are getting back? Asking these questions leads to having to make a decision on whether or not to continue, or to redress the balance. If change is needed, the imbalances need to be aired and discussed. For the rest of the month, with Venus retrograde, we have a time of reflection when we can assess what is really important to us and make decisions about changes that we want to make and financial commitments are included in these re-evaluations, which can take more solid form at the New Moon on 28th. On March 8th, Saturn makes the first of its three crossings of the Galactic Centre, opening a portal that can bring inspirational and spiritual downloads. Find a time to sit quietly, breathe deeply and imagine that Galactic Centre and its infinite potential. This month’s Full Moon is on 12th March, with both the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo making difficult karmic aspects, creating a time to release old karmic wounds and what does not fit into our present or future. In particular, old grief, disillusionment and victim energies can be released. With the astrological New Year on the horizon, it is time for a reality check, to lighten our load and to become more of our authentic self. The Spring Equinox, marking the Sun entering Aries and the start of the astrological year, is on 20th March. We have equal amounts of day and night and it is officially the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This is when we can really get those running shoes on and sprint forward, initiating all those plans that have been budding and evolving over the winter months, although there are still challenges until May. The chart for the day suggests that the coming three months are full of potential but we have to take charge and harness it. 48

If we sit back and wait for things to come to us or lose faith in ourselves or the world,

we will bring more focus on any challenges we already have. Is the glass half full or half empty? We always get more of what we put our attention on so pay attention to all the things that are going well and trust that things will come good. March’s New Moon is in Aries on 28th. With Venus retrograde, this is a time to balance our male and female energies, to take charge of what we want in our relationships and to start firmer foundations for our finances. Decide what, and who, you really want to invest your time, money and energy in and begin to put the foundation stones in place.

This will stand us in good stead for the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Looking ahead, April brings the end of Venus retrograde, but Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto then begin their retrograde phases of the year. May is when things can really take off this year, and will be particularly good for Fire signs. There will be a change of focus and we will be dealing with different karmic issues as the Nodes change signs to the Aquarian/Leo axis and Saturn has its second crossing of the Galactic Centre. More on that next time!

All dates are based on GMT Š Terrie Celest


Forget about new year’s resolutions, expectations and the pressures to achieve Resolve instead to reconnect with - and celebrate - who you truly are! It’s Time It’s time for me to let go of the past, To forgive, to release, to be free. It’s time to unhook from what might have been, To love life as it is; to just be. It’s time to accept; to value my truth, To cut all that binds me to pain. It’s time to rejoice in who I am now, To connect with my soul once again. It’s time to believe in myself; in my worth, To look forward and let life begin. It’s time to respond to the call of my heart, To unleash the potential within It’s time to reclaim the power I own, To step into my truth and be free, It’s time to unfold; to spread out my wings, It’s time to simply be me. ©Suzi Garrod 2016

This poem is my call to action; a call from the heart to value your truth and reclaim your personal power. It is particularly poignant at this time of year, as this is when we make resolutions; our commitments to change. We resolve to change something about ourselves, or our lives; with the intention of becoming happier.

“I’m going to get fit”, “I’m going to lose weight” “I’m giving up alcohol”, “I’m going to stop smoking” “This year, I will get my dream job” All these common examples of new years’ resolutions appear, on the surface, to be positive and affirming. 50

The implication is that achieving them will somehow make us happier, healthier or even wealthier. Beneath each resolution, however, lies a level of discord. Beyond the positive intent, there often lurks a limiting belief; an inner voice, that says “who I am or what I do right now is somehow not good enough”. Not good enough, according to whom? What drives us to unconsciously collude with the pressure to be, look like or do, what other people expect? This pressure often stems from external expectations which have, over time, become internalised into a distorted belief about who we are, and who we should be. The underlying script which our unconscious mind repeatedly whispers is: “When I am X… or when I achieve Y… then I will be happy… or I will be loved… or I will be accepted”. The X and the Y, whatever they represent, are values that are often created and then projected upon us by other people or society. They do not necessarily represent what

we really want. Rather than setting resolutions that are potentially driven by externalised sources and limiting beliefs, I encourage you this year to sit quietly and commit to honouring your own deeply held core values instead. Consider the following for a moment or two: What are the values that you want to follow? The true wishes, hopes and dreams that you hold in your heart for yourself?

These values are the real source of your happiness; the aspirations that are true for you and you alone. Filtering through the layers of external expectations and accessing your core values can, however, be a difficult task. How do you know whether a belief that you hold comes from the mind (external) or the heart (internal)? This is what so many of my coaching and counselling clients are seeking when they come to my therapy room or workshops. They want to know how to recognise and

unhook from the expectations layered upon them by parents, teachers, partners, peers or societal patterning; they seek guidance on how to connect with their own truth, their own wisdom; and how to incorporate their real values, hopes and aspirations into their lives. 51

Carl Rogers described this process of connecting with our truth and selecting goals based on our inner nature and purpose as our 'organismic valuing process'. We begin to actualise and value ourselves, when we begin to value our own beliefs and follow the path of our own inner nature, as opposed to that which has been defined for us by others. You can read about some of the techniques I offer and teach in the Empowerment Therapies section on my website, and over the coming months I will be writing about other practical ways to connect with your inner truth on my blog. In addition, the 8 Week Mindfulness and Meditation course I teach is specifically designed to introduce powerful, yet simple techniques to help you quieten the mind, relax the body and access the wisdom within your heart. The next course starts on Monday 23rd January and further details can be found on For now though, you could try the technique below to help you identify a deeply held value you wish to commit to this year. Find a quiet place, somewhere you won’t be disturbed or distracted, and take a few deep breaths. Spend a few minutes doing some gentle breathing exercises or do some tapping to help calm the mind. (I’ll be uploading some guidelines on breathwork and tapping to my website shortly). If you already have a mindfulness or meditation practice, sit for a while and allow your mind to quieten. If not, then simply focus your attention on something that you know will help you to relax – listen to music, go for a walk or take a warm, relaxing bath perhaps. Find a way that works for you; one that will enable you to disconnect from the outside world and the chatter of mind. Begin to connect with your inner world and the whisperings of your heart. Simply observe any negative thoughts that may arise as you begin to relax. Don’t engage with these thoughts, don’t judge them or try to push them away; simply

observe. Keep breathing slowly and mindfully, for as long as you need to, consciously drawing your energy and focus down; down from the mind into the heart.


As you find yourself relaxing more deeply, quietly set your intention to connect with your true values; the values that are closest to your heart. When you’re ready, take a piece of paper and write down the following. “If I could have just one thing in life, anything at all, what would it be? What is it that I value the most?” Reflect on that for a while and write down the answer as it comes to you. Then ask yourself: “If I already had this one thing and I could have one more, what would it be? What else do I truly value?” As the answer comes, write it down. Keep asking yourself the second question and write down the answers until you can think of nothing more. At first you may find yourself writing abstract things such as “happiness”, “peace”, “love” or “success”. That’s absolutely fine. Simply allow your consciousness to write whatever comes; soon you will find that more specific values and wishes reveal themselves. If you find yourself struggling and cannot get beyond words such as happiness, peace, love or success, don’t worry. Simply ask yourself: “What does [your chosen word] feel like or look like to me?” Be gentle with yourself, keep focussing your energy on your heart, give yourself all the time you need and trust that the answers will come. Once you have your list of values, re-write them in order of importance to you at this time. Think about how you can practically go about achieving the most important one over the course of the following year, and then list at least 3 ways in which you can practically move yourself towards that value or goal. Stay focussed in your heart space, rather than letting your mind interrupt or block the flow. Imagine that anything was possible and there were no obstacles in your way at all - what can you do to help yourself move towards the most important value on your list? Write down everything that comes to you, without questioning it. 53

Here’s a quick example: Step 1: Q: If I could have just one thing in life, what would it be? What is it that I value the most? A: Love Step 2: Q: If I already had this one thing and I could have one more, what would it be? What else

do I truly value? (repeat question until nothing else comes) A: happiness, peace, freedom, health, abundance, a comfortable home, being able to travel, learn laughter yoga Step 3 Re-order the items on your list in order of importance to you right now: Happiness Travel Love Peace Health etc‌ Step 4 Pick the most important one and expand on it


What does happiness look like to me?


Laughter, feeling carefree, dancing, spending time with friends, being out in nature, going to festivals or music concerts, listening to loud music whilst dancing around the living room, watching funny movies whilst eating salted popcorn and chocolate.


What practical steps can I take to bring more happiness like this into my life this year?


Plan monthly dates in my diary for meeting up with friends Plan to go to at least one festival or concert this year Dance wildly at least once a month (either at home or at a venue with other people) Make time to listen to music that makes me happy once a week Go out for a walk in nature at least once a week 54

Once you connect with the values within your heart, the answers will flow; and you will

easily create a list of practical steps to achieve your most important goal. By the end of the exercise you may end up with a list that, at first glance, looks quite similar to a new year’s resolution list! The difference is, the items on this list align with your inner nature and what is right for you. They connect with what your heart’s desires, based on values that are important and true to you; not anyone else. For the purposes of this exercise I have asked you to choose only one value to expand upon. However, there is nothing stopping you from going back and repeating the exercise for your other values once you have achieved your first one. Remember, these are your values, your goals. You have the power to choose what, when, where and how – and the answers are always within. Happy New Year and blessings to all. Satnam Suzi

Unleash Your Soul Potential Life Coaching, Counselling, Meditation Classes, Reiki Training, Holistic Therapies Individual sessions, bespoke packages, workshops and retreats. Tel: 07896 665560 Skype: Soul Potential


Candle Magic From above to below Flows the pattern of perfection From desire to manifestation

Flows the pattern of Magic From within to without Flows the pattern of my will Candle magic is probably one of the simplest forms of magic to get started with. You need nothing but the candle and fire to light it with. Candle magic can also be seen to be complete within itself, as the body of the candle is made up from the elements of Earth, Air and Water. To complete you need fire and spirit. Fire is easy, and Spirit can be represented by the wick of the candle, as the wick is where the potential of the candle lies and will be unfolded with. With the candle lit, the flame of your intent will burn. CANDLE MAGIC have been used for centuries for magic and ritual. We light candles at holidays, a practice that takes place in many different religions, cultures and traditions. Candles invoke the divine, they create a sense of ceremony and they are fascinating to look at. Candles can be purchased anywhere, by anyone without anyone blinking an eye or suspecting magic and witchcraft! Through their ability to help you to focus on your wishes they make your heart's desire come true. Try it next time you want to make something happen in your life! 56

Below is a few simple guidelines for using candles in magic! Unwittingly you probably performed your first act of Candle Magic when you where very young on your birthday, blowing out the candles on your cake and making a wish! This tradition is based on the three principals of magic; being concentration, will power and visualization. You have to concentrate to blow the candles out, wish and see your dream coming true - absolute magic!

Important pointers on choosing a candle: Choose a plain candle, of uniform shape. Having unusual or large candles can be distracting and is therefore not suitable for magical use. Candles used for magic should always be Virgin (unused) at the start of the ritual. Using second hand candles or other materials in magic can have disastrous effects as they might have picked up vibrations from previous use, even if it was just on a dinner table! It is a very good idea to make your own candles if they are for magical use. It will increase the magical potency of the candle many times. It is very easy to make your own candles, simply heat the wax until liquid and pour it into a mould which is treaded with a wick. The wax should now be left to cool, after which the mould can be removed. Oils and colours can be added to the Wax for extra effects.


Charge your candle before using it in ritual. This can be done by anointing it with oils associated with the ritual or magic you intend on performing, or by simply touching it and charging it with your own energy. Whilst charging the candle, visualise the North and South Poles - rub the oil into the candle starting at either the North or South end and always brush in the same direction. The oils used in the anointing of your candle should where possible always be natural fragrances.

Astrological Associations for Candle Magic 

Aries -Red

Taurus- Green

Gemini -Yellow

Cancer- Silver

Leo -Orange

Virgo -Yellow

Libra -Pink

Scorpio- Red

Sagittarius -Purple

Capricorn -Black

Aquarius- Any Colour

Pisces -Mauve

An absent coven member can be represented by a candle representing their sensing, or if you are doing a spell for someone you can represent that person with a candle representing their sun sign. 58

Colours for magical purposes: White - Can be used for any purpose. Black - Attributed to Saturn. Saturn is used for retribution and when we have been wronged - revenge. Be careful, you may feel that you need to punish someone at once with a Hex and make them suffer! That is real power yeah? Wrong! Remember the laws

of return, and avoid this temptation! This is most probably why Saturn is the teacher. Black candles is used for Discord, protection from retribution, power, strength, banishing rituals and protection. Blue - Peace and Harmony, protection, healing, curing fevers, re-uniting friendships, house blessings, breaking bad habits, overcoming addiction, clearing atmosphere where

there are arguments or trauma. Brown - Used for the Physical Planes, as a combination of the colours Green and Red, Mars and Venus blended together as one. It is often used to separate, and also for grounding and stabilizing. Brown is ruled by Pluto, the Lord of the Outer Spaces and The Dead. In Candle Magic, Brown is used for spells involving: Concentration,

balance, ESP, intuition, study, justice and separation. Gold or light Yellow - This colour attracts Cosmic influences and is beneficial used in rituals intended to bring fast luck and money. It is also used in rituals needing solar energy. Green Venus.- Venus rules on an earthy level, and green can attract all the things ruled by Venus. Treasure, antiques, worldly possessions. Green is often used in conjunction with orange, Mercury candle - used to clear obstacles in the way of revealing hidden treasure. 59

In Candle Magic green is used for fertility, good fortune, generosity, money, wealth, success, renewal, marriage, healing cancer and helping with female problems. Indigo - This is used in meditation and ritual which demands the energy of Saturn, such as deep meditation, balancing Karma, stopping gossip and astral projection. Magenta - This has a very high vibrational frequency and tends to work very fast. It is often used with other candles. General uses involve - quick changes, spiritual healing and exorcism. Orange Communication - Orange is ruled by Mercury, the divine messenger of the Gods. Orange works well when two people wish to have their telepathic senses opened together. Remember that Mercury is a trickster and when using this to "invade" another person, the trick could be on you! This is excellent for job hunting, success, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, sudden change, control, power to draw the good things in life and to change luck. Pink - Pink is THE romantic colour, indicating love, affection, romance, spiritual awakening, healing of spirits and togetherness.

Purple - Used to gain honour, respect and recognition of others.

General uses in Candle Magic would include: 




Financial gain

Higher influences.


TRAITS OF AQUARIUS, PISCES AND ARIES Aquarius Element: Air Colour: Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black Ruler: Uranus Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Libra Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Leo Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof Aquarius likes: Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation, a good listener Aquarius dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, people who disagree with them

Pisces Element: Water Colour: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green Ruler: Neptune Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Virgo Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52 Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr Pisces likes: Being alone, sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming, spiritual themes Pisces dislikes: Know-it-all, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt, cruelty of any kind

Aries Element: Fire Colour: Red Ruler: Mars Greatest Overall Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Libra Lucky Numbers: 1, 9 Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports Aries dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one's talents 61

LONELY IS A WARRIOR Imagine in a cloudy sky A lonely cowboy riding by An Indian on bended knee Searches his face in silent plea See the soldier standing still his sword held high, upon a hill A rifle points his way to Hell Then he is gone no tale to tell A ship sets sail across the sea The people hoping they are free Then bombs that greet them at Death's door Is this what's meant by bloody war? A knight upon a snow white horse Slays other men with no remorse A lonely woman being brave Stands alone at a loved one's grave And as the picture fades from view Hope that " he" sees as I do Our message written on the wind “Forgive the world for we have sinned" Gina Stokes 62

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