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WPA 2014 Recap by Amy Rivas

Volume 2, Issue #5, May 29, 2014

Upcoming Events Spring Quarter Learning and Memory Presentations Students in Learning and Memory will present their research project on June 3, from 4 to 5 pm in Davidian Hall.

June 3 Final Exams

When I found out about the location for this year’s WPA, I immediately wanted to attend. Not necessarily for the psychological knowledge that would be bestowed on me, but for the coffee shops, Powell’s Books, Voodoo Doughnuts, and the immense amount of trees. Though I did feel that Portland’s air is quite different from that of California (it’s the trees, I swear!), that was not all that I took away from the trip. I was able to sit on the right-hand side of Philip Zimbardo during one of his presentations…and by that I mean I was actually on the far right side at the back of the room with 400 other drooling students. During my weekend stay, I talked to other students from different schools about their research projects and prospective graduate programs in psychology.

Final Exams are held from Monday, June 9 to Thursday, June 12.

June 9 – June 12 Graduation Congratulations, class of 2014. We wish you all the best for your future!

June 15 “There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding.” – Erik Erikson

As an incoming junior next year, I know that 99.748% of my thoughts will center on graduate schools, and many of the graduate students and professors I met at WPA gave me so valuable tips to hopefully keep those future thoughts at bay. I also overcame my fear of presenting research to (and possibly, boring) complete strangers. With that, I’d like to send out a huge thank you to Dr. Charlene Bainum for boosting the confidence of our research team and calming our nerves before the presentation. Overall, Portland granted me some important connections in the psychology world, many public transportation adventures, and a set of refreshed lungs, not to mention better defined biceps from all the Powell's books I lugged around the city. See you (and Zimbardo, but hopefully at a closer distance this time…) in Vegas!

Psychology Insight

Volume 2, Issue #5, May 29, 2014

Through the Camera Lens


Psychology Insight

Volume 2, Issue #5, May 29, 2014 Alison Batchelder

Guadalupe Arambula

Taryn Richert

Future plans: Masters in School Psych Future plans: PhD Clinical Psych @ Palo Alto Future plans: Favorite memory: Favorite memory: Internship / Masters in MFT WPA – Reno, Portland Walking into Fulton’s class and hearing Favorite memory: Psi Chi at Fultons – free food him sing and dance to “Apple Bottom Getting yelled at for trying to move the Christmas party Jeans”… haha. curtain, Dr. Bainum using those eye shields All the times we got free food! and trying to follow a line on the board Candace King Maricela Frias with them on in physio psyc, and Fulton Future plans: grad school Future plans: 1 year of mission always dancing to music at the beginning of for Art Therapy work; grad school classes Sara Nelson Favorite memory: Favorite memory: Future plans: Internship Going to WPA in LA Social psych with the grad Favorite memory: Amanda Weston Kaitlyn Dent class 2012. During lab He His pronunciation of “water” Future plans: More school Future plans: law school! Bainum trying to convince and “height” Favorite memory: Favorite memory: everyone that DATA IS Social Psych – Data is previous Margaret’s bread pudding All the WPA trips were PRECIOUS!!! Principles of counseling w/Fulton Schneider’s chocolate pie incredible, and I love working B.Bainum’s missionary story with Drs. Charlene Bainum (twice!) and Fulton on the projects that went there! Holly Batchelder Future plans: Palo Alto w/Ali & Danielle Jenny Lee Favorite memory: Future plans: LLU 8am Research Design Favorite memory: Getting called out for 3 years of Social Psych falling asleep in class. Lab Embarrassing! “YOU CAN’T HANDLE

Graduating Psych Majors


Nicole Swope Future plans: Being an artist, build portfolio, publish children’s book, and going to Art Therapy or MFT in a few years

Danielle Nelson Future plans: PhD Clinical Psych @ Palo Alto University Favorite memory: Finding out Aubyn Fulton didn’t get fired…

Megan Smith

Jennifer Patten

Rachel Kaneakua

Future plans: waiting to hear from LLU masters in Future plans: Mission work for Future plans: ACA in Florence, Italy Child life specialist program – or taking a year off one year, then medical school Favorite memory: before applying to a PhD program Favorite memory: Learning all that I could from Dr. Favorite memory: Fulton, being snarky with Dr. Bruce Dancing to, and doing the WOP in Loathing the Hist/Syst course yet ironically missing Bainum (AKA: “The Princess”), and the psych dept in front of Margaret, Monte Butler, Fiona it post survival…sophrosyne! watching Dr. Charlene Bainum get up Bullock, and Erielle who gets the and teach G-Psych everyday Erielle Apelo video credit. Future plans: Internship at MFT clinic in Melabi Amponsah Rene Maldonado SF for 1 year, then grad school Future plans: PhD Future plans: PhD in Counseling Psych, Sports Psych Favorite memory: program in Clinical Favorite memory: During test review we would play Psych @ Biola Dr. Fulton and Dr. Bruce Bainum helping me realize that jeopardy with Dr. Bruce Bainum Uni/Rosemead sports psych was the best fit for me. (Brunum), and when we would come Favorite memory: Just coming into the department every day and knowing across a “daily double” he woulud say Officially becoming a “Boi-yoi-yoi-yoi-yoing!” :) Made my day how much the professors care about me and my future psych major =) each time he did it during class. makes me so happy. They are forever a part of my life.


Psychology Insight

Volume 2, Issue #5, May 29, 2014

Alumni Spotlight: Catherine Brubaker Catherine Brubaker, one of our treasured PUC Psych alumni, is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. After years of intensive therapy, relearning how to walk, talk, and regain cognitive function, she is now challenging herself with Spokes Fighting Strokes’ “Road to Margaritaville”, a 5,200-mile bike ride from Washington to Florida. Here’s her story. What inspired you to take on the 5,200-mile challenge? Why bike? I found my freedom in my recumbent bike when everything else was so limiting. I could not drive, I could not walk without a walker. I could not be independent. The 5,200-mile journey attracted me instantly because I feel normal when I ride my bike. I feel like I am NOT disabled. I have the freedom to go anywhere I want to. The more I biked the longer I could bike and the stronger I became, and I realized that I was healing the more I biked. I became clear in my thinking. My body and brain started to work better than before. I was much less depressed and felt that I had some sort of purpose and identity. You must understand that much of my identity was wrapped up in my work and career previously. Now that that was gone I had to create a new identity which I found in art and riding my bike. 5,200-mile trip is a challenging task in many aspects. How are you dealing with the obstacles? A few months ago I fell on my face in a big way. I felt no purpose and was suicidal. However, after hitting the bottom, I realized I had a choice to either live or die. So I chose to live, and to live well. I chose to live vibrantly and with everything I had. I chose to live with passion and everything that I do, and I chose to look at life differently. I have to choose that every single day. I choose to look at what I do have and not what I don't have. I choose not to view myself as disabled or homeless or unable to drive. I choose to look at myself as a cyclist. I choose to view myself as an artist. While my living conditions are not ideal I am NOT in want. I have a large support network now that I did not have a few months ago. I realize that life is more than stuff. What are your future plans? I will continue riding my bike. I’m planning future rides, and I also plan to travel with my friends. I found an app that allows me to get around town all by myself, which is quite liberating. What do you want to say to the PUC psychology students? Find your passion and dig into it with all that you have and explore all of your curiosities while you have the freedom and the time to do so. Question authority. Don't just accept status quo answers, ask why. Come to classes with clear minds like empty cups, and let them be filled with the treasures of knowledge, the experience of the wonderful professors that you have at your disposal. In all my years I still treasure the education that I received in that department above all education that I have ever received – because they taught me to think, to ask questions. When you get out into the big bad world and you realize that your safety net is gone, be prepared to protect yourself. Hate does exist. Not all people think openly and accept you for who you are. Cover your drinks. Be aware of your surroundings. I don't care how old you are; you are still vulnerable and still could be a victim of crime. The lesson is not to be scared all the time but to be aware. Don't put yourself in precarious situations. Have an exit plan.

You can learn more about Spokes Fighting Strokes at, and support Cathy on her journey at


Psych Insight  
Psych Insight  

Volume 2, Issue #5, May 29, 2014