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Prince of Songkla University International College or PSUIC is very proud of our first batch of students in Digital Media Program who are graduating this year. With the PSU student identity I-WiSe, it is ensured that our students will have the Integrity, Wisdom and readiness to serve the Social engagement in the nation or the ASEAN region. This year more than sixty percent of our junior students had attended the Cooperative Education Program with training in real world industry for at least four months, while the rest of the students attended a two-month internship program. Our curriculum will provide opportunities for students to have the hand-on experiences for a better learning outcome and image of their careers. PSUIC had an opportunity to take its fifty freshmen to visit Seoul in Korea to be inspired by the latest technological innovations and also experience the Korean culture and life style. As being an international college students, the excursion was very important for them, since they found the necessity to gain more worldwide knowledge. The students loved the trip and competed among themselves for the best multimedia project award.

In an academic year 2015, PSUIC granted a three-million baht scholarship to outstanding students. In order to facilitate the students’ performance and learning, three million baht was invested in new high quality and powerful equipment. More international students have come to study here at PSUIC. Also, promoting both inbound and outbound exchange program is the main policy of our international college. In the future, we will get MOUs for more student exchanges and double degrees. PSUIC is growing stronger and stronger to a professional level to be one of the leading international colleges in the region. All PSUIC staff and students always stand for His Royal Highness Prince of Songkla Mahidol Adulyadej, the King’s father motto “Our Soul is for the Benefit of Mankind”. Grateful thanks to our PSUIC team both academic staff and supporting staff for their determination and passion for moving forward continuously with hard work to support our beloved Digital Media students. As their second home apart from their parents, we are very happy to support all students to be ready for your bright and successful future in an international employment. Executive

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wiphada Wettayaprasit


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Student Activities

- 3RD ASEAN Future Leaders Summit 2015 (AFLES) - Character Design Workshop 2015 - ASEAN Night 2015 - Seminar for Visual Development - New Adventure, New Beginning Camp 2015 - Mister and Miss PSUIC 2015 - PASA THAI 2015 - Digital Marketing for Online Business Workshop - DM Camp#3 - Loy Krathong Workshop 2015 - PSUIC Annual Merit Making Ceremony 2016 - PSUIC Valentine‘s Day 2016 - PSUIC Sport’s Day 2016 - PSUIC Songkran Day 2016 - ByeNior 2016 - SAMO Retreat 2016 - National Public Relations - International Roadshow - PSUIC Admission Channels - Coorporate Social Responsibility

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Vision To become one of the top three International College in Thailand

Mission 1. To provide International Programs that meet the needs of businesses and industries nationally and globally. 2. To provide International General Education for international programs. 3. Support and promote Research in related Digital Media.

Culture “Our Soul is for the Benefit of Mankind�

Core Values PSUIC


Professionalism Social Responsibility Unity Internationalization Creativity




Prince of Songkla University International College


Our Staff

Staff Awards The PSUIC Top Teachers of the year 2016! Once again, 2 PSUIC Lecturers gained the highest vote from students; 1. Aj. Jittrapol Intarasirisawat, the lecturer who gained the admirable teacher award. 2. Dr. Athitaya Nitchot, the lecturer who gained the best teaching award.

Congratulations to both of them. The valuable staff of PSUIC. !!!!



Profile Executive

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wiphada Wettayaprasit - Ph.D. Computer Science, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand - M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Missouri Columbia, USA - B.Sc. Mathematics, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Aj.Wiphada Director of PSUIC


Jittrapol Intarasirisawat - M.Sc. Communication and Media Engineering, University of Applied Science Offenburg, Germany - B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institue of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand


DM Lecturer (DM Head) Lecturer

Dr. Tanate Panrat - Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand - M.Sc. Computer Science, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand - B.Sc. Computer Science (2nd Class honors), Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand

Aj.Jom DM Lecturer



Dr. Athitaya Nitchot - Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Southampton, United Kingdom - M.Sc. Web Technology,University of Southampton, United Kingdom - B.Sc. Computer Science, Bangalore University, India

Aj.Poohn DM Lecturer


Wirote Jintagoson - M.F.A Computer Art School of Visual Arts, NYC School of Visual Arts, NYC, USA - B.Arch. Industrial Design, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand


DM Lecturer Lecturer

Teerasak Phovijit - Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in computer Art, Rangsit University, Thailand

Aj.Yai DM Lecturer

Lecturer / Artist

Thomas Dryden - Advanced Art & Design, LCA&D, England

Aj.Tom DM Lecturer


Associate professor / Lecturer

Mileta Postic

- M.A. Art, Design and Media, Portsmouth University, UK - B.F.A. Studio Art, University of South Carolina, USA

Aj.Mileta DM Lecturer


Sanja Postic - M.Des. Digital Design, Kyung Sung University, South Korea - University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Aj.Sanja DM Lecturer


Jaiake Ritthipruek - M.A. English as an International Language (International Program), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand - B.A. Hispanic Philology (2nd Class Honors), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Aj.Shah GE Lecturer


Omeleila Salarvand - M.A. in TEFL, Azad University, Iran - B.A. English Literature, Tehran University - CELTA, University of Cambridge

Aj.Leila GE Lecturer



Hambalee Jehma - M.A. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Thammasat University, Thailand - B.A. English Language and Literature, Thammasat University, Thailand

Aj.Way GE Lecturer

Supporting Staff

Cherdchun Plianpho

Job Responsibilities - Policy and Planning - Quality Assurance - Public Relations

P’Nok Educator (Professional Level)

Supporting Staff

Kanokrat Chaiyawong Job Responsibilities - GE and DM Coordinator - HR Officer

P’Jew Educator Supporting Staff

Visa Panbut Job Responsibilities - Purchasing - Student Activities - Student Recruitment

P’Pao Educator 08

Supporting Staff

Sanit Kaewsatian Job Responsibility - Information Technology

P’Pik Computer Technical Officer Supporting Staff

Chuenrudee Tuina Job Responsibilities - GE Coordinator - Public Relations

P’Waen Educator Supporting Staff

Daorat Phoonsrirat Job Responsibilities - DM Coordinator - Cooperative Education Coordinator

P’Ya Educator Supporting Staff

Wilailak Romyenthaworn Job Responsibilities - Student scholarship - Student Activities - Internationalization - Secretary of PSUIC Director

P’Yui Educator 09

Staff Gallery


The article from PSUIC Staff

Dealing with Student Gen Z Dr. Athitaya Nitchot

“Teaching is a way to learn” ….. Two years ago when I was assigned to teach my first classes, being nervous was one thing I considered at that time. Teaching people is not easy at all and this has totally challenged me a lot. In my first few months of teaching, that was a disaster. There were many unexpected situations that occurred on both my side as a teacher and the students’ side. Personally, I found that I needed to improve my teaching skills and also to fully understand the courses as much as I could. Every time before I teach, I need to prepare the lesson in full as if I am going to be tested. Once the students ask me questions, I try my best to answer all of them. The students come from different levels of knowledge, background and interests. Lack of motivation to learn is one of the most important problems I have faced up until now. I must confess that I reduced my strictness at the beginning and learned. Sometimes, I could be their sister and listened to the problems they had. From time to time, the students also taught me indirectly how to deal with them. They sincerely talked to me about the problems they had in the class. I tried to help them as much as I could.

11 11

There are some tips I would like to share with all of you :


Prepare teaching materials in advance. This is to make sure that everything is ready and the show must go on.

TIP 2 Practice teaching before. As being a new lecturer, practicing how to teach is very important. This will help you to understand lessons before teaching in real environments.

TIP 3 Just be patient. With the occurrence of unexpected situations, You must be tolerant to solve problems appropriately.

TIP 4 Be open minded. We must accept the fact that nobody is perfect and if we make any mistakes, just apologize and correct them.

TIP 5 Rules are rules. Rules must be informed to students and everyone must stick with them.

Lastly I would like to encourage all new lecturers, to do their best and never give up.

12 12

Internationalization Prince of Songkla University International College


“You need to explore the world? We bring the world to you.” Jaiake Ritthipruek In pursuance of having graduates who meet international market expectations, PSUIC provides its students with various internationalizing agents to catalyze their Chomskyan little black box, intriguing their innate language device and the perception of the world around. Academic staff We never stop seeking for professionals who have experiences in working in the real industry and especially in the international market. We welcome lecturers from all over the world to share their direct experiences with our students. 2015-2016 have been golden years for our students that they have had a chance to be exposed to a tangible multicultural environment, since we have a skillful graphic designer and a sophisticated 3D animator from Serbia, Aj.Sanja and Aj.Mileta Postic. They have worked for various international organizations and traveled to many parts of the world. Our students have been impressed by the knowledge they shared. While enjoying a fun and informative class, they have acquired an efficient media production process, new skills and techniques and learned about international market trends and expectations. Moreover, we have a new English lecturer from Iran, Aj.Omeleila Salarvand, to help us improve our students’ language skills with her beautiful British accent and the native level fluency and accuracy. She can effectively share her key techniques to become a successful foreign language learner. This year our English preparatory course has been delivered intensively and effectively, guaranteed by Aj.Omeleila’s 12 years of English teaching experience. In addition to foreign experts, our Thai lecturers also have experiences living and studying abroad in different countries: England, Germany, Spain, USA, India and Malaysia. They can apply different teaching and learning styles they have seen in their classes to build an international environment for our students.


Exchange students Supplementary to our internationalized staff are our exchange students from different nationalities. They have come to complete a perfect realization of the concept “Difference but no disagreement�. Each individual has his own learning style and this heterogeneity gives life and energy to the class. When the time comes, students will be ready to adapt naturally to multicultural environment, express themselves properly and respect people with different backgrounds. Excursions A picture is worth a thousand words. PSUIC have set up various trips for our students to explore the real world, feel the different cultures, see the advancement of media industry and find an inspiration and new ideas for their work. We have been to distinctive places like Singapore, Europe and Japan. This year, we have organized a trip to Korea, led by Aj.Sanja and Mileta who had worked their before. The highlight of the trip was Sumsung company visit which really gave an influential inspiration to our students for its innovative graphic design technology and animation. At the end of the day, PSUIC always encourages and supports the students to set out their sail and learn from the world outside the classroom.



To KOREA! Mileta Postic Our trip to Korea was very intense. When our PSUIC department director, Asst. Prof. Dr. Wiphada Wettayaprasit, announced in February that we would go to Korea for a trip with first year students, everyone was very excited because we know how much Korea has advanced in Digital Media in the past two decades. The preparations were long and thorough and it paid off. We had 3 intense days in Seoul packed with excitement.




We stayed in the Insa-dong area, which is located in the heart of the city, and is an important place where old but precious and traditional goods are on display. There is one main road in Insa-dong with alleys on each side. Within these alleys are galleries and traditional restaurants, teahouses, and cafes. When we arrived, we went to visit the Animation Centre which provides comprehensive support to Korea’s cartoon and animation industry. The center runs an information desk, which offers educational programs, holds events to support new talents and productions, and hosts diverse events and exhibitions (animation film festival, etc.). After that we went to Namsan park and “N” tower. The 236.7 metre tower sits atop Namsan Mountain (243m). The observatory offers panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas. Thirty years and countless visitors later, the structure was renamed ‘N Seoul Tower.’ The letter ‘N’ stands for the tower’s ‘new’ look, which resulted from a 15 billion won remodeling project in December 2005.

Animation Center 17


On the second day we went straight to DDP center. Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) which is a blend of traditional buildings, relics and cutting-edge modern multicultural facilities. Seoul Fortress, Igansumun Water Gate (floodgate channeling water from Namsan Mountain to Cheonggyecheon Stream and Seoul Fortress), Dongdaemun History Hall, the Dongdaemun Excavation Site, Dongdaemun Sports Memorial Hall, Event Hall, and Design Gallery can all be found at the DDP. We spend about 4 hours at the Design Gallery built by Zaha Hadid. That is the biggest and most impressive of such a centre in the world. In the afternoon we went to Hongik or Hongdae area, a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground culture. and freedom of self-expression. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art markets and gourmet eateries make this a popular hang-out for local youth and a fascinating place to walk around. These unique places plus the cultural events, street performances, and festivals held here make Hongdae an area that is always packed with people and excitement. Special streets are ateliers’ street (lined with private institutions for art students preparing for university entrance exams), Picasso’s Street, and Club Street.

DDP Center



Samsung d’light

DAY 3 On the third day, half of the group went to see the biggest temple and the other half went to Seoul Art Museum that feature an exclusive and brilliant Dreamworks production exhibition, that students were really excited about. We all met at Bosingak temple during a ceremony when all the bells were being played and had lunch in the very good restaurants around there. In the afternoon we all went to gather at Samsung D’Light which was a very futuristic and exciting experience for everyone. Located within the Samsung Electronics building in Seocho-dong, Seoul, ‘Samsung d’light’ is a global exhibition space that showcases the latest product lineup by Samsung Electronics. The name d’light combines the words ‘digital’ and ‘light’ to correlate with the company’s vision of being ‘a guiding light to the digital world’ and sharing the excitement and delight of digital technology through interaction with visitors. The ‘d’ also carries with it the connotation of ‘dynamic,’ ‘dream,’ and ‘diversity’. Most students and lecturers left to Thailand at that time whereas the Director and 3 professors traveled south to Busan to establish cooperation with two very successful Universities and their Digital Media programs. One is Kyung Sung University and the other one is Dongseo University. The meetings were very well organized and very important because we established firm relationships for our department’s future collaboration. Kyungsung and Dongseo Universities both have been recognized four years in a row for outstanding specialization in multimedia. they continue to boldly change existing educational paradigms by bringing together separate disciplines through multimedia education. At Kyungsung, the College of Multimedia has a goal of producing experts in the field and fostering a future-oriented educational environment on campus.


At Dongeo, areas such as computer games, movie industry, advertisement, art and design are the target domains for employability of Informatics and Digital Contents study programme graduates. One of the essential distinguishing features of the digital contents industry is its global nature and extremely broad entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities

After graduating from this study program, students are able to compete internationally, since the digital content field is highly dynamic, and based on the principles of network cooperation. A creative worker in digital contents industry is flexible and able to work with various interesting course units while using global information exchange channels.

ssful, e c c su ry e v s a w IC U S P r The Korean trip fo inspiring and useful. 20

PSUIC International Students Wilailak Romyenthaworn With the collaborations between Prince of Songkla University and Prince of Songkla University International College, Hat Yai Campus, it has offered opportunities to Cambodian students to study in Thailand through, Her Royal Highest Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn’s Scholarship. According to the scholarship, students will get their benefits with the following details: 1. Full free one-semester tuition waiver worths 85,000 THB. 2. One round-trip airfare from your country to Hat Yai, up to 30,000 Baht. 3. Accommodation provided up to 3000 Baht per month. 4. Living stipends of 5,000 Baht per month. 5. Re-entry renewal application fee of 1,000 Baht per year 6. Visa renewal application fee of 1,900 Baht per year. 7. Other education expenses of 8,000 Baht per year. 8. Health insurance that covers up to 2,000 Baht per year. Importantly, it’s a very great honor and pride for PSUIC and our students to have an audience Her Royal Highest Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn every year. Here is a Cambodian student who was granted the scholarship in 2015.

Mr. Sambat Lim Cambodian Student at PSUIC

“I am very pleased with getting the full scholarship from PSU by Her Royal Highest Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn. I have learned many things during my study and stay in Thailand. It is a great opportunity for me that I have had the chance to pursue my bachelor’s degree in PSUIC. Everything that I have learned from PSUIC is what I expected when I was in Cambodia. Moreover, PSUIC does not just provide us the knowledge, but also we can apply our knowledge in the real work and change our behaviors. Teachers, friends, and staff are very friendly and kind. They make me feel at home like I live with my family. Last but not least, I would like to thank PSUIC that gave me the chance to get my bachelor’s degree here and all lecturers, staff, and friends who gave me a very warm welcome.”


s t n e d u t S e g n a h c x E d n u o b


Wilailak Romyenthaworn

From August 2015 until July 2016, PSUIC has had 6 inbound exchange students from Brunei Darussalam and 2 outbound exchange students to Japan and Singapore through the scholarship which offered by PSU named “The Scholarship Awards for Bachelor Study - Thailand’s Education Hub for the ASEAN+6 Countries (THE-AC)”. PSU had divided the scholarship into two sections. One is the scholarship for Thai students to go abroad in ASEAN+6 Countries and the other one is the scholarship for ASEAN+6 citizens to study with us with the following details: No.

Types of Scholarship


One semester courses (up to 5 months)


Short term courses or Sit-in program (up to 3 months)


Cooperative Education or Internship (up to 7 months)

Scholarship Thais

ASEAN+6 Citizens

According to those scholarships, students will get their benefits with the following details: No.

Types of Scholarship


Full one-semester tuition fee

Scholarship Thais

ASEAN+6 Citizens

Depends on requirements 85,000 Baht per scholarship


One round-trip airfare

30,000 Baht

30,000 Baht


Monthly accommodation fee

4,000 Baht

4,000 Baht


Monthly living stipends

8,000 Baht

7,000 Baht


Health insurance

5,000 Baht per scholarship 5,000 Baht per scholarship

The wealth of information about the scholarship can be found on PSUIC official website: http://www.uic.psu. For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Prince of Songkla International College, Hat Yai Campus (PSUIC), office phone and facsimile number: (+66) 74 282 831, E-mail:,, and

22 22

Me ssage

One semester’s exchange students in PSUIC during August 15

- December 26, 2015.

from the PSUIC Foreign Students Alumni Haji Saman Mr. Abdul Hazim Bin enc salam e, Universiti Brunei Darus Faculty of Art and Social


“I am very satisfied with what PSUIC had offered us during our stay in Hat Yai, Thailand. The campus environment is very different from the one in our university in Brunei. In terms of design building… the efficiency... lecturers… admin staff… students… and specially class subjects. Personally my photography and designing skills have been developed as fast as a sky rocket. I learned a lot not only academically but also culturally I have gained a lot of knowledge in PSUIC. I have also learned a lot of important survival Thai language in a short time. The students are quite shy at first, but then they want to talk more with us, they are very friendly and helpful. I personally wish that had known that PSUIC offers such a good opportunity like this earlier, I would have started my bachelors degree. Thanks PSUIC for welcoming us to learn and share with you! Love much to PSUIC especially P’Yui for taking care of us during our time at PSU ”

“Exchange Study Program in PSUIC has been a very enriching and rewarding experience. I am grateful to have met amazing people in PSU who are very aspiring and mentoring. I would love to continue my studies here if there are any available modules. I couldn’t ask more for Exchange Study Program here to have a productive and rewarding experience because it’s more than enough.” ni Bin Pg Md Roslan Mr. Ak Md Nurul Syaza alam nce, Universiti Brunei Daruss Faculty of Art and Social Scie

Mr. Hasanol Irsyad Bin Haji Asnan

i Darussalam

Faculty of Art and Social Science, Universiti Brune

“I am satisfied with what the PSUIC had offered to us during our stay in Hat Yai, Thailand. The school environment is way different to compare with our university in Brunei. In terms of photography skills and graphic designing skills, I had learned a lot and I am improving quite well. I have gained a lot of knowledge during my stay. Academic wise I have also learned a lot about the Thai culture. The students are quite shy at first, but when you get to know them, they are very friendly and very helpful. Thanks PSUIC! ”


“Studying in PSUIC, Hat Yai has been really great as it gave me the chance to experience different styles of education and another side of my major that has not been exposed at my home university. The photography course was very challenging, yet it was beneficial. Besides focusing on my studies, I also had fun joining their activities and trips organized by the faculty. The students here are very active and helpful, some of them will stay overnight doing work in campus and whenever we need help, they are willing to guide us. I enjoyed my stay and my studies in PSUIC which was a “once in a lifetime” experience. Thank you for welcoming us.” Miss Rabi ‘Ah Binti Abdul Rahim

i Darussalam

Faculty of Art and Social Science, Universiti Brune

Miss Siti Syazwani Binti Haji Mohamad Usop salam i Darus

Faculty of Art and Social Science, Universiti Brune

“My experience so far with PSUIC has been outstanding because not only did the lecturers give their utmost attention in delivering excellent teaching, but the facilities have also provided us something new that we do not have back in Brunei. Therefore, not only have we learned and exchanged cultural information between Thailand and Brunei, but we have also learned a lot of new things from each other. Thank you PSUIC!”

Miss Zumaihanisa Biti Haji Myidin

i Darussalam

Faculty of Art and Social Science, Universiti Brune

“During my Exchange Study Program at PSUIC, I had learned four modules: Online Television Series Production; Light and Photography; Eco-Conscious Design; Science, Technology and Society. Classes are conducted in lecture-tutorial style. The lectures and tutorials were conducted both in formal and informal manner, and all teaching staff were highly approachable and very friendly. The lecturers were very clear and good at explaining concepts. The academic staff were flexible, and they tried their best to help students learn more and pass the course. Consequently, the overall experience of learning at PSUIC was a pleasant one. Secondly, the people here are very polite, generous, helpful and friendly. The people love nature, sports and the outdoor. Throughout my exchange study at PSUIC, the university also conducted some interesting cultural activities for international students to join such as Asian cultural week, Pasa Thai workshop and Loy Krathong Festival. Those kind of activities gave me opportunities to make new friends and learn new things. Moreover, I also got a chance to explore interesting historical places, waterfall, beaches and islands in Thailand. Traveling for me is half about meeting people, I had exchanged ideas and information about each other’s countries. I learned about anything from geography and political systems, to food and climate. In conclusion, I found the Exchange Study Program an extremely enriching and rewarding once-in-a-lifetime adventure filled with tones of exciting experiences. It is more than just an academic venture, because it encompasses so many lessons about life itself. Apart from making new friends, experiencing different cultures, travelling to many awesome places, Exchange Study Program helps to develop my personal skills and hone my personality in many ways. Students going for Exchange Study Program have the chance to be in unfamiliar environments and confront the unknown, which is a similar to the corporate world which we have to enter after we graduated. My lessons learnt were about people and the world we live in. What I had hoped to achieve on the Exchange Study Program, these I got and more unforgettable memories and friendships to last a lifetime!”


Outbound Exchange Students Miss Ong-on Witthayathada A third-year student from PSUIC Types of Scholarship: Exchange students at Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan. “It has been an interesting and amazing experience for me to be an exchange student for one month at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. I am having a wonderful time here. All of students and teachers at Meiji University are very friendly and welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed my exchange and learnt a lot from it. During my stay, I was able to experience new things that I had never known before. I had learnt about Japanese society, Japanese language and Japanese policy. Not just subjects but also people skills.”

Miss Srunchard Promyan A third-year student from PSUIC Types of Scholarship: Trainee at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza, Singapore. “It was the best opportunity in last year to be an intern in Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for 3 months. I gained a lot of experiences such as communication skills, management skills and photography skills. I met new friends of different races and different languages. I saw wonderful places in Singapore that I had never seen before. Although I was an intern for a short time, it made my mind open to learn new things and meet a new world..”


Malaysia & Singapore PSU Staff’s Development: Backpacking Trip to ASEAN 2016

Visa Panbut In ASEAN Economic Community, English skills are very important to all Thais in order to communicate with people from other countries especially people from ASEAN countries. Prince of Songkla University would like to motivate all staff to focus on English skills, since staff with better English skills will also help to improve the image and make the university more competitive. They will also attract more foreigners to visit Thailand. To improve the staff’s English skills, one of the effective methods is to stay abroad and challenge themselves in different environments. Thais usually love travelling and this time the university gave the chance to some staff to broaden their experiences in Malaysia and Singapore. First, the project was launched and was interesting for many staff. It was divided into 2 phases; first was held in May 18th – 20th and second will be in July. This project limited to only 7 groups for one phase. The details of participation were 5 people in each team, they should have a leader who would come and present their ideas to interviewers that how their groups would do to encourage their team to use and develop English skills abroad. PSUIC applied to this activity, there were 5 ladies - Kanokrat, Visa, Chuenrudee, Daorat, and Wilailak participated in and led by Khun. Kanokrat.


Thank you for Khun Kanokrat, our leader, she was encouraging and brought confidence to interviewers that we all would be able to use and improve our English Skills while being in Malaysia and Singapore. It was time to depart Thailand. We travelled on May 20th at 4.00 AM in the early morning. Yes, it was very early for this trip because we had to catch a fast train from the border of Thailand to Kuala Lumpur. It took around 4 hours to KL Sentral Station. While being on the train, we took a lot of photos as you can see. This train was very comfortable and had a good scenery that you would see along the way to the destination. It was a really good time to be on a wonderful train. This trip, we visited many places that we had visited before and some we had never like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Singapore, and Johor Bahru respectively. One of the memorable things that impressed us a lot was rickshaw in Malacca tricycle-three-wheel bicycle- with different decorations and sound & music. We hired 3 tricycles and paid 25 Ringgits per one travelling around tourist spots. Place and people were unforgettable. Of the foods, we could find good taste of fruits like watermelon, mango, guava with good dipping sauce in China Town in KL. That good dipping sauce was made by MSG, Nong Yui recommended this to us. Thank you Nong Yui for giving us a new experience in food abroad. Moreover, we could find a new star for taking videos. Thank you Nong Ya for having good scenes in many places and also Nong Wean for having an amazing camera, every shot was unbelievable. They really made us look better.

We were impressed and memorized by all we saw. Also we have learned and shared cross-culture style together with the local people as well. Communication with people over there was easy to do because they were very nice and friendly. Finally, we would like to thank PSU, that not only gave us the chance to have wonderful time together, but also to broaden our experiences in Malaysia and Singapore. We had a really good time. PSUIC Girl.


Omeleila Salarvand

The Experience of a Lifetime My time here at PSU has truly been a wonderland of delights. I have had so many amazing experiences that have all helped me to develop and grow as a person. The wish that I made when I first came to PSUIC was “I hope I will be given the chance to work here” and that wish came. I first entered PSUIC in September 2015 for an interview and my initial thought was “this is a great school”. Over the year this statement turned out to be completely true. I was nervous in my interview but right away I found that my soon to be colleagues were all helpful and friendly. Moving abroad to teach and start a whole new career and life is daunting enough but thanks to the people around me, both in work and out, I found the move quite easy and started to like my new life here instantly. Working and living in a stress free environment with amicable and supportive colleagues was my long term dream which I achieved by being given a great opportunity to work in PSUIC. Teaching in Thailand was my goal which I set when I was doing my CELTA course in 2013. I found Thai people very cheerful, open to friendship and helpful especially while teaching my students. My pupils are fun and happy and can be keen to learn and it has been great to teach them and watch their knowledge increase and their personalities change and develop over the year as they become mature and professional adults with a wider vocabulary in English. It has been a joy to work at PSUIC with my colleagues and students alike, it has truly been the experience of a lifetime. Sanya Postic


I come from Serbia but I also lived and worked in South Korea and South Africa before my decision to come to Thailand. East Asia was already known to me since I had also traveled to Singapore, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Japan before. Now, after experiencing Thailand, I can see the cultural and other differences between these countries. The diversity that East and Southeast Asia offer is beyond words and something everyone should experience in person. Teaching full time is new to me. Sharing the information is easy, but teaching is another matter entirely. It includes being reliable, honest and most of all sharing the knowledge and keeping up with the latest trends and information. Specialized fields in digital media are being created daily with new trends and job possibilities for students arising every minute. It is their decision to involve themselves in the struggle of this industry. Possibilities are endless which make this profession great. They can change, develop and evolve into a variety of professions with the knowledge and skills they gain in PSU International College. All Ajarns share the responsibilities and tasks. It is easy to fit in if you are working hard. Being a foreigner doesn’t have any disadvantages because courses are in English. We all work together as a PSUIC Family.


Academic Excellence Prince of Songkla University International College



Outstanding Accomplishments

Dr. Tanate Panrat

Despite being a regional university in southern Thailand, our students have the capability and readiness to be challenged in both national and international digital media industry. In the national competition our students expressed themselves and produced digital works professionally. Congratulations to Mr. Sikkawat Mayachiew, Mr. Pawaris Saekhoo, Mr. Kantaphon Soonthornthanakom and Mr. Supawit Charoenwetch on winning an award for producing a 3D animation story for kids named ‘One and a Half’ in the Media Contest hosted by the Kids Radio and Media Association. This project aims to promote ethics in children and youth in Thailand. In addition, ‘FAKEBOOK’ by Mr. Supawit Charoenwetch, Mr. Worrawat Fontiem and Mr. Sikkawat Mayachiew received the 1st runner up award and a prize valued 50,000 Baht in the 3rd National Children and IT Contest in Thailand. This event was supported by the Cultural Surveillance Centre and the Ministry of Culture. Moreover, in the 18th Thai Short Film Festival, a digital film “The Converse” produced by Digimon Media production was listed as one on the five movies to be on for two weeks. This time Mr. Sikkawat Mayachiew, the director, described the real life of a transgender woman from Southern Thailand. Furthermore, Mr. Mayachiew has cooperated in producing another animation movie named “Dea(e)r Colby”. The movie was listed in the last twenty for the Young Thai Artist Award. Meanwhile, Mr. Fontiem’s animation got through as one the last six contestants in the semifinal round of the B.A.D Student Workshop 2015 organized by Bangkok Art Directors’ Association.


Not only the students from animation and VFX tracks have brought us pride, but also the students who major in interactive media and application, Ms. Parnrawee Nilaphan and Ms. Ong-on Wittayathada have made it to the semifinal round of the 12th Young Webmaster Camp organized by CP All Group and Baidu Company. In that camp, the two students were divided into different groups and were assigned to work with other students. Finally, Ms.Wittayathada and her team won the Social Innovation Award and the Baidu Favorite Team Award.


Academic Excellence

Workshop Daorat Phoonsrirat

Practical Quadruped Workflow and the Creative Process On September 9th, 2015 Mr. Andrew Collins, Senior Lecturer at Teesside University, who was previously working on and supervising eight Hollywood blockbuster movies, as an Animator and Technical Director, he performed live on how to animate a Quadruped (which will be a cat), through blocking to a standard ready for final polish. On this occasion, he shared some of his insights and experiences on the creative ideas of generation and creative workflow. It was an excellent opportunity to see a Hollywood and Oscar animator/ visual effects artist live! Aspiring animators and current animation students attended this interesting and interactive event given by this fantastic guest.


Web Design Strategy and UX On February 1st, 2016 Mr. Niwat Chatawittayakul, Co-Founder and Creative Director at BrandBaker Co., Ltd. visited and gave us a seminar on web design strategy and user experience. He is well known as a specialist in Digital Marketing who loves to design interactive websites and graphics. The talk attracted web designers from various digital marketing fields including Digital Campaign, Social Network Management, Digital Interactive Design & Productions and Media Planning.

Creative Thinking On February 29th, 2016 Mr. Martin Pout, who is currently the Assistant Dean at the School of Arts and Media, Teesside University in England, inspired designers with an interactive lecture on how to use “play” and the concept of “play” to come up with some serious creative solutions. It gave examples from the industry and explained how “play” has shaped some of the best creative thinking and how audiences can be more creative in their own work.


Sound and Music Design for vid


Mr. Yoshio Machida, a sound and visual artist and Steel Pan Player who was especiallyinspired by music, ceremonies and culture surrounding Pan-East Asian sun worship. He also founded AMORFON, a music label platform for contemporary art events, and as a visual artist, he makes “PHOTOBATIK�, the original technique for using photographic paper. On April 22th and 25th, 2016 he was our guest speaker on how to make sound sample for narrative videos, screening a draft version of their audio-visual products and a demonstration of recording instruments. He also performed a live experiment on Sound Design and Effect with Live Animation, featuring with Aj. Thomas Dryden and Aj. Mileta Postic in a relaxed atmosphere, exchanging style and soundscapes in PSUIC.


Cooperative Education Academic Excellence

Dr. Athitaya Nitchot

First batch cooperative education experiences Cooperative education program has been involved within Digital Media curriculum. This program allows students to enhance their knowledge within the classroom and to adopt them with real working experiences. The works assigned to students are project based types. During 2015-2016, our Coop team conducted many events and activities. During August – November 2015, our first batch joined the Cooperative education program. 25 students went to different companies within Digital Media fields. Their job responsibilities are as follows: animator, graphic designer, motion graphic designer, character designer, game designer, game developer, web designer and web developer. The locations of companies are varied, Bangkok, Songkla and Chiang Mai. Most students joined the companies in Bangkok such as, Bunker CG Post, Yggdrazil, Phenomena, BrandBaker, FUUM studio, and etc. Our Coop team went for company visits during the program. We got lots of feedback for improving our curriculum and learning courses.

Community Organizations Development

35 35



Students’ contribution under cooperative education program After joining Cooperative Education Program, students were required to present their final works. The presentations were conducted on 4th January 2016. First prize award was given to Mr. Supawit Charoenwetch, who produced the animation videos during his works. Second prize award was given to Miss. Nawaporn Lukkanatinnaporn, who practiced her skills on digital drawing and painting, and third prize award was given to Mr. Pawaris Saekhoo and Mr. Itti Sommart. Mr. Pawaris had some experiences to develop his computer graphic skills on a real advertisement (as we know as Sunsilk). Mr. Itti developed the mapping features on the museum pools website developed by NECTEC.

In-house workshops and outside workshops During August – November 2015, there were some workshops provided for current 3rd year students. This is to prepare our students before joining the Cooperative education program. The workshops included the understanding of Cooperative education program, working manners, company selections, portfolio and show reel preparation, and interview preparation. To strengthen Cooperative Education lecturers, Aj. Athitaya and Aj. Wirote attended Cooperative Education workshop during 2-5 November 2015. This workshop was conducted by Thai Association for Cooperative Education (TACE). This workshop was for the lecturer who intends to be a professional cooperative education advisor. This focuses on the knowledge, training and critical thinking based on the cooperative education. The knowledge is divided into two levels. First level includes the fundamental cooperative education, standards and process, management system, cooperative education network, the uses of ICT with cooperative education and tax matters. Second level includes the knowledge and process for visiting the company, and the case During 24-25 March 2016, Aj. Athitaya and Aj. Jittrapol attended International Cooperative Education Workshop. This workshop was for the lecturer who intends to be a professional international cooperative education advisor. This focuses on the definition, terms and uses and regulation based on the international cooperative education. There were two-day workshop and group discussions were required. On the first day, the definitions, rules and regulation under international cooperative education were discussed. On the second day, the case study and sharing experiences by WD Company were discussed. Moreover, there were some giveaway documents we could follow, for example handbook for rules and regulations.


Feel and learn how to work During 17-19 January 2016, our Coop team and students went for visiting companies. The purposes of these visits was to gain some advice and working environments from the experts in different fields in Digital Media. There are three visited companies: Major Cineplex Group, Bunker CG Post and BrandBaker. On the first day of exploration, the experts from interactive media and sound engineers were invited to give talks related to recent technologies. M Pictures Company as the child branch of Major Cineplex Group kindly provided two extra guest speakers. They taught students of the processes since pre-production until post-production. Our teams with students also had a great chance to explore new technologies within the major cinema for example, Dolby Atmos (the best sound technology in the world) and True Screen X (270 degree screen). Next visited company was Bunker CG Post and Ajarn Teerasak gave us the warm welcome and suggested the students regarding how to work in CG fields. Next day, more talks by BrandBaker were provided. Many experts in digital marketing, digital planner, graphic designer, web designer and system analysis gave the talks and advised the students how to work as different positions. At the end of this event, more experience and knowledge was gained. The students had clearer directions on how to work in different fields in Digital Media. During 3-4 February 2016, Kid Kao Na event was conducted by Office of Knowledge Management and Development (OKMD). There were many activities provided: creative talk, creative exhibition, creative showcase, creative workshop, creative job clinic and creative job market. Two companies were visited: Phenomena and Imagimax.

Other contributions During January – April 2016, local companies were surveyed. Coop team went to some related companies for example, Hatyai Web Design, Storm, Thaiwebeasy and TuberSpace. In addition to this, our first website was launched to give students information regarding Cooperative Education program. Also, handbooks for Cooperative Education and Internship will also be given to the students before joining the program.



nc e ll e c x E ic m e Acad

NEW Equipment

In this academic year, PSUIC has successfully provided 28 new Windows computer sets to build a new computer lab to be our 4th year stundents’ workstation in order to support them in the production of their final experimental project. Moreover, another 10 new Windows computer sets have been installed in the existing PC lab to facilitate their performance. Windows Workstations 38 units: CPU: CPU INTEL 1151 CORE I7 6700 3.4 GHZ Wirote Jintagoson


Student Showcase Prince of Songkla University International College

Academic Excellence


Light & Photography

Songvut Kositarut


Cr. Siti Syazwani Binti Haji Mohamad Usop


Cr. Napatsorn Witchuterakul

Cr. Rabi ’Ah Binti Abdul Rahim

Cr. Pantkhan Vijitkhanvong


Cr. Rujipas Kansuwan

Cr. Sumontha Charoenpao

43 41

Cr. Chanaporn Lukkanatinnaporn

Cr. Paweena Suksuwan

44 42

Digital Art & Photography

Songvut Kositarut

45 41

“Angel” Cr. Yada Dumphat

“Be Blown away” Cr. Nichada Thongkumchum

“Milky Way” Cr. Tin Rattanapongsen

46 42

“The end of final examination”

Cr. Rawinan Tantiwuthipong


“The Black Memory” Cr. Benyathip Wanitch

“A Girl with Despair” Cr. Wiramon Ruksee

48 42

Cr. Sakapong Tanmongkol

Responsive Web Design Cr. Korawith Chanthong


“Paving your way to a web design career with Modern Responsive Web Design Course� Jittrapol Intarasirisawat These days, like it or not, with the growth of internet users on mobile, responsive design has become an emerging standard of web development. Google has even increased mobile-friendly algorithm factors in its search results. Having knowledge in only basic HTML and CSS is no longer sufficient to be qualified as a good web frontend designer. In Modern Responsive Web Design Course, students have learnt how to build a web user interface that is optimized for different screen sizes using mobile first strategy to keep their codes lightweight and easy to update. Using media queries enables web pages to adapt the layouts to any screen sizes and orientation. From the three class assignments and personal projects, the students successfully gained hands-on experience in using many different web-frontend techniques and technologies, for example, CSS3 animations, flexbox, JavaScript, jQuery, SASS and basic parallax scrolling effects including a responsive web frontend framework like Bootstrap3. As the web technologies constantly change, PSUIC will regularly update the content of Modern Responsive Web Design course to ensure that it will stay up to date with current best practices.

Cr. Parnrawee Ninaphan


{ Computer Programming

} 51 41



Information Programming



PythonIanguage Computer


Switching to Python, an Easy Programming Language for Beginners Jittrapol Intarasirisawat After teaching this course for 2 years, I realized that, for Digital Media students, learning C programming might not well fit their nature of learning. Coding in a black box without visual outputs but rather texts can bore them very much. By contrast, Python is one of scripting languages that can be run inside Autodesk Maya. 3D artists typically write Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks and render the realistic motion of objects using physics equations. More importantly, learners can see the visual outputs of their programs instantly. This makes it a lot more fun to learn programming in Python. In addition, Python syntax is very easy to pick up even for beginners with no programming experience. Therefore, I decided to switch from C to Python in my computer programming course. Because the results turned out well. Comparing to C, it was better received by the students. With the soft learning curve, they could pick up the language pretty quickly and were able to create simple motion graphics in a few months.I believe that it was also because seeing the visual outputs makes them enjoy the programming more than that in a traditional programming course in computer science. Above all, I was very proud of their effort to take up the challenge to create a 3D animation with multiple objects by writing their own scripts in the final project. Many of them showed that they fully understand and are able to apply programming to control dynamic behavior of objects in their 3D animation. For this batch, with the basics they have gained from this course, I believe they are ready to take up more advanced courses in their third year.

52 52 42

Nomophobia - Info Graphic by Thanaporn Udomsinprasert

Motion Graphic Wirote Jintagoson This course will demonstrate how to create and design graphic elements for visual communication from still image to motion-picture. Students will learn how to animate graphic elements and cameras, to be able to arrange a sequence of a film based on the art direction concept. They will also learn how to integrate 2D, 3D graphics and live-action footages for multi-media motion graphic design. Topics will include graphic, promo video, title and teaser trailer designs.


The Capsule by End Title by Kanittha Somboonworawong Teaser Title by Kantaphon Soonthornthanakom

The Toilet - Title by Sikkawat Mayachiew

When to use Jpeg, Gif and PNG - Ingo Graphic by Nuttanicha Chorpunkul Students will understand the basics of motion graphic design production, workflow and how to use related applications and equipment by creating graphic elements, a promo video and teaser trailer projects, based on the concepts.


$ $





$ $

E-Commerce Dr. Athitaya Nitchot This course introduces the concepts, vocabulary, and procedures associated with e-commerce and the Internet. A student gains an overview of all aspects of e-commerce and learns to understand how electronic commerce affects business enterprises, governments, consumers and people in general. Students will also gain hands-on experience in designing and creating a web site using a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress.

55 41

In order to get familiar with WordPress, students are encouraged to develop their portfolio using different plugins and assigned themes. Two samples from students, Miss. Ong-on Witthayathada and Miss. Thongkorn Charoenpanich have been demonstrated. Students have gathered all works completed and added them into the web-based portfolio. Cr. Thongkorn Charoenpanich

Cr. Ong-on Witthayathada

56 42

In the next stage, the students explored more themes and plugins for developing e-commerce websites. Two samples from students, Mr. Korawith Chanthong and Miss. Sumontha Charoenpao were again demonstrated. The used themes support both desktop and mobile sites.

Cr. Korawith Chanthong

57 41

Cr. Sumontha Charoenpao

The advantages of this course are to allow students to have a starting point of working on both design and coding. Also, they can develop a small website on their own with fewer codes. Most students say they can extend their knowledge and become a web freelancer in the future.

58 42

Advanced Programming Dr. Athitaya Nitchot This course emphasizes the advanced fundamentals of computer programming through hands-on lab projects. After this course, students will be able to translate problem specifications into the design and implementation of substantial visual C# programs and will be able to apply their knowledge of user defined data types, method, parameter and encapsulation to their problems. In addition to this, the students will be able to understand Object-Oriented Programming, Operations under Database Management and implement them through Windows Forms Applications. This course is taught to students in two semesters. Students performed very well in the final projects in order to produce different types of applications (can be game and desktop applications). In addition to this, they also extended their knowledge in graphic design in order to include the design items within the tools in Window form application. The tools can be button, logo, label and background image. For the desktop applications, students proposed many types of them for examples, management system, catalogue application, and shop and store application. For game application, students proposed different games for example, horoscope prediction and guessing games.

59 41

Bus stop application is for searching bus routes within Prince of Songkla University. The target group is people who use buses in PSU. Cr. Korawith Chanthong. Select Special Ingredient app is for searching recipes by the main ingredient provided. This application was developed. Cr. Petchpailin Nin-udomsak

Emercency Hour application is for searching the symptoms under different diseases and hospital within Hatyai area. This application was developed. Cr. Sumontha Charoenpao

60 42

Student Activities Prince of Songkla University International College

61 41

From August 2015 until July 2016, PSUIC had organized a lot of memorable events. The target participants were mostly Thais and international students in Prince of Songkla University. The event had help from PSUIC SAMO (Student Association). Since we are International College in Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus, We then realized and intended to bring the tradition, culture and ceremony of each country to create events for them. In addition, we were successful in making an impression on them in every event because we designed an evaluation form for them to express their satisfaction, and their problems during the events. Then, we analyzed the results and improved it in the next events. Here are the sample of our events that we had organized during that time;

Visa Panbut

Wilailak Romyenthaworn

62 42

3 ASEAN rd

Future Leaders Summit 2015

3rd ASEAN Future Leaders ‘Summit (AFLES 2015) is a ten-day exciting program that invited 160 students as leaders from universities in ASEAN regions (Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and Lao). Prince of Songkla University and Prince of Songkla University International College had great opportunities to co-organize with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), AKEPT and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Furthermore, PSUIC also sent 1 each of 20 students who was the Thailand’s ambassador to join this event as well. This program intends to create a networking platform for participants to share idea and knowledge on critical issues of higher education, leadership and student participation to aid in policy making and to create a sustainable tomorrow for the young generation.

Event Theme: “Building Young Leadership for Sustainable Tomorrow” Event Date: Friday, July 24 – Monday, August 3, 2015 Event Venues: Malaysia and Thailand


Apart from leadership training, participants would have the chance for cultural exchange sessions in which they would gain experience of visiting and sightseeings in Malaysia in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Shah Alam, Penang, as well as in Hat Yai, Songhkla and Satun in Thailand respectively. It was really impressive and memorable, and we could learned and share cross-cultural experiences.

ASEAN Night 2 0 1 5 ASEAN Night 2015 is a closing ceremony of ASEAN Week 2015 which is co-organized among PSUIC, PSU International Affairs Office, and Student Affairs Division. The theme of this event is Tuk Tuk to ASEAN to represent that PSU is driving the force to ASEAN Economics Community (AEC) by using the renewed vehicle named Tuk Tuk in Thailand. There were economous activities inside the event like a Mini concert of the well-known artist in Thailand (Richman Toy and Lipta) and International Food Festival, ASEAN’s Talent contest – wherewith a platform for showing and the students’ performance, which related to ASEAN culture international food festival. This event was superbly held with the participants over 4,000 people which they liked so much that they desired to have it as an annual event because they learned a lot in term of ASEAN regions respectively. Event Theme: Tuk Tuk to ASEAN Event Date: Thursday, September 10, 2015

Event Venues: In Front of PSU Canteen


New Adventure,New Beginning Event Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015 Event Venues: Solider Camp and Khlong Daen Floating

Camp 2015

New Adventure, New Beginning Camp 2015 is a one-day ice breaking activities for over 60 international students in Prince of Songkla University, in order to build up rapport, and enhance the relationships with each other as the PSU international students were all from the different countries, diverse people, cultures and religious together. This event was divided into two sessions as follows: In the morning, we led them to the Soldier Camp for ice breaking activities and trained them to build unity, and have lunch together in the camp. In the afternoon, we headed to Khlong Daen Floating Market to relax from the heavy activities in the Soldier Camp. They were impressed and relished in the floating market’s atmosphere respectively. All of them were extremely enriched and felt rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure filled with tones of an exciting experience.


Event Theme: Love Melody เพราะรัก จึงบรรเลง Event Date: Sunday, September 27, 2015 Event Venues: Ground Floor at LRC Building

Mister & Miss PSUIC is an annual event for seeking the freshmen, both man and woman who were the best qualified to be PSUIC ambassadors. There were 4 couples with the different concept of “Love Melody” they were Rock, Country, Pop, and Hip-Hop styles. Afterwards, the Mister & Miss PSUIC had to complete a PSU Young Ambassadors course in order to be PSU ambassadors for publicity events in the PSU news or any university activities, as well as doing the Cooperate Social Responsibility activities for the local community.

“Mister & Miss PSUIC 2015” 66 42

N’ Sprite & N’ Beam Mister & Miss PSUIC 2015

67 41

We are PSUIC Family !

68 42

DM Camp#3

Event Theme: Dream Catcher Event Venues: PSUIC Event Date: Saturday, November 21 – 22, 2015 140 people DM Camp #3 or Digital Media Camp is an annual mega event for Prince of Songkla University International College which is organized by PSUIC SAMO (Student Association) with the concept of “Dream Catcher ตามหา นักล่าฝัน”. Target participants are high school students from 14 Southern Provinces. During the event, there are various activities for students to practice learning in term of digital media fields, such as 3D Modeling, Character Design, and Photography. Besides the training, we also have recreation activities to make them feel relaxed before and after training. After the event, students had learned, enjoyed, and were impressed immensely by the camp and most of students said they would like to study with us because of this event.


Loy Krathong Workshop

Event Theme: How to make Krathong by using banana leafs Event Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Event Venues: PSUIC


Loy Krathong Worshop 2015 is a half-day event for PSU international students, in order to disseminate and preserve Thai traditions throughout teaching and showed them how to make Krathong by using banana leafs, and how to dance to the Loy Krathong Song. Furthermore, it would lead to great opportunities for PSUIC students to practice English language skills and build up relationships among Thais and international students as well. Almost a hundred percent of the feedback from PSU international students really said they loved the event and were impressed by it. Most said they were extremely enriched by their experience.

PSUIC Annual Merit Making


Event Date: Thursday, January 28, 2016 Event Venues: PSUIC

It is a wonderful day for all PSUIC staff and students. This day we opened and started to use the 12th floor or LRC Building. This day was on January 28th, 2016 we were all invited by the monks to pray and they gave blessing to all of us, it ended with us all having lunch. Another great time again together.


PSUIC Valentine’s Day 2016 Event Date: Thursday, February 11, 2016 Event Venues: PSUIC

PSUIC had organized “2016 Valentine's Day in Home Room Session” on Thursday, 11th of February, 2016 the PSUIC Lounge was designed to share harmony and love among PSUIC students and staff, as well as celebrating and preserving the value and importance of Western culture in the international program. During the event, we announced the adorable lecturer award, excellent teaching award, the best guest lecturer award and adorable supporting staff award to make them proud and motivated of their work. Apart from that, we also gave certificates to students who have graded a result (GPA) of 3.00 and above for the 1st semester of 2015, together with the trophy for PSUIC’s outstanding scholarship awards for the students who have a GPA 4.00 .

PSUIC Songkran Day 2016 Event Date: Friday, April 8, 2016 Event Venues: PSUIC


PSUIC Songkran Day is the Thai new year during 13 – 15 of April annually which is the time for Thais to go home to celebrate with their family, merry, and ask for a blessing from the elderly citizens or people that they respect or as we called “Rot-Nam-Dam-Hua”. PSUIC realized this event will be beneficial for our students, so we organized this event for them to ask for a blessing by pouring water on an elder’s hands from the PSUIC lecturer to bring success in their life and future studies.


Sport 2015 Sports are very important in the field of health development, both in physical and mental health. Sport makes players exercise, resulting in the strengthening of the body and mind. It is the way to encourage integration, unity, interaction and encourages sportsmanship and brings good relationships among students and lecturers through sports.

PSUIC Sport’s Day 2016 is the 2nd annual sport’s event where there was a platform for the students to exhibit their athletic talents. During the event, we separated into teams of blue and pink colour and our staff and students showed their competitive spirits in the games of Badminton, Chair-Ball, Basketball, Tug-of-War, Futsal and E-Sport Games.

Event Date: Sunday, February 21, 2016 Event Venues: PSU Sport Complex


Event Theme: PSUIC’s All Star Grand Party 2016 Event Date: Friday, May 6, 2016 Event Venues: Majestic Room, Siam Nakarin Complex Hat Yai ByeNior or known as the first farewell party for the fourth year students who are expected to graduate this year, it is also a platform for the freshmen, sophomore, and junior for giving their presents to congratulate them. During the event, there were various activities on the stage from PSUIC students. We also offered rewards for students who dressed up in the most remarkable costumes in line with the style of the event. The students were totally impressed and enjoyed this event a lot.





Event Date: Sunday, May 22 – 24, 2016 Event Venues: Songkhla Keeree Resort

Retreat 2016

This retreat is a meeting that is typically designed and organized specifically to facilitate focus on the group of SAMO (Student Association) members to plan student activities, activities management and to work on how to correctly write project proposals. The outcome of these activities will involve them in gaining practical experiences, learning how to engage with diverse groups of people and giving back to the community. This year, there was 13 people enlisted in SAMO. As tradition, PSUIC held up a SAMO retreat outside in order to let the members relax while brainstorming the plan and what they have to do for the upcoming year. They went to Songkla Keeree Resort during 22nd – 24th May, 2016. They have learned from seniors (P’Ko, P’Tent and P’Dong)’ experiences and SAMO advisors (Aj.Shah and Aj.Jom)’ comments. PSUIC supportd the SAMO through every step of this retreat.

74 42

Public Relations & Marketing Prince of Songkla University International College

Jaiake Ritthipruek As we have to carry on the Public Relation and Marketing responsibility after Mr. Mark Vira Vikitsreth, who has done a perfect job leaving a terrific benchmark of quality to the successor, we have to do our best to maintain his good work while trying to encourage new improvements. To achieve it, we double our thinking and triple our effort. All of this is simply because we believe “New things should excel the existing one, otherwise we will leave no room for advancement.” This is clearly another challenging job. We came up with an idea to promote a new PR & Marketing direction, ‘a sincere propaganda’-- depict a grand dream and sincerely help the students find their passion and ability, to find what they are really interested in. We are well aware that this is a significant step for them to take since it will be the beginning of a new chapter of their lives and the mark of their future direction. We will help them make a proper decision.

75 41

Furthermore, we have improved the presentation style in order to draw out Digital-Media- like characters and PSUIC image and have our current students convey the message and share their own experience of growing at PSUIC to high-schoolers as we expect the mutual understanding of the same generation.

“Our faculty trains novices to create media, hence our advertising media is essentially required to be an inspirational ‘masterpiece’ for the newcomers to follow.” In this digital era, everything is easily accessed thanks to the internet. PR team,therefore, takes this chance to broaden students’ horizons in perspective of a new definition of career success “Higher business opportunities is the key.” Any industries will welcome our graduates with open arms as Digital Media production is crucial for publicity to promote their organization and products. And we have English as a plus! Another thing we have achieved is the rebranding and strengthening of our brand identity. Thanks to the opportunity that brought us specialists to work on PSUIC new logo and corporate identity. We have enhanced our reputation and credibility in terms of collaboration with other universities. In addition, we have won the parents’ trust, who expect professionals to foster their children through the 4-year- plan curriculum. As a fruitful result, this year we have found a satisfying number of gemstones waiting to be polished. They will shine at PSUIC. With strong gratitude for everyone’s hard work and dedication. Next year we promise to make it better.

76 42

National Public Relations

PSUIC has organized events in order to promote Digital Media curriculum for the students in the South of Thailand such as roadshow aimed to visit 12 Schools and meet 1,200 students, that started from 10 of June 2015 to 6 of July 2015. The academic consultants Meeting was held on 11 January 2016. The event was set for meeting and sharing the experience among 15 guidance counselors. Another Important event was “DM Workshop @ PSUIC� in which 10 students who were interested in Digital Media Program attended the workshop on 28 February 2016. In addition, PSUIC joined the activities organized by PSU such as roadshows and exhibitions. Cherdchun Plianpho

Guidance Counselor Meeting 11 January 2016 - Buri Sriphu Boutique Hotel

p@PSUIC ho ks or W M D 77

10-12 June 2015 - Phuket Wittayalai School - Satree Phuket School 22-26 June 2015 - Mattayomwatkhuanvisesmulanithi School - Ammartpanichnukul School - Wichienmatu School - Buranarumluk School - Triam Udom Suksa School of the South

29 June 2015 - 1 July 2015 - Panyawit School - Suratpittaya School - PSU. Wittayanusorn Suratthani School 6 July 2015 - Phattalung School

27 June 2016 -1 July 2016 - Saparachinee School - Muang Krabi School - Phuket Wittayalai School - Surat Thani School - Buranarumluk School

16-20 November 2015 - Trang campus, - Phuket campus - Suratthani campus - Hat Yai campus - Pattani campus

PSUIC Roadshow

17-18 August 2015 - Prince of Songkla University International Convention Center

19th Curriculum Exhibition

78 42

International Roadshow The early bird catches the worm

Jaiake Ritthipruek

Defensive marketing, like distributing media and waiting with uncertainty whether the customer will respond, cannot catch up with the rapid growth of today’s competitive market anymore. Being unable to witness the customer’s reaction when first seeing our product hinders us from coping with the situation and coming up with an immediate PR strategy. “If the mother bird waits for a worm to crawl up the tree, she might not have food to feed her babies.” “The early bird catches the worm” can still be effectively applied to a strategic marketing plan. When we come up with a good idea, we should realise it immediately and even better before other people do. The PR & Marketing team do not wait for the students to find us on our website or facebook page. We present our program at their location via our national and international roadshow campaign. This year, the team including the director have dispersed to different places to find our new potential target group and explore new places where possibility may hide.

The director visited Australia for student exchange MOUs and Cambodia to interview and recruit full-scholarship candidates. Another team proceeded to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, to setup a PSUIC exhibition stand aiming at attracting potential exchange students. The team also participated in the closing ceremony of The 4th ASEAN FUTURE LEADER SUMMIT (AFLES 2016) hosted by PSU. We anticipated meeting fresh and young talent from different countries who might want to enhance their life skills by spending a summer at PSUIC. After returning from abroad, our team also carried out a national roadshow, specifically to high schools in southern provinces. This time, our trip kicked off at PSUIC, heading to Trang, Krabi, Phuket, Surat Thani and ended at our acquainted neighbour, Nakornsrithammarat. We have seen and learned a lot from this trip. We got to know that there are a lot of students in different areas who are not yet very familiar with the PSUIC and Digital Media program. This leaves us a good puzzle to solve before the next roadshow begins. Moreover, DM Camp is annually organized for those who are not certain yet about what might suit them or whether they can move forward successfully in the Digital Media industry. Students who join the camp will learn some basic knowledge of Digital Media and create their portfolio for their university application. Here they will find themselves. With the contribution of the PR & Marketing team, we have recruited full-scholarship students from Cambodia, exchange students from Brunei and Malaysia, Internship students from Serbia and a lot more students who are yearning for the upcoming DM Camp.

79 41

PSUIC Direct Admission Channels PSUIC opens admission channels to recruit students, both Thais and foreigners, who are interested in studying Digital Media fields. There are 9 channels with different criteria and requirements of which 3 channels are processed by PSUIC, and 6 channels processed by the university and 1 channel through Central University Admission System (CUAS). PSUIC accepts and processes admission applications through channels below. The application requirements and the due date are different for each channel. The admission staff are also available to assist with questions regarding the application process. Visa Panbut






Processed by PSUIC 1

PSUIC Direct Admission - 1st type: Test scores and interview - 2nd type: Certificate/Award in regional level and interview



English Proficiency

Create International Atmosphere

- Thai Matayom 6 (Sci-Math, Math-Art, Art-Languages) or - Completed Matayom 6 (Sci-Math, Math-Art, Art-Languages) or - equivalent degree in International school system in Thailand - GPAX 5 semesters or 6 semesters above 2.5 and English group above 2.5

Above 60% of Logical test, drawing test, GAT 2 and interview

- Thai Matayom 6 or - International students with grade 12 or - equivalent degree - English language test result as follows: * IELTS ≥6 or * TOEFL: - Paper–based ≥500, - Computer–based ≥173, - Internet–based ≥61 or group above 2.5 * TOEIC ≥600


- Thai Matayom 6 or International students with Grade 12 or - equivalent degree, who have passed IGCSE, IB or GED in



December - July

December - July

December - July

80 42







July - August

Processed by the university 4

Outstanding Academic Achievement

- Thai Matayom 6 in Sci-Math, Math-Art - GPAX 4 semesters above 3.0 - English group above 3.0


14 Southern Provinces

- Thai Matayom 6 or Vocational certificate in computer,IT, fine art - English test (made by the university) above 30%


Northern Provinces

- Thai Matayom 6 - English test (made by the university) above 30%


December - January


Northeastern Provinces

- Thai Matayom 6 - GAT score (made by the university) above 30%


January - February


GAT/PAT + 9 Subjects

- Thai Matayom 6 or Vocational certificate in computer,IT, fine art - English test (from 9 subjects) above 25%




Good Moral

- Thai Matayom 6 in Sci-Math, Math-Art - GPAX 5 semesters above 2.5 - English group above 2.5


November - December


81 41

July - August

Processed by Central University Admission System (CUAS) interview - Thai Matayom 6 in Sci-Math, Math-Art Central Admissions or equivalent degree - English (O-NET 20%)


Corporate Social Responsibility

“Unable to survive though with thorough knowledge” Jaiake Ritthipruek The 4-year experience in the university and the knowledge we have put our effort to gain will not be wasted if we know how to apply them in real life and even better in the contribution to social concerning activities. In order to raise students’ awareness of improving social welfare with their expertise, PSU has included Co-Curricular Activity courses in every program curriculum. Students will practice their interpersonal and teamwork skills, and set up a project by researching information and analyzing locals’ needs. The core idea of the course is that students learn how to solve the problems without relying on money. Our second year students have successfully carried out this event through a wide array of activities. They participated in mangrove restoration project held by the mangrove preservation in Satun province. Our students, after having planted the tree, made a video presentation to promote the reforestation campaign. Another group of students set up a day for Songkhla beach cleanup by inviting local people to participate and raise everyone’s awareness of keeping the environment clean. They created some posters and banners to promote their project. Meanwhile these groups of students were concerned about environmental problems, other groups put their attention to support the education for children in need. Two groups dedicatedthemselves to teaching English and leading recreational activities for students from far and underdeveloped schools. Another group used their drawing skills to help children with autistic disorder to improve their ability inconcentration. One group of students proposed to repaint the wall of a school for blind children and clean up the playground when seeing how unsanitary the place had been left before their visit. The last group helped promoting local culture by advertising the ceremony of the statue of the guardian spirit of a local Buddhist abbey. They designed and printed a vinyl banner to hang at the main entrance of the abbey in order to inform and attract passersby. They also publicized the event on the social network sites to persuade their friends to come and join. All of these projects and activities represent how applicable the knowledge of Digital Media can be. Our students have grown up from experiences outside classroom, learned how to work as an individual and in team and were delighted to help people in need, requiting the society with good deeds. They carry PSUIC reputation along with them when introducing themselves to the society. This is another feather in PSUIC’s cap.

82 82 42

Research Prince of Songkla University International College

83 41

Research Performance Cherdchun Plianpho The overall result of PSUIC’s research performance of 2015-2016 has been satisfactory in publications and external funds. The academic staff, who are active in conducting research, are three lectures in Digital Media and General Education fields. The ratio of active researchers and the academic staff is 0.21:1. Four International publications have been published in The Electronic Journal of e-Learning, Man in India, The Asian EFL Journal, Songklanakarin Journal Science Technology and PLOSOne journals. The Journals are in the SCOPUS or Web of Science citation index database. PSUIC got a 56.9-thoundsand-Baht fund from Prince of Songkla University and another government fund.

84 42


Researcher in 2015-2016 SCOPUS Does the web contain pedagogically informed materials? The COSREW outcomes

Journal The Electronic Journal of e-Learning October 2015 Dr. Athitaya Nitchot

SCOPUS Flipped learning as an english communicative skill development tool for learners in Thailand

Journal Man in India February 2016 Mr. Hambalee Jehma

SCOPUS Isolation, expression analysis and characterization of EgNDL, a NDR-like protein in oil palm (Elaeis Guineesis Jacq.)


Dr. Tanate Panrat

85 41

Songklanakarin Journal Science and Technology May 2016


SCOPUS Knowledge-based system for suggesting learning materials from the web

Research funding

Creating knowledge maps in adaptively recommending learners learning material


Source of Fund

Man in India February 2016

Research and Development Office, PSU 20,833 Bath


Representing knowledge structures and adaptively recommending learning materials

Source of Fund

Flipped learning as a strategy for an effective EFL classroom

The Thailand Research Fund


291,500 Bath

The Asian EFL Journal February 2016

Total 552,333 Bath

Web of Science Molecular cloning of HbPR-1 Gene from Rubber Tree, expression of HbPR-1 gene in Nicotiana benthamiana and ItsInhibition of Phytophthora palmivora

Computational methods of multi-functional proteins analysis: Fortilin/TCPT Protein: a case study of multi-functional proteins

Source of Fund


The Thailand Research Fund

PLOS journals June 2016

240,000 Bath

86 42

Budget Prince of Songkla University International College

In the academic Year up 2015-2016, PSUIC now has 4th year students. With 50 new freshmen this takes the number of students to 169 and our expenditure has increased. Although, the overall expenditure has been increased from previous years, PSUIC remains focused on Digital Media curriculum and pushes our students toward education and professional excellence. During Year 2015-2016, to support our 4th year students, we invested almost 2.6 million for 25 PC’s with a high specification including network installation for the student’s project room. Also, 3 more foreign academic staff have been employed to fulfil the DM curriculum and to create more international atmosphere. Apart from administration costs, the main expenditure has been equipment, scholarship for outstanding students and the PSUIC research fund respectively. Creating sustainable improvement in DM Curriculum has been a virtual challenge to PSUIC. Kanokrat Chaiyawong

Salary and staffwelfare Equipment Scholarship for outstanding students University Fee Guestletuers Office operation Academic Excellence Trip abroad Student Activities Marketing / Roadshows Research Fund

87 41


3% 2% 25%

Student activities 515,100

Marketing / Roadshows 500,600

5% 5%

Research fund 360,000

Trip abroad 877,100

Salary and staff welfare 4,605,900

Academic excellence 909,800.00

Office operations 1,081,000.00

6% 6%


Guest lectuers 1,095,300


Equipment 3,133,500

University fee 2,162,700


Scholarship for outstanding students 3,011,000

Expenditure Year 2015-2016 88 42

Prince of Songkla University International College (PSUIC), 12th Floor, Learning Resource Center (LRC), Square Building, 15 Kanjanavich Road, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110 Thailand Tel: 66(0) 7428 9404 / Fax: 66(0) 7428 2831 E-mail: / Website:

PSUIC Annual Report 2015-2016  

Prince of Songkla University International College (PSUIC) Annual Report 2015-2016,

PSUIC Annual Report 2015-2016  

Prince of Songkla University International College (PSUIC) Annual Report 2015-2016,