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SUPPAK+ PortFolio Pongsakorn ‘Tum’ Suppakitpaisarn BLA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


type Professional Team

project City Home Phuket

organization Supalai Public Co. ltd.

Condominium landscape Phuket, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Nangshe Garden, Hong Kong

coworker Senior LA Chumpol Chaiyachok Senior Arch. Vithul Pownacharoen Proj Advisor Ongarj Lertawisilpkul



Nangshe Garden, Hong Kong


RESIDENTIAL City Home Comfort Sky Lounge Dream Home Home for Health Fun Farm

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Park and People Active Community Space Learning Together

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Environmental Neighborhood Urban Green Healthy Community

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Construction Drawings The Third Dimension Telling the Story Greener Tomorrow

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type Professional Team

project City Home Phuket

organization Supalai Public Co. ltd.

Condominium landscape Phuket, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

The goal of this project was to design a landscape for a condominium complex in the middle of a congested city. The basic requirements were to follow Thai environmental law that specifies the minimum amount of green space per acre, and of course we want to maximize the recreational area and parking for the residents. Given the architectural base plan, I created a playground and a sidewalk connecting to the swimming pool, used trees to frame scenic view from which the residents can see the canal, and placed a sculptural design at the entrance.

role Junior Landscape Architect

I also achieved the client’s desire to mix eastern and western architectural influences by using ornamental elements such as fountains, doorways, fence posts, and decorative wall textures with the accents from both cultures.



type Professional Team

project City Home Phuket

organization Supalai Public Co. ltd.

Condominium landscape Phuket, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Phuket is a growing city. The green spaces are slowly being taken away by that rapid growth. Supalai Co., the company I interned for, decided to offer more green space to the community with a rooftop garden over the condominium complex, City Home Phuket, that has an overlook toward the sea.

role Junior Landscape Architect

Since the weather is extremely sunny and windy most of the year, I used the trees to shelter people from wind and sunlight. To utilize the space and respond to the rooftop garden requirement, I added 275 feet track so the runners can run in laps, then I provided the seating area to enjoy the vista of the sea. In the middle of the open area, I applied the helicoptor landing to welcome special guests as well as to prevent fire hazard.



type Academic Individual

project Wallace Residence Residential Design Champaign, IL

This residential project took place in Champaign, IL. The client wanted an ease of maintenance, year round aesthetic interest, and a welcoming feel. I experimented with a few concepts, and came up with a simple design that optimized the space in his 2,000 square feet backyard. The front porch accommodates casual acquaintances, while the back porch welcomes the close neighbors and visitors who would like to spend more time to enjoy the scenery.

In the process, I incorporated the Sims3 game into the design by constructing the house and garden into the virtual world and allowing the client’s character to live and move around the space.



type Academic Individual

project Barnes and Long Residence Residential Design Urbana, IL

My agenda for Barnes and Long residence sounded simple at first: to respond to the residents’ needs. The residence consists of five members of different ages and lifestyles: the grandmother with a wheelchair, two environmental friendly working parents who need to host social events, and two small daughters. I designed this space with three layers of their needs in mind: health, social contacts, and environment. To help re-

lease the constant pain for the grandmother and regenerate the energy of the parents, I created the nice outlook from the window into the yard for them to enjoy. I provided the space for the social events and contacts with the neighbors with the extended front porch and the barbecue area on the back. To reduce their carbon footprint, I also added in the defined prairie area, the vegetable gardening zone, and the compost area in the backyard.



type Academic Indicidual

project ProtoFARM Champaign, IL

In this project, I designed in an 19-acre residential site. The southern half of the property is a 9 acres of tree farm, and the northern half consists of an oak savanna, a prairie meadow, and a canal. The owner wanted his house and farm to be open for agricultural education tour.

I divided the tree farm into subsets containing the tree farm, a pomology farm, a bee habitat, and a fish pond to demonstrate the regional agricultural practices around the region. To respond to the client’s desire for fun activities, I added the jogging lap, a boardwalk through the oak savanna, and the camping ground to the northeastern side.



type Academic Individual

project Brent Johnson Park Mahomet, IL

Brent Johnson Park serves the community in two ways: first, as a green space. secondly, as a dedication to Brent Johnson, a brave boy who died while saving life. I chose the athleticism of Brent Johnson as an inspiration the community. The park consists of fun and vigorous activities spread throughout the 6-acre area including a skate park, basketball court, jogging laps, social gathering area, sculptural garden, plazas, and playgrounds.

To keep the memory of Brent Johnson, I wanted to inspire the community to come together and ‘keep moving forward’ in their lives. I created the dynamic pathway connecting two entrances to the pavilion that contains the memorial garden in the center.



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Goettel, Gonzalez, Suppak, Waddy: FALL2009 LEGEND Available after school Existing structure Surrounding Bldgs. Healthy tree Park property School property Passive area MLK Jr. plaza Children’s play area Active area Visual area Access to the park Extending parks Kid’s crossing

type Academic team analysis individual design

project Martin Luther King Park [Analytical Phase] Urbana, IL

Martin Luther King Park is a small neighborhood park located on Lincoln Street, which is a gateway for the city of Urbana from the interstate highway. The park also accommodates the students from the Martin Luther King School to take their experiences beyond the classroom. The park had recently attained an extension and need a new design to allow more activities and usage. In this phase, teams of students surveyed the neighborhood park, the connection to the other parks, and came up

role Created analytic diagram Co-designed the conceptual master plan

with the design analysis of the new park that will include Martin Luther King Sculptural Plaza as a part of the city gateway. I, as a part of team, constructed a functional analysis of the existing Martin Luther King Park and suggested the extension of active recreation and learning space. I also collaborated the on extension of park and gateway elements to the neighborhood roadways to create the united experience between the park and the community.



type Academic team analysis individual design

project Martin Luther King Park [Design Phase] Urbana, IL

Martin Luther King Park, as analyzed, functions as a buffer between the entrance of the city of Urbana, the surrounding community, and Martin Luther King School. With its unique function, the park design has to function well for the neighborhood, the city, and the school/ With this goal in mind, I divided the park into three sections: the plaza and play space, the gathering space, and the active recreational space. While the active recreation

can serve the students of Martin Luther King School and people in community to be healthier. The passive recreation and gathering space brings people together. The plaza area tells the story of the community and bring children to enjoy adventurous playground and the nature play area. I also introduced native plantings in the Martin Luther King Park redesign in order to reduce water usage and to create a unique experience in this dynamic green space.



type Academic Team

project 2050 Development Urbana, IL

Our mission was to design a community fifty years in advance on a land that is now the 16 acre pomology research farm at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We wanted to introduce to the site a new way of living that had more green space, more local food production, and as little carbon footprint as possible.

role Created analytic diagram Co-designed the conceptual master plan

Instead of central green space, the vegetative area is spread throughout the community. We offered orchards, numerous garden apartments, and space for community gardens. To update it to 2050, we also introduced a monorail system within a quarter mile distance from most residence and implemented the existing bus route to our site.



type Academic Individual

project 2050 Development (2nd phase) Urbana, IL

Urban Green is a second phase of design development toward 2050 community in Urbana, IL. In this phase, each team member selected a specific area of the community and fleshed the design out in detail. I selected the south eastern corner of the community, where there are variations of housing, transportation, and life style. I placed the orchard in the center of this area for production and to encourage a peaceful lifestyle. Toward the east side are more condensed, younger residents in there 20-30s are welcomed to the modern lifestyle adjacent to the monorail station and the business district.

Each of the housing design aims for one principle: to optimize the green space. I made a transition between the private to semi-private to public green space to encourage the residents to come outside, meet the neighbors, and bond as a strong community.



type Academic Individual

project Songsville Chicago, IL

Songsville is a community design project with in achievable price that locates in the middle of the city. The developer company requires this approximately 6-acre site to contain at least 34 housing units, 80 parking spaces, and a preschool for 100 children. The project aims to create a strong and positive relationship between neighbors to create a healthy community. To encourage residents to meet more often and generate social interaction, I aligned the doors of the residences, added sidewalks, and applied the courtyard into the design.

I also included three major green spaces to the site: a rain garden at the low point of the site to manage storm water, the community garden, and the active recreational cafe that the community can gather.



type Academic Individual

project Construction drawing exercises

These are the collection of the construction drawings and site engineering solutions I have been working on. The projects helped me learn the standard of documents as well as the formal presentation of engineering works/



type Academic Individual

project Balmy Nighttown Model Study

The relationship between objects is one of the important qualities of a good landscape, and Balmy Nighttown was built to study the function of relationship. Starting from a picture of a fan on a table, turning round and round in a balmy fall night in the studio, I expressed the quality and turned it into a small urban space that people gather to sit and relax.

The material used was foam board. The glowiness of it reflects the light creating a mystical energy coming from it. Tired from being inside the city? I invite you... to this Balmy Nighttown.



type Personal Individual

project Who Gave Bib Bob a Belly?

organization CJ Book Illustration Award

Illustration Competition Seoul, Korea

These images are a part of an illustration series ‘Who Gave Big Bob a Belly?’ It is the story about the child obesity in the United States. In the story, I explained how the surrounding factors can contribute to child obesity and discussed how to alter those factors to prevent and solve the obesity issue. I constructed the series as an entry to the CJ Book Awards Illustration Competition 2010 in Seoul, Korea.

The inspiration for these illustrations come from a group discussion with Professor William Sullivan under the effect of built environment to health.



type Competition Team

project FarmarT Metropolis Competition 2009

This project is an entry for the Metropolis Annual Design Competition 2010. The theme is ‘One Design Fixes All:’ a design solution to alleviate the environmental issues across the world and can be applied anywhere. During the preliminary stage, my team conducted extensive researches to solve the local food production problem and storm water drainage issues. We consulted many resources including an engineer and a horticulturalist. We discovered our solution by creating a vertical garden on a parking lot lamp post. The post uses the water from parking lot storm water drainage to water the vegetables on

top of the lamp post. Because we are using a hydrophobic system, there is no soil required. Our group sketched rough designs and built the virtual models with SketchUp to study the form and scale. We submitted the model along with a series of Photoshop renderings, Adobe Illustrator diagrams explaining how the system works, and AutoCAD drawing of the invention. In the last page of the submission, we included the cost-effective calculation report to show the benefit of our project in 20 years after the construction.



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